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The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 17

The Wichita Eagle from Wichita, Kansas • Page 17

The Wichita Eaglei
Wichita, Kansas
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THE WICHITA EAGLE, SUNDAY: MORNING, AUGUST 18, 1912. OGIAL NE Tley're always rleat the worn en theugrh lt'a ao" In the nature o' man to extrack awk comfort from that thought." From The Stmahlae of Life. By RUTH KELLER A. -pi i je A 'Aft CAN TOTJ GUESS wnat pretty matron who has a new touring car always kills her engine on the corner of Main and Douglas avenues? What tall, good-looking blonde on North Topeka avenue has a hope chest entirely filled with embroidered "linen? What Wichita man said of a girl who is reported to be engaged to his brother that "she would have to run pretty fast if she caught him?" What pretty blonde, who lives on North Waco avenue, and West Side man, who Is also a blond, have, according to their young friends, a "dreadful What popular bachelor met one of the most attractive of the younger girls on the street the other day and, after a few moments' conversation, said, "Why, you're grown up, aren't you?" And now he is so attentive to the "little girl" that all their friends are watching the case with Interest? What young doctor, who visits here and is going to marry a Wichita girl, is coming home soon with a full-grown beard? What popular young couple who are connected with the North End Steam Laundry are leaving for Newton today, while it Is being whispered among their friends that they will return as Mr. and Mrs.

Waco avenue girl whose last name is that of a flower has changed her given name to Violet because of a gentleman's preference for It In flowers, toilet articles and cnewing gumi 1 12 iffy 't N. x5vs. I -1 I nag i 1-- i i 1 -v 1 ll'- Jfe. Ax U- 7- -)r l1 t- 1 A- lujSji jj i 1 "iii Si i PWs I WS4wKi s'xy -nn jk. x' v- i ntw V' v-, l'9 -''iw a i w' ht' KZJt Si Photo by Fred Baldwin New Studio.

MISS BERTHA JOSEPHINE STACKMAN The beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinbuchel, Whose Engagement to Dr. Rene Guldner, of Munich, Bavaria Germany is Announced Today.

Elno Hartle and Miss Louise McNa-roarsi and Miss Constance Smyth. Mrs. Ed Davison wears an especially good-looking suit of black mohair, with trimmings of black and white stripes, and a cap of Wisteria, when she swims. Mrs. Frank Wood wears a suit of black mohair, with trimmings of black and white dotted bands and.

a cap. of black. Mrs. H. L.

Miles wears a suit of blue with this she wears a blue and white cap. Mrs. Earl Capps wears a suit of black mohair with trimmings of black and white. A jaunty red cap completes Mrs. Capps' swimming costume.

Mrs. E. D. Ebright appears In a cos-1 tume of navy blue, trimmed with Grecian bandings. With till she Wears a rap of an especially becoming a hade of blue.

Mrs. C. Phillip baa an unusually pretty suit of blue trimmed with bands of plaid. With this she wears a cap of red. Mrs.

C. A. Donaldson looks exceedingly well in a suit of brown, trimmed with white braid. With this she wears brown stockings, white ahoes and a white cap. Miss Elsie Busselle has an especially pretty bathing suit of blue mohair, trimmed with red braid, with which she wears a bright ri cap.

Mls Lulu Dulaney and Miss Marguerite Lebmann wear sroort looking Mlrs Bertha Kirkwood has one of the moat attractive costumes seen on tte beach. It In of red mohair, and with It ahe wears the red cap. red atocklnga ar.d red sandals. Mr. George Cooper, at the request of Commissioner Harts, has for me-1 a wtmmtnt clasa at Municipal beach, which meets Mondays, Wedneadays an Fridays, elht members of which, can wim acrss the Tlver.

In the class ara Mrs. J. Pettenrer, Mrs. M. Smith, Mrs.

W. It. WordelU Mrs, K. L. Smith.

Mrs. W. T. Wbater. Ira.

Iottle Lewis Mr. J. W. Oase. Mrs JU O.

powers. Mra. J. It. 6neleker, Mrs.

Ella Freeman. Mra. R. E. Parhara, Mra.

W. 11. Iavlt. Miss Beatrice Holt. Dalay Markward, Mlaa Josephine Sco field.

Mis Hazel Ratclirr. Mia Alice Achnockenberg, Mias Edith Barne. Miss Gertrude LimMln. Mias Ctrll Randall. Miss Flossie Mrs.

