Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 15, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 6
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SIX. STERLING OAILT GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15,1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. HOBI* o — GRAND-TODAY Frank Keenan and Charles Kay in "HONOR THY NAME" A: thrilling Trianirl'' H^lfa^c Also Chas. Murray in a Keystoire Ctmjpfty> Thursday Henry B. Walthal in 'The Sting of Victory' A jnc'hm" with Henry I*. Walflin! assuror you of some- tiling good. Don't miss it. VAUDETTE 4 with and Three High Cl»*e Acts. Also oxtrn, "The Grip of Evil," Mi-.- Jjirkit 1 Saiindf'rs Robtnd I'oftouiiov." Usual H,!. >'|!l't Mr«. \V- ..f l-rrry. .00-Sale on Hats-$1.00 '-! !':!.•(•-«• hnfn<' it) t!ii« cits-, t!s»> national T. I', Mf* ««f \V A CADEMY OF MUSIp Triday 4 Saturday, Nov. 17, IS ^•* A photo-play that will amaze Sterling IfeeUttleGirlNextDoor Matinee each day 2:30,15c and 25c; Night shows 7:30 and 9:00, all seats 25c, NO PERSON ADMITTED UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE JOINT RECITAL = Y,M.C.A.= Star Course Helen Brown Read, SOPRANO._ Alberto Salvi, HARPIST . Edith Harris, , . PIANIST ^THURSDAY EYEN1NQ November 16th. 8:30 i^«iMBiMMp»WWBa»i»»a»*^a»ie»pi**e«e«B»»Me»»»amiPi ADMISSION 50c «Th«r» will b« one more fine program in this course th« price for both will be TESTING POTATOES. A «H1 knou n potato export ifivc tin 1 following miftKr-stioiift as to nielh oda <if tenting |«ttatoe*. If nolntot ••* are frozen, run n pen knife Into them and Rive it a half 'turn and if it «|ver and is miKK.v find wet It is frozen.To tat'.fs not frozon emit n crisp, n»nrp fresh wound when the knife In turned, flood keeping potatorn are pure whit**. CM into -and rubblni; each half together will show a Marehy PiihMftnce which prove* their good quality and fthow (hern to IH« jrootl keeper*. Hewn re of potatoes that have it red ring In- xirtr about, n-q'mnw W trn innh from the hU.e. Thl« rinqr will turn black and the potatoes* are pear keeporfl. An many poiatoeH are beinc shipped In it j i.t well fur people ti> be careful and not Rrrr frozen BToctc ~ . CHARLES RHODES HERE. Charles Hhod»»H. of Haxkatchawan, Canada. In MpcndittK a week In Hle.rlliiK land vicinity antoni; r»»latlv<>H --and frh-ndH. Mr. Khode* came back M lib the body of biH unelf. Kdward Rhode*, who fame to bin death In a Well a few j.dnysruto, Tho visitor i« well known j in Hterlinjr where hi- attended the (iTllnif biiidneMM college a "number of [yearn HKO. Mr. Rhode* married a Hter- jlIiiK'• jtlrl. Minx Pearl ManRan, a ilaligh- ter of Mr. and Mr». Irvin Mtmitnn. of (Canada, hut formerly.of Hterllng, and I Who ln.nlmt H nieco of W, F. Manuan. \Vbo died Monday, and whose funeral Mr. Rhodes will attend, KEWS IN BRIEF J , A PINE COMPLIMENT; B Bmdlcy-Boyton ClothlnK Co. receivwl «. letter, dated at Chi- Nov. i8lh, from-Hart. Sehnffncr In which they compHment the ll«y-Boynton advertisement wrlt- • the manifer, 8. M, Mradley, a« and printed In Tho QazoUo u« i; "We observe wUh much In- it your splendid ad of Nov. Int. j certainly do»erve« a lot of utlen- "5Pho large clean cut type and tint I' amount of ready matter bound irge white border. tho*e ar« the tbilt <j«t the mt«nOon." AB Sohaffer & Marx are* national o( wide oxperlenee thin IH compliment nqi-only to Mr. lt«y, but to The K»IS • -^ ^ KUPPENHEIMER and JflCHAEL^STERN Overcoats V" $15 .J $25 ^ 1 - CHEAPER CX)ATS $5,00412.00 , i. * ( . ' AT^ ' HEAVY I BEAMS. The Hllger IJrother« who arc- IMK an up-to-ilau- picture liou«n on Firnt avenue near the office of \Vet?.el .fc Walzer, have been ptittinK In the crows I beatriH on the walln today. The walln are up over twenty feet hinh. The t beaniH are to xupport the roof nnd form a foundation for a celling. They are five In number and are for- ly-elKhl feet 'lohR. They are maH»ive beanifl and will Avelgh over five thou- muul pouiulH apiece, CALLED HERE BY DEATH. S. T. .MfitiKan, a veteran of tin.'; j-lvll war, reached KterlinK IBHI night fro»ri Qujncy upon receipt of the now« that hiH brother. W. F, Mangan hud died tho day before, 8. T. Mangan lived in HterliriK the ureater aharo of hl« life up to a nhort time, ago when ho went to the Holdler'n Homo at X}uJne,y. wliere he-has been uince. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. <)» Nov. 16, 1(589. St, CoMmc'ti <>,\plor. log party reached tho "Old Fort"—ft t Starved Iloek. FRIDAY, <'.j-f.. i;?! ;ittt.-irti.m. Kflix Herman rttul i'>'. wi>r)i|'«« r«-iir><R-ned !llti?i<>Mlst.: sp<-< iiil «••(<• n«"ry .'I'n'l over i 1 tons ctf pnrnphrrnnllct. A lnn«?h pvtry jxy-oml'—n .x»rfiri«<> every TnTnu'le. Two other ficts. I'su.'it price?'. MONDAY. Thedn Barn In "tinder Two Fltflt," •VI >«( Ti SAY GIRL SUICIDED Doctor 0*ct*rci JH. S' Was D»n ROCK"FALLS TONIGHT Front Is, Ford In a strong, powerful drama. "POISONED LIPS" And a-Rood votrwdy, j "The Inspector's Double'' MR, THUMMELL IMPROVING. Anww Thummetl. who fell and injured his knoe M»verrly wernl weeks afro at hf« form near I'ralrlevlllp, is improving slowly although he ntill suffers considerable- pain. The Injury occurred while'Mi'.IThomtnttll wa« paint- K.- Hr tdlpped ~?f-oni the ladder In •tome. j\ ny. ••'"rlend* will be' glad to hear 'rf hlK re WRECKING PIONEER HOME. T. I*. lx>n«!\ of Harmon, WHS bn-e i»day !f) look after the twirltm down f the old tlrno brick reftidenee of Hlcb- rd Ixinir, Hr., on Avenue C. Mr. Lon« As administrator let the contract Home Ime .John Drew for the wreck- nit of the building rind .tho brick and Wter rubbish will ho all hauled off nd the lot made ready for a new i(»m«- some day on this old pioneer land nark. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The CbiciiKo weather bureau fore- IH( today IH aHfoMoWi*: Fair and •mtlnued cold tonight; Thtir«dny fair. •Ith rlwltu? tempernttiro, LITTLE LOCALS \V, A. Htoeolile upent the day in Chi'«o. , ' \Vnliz. two-Mpp and'all the modern si("«l Press) v. 15.—f'hrlstin^ Di^- mfT. the eirl f»r wtu-*" d«f»tH nriit ri'timufiftT su'ic'ffle. TFiif "was the opinion « s spre!»»ed by f>r. t'.eorffe Mitchell, head of ft «.«ntt.-irifim where life yonnff wnman WUK n. piulent fur »ev- erai week« Inni jtummer. The Rlrl'n turnly -was • found in th»river eleven dajs after »lif> disappeared from her home. "Mj.«« Diemer bad delusions tbnt ev- orythlnR was unclean find«»d a violent hut red f»r iwrsonp ImmedJatf- ly ^jtooclnted with her," wilil I>r. Mit<-hell. ' Tier insjinit v wnfc of thr most datiReroiiH ktnil. I told br-r parents tbnt xhe would probably kill iiPWlf nnd try to kill her family," MISREAD THE HYDE SHOP Sale Begins Thursday, November 16 Our big assortment of velvet shapes reduced from <gf flft $2,50 and $2.25. to ............ 7. ...... ..... ... 