Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 22, 1946 · Page 5
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 5

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1946
Page 5
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THE CORSTCANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, ' TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1946 MISS HELEN ELAINE JOHNSTON, AND C. 0. CURINGTON, JR, WED IN FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CEREMONY The marriage of Miss Helen Elaine Johnston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Johnston, to Calvin Overton Curington, Jr., son of Sheriff and Mrs. C. 0. Curington, was solemnized at the First Presbyterian Church on Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock with Rev. Andrew Byers a« the officiant. The impressive double ring ceremony was read before an altar space adorned with a huge arrangement of whits calla lilies, carnations and Star chrysanthemums, Market Report I Average Meal To Cotton (Change This Year, ^ SUE | Expert Believes DALLAS, Jan 21.—1*1—Spot 44.65; QalTpston 24.50: Ilounto Qrain and Provisions America-i meals in 19-16 will I probably be higher In calorie aid lower in vitamin- than In Courthouse News District Court, In an exparte hearing Saturday. Judge A, P. Mays remanded two teen age girls back to the custody of their parents. ; P'jtit Jurors for the fourth week j Political Announcements FIRST PRIMARY—JTI/r «th Second Primary—August J4th CtASSIFtfeO Real Estate CL ASSI F I £1 Real Estate Namei listed below are candidates Livestock Fort Wnrlh T,lvo.«tnrk 19-15, ai'cordln;? to Miss Camp, assistant State Home dem- rlson, city; O. J. Ashmore, city; supplies of meats, fats and oils, and po:;silily sugar, will raise the average per capita supply of 1ai!y c-nlorle." to about 3,500. "This Is and -illumined by scores of tapers flickering in golden i beams from floor candelabra and giant-size white can- .,, 0( . k lnilm dies. Ropings of dainty fern outlined the choir rail and U|««°" pey« fashioned an effective background of greenery. The * ' cundlc-s were lighted by John Allen Johnston and Paul Curington, brothers of the bride and bridegroom. Wedding Music FORT WOHTH, Jan. SI.—u?-—With theS or a ,,,.,. cpn t mnr ' f thm the'nv- Fort Worth stork y.-ird. ,l,i: ,'lo«M by '°' R -' f ' ""L^.l „£,, .°™I the' .trite' of livestock handler,. «.n,e Fort °''"P P °, r '" L>w * r >' fn ™ and * r " T "'in.-n and !lv. vhjit ahov e IP-IS, she says. The wedding music was provld-, and Bill DeFee. Miss Jeanette ed by Mtss Lena Mae McClure, organist, who contributed a prelude — " including Liszt's of selections, "Liebestraum Smith registered the guests in the bride's bool<. When the couple left on a honey- Schubert's "Ave : moon trip, the bride was wearing Maria and Barnaby's "O Perfect a three-piece gray pin stripe wool Love." She also played the tradl- | suit with black accessories and an tlonal wedding marches, and ac- orchid corsage. Thev plan to terrilor3 '- companlments for John Womack make their home In Tyler, where cousin of the bridegroom, who the bridegroom will enter Tyler Commercial College at an early , sang "I Love You Truly' and "Because . " The bride, given In marriage by her father, was attired In ice blue crepe, with white hat and gloves, black shoes, and carried a bouquet designed of single Roman hyacinths, centered with an orchid, and showered with diminutive white satin ribbons and shattered white car nations. Mtss Dorothy Johnston, who Fort Worth l'u,«h Ornln TOUT WORTH. Jan. '-il.