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The Charlotte News from Charlotte, North Carolina • Page 10

Charlotte, North Carolina
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THS CHAEL6W1 Ww. AUGUST 29 "19 1 10 i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 IF A MAN WILL KEEP SCHOOL DAYS MM With Its Capital and Profits of $860,000 The Commercial National Bank HAND ABE AT 7 OF CHARLOTTE, N. C. HAMMERING set refults" That is wnat a Prominent business man the other day. It's true and that Is why we occupy this SDacP t0 Us We want the readers of The NEWS to learn two thinss hr, Dgs about this 1st.

That it makes a better and safer Executor, Trustee and than an individual. ana Guardiaa 2nd. That it solicits your surplus funds to loan out for von cent per annum on first mortgage Mecklenburg Real per THE SOUTHERN REAL ESTATE LOAN TRUST CO. SPECIAL THIS WEEK Kills Dudriff Germs Is Prepared to Take Care of Your Account Whether Large or Small and Respectfully Solicits Same. WE HAVE MONEY TO LEND Banubes Scalp Itch Stop Fftlliof Hair Mke the Hair Grow Or Monty Back Parisian Sage is a perfect hair dressing' and hair feeautifier.

The girl with the Auburn hair on every bottle. Take no other. Druggists everywhere. 60 CENTS Sold and Guaranteed fcr R. H.

JORDAN CO. LIST 0F1EACHERS Announcements are made by the fcity school board of the following appointments of teachers for the current the list being completed this morning for the printed report of the board: White Graded School No. 1 South Graded School, Morehead street and Boulevard. F. P.

Wyche, principal. Grade Ninth F. P. Wyche, Mary Belle Miller. Grade Eighth Charlee Hutchison, Bertha Donnelly, Fannie B.

Moore, Sara Kelly. Grade Seventh Josephine Osborne, Maud McKlnnon, Julia D. Roberts, Jessie Henderson, Ursula Blankenship. Grade Sixth Mrs. Lois H.

Ardrey, Kate Harris, Helen Clifford, Leonore Seay, Josephine Henderson, Miriam Gryder. Grade Fifth Sunie Todd, Helen Matthews. Evelyn Rucker. Grade Fourth Edith Ward, Ellen Jamison. Grade Third Jennie Patterson, Nina Howell.

Grade Second Alice Moore, Willie Wakefield. Grade One Alice Holland, Lelia H. C.j SHERRILL Saturday, September 2nd Is the Date of Opening New Series REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Phone 162. 16 E. Trade St.

FIRE INSURANCE as- already stated in The News. Complete medical inspection was made at the end of last session. Arrangements are now pending with the Medi eckf enbere Ass This ls the season merchants and others will be increasing their inur-aDie property, hence additional protection should be taken which I offer the very strongest companies in the business. cal Board with the view of having the latter appoint inspectors to make frequent visits to the schools this session A. G.

CRAIG REAL ESTAE AND INSURANCE Phone 1436. Trust Building, No matter what your occupation is you should not fail to gat in this series. A. G. CRAIG, Secretary Young.

White Graded School No. 2. North School, corner Ninth and I Brevard streets. H. P.

Harding, prln rir.a I PHONE 1436 TRUST BLDG. Senior and Junior High School PREPARING FOR grades H. P. Harding, liliani Tavic; Worth Anderson. fi 0 Grade Fifth Cornie Fore, John THE DOCTORS Miller, Rena Clements, Florence Jam ison.

ftrads Fourth Gertrude Smith FOR SALE We have for sale some very desirable dwellings located in the very best sections of the city, all of which are new and modern in all respects, including hot air heat: 9-roflm dwelling, corner Travis and 5th St. 8-room dwelling, corner 7th St. and Louise Ave. 8-room dwelling, East 8th between Louise Ave. and Haw-thorn Lane.

7-room house Miller Elizabeth Heights. 5-room Bungalow, West Avenue. The above dwellings are all very desirable, and we will be very glad to show you one or all of them at your convenienca. For further information call at office, or 'phone Carolina Realty Go. Eunice Anderson, Anna Wehmer, No rn Relle Wilson.

At its recent convention in this city, the North Carolina Medical Association decided to meet in June. Grade Third EUe Grier, Mary 1912. at Hendersonville. Already that hustling little city, Hendersonville, is beginning to pre pare ior tne visit of the state physi cians. The Hendersonville Herald savs: The Charlotte Association Will Open Its 44th Series, Saturday, Aug, 5 Money Deposited Here is Safe, Earns More Than 6 and is Not Subject to Taxation.

As an Investment or Saving Proposition it Offers Most Favorable Advantages to its Shareholders. Ask Us For Information J. H. VAN NESS, Pres. WILLIS BROWN, Sec.

