Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 15, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 5
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MOV. IS, .1916. "They do more than ease your taste they, satisfy! f»NE CE&T A.WORD -..-.- -.7ANTED.—MALE \l t, KIM'S or il. <• \\ HI • (!) * It. ih l r 1: f the \\" .1. Moyre Monument Works. .. WhipfnABi*!! J» a former SterlinR hut ("r tiHrrril months |>:i-st hits i<«!fiid In Ti~.>k>l«-.i, 'whl-re !"• as* ;» m.-if ! i.n r: STOCK Man !'--.f)i and r-it'i-d ' If h.vrt-Kt' il. w; 1 PTf f'rr! -nr-trrmrr* tttf" ' '! ( . Ifv. |IM rn{>M\ n- •" w i m f> r Many friends uill join In \vi«.-?iini MAN* T fit on i'' VV.>rk«. 1) Mr. anil Mr*, \ hnppine>:.s ihr-ir HELP WANTEIO ENJOYED "HOBO" PARTY WANTKH WOMAN port f!j:si:u,\i jv-oTk at <!nlt Hotel. !!»".- II Baptist Young People Hold Unique Party Lust Night. APPLES / AIT'l.KH Wild, .S*<»T AHHlCj; I.J. n 1*i'h and 20th a* That's why Chesterfields are Hke a good cup of coffee— they taste fine and, in addition, they satisfy! But, besides letting you know you've been smoking, Chesterfields are MILD, too! Chesterfield is the one cigarette that can give you this new delight lsattsj/y,~yui~' mild), because no, cigari lc maker can copy the Chesterfield blen%— an entirely new combination of tobaccos and the greatest advance in cigarette blending in 20 years. "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SATISFY I " nf ifif F}r*f * ' , thtvhidr ;1 "d ll:e F?,= V. I'. !'. frit (hilt f,<! a few hotlis at It nit thry \v,,iiht lfh<' to h.ivi' 11 taste of rt-nt Hoho life and ?n a I. folio party* uafi planned for I.-i-'t. nlslit. The i t>AVd ini't, nt tin- elnifrh and from thrre wen! to the hark door of the ''h.-ir)"*' I'/ui homts uiiert-t a "hand "out" nf snndwiehps «'a«i R-lven esi. h one, l-'iiitn there the merry < rmvd |ir<i''* l i'.-H-d to Hie Wlliltm l-iil<liij homo where applet «tn Ktv'cit them nud tin- last st<»{> H;IH mnd('> at the Kiirl liomi-, wlinre the handout ion- r S*tc>i! t,f t -iiokii ; ,«, I'r. IH the Karl home a return trip fo'tfie rlnm-h was made ',', here delicious hot roffee and pickle* Were waltlnic and lhr> liini'h Kotton nlontr the way iva« rnton. ^'.'^rfotm iS'ame.^ and con!e«ts« intltle lip the eve* t'iiterlaTiiTiif'nt and "*t he not fret hf-re Ix-fore Nov -h for ail !att-r, Wii!"Hiior< FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE roll ' HAt.K 1 r,-ttot>M HKT <>l liriiod lH'-,v fin nit sir*', dinlH-n, ami nil tv.HI ,'! Mi.rks of Third HI, Kltu f( . xi.mtK th:irrl(-i1 rntlpl .' ', -i-ui-t. llcll 4fif.