—tf'i—Wheat No. 1 hard 1.7« 5-R 84 I-S. otii e5 So SO s whHe nl nrVi. ; !: 4 fu l-» WttaUon "agent""for" the"" A. "nri'd iU B. Mitchell, Barry; Jessie Bur- Sorghum* No 3 ye.iiow tntio. per 100 M. Tollesje extension service. irowa, city, A. J. Snyder, Purdon: » 2.48-fli. Mlsr Camp explains that larger IR. 1. Harris, city; J. T. DeMoin, " " Petty's Chapel; P. J. Earley, Kerens; W. A. McGraw, Purdon; Reed Tlllmnn, Kerens; John Butler, Rt 1. city; E. J. Glenn. Blooming Grove; W. E. Woodall, Purdon; Albert Becnian, Rt. 1, city; K. F. Sessions, Kerens; Jack E. Berry, Purdon; C. S. Watkins, Eureka; Ben Crocker, Kerens; B. F. Speed, city; L. H. Downey, Frost; Glim r Sheppard. Blooming Grove; B. F. Allen, city; G. C. Poarch, Rt. 2, city; J. M. Tnylor, Barry; Fred Ward, city; W. M. Holloway, city; city; Rube Bennett, Downey, Purdon; F W. Fauber, Rt. 1, city; G. W. Howell, Kerens; J. ft. Oden, Purdon; and J. T. Arnett. city. The petit jury for the fourth week of th January term of court was excused Monday. ,nn in A- L f"P. city; Hoy. Graham, sure- - f th( . Democratic pri- Jennie k a: I-yman Barnes, city; Roy Har- „",«•• Salon on reported at operatine al the Hodse The- fuc't. th6t incomes of a nutn- one mile nonh of Ihe her of families will be lower In.,„., ,„,, „.„„. 'flucnces the amount of vitamins in the diet. Lower income jrro'jps and the rupuneo al pri.'t'*. ;ii>.-..".i .vi«>v>- ui.jn.- . •- , ..-- ,. paid ]n*t Ttte«(lri.y on t:u- Fort Worth, tcmi to Inly loss vegetables yard*, 'fruits For the same rensor, E. H. Ely of Altti-. Okla.. wid no food Americans, mav drink less milk „, , ,, •teers avnraslnr SO. Ib at 10.oO. .y.:. ,,„„- . v h(ph ™ni moon «r. np Ward, city; W It was reported that Swift and Co. ! ln ' s >* ar - w ", lc . n w111 n» c an SOJ1P- , .,,*. Sunday nirtt received two car* of host what less calcium and. rlboflavln "• ; vl - B ' v1 " 3 ' and 8 ear« of rattle Chipped direct to in the average diet. „•' . l*he wi.tiller pai'kt-i> e For! Mtrh in tli ">< rage "Whether diets will continue as an- «at'd t« be n*iklnir nfranirenientr to depend considerably on wh j»hT have buyers at nu':tIoiiK tjirousrhout the. bread and flottr continue to be er> dnte. Kducarlonal Background The bride l s a graduate of C'or- slcana High School, and has been employed at the State National Bank for the past two years. The bridegroom Is a graduate of Cor- alcana High School, attended Hllls- boro Junior College and North BLOOMING GROVE. Jar.. 21. Texas Agricultural College be-. ( Spl.) — J. A. (Jim) Green, fore enlisting In the armed forces 57 ye.ars. died at his home i In March, 1943. After enlisting 'n i the Army, he attended " " J. A. "JIM" GREEN OF LONE CEDAR IS BURIED ON FRIDAY riched at present levels," amp concludes. Miss Activities Among County Home Clubs Oak Oak Valley Club Valley Home Demonstra- t^un v tliit;^ n.uiiie i^i-uiuiiaLitl-* i tion Club met January 10 at the Annulment. home of Mrs. F. Woodard, with | 17 members attending. Next meet- I Judge Dlstrlct Clerk'i Ofrtoe , George W. Martin n. Joyce i Martin, divorce. ' Mrs Ruth Rohus v». Clarence Rohus, divorce. Joshua P. Rascoe v§. Dorothy Ann RiiKcoe, divorce. EfCle Scott vs. Robert N. Scott, r>«.i«« Count* L. L. Powell accepted a Cedar community Thu mornlng. Ftmernl services were lerved as her atster'g maid of honor, wore rose gabardine with, u.. t „, .._ „„...,„.„ „„,«„,„.. brown accessories and carried a (Stanford University In Palo Alto,'" 6 ''' troa\ the Central Bnp'.ist French bouquet of pink carna- Calif., before leaving for the Eu- cnurc h here Friday afternoon at tions and blue Dutch Iris, set In ' - * -'-'--'• T -' ' •—- '- •'-•< „ tf,* Ine of the group will be held Jan-1 Judge U L. Powell accepter! a ,?,$?. unrv 24 with Mrs. J. D. McMan- I'Jca of guilty of violating prohl- irscla.v • 'bition laws from James D. Smith, conducted by Rev. A. t. let In ropean theater of operations I o clock. Interment was in the' satin puffs and showered with where he spent two years He re- ^ me Ceddr cemetery. The rites harmonizing satin ribbons. turned to Corslcana on Christmas; V" - 1 ""*-' 1 '"' °"' A T Miss Mary Fogarty, bridesmaid,' - was attired In cream wool with black accessaries and carried a | Out-of-Towii Guest* Green was a native Tex n d Out-of-town relatives and friends;hud been prominent as aTurmer 1 -"* ••*-" vw wi otv-cviin uii v^iii 1OLIUUS ii^v. v.1 •, • i i. t-* Day, after having received his ! S humb > paet01 ' ? ss ' stefd b ^ r R "'' with! discharge. :S lcn ^o'^a" of pol 't Worth. ,ri B i rki,t...f^.p n .. r *. *-...-..»