Treas. OFFICE 203 NORTH TRYON STREET 211 N. Tryon St. 'Phone 609. "At, a called meeting of the physicians of the Henderson-Polk County Medical Society at the court house the first steps and plans were outlined and discussed looking toward the en tertainment of the North Carolina Medical Association in Hendersonville 3 Vacant Lots For in June iyiz.

"The following is a list of the committee on arrangements: Dr. A. B. Drafts. Dr.

W. R. Kirk. Dr. J.

R. Williams, Dr. G. E. Dixon and Dr.

L. B. Morse, chairman of Hendersonville, and Dr. E. McQ.

Salley, Salnda. and on Elizabeth Avenue Must be sold as a whole and not separated. The property is on this side of the creek on the shady side of the street. This entire property including 3 lots can be bought for $3,000.00. Tribute to Dr.

Eulten Reese Alexande? Dr. W. M. Lyday, of Penrose, N. C.

Penrose, N. C. All the physicians of the county society are appointed on most divines of the entire country and the people of this community have a rare treat in store." the reception committee. The finance Installing Fountain committee Is composed of Mr. J.

C. Morrow, Dr. J. R. Williams and Dr.

L. B. Morse. J. E.

MURPHY CO It was the consensus of opinion the Dev. Dr. H. H. Hulten left yesterday for Hendersonville, where last night he began a two-weeks meeting in the First Baptist church.

In noting the coming of Dr. Hulten the Hendersonville Daily Herald says: "Dr. Hulten is one of the fore society that Hendersonville should give the doctors of the state one of the Most Unusual. "Strange things happen." "Yes. For instance, I once met an actor at a summer resort and was acquainted with him a whole day before he told me he was on the stage." 'PHONE 842.

229 S. TRYON ST. warmest welcomes which they have ever before received. It is to be re membered that this is the first time The new soda fountain for the Reese Alexander drug store is being rapidly installed and is expected to be in operation tomorrow. Mr.

Harry Tally, formerly of Hawley's, will be head dispenser of drinks and will serve every variety from the early morning "dope" to the latter-in-the-day thirst quencher. The fountain is a 12-foot innovation with the latest improvements. It is fitted with 12 syrups and two 5-gallon ice cream packers. It is also an Iceless, that we have ever been able to get the state society here. Numbers of places smaller than Hendersonville Beautiful Woodlawn have had the privilege of entertaining this association, but this is the first for the fair city of Hendersonville.

Everj' member present was enthusias tic in his belief that we should spare requiring no packing of coils or syrups that they may be kept cold. The inno no efforts to make the meeting a red-letter one in the history of the 104J Per Acre We offer for a few days only one of the most attractive farm propositions to be found. Macadam road, 25 acres good timber, pasture land, and rented this year for 2250 lbs. lint cotton, 10 per cent on investment See us now. Peoples Loan Realty Co.

The cosy, artistic BUNGALOWS, in this Charlotte's nearest and most desirable suburb, will especially appeal to persons of taste and refinement. Magnificent oak trees, affording splendid shade, and the freedom from dust, noise and traffic, all combine to make WOODLAWN an ideal HOME location. Only one block from car line and within easy walking distance from the Square. If you want a HOME that you will be.nroud of. and that vou will real vation is made by R.

M. Green Sons, of Philadelphia. At the recent meeting of the state There will doubtless- be quite a run association in Charlotte there were on the new place tomorrow to test the large numbers of people who express ly enjoy living in, come in and let us plan, your BUNGALOW according ed a desire to come tx Hendersonville. flavor and quality of the popular proprietors' offerings. to your especial taste and requirements.

Our prices are very reasonable and terms easy. Let us show you W. L. Nicholson, Manager. C.

R. McGinn, Salesman. 309 Realty Building. Phone 313. It was surprising to learn how many had heard of the attractions of this city, but had never been here.

All expressed themselves as wanting to come, and It is safe to say that we will Woodmen Shelter Conjederate Veterans waat we can ao. The IcCluna Realty o. 9d finn4h Tiffin I i.pi likely have the largest number here that has ever attended a similar meeting of this organization. The veterans are smiling once more. They have a permanent home.

Phone 1254. For No effort was spared in publicity The Woodmen of the World have of fered them the use of their hall over both prior to the last meeting and at the time the physicians were in W. L. Hand drug store on East street. "The physicians of the county so They will Ditch their tent there.

A few of those beautiful "Club Acres" left and for sale on good easy terms. Better see us soon. Three, four and five-room houses in "East End," close to the car line. Some real cozy places, with good improvements. ciety, as a society, voted unanimously Irwin, Rose Walsh.

