Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 3
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"\ • . TffllftSDAY, N0V. If, W6. VERY SUDDEN DEATH Hrnry Tf e 1 -, Of Di>e-n D'-or-i-'-rt De-id L-"t E vTf r-v, ' i ' ! , O {,, ff) ' ' • °« st 1 \ 'r',m WAS BURIED YESTERDAY Ti of V»t Andri>\»' JoS^n^nn Held in ti « . • » i ili'i tliir t) Tun if 1 • •> Itvi tli*! 15 fl J.U I < TJ1«* M \< i ' " h ( i ui '! r trt > i in ' i ' ' r i i • 11'*- lit. I f 1 ' V tl ' M* J X .. »", '.\ (1 i '!' < 'it t in * f *p v 1 K 'i ' i ! > , ! s,* f !• <r -. x T. 1,r'. P P <• i! »v<} ilii ii Vf " f l ! I ' f % ' ," T «'? ' \ |» t « i T . n ] i • ' fl (Ml* 1,' t<!< I tl.1l .1,1 t \ " .«.» '! W I* 1)1 nil 'in n t,] I M n \ I ' tit lift t n, t Some tfn \' it« 'i (m to Ih i ni.'t n i • tu i n n nt li\<* p ut in | '•'! ! n Homo tht«« \< ft -,,,.! K ,*. .1 , ,j find "hi'« 'nit fi'jv .• ' - 1' . ' wi I f hit ii int-liii i i »i " i i ' i't' M'!> Mi I»f>tMr «.i« i In '•! ti'Dnli-i in in mm- M"K «f th, tin! in" I'u • > 1 " i« t «• I I (lilt f I'l 'I II W ' ^ I I ' ' • ' I 1 ! < M nil ,!*<.«! t t" !!(IV ' '•• 1 1 11 i ! n\ ' tr •i ,. ! , 1 « • n>> ..i i.. i |>tii iitiii ni > i'1 "if if rJlt, n-f ift'r litit i f'' i n;iini'!> : I' t(;i<ti'T In < » ! » Mi-* Tf"l< i T"< U vii« 'i fiiii\f> of ••^MI !• n ii ii « f Ji«i ti in \V» rti HTH> 1 I I- . 1 V » ^(,, M ,<, ,,, , r , ,, ,1 (,, \i li» w I..' ,i«..n, M M< h .1! }<i?T irn! !><•( niif ,i < iM/'ii of Hi" Pnllt-d Pt itc^ in thf \fit I i'»i» sritliri, !fl IlIiliiiiR •in Tifnpiiii vitii l ft ttn>-li itcl nni! nilv, H h>-n- tlii.y !lv«'J f"i" a niimbrr >,',l!^ Win II lllfV' IIIIi\Cil jl> I't'i'pll- You can cure that cold in a day. Take—' CASCARA§QUININE The old famll? ii-wwly-in tablet fortn-wfe. *ure. t-ii*y to take. No opluten— n'O unp1ra<iittt nftrr i-ffptts. Cutv* coldn In 24 hours-Grip in J diy». Money Imck If It ftiil*. (<ct the ntnulttc box with I(<*d Tup Uhl Mr. Hlll'spiiiun-oii it- Z5 vv At Any Drue Store She wn» tlif 1 mothpr.o'f f!v«» f"iir il;itu;hti'|-«i. ,-itnl ini'> e,in ( win) is r»t 'mine. Tin* ilitiiclittTw nr< 1 all mnrrl«-fl .iinl arr :t" fn||'nv«r .Mrx. JolinAnilcr- Urictii.a, Mrs, Hnijih Hi?it,->.- MrH. Kw-f- niTii) Sihlcy and tir-vl(1 ( '< fhi> ctiildrr'n she lia 1 * ft • isli-f, Mt>', .Itilin HiiMr! xvho liv«'s in trii.-s \lrlnily hf.';iiii> y*inh' maud rhll- 'Ic ti. Mr.«. ,Iiiliii«im vvji" ,'ttt !,1'«nl molltrf alld HIM- (if t!l"«O \Vnt||<'|| %vl|i)HO ttl>ig)l- !»"!« iii!i,'h( litit KIHM! word* fin'- In .'f.i'-t fl'-r )»•«•( ft!( !iilf XVi-tf tl^orx- tihi'-i infhn;if»> n'iili )KT. HARMO¥MANTEAD E. 0. Rogers Passed Awny Wednesday Of Kidney Trouble. 1'pl 1 I' l;iiJ4«'l'-'. i'"f lil'ly \t';it>i n fi'.«l- il.'iis d! !.