Buenta Carter wears a sun 01 blue mohair, trimmed with red satin, and it is said that this is one of tho best looking suits at the beach. Mrs. Cliff Matson wears. a suit of blue and a cap of blue and white. Mrs.

Ralpa Martin looks well in a black mohair costume and wears a cap of black rubber. Mrs. O. S. Rich, who swims well, wears a suit of blue mohair and a blue and white cap which she ties securely around her neck.

Mrs. Clayton Ross years an especially pretty suit of navy blue satin, with trimmings of white. With this she wears a bright red cap. Ninth street, announce the birth of a son, Thursday, August 15, to whom they have given the name of George Adam. Mrs.

Harry Van Arsdale, who has been visiting relatives In Hutchinson, will return today. Her sister. Miss Ruth Graves, will come with her. Mr. Sam Buckingham and Mr.

Harry Van Arsdale, who motored to St. Job-eph last week, returned home yesterday. Asred Federal Employe Quits. Leavenworth, Aug. 16.

Captain D. C. Goodrich, who for more than a quarter of a century has been connected with the Soldiers' home here, today received notification of the acceptance of his resignation. The resignation will take effeot October 1, upon white date Captain Goodrich will have rounded out 27 years of active ser--ice. Cantaln Goodrich cam to the home suits of black mohair trimmed with bands of black and white plaid.

With these suits bandana caps are worn. Miss Elno Hartle wears a suit of navy blue mohair, and a cap of blue. Miss Ruth Edwards has a pretty ault of blue, with a sailor collar of blue and white. A blue and white cap and blue sandals complete this swimming costume. Miss Louise McNamara Is seen In a Fuit of Mack satin, with which she wears a blue cap.

Miss Adelaide Willis wears a suit of pray, with band trimmings of red and blue plaid. for consideration and we know our brother has the same need. "Remfmber the other person" is a simple prescription for tact. Your suave, easy, elegant, tactful person needs to beware especially of the pitfall of insincerity. Truth in the inward parts la more important vitiates his own character but than external polish.

To honest Is fundamental. The flatterer not only he also falls to attain his purpose. quickly become known. The person who tries to plea people, at any price, eventually dlapleaei them. Sycophancy and insincerity are armed foes lying in wait for all whoj tact becomes mere men-pleasing.

lacu.fanf. r.ui iaci lor i.nrni n. The trait to be cultivated for JUl llii)k ivi jumhsu ot th Majitr-v! rnc'rned i cui Ktep lh Complexion Beautiful JSladine Face Powder CrOT aamr oa) a soft, department of the Universities of Berlin, Paris and of Munich, and received his doctor's degree at the University of Strassburg. He converses fluently in Greek, Spanish, Latin, German, French and English. Dr.

Guldner is the youngest man to receive a doctor's degree In the history of Strassburg University. A number of pieces in Miss Stack-man's trousseau came from her grandmother In tiermany, and she has quantities of beautiful hand-embroidered linen. The laces used in her trousseau were all made in the famous factory at St. Galls, Jwitzerland. In her wardrobe she has two very elaborate boudoir gowns.

One is of foulard, in blue and white, the overdrape being made of silk with a blue background, with large white dots, and the long sweep is of the solid blue. This is especially dainty. Another gown is of lavender watered silk, with a very handsome yoke of Battenberg. It is a German custom to receive callers on certain mornings between the hours of 11 and 1 o'clock, and these attractive gowns will be worn at this time. The weddiner of Miss Stackman and Dr.

Guldner will be the first in the list of prominent autumn weddings. Chicago, visited their relatives, George Smith and Mrs. Ida Smith, of North Market street, Friday. In the evening a dinner was given in their honor. Mrs.

Raymond Snyder (Ellen Smith) of Hutchinson, came to Wichita for the dinner. Covere were laid for Mr. and Mrs. Lathrou, Mrs. Snyder, Mr.

and Mrs. George Smith, Miss Bertha Shepard of Yates Center, Mrs Ida Smith. Miss Mae Smith, Mr. Arthur Herman and Mr. Wilbur Smith.

3IIs Terry Entertain. Miss Alice Terry entertained the members of the First Baptist Church choir Friday evening at her home 3006 E. Douglas. Refreshments were served. Those present were: Messrs.