Grade Second Mrs. Clifford, Hat-tie Graham, Blanche Austin. Grade One Fannie Henderson, Bettie Nash, Allie Nooe. Vhite Graded School No. 3.

Summit Avenue, Dilworth. Pierce Wyche, principal. Grade Seventh Pierce Wyche. Grade Sixth Fannie Porter. Grade Fifth Callie Squires.

Grade Fourth Zoe Hackett. Grade Third Marguerite Springs. Grade Second Kathleen Beatty. Grade One Mrs. Essie Blanken-Ehip, Miss Mary Graham.

White Graded School No 4. G. Heilig, principal. Seventh G. P.

Heilig. Grade Sixth Eunice Hoover. Grade Fifth Agnes Phifer. Grade Fourth Miss Keister. Grade Third Evelyn Nesbit, Miss Clifford.

Grade Second Katie Hope Robinson, Annie Cashion. Grade One Mary Dorsey, Daisy Cuthbertson. White Graded School No 5. Elizabeth Mills Grade One, Two, Three Anna B. Carr, principal.

White Graded School No. 6. Seversville. Grades One. Two.

Three Addie Brown, principal. White Graded School No. 7. Grove ton. Mrs.

Chalmers Moore, principal; Bertha Howlands. White Graded School No. 8 Myers Park. Mabel Trotter, principal. Grade Second Myrtle Long.

White Graded School No. 9. Fifth Ward School, Highland Park. Grade One Hattie Alexander, prin-Jlpal. Grade Second Alida Oliver.

Grades Third and Fourth Lorna Squires. White Graded School No. 10. Sallie Bethune, principal. Grade One Sallie Bethune, Mary Wiley.

Grade Second Mary A. Nash, Mary Maxwell. Grade Third Ida Hand, Lucy Hen-Jerson. Appointments for the colored Ujhools 'are as follows: Colored Grared School No. 1.

South Myers street. S. B. Pride, principal. Grade Eighth S.

B. Pride. Grade Seventh Jesse Pride, Zella Alston. Grade Sixth Emma D. Wyche, Hannah Stewart.

Grade Fifth X. L. Leary, Mary Springs. Grade Fourth Sadie Washington, Ella Creswell, Rosa Barber. Grade Third Sadie Hoskins, May McCullough, Mary Wyche, T.

W. Green. Grade Second N. E. Leary, Maggie, Arthur, Willie Massey, Nettie Hagler.

Grade One Addie McKnight, L. Cardwell, Louise Barber. Supernumeraries Maude Wilson, Miss McKnight, Miss Hoskins, Willie Xlrown, Minnie Phifer, Creola Means. Colored Graded School No. 2.

Eiddleville. Grade One Hattie Neal, principal. Grade Second C. C. Springs.

Colored Graded School No 3. Grade One Blanche Tyson. Grade Second L. Cardwell. Teachers Meet Friday.

Preparations are being rapidly for the openingf of the schools. The list of teachers and their reapor-tionment and the changes In text-books have been made. Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock the teachers will meet In the South graded school for discussion of various ters before the formal opening. The list of teachers in both white and colored schools and the grades in which they "will instruct this session are given above. Very few changes have been made In the text-books, It being the policy of the school authorities to avoid frequent and wholesale changes as far as possible.

It has been found advisable, however, to use to a large extent the books which are adopted for use in the schools throughout the state. The book dealers will be Informed as to the changes and patrons can get Information at the book stores. Lists are being printed today. Old books will be taken in exchange at a fair valuation, acording to their condition, of course. Vaccination.

Proof of vaccination -will be required. HAVE YOU LOOKED 'EM OVER, SARAH? moving their valuables tomorrow or next day. to appropriate the sum of $200 as the first subscription to the fund. "In the near future the finance com Wildman, Sr. (to son home from Vacant lots and some valuable farms.

Have you found one that fills the bill just quite as well as the Mutual? college) Well, Richard, how have things been going with you this term? Wildman, Jr. Pretty slow, dad except the cash. Boston Transcript. mittee will call upon the citizens of the town, and it is hoped that every one will feel it to his advantage to make liberal donations in behalf of this important meeting. No other convention has ever been held in Hender W.

T. Wilkinson Co. One finds out things by studying and investigating. That's wny people like this boat. It's our first, consideration.

All else is secondary. Why, you J. A. BROWN, Notary Public. aon go to a lellow who occasionally cuts a corn off to take out your appendix or amputate a leg.