••<> i;iiiMity n*';if I Inrini'H. d|i-d \\"«'dn«-ytl»y iticrnlnu at tti<% Itnttio <if liU ni-t'licu. II. V. finith. M'l' \\". l-'ifth "Oh Look! I can cat 'em all — they won't hurt me! That!s because they're made with Calumet—and that's why they're pure, tempting, tasty, wme—ihat'ii why they won't hurt any kid." Ntt» Cut fttt fur—in Ft9*4 Cm, i'ur ti>n niiiiHIiH jm^t- Hn wns niji^l 7»5 vi>ai;f, '.* iiiin»tli)« und f, Uayc, Drntft rc- Hud*li>i)ly from' klclnoy trouhli*, I> n< ut«-_ HliH"t>«i uf *»I««Hmt-litrttr. Air. IlitKiTf) >V;IH ii mitivc uf T-7H" tinty, N'l-w Vcuk, a xnn of Mr, nnd ~ V"ittt-t-nt--Kn<rrrTf; nrtd hrH -r»r^-rr »i."uri»d, A StrntbtT, a r<'*ld<-itt of Col<»>ad(i. It In n:i|i|»i>!siMl. f ilf vi 1 . i'.«s him, al- ich no word liuf. IKM-II licnrd from 1»r n y«-ar, Mr. HOK'-I-H \va.s a far- for a number <»f ycarx. Tin 1 funeral tu>rvi<:*'» 'will l»c lip|»1 jit the ll:iini(iii M. I', clnircli at 2::(n j>. rn I'Vlilii.v, wilh j>niycf ;it thi> H. V. Smith humn In LMxon nt I o'< |i>i-l{, Int' \iiil In* made in (ho Harmon r-rtlU'tt'l-y. Ittn 1 .• .K.-O. I-Uttiwdr-it, uf Uif REV. DIEHU/VILL SPEAK Former Local Pastor Wilt B« 'At Dutehtown. ' iii:»-«Mint of Ili'v. \V. \\", DU-hl In n villnKf near thai tdvvti to Kiv». a talk. 'lU'V. UU'bl IH .one of t|u- _ iiiii/Hn-jKlnl«ter8 evi«rln this city, is tlio niiin wlnt. orpi'lti() tho |''otirth ,'itH tlu> raum- (if hoalth for a year or two. nx will At tin* lii>t jnlnntt' hoforo th«»so xvi-ri 1 to KO to prrws .\vi> won' np- prl/.d uf a Ills stunt to l>i» puUhnl off at ]>nt<:htmvn. IJi'V.'W. \V. JJlchK r<>- |in'M«'jititiK the Btnic S. 8. Answiuthm, \n tu IIP at Diiichtown with ti ti'iitn of boosters of Carroll rounty for an all i'Uiitr. H<>v. Dli-iil ctttnon as tin 1 of "A Ht'ttt'r Uiiy'ln, Ciiuutry Uf«>." lie has athlroHH HUI-II bodk'.H as at tlu* .Nntlniml Il«nk«TH Convention nt Health'. Tim SUi|e Katslu'i-s tivni-uf Knnruitf, ji'iiil other like tilh'8'Of otlier titat<>«. • FRATERNITY DANCES ARE TESTS OF STRENGTH <!(>• I'nitt'd Press.) ' mlKn. 111.. N<JV. 16.— KmternUy Ul tlie- UtiivcrBity of Illluolu tVwts" for tlio Kirls by T. A. .Cliirk in a Julk to fraU>riiUy men, Httentl twice HH many datuH-e us* molt here," '-ho »uitl. "Oon't run your <|iinc<>,H «ift«-r iniiliiight -in tint helit-f that yuu'h^HhowJiig ihu 'women u gooil time." ' WANT BRYAN TO MAKE . STATE OFJLUNOIS D«Y 8l»rinBfl»>I«1, 111., Nov. 10. ~ The an- nouiici'iiicnt ban bOii(i mniio itoro Hint tlio llluioltt AiiU-Hnli.un LfiiKiui will ti "dry' 1 catn|Milf|) In thin stato lo >»>- cufi< u ctinatuutlrmul uiiu'iulmi'in fur «t.i(t'-wlil« proliiltiltlon. The dry IWKh'rs lioinf t,o jnit t-oiuHy thi'otiKh thv ui"Kt'»t»w*lo» of.U|i? utomatic Sealing-Burial Vault . ^- * ^ '^^ ,^ ^"^ , ' • More Beautiful than Stone or Stael. Mailo itf.ii'l ilH-rslvus lu nmifiiuit* an KluHH.' The AiUuuuUic . #pu'l winriot fall, • an iu-\cr i-nt-r under nn.y (.xnuliMona, 'fhti only "vgiilt tlwit i- t t u-U'l -'-puilil!H-nhr''-' 1 nrii ......... ,.....,.. ._ -,-.,,,„ jiri\s.tini-, in- Ji'iint* ii' s.iuUh, \vhl>h caniiut ln> in.idu U^ht uiul aooa Jill tt'Jlh wutt-J* ff ll'i' «--'irlh. , - . • ...'