_ Wephews were pullbearers. French bouquet identical that of the maid of honor. Jlmmie Curington, brother with i of the bridegroom, was best man and Paul Wilson served as usher. Informal Reception Immediately following the ceremony, an Informal reception was held at the home of the bride's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Snead Hamilton which was highlighted with attractive arrangements of white carnations, blue and white in attendance at the wedding and member of the Baptist church were Mrs. W. L. Murphy and:for many years. daughter, Geraldlne, Grand Prair-1 Surviving arc his wife, five ie; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tunnel! and ! daughters, three sisters and three son, Norman David. Mrs. John I brothers. R. Curington, Jr., Miss Hallle I McCormick's Funeral Service di- McCture and Mrs. Jennie Belle Irected. Burris, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. J. I L. Hamilton and children, Miss I Jo Frances Hamilton, Billy Gene, Lois and Mary Lou Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Hamilton candytuff, and acacia and Mar- daughter, Peggy, Mrs. J. guerite daisies. The bride's table was adorned with a profusion of white carnations, candytuft and Star chrysanthemums, flanked by glowing white tapers In crystal candelabra. col- A white Bible, a gift from bridegroom, overlaid with a onlal corsage of white blossoms provided a decorative feature, and white satin bows with streamers cascading gracefully across the polished board gave further accent to the setting. Misses Patty Ford and Jo Frances Hamilton presided at the crystal punch service, and Misses Eloise Johnston and Elaine Coley had charge of serving the white. satin-Iced, three-tiered and H. When The Weather is Better - Visit our nursf'ry, In And Out Of Service 5 negro, and assessed a fine of $100 and all costs. | Judge L. L. Powell Monday ac| copied a plea of guilty to driving while intoxicated by Lemuel K. | Cook and fined the defendant (SO , and costs. marles: For Hepri-M-iiUitlve, 58th District: J. R. Donnell f second tcrm>. For District Clerk. John C. Hughes. j E. B. Dawson (re-election). For County Judge: Lonnle U Powell isecond term). For County Attorney i Charles T. Banister. (Oil SAI.F. 100 a.'re« of 'njn! touth of Coflloan*. I 7ft n.-rw of m.l S. K. of Kerens, about ,,ti vrep in .'i: ifvition. balance ID pasture and tlml"-r, ?.><>,! 4-nxnn home and «na!1 tin Pri'-'' »:'. "'in .in fermv •J New ll"ii-'» on We»t fMlIn Html. G»» town (k>ins Jive imnie,Ii:ii» t ,,,,«,.«^loti. If ymi have |.riu,'.rt.v to «ell, eee me. L. V. MAJORS Ken) K«hilc. Insurance anil Rentals. I tin \Ve»l'l iillln ft. Jhnile 1783, ~" Ten a.-re< with pretty, modern nlx-rnom coltiuc; all c.m».nleiic'*. hanlwoo.1 floors, nl'-e ort'liar.!, bitf tank ,on pave.1 street in north p.!r>j 7.ion« Rest Addition. Sin,Ono. One ,i.-re with loK. of fruit trees '.n ion* R.*t Addition, J1000. Five c-ittajre West 10th jveiiuf. $s:ioo. Four a-Te* wltii »U nxnn cottwe, »11 West «lde clly. JllMiO. ron 40 Km nli-c «Anrty i-oll wll* '*'r (m f- ni> *• orchard on paved road about f-mr mill-!, out «;p)on. Nl"o tip to dale KTOi-ery eto.'k and fl*_ lures. p.>od location. \nroiee around One of the M"st Cafe* In 0.1.1 bit-Mi.*". friOtK'. .T^'.I a.-n- uto.'U fjirm. fair imp.. ir<x>l | liin-e. on L'ive,I hlchway Rentals Miscellaneous for Rent 42 Tliree nnim Uoii*-? Ka^t SUIr < for color- Foil, P.F.NT-—We Mr« two ptarnn to r*nl lif In'.vf'.. \v,.|| In at«l on Hi(rhww U'n >«iutlt o( Hii-e. Thli» in rery til." lanil. l/irs. I.unil.v of wurknv pi* f."T..!. \p|.|j KDHT"ON IIIIOS., 115 W. llh AMI. FOT Sheriff: j Robert H. Vaught. EJ C. O.(Cap)Curlngton (re-election), or ~ ' " Castles. For County Clerk: Mable (Ellett) Wilkinson, re election). For AfuuMMor and Collector of Texas Halley Blake (re-election). For Count; Superintendent! J. C. Watson (re-election). some rnsii Johnston and .laughter, Miss i bus h es . fruit trees, nut trot's or I the Sanborn has been with ____ Eloise lohnston, iJureka; Mr. and thnt a 1 " 1 "" von need In that vn- } fleet's new "Magic Carpet," brlng- '• • - - • • -- ------ County Attorney'* Office. | Two complaints of violation of FORT KNOX, Kentucky.