Not on your life. You rush to headquarters; to a sonville that should be of such bene fit as the coming one. An effort will be made to have the physicians bring fellow who loves his proession; toone that knows how. JUST SO, MY DEAR SARAH, "Are your neighbors gossipy?" asked Billings. "Some of them must be," answered Gittings, "judging by the reports to me." Buffalo Express.

their families to these beatiful When in Doubt we love the Mutual. We know its powers to a dead certainty, for we TROW OUT THE LINE. burn the midnight oil in furthering its every interest. Building Loan people come to us for they have found we are headquarters, and that this WIFE GOT TIP TOP ADVISE. "My wife wanted me to take our boy to the doctor to cure an ugly boil," writes D.

Frankel, of Stroud, Okla. 'I Give Them Help and Many Charlotte Buy at Piedmo said 'put Bucklen's Arnica Salve on People Will Be Happier. "Throw Out the Life Line" The kidneys need help. They're overworkoS get the She did so, and it cured the boil in a short time." Quickest healer of Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Corns, Bruises, poison filtered out cf tbe blood. They re getting worse every min ship has no superior anywhere, yea, and few equals.

THE NEW SERIES WILL OPEN Saturday night, September 2nd, you may as well get the best. No difference in the fare. No speculation in our figures and statements. Applications for loans can be filed at once. REMEMBER THE DATE, SEPT.

2ND. COME THEN OR EARLIER. E. L. Keesler, Sec.

Treas. ute. Swellings. Best Pile cure on earth. Try it.

Only 25c at W. L. Hand Co. Will you help them? Doan's Kidney Pills have brought thousands of kidney sufferers back from the verge of despair. There's a reason several of them.

At PIEDMONT you need not wait for possible future developments In the years to come. PIEDMONT already has macadamized main streets, PIEDMONT already has electric car line, PIEDMONT already has city water mains, Myy PIEDMONT already, has city sewerage system, PIEDMONT already electric lights, PIEDMONT already has gas for cooking purposes. Charlotte testimony proves their worth. 25 S. TRYON ST.

PHONE, 344. Mrs. M. C. McAnulty, 910 N.

David son Charlotte, N. says: "I had been afflicted with kidney complaint so long that I had almost given up hope of finding a cure. A friend finally recommended Doan's Kidney Pills And also to me and I got a box at R. H. Jordan Drug Store.

Soon after I be gan their use, the pain in my back PIEDMONT has healthful location, T'T-PIEDMONT is within ten minutes' run of the city. For HOME or for INVESTMENT buy at PIEDMONT. About 200 lots alreadv solfl Vnnr tymina left me and I was able to rest well. Doan's Kidney Pills helped me so much in every way that it is a pleas ure to recommend them." easiest of terms or with liberal discount for cash. For sale by all dealers.

Price 50 For Rent RESIDENCES. 6-room apartment, 415 N. College St $30,00 7 rooms, modern, 712 East 5th St" 25.00 4 rooms, Villa Heights 8.00 3 rooms, corner West 8th St. and 1. R- 700 4 rooms.

Villa Heights per week 1-50 5 rooms, 501 E. Oak St 10.00 7 rooms, modern, 1405 E. 7th St 22.50 5 rooms, 307 S. Myers St 8-50 6- room apartment, 419 N. Col-4-room apartment In Elmore Apartments 30.00 6 rooms, 918 N.

10.00 lege SJt S0.00 7 rooms, modern, 1511 S. Boulevard 25.00 7 rooms, modern. East 5th St. extended 20.00 8 rooms, modern, 310 N. Church 35.00 7- rooms, modern, 7J8 E.

4th St. 25.00 Brown Co. cents. Foster-Milburn Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the United States.

Remember the name Doan's and take no other. For R.entf Modern 6-room cottage 306 E. 9th $20.00 Modern 5-room cottage, 904 W. Trade 22.50 5-room cottage Pegram St 10 00 3-room house So. Harrell per week 1.25 3- room house, 902 West 3rd, per week 1.50 Modern 8-room house, 305 E.

9th 30.00 Modern 8-room house, 700 N. Poplar St 26.00 Modern 9-room house 313 East 9th street 35.00 er 5-room cottage 408 East 7th street 18.00 7-room house 2 W. Liddell St 16 00 v0use 320 N- McDowell street il.OO Mt 28 S. Graham street 15.00 5-room house 18 West Palmer street 9 50 4- room house B04 West 10th street 10 Jo Nice 5-room house in Sunny Side slate roof innn N- wfll ltl and repair" to smi'desirable 10-0 5- room honse507EWtVth street" '1 .77. iaq J.

Arthur Henderson Bro. "FIRE NSURANCE F. C. Hbtimtt CASTOR I A Infant and Children. EVERTHING IN REAL ESTATE Attractive Investments In Mill Stocks, Bank Stcck and Bonds.

The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of Don't Forget That We Write Fire Insuracc in Strong Companies..

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