Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1895
Page 5
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ipfijp^ip^ STRAW HATS Summer Underwear. Man Made Comfort able by.... DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. B Save This Coupon S No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind'you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. AL. T. YOUNG, THB PEftRL 8TRBET TfllLOR. OFBHA IIOCNK. 9, B. Patterson, Manager, FRIDAY, MAY 17. Extraordinary Announcement. Return Engagement of (lie favorite William Morris. In DeMillea Great Play, The Lost Paradise! A »rctty play thiit appeals to and surpassingly piemen all classes of theatre goers. Advnnci sale opens Tburs- day mornlne. Prices tl, 7Cc, We, 26o. DAILY JOURNAL THE CASE COMPROMISED THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 16,_ Girl Wanted—At 224 Eel River ave. nue. See our 73o laoed Oxford slippers In tan or back—Boston Sample Shoe Co. The bargains In silks Is causing itampede at the Trade Palace. No wonder, tuoh low prioat. Found—A Cftthollo prayer book In the theater. Owner oan have same by calling at thU office and paying for thlt notice. When Otto makes* out the people he meant buslnett, and his ad> ementi are tlmple, therefore eatlly understood. Acting through the blood, Hood't Sanaparllla not only cures torofula. •alt rheum eto., but gives health and vigor to the whole body. You will find In John Gray't undet- wear ttock a gent's tummer merino, juit the thing for those who feel that gauze it a little too thin. With thlt iiiue we withdraw our big price Hit If all our frlendi h*ve read an* noticed It at carefully at our competitor*, we are thoroughly tatlt- fled—Otto Kraut. Remember that hot weather It coming again In a few dayt and every one will be wanting tummer underwear, and now It a good time to make your t*l«ctlont at John Grav't. Awarded HifhMft Honors— World'* Pair. DR. BAKING POWDHI MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 pun Crept Cream c'Twtar Powder. Fret lorn Ammonii, Alum o. wy other adulterant 4O YEARS THE STANDARD, Georce Tinkle Again Hake* *«ttleineBC With • Wronged •Woman. George Tinkle, the man who has had two paternity eults on his conscience this year, has, by the use of cash assets, again wiggled from beneath the heavy hand of the law. The complalalng of Grace Herron's relatives was said to be stopped by the alleged payment yesterday of $350, and the costs will make the sum dropped by Tinkle about $400. He was unable yesterday morning to furnish in 'Squire Laiog's court, $700 bond, and was then returned to jail. The compromise was effected later In the day. At Ihe Opera Home. Duncan Clark's female minstrels drew a rather large audience composed entirely of men to the opera house last night. The performance was of a low, vulgar order. The manager of the company wanted to collect 25 cents from each memter of the audience for a concert to be given after the close of tho regular entertainment, but Manager Patterton of the opera house objected. The audience evidently expected to see the entire performance without paying extra and guyed the manager ot the com < paoy when he asked for the additional quarter for the concert which he Intimated would b» of a racy order. Tbo company Is a very poor aggregation of a poor olats and hat no excuse what. ever for exittence. Of the eeven females who appeared on the stage, two are s»td to have joined the oom. patiy here. Death of 911» Llnle SMlth. Mist Lizzie Smith, daughter of Mrt. Mary A. Smith, and litter ot Peter D. Smith, died yesterday afternoon at her home, No 105 West Broadway, at 2:30; after a long and painful lllnesi, aged 34 years. The funeral services will take place tomorrow (Friday) morning at 9 o'clock at St. Bridget's church, conducted by Rev. Father Krocger. Please omit flowers. WorU'i Colimblu Expoiltioi Was of value to the world by illustrating the improvements in the mechanical arta, and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress In medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and as a strengthening laxative that Syrup of Flgt is far in advance of all others. _ A t>la»ftBt Ride. F. E. Borges, the Eel river livery man yesterday drove out his new and up to-date English ••Break."