-.l, I Ifi. I i pioved to he one of tfie most enjoy- ahU> in recoil t iii'intltK. _A «rnall line ujij" Iniixiiteil on eyery ono who lilil not ( omt' attired In true hoho MRS. RE1TZEL, HOSTESS Gleaner* Of Fourth ..Met Last Evening. Mr. nnd Mr*. Mrirk Itelt?.el <»ritrr.- lained the <-JI«Hii(?r» t'ltdi of Fottrth Ht. f-lmrcli at their borne law/ ovonitur. It ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Kwlate of ThonuiM Taylor, dei-ras Tins undusUint-tl havijiR be.t;n. • P"inti-d ;ulrnli)l;<lra(rix of of club and alno marktxi tho third annl- verHary of_the marriage of ihe Iirmt anil hoNtesN. The evening was spent IT and a nenenil Rood time ami AMUSEMENTS A I mem. in a winuiKc city her \\iii-"oine. jc-d under the. peri of «. I ; no.«'t atlrai-tH^ the hi.rpIcK hr human nun. ' Aradcmy, l-Yiday* ypJ'orm. and Hlfe in xepa rated l coin • her' S'ov. 17th and 1Mb. at>0 Saturday, j boy husband, drm;g<;d and delivered Y. M. C. A. LECTURE COURSE. „ '"i" t'.e pa. Tho jiecond tumiJM-r of the Y. M. <"', A, leetnrc cotune will he lie'h'I Thnr«- 'day evening and. the. pruKL'-un will h>- jjjvt'n by Helen Brown Heed, f-oprano, Alberto Halvl, hiirpifU, and VMith Harriet*, aecompmilHt. I'rcwB notices an- tlatterii.K; of their con.-, rt» in cit- j J'i.'''ns "related A girl r an advertisement wnd pj'oniiwed a tceat in IheJr appca'r- Jn THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOR, (From Thu t'hiengo Anu-riuun.) Tln» •Itttlc Blrl next door love.s not ,in e|u|M»- an eUb rly woman' who dcsireH a cor i union The «olll.i»i l>< a White hl'H and the f ;ni is Hold into n hhieoiiH Then theii' are other," -ft!) of them dr.tun irom life and ti'orn actual t; the Illinois <t»n. tttul fnt< poiuav.'d fn a HUH Hint; Him al ihe La The«lle "The lioor." it JH called nnd it , it,-, !a' I. of driMnx home the II'MXOITM of tlii' il int;erM tht>l JnrU III eUy stieotM, and in a Kh'l'f. 4h->.|ie (or ltd- %v;iuu|t aad tluillf, and in it nienci r Tho lilm Mhnwtt" the commiHhion ii< Hoh>toits in the Hotel |,a Halle alid »lio\\H the wiine«t.c« Who come to tell their evperienee und |o name a Ktucdy for the C»||H that e.vlM, Then- iv Arthur HniNruKv Karwll, Virulni.i Gal) ^SUinea, C«not?r and Ulcera Of III* I J*n«>l.s Jmlw Hhpkfna. chnwp Clark, Stomuch und IrtlWMlIrioH, Auto-Intoxlru- I'r. John J»lll Uuhtitson. MM, Alb'..- tion, Yellow Juundlcu, Aisj>unaialtln and Phillip*. AUrich and u ib^en-oHier*. other fwtttl ailment* reault from Blum- t.u-ut. iiov. unnatt o'llara undN^en- - 6Ch Trouble. Thouwuulu of Stomach "' <>! " He-all are the principal n.irrator Sufforcra owe their complete recovery I'"' the st.nicH that develoii-d IIM <* n- to Mflyi'a Wonderful JWnetly. Unlike Mdt.