Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 16, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1916
Page 1
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ADVERTISING t*fc»t thing* fram »r* and pgtt them th*y ought to fc«, o nptf |5 T T T\T<p TV A T 1.3 1 H/J\.-JL/J rN VJT .LJ/TL1 SIXTY-THIRD YEAR-~m 117. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ItLINOIS, THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1916. thfnt» frem th#y •!•* »r?d putt th#m t* b». PRICE TWO CENTS. BOTH SIDES ORGANIZE FOR INDUSTRIAL WAR AID MINISTERS is OWNED IN STERLING; THE CITY --CrtlffiJL* 1 ^^.^ E. Dixon District Of the M. Church Will Raise fund For Superanuates, 60AlT>IXED AT $40,000 \Vhaf i* li- in tli<- l«f> ;i! th ijj n|i ID m I'r Conference Will Try and Raise $500,000 To Get Gift Of That Sum. ' Uf til" H rmi each ) 0!| thf world 'm.'tv In* .««•< ti bottom of Ihf jf.Litit-5 ! (he optical ijJHre of i;r The hihlr i.-a the property f ')'» tor. The print on tin- paces j trim h over tin inch wiuaro, but I ;it{i- contain* every word, found; p.-ltfcx of latuer Hlb|f» To the' 'Efforts are bring made bv the IMxon IHntrlet of the Hock Ulver Minislei >retice of the'.M. (•: church, in HI-*In Dixon yoslordny, to df\ 'l«f • to rais" tho pio)Mirlb>n of th" half m'llllon dollar fund for nuper- animator! pastor* of tiie conference. : Meetings wero held both ye-denlay , afternoon -and evening In tho Moth- • OdlUt Church. Hf-v. PhelpH, of lleKiilb. ' district superintendent, prodding ovei-j the ftpNAlonn. A lnri(o number of mln- , fr«tni Hurrnundlris? cities were in i at .boll* mootlnjsft and they! took nn active, part'in tho dloeiifudon I of plans for raising Iho aharc (iKftlgncd to Ihlft conferem e. to "bo raised by the Dixoti 140,000, Dr. I'help* has dovl*od the plan for raining the money, that ]levt«ii will prove nuoconufnl: Upon Bunday, Nov. J!6, tho in fhe dlntrlcf will deliver «ormonn J Upon the* .piteidl'in. The following Sun- jTh<J <lay, I>er 8, a liiynmn chosen from' eaolv j congregation In" tho" diMrloi. win pro-• the matter to the church mem- ] On Dec. 10 Iho varinna pft*tor« , of nioni- ' nakei] eye tho \\nrdM nie minute ."pf< k?«, lint with a high lem»e prepnred-by- the ; doctor rind j>ut nvor it, oru- nifty tend •every letter."'distinctly. Tho Ic-ttr-rf appear to lie no Inrirer than tl'e point of .ii piu, hut at" plnln enough when-look- In through the lonfie. The Hlble. Is eofnph-te, e\ory \vor<l Hible t ont.ilii.". bi-Jnn i little book. !i it, ,«aid \hnt In the oldon times In Morne ot the old <i untrieR ov- or\ town w.i« oidercd to hlive ti town liil>Ie plated In the toun common on a rcKiilaltoii sljied pulpit, and ehsilnrd •«o it • oiilil lint be taken awny. The little hlblo IH jil«o I'halned to a pulpit in confortnltv with nnolont custom It is Welf worth MlopplilK to see. I )r, (SoulditiK •'aid he pur.'hiixed if of a. curio man elitlity-live years of IIKC x'otirs -IK.I, and he did not know him or where he yot it. The F,inall print. IH New Term WiU Commence On Nov. 20 and Will Continue ___ Jill Finished. TWENTY NEW CASES FILED Of the New Cases On the Docket Are Suits Brought For Divorce. The bar do. j Diitrict Attorney Clynt Looking Into The Elgirt Butter Market. | * 'hi,:,^' r m.' ,vor" H lv "i,»V l ,tiKa,jr,n ! Newspaper and Individuals of the HiKin buster and ese miirH-t. Ifnitp In ^iinnnrt fif Fnnri and MIP Odcngu board .of trade tva* j UNIlt! Ill OUppUl I UI TUUU , by l'Viii.r«l hi,«tri(t Attorn,•>' COHtrOl. ins the The «mn' . r IH * • to hitvr lieen mridc hy kei f<«- lh'« > re any j (t , rt|) n j- ( | 1( , % ,^^. ,.,i,, r t j., 1(II ( f,. u j jj, (j e .* In thl«| lril , distributed anfong the .iltornoyfl of city und I'ounty. loday. The term Monday, November 20 and will continue until all. tho «'as«« are disposed of. Hun. t",.' K Sheldon will be tlie |ire«|dint: lliduo. ,1. .1. hndetifi is tho Miii|e> attm ney, Hatty Merry Is sheriff. II. \V. Mi-Hxe, maHter-in-ehan- eery and Ivirl fle««.