Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 2
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SIERUMG,lLUMOtS.THURSDAY, NOV, 16, aiiifflr SOURING IN • ITOMACH CAUSES INDIGESTION, GAS DIAPEPSlV* ENDS ALL •TOMACH DISTRESS IN FIVE MINUTES MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, THUBSDAY, NOV. 16. 1916 IN COMPANY Bi-MONTHLY EXAMS. f.-ifiMrr t,f m;ifhin?*rv .-nuT i.-itl if*- vii!M n i-.-ipit.-ll ?-•!.- U T?!' 1 itit nlit: ivifi'rs ' .iro !-* , Kthvl'n K<>!.'! rfi*<1 .Thorn.;.!.* wtfnt •Mf>«<"t ynnr »tf>?nnrh • t > • ef thr- fnotJ mrt ttrr- Hani - ; . ,-r ymt? IV"! l. don't liofb-r. If! t; wftuch !« In n N-volt; if «mr, j ti.f- *JT »nd upiH, nnd wlirtt you .Just, M, formentfd into «tuht»orn lump*; ; ,,f ftnd ftclu-a; b^h-h R««M< arid , K. ~<»rw!Ate ttftd'fjrwfi^d food: ; k. Sift foul. tonlr»«-Cft«trdHt«»*-•.&»**» j -Mr. ,V:K«">!y, one r,f thf> Uiapppsin and In five < tor.«.. - n.* formerly president nnd jfatB'tm you wonder what became of;,IL-IT .if Hi- J\>\;nl.-i .\hnitifii'itiri! ' " nf ttiirkfofd. Mf !.'t!r.| Hrdd the flMllllons o? m#tt'*nd womott today J nt-** in <'hi<.'teu. H«/ Invented thfi-AJ that ft In fM"«!l«Mi to hftVP * bad] TV Laundry ine .and ma' tilnrry (Vr nf- 1 fcch. A little DlftM»sln o«en*tlon- j (Hint: U. j this delit'nte organ regulated i • Tli<». Ai U"tnt company has noj y<-f, eat thfir favorlu- foods Wtthi ) |«M*«l n Jb»tfldlhtt for rrtnnufne turlnK [ • stomrtoh donwf t tako c»re of j eonu>:itty soon will start theSnnmifa< - j limit Without reivrtllon; j turr of j\ ,.. !:«;ti»t.Invention, the nature' jfbtir food Is a dntnflKft Instead of a i of wlil<-h the mrorporautrs* have .v i I grhv.n Kool Memh*r Of Machinery | Arc I^-A Being Held For Purn!* At The Manufacturing Co. At Rockford. High School. Tiri- fi.H -i 1 .'. Irti: (-.ji-i-r t.'iKcn frmrt ':s •• Tl'-" 1,: mi -.JIT r ' C < vim;?!',; ;•- •' '•• '-r .;,.- ),i.-ri! j.n-.'i ••\\\\ ii!T|,-n st 'ni.-itis in , !,..j,j .,, , >,„ {,),,(, . : . ;,,,„,? U ,,;•, . : :-..' :>;!<- \Mrtif- r->« if < «!!<-r i rr.'? I'M' 1 .''i j 'J hul-'.a.-n- :uu! r - i ;.!•:> \ <•!' '•:!" ••,••..:>• i <n'.- "t 11"-: ^ ford KAst ii«"-'i«fd »" if-! M ,"\-| ccf'-'l .if Ui> rfi in s'Fi'-ii- T,;i-'! •.;:..•<•! • ••!•;•' •! .it 1 '' l>y S<"*i i •'»nfv of Sl.lti i x.iii^- : «-<'irk Tl:f-v ;iir- ;t!«ri *.prf ia!!' irti!'-'!- f\-f (>.••••!! >Y>s1iTd:iv fii onenEi' Inj suit Jo l!;" S«-hii.r«. n." flcv v, :'l <-J,-.-v XI I*: T>.. -fifl'r-f :r< ' ti '|..l:v-. '•» ^, ik «h>ni (i, Rf.-i.i! 1 •A ti! REOEeORATE OFFICE Office Of Superintendent Of School* Being Improved. Tin 1 oiftcp of 8ui'i*'t in!*'i!;T<" M( .if |i|-i>«<<nt lu'tng H'(l<-i i'f :Uf i! ;i r-rf«--ftit a tiof" npin-aranrc wli«-n OK- th"li' ivurk. A !l«ht <o|i>r»t! v. ill (•.!