Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 17, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1944
Page 8
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS MONDAY, JULY 17, 1M*I Printing Office Of Government In Wartime Job * By CHAIM.OTTK G. MOU1.TON Un'ltrd Fn-n* Staff Corrrapomlrnt '•: Washington (UP) — The .$80.'000.000 nnnunl bunincss of the covcrnrr.cnt Printing Office Is one of the Icnst publicized but »tlll •Important fimonfr vnr activities. .'.' Out where the fighting goes, on, •imial! military units ciin produce :tholr own little printing Jobs .'practically on the field of buttle. Within an hour after tho Marines 'landed at Tarawa, a hnnd-oper- ixtrd press went ashore. Such smnll-.HCfilo operations arc backed up by the PC's 203 si-cut, .power presses, which are constantly running off Instruction 'manuals, equipment catalogues, and scores of other lndlspcnalblca to be whisked by air transport to in* far corners- of the world. Tnc $18,000.000 plant stands on the side of tho first public print- In RoHlco.- purchased by Congress for .$13,1,000 In 1861. A tunnel runs under th« street to its hujic warehouse, whore 1C freight cars can be run Into the top floor from the adjacent railroad yard. Secppt Work for (Services The 220 linotype and monotype .operators, 303 proofreaders and SM compositors work in shifts over R 2-l-hour day. Army Instruction booklets on every subject from the use of dehydrated foods to how- to pet along with Zulu Islanders got' out In rccor time. Some of these are highly confidential. Ci Joe's few halting phrases • In- the language of a newly-invaded .country fire picked up from studies previously supplied by the CPO. Lessons on how to opovato ficw weapons nave to be prepared with utmost secrecy. These jobs aren't plain Miillng cither. A'recently published Army catalogue contained 100,000 separate ftcms. ":. At the start of the emergency period about five years ago, the GPO's anual production totaled J200,000,000 yearly. Nov.-, to take 'care of a four-fold Increase, private princc.-s do about two-thirds of the work. The GPO end its contractors use '120 tons of paper a 'ciay. ' Any printer may piacr? his on the KPO list. Contracts are 'n'epotlatrtd at five Hold warehouses fn Chicago, N.-JW York. Dallas, At- Tanta and San Franciscc. Said A. K, Gicgengfick, Publi? Printer, In an address to Chicago printers. ;, ' >"rcvt-jit,H ninloratlon • "It is my hope that after the wnr \:> won, return to no mm! conditions in tho gr.ifihlc nrts industry will hn nnsi"r fiecfiusc of this- policy. Instead of having Ki-eiiMy expanded f»ciUties in liVashincton. and In consequence, n hfiilly cllslncated supply of labor, com mere In I printers can take up when- they 'eft off'in 10-11." .Jofm for Home front . Most peacetime jobs have long nlnce conned to pass, through the GPO composing roor.i. However, th" normoliy prosaic task of print- In glncornc-cnx blanks look on new tM-gfnuy this year, because p. change wns made In the law only three weeks before Instruction sheets and forms had to be In the hands of 00,000.000 pot-sons. .The PftO has supported the home front by printing more than 7,000.000,000 ration stamps, using 12.000.000 pounds of paper for Book No. I which wns sent to fiflOO distribution points. The paper was mafic in its own labora- Lone Eagle In Pacific Theater Jio'.v a rpjiri'.sciitallvc vt the ford Motor Company, Charles A. hrrgh (left), (tmllrs during a conf«riMic« with Unit, Gen. Gcorgi; Kenny, cominandrr of tile South Pacific Air ForoiH. at an Amrrluan l>a»<- "This is an official M K nal Corps Hatlio-t('lephoto.-(liiti;rnatloiiaU toi'lca. Tho wlan' likewise developed V-.Mail paper and a lettc;' paper used by Axis prisoners " of war used by Axis prisoners of war, which has only to !>e dipped in water to reveal any hidden writing. Two I)ally "Mii.Hts" One peacetime performance that continues full tilt Is overnight !