—Capt.;Piohibition laws were accepted. James E. Farmer, 1202 North Bea- i attorney, accepted a complaint for ton street, Corslcann. has been '. attorney accepted a complaint for placed on terminal leave at this driving while Intoxicated, post, and at the end of his leave sheriff. ~ Office Sheriff C. O. Curington reported one arrest for intoxication and ABOARD USS SANBORN-Joe ' onc theft ca , se ' Dl j' ¥' , K i,P° gS ~ T. Payne of Corslcana served on don .reported two doctor« kltg, a this attack transport in the Paci- c . B Ej'. acI hJ;™ °f gam and a bo:t o£ fie. Most recent assignment will revert to an inactive status In the United States Army For County Treasure*! D. J. Mathla. For Justice of the Pence, Precinct 1, Place 1: W. H. (Pop) Johnson <2r • term). For Justice of the Pence, Precinct 1. T'loco 2: A. E. Foster (re-election). For Commissioner Prr (net li Jack Megarlty (re-electlon>. T. P. (Pink) Hayes. J. W. (Watson) Goodwin. For GommlHsloner Precinct >i Lacy Garret!. J. O. Sessions. J. C. (Carl i McMullnn. For Commissioner Precinct St J. D. Mahoney. Fred M. Copeland (re-election). C. O. (Charlie) Slaughter. For CommlsKloner Precinct *t J. N. (Joe) George. Tom Hooser. B. L. (Beldon) English. For Constable Precinct It W. R. (Richard) Howell. New hoilae. thre--. hlr rooma. Kiv»< Sld« tlor eolore.l> SS200. One of the ntetv^t hrlck horc« In Oor- Rlciin.v fv".. r >0i'. Illo-I. of land with oialit room hou!"i Kaat 7th rvvetuu.' Miltnble. for home Blte» 10S /V.T« »ro<-li lartn with fair Imp.,!--— - — abou* %U mlle.« *outhuei«t Oor^leaji*. 530 OUR HATCHr'RY t* no' tore PV»T few day* only. Livestock Baby~Chick» 25 npe.n. W* do custom hatehlnff. Hrinj yotlr *xtt my lima One of the pretttcwt botxin* vrlth onr that Is eonv..meiu .\ti.l Ihfly will be Mt *i J land on Orphan* Horn* road. S10.000. earliest date. ?-ttlnir onep a week. Call Pvve room coital* In «d«* of JcalM , HOBKUTSt HATrllKHY. Phone 1077 for a.* $:t.000.00 ' your hatiy .-lu.'Uft, poultry. Mlpplle*. mm- G'Xxi "..ven rcKim r&Mdence We*t 4th e«li.\« nn.l Ie..ln. R..NTt» and Son lla.tohory, avetnir. SoOOO. , *000 We^l se.xnid jivenue, l.'on*l.?anll. SI aoroa t<< »aud> toll, rood Imp., tth - Jhlt n bou.« nic« nwan orchard. ln«tin A IlT CHICKS — THOUSANDS WEEKLT •a*' ol Eureka. $3760. • — from hloo.Itfvted hreedtnfr ^tooU. Buff SO acre* roo«Uy traai. rood flv« rooir. ' l^thorns. White I.eifhorni. Brown L«r- noUMs wltb lights rood olrn. rood -en.*, burn*. Whito Rockp. Harred Rwki. WhIU l^hool bu# route, north Eureka. $3000. Wyandotl.*, R. I. R*d«. Pormenlrr R«<1«. M/Wirn four bedroom residence, doobta x,. v Hampshire R^-K llybrtda and heafy hdr ixirtMr tot near Robert I. K«,mlio.l. All lrved« nfletrd are from lh» H2&0 ' t^v-t blo.»dllne* obtalnalilp. We nre book- Nice ire -oora ootla«« rvan, MIJ | n(r nlori( o r ,|,, r . (,, r sprlnr deltrerj- than chi'-kfrii ton*«. »erer&l Wr rj^can U«<« *ud CV( . r U'toi... \\« miCk-.-Ht that you. plM<?« two lot* Lp *.uittiww»t part town $*'JoO. v -mr now, lor the d;»to you prefer. A. B. UEWI8 ('01,.1,1,-t,. Mne. of RKMF.niF.a—FEEDS— Fhone 1114. ; sri'IM.IK,l CORSICANA IIATCHERT !*« 104 North iSOt m, i AM> POULTRY FARM. 'J 1-S mllM (Otlth " •• on old W :1 «v, Hl-Waj 31, P O. Box 143». FOR SAI.F.—10S acre* of land, t«o mllM Con»lean.v Tejiw. north of Kureita. Go.1 honw, hani and | ^ water. On route. Seo I,. I Will hn\e t>,-vli.v l.eef turUf-y poulU PA KM VM> RANTB UIAN8 'hatch M:vr,'h llth at rea.onaM" prtM«. h>i M«i»tlnt» in huymr. refinaneint, <t All .'ht.'ln and (urkey nntilto from utoelt painnt or b'tlldlni new hnprorfmenli »nd , of known quality, all 100 per .-ont Wood- pa.MHE tasr Fc.lftral LAnd B»nl» 4 oer t,M.ted hatch in .t'.l-el»vlrt.- Inrtlbalors. »u- wnt_qn_ or before _ ; tomntl.- .xiiitr..!!..',!. o|>eralis] hy oxpert- ueta. o w, . .—. eoliool Mm route and mail | PART rlllfKS and Startej Chlelw «T«ry li. B. BONKER, Eureka, Tei. da,, fill j.jnr anliTH at any Um«. NAVARRO XATIIlNAI. r\BM LOAW \ssnniArioN All Stn:» Sal'l. Illiln., noi Oil I'lioo* •"• J It. Hart See, ind Trrflf. etn-fxl operator-, nrins n^ your cufllon h.-il.-hlnK. t«>lh ,-hleken and turkey erffr llrln? ttiojn any day. Wrt will lake cart, of them. We have plenty of eapaotty to take rare of Ml. We will h.\vfl tho follow- Illlf l,re.