Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 4
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THURSDAY. MOV..16.1916. RUBBER FOOTWEAR —AT THE— 10WEST PRICKS TO BF FOUND Considering the high quality rubber footwear we are sdling, these low prices shall bear a good impression on all. Absolutely only first- grade merchandise sold. ns«-t it nut Tor f-v«ry f*f>!onr-i fx->-,v.:!f>n fin!<? j m.sikp *'nUhy he myfrs hnppy','" sro to ivork Rn-| irm th<» will fttftkf- 0 Colonel rf<l?ir« Oir- ,<•'• hrtif |5j!'1 For Piles n<>r kru-a. Hen's 1- Buckle Overshoes . . . Men's 4 -Buckle Overshoes . . . , Men's Fell Boots Men's Rubber Boots, $3.50 to. H en's Knit Men's Alaskas Men's Rubbers Ladies' 1- Buckle Overshoes .... Ladles' 3 -Buckle Overshoes .. ?• 1.50 2.50 3.00 4.50 1.75 1 41C .35 1 00 1 «Uv 1.25 2.25 Ladies' Alaskas Ladies' Lined Rubbers Ladies' Rubbers Boys' i- Buckle Overshoes < . 'Misses' 1-Bukle Overshoes ..... Boys Rubbers Youths' Rubbers Misses' Rubbers 1.00 90c 75c 1.35 I ilA .00 -- 85c 75c 7fjc GREBNER'S SHOE MART RAILROADS UNDER i If.« n. f.-ivvifitft Stunt to wallop th* i rrii!r»>;»i!«( whenever anything STOPS eori- fr.try to the public- will. And *r>tm>- tfnier* —indeed, very of/pn—the wallops price of con!. It ha* been flrofnjf tip up. ftr?'? the railroa'dft an» beinR uith m«rf than at show r>f justice. The raifronds nre unid to own 90 f>»r c«Jit thf liituminous mine*. Of would t«i contrary to the l.iw to tlii* mines outright, hut it Is through the operation of dummy fnln- ing and Industrial corporations', whtth .tie Htihyldlarir* of the railroads. In fart, ono of otir railroads, thft Kwtdlti);. has riptly fte^n trrrtied the anthracite <"nii«e of Its extraordinary own* f corporations In the nnthrnell field, directly or indirectly.. Now it no happen*; that the railroad 'are mifferln* ft «hortage of coal cars Th« rarn. It neenis, happen to be ex p.ctly where they shouldn't he at thi time of the year. In other words, ther wasn't the slightest co-operation be tweeri i the road* to place the ear where they could he of advantage dur Ing thf> eoal shipping seauori. The r» milt ha* heen__that a_gff»t hue and cr; has srone up tlmi coal cannot b» brought to the renter* of commrnptlot In sufficient <)imntiUes to satisfy the demand, and tho people nre hetnj? whipped Into the frame «f mind that _wi)l itinke them ready to | ay prices for roal. In New York Clly, for inBtnnrr; « is hM'ngin'ff 112 a ton, and Li expected to go to $20. If U h«> true flint the'iallroad* are, cm heavily In- U-ifsted In coal mines, it obviously IR to their Httvantogo to engineer high prkeji for the product. Pil« freatiBftat Ii Home and Has Saved a V s «t HmGb«f from the Horror of Operation. n.">n'! pr-rmil jx (t.-incrfnt'n o tor rllr-s untH \i,a h.ivf *.-• »"!-Tarn!d t*il»» Trpatmrnt ra <> ..r j on in the privacy of your own .home Cough Remedy Foley's [ Cream DEPT. -STERLING DAILY GAZETTE If,™ 1 -''' AND DAILY STANDARD "" ' OWJ| Ht hom<y wllt nerar ** <1 ' f " " the foreign price. »tXTY.SECOND YEAR. Daily Except Sunday. D. W. QRANDON A SONS, Editor* and Publisher*. Office, 111 Weet Third Street. Irtttnd *t PettofTIc*, SUriihB. Illlnoit, a* 8*cond Clau MatUr. "EVERYTHING GOES UP. the of mealfl and the womior It that tnany places, continue to a^rv'e mea)« .at tlio jprlre now prevailing in most IWctlonx. llcntaurant proprietoni havo E;li>i»n""Having hard «leddlriK an a fact the big Increase in beans, iH»tji- Lto«B and meat, UK well an canned il«.