>ub- lication of 45,000 copies o( the Congreasional Record, which avor- tigcs the size of sin ordinary hook, and tre daily publication of 2S.OOO cupics of the Federal Register. Between ? p. m. and » :i. m. ihL- Con- gresslonul debates ancl appendix material are set in type. proof- rfdd, printed and placed on the breakfast table of every Cof.grcss- man. A total of 21^ lederal organiv.a- tions order printing from the GPO, just as they would fi'oin a private printer. They pay for the work out of funds received from Cong: ess for the purpose. A part of the governmtnl's legislative branch, Liu,- GPO has a. "board of directors" consisting of the joint Congressional committee on printing, of which Senator Carl J-Iay- ri':r., IX, Ariz., is chii'i-iiiiin. Former Child Prodigy Dies Destitute At 46 Socially Prominent Clawed By Bear "NVv.- York, July 17—(U P)—Tne socially-prominent daughter of :L N'ew jei-soy industrialist i? In a critical condition today after being clawed by a bear at. *i xoo. The animal injured M-ycar-old Catherine Searles so badly that physicians h;ul to amputate her right arm. Miss Searlen und t.hi-eo com- [innicmN had gone to Central Park aftr-r ;m evening at a nif,'ht club.. She is said to have waver! a handkerchief at the bear. The animal swung his paw at her through his cage, catching her right arm. Her cnmpanions had to set a lire under the bear with newspapers before it v.-oultl free her. Use News Want Ads to rre! Extra Businnss. Boston. July .17—A former child progidy has died In destitution :it a Boston hospital at the age of -111. V. illiam James Sidis was discovered Thursday in a Bt-ooklini: rooming house where he had lain in u coma for four days. In 31IH.Sidis was graduated from Harvard at the age of 10. By. his UOth birthday he had become a professor of mathematics in u TcNa." university. He lal ;r became a store clerk but more recently was unemployed. The rooming house owner believed he had an aunt iti New York. Death Toll Hartford Circus Fire Now 163 Hartford, July 17— CUP)— Tho death toll in the Ringing Brothers and Barnum a.nrl Bailey circus fire has risen to 163. Tho latest den.lh was thai of 22-year-old Rosalyn Kruh of Hartford. Hospital* report that lluat 110 still are under treatment. but only six names arc "n l.hc- critical list. S SKNTKNCEO TO UKATH London, July 17—(.UP) — The German Transocean News agency reports that a 'Rumanian sLcel and three itir force ofllccrs htivc been sentenced to death. A 'Rumanian court martial is said to have tt led the four men for crossing the border illegally in flight to Cyprus. They face execution. When and if apprehended. The United-States .will havo about 3,riOO ships i.otalling 2fi,000,000 gross tons at the end of Ih-j w».r. according to esti-mate"-- of Lhc U. S. Chamber of Commerce. How to Change Want Ads Into War Bonds If you won: a little slmrt. mi Ixiyiny Boiuls diinnic tlio Inst WJH- B"nd drive IK.M-U'S M sii^u'osiicii I'd' you N<>\\". It' yn Ii;i\'c si.-inc nld "jinik" in your atUe t,li;it y''i.; di.-n'l lliink is tit' any vftlui! ('lilt .'in A>\ in Un- 1 ri;ipcr find si: 11 it. '.PliL-ro is ;ihv;iy* soincborly lonkinn' I'nr it. An Ad c'.-sl,s only a few cents and will liriuy you many dollars which you can turn into War l.-Sr.mds for tlio lioy that just I'.Mi^ht at ClH-rlMnn-i?. It's PATIHOTIO. CALL 2228 for a NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WANT AD nt ds "C II y S U t t M ' . I Murder Accessory :SclLuatc, Mass.,; July 17—(UP)— The finder : of the. body of 10-year- old Frances who ia hcM as an. : accessory,'" probably will be released hi. 'a totaV of $50,000 biUI today. .:• • A war. worker, friend last night ^M't'i-on !o ii'ui .up 'I'H; hail for 55- year-old Joaquln . (Jack) Lopes. • Tdic defense .•worker and general handyman allegedly bus confessed ,lhat he discovered the child's body ...luu clays' 'be Ho re reporting' to •police. •However,- his rupu.ted confession varies- with rnudical evidence which, shows 'the girl wus .