-,H of I.Hhy ehtrlin: W-IjCirhom, 1 Rro\vn Ix'^h.irn, Ifuff l.erhorn. R, I. a»- Hed>. N. ll.imt.sliire. Kuld, llarrwl Bodu, lloc-li,. Huff Roi-lw, WhlKl Wynn- for candy stolen sometime Thursday the n| S. ht - ' Mrs. T. P. Robertson, Brecken- wl " hel l ) v <>" . . . , ridge; Miss Cleo Curington. Rob- I »'"",. vo»r landscape problems, too. ert Speed, Mldlar.d; Phil Cox, ' Cn ™ ^VSt ?" roqupst ' Houston; John Womack, ETSTC, ' f/ / Ve ?"" '}{!*'? > CommPi-oo- MU« Mni^. Ann rh,._ ! for . "« Ie : millet, '*' snm<> CEine. sudnn ijrnss. Closed Sundays. McCIAJNG NITRSKRV AND F1SIHT FARMS Sly iiill>-<: < uln-hirHv 7-1 . hay or Commerce; Miss Mary Ann Curington, NTSC, Denton. Rehearsal Dinner Mr. -ind Mrs. E. J. Womack, uncle and aunt of the bridegroom, entertained with t! e rehearsal din- ery fern, with bows of pink tulle ner on Friday evening at their and cellophane wedding bells fill- home on North Highway 75. ed with pink candytuft and fern, The living room decor featured providing effective accent. Gleam- an array of white carnations and Ing white tapers In crystal hold- lemon branches on an occasional ers Illumined the setting. table, and a heart-shaped arrange- serving themselves, guests mcnt of whlte and nar- places at individual tables In the cake which wa« encircled'^w'tth I clasl on the coffeo t» bl e- Hving room. cane, which was encircled with] Tne dlnner wns survef , Bn buffet ' The pcl . SO nnel for Ing veterans home from overseas. Dtiring the war she participated j^. B lD ' Eavr '|' Legal Notice in the action at two Jlma Okinawa . and NO. ri.ngfl TIIK STATE OF TKXAd FORT KNOX, Kentucky— Capt. Znne L. Anderson, 1120 West Col- lln Street, Corsicnna, has been placed on terminal leave at this Sheriff C. O. Curlngton reported onr arrest for intoxication and one for violation of prohibition - - - - vail, 23, of 1018 South Twenty-Eighth itreet reported ho was assaulted Friday ' , wer , he piiuntiffi'mtiriton' 1 night by an unknown assailant | to o'eioek A. M. of thi» first M but was nob robbed. Sheriff C. O. Curington reported arrests over the weekend of one foi KXCIIANOK, FOR ItrVKUS AND SKI.I,Kits 1M a.Tf*. to mllM 8. Dlllai>. Dal .. . Waco Interurlian rtino Ihronjh (arm. Whli.. _ ,_. Stop Waj-ne. tiriiT.:) road on S. aide of dotlew, ItU.-k rjlnnt*. Al«o Allptro White farm. G<HH! S-r.>om frame house. 2 barns, Ftyhrld. Complfte line of fee,!*, Full-O-Pep imokelujUKe and Banife. KlpctrU'lty. Ternn and Ktg-.\ Day. Poultry Sunplle. and 11 de.lred. ' Remedies: alM» all Vaeflneu for poultry lx'> aenM rood mixed land. 84 acTd* HII.I turkey*. untlioss ItATt^TIKRY ...ultivatU.ii. fjl rwiure. Si.t.. «i« r.xim AS'H VRKIi. (lorsicana, Tetta*, SOI Ea«t bouoe, upi:r.nin.l eiMern.' water piped tn Collln St. PIHIIH. 104. kit"hen. n wells, 3 liuikl. Eleeirlclty. —______^___^___ Good bHrn, larffo ehteken hoiiie, Jt small ehlf-Uen hoithes, douhle rarara and smok^- hou-*e. Paeture fenced and crow fenced. Ki liearinjf i ;vper Bhell tiocan treos. Ix»ea- ed 7 l>2 milea N. Cor«lean;i. I mile off hard nurface rond. Price no 00 per a.'re. - ."."', , ,_.. , „ , ^ III a.-re. mixed land 3 mile* N. Cor.l- fOR SAMt—iSix foot TridiUlra. I'orcrtabl cnn.v as a.'re« cultivation, balance, pan- J""" 1 " an<1 oul - '" n ^ '"n »t YBAi. tttre. 4 r<iom home, bai-n In fair condition. M.MJBIO U>.. 11,1 W. C«llln »t. llnderetvuind eletern. Priced to Termn If deelrcd. MO a.-rwi l*u-at«d new Highway 30 acres pwture.^e cultivation. Merchandise Articles for Sale SO ler lie expiration of 42 days from the u " lc '' dale of l*,»uanoe of lhl« - Srilh FOR 9ALB-—Ona rooil A room honu *o 31. be movwd off of property. Can b« accwo on on. hirhw.-iy at Kureka. For information ««• O.xxl s r.xini hou«o. olootrtclty. rood J. A. PENNEY, tin E.Kil 8th »TenD«. barn. Terms If desired. | Corwteana. I'rliie T1000.00. 148.0 ai'i-ea aandy land. 80 acres culti-; ' ~ ration, balance li- pasture and tlrot*er. 100 RADIO BATTERIES iday af '""'"" Ireoa, amall orohar.1 a wells, two' »«• 0. W. WATKINS. RoilU t, Oorst- aud ero^.se.1 fenced, tse, lirKe It.xrn and other < I'ri.-. 