- -Only a Httlo .whth>~aRo iK'^hs bo bought »t from $2 to 13 per Kow they arc up to IS) or tnoro SOO to 4UO i>er cent Increase, little while ajso rwtutoea, another cheap staple. cbUlrt be boiiRht ijbt quantities from 50 up to TS cents, they are 11.50 to $2.00 In large Another big Increase. In It i of the war In Europe? It cer r ilnly ta, becaune there IB a big de- ^UUid for food atuffa to feed the «old- on the other side. If'only « umall C«nt of the ffrowH product a of thin! ittmti? it-Bold at high prices to Ku-j thftt tne»Tia the pric«» for all otir GET THIS STRAIGHT. An inquirer wants to It now- why we do not dlseuKB nome. "red blood'" toplcn In thn editorial column. All rlsht. whose red blood do you want flret? Everybody- loves to »ee a newjtpai>ei' tratni» on aom» other feltow'H toe.*. Hut wlu»t a howl ROO» -up should a ( pftm-r tramp on their toes even by nc- { cidentr These .vawpert* who ar>f alwaya a n*-w«papcr to be a roaring arfi_ r K0ncnilly. the--ones \vho ought-to be hit flr«t. hut what a howl would he heard If the newspaper turned tho Hfurrhlight in their direction, net thin HtrniKht ua far n«»\Tnr« Ga*ette IM coiH > erned--H does not want to crltl- cl»p any one. It in not tHrowinir bricks at any one, U discusse* public bttnl- nenB and public servants ns It luiA a fo do and the public exjH'cts It to do. Hut It would' much prefer that! the. act» of public olllvlula would ju«t- Ify «howf>rinir' bouquets rather than crlticiHm or brickbat*. REDUCE 'EM, COLONEL. Certainly Col. I^owden will have the •upport of the taxpaycra In bin »lRht when he taken his »eat as governor of Illinois for a reduction and consolidation of the various boarda of the state, 'lut every movement made to reduce ho number of office holders will meet A-UJi bitter protests from the arm>; of THE ACCLAIM OF CROWDS. You can never induce a'politician to believe that a big crowd at a |K»!itlca! meeting doenn't a,ugur well for*hi* candidate, and that a »lim crowd mcann folkii are "against" him. Yet Tnn>inierBbIe {nstanceii have Khown u¥ that crowds are no vhlld criterion of judgment In politics a* in < practically ' ~ can ryfnrnld Fifp Trent mr-nt h»s tried and haa fftlk-d. I,rti«-r? by th« •fore from people who tiolli>v«-<| F*»«* hope1**s are In our files. ;alrly breathe the jov of thf w Teat Pyramid Pile Trratm*nt voar- bo»— ^>rlc« iOc — »i»1f. Blther fttt froin yotir drtjRR a *. coupon bttow ff«kt away for a perfectl* free trial. BANKRUPT SAL E or mail th*. cou- FREE SAMPLE COUPON rtnAMit) nnvo COMPANY. , t^S Pyramid Bid»;, Mnr»hnlJ. Mich. Kindly *end mn « Kre* wimpln of P»rMnUFH«Tr*«tM«ii, In plain wrapper. Name S t rcc t ............. rrr-............ City, ; y——-==• written. It woukl read; "K<>p<>al half he I !( w« and n.boll*h half tin riiat ("litfform eHforred would K;IV« nif-ihlrd of thn i'robably there linn never been a pub!lc demonstration, anywhere that has not seen more people at homo In tho city where the thing wna. gulnR-an nt the very tJmo It wfcft ftolnR on than were".tnklng part ln*Tho demonntratl»ti or* were "Interested and yulltng spec* talorn." Possibly tho only place that thin rule doeim't hold gtxid In In on March 4 every four As Thf Nation recently declared. "It iM j jtM.n. > .rli?.!;jK,J | .M'....0:ny* puijftir tnan in thin country nhould, wjth all this recent hintory bi'forc him, allow himself In be tripped by tho fallacy of the eroA-d." It's what those at home orrti their work think, and not how the at a dcmontitratlon act*, thta THIRTY-THREE MILLION YEARS. It Is -declared that the productive apacity of the, averaw man .extends >ver a i>erlod of 3S year?, lion- many lien Kngmml, Uermnny jnul Kussia vlll lose in tho Kieat,war I* « matt.