Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 5
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\ STEHUN6. ttvs. Here MEANS MUCH TO YOUR PURSE $12.95-SUITS-$12.95 All this year's $25 values $12.95 fii-t I'I'tV al'lf 1H'\V • We !iavo nlmosf cxltatislcd <H supply- (if fftis MMI>OH*S ruafs'f an- iiijj; new shipment*; and expert to 1<» present to our eustomers n hi line t,)}" the Benson's most advancedJmnd els, bv the lime t liisNidveriisenient is in print. AS USUAL.THESE COATS ARE MODERATELY PRICED. MILLINERY BARGAINS $1.00 $1.95 $2,95 will pmvlinse l>i# bargains in ready-to wmr lints offered in nnr millinery depart iWMt. We always give cash values at credit price?, and we always Rive bargains on credit, The G. L Abbott Company, Acadamy Block, Both Phones, Sterling, III. rcr'-rrfiny was i €rf.:--rrn<"? hy fhf p.-sn- j tor nnd •svnn'-"--'•! <>?'.iy-f>v thr titM>-- p.'trf-nt? 1 . Mr ;in<! Mr*. John ' •:•>.!•«"!••>• .W'tt, .'Ui'T Mr :'.;;'! Mr* ?!. "iV Ivrk In of r?rfc !'!;• ><}!>?•• •.<:!<! lf«-i i-rumi;! whitf r*- 1 -''" M't"-f U,v < «-t'-riV'Sii M ,t r Kri«- \Vf> '••rt« oft) ri , d.ioJFt* 1 me} tin* !>'"fnr»~ Coals, Suits, Skirts. Ba Table Linen, Blankets, Comforts SOCIAL AFFAIRS J \'nf Ihr- hrlil«'',«« im'rcrttK, Mr. iunl Mr*.. Al.trtlri HniluiHcr, nf \VagKontr. T!u- »i»-n; Myrri. IK the *..n of Mr. n»,\' M "\ ' V °' >.","" t"^* '"". '""'''li POLO MINISTER WEDDED Hit Marriagt Occurred Ls»t Sunday In Waggoner, III. Alrw. Jnltij M.M'iM. of <Jitnlnor, Kan., nnd for nidiT tluiii |un yearn VVUH the- JIUH- tur of ih' - Mn^ihrr'n rhurrh .in* In I»nlo. I i .inlnii until a .late hmir wliotj all <\f- r<ir thrif hi.ttU'H. Alyorn ini»ny j< \*Pll"ltl'll life, ' insUy ' '>n!rM>!!!<'<l hT *«-r- % lt'f-a ' w fi'-'fi i ; 'T« r f ' ;iTIi : iT Tun-is, TVKi]f- ?">•"*- an-t'ing hT fifi :it nir« ffi'in nrif. Hi'- i'iii-nii.% .fxtnntl timitrniulritu.'US tu Mr. GENTLEMEN'S NIGHT Was Observed Last Evening at the "Y" By Household Science Club. A,it cvnt Lint; tri f.f r«-m««mltf>r<-<l was ciijny«-i( |:IH! ('V'-nluc at thf- Y. M. ('. A- wfifii 1h" flmwltiiU! HHenv chili rwrnlifrs fnUTtniw,! ' tTie-ir huittmntte :iiul MOIIS n( ii. B.3'1 iiicnic siip|>*'i WTV- «-d mffUTlii -stylf. Tin- fount wnx |>r«>t- tily tlf>rt>rnt»'<! with thf Hub ci'Iors. |ilnk nn«l erocn nml ti lu-nuiiful bou- i|iift of jiink ICH rDsi-j", tin; Hiib'n flower. crat-i-il tlif ri-nti-r uf lh! v t«Mr. Thf sii|i|if r <vas iiinf t ilollfifiUH. unrl tin 1 tfiM«- fairly urniitsfil uiulfi- its wi-inlti «>f iriuHl ttilnc«. Tbr rtu'iiu w«« n« ful- IUWH; S«ni!wi'-hr'«. iMitiitc ', liiik- < <! b<>»n.n. HaiH'i'kriitit, Jiot fr:inkfiirts. rulil rii!>f?t bi'j'f. linn»,m»vi( Jilf. plrklrs. ••tit'fMo. ftnicnriiiit. ptrklrd chprrlr*, Jolly, fruit snlnd with wii»|i[>crt rrcani, rnk«'. l>lf, fruit H'iul Aft'T tlic> b tnUcn of the fullmvitiK pmKi'run watt For a few days, ;he special Delineator offer at 75c per year. f* THE MURPHY DRY GOODS STORE "The Store of-lhe Christmas Spirit* " "End ol the Season" Clearance o! Every Suit in our Stock l/ / T^k to our expert corsetiere, who has just re-. •Aimed from the city. per cent Discount "Tim Old • rmiui'" • Sterling Male QunrtPtt«> — Atlorni-y H. V>'. H**B««*. Hay Crawford, Foster I-'iko and JnrncH Knri>n>, "\Vnm»»n." t tin- l("Hi'," t'fllo, 1'lnno anil Violin Trlt» — Mrn. Hv«-lyn Mnr*h. " f i Thi' fulfil^ IMK IIIHI nitii; th"v li-ft' fur .. _ rimr 1ir~l*ri1rc"nni1~nT!