Florence Brinnon, Alice Beal, Velma McConnell, Pearle Harolson, Golda A. Warner, Pauline Findley, Lorena Cassidy. Ruth Waldren, Viola Cudworth, Rev. and Mrs. Cassidy, Mrs.

Inez Barbour. Mrs. Holden, Levica Foster. Messrs. Ed McKeever, Mr.

Powell. Ross Atkinson. D. S. Colernan, James Wohlgemuth.

Vernon Able. Allen Jones. Morning. Jackson, E. B.

Walden. Will Camp nt Bodarc. About ten members of the Alpha Omega fraternity are planning a comp-ing trip. They will leave Wichita about the first of September and go to Bodarc, where they will spend about two weeks. In the party will be Roy Meeker, Leon Van Arsdale.

Fred Fisher. Dean Fisher, Leslie Sence. Bennie Hodgin. Warwick Sullivan. Bob Wal- ion, raui Asnmore and Hal Dunham.

Annual Ilaoket Pienle. Invitations are out for the first annual basket picnic of the Vermont society, to be held Friday, August 30. at Walnut Grove park. All native Ver-monters, husbands and wives and all children of Vermonters are cordially (luvnea. wneuier members of the society or not.

First car leaves First street station at 1:30 and each hour thereafter. Will Go to Medicine Lodge. Mrs. Chester I. Lon" daughters Agnes and Margaret and niece.

Miss Vera Clemes. will leave today for their summer home at Medicine Lodge, where they will spend the remainder of the summer. Swimming," boating and tennis make the summer home an ideal place to spend the hot nn th. a I Mr. Long will leave today for To peka, Kansas City and Salt Lake City.

Birth of Daughter. Word has been received of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gerow of Kearney, Neb. Tklrs Gerow was formerlly Miss Katherine Lindsey of Wichita.

Miss Marian Noble, of Wichita, was the honor guest at a cV.arming informal afternoon yesterday at which Miss Harriet and Mi.s Esther Welch were hostesses. Music ond needle work were the diversions, and other guests besides Miss Noble who shared in them and enjoyed also the dainty luncheon were Miss Blanche Mullen, Miss Ruth Moore. Chorla White, Miss Emily Hall. Miss Mary William. Miss Helen Moore.

Miss Cornelia Ryker find Miss Hazel Branlne. Hutchinson Gazette. Miss Clarice Farrow of Carlos avenue is the guest of Miss Gladys Hoffman at her home in Newton. Kan. Miss Frances Light, who has heen the attractive guest of Miss Mary ilac-Cracken.

at her home in Riverside, re- turned to her home in Wfnf.eld. Fridav. Miss MacCracken accompanied her I home, and a number of prettv affairs are being planned for the Wichita visitor. Miss Marian Noble will be honored this evening at the home of Miss Chlora White, when Miss White and Miss Marv I William will enrertain very Informally or her. Hutchinson News.

The Violet society win meet next (Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Dona Morrow. 434 North Exposition avenue. 1 Mr. and Mrs.

Julius Zimmerman and fajnlly have moved from 1042 St. Fran- tia Atcuuc iu iu Asa sireet. Miss Dorothy Durham, who Is ill at the home of her brother. James Durham. 1104 North Main street.

Is recovering. Mrs. Mabel Karp Hoop, wife of Lieut. Oscar W. Hoop, of the United States army, has returned from the Philippines, and Is the guest of her father.

in 1S87. when the total population was Note the erapha! upon the firt only twenty veterans. Since then more wortj in th. topic. It is Christian tact than 20,000 have come and 4.6'jO have died there.

UT a holy tact employed ss a minister of Chrlat. Not tact for George W. Earp. 714 South Lawrence avenue. Lieut.

Hoop, who was at one time a student at Fairmount college, is expected in Wichita September 1, on a two months' furlough. R. C. Israel, of North Waco avenue, is visiting friends in McPherson, Kan. this week Mr.

and Mrs. Paul Deam are visiting relatives in Kingman. Kan. Frank C. Morgan of Oklahoma City is visiting his mother Mrs.