(•'f" is I>HHK IIIH on ;IIH| flu «'. ••! k if G<Mld Cough' Syrup Made at ' > < > < > will i* f <J«i*%>rv t.!»Ur nr<«1 B*«tty Wnil*', <; * > BIRTHS POSTPONE MOVING >^t> . _ — -%Mch «>MH only fifty cpfif* for a ' at flrtitf «tt»rft«. li> tnily , Hderfu1—!t illc^ntn food nnd 80tJ» « Q,.,,!,,, W»r» Unable To Move To New j lif* straight, «o in-ntfy nnd <N»«Hy Qo*Her» Thit Week. j It It fft ffftlfy n«tnnlnfilr,(r. I'lMs* 4 , f T!lf% Bri ,,|,.i. which will i.rrnvy thvj You'll nrv.-'r rrnllr know what ft finr> rou$rh (»vnip ymi ran rnakf* until ywtt prepare 1 thi» fftmiitt* iiomc-niadp ri'mwly. yon not only iwm* $2 «* «otnp8r<|d with tho rt'ttilr-mndfi kind. Unit you will ^Sso, hnvf n wore riTi'rtivn and ^Ipp^ndnbls s - • , • ^ ^ — ' ' mnody in-rvrrv tvav. It ovprc^mfa thoi -i'.A'i i !**gLijagi. l i.:'!i,'!.'.'.'-ii'l!' i -v. i .. : ''' in '''"' -'''- " ."".""' " !'!,!. A h.ihy fin WI»M 1i"tn if,Mr n.*ttnl c'iuj;!)9, f!irortf"nr rhi>«t Poldfl In! _,, .«*«..» -riir- Ktrii-ii r* lir-n an.) Mrs. rim,'l«-M Hull, of \-r.ion. iis,^24 honra—relieves wu whooping cotiRh| BLAMES THE MlUDLE MEN \Vcdnrfdny morning. ^ »• J^'.ii* MORRISON BRIEFS your wikp, don't pa nn nnil on with , dlsordorwl stornm-h; it'« so unify.* FOR CATARRH OPENS' UP NOSTRILS room« In b«lldln« i «.f to > north" , v|)( , 'fi. So* To Get Quick . He*d-Colds. It's Splendid 1» In Win mlnut» your rt«BB«*d noMHIw ill olscn, tho air pawns** of your hpnd ftnd yon cnn htw\th<» fr«**ly. hawking, snu/fllnsr, blowing, Jacho, dryni'KM. Nc» ftruftKlli'fT for »th at nl«ht; your cold or cntnrrh ,JI b* gone. ftfdt ft> wnall bottlfl of Rly's Cream 1m from your drtut«i«t now. Apply of thin fraKrnnt, nntlupptlc. chhira In your nontrlln. It pfn- Itft* through ^vory.ftlr, pniiitnge of **"" I, abothwi the Inflnmed or itwol- RtucouR jhembrnne nnd rt-llef comes fhrlr new cjimrter* Ihfn \vr-t-k. but wr-r«> iiniibU' f'» do «'» on fu- count of, an error madr> by th« tnnnufucturliiK u.*tn- 1'iiny fnuti whom tln> Klnss for the!< \vn« itnli-rril. Tho _ |U«t Uon't nifty «tutTpd-up 1th K cold or nttnty rntarrh—-Relief 468 »o quickly. er WEAL HOT WATER BEFORE BREAKFAST. ft^t ¥« will both look and feet clean* tweet and fresh and avoldUlnew, tffciviHl nnd j>ui in hi for»- it was ilJ«- t-«v«>rrd tlint in«tP»«l of wmllng flu' prism K\nt>H, uhii-h \\sit» «ir<lrrod. tho citmr'.nny had sent rorrusittod si"' 1 ' 1 . which is much tho H.tmo ty nt'I>ontiin<-o. It unji thon ri«H-o»j<ary to hnvo tho Kl""" romwvoil ntiil font hnrk nnd It will K"- luUily bo xovoriil dnyn bf^furo tb«' for- rc-'t iinbT IH rot oivotl and put In. FAVORABLE NEWS Stockholders In Rainoy Mail Equipment Co. R«e«ive Word. Stocliholdors In this vicinity of HIP Jlnln««y Mitil K«iulpmont Vompn'ny hnv for •Conynp, of »'«nton \'l«ltinK r^! ; iii vfis I" it into a pint l«tfti.- arid' ml the nottlo l with plniti prnnuldtod fiitrar syr j Hero .you him- I'nh 'i!'v,.-r T'i'Mi;'. \v!)< n irn fl i-.'ift tri;ikc :i,'i if the Si'i.l'p.Iy »;IM s<» pfiort 'lint <!n rii.