« j» clerk. The follow 'inu is lhe Jury for the term: •Sieilini; lltirry I.eidte. John \ViiR- nei. LevvlM Hcit/c|, . Shugart Thacka-' j berry. i ! Co|om;t ••C.conie Mel-'alK Kd. Wobor. j Wm. l)cnl«on, Herman Itodehmyer. i Montrnoreiicy — ICdw. UrotmHii, -Kdw,-; f'lMio today. n>'no. \ f *,T'tllnlxlng '.he i activities of the two boards tu lewrn j * ir ^ 1 7.. n n,V. |f : li ' !1 , n 5, th ''. l »^ n «-« | vr^iMAYJiUTOO GERMAN PLAN ed follow In H'H by Federal Judj.-n-K-.-M-r. idi«; forbidding Rpwulatiori intend-j to boost prices. Prosecutions will • StclplCS I Price Afnmt Double Dur- if the evidence It. H'ave Increased In PAYS HEAVY TOLL British Gains On the Somme Are Disproportionate With Loss Of Lives. GERMANS ADMIT LOSSES ing the War. Hy Kd (Hififf <*or rffpond I^iiiitiiti, KMK., H unit tnihiv in I.. .N"ov. r AND ADMINISTRATION PREPARE FOR ACTION • . ! "A Employers Representing $8,000,000,000 and 7,000,000 Men Organize—Labor to Demand Eight Hour Day For AIL i Ifi. • - t of ni»- They Declare Though There Are - So Many Trenches They ... Are Not Worried. ] !H'W>p!iplT IH>r Mil (I'htly in !ln- \vhn|«' iv.dcrd riilleinnj »f tin 'in |>nrllfiiw>nt yt'Ktorilii.v Hum itii-in, c'ontcirrpiiititii; of tin- fond .supply. Thi- tx'fir wii-» tluit HoViTinnr-n lii'iMi nvcrloDK iltdiV idtlill N'ol H\l\lUl' ••>• \Vjil(»-r <-urj.«H'rvntinn nidy crltirln ciintrcil hnd following ho he- START PROCEEDINGS Proposed Cplpma High School Question Will Be : SettlecHn Court. t'unie, I'ntrick I'eiitih, <*ha«. Hilsh the dubjoct. Tin 1 oampalKn IM to hi on Hituday, I»oc, 17, when th<: Iption will bo 1,'tkon up. It 1« hoped tluit. the entire J^rt.inui will be Hofured at that time. ' Or. Elliott Lecturei, - Or. <l«?orK" Klllolt, of l.>elroit, Mich , j member* of «m<» of the inoht noted atul oloijiient i,if education of I'rophotHtown, nh-d « jll. H. Wi petition before .ItidKO l-'rtink llarnnny of; Uie U'hlieMlde county clrcuil omrt ! Wednesday for leave to tile an information in the nature of it i|iio i|arrantn iKiiinst the pronldent and the newly orKiuitKod boMnl nt tbe.Coloma hiKh McluM'l, M. VVakemnit. Tampiro ,_JJ I Cooney, W. ,'.J. <!onOH<M* ll.~ mini. Alt. I'lea.Hanl Henry liiernuui, K, W. Mitchell, K. <'. Hull. Lyfldoll-r.ertlie VVIllKct. 1'Vntoii"—,lohn Mlii«ilell, ("l«ret] ney, l-'red Kinnicuin. t'nion tirove .1. M lliihn, I" ul I on Alex llrii;htman, \V. Sooit, .JiiH, l-'eriy. i Hy *',irl \V, Ackorrnnn. (Staff t'oiToHponileni of l'iilt«*tt I H« rlln, fler.. Hy \\ Irclcxw' To Hny- vilie, I,. I,, Nov. 16.— <5en. von lllnden- ' - - IH forcltiK the British to p«y n toll ,, HJ ,,, U ,, V( , n , hf , Have J^ternboru. \Vrn. 'Wilkonw, orutot« of the Methodixt pulpit, (h- jhroUKht ill the rehitlon <>f Mifhnid llv«tro«J thp fenttire addn'HX of both the ; <;|i j n*<tn, (ieoi-KO Murphy, Hurl OU'VV- nftcrniMin and i'Vi'i)lnK'« ^''"^iiniH when i| !M1 ,|," K,iward ,Mr<!liin and Sarni'n-l Jl«'- HJKlko lwfor«f ttif KatlllTlngM of ill-;, May, who repreHetlt thf uhjeetorH .to vine* on "Tin- Mlnisu-iMUid llln Work," jtln- hlKh Kcho.d proiiotiition. Tlu-jiniy- In the- arldrrsn he touched upon th«« : i-r of the petition wac xrnntud hy tin- ICrlf 1 -•••Chtif*. llynrn. Albany -U'illium Unini>«. There are twenty new oaweM on the chancery wide of the docket and nine of them for divorce, The followinK are the cafcH to be tried at thiii 'term of lelnyod und thnt the pre- rui 11.1 announced \\i\n in- HwecpltiK or dniMtic. j It Is known here, ho wow r, -thai ! tliliH'lhiah'M aniioiinoemi-nl wn« purely :preliminary nnd (hot he <jtd not reveal jiill of tho fteprt of control the government has determined upon. The food (dictatorship It I* H.-iid may eventually , . (outdo oven the (horoiiKhnepK of the of hve» entirely dii«|,rpp,.rtlon { ite wllh| f ^ rman . HV M*m. The public is till the . the Kalnii made fn the righllnff on ttic morf> w|||| j . „, „„,„„„ „, t , H . hnnNhlp- . Humme front. millUry authorities berof of „ rnnlri ,J, p ;, f(MM , m , R ,, ly , n vil . w ,, f , today declare, 'loday ho hail theirj lhe thrjlll ,, B 8 , oMl!M ()f ,trlfi«h herolmn j linen under 4orriiie lire with the Dro».j now r ,, achlnu tH , n ,, poet that the onorrni'itiH raHuallles atif- i jj J H ... ' ferod In maliinK th«» Initial • udvanco. * J..