S. E. Morgan of 230 West 15th Street. Miss Mabel Dillon of 1430 Fairview avenue left for Kansas City Wednesday morning to be the guest of her brother and family. Miss Lillian McKay of Detroit, was the guest of Mr.

and Mrs. Elmer McKay of Wabash avenue. The first of the week. The Garfield Women's Relief Corps will hold their regular session on Tuesday at 2 p. m.

The Patriotic Workers are requested to come in the mqrning to quilt. Mr. and Mrs. T. H.

Hoffman of the Baltimore hotel will spend Sunday in Gueda Springs. Mrs. H. K. Houston ot Narborue, is the guest of her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. McNulty, 438 South Market street. Mrs. C.

H. Taylor and little son Harry of Montezuma, Iowa will arrive the first of the week to visit her brother Wm. McNulty and family. Mrs. Taylor is enroute to her home from San Diego, California, Mrs.

E. W. Sexton has returned from Osborne, where she has been spending the summer with her husband, E. W. Sexton.

Judge Wm. Easton Hutchinson, of Garden City. Kan. is in the city the guest of Mr. and Mrs.

George W. Earp, 714 South Lawrence avenue. Miss Nora Anderson and Miss Pa.uline McCandless will leave today for St. Louis and Chicago to purchase their fall stock of millinery. From Chicasr they will take several lake trips and expect to be gone about two weeks.

Miss Edna Duncan and Miss Gladys Campbell returned Friday from a seven weeks' visit in California. Mrs. and Leo Gilbert and two daugh-trs, Nada and Valera, of 1030 North Waco avenue have returned from Clarksville, Iowa, where they have been visiting relatives. Mrs. R.

S. Simpsn and daughter. Vera Simpsn, of McPherson are the guests of Superintendent and Mrs. Lawrence Mayberry of Waco avenue. Mr.

Frank Jacquish, who has been seriously ill at the St. Francis hospital, Is much improved. Mr. Hal Dunham, who underwent an operation at the Wichita hospital about two weeks ago, is greatly improved and will be taken to his home next week. Mrs.

George M. Hunter of North Market street, who has been seriously ill, is improving very rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Prather of Kansas City arrived yesterday morning to be the guests of Mrs.

Prattler's parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. W.

Cornell of 2923 East Douglas avenue. Mr. Prather will return the first of the week and Mrs. Prather will Temain in Wichita for a short visit. Informal Muslcale.

A party was given by Edith Evans Wednesday evening August 14. The evening was enjoyed with music and games and Miss Edna Armltage gave a musical program. Those invited were: Messrs. Ruth Garrison, Myrtle Schultz, Erma Vail, Edna Armltage. Lilllam Miller.

Myra Otto. Margaret Drollinger, Lucile Roblson, Beaulah and Idea Powers. Julia Strieff, Edith and Alta Evans. Mr. Willie Schultz, Mr.

Merel Armitage, Mr. Evan Evane. Mr. Willie Roblson. Mr.

Isaac Powers, Mr. Allen Roblson. Mr. Joe Drollinger, Mr. Floyd Love.

Mr. Rov Otto. Mr. George and Willie Strieff, Mr. Claud I'ndej-wood, Mr.

Frank Garrison. Mr. Charley Price and Mr. George Drollinger. Dinner and Swimming: Party.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cain of Riverside gave a swimming party followed by an Informal dinner on Friday evening, honoring Mrs. Cain's sister. Miss Lavlna Oldfield of Fargo.

who is sper.ding the winter with them, is spending the summer with them. The guests who enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Cain were Miss Oldfield. Miss Evalyn Packer.

Miss Bertha Kirkwood, Mr. Clarence Reed, i Mr. Carl Bitting and Mr. A. XL Ebright.

I The women's auxiliary to the R. M. A. win meet la Lincoln park Tuesday i Mrs. Charles B3vd and two children Sof Dayton.

are visiting their aunt, (Mrs. A. D. Boyd of 4: South Main i street. Mfss Kdna Duncan, who ha been connected with the circulation department of the Wichita during the past five years, returned yesterday frora a most pleasant six weeks' vacation spent with frierds relative tn Oakland, Cal.

Mis Duncan and A Stdn of Beauty Is a Joy Forevr. T. Felix Gouraud'a Oriental Cream or Magical Beauttfier. ra, Tixf'm, i ce bt3tT. mt4 1- ta etccim.