-of the hivewtijjaiionK and the In |U\y other'for Htonmch ailments. J-'orp 'dt-iUK ih.;. ieuM<- are enacted hy pri. IKjIfl by Sterling Pharmacy Co. and, " UNCLE TOM'6 CABIN. A large Hlxoii crowd witnexscd "l?n( le Tom'« t'ahln". hiHt evening at tho Acad. my of <MitKie and ever>om» wt'iu aw.iv •pie.iKed with thi' offeiinjj. l'/nch iiarl in tld* old hut ever popular dru- iii. i, WIIH well taken ami norne tim< ihu- ;* the hmihiPMH nfe'ctlnjr H WM planned, to meet \vlth tho I I-4 ; as?<!t<i for n. social in two \\cekH th» stead of imldiiiK the regular Thimble I arty. . . . ' ' ' MET LAST EVENING' K^ystom-s Of Trinity Church Mcetino L«st Evening. Tim Keystone <*ra>'M of Trinity c held a plenKant :meelhiic laitt cv at tlii- hnine of, .Mr?*. I'Vunk Allaha-tiifh or. the J-'roi port road.. Th< mc?UiiK lamely nttended nnd'hlter n -abort Taylor, liHi' of flic futility i»f Whit. :ili1o find State of llllnol«. ' il.'. rfrirt.ii, lu-rt'liy Riven iiullci' that ',+< v, ii! appear lii'fore the fniuily Court of U'hi(c«ld<' ("oiinly, «1 the c'ourf ll.uirtc In Miil'Hf.iM, ut the ,laiuiar> term, on thtWlr.'U Mniiday in .huinarj next, at which limp nil IH'TMVIIA Isnvhij? da4nitt. .UKuJnvt, .Mtffl f«!;ite nm rsotidcd iHid r'"ijui'?i(eil to itttemr for >'••>• \t\\r- pose .of Imvljm the nati)e ndjii »; d. All -pefHnns ttulHiti'tt to H a,! on t tit i 1 rtr<- miitcMtcit )ii rrtitke Iftiniediale payment to the undc'i-filKili'd. — "H.-rtrrt this ^Inth^ rtnr "t N'nrrmHpr. A. I), line. Kdinttv II. lioliirid. AdtnlniKtratrlv. . Nov. 1.1. *.•:'. I'M LIVERY SALE. i wtJ! i'H my entire llverv sitock SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9TH, 151C al I oYlot k nlirup. known in* tin- Slliith Livery...]i»rn, on the corner of .Locu«l and Fifth xtreet. The fol.loMitiK if* th W \NT':i> < »!.P ' i tn t«t- s if 'if- !-• n I f". eii pri -.(t M HI to Ma/er, ''•<' K Pifth St>, I'hihidi-lphl.i. I'i4. \Vli jifiid cash bv return mail. I1fi-I1l* FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS M \* \:>n H MPST. Ar<"TioxrKH, i 'i ,d i. ! Ill S i*«! "M ai, ' 'Nick «.ib«. nn «.p«'<-ialty» (' 5 • Ti' tn <•> !n»; !>• »i mv trarhen o .i, b h I,ii-l"-'i nnd f,!imnn. l , p 1 nit ('ill. wi'ti- or Hiri- nt i > jii * «" A«'«'T|r)NKI5K» V+-TI ..I < vperiem'O u-in. ".«< wit i< i « *i fi-f'if t ion !"«., l»feit"ice IH ,,ji' . f,,r w I'l t»i I have hrld ppin IT .in'' p'i>n». r<--hi'm <», '152; old i ;>'» I'ot ind CflllVl mnle (iris; fof «ife 11K,.1I7* Turni.v<; 'OR SAl.i." TU'O ) crii«, on,. Hub k T!'.' • r. in dilion I'd^h or* trtm« '•'•JIM, 1'. .1. Ktrnwinkel. lir.,116* \I,L KQl'IPPKI' rOHI) C'AK KOlt I tun about I I'tto mili"< ''.ill at U-iw- Itoorn •)<*;'. ilfitf '! f UKVHKNXV I'K'i 1 ''' ' i"V.n II! Will rt\ M ilpq any* Ullft' Coiuiiitt l»iM<i 1 10 «.;»lM« ypJtr* i> It.fiiiii.' !'i <ik -if I'lnphftn* t.i\\ii <'i'i/ H liinS, I'jutiiM i Xn- ln>'i'it hmk I DIIIM"'- j'honn, both 11 lil< iii , ii-il 'ifi u >• It I, I (tit SAt.r. HINfU.I-: ro.MIJ AVMlTi: T.'