|mer i ... , , i< _'.. f ^'ll- br rrfTatt-rl; — All orders from tho front today nay thai ihi« BritlHh attftok wax entirely wl'hoiit regard to tho wucrille in human life. ' fHy t'niied Press.) i liMltirnore, Md , Nov. in. Leaders of ;ihe four railroad brotherhoods will ail- idre*!* the American 1'edernli.on of La- 'hor contention li«re rif-xt week on the ,"iKht -hour I'triiKiple. Thc-ir appear* 'ance it IM exp,.rr"'d will InaiiRurafe n i-onceited tltht for recognition of the eiKht-hojir working day for all claNNew of employs. At the Kame Ikne the appearance of Hie hrothcfhood leaders. \V. C. i.f the trainmen. Warren K. Wtone. of the eiigifieer.-i. A. H.''Oarretjion of thf ductorn and W. H. Carter of tin nvno. in expected to,hasten the lion of the brotherlttKt'ls with tljc federation. Tho labor lender* hope in force throuKh UK- eluht-botir day not by leglxlntlon but by tho power of organ- ised labor. . "\Ve (ire nfrabl of legislation," a, ( hlch federation official, who revealed tl:<* above plan, .inId. "What In don« by legislation can be undone by IPR- \\'o W'Hiit to put through the r principle by direct negotiation with private employers by tho con-'"force of organized liibt'/r. Wo wanl' If lire-,; poH.«&Tle all "It to extend the ^Iwht-hour day MEXICANS IN BATTLE of accepted here that tl\e flmt -act the new 'itletatorshlp will have to do wiUi limitations iirtTio UNO of sii^iir in costly oonfeciionery, indiMi-rlmlnafe foedjiijj to anlrnalH of veKotubloN useful for human food and the wM.stoful The riortnun trw)p« yontln-| UH(1 {)f wll)t( , „,„„. ,,,,,, |1(llat(1 ,, s prices according to the ntalir<- ;Defacto Forces I Villistas 150 Miles South ; Of the Border. (Uy fltlted Pre-MK.) 1CI I'a NO. Tex., Nov. 16.— Heavy i ..,,,.. ..... *... ............ n.,,,.r, -"••••••'just. {) j- W |,)|,. nour and potatoes. .in^ between Me.vican dofuctn and Vil' ued to defend their litu-it despite .the, H(ttll n ,, rll , f . M ll( .,. ( , ri i, nu ,„ , h( . ni ;l iu. ! ll-*ta forcfn was In prouresH yestordny Coall- I" | n ,ii»puteil It makes for effl- joienoy. A mnn can do more and bet» Iter .work In eight-hour than he Can jln a longer day. At present the flhip- jhiilldlnK workers, comprinInK the ma- jchlnlHt. holler maker* and other un..._ jLou«». liave. no alandttrd- .day. ,-The JKO v- Wlthfernment navy yard* work* its men j eight hotirn while private butldera i work their employeM nine or. JO or • "mtire tioii f M Ir'rt a y." WM are" going • to ftry. to obtain recognition of the elKht<- I hour day In thin Irade and aim) In the iron atid Hteel Industrie^." their, VM. !>(» may who n in their the "rainy problem that •. oonfronts Iho avorugo ijudKo. The fiaiffor tut tin on bun. •'Though there tor** not mitny, Bfilnrlon, they iirp in their flfotiiht* «bl«> to .nave llttlo for the "rainy days" of will IM* heard at the <>f "««'• fivep up- '.iannury term of the circuit court; Th<» 'pn-Hldt-nt of the hiKh Mi«hool hoard IH worm* PUN- | i-v,-d H. Oeyer, and the inernherM of IV^ lit»(?rnl 'the hoard are I»r. 1-*. ,1. Hrott. }{OHM vx. when'.their rtay* of arc' i*ash -Thpro are no mnhy thlnni* 'that a minister must 'contribute to, worthy CUUSPH that' he cannot Ignore, that little opportunity IH offered him to lay up l« Btore his earnln.KM. In these (Jayn of the hiuli.'oo«t of livln Iso muHt keop up appearances. In th rnd ho HHVOH hut little," J)r. lilllotl Is il forceful Hpeaker. an th« awneinbly of clergymen llHtenod hl« wiWdB In rapt attention. Tonigh he in to dt'ltver mi addrons before gatherliiK of tho pawtorM of Knckfon Hln, i<ervico« n iiro ;ln -great demand I tho ri'llglotlH ww-ld, and the Dixoi confewnco waa Very fortunate In no curing' him. . Th.o time .limit for tho conference t< ral»p lhe $5110,000 IH March I. If th •eonforonci* «uoooodM In raining th money hy that time they will have tlfi pledge of a wealthy InmiiH'Hs man,: win tvofi the non of u poor country pastor- anil'known Iho circuniHtanooH of a pan tor'if finanroH—(hat ho will donate i like sum