-."trrrrtTnr"tTr* fn.irrmK" of All?.-. Call Ilnil.nkrr.ij.-ltntf.M, III. t lu->' nil).so,l «'«>».M»f UU..H ' Of UnKKont-r, III,. nn<l ll.-v. fnutk A. ,,,„, W4MV m ,. t -,„ ,, lxon ,, y Mr , m(1 j Myor». of I'olo. un-, -„!. mniA.,1 ut Fix Mr , ,- UU(in Tnmi|. nti.l Mr. ittul Mrn. i i) clock H|iml!tv i-\f»iH!'K nt tlif.- In.i POPULAR EBIECOUPLt itoi'crt ,\ii»<i'*M. whn nc("oinpiinif<i thiuii'Were Married in Rock Island Caroline Hamblock, Chiropodist Shampooing and Scalp Treatment. 90ft Pint Av*. 8»ll Phon*371-S Saturday — Spent Honeymoon Here. :itnl on arrtvhiK Mi tin 1 |>ar»<iti- tliry wore jitc«>t«»«l by n company j |^i>f eighty trlt'liiiH vim! mJjsllL'orFf.^ After ! nn Itifnrttiiil n-ci'iitluti suul < i <>mfrtuuln-j tl<tiiH a tlt'lii'ioiiK thri't" cmirsn Hiipin'i*) —— was «rivi»d. Thf. lirlilc nnd p room j Thf v\i>dUit>K of Mi«s< Muiy <'Hrwt<'ii- I, wile |.t«'scntotl table linfii. nnd « bonii-J f.,,,^ ,,f |.; r i,., nnd Adon Anwm.,of Pro- lt : (WW4 IMM! Kju WM| fr«»rn-tb»s .rluirr-h.-whilc | |-ht't«lt>«-ji; youni; clnnn madn Hc-v, j ] : uid Saturdny at 4:30 J>. m. at th« .Mrs. Myt«ra the gift of n ««-t of ] |.'| rH ( ,M.. K. Vhim-h Tlic $1.00-Sale on Hats-Si. llrnxInKf'r. HHKM Hull, Kncorr'. "Onr j li'tuotlnK. Hour." "Thf' Wnltz Honu' from 1'lraics of I'onwtnc**"—Minx KllulJ, Hfchnrils, Kn- cor<>. "My Fl'rfl Mu.sjc I^-SHOII." —J lt« »Uiw,— " A-- J i*M'-k - Iiiwir V"4*! uir"-— Minn Kvi'lyn" J^niji. Kin'oro, "A *lVr- rililc TiilkliiK Hoy," llesdlng. "Ctipld «m<r the fatality— M|HH Klrta Hrrmnnri. • Kncor* 1 . "While tb«« rhlrncst H(»K." "The Mrn. John Fox. Kiu-ore. "What Willit »'n by R««v. K. f\ Hnrrix. jiawtur of St. . John's church, who >>j>«)k«- on th«> KII|>- k'Ct, "FnthtT un^ Husband iii U».i- Home l.tfo," Thp~aildrcsK-"wan onp of th«? cv«-r na(> th«> truthH tn»forc Un» club by . tin> will lonw ln> rfmenihpiVd. Hi* was oi)f> «f Iho fln«*Ht Only styles which have been approved by fashion authorities are allowed to take their place in our dftplays. The woman who chooses here gets only*the most stylish of theTecent fashion developments. Not all sizes any more but a* good range of navies, browns And blacks./ ONE HUNDRED NEW WINTER COATS, "PRINTZESS" GARMENTS, AT NEW LOW PRICES AND A FULL RANGE OF SIZES, AS WELL AS THE BEST OF THE NfiW WINTER GOL- ORS. $18, $18.75, $22, $25. BESIDES A LARGE STOCK OF SILK PLUSHES IN ALL SIZES FROM 16 TO 49—$19.75 to $37.m on . :•-•• : . . . -—AT _ • •-- : ' THE HYDE SHOP Sale Begins Thursday, November 16 Our big assortment of velvet shapes reduced from 6f AA .VU $2.50 and $2.25 to A variety of shapes, both large and small, to select from. Our stock of ornaments and flowers are also off ered at prices far below the original. See these hats in our east window. Hats On Sale Will be Trimmed Free of Charge CHILDREN'S HATS SOLD AT C OST TO CLOSE OUT REDUCTION ON TRIMMED HATS .We are offering our entire line of. trimmed hats at a' reduction of 50S*. This enables you to secure a new hat at a very moderate COSt.