Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1968
Page 5
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UPE (Mil fTMr Wfitli If Offtwt ftfiwiff ft Cut Living Costs By Using And Reading Want Ads. PR7-3431. Number of Words Up to 15 16 to 16 to 21 io 26 to 31 to 36 41 46 WAN1 AS RATES All tifcirt Adsftfe-paytbte in Advance but ad will be accepted over the telephone art accomo- tfoiten accounts allowed with the understanding the account is payable when statement is tendered, One Fouf Six One Day Days Davs Mo. 1.102.35 2.50 8.40 20 1.30 2,80 3.50 10.0S 20 1.30 2,60 3.50 10,05 25 1,501.324,0011.55 30 l,7fJ3V?0 4,50 13.0S 35 1,904,155,0014.58 to 40 2.104.605.5016.05 to 45 2.30 5,05 6.50 19.05 to 50 2,50 5,50 6.50 19,05 Initials of one or more letters, group of figures as houseor tele* phone numbers count as one word, CLASSIFIED DISPLAV 1 Time - $1.25 per inch per diy 4 Times-$1.10 per inch perday 6 Times- $.95 per inch per day STANDING CARD ADS 20.00 per inch per month* Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p, m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertise ments offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ms unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then or ONLY the One incorrect Insertion. Phone Prospect 7-3431. **«** t *»«*«*****»« ********** **«*»*t**»t**4*»*«**»»*«**««. «»«*»«»»*«**«»)««****»«*»• **** 63, Sewing Machines a ***** SINGER SEWING MACHINE $313, New glnpjf Zig 2sg par- Ubte 5«Wtof machine $88,06, ptymwts of $5,00 month. The Ftbf 16 Canter-, 10? south Main, your lathorUed Singer P.epre* gefltitive or the Singer Com* piny. 281 Eftst Broad st,,fex« irkini, Arkansas, ' 80, Help Wanted Male **************************** "MILLWRIGHT to install Wood chipping units at sawmills, Independent Slave Co,, Lebanon Missouri," §5» Apartments Unfurnished .*•*•«*****« ** _ 68, Services 81, Help Wanted Female HOUSElSfiratt-M^ Friday. , Cafe for 2 children. Salary; Room and board. Callt ?72.9881 before 5:00 p.m. FOR LEASE at Hlllcresl and Iffi* perial • I and 2 bed room apart* ments, Utilities paid. Some furnished, $100,00 up. PM» 3363 or PR7«§744. M4f •••*****•***••*****»**>•*-«•*. 102 , Real Estate For Sale TM1 WBLL CHILD <*» Cold Capsules No Help In Treating Nasal Allergy ft? WAYNI & SIANDSTAOT, M.D, It id always a puzzle to tell whether a child with respiratory symptoms has a cold or an allergy. Dr. M. 8. Marks at the university of Miami has made a study of the signs •******«•*«*••*•*****•«*••«•, JUSf RELEASED by Estate,., •-„...• - t . , r f wo story Colonial home. Four peculiar to respiratory alter- two baths, fire- INCOME TAX -Fed, & State, $5 tip, M it R Block, America's Lirgest ttx service, Dorsey Strmgfellow, consultant, in* vites his previous clients to H it R Block, Old Harris 4 Harris Medical Clinic behind Cox Drug Store, PR7*5416 9i30 i,m, • 9;00 p.m. 2.12-tf COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE residential or commercial, No obligations, Choose your own builder, We solicit the contractors - plan business. Call Joe Porterfield PR7-S331. 2-14-tf FOR ALL YOUR electrical needs from a small repair to com* plete Job call 'Johnson's Electric PR7-6659 or PR7-5456, 2-5-Imp FOR CARPET AND braided rug cleaning, see Curtis Yates. For free estimates, call PR7- 4670. 2-18-tf INCOME TAX —Federal and State. Sue Walker's Income Tax Service, formerly associated with J. W. Strickland. 90. For Sale bedrooms, place, central heat, two car garage, Located in Oakhaven, On spacious, shaded lot, ideal for Family,.. $15,000,00, Call PR7-2381 Day, or PR7-5863 night. 2-6-tf ies In children. One, which fie calls the allergic shiner, develops after about a year of allergic rhinitis, Dark circles suddenly appear under the eyes without any apparent KJfL* r a( ^f f 1S fff ar Or/Marks ha"s found that it is £??L K L u elll ? gs o"en present in children with supported by a wood burning a nas ^ allergVi It disappears fireplace. Carpet Is olive- as the child grows older, bronze plush nylon, drapes are Along with the mottled appearance of the tongue, the tjAwmtwo o A • ^* **„« , L,— cause. They are, however, due i * H, M BAtROAWS •**' Dav ' or PR7 ' 5863 "Wit. to swelling of the nasal mu- ing machines, vacuum clean- 2 -6-tf cous membranes interfering ers. Take over payments. W pcTwnoh rnwrriWDnij^v with the normal venous drain- Free homedemonsfrations. No wE&TWOOD CONTEMPORARY, fl f f m , hfi obiigations-24 hour service. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, central B Phone: Collect, Texarkana heat and alr - kx* * or the 792-2552 or Write: Local Sewing Center, 1521 Texas, Texarkana, Texas 75501. 1-31-lmp THREE BEDROOM modern home, Forty acres land, pond, improved pasture. 22,000 capacity chickens. Call PR7- 4858 or PR7-5225. 2-20-lmc FARM FOR SALE - Call PR7- 5902, after 6:00 p.m. 2-22-2mc YOUNG REGISTERED Angus Bulls, and Heifers. Good Bulls don't cost they payl C. L. Roberts, PR7-6726. 1-30-lmc GRAVEL -Contact S, V. Cobb, or Bobby Cobb . . . PR7-5913 or PR7-4413. 1 Job Printing PRINTl"NG""o7"Qualuy"" Letter-" press or Offset. Call Yukon 3.2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. j2-5-tf __ 2. Notice COMPLETE Quality Film Developing Service— Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAK No. 1 and 2. 2-24-tf 5. Funeral Directors AMKtt&~CE~SmVKE~ m 6xgyen equipped, Two • way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home, Phone 7-4686. 2.28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. 2-7-1 mp 1502 West Third. Phone PR7- FOR SALE BY OWNER. 7 room 4642 or PR7-4680. house, 1% baths, lot, carport, tool house, comfortably furnished. 715 West Avenue A, Hope, Arkansas. Phone: PR7- 6268. 2-13-l2tc BRACE yourself for a thrill the first time you use Blue Lus- deep gold. Walls are white ash lightly rubbed with black stain. Counter tops are black marble formica. Come see the rest by appointment. Call Hayes McKlnnle - PR7-5251 or PR7-5744. 2-22-lmc WIN AT BRIDGE Blackwood Cue Is Universal By Oswald and James Jacoby LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals for the construction of an addition and al- ^1^^ te rations to the existing coliseum vv y adenoids of these children may become enlarged. In such eases surgical removal of the adenoids may increase rather than relieve the problem, but treatment of the allergy will reduce the adc- . nolds to their normal size. Another sign, which Dr. Marks calls the allergic salute, is a pressing upward of the nose with the heel of the hand to relieve itching and make breathing easier. If your child has a nasal allergy, it is important to recognize it for what it is and have your doctor prescribe appropriate treatment. Cold capsules and other household remedies won't help. Q—My daughter, 9, may go for a week without a bowel movement. Laxatives don't seem to help. What should 1 give her? A—The most likely cause cf this condition is megacolon or an abnormally large colon. If an obstruction in the colon exists, it should be corrected before any other treatment is tried. - 15. Used Furniture LUCK'S USE'D FURNITURE'CO" See me before buying or selling. H. E. Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-4381. 1-30-lmc INCOME TAX and bookkeeping service. Those due tax refunds should file early. Clifford Franks . . Phone PR7- 2210. l-24-3mc NEED OLD BUILDING torn down? Free estimates. Call PR7-3841or PR7-9924. • < 2-26-6tp 78. Business Opportunities )... .^,.i.i. d..;.— , NOW AVAILABLE '. . . 2'open- ings with AVON Products In Bodcaw and Hope. Write today while territories are still open. Give directions to your home in reply. WRITE: Avon Manager, P.O. Box 944, Texarkana, Texas 7 5501 2-24-etc 123. House Leveling FREE ESTIMATE anywhere. Floor leveling, foundation repair, new sills, piers, bracing, underpinning. Brick, block, concrete, and carpen- tre to clean rugs. Rent electric shampooer$l. Ho me Furniture Co. . 2-26-6tc 91. For Rent House. 9th, near Yerger School. Phone: PR7-2894, Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 92. Houses Unfurnished FOR RENT-6 ROOM HOUSE. Good condition, 905 West 7th Street. Dial PR7-3467. A. D. Middlebrooks. 