«],, n mrkrrH •, K|II«!(» cimih Ilud Ol|(|fi ' , ' |rliC,(ll(i' I>tifi!ir«. ,f. JI StKIVl IV. (','''1. TllCM. it W(<<1, i. •K; •OH SAI.1. '!(! STIU-rrCHY I'O- laiid t'hin-j "-pilini bonrx; al**'» om p.i.' bred Hcotrh »' u llle W, J'. Italrymple, Inter- ie. Two inlh « north Hound 114-m* K»N'i;\ I'olt WALK—LAST CHANCK pvite esti.H'ted or comb. Will deliver. Call morninuK. noon nnd cvcn- L. l|ou«>. Hell 91*7111. 112-123* i~f u f,iui I-", V\ i'i r ( I'l with M, n \\* M:IJ«»TT. AT< TIOXKKH. ro« I i II! h.i'i k ii'il ffitm > J i!»« a s|HHJ- I ill'- All ."IK |>t,.ti,t>llv att«»ml«Hl Mil"' Nnur i) lt"t ••inn. I'lmiif MI JOHN N- cr.NTus", \nilmy, f||. K.I t II «!>! fl'llt V. 1'ltllllt'x ll-ll wlv* MA lilt Y i: mill and rc'fn % »!ntn<«nn were enjoycU. SPENT DAY_SEWING " Calvary Baptist Lsdioi Spent Bu»y D«y At Th* Church. IjiidiiVor the ciilvary HaptlKt' chnnh npent a hiiny day toditv nt th» cln rch, dimcilpliou of tlu- Fourteeii ITorMc«--l liiack hear«?» team, w 1,300 Ibx, each; I black team, v ill makt 4jood_, hearne team, wi'itiht .I.L'iiO lhi<, caeM; I black twtm, -«yll match d, T and S yearn old; 1 bay team. 7 ..nil h yeju-H old, wei.uht 1,000 Ibs. each; I m v fi'firn. well matchi'd, « and 7 year.- old; 1 hay lwjr«e, ascd i) yeafr; 1 toiurl hor«e, lined S year*; 1 bay lu»rn««, tu;«.'d « 'yearn; Wfiuhi l.stlti Ibn.; l black ho rev. 3rd St. ,' TWi • r.itr.ti rt>i-AN*ii m: f'oars Thro* i. Hick I)or,i!jtii- 11(1.11 . fu'U"t) in ii»- I l-'.inni'i-'H phono. Losa; : JJULLVll JIUWAIUJ KOll THJOLj ctmn of rnv bunch of ke>w, K. K, crilihi-. 1J6* - \ i-xiK fii- 1 IM.IMSM: THKKS,^ . «•>«!»* ai;o on rirnt Avi'.. Ster* J'jll JiJlcjie. ,1-ll^UI, _1\ __ d(. "m*; JIAHM HU.\t;(. i'on ,^A IT", I. 1 . P :-i. llo-llft :md lie. pliiint".. . ('••- H5tf 1'dH SA1.K -KAHMK Pt'IUX' HI'KIXO ixifirt*.. willi tioiK 1 , » and \V, J, Crump, Morrison phone. nnd at the 41!" -the uftcrnooti munhei-M hy t!1i« c<d<ir«"l i'i) aciH addtd to the of she f SOCIAL AFFAIRS J The lilm was a«»,«emlded and a Good News for Farmers! 4HQ juTi'K i'«)i* $2-'J. • (!uvt«rniiK''nt land ulun^.ttu 1 Hiif liitj^toii i{ailrom*l in XorlJipaAlt-ni \Vyuiuiiiu. A .')L!n HIT<» lloint' 1'ur lliu iiliu,^ -JW- ^',V|>lu.^ liwutiir; " |l,U5 |HT ticrt'.- ISti IK-H-H for .fJ'J:.'. ThiiiU or' i'tf Tiuilu'r for |a^t^, i'iu»I- etc., nt-arliy,. {'ret- In, M'JtU-i>. Tlios<» liuifls ai'i' Yt'i'y Vitlualili' I'tu' iuivf.(| J'aruiinv,. dairying' »uuJ stoi-k rai^in^; Scinl J"<H- map ami f"»ar ' tu'uiai's, JJcttt-r t'ft oiii- <if l|icM> hoiiH'.-i^ad- hc!'ur>' ' tl.H' 1 a(^ UilvfH iiji. Xi'it!i» % r ihc .