It a sa4 itm hM mt urs.n luktmtit Is m. tts. Ir. L. A.

i "At yoe ladka wOL cat rttiaicrii nari Crea' as tM kanersj ol i tk nMnuct" i sue ty Crjar- aaef-Uoods IrsJrrs ta tike iuM, Cz as4 IXcrca. "ElT.taS,fK, 37 End tea Sid lalrt Swimming has proved a most popu lar diversion in Wichita this summer, and the Riverside bach, the Munici pal beach, the beach at Waltnut Grove and the swimming pools at Wonderland park and the Eaton hotel have been crowded during the entire season. Women and girls who were afraid of the water last summer, go almost every evening without the slightest feeling of fear, and many of them have become adepts in the art of swimming. Some of the best swimmers among the girls dive as well as the men, and the above picture shows Miss Adalalde Willis making a high dive at Municipal beach. Miss Gladys Fulta has become so proficient in the art of diving that she springs from the board backward and turns over twice in mid-air before going Into the water.

Neither of these swimmers can outdo Mrs. C. A. Donaldson, who has mastered the art completely. Among Wichita's most expert swimmers among the girls and women are Mrs.

C. A. Donaldson, Mrs. Donald Hay-worth, Mrs. Helen Ault, Mrs.

Earl Capps, Ed Davidson, Mrs. Lock Davidson, Mrs. Clayton Ross, Mrs. C. Phillip, Miss Katherine Miles, Miss Adelaide Willis, Miss Gladys Fultz, Miss CLE PSALE MONDAY Linen iiandk'chfs The special feature for Monday is Pure Linen Hdks.

This is an extra special for Monday, only 5c EACH R.EDFER.N CLOAK CO. 224 East Douglas. Will' her cousin. Miss Gladys Campbell, made several trips through the mountain and along the coast in an automobile, and spent' two weeks on a camping trip In the mountains of California. Mrs.

J. Ed Selover entertained a party of Y. W. C. A.

girls with a launch ride on Friday evening, on the "Beesie May." Ray McTaggart of North Market street, who has been spending the summer In Colorado, will- return to Wich ita this week. Mr. Ben Depew left yesterday for airs v.cuici urif i parents for a few days and will then attend the state maneuvers, with the National Guard from Yates Center. Mr. and Mrs.

S. C. Brier cf S500 To Develop the Bust To Eaaty Ed-I. -s 1 am so aahaxned of mv thin but that I want to ak 1 there 5 a you ny develop It. 11 hips and the rest Zf of my btwly are fir- i i right for the pre ent styles and I -n.

"i vJ da not want them any larper, bat "V- rsy bust is ofUt that 1 would try that gave nope c'tvta three or four more itches develor-mettu MARY S. The oniy 1 know of that will develop the bust without increasing the else cf the or without putting on fsh where net n-di. is a prescription ut The Dr. Kelly Co, eepeciaKy f-r and ur.iJeve!otd breaats- It is the ii5covery cf a woman physician whose practice was largely stson? her own sex and In ir.crae the bust measure from four to six inch's ia a month. Send li'c to the Dr.

Kelly Ca, Dept. 31 H. C. Buffilo, N. they send you a trial package ot tr.

trat sient without i iiM to be of great value in cases of arreted development of the bust and artve a full, beautif uJ wttuoat that the treatment ti uJ. Many mothers have tcld rse thai after the a ten waned the brts and tsninken. bat the uit of Dr. precrlpt'ca tnde them and firm. not pads or bust forms, a l-r never look citura! and have a had effect epos the general health.

Neither woald 1 rec-oTrri'nJ or fiesh h-iitier toRica, as they 5rrr5e the hip at4 lin-hs and with the present style tfee form shoald be everywhere X-ctj a 5tr.ero"-ly dTeIot4 1 I i I i 1 I i I 1 I i I The engagement of Miss Bertha Josephine Stackman. of this city, to Dr. Rene Guklner, of Munich, Bavaria, Germany, which is announced today by Miss Stackman's parents. Mr.

and Mrs. It. Hteinbuchel, will come as a great surprise-to their friends, whom they number by the hundreds. The wedding will take place in early September at tiie home of the bride, and Iir. CJuldner and his -bride will leave oon after the wedding for Frankfort, Germany, where they will make their home.

Kn route they will visit relatives of Dr. Guldner's for several weeks. Miss Stackman is one of the four girls who have graduated from tli conservatory of music at Mt. Car-niel Academy. After finishing her course there.