1 50.110 por acr* b oanv Kmhoiino Road. arrests over the weekend of one foi A. n. loin, at or l,,.fore 10 o'clock A M ' 1T " "'"'"' ~ mlln " N ' C"™ 1 ™" 1 °" disturbing the peace, one for drlv- before the Honorable r>Utriet Court of h:L " 1 l " lrfa ''*' r ":'d. uo«! lmprovenieni«. FOR SALE—I man'e brown leather vnort ooat. «|7* ,10; 1 m.'m'e black leather ooat, eire Ort: I m.ln'n liro white carnations, candytuft and fern. Assisting in the dining room were Mesdames C. G. Dickson, Hubert Wooley, Raymond Carroll the from a lace-laid table centered included members of the wedding I fie Theater, and Pfc. Ralph Cot- with a fan-shaped arrangement of party, and Immediate families of j ten is also home with u discharge pink candytuft, narcissi and feath- the bride and bridegroom. United States Tractor Tires - - - All Sizes Now in Stock - - . See us before you purchase Tractor Tires! brewer's Super Service Station Highway 75 South Phone 1031. Justice Court | All that certain"lot tr».-l or part-el of Judge W. H. Johnson accepted ; |«id, bolnr isa.un ax-re, of land more or two complaints for Intoxication,' p^', ° U g °! '"", i , l * ln !; l' :ir " «' »'» J«ii» and fined one for driving with d«- i w , • survey'TAI*i S)M S 'j!,'«epn ll Me l rv, I u"-!hi Wanted Miscellaneous for Sale 33 • i WK IIAVK one John fk-ete H tractor for "STiV Fo-.rtr^eript.di^.y^^'W^S^ ^^^J^o^X.^^^^^^^^ sLriVLr^;?. Kr ^ it r. Jih"^^^^^: 0 - no « M violation to the county court. | onB mile SOUII'IM? fr? n *T?' I ''''"""• "'"' ""'' makinr .-ui* in pn.v.; Judge A. K. Foster fined One for Barry anJI uWribe.1 M f,,ll,,w, t«."J!". i ',',-,.."?."".•,/".'.'.""( ""''." .T'.T ^l"" 1 !' 1 . ''')}'' I.tMITKIl amount ..f llntan* ran tanto intoxication, one for not having a driver's licence, and transcripted a complaint of driving while intoxicated to the county court. South r Town '. to-wlt: 1 World th» Fle»'i and father ' Smith So »nd ^.corne, of IK07 i'S, 'ou, 'o" c. l ."r. H '™rdo" l |; ^ "°""" r '' "'""" ™ k ' il.| t<i Mil'am- more tlian u Hir.ii. IIBGINMNK al an Ir.,,, Dresden DRESDEN, Jan. 17. —(SpJ.)—Z. E. Melton and J. G. Melton are on the sick list this week. Dick Smith came home 'a«t week after a two weeks' visit In Houston with hit sister and fam- 'ly, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Jamison. re was accompanied home by the nmisons, who spent a few days 1th tho A. L. Smiths. niv Loyd Morton and family wer« | 'TIIKNCK N. 78 w. wiih s-mih line of nner gdests Sunday of hi* par- ou. Cotton Hell Rijht-of-Way IOI.S vr». Ihe .aid Sadler Survey, mon will llu.kinvon. l>> d,-.-<l dut«l !»comber Iv. istlO. and the. wutlurant eor- ij ? : * rm< - ' pan "' llli « l r ""'•old to J. J. Vaniell, to- .leed <)ate,l IK-H, o»r 'J- IHoa, tin. «ald «tlke IK-IIII Mluatrid on til* South lino of tht; Ra.|]er ktirvcy ind North line of i'ollj Kmeaid Survey and 4(11 rarM S. 00 W. from Oie HoutlioMt oornw of ia!d IS. 7 m-res tn thu South line of the. Old Rlrht-o-WiT ol the Cotton Belt Railroad HlllBlwro Branc-h and 5SJ1 Tar.-w S. 60 W. fmm the eoutheMt corner of hold Sadler Survey; ill . of ulliem We ptinnozi-aph h.wn Stn«t. vid al II. MM.'! II. nmiuie fla* uir-« «lorn. 300 Sonlh Xrt fttin-k. n-i.'ei. fn 1 Ui '15-. ixtSNF.I.I.! Oil STORK, 116 W. Collin St., I'or.l- • Muttre»« Maker 10 SPECIAL MAtTRKM SALB—DlKOdlt vn raattre«4 work Any 'ilnd of mitlrass botlt—ralki rout old Sealy D*d. »-bulld- Inr \anet snrlnr mattre«i«>—old inatintM made foot «. new Make feather folds Seed, Feed Implement! 35 f'OH SAI/K — Wo hali*. hrlnlit cane ha». 0(1 ''enu per l»n*het nl tlie bani. I 1-1 mil.* Milllh of Mll.lred Mik-li H.-hool. on hlfhwajr SH7. rlll-:i> K THO.MI'SON. WE HAVI tome. inr equipment for Inc order* for the m which we are deal.TM •hipnmnt lu soon. J. A. vn.Ml ti«ed farm* \Ve are aU>o tak- rw antvei-Kal Jeep .in.l win bare THKMJK N. 110 dcK. W«(t line of «iild IS. 7 Way ; I'KNNKV IMP [,(!• Avenue. Cor«i- i -, , . •"" Pillow* A complete «to.^)i of new MR NT Oo., 110 B."t 1ft w. with ttin ( lje«l«> o show roll from th*. cheupesl to the tlina. •re trai-t <43 vr>. be*t W« hat 100 per cent reilulne lelt to an Iron bar for .x.rner on th« South i mnttresse-v Uuj one from Line's SPECIAL I I>OR SAI.K— Ohrw 70 Tn-lor on rub- of Old Cotton Belt Railroad Rltht-ol- VKl.'K '.BUS. Any kind of fnrnltur. re- ; |«r all around, two row ,.,,,,,pm,. n t. L«t. piurixi.ui...)l(iten«] and repaired Bnv ind :m m.,.lel. I,, n. MAMi.iNKV Jl KnihouM, its, the A. L.. Mortons: then vl»- •d Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Melton to MI iron pipe for irumer; TIIKNCK will, an anrle of 00 der. 0 nilnutrw to the hirht N. 14 K. r.