-r f speculation.- Hut In tho cant, of It seems FMTO that the )t»s.<< of men IH a eonwrvntlvo cRti- mnte. Thl» meanx that 'Franco will »se 33.0<)0,000 yearn of productive nc- llvtty. ' ' . . •... __„„.: B Town! Just a few days more and the Great Sale Closes! Every day we have been giving great values—now for the wind-up r we promsie you the grandest values jjver provided by any store in this vicinity. We must meet the expectations of the creditors. Erase all other sales from your nrnd—never before have we cut so wide a swath in former prices* The news today is extra good! Read every word carefully! You will surely profit! Your Chance for Good Shoes! No department lias boon'offeriujr l>w>r bargain* lliari tlio shoe dejurHtnent ant! no ^k'jHirtmt'nt linn been heiicr p«lronixo«l. The ^iH-rnl ptihlio appreciuto the values we have been oiTermtf-not anuther store in the ejty. «;an e,,ual the remarkable values \Ve now mareh into the j.riees. $4.50 shoes, $3.60; tin- $4.00 shoes .A S* A' $3.20; the $;5.00 .shoes, $2.80; the $±50 shoes, $2.00. The $"00 shoes ~ J fill go at A FOOLISH FIGHT. ;; The lluuorites como up Mmlling after beiiiK MHaiiJied'ln live Btateo aiid declare ther* ID mprt» liquor consumed in dry Ktatctt tharTin wet onea. Why ln,tophet then dp they keep on lighting prohibition? It ne(?m« a fool proposition for the liquor makers and fu<Ilera to il»tht a Mcliemc that l» maklnjr liquor \Ve A SHORT PLATFORM. would like to have thw of writing tho governor'* mcwiiage who fwl at the public crib would bo tho ahorteat it ever " "• •"' | . 1 HI iiii.iii.uinviimv^wifwiiiiNi K. R. R. the Real Cure for RHEUMATISM! It'«B»ow«rful»me<1y-yetBbso- i lately barmlegj-woa't hurt your > fitomaofi. "E»a4 what Mrs, Josie j Sweet. 1046 f»hr Are.. LouisTtlfa. iKy..itiya; "IJittdlihsuiuiitisnifor I six years, I wan treated by three EDrajnluont doctors, got very little ! tellet. Twoyearsaiol was confined.' si 1 ". • . uufc uutuiHK uiu mo KOOQ. i \ had given up all hope when a niond i | prev&Ued on me to try KAM^rMUtLLCR'S RHeUMATIO MCMCOY i "I tried & sample bottle and got, t so much roliet that 1 bought a b.0*.; lUeandoontinuedtaklnxit, JUoon' {bsgan to walk «nd to-day 1 am E doing all my hounwork.tUaoka to f jCampfmuouer'a cure." .aaw ATYOURORUQQISrS K. R. R. ie void and recommended by The H«ndriek» Drug Co., corner Third 8t. and Fir»t Ave., Sterling, III. Corn Flakes The Krinkle brand, fresh arid crisp, 4 p a c k a ge s', large size, for 25c 75 Gent I can save BANKRUPT THE LOWEST, Duplicate Lenses I KPT.STQBE Calumet Baking Powder •Regular one po.u n d ,can; 25c value ut 17c Shredded Wheat Strictly fresh. Kegnlar s j ze package, sale price- 12c f It'sTT WJM- pjxn-Kler tliaT Iniys for (Tie fniiiiv. Utjlt] Medal is one of the very best flours—the jirieo is I'onsiderahle lower. ^> cannot guarantee this low price, after .Saturday night. Canned Mackerel, regular 25c ean' .15c Catsup, A -butUus in package 21c Pickled Pigs' Feet, the jar ,35c Sweet Pickles, 10 ounce jar ... ,..,.. .10o Preserves, jnirc' fruit, large jar ......25c Egg Noodles, the pikfk- age .8c Mammoth Lye, the '< •an ..........,,... .5c Kitchen Elenzer, price the can ............4c Lenox Soap, 10 bars f«>r ..35c Crystal White, 10 bars for 38c Bulk Cocoa, the Jb..22c B. P. Jap. Tea, the _.l»ouiul.. vt .