('nuijfaus iiur ii>s ' — —sejU' krtv^-H*^,V-4rt}ul jVtr **;>hi, I nin ^luiiJuxiul'JjX-JJiL'Iliiii' _ on lu .hdji you Un-alf ami my n-rx iiv> a.rf !Vf*v It lifujKi.s'U'um inh'rt'.-i-. you. wriu- uiuj I'll tell \<»u idn»u( it. HALL-iyHIPPERMAN Misa Francos Hall and Frank Whipporman United £n Marriage Today, A ijllb't WeddlfiK Di'Clirred lit t\Vt>lV«» t't loi K today ut (lie- hojne of .Mr, nnd Mrn (JeorKi- l-\ Hall, Ifiti'l lAitirth HVc- nue, their ohlest ilnnithtrr, Minn Fran* •IK. becomlli!; Ihei^ife of l-Vunk Whip- peri.ijti. of TinKllivi. 111. Uevl J. W. ttobhin ',-pas-toi'ol' the Christian i'huiTh • ii thijt illy, i -a«J the Mcr\ Ire, unit the ;: •< i« niiniiM'ie l fi<uiiccn, liii'liulinK i>nls the l».< immediate famllic><. Tin. hour w i announced b> LUti-iiiidi^ii ».bi<_-'i\ AI|H. Hairy JKIUKC!. of I'iMin, \ilio i onuiit ii'(il the HO!"* I .iii.s ni a utilillnu m.aii.'h u<4 the bi-id" and t'MU'in -j.,oK their t'laVc.N nnd ,!!,!> i-i| r,y) l|,V larse amount of work hail tx'« a ae- loiiiplislifd, A pU'tilc dinner wu». enjoyed ut noon, ^vtf, . ________ , • ^ N.G. CROCHET CLUEp Spent A Pleasant Afternoon Yesterday With Mrs, Walliok. The N*. o. ciiiu held n plfti«nnt mect- Inir yohttrdtiy m thr home of .Mrs. J. M. Wallieis < n Kust Kl^hth Mrwt. Sev- M wen- .spent over fancy work U) yearn, weight I, lf»0 Ibs, l»«»rw«'M «r,<> MT-II hnikc 'for ivotm<n to drive, you wilt not llnd n betti'i- lot of llvtrv homes in Northern Illlaoin. Hue's*. HugitJeji, Wai^orw (all «ood a« iii M -,) I , ]irm<'}iur'H hrohm; I -(ml) 'nearern hack; f> rubber tired luick^: H 1 rubber tired btiKKh'K. almost, new; 4 tired bw-KKJen, «ood as new; 3 rt)|.l>er tlreij , ii? , Double HarnesH— 2 tit»tM of brn«H trimmed hurneHs, 1 wet of nlckle trimnu'd 1 we) of harncwj); ' Kervotl a datniy A SEWPARTY Secred Heirt Young Ladies WJH Sew Thii Evening. Young Jadles of th'o' Hn, ml Heart church w»ll huvir it tsewinx party this* w«»jnitff In tlu Bchr«»l houne, A i least- »itt, time i,s promiw»d and all tth!b*6r ' hn. parish aro Invited. setw of iloubh.' drivhiK Ijitrnesn; 12,»*et.« of «lnj;h« harncxN, all in j-ood tihape celluntHMiN ItemH- I eiitteri in KOOI! e; 3 Bn>,-«r.V polew; 2 w)iip?i; 16 rob«»M nil in wood Khape: » »pt» of Niorm,bliinketH; fly n««tf»; hay ropeM nnd forkH! neck ropes; pitch forks; idieiv- elM. und other thhiuM too nuiniTou.'^ to mention. TlilK IH j«n<> of Jhe bi^t Hv- t«ry Htcektt in this part of the «i :•• J>on't fall |< attend tills Hale. All PH '<• orty will he sold n« 1 «tn out of POTATOES . i: XuicTHIOItN I'oTATtiKS AT ;'itl l-'u-Ht Ave. It. 11. I'l.-n. HI SALE. MISCELLANEOUS SALE. g dixsolved partnership we the underpinned will mil at public salt will'ulit reserve on tho John Kichard- MIM f urn, '•' mile.H \ . i • and l milt south of Mlllcdtwvihe. 