to tho conference. This wil ~maK<j a fund of $1,01111,000. Tho pint IK to give' each MU|>oranmnttod |'ii«lo tlun or a^He«Ninent on hlH piirt. tlie^'piiHiindef of the years of hi» life pftllew.. -u,. r MASfPOlfERTTPARTY Enjoyed At the Elks' Club Last Evening-— Large Crowd Was Present. of ih« 101 KM am! their frlotulu iiMliorod In tlio ''all Heawini In Elk Bociety ^-ircloti with a ilolighjful Masked Poverty party laxl evonlng at Urn club, ^bciit uevoiifV coujiiorf woro In" ullendanco. rnlijiio Invitation*!, printed oti coai'HO svnippiiiK paj or, wore sent out tievoral days ago bidding everyone ctmio. attired in poverty stylo, 'und It wnw a poverty stricken' orowtl which KH'horod tu enjuy tin- 'evening. Kvofy?"!" came m««ked HIM! daiu'liig to delightful dunce innate from Corhnitf* oroheiitru WH« onjoyod for "hovt-ral hour«.'' JUKI before tho call for- rc- frcslimeiu.s overyono uninaMKcd ami there woro many Kiirjirisos. A ilalm.v wuppoi was horvod in" tlio'diiUi'K room, Wtt« ntiriicli\o In lull -decora- tlontt, . Altogether the atf.iir vory. '(ileawiiil ono and tlje co In cluirKo was jjimn pruiwi:-. on It;*) id for the ph'tiMiini «'V't>iiii>K . >\eio in Henry Arthur Mi'Kon*U> I'lptM'i'l, ol Hot It ly, Of TiitnpH'o, A jiuorbor of from MotiUoi)., |ilioU<toi,s n. eliugf II Kohl. >•' l of - Hlorlln ailK and .1. \V cv.-r> "',' Tho 'Hell, irapp. .)<dm , K»'|. |$U(.<»l,i Tiiini'H woio .Halt, ot al. Quiet el. al v«, Thompson, ot a I Kmith, l^awronoo c*hurch, i^urtlH 'Mln- cr. Jt>.Me|>li fSooffroy and Louis oit- aianriK. The point, claimed by -tho objectors i« that Iho ,ty>resident and the momberJi of tho board wore-not legally holding their offlcoK oiT^rtccomii of improper steps taken In Iho formation of the dln- trlol, ulho' that the law under which ihry organised IH tmcomst'ltutlnnal. Hy tak'mg this procedure, when the cane U bean!, the burden of the proof will fall on the defendants to show wh (hoy can rightfully hold such office*. The attorneys for the ohjcctors sa, the recent decision, of the suprom court declared the law governing xitci organization unconstitutional boeiuis of the fact It'wax class legislation, 1 i.-i tho intention of tho objectors:, with nllMtor prncoedlngs, to have the boar ;.et aside, oij tbo above rneiitlonoi grounds' and this will of course km out the oi'Kuni/.ation entirely, and wil put an end to tho proposition, If I ho; ueceod. .it i,H then (he intention o tho o.hjoe-tors as well as many others: Ii ho mate, to have, the law rescinded ml annulled...- oni«'W. v«, IJartholtitninv ; vnrco. i llfrrmann Title. Itiirtman. -I'art it Ion. .Snillurd vs. Halliard -Dlvort-i Archer VH Archer —Divorce. ' Kauffman vs. Weaver vs. \Voav"er-— Divorce, Hayern vs. Kayers—Divorce. Walzor, jet. al. vs. Walzpr, ot al In .ri ! -o«tato Petition. Kckhart i'ar. Di Advices front dally admitted lion of" ( launching of a HOH obtainable, show 'that in tlie (m st H'" 1 ' I-"*t m'i;ht about 151.1" tnilox south year there has be-on an lncrea»e of " ( ln ' - border on the Mexican National ahout 37 per cent in the prices ,,f | railway, it Was reported today, food stuff and the prices now are ; , Today 400 Camms-ista xoldlcr* hurried south on a The defucto •e prior K.SJ.. P.'.'.:. lieaTiy food dictator- is the Tlill. FUNERAL OILW. F. MANGlN Held. 'Wodneiday Afternoon «T the Home—Interment in Riverside. The funeral services over the .re- aains of the lat<« \V. F. Maugiin wen told \VodneHday aftoriioo.ii at "the homo !5'i!) l'Ja«t Third street, (hero tielng a argo number of the rolailvoH ami rionds proKout. Appropriate woro sung by Miss Dorothy cjltn Mrs.. Italph Thomas, Tho pall bearers •re; AIoiiKo Hichlmi^yor, N Wllgor, .tamos F. Nowbanks. Malt \Vjlger. .1. I', <)yerholser_ B llil V C. roenion,— The following out-of-town datives wore present: J-i T, Siangan, >t Quincy: Charles Uhodos, of Canada: Mrs. -Bessie CVirlMo, of Kob'lnxon; Mr, nd Mrs, Oeorgo K. Ross, of Harmon; II-M, l-'Mv ito«s, of 'Harmon: Mr. and Mrs. Albert HariiiNltno of LEADER Devino Of This Di»trict May Be Favored. lotafd (Iio K/. Hopubllcali Hlalo rot iMiiratlvoM will caticuH noki week In' 'hicago and indorse David K, Hhutui- •an-'l'or're-election aii."Kpeak«r". ' ' i .Miolmcl I.. IKO-. •<{' Cbicago. who was lie Dunno l!