-^4^..22c Daynlght Matches, 45c package .39c Arm & Hammer Sod& IMiekago 17c Broom, 4(V value...35c (8 Broom, 4oc value.. .40c Broom, (JOc value.. .50c Coffee 35c grade 30c f J old en Sun rV»tT(H i liinkfJs u d e 1 i (• i o u s drink. S a 1 e" price, poimd aoc Coflfee 25c «' o f f o o . A re gu lar ,'?0e #r'a d o, t l^e l>ound, 25c Coffee 22c Twin City Popular eolteo it a sj)ocial P r i c e. The lound, 22c look Here! AB Ye Women! PRICES SHALL \ I do not believe the prices usually charged by other optical concerns are too high, but I do believe as a rule not enough attention is paid to those who must of necessity purchase low-priced ' Canvas I shall cater to the jnasses-~-not the classes. I shall sell many more glasses from $5,00 downward than from $5.00 upward.- If expensive glasses ar«> purchased I will make it easy for you to get the bes£ Open;Saturday evenings. 150 dozen pair men's enu- vas gloves or jnittens, desirable for bunking* ooni. 3legulnr.p>ico $r.OO, Bauik- rupt sale pricw/ the doz. pr. Pearl Buttons One dofcen, extra value, price 5c Darning Cotton Full -spools, * this sale, 3 for 5c Bone Hairpins Special lot, this wale 10 for 5e Splendid Towels ' Desirable size, IQ.o 'value at 6c Sale on Towels Absorbent, the 5<r , towels at Finishing Braid 1 hxtrn i]"Tnri i I y , r JOc value, 5c Silk Sale One lot l\ i <• h irolors," I ho •*U>0 ciualify, - 59c Wool Creple Dress Goods Pretty colors, the ' 69c 9-4 Sheeling, 34c value, yard 29c C*L.««Xf.._ mil ~r * •_• . « _ . .**, i.. " Formerly manager Sie^eJ Copper's Optical Department in Chicago. FIRST AVE, AND EAST THIED ST^STERLING, ILL. Over Obermiller l s Store. . a BELL PHONE 101 W Men's English Slip-On Bain €bata Hick your size at these greatly rt-duco*! prices. Begulftr 0.50 and $7.50 Coats ..... | Regular $5.00 Coats on sale.... Begular $10.00 ** y ou suit! .. Sheeting Full blenched, regular Me quality, yard, 32c Table jLinen Full bleached,' regular $1.73 val., sale price, $1.40 Table Linens Regular, patterns, best ijtmlity; $5.,00 value, $3.75 Ginghams O u o special lot, BnnJihipt price, the yard, 3c Percales 9c niH, the regular 15o qiml ity, yard, Art Linen qunlity 18 jiu-lu's wide; 50e, valtu* at 35c- Lace Curtains Cl (MI ii, de.sii-ahlo • f uriiijjis; regular $1,2.") viUu ; .e, ptur, We Union Suits- For Woiiien: $U5 Suits ..... . *1.5(J Suits., .$120 '$1.75 Suit*,.. $1,40 Values , ... * A. 20 % Discount On AH Corsets! .Corsets $2,89 Back or front lace corsets, regular $3 models, Boys* Blouses - Haukrupt . BilkHose Kay.ser extra quality .silk liose; J^l.^u yal.ue. • , ' ,' —-f- O^f- V—- Golf Gloves AH colors and sixe.* for t-liildroii; '^ f) «• valuo, _^ White Mitts For the younger s~j sab .priee^' pair, ' / White Coney Fur Trimming Kegulur 75u value.. •*''»' ' t price t'hi* yard, 35c Black Coney Fur Trimming l{*>^-iilar T5e vnhle, ••j>ri'«-<v tho. yard. Marmot Fur Trimming value, , }»rice tfu* yard. 65c Black Linyx Fur Trimming » Hcgulnr $I,'J5 val!, prii-e (lie. yard, $1.15

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