-r.i«alnr tnday afternoon. The W. D. Cheek family art ; for iy - rm . r in t ',, 0 x- urlh 'line of Old Oot- . . . oli. rl(,-hl-of-way :t(l vr«, to an iron bar this week to the Clayton j to,, Huiiroa.l rUM of-w | THBNCI-; N. 70 W. with N.irth line of u-ade for »om old furnitart Ml work ynuranteod On« ij.iy t,er?i->c on most work. LANH ANt) HATES MA'ITRKSH rAC- A. M Lan« Horace rive*. 418 7S I>»T ^hone ll«8. nlrht South phon« I02(t. TKIAS HEAOTT Maltre.. - for bettw sleep. w« nKuiufacture this fell muttrew Mitcellaneout Service 11 Mr and Mrs. J H. Sumner Old Cotton IJelt llatlroa.1 rl«rht-o»-ww In pur modern fa/:tory »jid feel sure you ,H TUlil. rJenn Cheek were in BBfi - T " Tra - t'lmw.l ft.) l« s slake »l will b. pleaw! with It. We are equipped id Killie uean l^heeK were HI y,, ix.jiiiiiiiiit of a enrvo m the left: i to do your feltm» work w,, renovate and irslcitna lust Saturday. ; TIIKNCK iwulnulnr alour «ald North rebuild any km.! of mattrw coitsi- Leland Daniel and E. B. Cagle rl«ht-of-way line on a mtn-e of 2 demMis CA.NA MATTUKSS KAuroUY II liamiey ore In Blooming Grove Saturday to the left, having a radius »f 50I4.n;i owner. HIS Ka« ui Aieinw. itoan* Hlrh- •enlng i "" * rou " J »*''' <'""•> 'J08.ll tr». to a »lake ! way. DeCborre Bldr I'bone -J71J '.limmv Ma,on visited Calvm , » IT HBNCB S.' S?"^. 40' w. with th.' aibbard at Silver City Sunday • unrrem to said eurv., and »ion» ihe H S Crawford was In Dallas North line of old '.'otton H«iii llallroa.1 lost of last week under obnerva- rlrht-of-waj-, at iii'.fi rr.. .-row the Weit !on of a .pee..H.t. as he hju %£ $ ^"^ ^^ y , ^ ^TH.Vi :een In very bad health for the TJ , , 0 an lron bar , or thr ,v orl h wl , t 1st year oonnT of thin tra"t. in me went line, of Mrs ifithel Clark, Mr. and Mm. the Holi»«.i.v survey and ihe K,i*i line of :ov Melton, Mrs. Dossie Melton lh l I | B iV. I ,, K i 15 '5 n '"L a " $!.",?"• „., , „ „, «<• >l.i.»U r A. Tfttrnm all r*t IPrtrt IJiOiNOn M. ,1U h. With IlUl \><«>l lln« Of nd daughter, Joyce, all of Fort , h , Ho , lowlJ . ^rt M^uonrald Surveys and .Vorth, spent last week-ond here, Elrt n ne <>, , hB K uyk«udall stirv.y,. the •:ith Mr. and Mrs, Z. E. Melton few.-e twirs u» the wont about two trt-i. nd family * l -40.0", vrs. .-row Ihu aouth htm of Old Visitor, in the W n Cheek rtihl-o-way, al 813.8iS cm.. pa/» •K.mfs'u'nda'y we're Mr "and MrV ---', -^ „"/ ,^1%!^^ ^- 1-ee Welch of Corslcana Richard TBr , ln M IIHS.S-I vr». io a .talie M Cheek of Dallas and Mr. and Mrs. anrle puim in fence: J. H. Sumner. ; TiiKscr. s. ,rr dea. w E. »iti, pa.ium Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Bennett i «••"* '«'•- r ™- "• »"»'«« « »nirir i«»ini and little daughter of Silver City l T ,i BN cn g. fts ,i e ». in' it. with fen.x- visited In the Melton home Sun- ' about 108 vrs. and .-outlnulnr e»me eouraa Used Cars Aiitomobilfi for Sale 57 BKFniOERATION SEltVIUK- Let me repair your refrigerator —Any and all niaku* repaired hy an expcrluncetl refrtgi<rator mnn —WBLUON W. PKIt'E. Conv merclnl and HouNehold R<-fr1(f- erutlon. Phone 087-J — 1518 Columbia, Repairing 12 make* < f day. Legal Notices NO. 48B1. THE STATK OF TEXAS . In all IMI.a vn to a >take at bend old Illouminir Orove Road, wheti't! an Iron pllre in £Mt tenet' line of road beam N. 44 der. !1U' B. SO ft.: THENCE S. 66 E. with the Old Bl«jm- Inr Grove Road and at 20 ft. from the. the . fence line of nm .at '-270 vrk. .TOM, lint- of the Fuller and North To ths Sheriff or any Conn*ble ot Jnv )i m , O f n le | )M | surtoyn. at 61ft vr» T»rro County, tjreellnr ' the «,ulh line of tho Betil and North linn H R.. Owen. Administrator of the K«- o | , n , Wrlrht Surreys, in all Tttli vr«. to tate of Blrdlt Teldell, Peceaeed. har nr , slskt . | n llie g,^,,,, Hnt at lnn wrlrln filed In our O,unty Court hi* application Sur ,. PJ . whj ,. h » lull i B ln (h , roM \ ». no W. to re*iifn. aeoompanied by MI exhlmt oi g^j vrtt _ from an Iron Har tor the South- th« oondlllon of said estate, mllMierexl WMl cnnwr „( t he John Hadler Survey: 4KS1 on thu Probate Dw-ket of N»TIUTO THK.NCK N. flo der. 07' E. with th« foitnly. together with an application to South line of the, Wright Survey at 1.4 "Tor""?!.