(»i<r loader In th'e liisi tsvo "•snfons. is cxpoc-lod lo.bociiliie au ac- »vc c.u'iditlalo for ipinoriiy lo.ider «,')' h<- htaiho. If Igo'c "i|o<-» not run. the andidali-, for ! In ch in. nt (if liuv cai"t\{ iilli which, be IK alliliulf.i s^ifl I.e cither oliii H. 'Hums, of 'Chicago, John 1'. l»e- liio. "f IMxoii, or Arthur Uoo. of Vun- ,-ilia • -Foreclomite. Martin, et al. • iulel Title. M.cyer, et til. H«dl«»f. Wise v«. Wlrt of - Alargaret Frank — I'o, vs. William, ot. al vs. Champion, et al.— vn, KlehbliiM, ot. al,— Wlrto - Dlvon 1 )-. . VH. HendfrHoli, et. ill — IVti tlon. I'urlM VH, Wilhur, t«t. nl.~- Partition. Mooncy VH. Milne, et al.- •-Injunction. MlrMhak VH. Mirshdk— Divorce. . . N«w Cases— Common Law, S, A. of <*. v«. Krye— Wyllc imc. ct'o. VH. ,S. A. H. 1" of c, VN. for th N'ational Hiink - Tltlon VH. VVilllamw VK, M Klt, Umtlfsay & Thompson \KMiitnp«lt. ' .'.. U'Uiduin v«. ^U'iiiineye VM.. Uroderick <K? VM, Heil/.el N«MK'o' — A«- Common taw — Old Caiui. ICeiidrlx VN,. Kumptei'H, ot al.- Aa •<um|mit, Walter VH. lloherly Ca.-ie. 1'eu.Kh VH. IviefHon Appeal. lnt'1 KlKti vo. VH. HtorlliiK .Steam |i«k K < 'o.~ A«KiirnpnU, .feiiHOit VH. ramphell.-CaHe. Tracy VH. Uid.diimm, ot al.--Manda & Q. Hy. Muxw*-ll Manfield VH. C. H. fouittryman <ll the CUNC, I'eoriu Life Ins. Co. VM. Maxwell— Ap Over, -Kx. VH. ManHold —TrnspaHH «u> THE KROWELDEN CLUB W«i* Entertained L«»t Evening By Mitt r L»wr« Johnson. Tho Kroweldeoii Cliih was pleasant-* y entertained last ovcninur at the homo f MI«K Laura Jiduiwiui on Thfid HVO- Hie. Tho fewtitre of HM* evt?nltijf moc,k .weddlrtK which providt'<! - nerri,uu'nt for the, .'remainder iVf the ..l-'ollowliuf tltc wedding 'a ,«as.*ei ved .and llu- rciuain- er of the evening \\SIK six'.nt infonnal- ARE NEARJNCTMONASTIR. (Hy United Press.) Ixmdon. Kng., Nov. lii.—Monastir almost, yyiihin roach, of. Uoii,. JSpJ'niJ indomitably Praneo-Horhlan forcon,. after onn of the most astonishing ndvan? cos recorded during the-' entire, war Haltling aguinst snow and rain; oyei groat mountain faHinpssos, thrf a!ties ._._^.., it wa« oHIclally annouiu'ed from and 'partially continued from , Indicating' the sweepUig back uljfarians and 'IVutoim to t» nhin four thiles of the city of . Hi'i'lut's admiHtfion WIIK contained 111 thin hriof comriiont: "I'*re|Hir«<l. now positions in"tli(rr*elf'»Tii~i4p» i rt>r occupied." \\ith pnietically all 'of .the <"erna hankti in their poHHOMHion agiiln 'the I'Vanco-KorhiaiiH nre tstM'Klng out. foro- niK back. Ihf! enemy. The Holla, odi- cial Htalerneni today almi admitted the. routrn northwiji-fl of-- lhe Utilt{ar« toward CigoJ, ....... ' King Geoi'Ke ban tolographed Gen. on tho wostoni front his con- i;rut;ilntloi.,s on tho j;ro:it succesn the trodpH Imyo achieved In the past-thre« lays «t Anom The ITTc^iaKe'conclnd- dwith thl.s riiiclaratton: ".J-'uHhor «ip» ur«J of ononx)' lirst linen rohotitulw to ho <-rodlt of all umk«" Tu hjs »ov?relgn'» congratulations Tie chief rtntlteil \\iili thunUs in biovity. vnipj^ieVdcRt ruction positions. jifr' Iho front say It is olll- that by the concentra- w«n ' and the | 75 percent higher'than they r_ attack, the «'-]toitm war. _Hiich stapjes an a few trem.dtoti and vll-jt ft to T .H, n«h iind nugi-r Imv lagos, but the attacks would be so doubled i'n price «Ml.y they could not »M-roi-ealfd often ( ' P ,,, nto<Hk !„',(„. Convent fJnrdcn enough to make It worth Mm price paid : , nark( . t ,jroppo<l ten shillings" toduy i-.n In men. The frank ftdtiilssion IH maihs' n,, W8 „(- tni , K o\i«rnlnoi I of thoHrUlsh gulnn of fortillcd post-f ,,1,^, Tf , M ,„,„„,)„ ,,,„ tloiiH. but tboro are »•» many iiundrcdKJ p t .| C o f or |j,,^t varietk-s. of similar po«l(loiul'1irmlnd lhe Somtnol Agricultural icports Indicate | hoi-M-shoe lino thnt Ihose attai-ks, ac cm ,, thr , Wfl , HWH , m having had a bad i ."fi'KooN cording to German officials, can ho rfff , c( , Tho Irish point., cr..