51.UU A variety of shapes, both large <and small, to select from. Our stock of ornaments and flowers are also offered at prices fartalow the original See these hats in our east window. Hats On Sale Will be Trimmed Free of Charge CHILDREN'S HATS SOLD AT C OST TO CLOSE OUT REDUCTION ON TRIMMED HATS We are offering- otir^tire line o* trimmed hats at a reduction of 50/'-« This enables you to secure a new hat at a very moderate JOur popular Pohlson line of "Thoughtful Little Gifts for Christmas** are now on display. THANKSGIVING CHINA SALE V. 3nl wtrcet. John XVaKHe Moll ohone 444 \V." spent the day in Ohi Captain Of Liner First Thought Submarine Had Been Sighted. IfU- L'hlted Prrns.i Providence, It I., Nov. U,. -O ( f,tii(n ,J«»hii 13. llyan nf (he Merchnnt:A Miner htlUT llnwnrd «a!d tliH nftorn<mn thiit lie has nilsintm-preteil n w I relent mfs- fiaff?' rer-fivcd frutn n Hfltlxh wnrplllp which he nmimtnred w-na u wnrn- Itiff that n lf<»rmfin mibnuii Inr \\n» off thn WMithern N'tnv HtiRliUid I't.axt. I'nptnln R>-fin ««ld h*' h<id llrnt re- Wived the leport from n'HriUah'> ship off itlork l.^liiitd, I^Ucr ho said the wirelefn wnn Him trie «. xenernl mt- tli-i-' of \vnrnini: or any possldtc submarine thnt miBht he ti|>eralini; n(T th«' S&SMARKETCO.S&S SPECIAL FOE THUES- DAY (At the Store.) Veal Stew, lb,- 12^c Pork Shoulder Roast, per pound ; 17o Lamb Chops, Ib. .,.. .16o Juln our lifi- . Christmas eltib. Any lew Hf fin riituro In the store for 10c rut payment, \\'oo<l« Furnltiirft Store.* 1 ArnoliJ Heekman wpent Monday In llnton.-" ' ' MyHtlc Worker dance tonight In the lystic hull, Hull'M oivheutra. Myallc» reo. OuiHlderji 2&e.* , Roy Baor wan a hutdnc«H vlvitor In today. Laura Heiteke la confined to her ome by Ulricas, Fo'r rent — Two rpotnn, rurnlnlwHl for Kht houm'k«?|>lnir. Heat and bnth. 09 Fourth avenue.* Walter HaHkell ttj>ent tho day in Peo- rla on bu«ilne«». .-...' David Katiffman wan taken Herlously ill Ttiexday morning, < C~^^ Dance at Tonuitco Friday,' Nov.. 17, Cfit-hran'** oi^hestrft.* ,„ Mr«. Kff.|» Marfleet IH liome from a nhort slay In .Chicago. Mr. and Mrx. William Dutdng, of Coleta, «jient •Tuemlay hore. Hoyal Neighbors dance, I^lday night, Nov. 17th. Bvorybody 'Invited..* -MUM Marguerite, Hurke was taken home from the tumpital Saturday, where aho had Niibmitted to an opera- Him. Just a few more vaeancien in our 10«; ChrlotmuH club, Hetter join today. Woods Furnltiiie Htorp.* ^lr». JameM Trout hrnan, of Top.aka, KaiiHiiH. IN here viidtlng at the home uf Mr. and Mm. N. J, Boll. Try n peck of our bullet proof Jacket potatoes. *fhey are great. . You will want more. A. .1. Oe.rden.*! Mm. Arthur Tlgan. of Hochelle, l» spending a- few «l«y» here at th«> home of her parent*. Sir. and Mrn, >M. Real, Your irlt>ndn rah buy anything you ran give them except' your photograph. CruKiii« Ktirdio for *'hriMtmi»H -photos.* Tho littlo baby of Mr, and Mru. B, Hpeni'«r, of Wallac ewtrfet, is very Hick. .lark King, of !ll\nn, attended the Catholic banquet In tliiw city last ev- nlng. Wt>«ley WinK' and ,wife, c of Oak'ley, IvanmiH, nrrlvotl hero Haturduy to visit I|M mother, Mr«. .SanipMon Wink, of HAS THEJVIDENCE •' Attorney Generar Say. He Know* About Fraudulent Voting. CUV. 1'nited l're«s) •- -WnnhlnKloh.— !>.--•<• V.r-Nnv. 1f.; : ?-TPffj?