8' m)lex ' frim; done btmjr ><>m tumn on Tuc«« • lav of .aid w«ek. Lee Honiintt, R<, Morriton, Itoth phonex. IN-Ilfi* >ri:w uriLDiNt} IH ALL roMPUff tftid \ve ,.te in poftUlon to handle of hide.t and fur. \Ytll pay ti t price. A \-<tt want nil kinds junk. iJon't ulve away your junk t( nothlni; Call J). Manflcld on Locu cirei ! Klei|in>t, bofore you Ht>J|, «< t f.ill uUui' for your Keods. Bo; i AULKY'S TM'nOLSTKRINO HO£ pllal, basement cornor Ixjcust and Fourth St!*, 95-1 Ohadwiek 4 mllew north- \M-t of foletii. WEDNESDAY, NOV 22; .1916, the following property; K .~ <5r.i> ma ri\ U y ld: to Termi/of Hale K STERLING BOAHD OF TRADE Maxwell and Qulnlevnn MeililuT Jioarel of Trade. Chicago, HI.. Nov. K.. " Open High Low Close Wheat Dt>e. l,s58 .May 1 »2 July l.6i . Corn ~^L erythin*,' under $111.00 ]lu<kiih« m»t4-M «ci cpivtl on liiiK«-r an .-n 1 > win mU'i-cKt at c^. f it'in date ft *stl<- , r- - t, if not paid when duo, it. U.t h tif tiini.-. 7" v wfll hi- charK«'o ft, n duto «f will-. F. ri. JlumK-y und Har- nnt?ton,- Auctitrn'^r*,; 'Lf\v !;«'H?,<»| Clerk. N. C. REI72EL, Owner. N'oy. 17, i'i. Dec. 1, 3, C, 7 !.."iuo; black l,-l"ti. luy mare, , u yt-artf < !'J, year.M old, .'ok bv her cide; black «eldmii, « y old. weluht; bay Keldins,'. 3 .\e.u- •Id. \v< i«ht 1,200; black rnuie. -1 years- old in foul, weight 1,300; bay rnai-e : ye::- • .1. - weanlinji coltH, :w Heai if ('.•,,!> 13 K»UC! milch COWH, « frewl inn,, > u me*) fruHh during \\iiiti-i; ! No. 8 yi'lloM. »1 i>2 r l.rtj {-?; Nn. ^ y{ '|. Um-. Jl.m-Ml! itj i.-», Xi-. «! ', rllou-, <iT; Ts'o. 'I' -whiti-, : i.i'ifrj | 03 1-1';' No, 4 II 01; l, ^J,l•s, 4. No. i injxpi! r 2l..«i M'<,I:, y.s j.j; tJmtipl t>HtH— Nu. ." while, u. 4 white, ."i; !• a fl/ «h!io. 1, j Nof L' ."'i 1.0s two-y<>,u -old heifer; 4 yt'urlJnK h«-iforr •oinlinj two: 5 coming two ^ear oh t4'c(-; 10 hprlns c-alves*; 3 fall calves re .Htered Herefoid bull, U >'-at-M ohl i- -u»U;ml llt-reforo J.>ulL.Ji_-i ?»¥*• old Head of Shoatte— About I-MMI in H»>X .n •»! inery — - waKoiiK. breakim r '»M! hurncKs, 8-foot lh-«-rin?t '.,!'•. tonguu truckT 2 mower?,, t ii,»y l«ud*r. Sandwich sido S MADK me-isiircim hi*.. Appointments p.tone, n, || iJ(i\V, MIH. J. I-', WlrtliJ MH'Ci'N-lor to WlM, KCOtt. FOE SALE--FAEM J.AHDS - •oit SA'U: -it;u Ar"ui:s~ix I.KB All ««nd Jd.iek -oil ln\« b«v>.|, | ' holj-'e, f,iir baii>(, f'.'H- t'finflit olhi'l out building'* £<«>(). In tfOi neliihboi hood, near HchnoJ', noftr ket and K ntl/v*. Inyn HtorliiiK on „.. load. MK'ht »•..'