Miss Stackman went where she studied pipe organ for two and one-half years In Strass-burg, at the Conservatory of Music. It was while in Ktrassburg that Miss Stackman met Dr. Guldner. Miss Stack-man Is both charming and gracious in manner, as well as one of Wichita's most attractive and most talented girls, a combination which the Peerless Princess regrets to lose to the Katherland. Dr.

Guldner is a. graduate of the law Sir, and Mr. Urlgbtley Howe Surprised, On Tuesday evening of this week Mr. and Aira. ltowe were invited out for 6 o'clock dinner at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. J. O. Gotterup. After dinner, the front wheel of Mr.

Got-lerup's bicycle being down, he suggested that they go over to Mr. Howe's und get his bicycle pump. When they returned to the back door of Mr. Howe's, he went in first and turned on the light in the kitchen; then on to Mi dining room and turned on the iight. and there he was greeted by ibout fifteen of his friends, who were waiting for him.

It being his twenty-' ninth birthday. The guests brought Ice cream and cake, also fruit. Mrs. Rowe was assisted in serving by Mrs. Gotterup and Mrs.

Browder. Music was furnitshed during the evening by Mesdamts Overbtreet, Morris ami Cummins. Those present were: Messrs. and Mesdames Browder, Overstreet, Cummins, Morris, Gotterup, Rowe, Mathews, Cullum. LaMar, Corzatt; Messrs.

Morris. Overstreet, Gotterup, Rowe, Corzatt, Browder, Cummins. For MIhh XoMe. Five tables gathered last evening at the home of Miss Cornelia Ryker on East A avenue and played whist, the 1 event being in honor of Miss Marion houee guest. After the games a dainty supper was served.

Bowls and vases of sweet peas were used in the different rooms. The guests included besides Miss Noble, Miss Harriet and i Miss Ksther weicn, miss Alary ueorge, I Miss Mary William, Miss Winifred New-I Miss Emily Itall, Miss Chlora White. Miss Leila Reitz, Miss Louise Talniadge. Mr.

Rober Conant, Mr. Bernard White. Mr. Clarence and Mr. Chauncey Veatch, Mr.

Will Shears, Mr. Stuart Simmons, Mr. Louis Sponsler, Mr. Ralph Ellis, Mr. Henry Pegues, Mr.

Richard Hall. Surprise A surprise party was given by the ladies of the Columbia Lodge No. 3 in honor of Mrs. H. Sickert and her little son at her home Friday afternoon.

The afternoon was pleasantly enjoyed, and a delightful supper was served. Those present were: Mr. Beck, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. F.

Kuechenn.elnter, Mrs. Book, Mrs. N. Schnltzler Mrs. Buerkle, Mrs.

Keenie, Mrs. Klnhaus, Mrs. Wise. Mrs. Tifer, Mrs.

Sidle. Mrs. Gadke, Mrs. Wernica, Mrs. Spark Mrs.

Schuneman, Mrs. Riser. Mrs. Steffen. Mrs.

Sickert. Mrs. Grady. Miss Minnie Suhm, Miss Anna Suhm, Miss Hattle Kueche nmeister. Miss Lena Kuechenmeister.

lloyal Society Embroidery Ctnb. The Royal Society Embroidery club met with Miss Agathea Haynea at her home, 184 North Market, Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was spent in needle work and conversation. At 5 o'clock refreshments were served. Although this club has been organized but a short time.

It Is becoming very popular. not only among the girls of the North End, but In other parts of the city. The members are Agathea Haynes, Ruth Smith, Sybil Skinner. Hazel Hyatt. Josephine Gordon, Mrs.

Arthur Greer and Louise Falkel. For Vlnlttnjr Gneata. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lathrop of Freckled Girls We have just received a stock of WILSON'S 1 I i CREAM Product of Wilson Freckle Cream Charleston.

South Carolina. It Is it frarrant and harmless, and positively remove freckles, tan and brown moth. Makes dark faces light. Will not make hair grow, You have our guarantee that It will takeoff your freckles or tan or will give you back your money. Come in.

see It and try it. Tkt jar sort larttnd two at most are sufficient. We tend them by mall If desired. Price 60 cents. Dockum Drug Co.

relvetfl11 tk Inurprster of all the Polly Willi. Miss Dolly Ma run, Mlaa Ida Kaufman. Mtsa CUlre Kaufman. Miss Thelmx Carpenter and Mtts Mayme llolte. Among other Wichita awlmmer ara Mrs.