• , ASK "i'nt'l; I'Xi'KH'l'AKIvU uiiout tliv Autoinatk 1 }it\iJiii^ Ifuriiil VuUit, anil h-l Him lit-iys'iihliaU' t!n.i aulunuUU- 6VU1 with Hiw<H'l wlfk'^J hi* KJ-I ^I'uii in- (-It IM -I Witli 'iiu- iit'ifn-t-siun of this! vuult uud »ur- jiri^i'd al the Si.iu in-t. .'• : t,..!iiil In,' u^i'i) for rvi-ry l>uri:il. ' FOR SAl F- BY ALL .UNl)£BTAK|IRS,', " ** -. Manufactured by - ' •'• J. W. HOUGES. Lyndon, IU. ,:AT"THE cEMENf "tiul SALE Wyne-Deaver Dry Goods Company ~ Beginning Saturday Nov. 18th, and continuing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, Nov. 20th, 21st and 22nd. We wifi offef* -merchandise from the various departments of our store at a great reduction in price* in appreciation of the liberal patronage we have enjoyed in our new home -318-320 First Ave. This store eotild not he a success without you-^and your appreciation of our efforts has onbLiirjred. us on to greater things. For our new year, we* nrontfse vmi inoN innovates—better fervice—better merchandise and larger assortments. Our policy of guarai teeing EVERYTHING WE SELL will remain the sanje. We don't believe we can do more* Anniversary Sale ot Ready-to-Wear 59 Women's Tailored and Semi-Tailored Suits all go in our Anniversary ( sale much below regular value. Every suit in our entire stock included. All wanted materials and colors. 12 Women's Tailored Suits, value up to $18,75, Anniversary Sale price .-.' $12.95 12 Women's Tailored Suits, values up to $25.00, Anniversary Sale price $14.95 10 Women's Tailored Suits, values up to $28.00, Anniversary Sale price ......,.:.. : ._^~.. .$21.50 4 Women's Tailored Suits, values up to $30.00, Anniversary Sale price ".•.".7.777,7.TT." ..,.. ,$22.50 5 Women's Tailored Suits, values up to $MW,'"TA¥nl'vefsary'"' Sale price ......... .-.. ......... $26.50 3 Women's Tailored Suits, values up to $38.0Qi Anniversary 'Sale price . . . . . . .....:.... ; ... .$29,50 2"Women 's Tailored Suits, values up to $40.00, Anniversar Sale 4 Women "s Tailored ^Suits, values up to $45.00, Anniversary Sale price ...... ... ...... ......$33,50 Two Extra Suit Specails Just one_Tailored Suit left at $65. ..An early customer will get it during our Anniversary Sale for .... .V... Six-Women's Tailored Suits, values to $501 They go in our Anniversary Sale fl* O C at '.'.....'