*' RKKBBT «>M»ANDKD. ^"e*'Vl't'i'e ",S SS,.UrS,.r^ llS That b3' puhll.THllon of lhl« Writ one limn vVrUht and Sailliv Survey, and mntlnu- unil mild publication shall not be le»«tnan ^ eamo cxt UrM with the South line of len day» tflntK the return day hereof, in ttle 8a ,u er ,, nrt North linn of tho Polly a Newspaper printed lu the County or Klncjjd Survpyn, Ihu funce t«itur« lo the Nnvarro. Te.xii*. you irivo duo notice to north -I lo 8 (eel lu II S1Q'; vr« to the all pennons Interested in said Estate, to ij^,, j tar j n tnft p\n,,f. o f i,,. tf j|,n| n g and m.i»-ar and .•oiilint the same If Ihej- see IK)n ( a | n | nr ig 8 .|.| ;1 » t . re , of ,^,,1, m ,, rB or proper no lo do. on MondaT >he J Jth_ day i,^. snd [hn ,.,t| m i, t(x ] Ta)uo „, la | (1 | W1<( It 1'AIJIINO— We repair all Wiuhlnr Machlnot, Vacuum Cleannm. Klf.'lrie irona an<l other tmall Appllaneei. ^ hiivi t^en in tMi IrUiineM for the pa., f-n yuiir«, and havt n larye stocU of tf m thai »e may he able lo rive you prompl avrvlo . drlnr Wjwttier ind the new Shelf [lafplreiutor now Soo llio new Ra»j Spin Freei- . HUCX'8 APf'LIANCK BHOP. * A. (Bue.kl Cuueland. owner, till N, Beaton St. Ptxn>e 30AO-W. of February. A. D. 104B." at the Court J, $16.000.00. llouee of said County, In Corslcana, rsgUBD thii Texas, when naid Application will b* Kt- 1P4H od upon by said Court. ... Given tinder my GrVBN UNPKR MT HANI) and MH of Q,,,,^, , t „,„,, ^ said Court, al my offlcs In the City of , h » loih .lay of January, A. I) IIMrl roivlcnna, Te\a r . this K».h day of Jan- (8KU,I Uiry. A. n. lOW. _ _.. j E . B . DAWSON. fieri.. the 10th day of January, . MABLE WILKINSON. (Jlerk, County Court Navirro County. (SKAL) By IVA WHITTEN. Dnputr. ~ I" HBR&BT CERTIFY that the •*»•« .ind forerolnr Is a true and oorrftot - - - ' • - ~/rll now In mi haiu C. O. CUB1NOTON. . . . . Oietriet Court. Navarre Count/, Teiu. T.B Claude N. Thomaa wa§ __. ._. among the servicemen who arrlv- jolnr Is a true and oorreot oopi ed at San Francirco anoard the of the Ori«1n»I Writ now In mj_h*nd«. iSacaJawea on January 18. Services For Lt. Jas. Moore Memorial xervlcei for the late U. Jamen Moore, U. S. Army Air Forces, were held at the Front Baptist church Sunday. Rev. D, I'. i, Huntiivllle, former pantor of Bh«rlff NaTarm Coontf. JL. tOWELL, Deputr. •un want Stint the church, was the principal speaker. Rov. C. C. Ellis, pasior, and Rev. D. D. Goddle, Comlcnna, a.ssoclatlonal missionary, participated In the profirum. Pulpit furniture presented hy tlin wife of the deceased was dedicated. Tho Kt'OHt MnthodlHt church lt« rt'K- ular services Sunday to join In the memorial exerclHen. Lt. Moore, used 28 years. « bom- her co-pllot. wa» lost over Germuny, May 8, 10-15. Ho wan the hunlinnd of Dean Newell Moore of Mllfard and the son of Mr. and Mra, O. E. Moor* of Fro*t CAR* KllR HAI.R THIS WHKK — 1041 Ol.lx U'l.iu.. will l.av... i.-u rin,'« IUM!( Plymouth, lli.l.'i Furd I'.nii-. f^SO.on. 3ft t'hevroli't I'^iup'i. *,'litn,iKi :tfl lltllek. n.i\* rhiK-., ^.'OtLtMi. II l'l.\ in.iiKh Coupe. I:IHL weelf :ill I'niill.'t'.. la^t of week. nin^ x'H'.l at .ellliii: \\c ui!! Im.v from 3A to 41. —Me.MII.l.AN, Mil N l-oiiunvro. I WISH TO THANK nn frlendu and en«- tomem for the hii-lti.---. thnt roa have riven the itadm R..|.Ur ,-Alniti dtir- Inir the year 1Mb. «.- emplny tin. hem radio nie.'hfinlea and an- N-tter prepare.1 Ui iw-rvd our itur.tom.-ri. Hi wr have a rood nlo.'k of radii, |iiirl» and tubt-e. We will lilve you l-adiu «ervi..|. inii-iin iled al mod- i-rule. prl.-rM. We pa> tn^:i.-t .--uti pn-e« for old ele-'ti-ie. or Uilt.-n i-i-li.^,. »'*? ml, at KAIIKI KKl'AIR SllllP. -1 C Weil 5th Avenue, Joe R. Daniel, CnrMknnu. exu. Mrs. J. \,. McCiilloch of nnwinn was a npf»iid-tho-d'i.\' nu("<t in tf e homo of Mrs. J. Floyd Smith on T-huradiiy. CVCotocysez: WORLP AS YOU DRAW/ NEARER 10 IT- IS GREATNESS/-^—» LOANS AOTOMOIIILK8 • KirUNlTUBK GENERAL AMERICAN II5WEU 4^ AVE •OWICANA PHONE 2011

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