<» n «mal! rewideri In HterlliiM:-or lJ»vk 1-*'I1« IJH pa>ment. CM, Kivo Ion: time ' paj_mentM if • '<h<l. Sw- K. 1C. J6 iion, 13)>ion, ' : HJi-111 l\»-s.v lake, Oliver t 'hilled (sum *t, John I>een< jrlrting cotu plow, 1 •mibbie plow, 4-MectIon Imnow, fan< 1.87V, ' ihe ceiellionv. Tin- \jij Dimple tlti 'e- i.l.itiuliH t ,ifl led" ollt 'ill led fllllt BREAKS A COLD IN A FEW HOURS r <!»t Doso of "P«ipe'g Coki Compound" Rcbeyus. AH'Qrippe "' -May July 0«t« Dee. May . Pork May Dee. aJil, Lard. .AS "a ^7 iu I Ma. ' Jan Rib. Jan 1 4 f. f, u r. {('< US Ui.t'7 11 ' 2 H ro .'.15 H ,f.7 17 lo 1 il. .r,; 1 ', H>e -Xo. i', $1.4 i,..i ,,|, Xo. ;j, {1.45. No. 4 white, 11.41, STERLING CITY MARKETS \ (Corrc< te ' 'i •'-,) us 11 1. 1 i IHi Xeu No. 3 yellow »Y!.', , .it.s "..,..,, S". I! HUH' d oat.' . Uliat mill, Hay's corn planter, I foot nei'iler. dine, hand coiji «ln-ller •(oine hijiihctmUl itoodH, tntir.\ other ar- «ici;> too namcrouM to mention, liui'- I'fts fecils i-vi rybody at noon, h.tlo im- nidt.itttj' afier. 'JVrmn*i>r t«ale: Ah -.urns of Jio.uu and under, canh. (»n in er, that ttinuunt a crt-dit of 11 tt 1TAUM. »10 and $5 monthly; no interest or JilKhly priirtucUvc Jaiul: closu to 9 • rnarkMN. \vrlu» for {ihotogranhs o full Intonnuiloh. iMuiiKer A-172 N. l-ift» Hid*.. KnitMua City, M< FpKEENT KOH JIKNT -f.-KOOAr'^l.'LAT." •juirc 3»d Ave, or time will he given «n !, beat Tut? C per .cent fiom date I! when due, if nut KO paid 7 pel •ent. will JM> ehui'Ked. No property t< 'H> rcwn(\<-l until 'rom "lerk. for, ."on, Am'Joneors; II, "i*, Knox BRAND AND RICHARDSON. 114-11! OaJjcy l'*,«t t 'U\\ M i.,- LIVE STOCK* •CHICAGO STOCK t often ovej , til , Nov. in. I Hi- |n\\«<t' Co., t -N.v .v(illf>d-tip* (.'..It 'blfiu l|i,; .mil MiUHlllc:' "A ill.'.--! -1 'l'.>f|... i- Cold Ci'inpoiinO"'I iKi'il i V- ;.. B. "-.••iJl -Q P.iii ; R, jt: •• ^ Omaha, Nf-b. *.•'. it \.ia 4 u,i ^'iijipt mi't is .4tid.bit.ilt i.i(> i '*\>ie .Mill »iil!*s in (hi beail. i ),• t, .(..,1^ ,.« hjul>< I il (.! ,.ni|>! |\ OJHIII ilm.mii lip 11"^- J'li 1 UK) Ill »p..»-.UC lop*. II l^(_. tlls- i ' l,> i.| In J_ i'll iilii>., tlhvt'i Mt'l-, i' ' ! •_ l,i dijfMn< fi ». i c l.m-.». -.ue i •( (.1 i" • >!• . /Hi; , "Ii 'M ' .Ml ( : I.I - I I ' I,I C-.'Ilp" II. -I 'I tl'4 .(..i. k' 11 l.i I ih ,i n in.I . • ! of l\* ,( .!J<|, ' f. Ij «"! WHff. i ',. • i i :i • i i i HI.I i iti <••! I" I f t i '"i, ? o ' • p! 1 Mil>- -i..ol\ t. ^l^^^nl^ ,, Js s, .. jy n lower. in ir, ni.nn ji ;i. jo llnt;v> i bt-e |rt'<il.ii I<jyv4'r th.ui >i'&- IN'.im U"d -.."... 47.11(111" jtHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. ' '( 'JiU Iff!, (If , ,\o\ 1 "i U ii. H '>.«• ;• f.-ii, i| x; ! ;•, N,, " f< .1 M ;; i i" j i '•••. ,\,. j r»-d. $i .'•;, X I I (I .1 M Illffl * I S\ I ' I | V>1 {. j- .