Will Stanley Mra. Tom Sullivan, Mra. Waiter Welis, Mrs. Dempster Potte. Mm.

Harvey Catn. Mra. iL H. Campbell. Mra.

Erl Hartle, Mlsa Xttt Ludlum. Mlta Klorrr Carvln. Mlsa Grace Davis. Mls Julia I'nuxh. Mill Katherine Pauth.

Miss Lillian Roem. bach. Miss Vera Miliar. Mli Evale Packer. Miss Given Houston.

FRECKLE-FACE Xew Itemed? That Itemtea Frerfelea Coat a a I Here's a chance Miss Vrckl-Far to try a new remrdy for frecklea im the guarantee of a reliable dealer thai-It will not com you a penny wnlesa it removea the freckle, while if tfoea give ou a clear ccroplealon. the I-enne Is trifling. Simply jft ounce of otMne. den. ble strength, from Dnckum Drue Co.

and one nlgrt treatment will hos' you ioi easy it a to rll yourself ef. the homely freckle and (t a tsu tlful Rarely la more thae. one ounce nedd for the worat raa He sure to au Drue Co. tat the double atrength otislr.e. aaMM la the only prescription nld under guar antee of money bark If it falla to remove freckle.

tlvate all the ChriatJan virtues, for tb sake of the Ta'r r.ame of the reMalon we profs. It doe matter what th world thlnka of ui, for we are Christ's advertiaemer.ta. should make attractive to mn. Thu It becomes a Christian duty to display the iaes which baaed on IUa esample a4 born of His spirit. l.ZJ Talent I aomthler, but tact Trt im not a eerenta -ne, byt the of all the fiTe, aurmountfr or an flirncuJtiea, the ra trover of ail obataclra Tart it or of the firat of mental virtues, the absence of wr.Jrh Is fra fatal to the test p-tnm.

"rf lahrl'at life's srarhlnery. I ai 1Af rHis-Asa av m- l-aavV. excellent tons Eajt Douglas si Iff A -I yyf reired, and remains until washed off. Purified bf new process. Will not clog the pores.

Hirmlevt Prevents sunburn and return of discoloration. i wuttk. rt-Ksn, rtsiL. BRVJfrTTZ. By toilet counter or mail, 50c.

Umry trrtrrtly fUajeJ. ii Km ill rnl5f3Sataa3S nan. ISJT 9 f6 llQIOUS nf Otl TUB TOt CH THAT 1KLL. Terne Comments I'pon the I alfo Prayer 3Ieetlnr Topic of the Vesi( People's Soeletlea, hrUtlan Ka- dnvor, ete For Ausal IS. -Ckrli tlaa Tact.

John 4il-30. (By William T. Ellis) 1 "Tact." at root, meant touch. Rus-kln calls the quality of tact the "touch-sense." The way In which we toucH lives is the evidence of our tact. The Kentle, considerate, loving touch Is th-j kind of contact which deserves to be called "Christian tact.

God rnanners and bad which often go together, have wrought won-fdrous harm In this world; and ba 1 manners and good motais have done damage almost equally disastrous. The Ir.consideratene of blunt, outspoken, honest persons, who prsde ve on "epeaking their mind. ha hurt the fair name of goodness. Of (oar.

truth ought to be spoken, but It ought always be spoken as the Bible coro-: rr.ands in love. Human hearts at woDirou sensitive plant. The Standard Ii.ctionary a A or intuitive ap-l preclation of what- I fit. proper, right, flee or ready mental ilifrn. mnt shewn In ay'ng or doir.a; tt.e proper thirg.

or esj-eciaily is what would offend of disturb, skill i facility In dealing wish men etr.r ceocies; adro'tne; deternea; s-' dres." Drtimniond clld cisrty "liiTe sr- society. The miser character are but tie fioweriag cf a 'beautiful Inar4 spirit. Tact i th considerateness which the love of Jt? how to all men, We try to tor i other live gently and heifany. t-; ra-je we are sure that what Ctriti jdld and what He fcav Hi friend da. Life Js the area sris-at.

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