-• i; ho -Hours before" ill er corpL-:. 1 •was found.. ; , J_.i>I>cs must face the October session of the Plymouth counly grand jury.on a charge of.accessory after Uic t'aol, of murdar. Meanwhile, police indicate an. early wrest of-the actual slayer. The girl, diightcr of u. former Boston oily councilor. vanished June 10 while eiiroulu .from church to .her parents' summer col.Uicc ui PcggoLy. • . • Committee Starts Work On Outing Arrangements for llr; annual outrng of tlic Footwear plruit which will be held a.t Linden Park Aug. 13, will get underway t-his week. Harry Tngram, chairman of 'Uic general eommiltuo, ,lhis rnono ing. Vacation week the postponement of work on planning. A number of rnf.cs, a j ::cl oLlier athletic events will -bo- arranger!. T,hc food and i-c fresh meals <-,om- mitluc will also 1'ormululc plans. New Director Of Food Rationing Division Washirngl.on,. July 17—(UP) —A farmer regional food rationing or- f icer in Boston has Ucon Jijipoinlc-:!. ir.ti'ional director of tho O-P-A food rationing division. Ivan W. Burdick.-ft iwiilvc of New • Milforil, C<>nn:. Ktici-ceds ,\ • Strnub, 1 w.lin lias resigned. Since Oolobnr of last yea!' Burclick h;js been a-s- siitfvnL direcior of 't-hc division he now Jiearls. Ho wns f<'rn:::rly ^.n 1 official of several chain store groups in Canada, STING OF A BISK Cambridge, Ma.ra,. July 17— (UP) —A busy bee cause:! cinuid^riLble damage when he s-tunfr mol.orisl. Nelson P. of Uoxbury ye.°- terd.-ty. B.-irncr los't control of his automobile when 1 The bee aUacked. As a result, uovcii persons weru injured. FALLS :i,5l)(i FEET—J.IVES Adrian. Mli:h.. July 17—(UP) — A Civil Air Pati-ol officer lias lived to tell the tale of falling 3,500 feet when his parachute failed to op^n. When Lieutenant. Dorr Wulkcr hit the ground after n free fall of over ht-ilf-a-milo. He complained only of tin :;ielie in his back.. .But. a !ru;dic:il cX8.miiiiit.ion revealed thai Walker is suffering fracltircs of the spine and both' heels. TURKS A.VP A.r,UKS New York, July 17 — lU Pi—A Turkish bro.-idciisl sti.ys Lho Turks and the Allies have been holtling confei'ences sincu June 2311-.. The broadcast a so-called "ccr- t.ain personality" as stiying President Inonu will have the full report, of the. Turkish people if he should declare wnr on the Axis. CONN. .MEN GRADUATE Camp Lee. V-a., July X7--(UP> — Two Conaecl.icut men h.-ivo been g-iidualed from the -Army Postal Service school at Lee. They arc: Joseph J. Fiorc of 37 School street, Windsor Locks; and Carmen M.iiigir.o of 22C Chapel strcnl. New Haven. All farm real csl.atc in I'hc U. S.. today i'S- worth $37 billion. Yanks Shell Retreating Nazis Yelling loudly, im American artilleryman" pulls hard at the •of-ivliowlUcr ami NUIKI.S * shell in the direction of retreating units on the Normandy front. Another member of the Kim crew IHJH < Him holds his car, tl. S. Signal Corps Ita.llol.hoto. (International) V .P. Wallace Scuffles With Camera Man Washington. July 17—(U P) — Vice-President. Wallace was involved in a scuffle with a news photographer in Ihe lobby of Ihe Wurdman Park hotel annex last Thursday. The photographer, Robert Woodsun, of Acme Naw.-i Pictures, stiys Wallace sat on his chest, and har- gninlng to have an un.-iutlioriy.od picture <lcslroyi;d. Then \Vullace posed for,the photographer. Veteran Of Two Drives Now Home (Continued from Ptigc 1) l.h.-tt cost tlio lives of many Americans- -u'J-ni w^nt in 'o attack, it. German -.vcrc numerous over 'both bntilefronts. said FT.C, Slft-skicwic-/., with plenty ol' Mes- sorschmilts and Sl"!<as in action ,,„ ...„ American ships that included the fnmoi:s P-.'iS T.ightninss. Americans, soldiers, onlhiised . over the dogfights in the air when tho Germans, wore downed, but were decidedly glum wlir.-n nn Aincric.'in pnid with hi.-s lifi in thf u'r. Few Italian plnn'.