-" re»« In.vthe investigation of pcmfiU)I(> fraudulent voting was reported to 1'renldent Wilson today hy Attorney General GreKory, The attorney Kwnernl .after- a con- ferenre at the wttttp IronsiV said the in«(tllry beiliK- PUlHUed by bin uRenlK was KolilK forward rapidly. The .most important.Htilvjei't InveHtlKated, he said. wa« the. movement of ? ilufut-andt* of negrorn frtim the Mo'uthern Hiates to Ohio. Indiana and llllnoiH. DO dayH before election. f _ "Detail* of this movement wo huye 'otr hand in f,idj." ht- wald. ATTACK FAplNGTON ' Trial Of State Miner. Organization It On At Peoria Today. (By t'nlled Press.) P*n>rla. 111,. Nov. 15.~Kederal attacks on Frank Farrlngton. prenidetit of the 8tnte nilnern' federation, were renewed today when thp pnmecutlon resumed It* refmttiU testimony a&tlnKt the prenldent before the npcclnl ron- ventioa. Harry.Pleton and Joe SornmerK. both of Chrlntopher, k>d In tbe deminlrntion of theViu'tian of tlie .preMldent. who In being tried for misconduct 'In oflioe. Pleton esjwclally crltleliied the president for accepting money from r>anlc I* Bmith, Republican candidate for governor in the primaries. THE HYDE SHOP Our China Must Go In order to make room for our line of Christmas novelties and to discontinue the sale of China, we have placed the remainder of our stock on sate at prices that absolutely will save you considerable money on your purchases. We have on hand a few sets of open stock dmnerware patterns that are especially desirable at this seasonal the year. Also have separate pieeestp fill out sets that can be purchased at bafgaiiTpFices. As the tfrice of; China is advancing dail£, it will pay vou to come early and make^m^ selection at this sale before the goods are disposed of. Some of The Specials -Gurnsey Baking Dishes; Ramakins and Tea Pots in black and *hite and -colors. with very attraetive designs, greatly reduced in jM-icelo close out ------------------------ ------- - f _ : __ •.-_ r . Haviland Creamers and Sugars,/ Cups and Saucers, Fancy Plates and odd pieces at extremely low prices. Any of these pieces would make desirable Christmas, presents any woman would appreciate. , We must make room for Christmas goods, so come early and jaret the benefit of these low prices on good goods. SpeciaJ, Odd Plates, a remarkable bargain for the money, per half dozen^ 10C THE HYDE SHOP 118 East Third Street jlVe«t "Fourth Mtreef nml "utlinr friemlH. I Mr. Wink und wife will probably be in SterliiiK and vicinity about a month. ENGLAND IS WORRIED Hav« To Take Artificial Meant Tp Limit Contumption Of Food. (By United IteflR,) Ixmdon. Kng., Nov. 15,— WarnlnK that tho Hituatlon in England had reached the |H>tnt«-govern- ment "may be compelled to tttitw art!- Hclttl imajiB to limit the coneuniptlon of food."nvtt» HOMniled'In. the hout«e of commoim today hy Walter Hmiclnuui, of the Ixiard o WILL CALUW WILSOM Federation of Labor Will Recognize Hit Interest in Them. (lly Tnlted I'resa) Halt (more, Md., Nov. 15,— The Ainer- h'lin Federation of I^ubor deJegatt'sJn fotiventtoH hcr«, voted today to go to WaishJngUin .Saturday uf twnoon -t NO ABATEMENT j (Continued from Page One.) j CANADIANS CAPTURE REGINA. | (Hy I'nitcd I'resx.) • ixindon, Kng,, Nqv. 15,— With bombs i and bayomsts, follovvliijf terrilk: bar- j rugo tire, Canadian troopH have taken tho liiHt section of the Ktrong: Regina trench from tho (lerrnuiiH; The whole objective Wa» conmimmated within "a lialf hour.. The gain represents l.OfiO yards of troncheH in the form of a seinl-t'irclcv • on Presdent WH«on In recognition of tho iiunre«t he has tuki-n In labor. The .vote was almost mous, • _ iiiwui- - , V Coke „ A ton of Crown CoK^ will outlast 'a ton oT anthracite coal. Crown Coke is higher in pure carbon and less in ash than any coal mined. We are prepared to -give your order prqmpt attention. No long waits., and al- good-weights. - . — ._ : —-- COURT ORDERS PROBE Grand Jury Will Investigate The Food Situation Monday, (Hy I'nlted ProtuO Chicago. 