-. Is wild" considered uncomfortable, but not dan g« rolls. It Is poWitod out In Berlin that aftc four and ft half months of limited sue e«'s» on the Somme, tho, Urlltvh- huv been fiircod to attempt another strain offonslvfj bocause of tho restless feel ing In Italy an the growing anxiety' Ii London over the food situation, DIs patches from Ktigane, Switzerland, to tho Vosslcho Zvitung, declares that tli! tilornule 'I) Italia of Rome, crlticlKo: Kngl.'ind f<if prolonging the war no only to. crush Germany but the allies as well, remarking that Kngland la growing rkh by forcing tho allies to purchase their supplies from l^ondon aw Liverpool, ' ' • from mili- iitiil -from when to be less than tw'o-thirds of the aver- ago. THE fFIGiAlCbUNT Little Change Is Shown In Either California Or Minnesota Today. Juarez wero la'ry train, lirlirvn that-t|rn. QI; band of .Vllllxuis wore making attempt to cut off Chihuahua communication with the border they were pounced upon by the mont for Is. still In spite of the .story told by native! that the jo 'American* left before .Villa'* attack, fear* of mining men have not been quieted. ADMINISTRATION PREPARES, My. Hubert J. llcndor. (iStalT rorrcH|H>ndont of I'nllcd Press.) i, D.r,, Nov. JO.—The ad• ministration in ready to atari an ag- '«r«.p»!tve tight In...belmlfc oLtlw Adami son law, now t he object of comtertcd tho country, it was mado clcsftr today. Tbo belief Is expressed by high ofH- thf effort to wnjoln tho opor- Oie law would falU- railroads tle,-up"the enforce-' the act, tho railroad workers to strike. It !• the view of tho proBldent's advlaom | that tho court would hold the railroad* sponsible for Interference with in- • » the '««"'t of U-BOAT IN THE-PACIFIC I lprstat<< .-commerce and compel the -roads to abide by the proviBion» of the -1 '1 (Hy United Prcon.) Ban Francisco. Calif.,' Nov. 16. — A net Kaln of 502 votes over his figures In tho. unofficial count are shown today for Wilson fn complete official (Inures from -SO of the SK countlex in California, Tho eouiitloH that have riot coinplet- d their official fount are Los Angeles, Alamt'da, Kan I'Vanolsco. --nun- This liollef was jitroiiKthcned by the fact thai tho object of the law ia to tihtaln thoroitqir and sclentllle facia on •vhlch to hase Una! legislation. It in to he eiTectlve only six months Warning To That Effect l»tued By The , Canadian Government. Uiy l'iiUed Press.) Seattle. Wash.. Nov. Hi.—Warning bus -been Issued by the 'Canadian government, according to reports reaching hero today, that a derman submarine,! ''•"' investigation of the application of IN operating oft" tlie PacJilc coast, '!'he eight ho,»r prlfcclpl'e. Jt can be ex*Tho word reached Seattle "with the' -''lidod only thirty days on the rotjuest arrival of thn Japanese liner Inabaj" f the MiH-rlnl commission appointed Maru. which changed its course and extinguished all lights after receiving Iho Wireless message -«,f warning.' The vessel procoodiHl to tho (in-gon coast and moored north "to Victoria In the throo mile limit M. Xlximtrii,-director' of tho Yamato .Steamship com paiiy of Hutte, Fre.mio, •iai-ramonto. Han Hermudlno and i J ' l »'«". said here today that a tJerrpan I subwiarlno mlglu ha\*o boon shijipod ...... to the Pacilic and tho i>art« assomblod 10(1 Homo Kocludod island. UP TO HENNEPIN COUNTY. Oiy United Pre»H.) at. Paul, Minn., Nov. ,16.~-\YMth uglieH leading, by USH votes with all ml.three precincts heard from, ihe of- Iclal count In Honnepin oourtrjC in which MltutoaiioliH.lH located,/ began »day.. IncludliiK* tho. unofficial |i«- YOUNG ROBBER KibbEO Detective Who had Been Hiding in j Bank Killed St. Paul Youth. i "«H>* I'nitod I' f HI. Paul. Minn, .\oy, I«, -William lay stood: 71M16. """ \ : .", . ""ISamiell. SI. wa« killed When he THE TOWNSHIP PAVING hree Days of Good Weather Will About Complete Brick Laying. If kolk'y..