2-26-4tp 94. Apartments Furnished NORTH 26 4A93 VKQ7 • QJ64 *A04 WEST EAST 4102 474 ¥9832 VJ10654 *A953 *K1087 4865 * 10 7 SOUTH (D) 4KQJ865 VA West Pass Pass Pass 4KQJ32 Both vulnerable North East South 3 N. T. 5V Pass Pass Pass Pass 4 N. T. 6 4" ~ Opening lead — • A to the colon. When ... . « , T, , .7""* daughter has gone 72 building located at Fair Park hours without a bowe i move . Hope, Arkansas, for the Third men t you should give her an District Livestock Show, in accordance with the drawings and specifications prepared by David E. Blalne, A.I.A., Architect, 204 Elrock Building, Little Rock, Arkansas, will be received at the office of the Hope Chamber of Commerce, 108 West Third Street, Hope, Arkansas until 2:00 p.m., Central Standard time, March 7, 1968, and then publicly opened and read aloud. Any bid recleved after closing time will be returned unopened. A single proposal is requested which shall cover general construction, mechanical, electrical and site improvements. Copies of the, drawing, specifications and contract documents may be examined in the office of the,- Hope^Chamber .61'Qpjnjn.$r£.e^ 108 West Third Street, Hope;Ar"-~'this; noticevor tfief shall be for- kinsas. Two sets of such documents may be obtained by the prlnie general contractor from ever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 19th Jim: "We get a lot of mail complaining that there are too many bidding conventions.", Oswald: "For people who want to play bridge for nothing but relaxation, I do feel that too many conventions are out of place. The average player should not attempt to make every bridge game f a memory exercise. On the other hand, if you play in a national championship, yoti should be expected to extend yourself. A golf champion Feb. 19, 26, 1968 LEGAL NOTICE WALKER'S NEW & USED Fur- nlture, PR7^233, 213 S.Mtln. Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell . trade-or buy. try. Call collect 772-7370 Tex- u ? es 14 . clubs—the ordinary . -._._-. _ . *»•«"»•»•»»•»••»•»»«-•••»•»«,.>, nmVOI* CnnillH rtnf nlnnrr ntUU arkana, Const, U.S.A. Golden Rule 2-23-tf 3-ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT. . .Call PR7-5653. 2-22-4tc 21. Used Cars WANTED^-" Late model used'ca'rs and pickup trucks. See James Gaines Used Cars. 203 West 3rd. 2-2441 »*»+~mmmm*mm mmm + 9mmmwmm ^^ mmmm 35. Truck Rentals 90. For Sale 70 percent, refrigerator dollies, loading ramps, furniture pads etc, furnished free, Move anything, anywhere, anytime, no red tape, no delay, Only license required Js your driver's license, Free estimates and reservations, PR7* 5733, PERRY'S TRUCK REN. TAL, afr Perry's Truck Stop, Hwy, 67 East of Hope, For Sale By Owner Large comfortable home on big corner lot in Southland Heights, Four bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, Den and kitchen, Drapes, large patio, central heat and air conditioned. Dishwasher and electric range. Has approximately 2,000 square feet of living area, BARGAIN, Shown by appointment only, CALL; PR7-3757 after liOOp.m, 2'23-4tc A - Auction >**«** ••*>»* 48, Slaughtering: Slaughtering;, Meat fe>ryo«r deep free?e, We buy cattle and. hogs, CUSTOM S{ayghterln| Beef pp port cut an<J wrsppeij fer yoyr <jeep fr^ eje, (?oflt»Qt PARRY'S " 73, Jewelepg »S !»*!»? »»f »*««»t**»St T9t*»t FINEST WATCH 4 Jewelry re- Pijr, AH WPJ$ i^raflteoj. P^rty napkte? for all oc- cisjogs, perspft^Uioj, prte!e4 Stewart's Jewpiry Stors- ?08 ' SAT, MAR, 2 AUCTION SALE wo A.M. PRADHAM ESTATE RANCH 5 Ml, No, Red River Arsenal Main Gate New Bpston, Tex, nnv UA^O * N ° MINIMUM » NO RESERVATION. « v BUY'BACKS. T, P, 18 mternat'l Bulldozer W^Cut. ting Blade, 14 Tractors , 97, 88, 4 50 Massey Fergus. °fl s ; A 4 G John Peeres; 2 super pester 2000 DJeseJs; Mfrftst'j: i case, '55 Ford P.UJ 64 FordJMj'w^'wh, Rieks, Plows, Pises, Rakjs, Harrows, Prills, Sijsh Hogs, Seeder, Scrapers, Fertilizers irrigation Pipe £ Pumps, "Harvesters, Hundred's QjT pessary to operate this 20,000 acre Ranch, Cash, Cashier's check or Letter of BM^S Checks, Complete Luting Contact^ •IAKI MOORI ASSOCIATES AUCTIONEERS AC ?H SU4-2.815 player should get along with half as many." Jim: "One artificial convention is almost universal. That is the Blackwood four and five no-trump. Let's talk about it this week." Oswald: "Today's hand shows Blackwood in its simplest form. North's three no- trump response shows a balanced hand with 1547 high card points but those points don't mean too much to South, He doesn't care about points, What he wants to know is how many aces North has." Jim: "The Blackwood convention lets him find out. His four no-trump bid says, 'Partner! If you have no aces or