..vptl Anniversary Sale of Silk Petticoats (.iood quulHy TalTeta Silk IVlticuats. pretty »-()loriii^>; r-oine with lit tod top; colors.: jrrtH-n, .urny, uld rose,, kinu's Muc. (PO QK. $5,*K) vahio; sale yriec '. , <P"»* /tP Great^ Dress Section shares in this Anniversary Sale Many pretty garments in ^everything that is new for afternoon, evening and street wean Materials of serge, crepe de chine, taffeta, georgette and satin. All popular and new shades. For Evening—Peach.,light blue, pink, Nil* »nd turquoiM. / •for Afternoon — Green, brown, gray and witteria. For Street-Navy, taupe, Alice blue and black. Valnes op to $22 An-^. niversary Sale Price $15 Anniversary Sale of Dress Skirls Special at $4.95 100 Skirta are included in thia lot. These ar« new jjarmentf. but Just a flyer for thim . sale. Good all wool materials and worth much more monty. YOUR CHOICE $4 M 50 Women's, Misses and Juniors Winter Coats to go at $15 All arc.thi» teaaon't bast «tyl««, taken from bur regular* stock, and consist of pretty mixtures," ploicli and novelty cloth. Regular ~vatu«i* Up 1 ~16~|20;r~ Cem Annivcreary Sale price, $15 ttsy a.n /**•+' • • ^ f A J«| A • • • ^ ' ' /^ V Shares in the Anniversary Sale Regardless of the daily-advance of prices in the wholesale market, we will offer merchandise for the four days"at prices, in many instances, below the cost to replace. . * Toilet Goods 50o bos iJi-niuohe OQ A Kaco rowdor ....... t>«7V 50o I.HIX of "Java" OQ/» iOc lliiul'M Jltiney & id (.'rt'iim ...... «0r ICapi'y'a .Fra- QKrt Brunt Ordain. Ot/V 40« !H>S Fuiiious OQ/» I'o^ttru <lt' Hl% ...... tmiiJF\s T :'r!! l .....39c ru»u» f<>r IT.c Ctilt,'iiit''8 Jltihlion 19c i-'«» Talcum -j J* _ . I'uwdrr tor JutfC [ .! ul r um .l5c fold I'rvain Tor .....,,,.. '.V Vanltiiis'H Tulruiu IHiwdt'i' - 21c tJallt-t Kaon 1'oHMt-r. jar H rei'lU^ Cn-uin jar J'wnd.'H Vunlsli- K I'n'Min Woiidljtiry's Ot x» <6JIC QA« O«7v -jQ_ X5/V' Htiai» Mr Me" Kaev " ' TV ^w 20c i 'tram .V li.uua- dt>ll'» fold fn-aiu ... AJlC I1.S5 "Lou- ML" qS_ ivifiim*' : «7OI/ "r»' \'aliUiH''rt I'drv r,.v»d«-i r.u ...... TolU't 64c 1 J4c 98c I'uw - \\aU i' $1 „»,'• fn I! .i«J 'VaSiHiii \>« & Ttiti.'i \V,ji« r .... ,i::,r,-!:;"' ' 2U •i, 1 ;?, 1 ",..? 1 - 1 - '3'9c'' . ( M i.i, <*;••;'».. Anniversary Sale Silk Fabrics * * $1.50 famous B. & A- Bilk Poplins, twenty pieces in light and dark colors; 40 irichei~frde Anniversaiy $1.35 Taffeta^SiBa, 35 inches wide; seven good colors. Anniversary $1.50 Haid ant -Striped .Taffeta and ^iVtS. Poplin, 27 inches wide; excel* lent qualities, <j>*| "I Q Anniversary price ....... «Pli»4-*/ One lot Silk Orepo, Silk Voile and Foulard in floral patterns, Values to $2.25 the yd. priced. $1.75 All^ Silk Charmeuse, 40 inches wide; tan,"yellow, black, Copen, white. Just for our Anniversary (|*"| A O 4&ys .. S1.75.fancy colored iPlaid and Striped Taffeta, crisp new* fall 8ilkg| all good colorings. Ihrice ...', ..