- The vehicle Is the smartest turn out in Lo. gaciport. Members of the press. Mayor McKee and others enjoyed Mr. Borge't hotpltallty on tbe initial trip of the vehicle. a Xtn CUrm To beauty when it ditclotet a pretty •et of teeth. Whiteness when nature bat supplied this element of lovell- •ett, may be retained through life by utlng the fragrant SOZODONT. The executive committee oi the local union of Cbrlttlan Eodearor societies aeld a meeting latt night at the home of Mi» Ethel Pryor. AGITATED COUNCIL MEETING^ A CONVER "SAZIONE SESSION! AT WHICH WORDS CLOGGlED THE WHEELS, The Air Disturbance^ Were Marked. *nd Th«re Were 3I«uJ Cfc»n«eM In tne Temperature—A LOBC Drown Out and Lean &em»laa— ninor matters Consumed the Tlme^A KewElecliI- clan Yarned, Vice If. Co«(enborder. 585 1'J SU IS 00 8 05 7 20 5C 7 88 7 70 ttODO 81 76 137 01 G0« i(l 3 OH Major McKee called the council to attention shortly after eltfht o'clock last night, before Mr. Hadley had arrived a; the chamber. All tbe other members were present and ready Jor business, however, and managed lo wade through a considerable mass of work. The matter of the fixing for the on. suing year of the salaries of the citj offlaera waa laid over to an adjourned meeting, to be held Wednesday night May 22. Last night was the regular t'me for settling the pay roll q,uee- tlon, but it was thought advisable to postpone the matter. CLAIMS ALLOWED Street dept pay roll $ 2422? Police I*™ El fc;$ ^v \f " " " ......,» -.^ *™ wwraoe wall ','.-;* ~' W W dept miscellaneous dulroa mo Ui Frank P Beam, snivel for BIT ets l W Michael Nuvln, work on gutters S4 -U Cbus B Galllon cement corners » 9? Nlclmt-1 £lllsou street erasstag 10 j» Geo W Bennett lumber [.t dept »2 ;" Hle.-mel Naviii bouIdorliiK " "•' Western Elect Co nunds lire dept J U Elliott horse shooing ' " Ciitnerlne White washing Henry Tucker suuds City treasurer freight Cent U Tel Co telephone „,;•-; Geo B Carpenter Jt Co sunds E L dept Buckeye El»ct Co Standard Carbon Co ' Alfred C Keniper ' Electric Appliance'Co ' Standa'd Oil Co oil ••• WmDolaniCo water wheel governor B Ldept *;j8™ Henry ualo sunds E L dept ' i» & Cent tJ Tel Co telephone E L station * g City treasurer freight K L dept v- i< S W UllBry 4: Son sund E L dept 1 -j> Dally Reporter printing Board ol Health 5 M Melnntte Bebee asst englner 15 UO Otto BlMslngham usstenfflneer l» w Logan 0 LJc Coke Co gas for April 4 7.2 Fr-ink U Hanvood city commissioner... * w Dennis uui ;; ;; • • * ou NRDona.dxon " " " ,1 SS L G Patierson " " - " W City treasurer poitage city business.,..,.... 200 11 " piiyment on Standard Elec- trie Co contract •••••• » °™ no Clia« Puterbaugb hauling coal E L dept... •» <w GaorgeBarnes cement corners! i. <w The claim of Peter J. Linqulst lor cement corners, was referred to the street committee for correction. The street committee asked for more time on the laying of tiling In an alley crossing 21st street, and also desired »n extension of time for the consideration of the petition of the good ladles of North street, who at the last meeting asked the city to provide for the sprinkling of that street; The street committee was authorized to put in a tile eewer on Sycamore street, from tbe aouth line of Miami street, across Linden avenue, connect ing with the sewer inlet at that street, and aontinuing to the Eel river. The need for ibe drain is said to be urgent. The matter of the vacation of the alley from Broadway to North street, between 21st and. 22d streets, was referred to the olty commissioners. The olty clerk was Instructed to advertise