four aces, then bid five clubs; if you have one ace, bid five diamonds; with two aces, bid five hearts; with three aces, bid five spades, and leave the rest to me.'" Oswald: "North responds dutifully and shows two aces, whereupon South contracts for the cinch si* spades." Jim: "We gave the example with malice aforethought. Those who play that any four no'trwmp bid is Blackwood have no trouble with this hand. Some experts would have real trouble. They play that, under certain circumstances, a bid of four no- trump is just a strong no- trump bid and not a demand for aces." the Hope Chamber of Commerce day of February 1968. at the above address upondeposlt , Esther Stuart of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for 416 W. 5th each set. This deposit will be re- Hope, Ark. funded, provided a legitimate bid Is submitted, and upon return of the documents in good condition within five days after opening of bids, or upon return of the documents seven (7) days before date The annual school election will of receiving bids and advising the be held by the qualified electors architect that no bid will be sub- O f the Hope School District 1-A mltted. Additional sets may be O f Hempstead County on Tues- secured upon deposit of twenty- day, March 12, 1968, between five dollars ($25.00) for each, the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 However, the cost of reproduc- Pim , The electors will vote a tion shall be deducted from the school tax of 40 mills to be deposit for additional sets upon levied for debt service and gen- return of the documents in good condition. Sub-contractors, material dealers, manufacturer's representatives, etc., may secure documents upon same conditions, A cashier's check, certified check or an acceptable bidder's bond, payable to the owner in'an amount of not less than five percent (5 percent) of the largest Feb. 12, 19, 26, 1968 possible total of the bid submit- ____«_____ ted, Including the consideration of additive alternates, must accompany each bid as a guarantee that, if awarded the contract, the bidder promptly enter Into aeon- tract and execute such bonds as may be required, The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any or all formalities, No bid may be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days sub. sequent to the opening of bids without the consent of the owner, 'You. hold: Synth. a»-e dealer and What du you bid? will* (Q preempt 4* noi hsnd ibujt has ......... ' P, 0, 777 4$5pc: Col, Henry 75460 AC 214, W4 5*2370 two " Yuu bid one spade and your partner responds t\vu ciub> U'hai du you du now" In The Chancery Court Of HempsteaU County, Arkansas, Patricia Ann Polk, Plaintiff, vs, Leo Preston Polk, Pefen. dant, ,No, 9285, WARNING ORDER The defendant, Leo Preston Polk, Is warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plain* tiff, Patricia Ann Polk, Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 1st day of February, 1968, Jim Cole Clerk F, C, Crow Solicitor for. Plaintiff Norman M, Smith Attorney Ad, LJtem Feb. 5, I?, 19, §6, 1968 cannot express adequately oijr appreciation to pr. Jim, {he nijrses and staff at Hempstead Memorial Hospital the special nurses, the first Methodist sod FirsUsse~mbJy of Cto<J churches, and our friends and neighbors |o r their kind egressions of sympathy through service, cards., pray* ers, food and flowers during" the recent Illness and death of our beloved husband and father, Jesse F. Morris, WeVouJd also Jfee to say thank you to all of his customers and friends who helped him In his business through the years. Mrs, Jesse F, Morris David, Corene Revu 4 Porthy A.J.A. documents shall be sub' miUed on forms prepared by the architect, AJ{ bidders must comply with the requirements of the Arkan, sas State Licensing Law for con, tractors, Act 150 of 1965. Third District Livestock Show Hope, Arkansas Feb. 19, 26, 1968 Politital Hope Star star of Hope I8§S} consolidated 18, The Star is authorized to announce that the foliowlngarecAtt* didates for public office subject to action of the Democratic Primary, Fof dounty Judge FtNiS ODOM For fa* Assessor CARTER SUtf ON For Sheriff 4 Collector JIMMIE GRIFFIN For Prosecuting Attorney BILL DENMAN, JR, For Circuit Clerk • JIM COLE For Representative ARf HUR L, STRECH For Treasurer HARRY HAWTHORNE Published every LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE In The Probate Court Of Hempstead County, Arkansas. In The Matter Of The Estate Of Rosa Walloch, deceased. No. 2129. Last known address of decedent: 320 S. Elm St., Hope, Ark. Date of death: Dec. 18, 1967. The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above named decedent on the 29th day of January, 1968. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned .within six months from the eral fund for the operation of schools of said district. The polling places in the district will be the school administration building, 117 East Second Street. William E. Tolleson Secretary of School Board LEGAL NOTICE at the Star Building SfAftinJBUSHfNGCO. Mrs, C, E. Palmer, President Alex M, WashbUf n, Sec, . freas. 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas tiflOl j Alex, H, Washburn : Editor & Publisher • Paul M. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgt. C. M. (Pod) Rogers, Jf, Circulation Manager Billy Dan Jones Mechanical Superintendent Second<lass postage paid at Hope, Arkansas Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Member of the Press Associated " The Associated Press is en- enema of eight ounces of plain titled exclusively to Hip use for warm water and have her republlcation of all the local hold It for five minutes before news printed In this newspaper, passing H. Some persons with as well as all Ap news dis- megacolon are benefited by patches, taking prostigmin, a prescrip- Single Copy lOc tion drug. Subscription I^ates (Payable In advance) By Carrier In Hope and neighboring Towns - Q—I read that a baby's mouth should be left alone while bathing him. Why? A—In bathing your baby, you should wash his face gently, using care not to get soap or bath water in his mouth. He won't be able to tell you how much he appreciates this but try to imagine yourself in his place. (Newspaper Inter prise Assn.) LEGAL NOTICE Per week Per Year, By mail .35 Office only . . 18.20 In Hempstead, Ne- Howard, Pike, Counties — Months 2.90 One Year . '. '. '. ; '. '. '. '. '.'. lo!oO All other Mail in Arkansas One Month ......... 1.10 Three Months 3.90 One Year . 12.00 One All Other Mail Outside Arkansas Month 1.30 The annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Spring Hill School District _. ,. .. , on No. 10 of Hempstead County on IJ reev Months J.JO' Tuesday, March 12, 1968, be- One Year • • • • • 15 ' 60 tween the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The electors will vote a school tax of 40 mills to be levied for debt service and gen- College Student Bargain Offer Nine Months 6.75 Nat'l Advertising . Representatives: ' , ,v.*4 - , i eral fund for the operation of schools of said district. t . . The polling places'in thedis- *°vw Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 3387 Av., Memphis, Tenh., tofore designated. Brooks Collins Secretary of School Board Feb. 19, 26, March 4, 1968 SHORT RIBS ? 2, Texas; 360 N. CWcago 42nd St " New York Jgan 60 E Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 Shriyll Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla. • By FRANK O'NEAL 70 K>8 \ -THE-RICH AND-eve To 1U£ Poop. I Visiting Hollywood Answer to Pr«vlou» Puul» ACROSS 1 **-~T opera 3 F«8ture4 performer 9 Movie 12 Pain 5 Capuchin monkey 6 Craggy pinnacle 7 Positive electrodes 13 Excellent (coll.) « Pjrspeted fort U Unclose (poet.) t £ Short stocking 15 Angen 10 Fencing swor«t 16 Play <n<H> H Gull-like bin! jg t^-Wn 17 Constellation 20 Become obscure 19 $«i<* knock »«wvWi^-»}g <&* fiCrtJE* „. „ ,..,. 28 River bank. 31 Greek w»r go4 8 North C8m?»s«M> 32 ?K? W?lty ' 30Scorer S Climbing vine I Manager (ab.) 36 Straits STSeateaones 39 Permission la use 40 Breastbone* « Born 43 Thing mo»de4 (corr,b. form) 4$ Russia)) ruler 46 Und measure 49 Notion 50 Arboreal Jiome 51 Poker stake 59 Electrified particle 97 Bo? 38 Star's swimming 40 Man from Madri4 42 Choose 44 Soak !\ax 45 Mexican dish 48 Eye part 52 Play synopsis H Barbara. — .. actress 55 Form of "lo 1»" " precipitation 57 Remainder' 58 Color 59 Supplies with W SaUsfy I I-tvantine ketch '4 Soup vetetuble coins

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