^. !.. $1,75 All Silk Taffeta in plain colors, black, white, Copen, navy, light blue," greeQ. rose, gray, wine, burgundy, niaise, |esh. Our Anniversary Sale price |2,CO plaMs. stsipfrfe Afvd plain colons in excellent quality Taffeta; 3$ irichaa wide. Cf sary pricu . . J2.25 Silk" Crv'|)« Mf»eor. 40 inches wuk-; a jvr.wtif wl, toft- chnginy rtiattTi.i!; n*>y, blacfe. blue, white. • .tf»-t f\f* 3>l.«fc) Anniversary Salg _p>ite . . • 1 3. CO .ii! S..U JO .M. $2.39 Anniversary Sale 01 Fine Linens We ar© the only store in Sterling importing Linens direct from Ireland and Scotland,, and we show you qualities that cannot be duplicated elsewhere in Illinois, excepting Chicago. Buy Linens from a Linen store. $1.50 All Linen Bleached Table D«ma»k of jxcellent quality, 7Q_Jnehet Y*id«j 18 pat- tarn* to i<l*(it from.—Ju«t for— Anniyercary Sale $1.25 All Linen Bleached Table O«m«*k, 70 inchet wide; 12 beautiful patterns^* 1 * -| f* to select from. Annivcrtary price «P J-»jl<J $1.00 All Linen Table Qanuuk, 68 and 70 inches wide; ten patterns to select from ..-. ;.f. r, .,•„..;.. '. |2.SO Double Satin Table Damask, ccllcnt quality in beautiful pat Anniversary an ex- POc Linen Huck Tisw«jing, 15 and 18 inch; plain or fancy ...........i 60c Linen Huck Toweling, 15 and 18 inch; plain or fancy'."..... i.- 6Ec Linen-THuck Toweling, 16, 18 and ?0 inch; plain or fancy ' ?0e Linen Huck Toweling. 15, 18 <*nd 20 inch; pUin or fancy 3£c genuine R1142MM GrasYt, aU liiipn. h.i»id finished . . ..'.•, ., 64c 30c POc plain AH L>nvn *i^i> i'OstSf-, hemstitched Towels. 45c st sm l , fine Linen Huck plain «nd- ^nnty <!/" 44c AH Pal tent Talbk 1 ClotHs, Napkins, a*, • Cluny, SheBtnrgi -Tubing .i^hfs. reduced • . 10 Anniversary Sale / Woolen Dress Goods >1.25 fancy plaid* and* plain ct>ior*, Annlvtriary Sale ,-,'. ....... .,..,., 5^.75 Woo! pljiiHir, »tripe» and plain color* in all wanted weavn«j Annivcrja. y Sale ... ---- ,....; '.','. 12.00 All Wool plaid*, stripes and plain color* in wanted fabrics; ; Anniversary Sale priot ,,.....,.,., 78c Wool Challiet in light and dark figure* and »trip«» ...,........,,,.. 63c )1.50. Cottume Velvet, fry black, navy, J>ottl« g.r««n, African brown, purple and mole| 24 Inch- e« wide. Thi* i» an excellent quality , . . ..... . .. , ... .,,.,,....,. *'{" Turkish Towels 26c TeweU fanpy ~to 2$c lafae eke Tyrki»h Toweli, with colored borders ,.,,,.,,,.. 22c 50c large Turkish Towels, excellent for Christmas gift» ................ 44c So Wach Cloth* in a variety of colors an'd 4c lOc Wash' Clotht, beautifully brocaded -in colors .......)... 8c Two Yards lor Onew Dress Goods Sale You buy a yard, we give you a yard. For our Anniversary Sale. About 30 pieces in all. ; . '

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