- ...... '- ' '/. . .. • . ''. : - •••••r-;,^ ', „ - . ' ' Our popular Pohjson line of 'Thoughtful Little Gifts for Christmas" are now on display. THANKSGIVING CHINA SALE THE HYDE SHOP Our China Must Go In orde^r to make room for our, line of Christmas novelties and to discontinue the sale of China, we have placed the remainder of our stock on sale at prices that absolutely will save you considerable money on your purchases. We have on hand a few sets of open stock dmherware patterns that are especially desirable at this season of the year. Also have seuarate^ieces to fill out sets that can be purchased at bargain prices. As the price of China is advancing daily, it will pay yoirtrcome early ^ and make your selec- __Tb.e'_n»!Xt._iiv.i!nt..(ur_U|P...«'4u»» IM the county in*tituto *'liich will bo hold In lhl« city. Pec, ll \4 nnd ]6 and thf publli- IH. cordially -inyltra to alt of the Tlu» coininittcn lu -cluirKi' of Ja«t t-v- tphlnK'« |»n*tty pnrly WIIH. Mrn. JCMWO Donli-hy, Mrs. Then. Trouth, MTH^ Marry Mrs, .Reuben Landlx, Mr«, Walter LttiidtH. - Mrs. otto Lclu. Mr«, M. W. Knox «nd Mrs. Mc-rrltt t'lnrk. CRAWFOF-POTTER Wedding Will Be Solemnized Saturday Evening At • 8 O'clock. Imitations h«vt« bwn itMifd for the marriajfe of Ml«n U'UUii t'rawford-fif city«nml Mull U. I'dtti-r. uf Mor, wliu-h will bn gnleinniKcd Hatur- «lay cvpnilijr at i»)Kltt o'clock lU the homo of tliw hridt^N i(!ircnt«. Mr. nnd •Mm. ElniiT I'ruwfttH. |'li«v. I'hcHipr M, Irwin, niijitor nf HIP 1'fPsbytf.ilnH i-hurrh of this <*lt,y. will otticlatn, Hurt v gne«t» wlir liK'lu«U> a" 'largo' cbmjianx of iWntivpii ami filemlK. . yming pe»i>I<» nro from tlu> old<ft>l fiuiilliPH in t)U« vlflnity. tuiti tlut \vcd<UnK will ho on«> uf the Moc-lal <'Vffjts-<if the. winter. ENTERTAiNED^AT DINNER Officom War* Hoat» to the Co. E Rifl* '-.--. , Ta»m,' • The nffk'WM of Company K t<nt«ftulii- ccl twenty -eight uf the member* of the company at a «;30 dinner Tuwiday evening. The function wa» held at the home pf the commander, Captain Frank Holiday Ribbons for fancy bags, etc., here in Jargre variety Warp prints, novelty weaves in ^widths from 4 to 10 inches. Plain Ribbons in good all silk qualities only and a full range of every color on the color card. The best of all times is right now to start fancy work for Christinas. Newest Skirts carefully tailored S«tin», Pin Poplin*, Silk Poplins, Ottoman.!, Wool Valoura. piaida and check.—$3,95 to $12.60. The Thanksgiving Linen Sale continues Table Linens, Napkins, Huck and Damask Towels Scarf ings, browns and whites, Linen Sheetings, Embroidery Linens, in fact the entire stock of Linens are at prices today that represent an actual saving of from 25 to Our advice is buy now, tion »t this sale before the goods are disposed of. Some of The Specials Gurnsey Baking Dishes, Ram ^kins ind Tea Pots in black and •vhite and colors, with very attractive design^, greatly reduced in price to close out. ^ 4 HaviJand Creamery and Sugars, Cups and Saucers, Fancy f Plates and