<!>]!> nri n cmit'i fhtir^i 1 for it \vh;it Kiilb * - ltoro «ho *••)' horin*. John Uwflt I, \V. a vl«ltop in trntipactt'il !ni«in prnnulfitnl fiitrar syrwp.! Wn«*tiSn«ti.!i f> <*, .\<,v. 1« iv< «i- ; . , ,,..,. t . . . nvc B full !>}!!«-• f ^J&i' ! " nl XVils " n l ' l;lm '" ) •nhUN-mrn fo, m- , h '',_^"'"^ ^^J^ilm'^w'^ Help Nature f i i . •• - j onlf'fti cents or Inns. It novpr^Bpoilff. j U1 n , \ i«Jit ! The prompt nnd positive- result? given 1 (I|P '"' »v.'»; * ••"H'tn of th*\Niiih>M:ii •«;i. l »it;r. for 11 »hort tlmo l«T«.ro n-turnint; (..:{'>' lni(! pl«-n««nt. tantinii. coueli nyrup i Mm Hi«l form,.I «)«.«-, -fl h- h.,« 1, In, i have ctutftvu it to ho uoccl in more* homes i >hu - » thi- f-P'-vtion. One Who Drinks to Strengthen the Stomach to Keep the Liver and Bowels Regular Toorlv«>d wrd infurnilnu tM-rn l"t«iiitr th:it f:ir- . than any otht>r n-miMly. It quirklv j tj^is in< n.^i. tlx-ir out|«n( ti... i<t<tt- '"'loownd a dry«' honrno or light couuh,! ,| rn j /said 1 i heals tin 1 iiiflnmi-il nK-mhrnticii that lino! ,,,,-' ' i . . i i in j the throat «nd hrorirhial tnU-.a, nnd ™-! ,____^' J" ""^ "' '"'" r: " ! '; Hoy Thompson, who. hn* li.-n • did .for throat tickK IK vMtintf 'nt the homo of ln>r | Mr. nm> Mrs. V. M. WhltMn»i«-. fi>r <"'•; pound of fruniiino JSorwny pine fxtrncf. i p:!*"! M«'ViTnl dnVH. vvonl tft' ' 'us tlniiii j cutnl>in<>d with gtmiarnl and IIM hcoii j \vwlmwlny M-IIPH- »!»• «IH vl^it nt thojiiMxl.for^ generations for throat uml | I !,nv 0 an tmportnntconfldontml nu*-- -I'l,; ,,, r ,A, -l« .. i v ! ,. I r! lu-ini- of )I«T Hictor f..r n plimi ihn«. cbM ailfflonts. ' «ac.» for you It will romo In'n ni«in- : ' fl '' >'»^»f<',>tK U t 1'1 U I t»l! \k. .Avoid disittppointmcnt hv n«kintr K , r ',, ' Wl " <() " H lh (l I ''* !n i dhikviflt for-'iVi ouncon of Jl'imor vith : PnM '"''"'• H " w '" '""niifr tin ln-fon- rfturnltiK to lirr lintn<- in ton. iihlo. t fHlT'dj'fecUon'»i"«nd" don : t" nm-iTt iny-! lia hlt In 3 dnyn and make liontt,- nunpy. I'VnnK Dodo WSIH a HocU I a!l« v >."lt<'V| thlnff «l«ie.'-A ituarantiir of fthnolutc nnt-i \Vondriful, Hnff. lastlrit,'. rfll.-ilili-. in- on Wi'.lnpHdny. . ! infflclioii or money promptly r«>fundi>d, j• cxponnlvo method, Kii»r;in!< c.l Wrlto J. It. Kcniu-dy. »f ItttrtfnKton. la. ic.en«r*Hh tnis preparation. Tho Pirn* j «, K,) W j \\'ooU« r'U7'!•' Hdtlon !•• vi.Mith.K with rHiitivoi* tn iui^3J*>WTTy>iC«.> Ft. Wayne..lad. • , t x ,. w Vt ; rh ; x y S| ;; w ^ (< ; n|hi t ;- "I'll,. j.i,*ii!" nt iliil no? nifntifiti rf>< ]•-> ijtii'liv t'i iiilll t" il'-i lalf ill! r'ln!»i CM <t\\ <'\ j'l-I ! -Illolis of ('i)ii>!."-!l|liS fl'l '111 1 I'llit<*fl Hl.-i(>-' ti. Hit" |V.»