for bide on the work of bricking Market street from the east line of Second straet to the west line of Fifth street. The Pearl itreet pavement resolution was passed and the clerk was ordered to publish the declaratory resolution as provided by law. The report! of the several fire captains were placed on file. New carpets were ordered for the engine houses S and 6. The resignation of M. Costenborder as olty electrician, to take effect upon the qualification of his successor was read and accepted. The electric light committee wai authorized to contract for a year with Walter Soribner to take the position of olty electrician at $100 a month, the city to pay Mr. Soribner's expenses from Paduoab. Ky., to this city. Soribner is at present tuperintendent of B plant at Paduoah, and is highly recommended as a practical electrician of many years' experience. The report of the electric light oom» mlttee giving the full cost of the city's electric light Improvement, wai ordered placed on record. The full report will be found In another column. John B. McKelvey's claim for a remitting order'for |2. poll tax erroneously assessed against him was re • /erred to the finance committee. Deedt were ordered issued to James Benner for lot So. 974 and to August Wandrel for lot No. 722 in Mt. Hope cemetery. The following 1 WM read: . To the Honorable ITaror and Common Connellot to* Cltr •! LotfUiport, Gentlemen: We hereby accept with thanki the ordinance adopted by your honorable body, M»y lit, 1S95, granting to thlt company a franohiie for twenty.l?e yeart. - ; .. A. J. MCBDOCK; Pret. ELIHIT S. RICE, Sec, v . Logutport Gat Light and Cofce Co. The contract and band, $160, of ;Wm. H" Mlnnick tor-'th'e construction of cement side iralka- on the incom- pleted portion of Melbourne avenue east of < -C" street, were accepted. _A. B. Keeport was named as Minnlck't surety. ' A quiet claim deed; was issued lo Alice F. BUukecchip for that part of the late Wabash & Erie canal lying south of Erie P venue and north of lot No. 2 in Wm. Hagenbuck'a addition. The owners of lots on the south tier loU in tbe old cemetery, where tbe earth la caving away, were ordered notified that they might exchange their property for lots in Mt. Hope cemett ry, and deeds were ordered issued t seven owners on Ihe south tier of lote The water works committee report ed a contract with the Dayton Glob Iron company of Dayton; Ohio, for i Young American 54-lnoh right ham turbine water wheel with vlie neceeaa. ry bhaftlog and gearing, for ihe wate works, fur $972. After along discus sion the report of the committee wa concurred in. A aubstltute was presented by Mr Wade, which consisted of an allega tion of Wm. Doian, the local wate wheel maker, that the water work committee was making a mistake In purchasing the wheel described in th contract. Mr. Dolan was heard b; the council and among other things h staled that the broken wheel now In use, If repaired at acost of $196.woul be capable of giving more power than the Young American wheel purchased Messrs. Boyer and Wade voted agains the concurrence of the council In tb< water works commltte's action. A majority report signed by S. B Boyer and Geo. Haigh of the speola committee appointed to make a lease with M. McCaffrey for the city offices and to arrange for needed Improve ments in the city quarters, was adopt, •ad. The lease provides for the rent Ing of the rooms at present held by she clt? for three years with prlv liege of two added years, at $500 i year. Mr. Reed submitted a minority report providing that a one year'6 Isase be made with Mr. McCaffrey with the privilege of five. The report of the city clerk was re forred to the finance committee. Clerk Winters read a little liter- ai-y composition of bla own In which hu set forth that owing to the big In- oreaie In tbe work his office waa expec ted to do he desired a deputy. His re- qu.est slao fell into the hands of