111.. Nov. lT»-.~- Federal Jtidce Curpenler, today ordered a grand jury 'jn\«»li8ntlon of tho food situation. ChurK«*» that tho- commltfrtioned nu»n have cornered (hv> produce to boost prices will be probed. , - NOTIGi*M0O8E. ' Mpinbers -of -the l^yal. Ordyr o-l Moow» aro hereby requeMti^d to attend inttiHtloii of MK class Thitrnduy Nov. 18. tiM6. at WtMHlnntn hull. Uesrtu* and Drill Team will h*> here in do tho work. Hef're«hments after the at club ruonus. Uriitg your to club nioiiiV to meet th<< ladies «,f the Mooneheurt l.«'Hinn of "l>lxo!i, Howard M. \V»ll«r. OlMtrtet Dirin-tor.* , CARD OF THANKS, In the."mutter of tho aUctvation r»-- «»iiti',v with Mayor Pialfso many people have «»xpn i ,>,HiHl tla-lr heany j-.vm- WHY THE LAME BACK? That mornlni? lameneHa—thoxo hharj) IJaihs when; behdlhg""op llftlnff. HWKV vv<»rk a burden and rent hni>o«<Nil>1e. Don't Irt! handicapped by a bad bark— look to your kldnctytt. Yon will main- no mistake by following this Sterling resident's ciami'le. Mrs^KllKabeth 13. Hawk, 012 Fourth Ave.) Bttirlintr, wiyH: "ftiy ba«k Btart- ed to |in in mo wudilenly and 1 could not Btoop or lift without acute suffer-j ins. I wan ImiKUid atul the lea»t-<Htor-j tion -tlFwl-nH*.—-I- alw»—Imd-^uMdaehfHj iiiul (ll/,?.y wpt'IlH and 1 uottced thati e kidney eecrutionti woru diwonlered.. I siisid'ctiMl my kldiieyu and llnully began taking Duan'tt K.idnoy IMtln. One] lvo\- removed the allnientti und tiinooj then I have felt no Hymittoins of kid-i Hey trouble." " , | . l'rk«» fiOc. at " all doarer». Don't; simply -usk for a .kidney rem«dy—KOI ;' DOUII'H Kidney 1'illa -"- II.HI tut n to that . Hawk, luui, Fotitc«t' r M!llnu'n Co.,.' i,, "Uuffalo. N. V, ' The Cold HAS SURELY ARRIVED Did it find you prepared? Many people had prepared for the cold spell by buying the famous— Buck's Heaters ">".»*' "If "you are not properly protected, from the cold weather with a good heater, it is time to act now, and you will want the best heater, and that's Buck's us and we . --—^o Come in and let us show you or call us and we will soon place a Buck's Heater in your home ; ; THE ROY G« FARM LOANS 5, 7 or 10 years, up to f10Q per acre if security warrants., MORTGAGES FOR, SALE JOHN M, STAGER L«w office Stager & Stager STORE 'U-RNITURE-PUNDLRTAKINO Funeral j Jim-ton* tiurt People's Ice & Coal Co. ,9OTH PHONES -*v«.. if it was nrn'Mfary to tight that ! w^h t» expivsH in> ccits ihuuEvti to tiiu« iind all. Aadr«w tbe rawe. 'jhi win' J. ATTENTION is a 1 -4- is<<ni»* ;iuit» ,ili Ivor*,' tiniK' durkiu':»x. ti "i'tn it their violutl»n "of iluv s,iatv law. Jiav t|u* pi-naln. ji-liit C Hituloi-,. riutv AUTO DRIVERS. MJJ tin- part df H. T. INVESTMENT BONDS Not 4 to.6 pw «*nt- Kxompt from income Tix — LOANS JNfURAfeJCC-,- 810 Uwrenc* Bldg. 8t«rrin 8 , III. 1865 ./-.;. VULCAN COKE a The Perfect Fuel" Absolutely clinkerl^ss, burns to a thick . JOHN A. • - Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN On Real lOstate Kocurlty MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 Lawrence Sldu-, Sterling, IIJ. •Recommended hfgMy for use in hot air furnaces, _ All grades Soft Coal in stock.

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