-s or soldiers were noted in trillier campaign the soldier' declared, The local soldier declared . tliat the mosquilos arc bad in l::aly and it. was from I his soiiivu ihnl the malaria, v.-hirh lielpud put him nut of action, came. A run- a lonjr stay i:it military in Italy and Africa, hc.w.-i.s finally shipped back to this country. 'p F. C. SliiSiOewicz lodny lold of '.he splendid collection of German lli»: he- had collected while on the from Una-, :md I- 1 "-^ ho was forced to leave behind. The .sscmblawR' ineluilod I wo lAijjer-., no!li-r Huit lin i.'Mlcd a ^-"S ;i.nd he also had the famous German machine pistols. He wears a Good Conduci. medal, ar.d campaign, ba.i-i for tho American Df.fens.! and European campaign, the InUcr studded with two" slurs for Uiking part iiv Ihe Sicily and It-Jly di-ivos. The Union City soldier had .high praise for his division leader. Genii hi?' . al Middlclon. wlio lacked after soldiers very well and made sure that they goL everything thai •as in his power to procure for them. Asked impress--".! him most on .coming buck to this coumlry, F. C. SlnskiowicK'.? answer was typically Ainericnn. It was, "The people talking English! !!" Asked explain, the soldier slated thnt ..flar .the Frono-h in Africa, ami the JLilian in Il.aly. both doisisr Uic best they could to talk English, that it wits :i relief to ge.l.-bucit where II is not. necessary to use one's imaginalioa to figure out -ha.!: a person was .'..a.lking abruil. J. F. Deegan Heads Ticket Committee (Continued from Page 1) to Easy Pickings On Beachhead and Mrs. T. G-unnoucl, Mr. and Mrs. C. LuChancc, Mr. an<i Mrs. C. Lodge, Mr. n.-nd Mrs. F. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. C. Dceg^n, Mr. and Mrs. 12. Weaving, Mr. and Mi-s. John Gn.-ji-y. Mr. and Mr-«. Al Happy, Mr. and Mrs. David WulfJ.., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Follows and Alfred uncl Maime Fi-atcsi. Also Ml-, and Mrs. John Mealy. Mr. and Mrs. Ol!c Larson, Mr. «.nd Mrs. Ray Kennedy, Mr. and M!"J. 1-Iarold Scaslrom, Mr. and M,-s. Charles Nobln, Mr. and Mrs. D:i.n- icl Fily.Rorn.ld, Mr. and Mrs. John Ostrosi'ci, Mr. <tr.d Mi-s. Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Srann- han, Gladys Keating. William Lawlor, Jolm Breen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph PicJiulo, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest De Maria and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Currier. And John Kinncy, Josephine and Rose Ratio, Mr. and Mrs. P-ny Hughes, Mr. :tnd Mrs. Andrew O'Toolc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ramos, Mr. ,-ind Mrs, Manuel Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ac- iju.ivia.-Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baukiis, Mr. and Mrs. James Hcaley. Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Rado, and Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Salinardi. Also Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mr. and Mr.-s. Frank Smith, Mr. and Mrs. James Cuddy, Margaret O'Too!e, Mary Lawlcy, Helen Ixtw- luy, .loscphino Triano. I^ucy Na.r- dollo, Mrs. Julia Walch, Julia Curtin, Lillinn Mary• Grant and Catherine Brenmin. Ami "Mr. and Mrs. E'iwnrd O'Nflil. Mr. and ^^rs. Kdgar Loach, Mr ,-ind Mrs. Joseph. LiMigyl. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. John Morrtncy, Mr. and MYs. .lolin Edmond. Mr. a.'id Mrs. Gi-orge Zioglcr. Mr. and Mrs. George Froclich, Mr. and Mrs. Richard. Schneffcr, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Shea, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald, and 'Mr. and Mrs. L,. Brodflur. Also ^rr. nnd Mrs. Daniel Walsh, Mr. mid Mrs. Thomas Scally, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunt, Mr. anil Mrs. Milton She", Mr. nnd Mrs. Stephen Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Parkinson. Mr. and Mrs. William Baxter and Mr. and Mrs, H, And Mrs. Alex McCarthy, Henry Freom.