=j nf I Advcrtl»c In Tho nazctt«. For Best Service and Equipment Call Forster & Sons Funeral Directors it- m HOSTETTER'S Stomach Bitters Day Call* Bell No, 9 InterataU 9 Night Cull* Bell No. 520 191 "Oirit tho oornpnny fm» rntiRomont« with tho Chlcngo, Rock -l*ln»d~«Hd-PftHOt" Ftniirond for tho tn» xtatlthir of tholr dovloo on tho Chlcntro nnd otnnha dovi.ilon. . Thoy aro fthltnry »ctPtu*e hna of Into mi Id'wtrldt's with iPHiiliM thdt are of to hutnaiilty, Tlvt lat- of HH uiillriiiK re -arch rfcomtneiuliiiloti ihut it ;s aa to attend to Internal nanlta- tiH U Is to tin- ilniliiH of the of us who arc itccudtotncd to Ull and heavy when -we arl«e, headaches ntuffy from a eold, naHty hreulh, add mom- feel iiH .fretili a* a openlnn the »lul^-» of the xyit- utid rtiTKhiiiK out the 'of'thc Internal jfolwinoiiH wtag- Atter. whether ulllntf, nick or «houjd, eac-h pu>rnlmr fR»t, drink a itlafs of ... rwil hot With a totiMpiHinful of llmoiitmie In It -to wauh from tho moni- and buwc>l« tht» previous AvaHio. Hour liilf and Boils toxins: _ltma. clwuiain«. nnfl purlfylnK tho entire uentary canal In-foro puttiim -'-inoro I into tho Bto»n.a<'h, Thft action of on _ tfn#, wonderfully In- out till thw nuur tt'»jili»ndtd apiwtlto for it; ' While you ,nr« enjoying , extracting a largo vol. $f ^Vater from tho hluotl and K^' for » thorough tluBhln« pf arganu. mllllonii of JMHIPR. who arc both- eonvtlimttun, IdUou* i»pollH. uh trouhlo, .rlioutnutii' Btl(TiH'Hn: pW«'who h«vt< sallow alilnB. blood lora and sickly complex lotift ^iro [-to net a quarter pound of liiuo- from tht» drug uluro. Will £ont very Jiltlw, but U nuflfi- Ho mtthe wiyono a pronouiuwl on thu Bubjvct of Internal nan- ' R with other railroads and expf-et to b»> nblo to «end tho «tock- j holder* favorable vford In thin connection In a short, time. The IUiln«y Mall KMUlpinpnt*company hn* recently been] cou»oiidalt?d with tho I'nlted Itallroruli Mall Kiitilpnient company. A STATETENATOR W. A. Hiiii Eleet«d 8tat« Senator From Lineohir Co., Idaho. U'otil iuiN boi'ii roci-lvcd by frlendH of \V. A. Hc'tus, of Jrromo, Jdnlm. of Ills' dor-1 Ion UH «tiito sonntor from l.ln- roln coiiniy, tdulio. In tho election', .of Nov. 7th. Mr. Ilolfiit haw forn«H'«>rnl 'y«';irH boon county roimnln>doni?r and i« widely ai'i|iiulnt<nI-ln-hlM jmrt of this state, nnd although Idaho \veril Denio- rnitlr. Mr. Heln.t defeated hin Demo- erotic opponrnt hy K nuijorlty of 1R4. JJti'_Ji<_a.-J[oriner_..Worjr^on boy and iia musiy rclMids here will bo glnd to hen of bin «uc-eeH«. : HOGS SELLfNG HIGH Farmer* In Vicinity Are Receiving High Price* For Hogt. l^otilM Wlorwma r*e*nlly »old to UenUes liros. thirty spring hoRH, ftv«r- riKtiiK i.'32 'p(tiiwn7" each, wivott wen UIH hwivu'Ht iiprlni; • plKN rWt-ived th'tK yesir. ,Thry brought him over *«'.'