~tJr»lh>Mh, oiuuiutiUi ^-^^lAWaAAO-BEABEaS-^ 4 _. Of Fourth St. •'Methodist'Church Wer<t(^' l ' w Entertained, BK Mt«. Colbr>. - [ai'd Wero Olilertaiui-d i;i>it Uadie» Of Sacred Heart Church Sewed Liast Evening. otuy-Jtvo yotittit ludteM of th*4f'a<- Ji','- ; .Ui tliV w;je» tho order da m i y tet'rt-^hmoiit,- tf tbo Woro/ «>V<MIUI« ui iho homo of MI«, \v. I, i'o meottntf" »as icioiin lunch \v IIIIU- OlSJo'^-d ' tor w iii'-n a ilil'! H tl'-M ],;! Huy' 1) !C I i h •1 S'ani I »in i i • . fci ;;<pt:i;iHti; SPRAINED,ANKLE. r .Mi-rijiiii ftllpiM'd 'ilel V\ :il |f . I )l)M nt'"fi'l| ELKS' MEMOB1AL Annual Service* Will Be Held First — 1~~ Sunday in DfcembsT. Will I Annual Mont livlil Stitidi.tV (he- local ICIk i friends 'Of Iho Vlted, A puml u.lai n;-i"vices fi.oriionn. Ucc. 3rd by •duo und momborti and lodtje i»i'o cordially in- '•'speakor iuiti been NO- Fuiefl and n line musical program is her " HV i*' severely. < nous ;jl. is jt;h ',-|i- th on <.• I'l-.ilft'lV-Ci,' hi >H'J;H -and a j Hit}: til wild* i ] (li'jn v ('rowu i Hi) w«T 1~. -1 It in :ui't M-I- fn PIAN0S •.<d «f The l'p-To-1 t'niww .and i 'on- | such domund Ihat • i .'lU'Iii.-- (<l Illl.M'l «'y ;frc tiuaiiufu ' haul l(/bout, GERMANS MAKE A GAIN, <Uy M'hiU'd- I' Merlin, tier.. My VV'troloMM To .Say- villo, i* .1, Nov. . 16.- — .(ifrmait. troop* 1 Mtormo.d "and occupied tlio cwwto'rn portion of Kuil|i»*-| from tho l-'iorich, uo- cordinif to tho j^r otllco Mlittomont this ,jft«inooti. ..Tht^Mtatrluotti »«ld:- "Konnrato MrliiMh t i|i.-icUM on lh« mad fiom >!nil!j to Kej ro und furthof ..ihl mid wuuihtstM of iti-aiuaoiit faitod in u ham! to hnii'l combat. 'A atlucK a(?ain>t <!ruudoourt h'ro'ko jdotvii u ntler iiti r tiro. In b;ird ilglttintf twoon tli.o. itsHi**«»H we rotttod tha orn i»ari of haillisol from tho onenVy. In Uui oyoniag tho soyotiiy-lldni JItifl r oviirtHti roKimoiit stoinn-d • IrVfnoU tu-iifhoti til St. I'ierro X'iyist witiult>,'!ind Ii|-ou>;lH in oig'ht ollli fiH atul 324 "Wen Jlhd live iiiachitio. gnat* " ho .Sterling townwhlp paving sy«totn. an have throo days morc^ of good eather the laying of brlo,k will bo ompletod. The woatlior IIHH greatly indered 'the'in flm p»«t fow .«|ay«. or lie Job would have boon .about eom-< lofed now. . Thor* are about "HOVOH". hundred and lif(y foot to bo laid with brick, and then that part of tlio -contract will be v »niwhod. Tho work of tarriiitf tbo taut portionx of the work will bo continued right along. Thin pitch is the, binder uxfld to-hold tlie bilckK togctluir, making a Mdii iho at,„„;,, tempted to roh the Heciirity Htalt in, tho reaiUojit-o district, _•_ Handcll entered the bank Into thl,« afternoon- and put a revolver In (he cuHhier'H .face and got $670. William Oliver, a detective who IIIIM boon «tay- IIIK In .'the bunk roiiHtantly «lnce. same iiiHtltution \va« held up und rob- boil on ' <io .iiieiiioon itiH( April, open oil fire on tSandell. Sovoral MbutH were t<x(.!|iaiiKe<l and Sandell WUH iUHtantly killed bin Oliver escaped $YSTERY for uficl'lioou t'houlru t»-! tiuit oit._'»t | linn. l-;iij;lj,sh i1i.4< "In r-ell Hiclii. lUI M.'U.* ,V-n botli aid'-,-, ,.[ ,Atii-i-i,( but tiouih ,,oi' the ri\.r .'liivc ahoitd'js Near S.tiliv 'unit 'I'sct'wojrc. tbo '.il \\ltil tl'O it. 1 Sultth lloul, ' , jn' deeply intet* Hi.' adu of !iu< >l;«v ,.!i !M«e 1-* HELD CLASS^MEETING True Blue Clats Met In The Church l-9*t Evening. "' Tho Tnio Hluo C|HHH 'of Si, .fohn's churci! bold thoir inontbly clasp nice! ing. kittt cvoninj; in the church.- After a btisiiioHM mectinK', wlioii plaii.s for tin; WiHtor vVero iliKi-'us^od, a "food" \?<t,s onjoyod afirt 'Iho rest of the evening spent informally. ;... . . SHOOTING FROM A LAUNCH Dixon Men Fined Before Sterling Judge For thi», Illegal Act, J(lid I'jitlt 4lc(<JiHi-oj>.;». uf yrraijjiM-i! Official*'Can Lpam No Reaion Murder of Poptiac Girl.. (Hy t'nitod- PIVHM.) - : Pontiac. III., Nov. 16. Uvory theory iidvancod to account^ for Iho murdftr of MIsH' Christine nloiner, diiughtor , of a god Jacob IMv-mer, wluisp iHuly W«H dragged from the Veimillion river on N'ov. 8th. IHIVO IH halted by Iho i|U('Htion • uf motive. -Curouor .Meyer today oeiiterrd his offort's t(i'um ; i)rtain the motive, Tho «iri'* father, mother and nl.Hter, Magdalene fmvo bcon lA'umd over lo tho grand jury on the charge *'t iiiaii!