the finance committee. City engineer Ray stated that an alley crossing had been put down on Melbourne avenue by contractor Min- .Ick contrary to his Instructions. The matter was referred, with power to act, to the street committee and tbe city civil engineer. The matter of a slone crossing on tbe west aide ot Eighth street at Broad way, and a plank walk on tbe south side of Broadway at Eighth atreet, were referred to the itreet committee. At the adjourned meeting next Wednesday night, the street committee will be expected to report the feelings of the Wall street property owners on the que»tlon of paving that short 'court with brick. The matter of the placing of sewer pipe In the gutter on tbe north side of High ttreet at Twelfth atreet and on the north side of Broadway at Seventeenth street, was referred to the itreet committee. Ibe strtet committee was Instructed to report at the council's next regular meeting on the petition of property owners along Wabash avenue In.John- iton's Bivertlde addition from Wllkinton street to the west line of the addition. The council adjourned to meet Wednesday, May 22. A New Eaterprla* limumeked. The room on Fourth street, No. 315, in the Taiighn block- wai full of buiU ness activity yesterday, It being the opening day for the new dry goods firm of Rice, Styles & Co., which hat entered the businets arena of Logansport under ihe suggestive title of ••The Leader." J. E Underwood is the manager. The new stock occupies three floora. the first being given over to dry goodt, the second to clothing, cloaks and millinery and the upper story to a line of draperlet. • quarrel Among che Flowers." A concert and social will be given Friday night at the Wheatland street M. E. church. The cantata, "Quarrel Amonfr the Flowers" will be pretented at follows: Overture „.. — 1Mr »- cll!W - Morehatt PAINTS. PAINTS. PAINTS. I AM HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF PAINTS. Hose - ___ .......... _____ •- ..... — tnna Doyle " ""' SelKe Kulm JteUle EPelbonier « Morrdodc __ _ ..... - ......... ___ ...—-Lena Erwln ...~-~..^ ........... _. ; __Knb» Gothrle X6bl«au~r.IZ. ....... ________ T** Crownln* Scene A. Birthday "MKrprllM. Mrs- ;Eobert Cromer. u of No 412 Melbourne avenue, wa» TifiTen a moit delightful birthday »urpri»« Toenday night by the i mem ben oP tb* W R C A handsome fruit dlih wa§ presented to her by bar listers ; in jtne lodge. iteiain lauoflrV-^ooa work ! And sole agent for Heath & Milligau's Climax Tinted Faints- the best and most economical paint on earth. If you are goiojr. t» paint come and see me. I keep the largest and best stock of Fames awl Painters supplies in Indiana, I make a speciality of, this line of Roods aoA am in shape to sell you anything in the line for less money than it is -postt- ble for my competitors to do. ISO matter how large orsinii 1 a quamty- JOB want Come and See Me, I Will Save You Money. B. F. KEESLING, LOG^NSPORT, INDIANA. MERE •IS A CORKER! You bring the cork, We'll furnish the Jui lOlbsofGranulated sugar worth 4£>efor- tc 1 Ib Coffee worth • 25c for lc S oans best Com worth 45efor2Sc 200 Parlar Matches ...05o for le 1 bar best Soap We-tor 2c 1 gallon best Vinegar worth -40o for2fta 1 Ib btst Young Hyson Tea worth .-Me forSOc 2 cans Table Peaches worth 4*c for35o 1 Ib best ground Pepper worth -l«c forSOe A Ib best ground Mustard worth 20a for I5e I Ib best ground Cinnamon worth 30o for I5o i Ib best ground Cloves worth -30e for I5c 1 Jug worth • --I* 0 13.90 The aboTe oomblnation will be sold only for $2 cash. No part-of th» der will be considered. Come today. He who hesitates is lost. J. H FOLEY, Telephone 105, 228 Market Street, Logangport, Ind. P. S.