« Mr. Wiflmeitm oiiernteii the A, K. l-lei<-her fnrrn in Union Grove. itcnkcA Uro!». also purchnn«d thin week from \V. II. (Jrator, of Clyde, nine ^ine IIORS rivernijtng: 450 pounds, a for which they paid over RAISE Rp CORN Anaon Rhine Raise* Corn Fourteen Feet High South Of Morriaon. An»on Hhinc,' oppmt«?B w farm two tnitca »outh of>thU city, hrought ' U» on «v «tulk o'f corn about fourteen foot liljfli, acvon to thu «uir«. Mr. llhlne ralH<Hl 20 that it la running over ninety to the iicro. Tho' corn ia on ixhihUton at the 8cnllnel otUco. ATTEND "CONVENTION. P. Tmutwein and H. Arlans k-fl \Vodne»aay for whore tli«y vill Httend tho Twelfth Annual vcntlwi- of the ininota Ind»pondent Telephone An.weiiUlo"- Mr. Trautwoln <xi> to no from' BprlntHfold to Win- told, Kun«., wlu'i-o li« will vltJii a. nleco, <-!ini>dy wont to Chicago un It, \\'. K<- HtticKn w (\ Five Valuable Minutes Vou might i»* vvt'll atliiVit tltat you spontl moiv Unit 1 tliinliinii' ulxnit itiuiu'v niui liow ,j you ruu.-M'H il. than you ,tlo (luijktu^ of, 1 n n v (1 in i' i T«1 > i •. """(') in- t )i« j it r^tCo i'S *^ W t'l' U1 y Having t It''- will think this out for you..,'. Siu'iul livt' nuiitttt'^ hi uui" hfiuk tt.»tlny a.iul iiiid »>ut innv IT works. Sterling Illinois i 15^ O one wants to pick a fashion and later find it a "freak"— and the natural question therefore, is one to know?"--which brings * "*• • c.' ~~^f us down to interesting facts. some clothes and in-some stores it pays to ponder well before selecting your "fashion." Here in the "live store" it'isn'f neces- u're^privileged- to-ma-ke your selections only :from clothes of "AUTHORITATIVE STYLE M ~lrom the largest and finest assortment of Fall and Winter 1916 and 1917 styles -for men and young men ip all this community. In every garment you'll find the E & W mark of QUALITY, of- SERVICE, of sure clothes SATISFACTION. |^7E'LL show you the new overcoats—the Savoy, the coat illustrated, is a smart style for all who wish to dress youthfully. It is here in single'arid double breasted models, both with and -without the belted back. . ', ,. Other good styles are^ the^Balrnarue and the Ghesterfield—shown here in many pleasing fabrics and tones. $20 -TP~y<HX iTOwld rather pay $12.50 or $15.00-for your •*• Suit or Overcoat, we will give you a demonstration of value giving that will surprise and delight you. "E& W. Special" clothts^at $12,50 $T£| and -Warm S h.'j 1 ('oai.s pnt'.tul I'tuiu C5ctO$10" A">j>loiuli(l all wool rojit- wenv.o Coat ia .'y k givy,or maroon, al $5,25. oys' Knicker Suits in belted and patch pocket models, finely tai- loi\ j d of sturdy, serviceable all wool fabrics^ - ICuch suit with an values EpecJally fine it'liur .you work oudoor.s or iiuh»or,s you euu select a j)roju»r wtii^lil. Unuui Suit from our complete' Hto<'ks-~$1.00 to $5.00. Mackinaws in the season's newest patterns. Overcoats and Bal- $4,00 to $10.50. A «M2 : '-en .splendid., nmga at>,./ ( *r" • ••?• -" here in Frost, at • ~ protect the ^..ears^ from ~~' '"IVESTOftES ^-/

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