-in, Roy Pcnrose, Mr. and Mr. John Ernst, Dr. and Mrs. Eti- w,-K-d Dclancy, Mr. and Mrs. William lidmondso!!, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scullin, Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Mariano. Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Monahan, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murtha. Also Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schu- bor, Mr. and Mrs. John O'Do'nnclI, Mr. and Mrs. John Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Tliomas Le.'iry, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Loary. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fink, Mr .and Mrs. Thomas Smith, Mildred Holland, May Folcy, and Adeline Minnicucci. And Mary Rcilly, Mnrg.ircl Fcclcy, Dnrothy Clark. ^T.• Cal- l!ihn.n, Stella McCann, Helen Din- neney, Mary Nixon and Clare Noonan. Also Mrs. Francis Shanahan, Mr. and Mrs. John McGronry, Mr. :\nd Mrs_. Al KaitRmckas. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Galvin, Mr. and Mi's. John Gormley, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grauf and Mr. and Mrs. James Hcaly. American Troops Split German Lines (Continued from Papro „...„ into snimi real fried chicken.on tile Normiincty henchhwul lire thew) members of u U. S. N;ivy-N»lv:ure group as they ./.CKttiilly put nwiiy their Sunday dinner. They are (left to riRht): William Jlolu- han, norchestcr,. Muss.; Louis Fahrlzio. "Cortlaiul, X. V.; Norman MalHincnt, Brooklyn, N. V.; and Miclmnl. Gagllartli, >'c\v Vork sity. (Intnrnntioiml). /.- . The Allied Rir Forces -pot a break in the weather today. For ll°e first time in many days there were sunny skies over France. And under these conditions it's hoped that the invasion armies once again will pet the full support of the air arm, support whicji would per- •hnps speed up the Allied advance. Sti-onc Allied ' aerial forces flew across'the channel for new raids .atrainst tho continent today. night RAF Mosquito bombers from Britain and heavy bomb| crs from Italy struck another two way blow at Germany's dwindling .oil supplies'. The speedy Mosquitos hit synthetic oil plants in western Germany while the heavyweights bombed an oil refinery near Belgrade ,.in .Yugoslavia. |«TA»U»HI» till YOU CAN TAKE ALL YOUR SUMMER $ WEATHER HURDLES GRACEFULLY | WITH A PALM BEACH SUIT — $19.50 | The suit of sixteen hundred tiny windows to the square inch- ventilators are the fabric that allows the natural heat of the body to escape—and acts as insulation against the outside heat getting into your pores. All in all if you want to go all-out to keep cool—get inside 'af Palm Beach. Records! Courteous Service LOVINK IU-ECTKIC CO. 8 Cliurcli Street BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Sporting Goodn Dcpt. OUTDOOR BADMINTON SETS • RACKETS • SHUTTLE'COCKS etc. Templeton's TKMPI-ETOX'S CORXliR WATKKBUKY (Xo Toll Charge) SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Bock 'n 1 life Bock and Rye Boy* . ... PnlkaK nnd Sweet >tu«!c BUI Lubuck Polka. Orchentn 5 to 9 Sundaj-K White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut; Restaurant AnnociatloB,' 1 DIVIDENDS DECLARED TO DEPOSITORS JULY 1st AMOUNTED TO .$86,000.00 NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed *********** 100 Years of Service For ; over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in. war. TTr .^ ^^ UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugratuck Footwear'Plant -BICYCLES BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES GARDEN FERTILIZER LAWN FERTILIZER HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO Clean* Your Oil Tank Conditions Your Cur Motor CHIMNEY SWEEP : Cleans Furnace lollies OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT TrniiKpnrcnt Filler niul 4 Color* The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236 87 Chfcrch St.

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