—If you have no cork, we will try and furnish yon ft corn cob -toes* cork. YOUR NAME DJ PRINT. Item* of a Per*onal Character Concerning JL.OK »n«port»r» and Their Friend*. In the city yesterday: B. Weaver of Peru. Hastings Moore of Peru. John A. Young of Rochester. Burke Morae'is at Peru visiting relatives. Miss Jessie Runkle of Rojal Center, was in the city yesterday. Mrs. A. P. Jenks Is at Indianapolis attending the May music festival. Sam. Fisher of Denver, was here yesterday » guest of Fred Given*. Ed. Messlnger oJ Delphi, visited relatives in the olty Thursday night. Mrs. D. P. Baldwin i« at South Bend visiting Mr. and Mn. Joseph Hibbard. J. H. Truer has returned to the city after visiting nil family at Tip- ion. Emmett Darrow. the piano tuner, was here yesterday from Lafayette on business. Mrs. C. C. Stewart of Union City It •lilting her parents Mr. and Mn. E. M. Howard. Cashier W. C. Thomas of the Logansport State batik waa at Royal Center yesterday. Henry Helden. who was at Chicago 10 attend the funeral of tbe late Jobn Hepp, has returned home. John Eastey has returned from Eng- and wnere be went In charge of a cargo of horses shipped by O'Dounel) and Newell. Miss Minnie Brown a school teacher of Carroll county, who has been visit- ng in Kentucky, wai here yesterday >n her way home. Lnganiiport Ably Repretented. Jadgr ». P. Baldwin aod Urs Mj»ry Dykeman are representing tbe Tuetday Might Club of this city at the gathering of the Indiana Union of Literary societies at Huntingtoo. The features of the Tuesday morn- ng session was a piper by President Scot Butler of Irvington, bS« theme, 'Tbe Study of tbe Classics In Educa* Ion, 1 ' and a paper on "Helen and 'enelope," by Mrs. Eleanor Bates 'errio of Lafayette. In the discus. loa of these paper* the lead was taken by Judge Bald win. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Hecfct •*«•"•• An ituohtnent of $200 wa* yesterday given the plalmlf In the cate of Jora> Haoht rt. SUM L. Timmoo*. »ho M been away from home aiooe 1888, with a charge of forgery preferred 17 Hecht over him. . The front of D. E. Pryor's store is being repainted. To Mr. and Mrs. John Burkhtrtt, living south of the city, a (ton. Attorney Wlllard,C. TUzer was af. Montlcello yesterday on legal busiccsc. Miss Mollle Clary, wh» ha) baa* sick several weeks, has resumed h*r position at the Trtda Palace. We have shoes as fine at any body- at prices less than fcftlf. Nothing reserved — Boston Sample Shoe Co. The coming wedding at ' Peru • Haf 22nd, of Dr. E. H. Griswold and Him Georgia Rottlg both well known bora, is announced. Col. Kreazberger ha* receired* bill of consignment for $1O,OOC wodfei of fine liquors, DOW on the way trMR Rotterdam, Holland. We don't have to offer 'baits people into our store. -Our prices am always lower than anybody eisctt. Nothing reserved- Boston Sample Sine Co. Insurance Loans — All kinds of Insurance written; life, fire, cyclo accident, plate glass, steam users indemnifying bonds. — S. M. CloseOM. 319 Pearl street. The funeral of M»ry R. Stevaax. wife of J. W. Steven* who died Va*day at Danville, 111., will be held, today from tbe St. Bridget church. Xfc* RBV. Father Kroeger will officiate. The Wabash will sell tickets to Sit Springs, Ark., May 21, and San An«»- nlo, Texas. May 31; one fare for the round trip. Particulars may be hat by applying by letter or person to AC. Naylor, Agent. Dr. Joha M. Ward of Ken-anna, aa£ MUs Grace P. Toby were married pc*. terday morning at 9 o'clock at tte borne of the bride's parent* OB E** High street. The wedding wae * quiet one. Both the youog people an» well known here. They will lire* Kewanna. Ske li the <{IMB Among reir-edlea -foi* complain ta pec*» liar to women, nothing* equals Pbora. Sold by B. F. Keesling Ben Fi»her. L The jMikTrlcBBlal Cn Ttm+lmr will be held in Boston. HAM., Aug»« 26th to 30th. 1895. For thiaoeeattaa the VTabMh RaUroad will «eH tlofcrt* from all stations to Botton at one (MB for the round trip. Map of route guide to Botum will be mailed appllcaticn to C. 8. CKAWX, Gen 1 ! Pat*, aod Ticket Af't, St. Louis, H*.

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