odd pieces at extremely low prices, Any of these pieces would make desirable Christmas presents any woman would appreciate. / We must make room for Christmas goods, so come early and get the benefit of these low prices on good goods. POLICEMEN LETTER CARRIERS DRIVERS and other workers who motf New arrivals Georgette Waists J u »t placed on •ale today and Specially Q Aff priced at O*t/O Made of real georgette wa»h- «blo and in on* of the neweiit atylei. -^ full of^ijtet to Priced $5.60 to Voile and'.newest Organdie Batistes $1.00 to $3.95. Sterling's Blanket Store Blanket values unequaled Size for size and weight for , weight as weU as finish, we lead them all. Fleeced, plains and fancies at $1.25 to $3.95r Wools, whites, tans, greys and, plaids, $5.00 to $12.50. \Vuh|. The worn tli«< rlflu team,! «iul the Tout of'ihtt iticniln>r» of tho, ctimimny wh.y hail Jlniwhi'd i.h'««!r course ] iivKlumtlnjE «t ttn» rniiKK tit CMmp I'ul- j im»r a« prewrllH-d hy tht^ lawn wf the 1. N'.'O. Thft (liniH-r WHH u very In- fnriiial affair mul iMitHldfrabK- Jolity >v,i« thw rewult. • Thfl dinner w«H ! uly *»it «s H» IniH'iitlvtt fur further pructlco on tlu» ran««>. Th«* rirt« u-«in i-onslHtw i>f I'iKhi nifinliiTH Htul '(here were- tw««n- ty.*0ne <>th«'r« of the 'team who faun enduring strength, take Special, ()<Jd Plates, a remarkable bargain for the money, per half dozen V.. . — r... ........ 10c 118 East Third Street to build up and keep up their health. Surely it will do a» much lor you, but in»Ut on SCOTTS. , |, IS&S MARKET CO.S&S SPEOIAL Oat Fishv halibut, Steak, Salmon Steak, Pickerel, • Swn Fish, Buffalo ; fresh select and standard Oys ters, Boneless Codfish, can- ncttj Salmon. Had Thfir Mi*«ion»ry Meeting Y«»ter- 1 day With Mr* CrawforcT. . A lur£i> huinlicr u[ nirnUii-r>. <.t ttivi Mi*«(hiit»r'y 8(>ri»"t.v t»r". OK- I't tan Thiirfh t'njoy^d' thfi juiflor \V»>iinv'sday at'tt-rnoon , nl tln< hoi»V» *«i M.vjs «. (J, t'ruwfuriJ. Tin' )ir>'>^ nu.u \\»» t'Hrrk'd out n« jdaimml and was fullo\\«»<| by u M'«-ia! Ixiur and r«>fr<-»h- rns'sii^. MusU-Kso: ucif Aim. U 'ti''iit- inyi'r. Mrs. \V. \>., Mia, Wtnc rtij'i.Mr-* t'idivfor,!. i ,' - • • • • • ' _^ ' ^^ •.. " Shoes Very New And Very Distinctive .. .3 . ' W^ ' • I ^ l TiH'wiltiy i'\.u f Hilt |:ilr<l. ,\ t» htiK < uHsuli'r- |FiVt« uaw \iilfit) tt> [ml - A juigl.v iidi-inivt \VUH :il!il iiltt- i .inilllhl If \"ji't»i»la \\lilch tin' i«' i'H" I'utvli.tMnli" fur Mnj III till- ll.lll .illll It W CllUM' H \!'l«'I Il'l' ;l fi'iitivl ».KS cii)t'\ nu'iii s wen- HI i v <•<! CUT IN TWO BY SAW. »,Ni>rth Mrt/ri'^nt, la ; .Nov. ^UfC'ltlH- V\i>n,| ^ .-wt\V -(Ut Aft'' ( iv\ k .^ 'viinlv in liiill « iir'n lit' ^tljipfd i sonif itv vvhtu t<*tilin>: tiii inai hinc ,n (.-!!• ill'"". ">•' -« liirllli : t.-i'lli' t.l" -AV TS—rmr—r tall unil irHii niu ful, Tlu'trt' i" ii<i to wjiicli lliis hig - h hoot of .tfbixn.1 kid a or dull ki<l would nut adapt'lf. smart from Joj» to too. Button and Im-o Cmerson Shoes lor Men honest all through Great Shoes at 13.00, $3 JO, $4.00 and J5.0Q. . G,, Bray /- 21 |5cu|t Third E- W,

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