>luughlor but no reason why fhe p.uronts should have'klllod (ho girl have boon advanced. "The report-that a heavy club .with wicps .>f Imtr «iiM?k to it h.uf boon found Whiml the 4>HIM) tionr Un< j'pot from which th«- liody was dragged. ,'was officially denied. •s • ... , • i ELECTION FRAU1JS Investigation Is Being Made In Five Indiana Citic* Says .(Hy rjiiied Pi-i's.s, i. under It. Hy reason of the nature of the act, adntlnlstrfttlon men are convinced that efforts to enjoin its oh- torcomont will fait < (>n' the other band It hi thought it may be possible to enjoin "Jnlcrfer- ,tic.e"'by the railroad* with. interatato irattlc as the labor le-aders wore en- Joined into the fuinoiiH Pullman utrike twonty years ago, > Tho work of formulating the govern- ment'H court action la proceeding rapidly under Iho tiircollon of AsHlHtant Attorney gonoral K. B, tlnderwood a.nd SoHciioFOeiTefuj John Ps,vljii " ~~" ~" •^ It apiK-arii likely that the gov« ment- will |||» a demurrer claiming 1 thfl AduniHon law IH coiiHtltutlonal in an-, swer In the railroads' pica for an injunction restraining 1U enforcement. Thin would result lit a atraightaway right on the conHtltufionality of the act :-.nd would H«rvo more <iu|ck!y to bring (he ca«e before lhe «tuprente court. GREAT INDUSTRIAL 8TRUQQLE. flly Uniled I*ri>»«.) New York, N. Y,, Nov. 18.—-Pro»pectB •f tin; liioaiest Imluatrial ntiuHgle In in\, WO('*= li Hix • • ! iKittton fiu'0- Jitdito I. L. [••''*> miu ver AloiHlny uiUl llnod llt'looli do!.- ( .' '• - : V' '' < and cu'st.s .•IIIKHIUI'MIK to III! fifr each '•'• ''aio n! uf a Istuiu'h. Thoy. wcici 'citsfiij; Iliimls >'uU-« in iMtprohendod 'by OiHtrlct ' «h Wunliii H. C Tunl UK,-. "The. liit-n wotu h rivci* when s«-on b.\- tin < iiH.nt* ,'tnd j '" •r. of Kter- i in- 'K«-ck j vv waiiji-'ii. : • fiut<!. ."if wo mr o- Would !ij] iMley rof;'i :' iti .() Vila yvtli \w • wit Id !(t.|;iy u ii tlioi. n-pi>rt». Hi; at t »;il > " HlHUi HI HI ,t»du>.d <-on- pe.i-.| t e imnitnllaioly i4-fit. atul thi-y placed thfi'u in Uui iiv! ivh'.'i'o t!i ! . .--iud siijTr . «i-, l'h|...-'igii-. •l.o-f m- «t.-r«- n b.iit .. if 'staU-. O (ho r.itifS K Couductod. any- partu' 1 - 1 history IncrcaHod today. The capita) and labor situation arising from the lailroadx' determination to fight the \daniMon law was accentuated by the 'or;nation of a vast organisation of cm* 'loyerti to bo known us the National Uithistrlal i.'onforotico Hoa-rd, ' Thin new body represent Ing $8,0(JO,000,0()U in 'iiplial and employing 7,i'00,000 per- Himu. proposes that indUHtrtal legislation bt? walcimd jiii»r« <;lo»ely, and that legi«latori» b«> guided byjpublic Information and•' that'-favortlum to labor be eliminated. It, will light uui-h mea- taircM aw thp Adamnon wight hour law u ml bc)h»vcH that tho election ahowB there IH no luboi; voio- and that !o#ia- l;itor». lu-ed nrtt curry .the. favor'of labor leadora u« h«» 'bo^ti done in the, past. . • . : , ' • Tho signlllaiH'o of lilo ne^v align- mont was ihcroaKeri with receipt of •il from H.tllliiinio of lUrtp.-Uetlpji that. ^hr'ttrothorlMiotiii (utemiod* to join with tho Ainoricttii l-Viloratlon of Jji»bor to forcts an vlgM hour day-on all indus- trion, not by logiHlatlon, but by tha •e of organised, labor,' bo railruads kept Up their prepar* UK, trying to prevent operation of * ho AdufiiHon law. Rlora; suit* cover- nig linos in all dimrictK of the country >vill bo tHibmlued to th« courts in all .-votions of the nutloii In Xho jiext ten +4jt}4*r -- ;•-. - - 'It WHS apparent in .nUlroad circles tnai the mtinu'gorw havt>-virtunlly giv- t-it u|> hop*, of making" term*!, with. bryiherhouds' chit'i's, tiltiiuugh they Ui<< lalch x KirJug wus oui fur the und .tljfj'r. xi:l.'.roiseiitu,tiyo(i. Tho n.iaiKiKc-i 's i-'unfert'iuni h;^ jt/urne.d. , A'tioihor mooting, how siiay lis« cwlli-ii ikt'At vv.i,M'K. it < Tie of the loading maiuiKorv uafd kUrW, '.liiilhili.if of-tjie I'Opoi t (JiJit muiiMKtT** will i't.nii-r'with tho i>i tho ho

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