\o (.LI \, . ,!. • «. ii . • - I 'ij l (; \ > i K . ( ; vv f 11 i i i v^ t '. i. v;. ^ . i I.M::- ,\i> -*'^iU>»v, ?t Vi» A-Jjjiv 1 *, ...'I ,',',$8'K-.n.Vw ,.,,. ,,,$;. in i) .1 mi . f "" is w LOCAL RJ Al?. MARKET, Da .''- Hansfoid cn.iirt.'y hutur D.iii.t jiuiti r ....... .' hi 1 Her- New V«u«it«» Iliad lell, '.;o,»| »f bt'uil ... «V|. o. c. h ......A Cii' '.nibet,', »,m h ,. i'.a-lt-s Ts'i'v, polal ^«<», i U" ,, I i •,' i« ill.if, .• .nch , .. "- ' i' . b'UI { ' "... < >i' ( ii (>< pp. I < ,l<'h ... . Fruit. 1 M i)i 'i l .1 , J t dn. .,!( ",'UU»v>. (i tL'V ' CLOSING OUT SALE. i.i udniK to quit f.u'inliH;, ihe un- •f-lvlU'il Uill «ell ilt public, VVilh i UM-l\e. tiff IliM flit HI tl nl'll'M siting. 4>--.t ol Malvlin. - mlle.s < u-i of Al«.r« '«i ,vt'. mi the Lincoln Highway TUESDAY, NOV. 28, 1916, Urn follow- in- piopeity: 7 Head Ho:s,.», Itlac5 Hi i- IV je.liw old, \\eiKht i,|uu; hotrcl j'c i;$ >4-,iis oliL viiiifhi l.Jii'*; ^.•rM^ clt'int,- i."> \e,iln (ifd. WelKbt I,Olid; l);ij n uf J \earn ohl; bay m.u. 1 yt»i »id hii< i«hi«K colt, 1 Hheil.'utrl pom :j jit i.i j'.itii.' 11 uoi>ii nnh'lii coWrt, l.'-!.is '.' M..UM old, 4 «. ait.ii/ lu-lf i " je.uhnv *.|'il> 3 I- 1 ilt i-i'\»>s >mhim bull ,'l >eai-. Ail.l l-\um Alu- iilili l s !>, i'im/4 blinh i , :.'H»'J C )>i'.-le ii i>liun| Iti- i'XW KKXT OKKJCK HiaTl'J. JOHI Hurpharn Illocjj, JUt-ll phone 7T«U R'KNlfcUIKl) JUKJM FOR Modem Bull uhohd 86* '•<vfi HKNT—MOUlOftN FJUAT, WK Thlid-Ht. Inquire A.^!* HooHman, 'tili HHNT—7-JU)OM ein bonne ul JHI8 Wxth 'Ave, Tho Hoy O. Woods . -llh room Henry CUMl Ht. 'DH KKVT XH'K |jiir(|v lUnii. tn, i.u lie 11 533UI. (Ji{ )!K.\T 7-lt(Mt.M in i tf jth A»e .uid i'tul ,St dial, po n-t-sdoti. I-' r. j^uti r. " .\^i, hi o 1 JK H W sol Third Av«. , corniT «Jh L' |-:, f,((i St. i^ MuUih •!' v, , itiand lifttMir J<ulK\ plow . l.iuni a »ui iidiiu* I'oui plow. S-w.-'-linr '. pin,!,- olio InuiKV: bob l.ii. UM • .t i,- I. ml coin *,tH-lli i , liuiU'H) ..-• v\ Iti. hoiM. eiippi-i «, "' tut-, of V4i|Jv U!H -T " >•' t-. MM. I.- bail.•'•>•>. h.ud i oul I "-( -, '.'•'« hi'-hi N «d t hi It 111 !l - ttlo IHlltM U'li . to (»> !,{'.<!I I (1,1 Sinn 11 ,| ! i o'cto. K f-ii 1111 ' i '• l m iii> Ui in 1% lit. r TIHU-- ,\ii 4>in-t ot $ li'il .ili.l. ! 1,1 K in. i t!. tttiolii.t I '2'i.ll'h 1 t!lll< \\UI h.'KIVil Plitovii, ""I- b it, i ' H )ui .-. nt u !i i, I li.'in | >.i! \\ h i lists , tl'.,, i vv» ; Si mil tf tti uf • ill --,11 |o ,,j,. !'» (, 'i!.'\* i| until ^« lib •! Nn ( i> I \i-.t nun i i , ( 'i m , i;, ni (. MftS. XENRy ARMSTKONO.' SITUATION WANTED -A tiy ^frl. \Vliti' "K" car* W, K. OUNWORf Ey« and Hc.lth ' Spocialilt Hr«, 9.12—8.8 BTiSRLING. IUL, 9 E. Third StT BrT. Over Corner Drug Optometrist FITTING Of GLASSES

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