The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California on October 2, 2005 · 4
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The Sacramento Bee from Sacramento, California · 4

Sacramento, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 2005
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A4 The Sacramento Bee Sunday October 2 2005 Patrols spar verbally with protesters FROM PACE A3 omen even some Latinos Their gripes about illegal immigration are often the same as those of the gun-toting veterans though their backgrounds are different “It shows that the problem reaches all of America not just a specific group” said Gayle Ny-berg 57 a Murrieta woman who slept in the back of a 1 976 Chevrolet Suburban painted in camouflage while on patrol More than 200 people signed up with the California Minute-men who spent three weeks at the border this summer I Civilian patrols are opposed by 56 percent of Californians but supported by a majority of Republicans and people at least 65 years old according to a recent Field poll Support was weak in Los Angeles and San Francisco and among Latinos and people under 40 The telephone survey of 426 registered voters Aug 19-29 had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 9 percentage points Wood who battled two hours of rush-hour traffic to get here has taught immigrants English for two years Most of his students have been Asian Returning home to Southern California in 2002 after spending I I years teaching in Japan he found his opposition to illegal immigration hardening He concluded that Mexican immigrants have tailed to assimilate in the United States unlike the Vietnamese star students at his high school in Huntington Beach or the students to whom he teaches English “Suddenly they make American friends they learn the language they buv a car they start to acclimatize themselves to the American w ay of life just as I did in Japan" he said Heather Evans a 25-year-old Los Angeles microbiologist was initially uneasy about joining the patrols she’d seen on a television news report But when she drove three hours to the border one July weekend her fears quickly evaporated “1 told my family it was like an armed picnic on the border” said Evans who is considering whether to buy a gun for future ’ VI 9 ? jr 1 f Ail ik:v VOTED Highlights from action in the Senate and House in the past week SUPREME COURT COKHRM4TIOM Q Barbara Boxer D-Calif Tre Senate voted 78-22 on Thursday w SSXR2emasc“ On-M-WK zzzzri3SMEmK ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT The House voted 229-1 S3 on ' Thursday to oveaul the Enbangered Species Act of 1 97 3 over the objections of some members of both parties who said such changes would damage the environment in favor of landowners Tracy Republican Richard Pombo sponsored the bill Sources Ganrett News Service Congressional tint atnii el ? HirJaiitySiTui?-- liFIill il IfiiH !I B3L- wsi ni n u t ££ wm in - in I f?E3-732B-E8G3 Toll Free Associated PressSandy Huffaker Gayle Nyberg 57 of Murrieta peers over the border wall to spot immigrants trying to cross into the United States in August Nyberg slept in the back of a Chevy Suburban while she was in the Campo area helping with civilian patrols The problem of illegal crossings “reaches all of America” she says visits She said she traces her opposition to illegal immigration to the time a few years back when she noticed that men who whistled and hooted at her often looked Mexican to her Rogelio Cabrera said he felt harassed in a different way A 30-year-old who loads port containers in Long Beach he said illegal immigration began troubling him when day laborers who he said appeared Mexican began gathering outside a neighborhood Home Depot store “They see I’m Latino coming out with bags of cement and they huddle around me saying ‘What can I do for you?’ "said Cabrera who joined the patrols despite the fears of his Mexican-born wife Two dozen or so recruits gathered one August evening in Campo 40 miles east of San Diego where many had been camped for nearly three weeks Small groups were assigned along a mountainous 16-mile stretch of the border blanketed with mesquite cedar and manza-mta trees Wood was dispatched to “base camp” - a metal-roofed canopy ® © YEA NAY ® ® ® o © John Doolittle (R) Wally Herger (R) Dan Lungren (R) Doris Matsu! 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-- nr wwv Jams Baaar Haaofry Putttahar mb Prastoaft f V Campo substation and paid overtime to reinforcements A small group of protesters who camped in tents closely followed and frequently taunted the patrollers “When we have two very diverse groups very polarized and highly emotional running around many of them carrying guns obviously we’re going to have to be there” said San Diego Sheriff’s Lt Bill Hogue He added: “I don’t know how V Julie Paiva CEO and Founder Walnut Creek San Jose Management end Circulation Sm) (Hot Mvtyn LackMfl OnMton Rmau Mgr bvUbtm (Hot Pi) Tff - 21 OOQ Stoat SftSfamantoCA 8681fr918 2100 Q Stoat SacwnantoCA 85619-6918 2100 Q ca toaifroaie CompM Mattng Adta or HoUirl Parcant or Mora of Total Amour of Bonos ModBUtft Camptot Mailing Addraaa 60 Box 30 Bowttog draw 8taKcn Ham Yofk NY 10004-8080 you’d feel about a bunch of people running around your neighborhood with guns but it makes some people uneasy” No one spotted illegal crossers this night which is typical The Border Patrol credits the California Minutemen for reporting crossings that resulted in three arrests during a three-week patrol The agency has made about 11 million arrests over the last year - or an average of 20000-plus a week It was a quiet evening of friendly conversation and rock music playing on the radio except for a tense 20-minute argument with four men who approached in a Nissan Maxima They belonged to a Small group of protesters camped about a mile away over a dirt road The protesters followed the patrollers at every step banging pans shouting through bullhorns and shining floodlamps on them “What’s happening here is unacceptable!” shouted the driver a portly man who stepped outside the car “We have to tear (the border fence) down You want to build it up” TS McMullen a former Marine toting an M-14 rifle responded calmly that the protesters were “communists” The driver compared the civilian patroller to Nazis “I hope your children get harassed by bigots like you are!” the driver shouted “We are not racists” Mc Natural Granite Countertops Featured Showroom Available x Zx The Sacramento Bee A tlcClatchy Newspaper General information Monday - Friday 7 30am-6pm Main telephone: (916)321-1000 Outside Metro Area 800-284-3233 Mail: 2100 Q St Sacramento CA 95816 Fax: (916)326-9578 e-mail: webmaster0sacbeecom Customer service Subscription and delivery Monday - Fnday 6 30am-6pm Saturday Sunday 6 30 am - noon The Sacramento Bee (ISSN 0890-5738) is published daily (and periodicals postage paid) at Sacramento CA Home delivery subscription rates (tax included) Daily and Sunday -13 weeks S3 45week Daily and Sunday - EasyPay S3 1 5week For other delivery schedules and terms or for mail and electronic edition subsenphon information please call Customer Service Rates in outlying areas may be higher Postmaster: Send address changes to The Sacramento Bee 2100 Q St PO Box 15779 Sacramento CA 958 16 IUSPS 474-760) The Sacramento Bee Press Club Member benefits & services Your subscription qualifies you for membership in The Bee Press Club For more information call (916) 321-1657 or visit sacbee corrVpressdub Customer service Classified advertising Monday -Thursday 7 30am-5pm Friday 7 30am -6pm Sacramento Fair Oaks Folsom To place an ad 321-1234 To cancel an ad (24hrs) 444-6000 Roseville Citrus Heights To place an ad 965-1004 To cancel an ad (24hrs) 965-1012 OTHER AREAS 800-876-8700 Display advertising Monday -Fnday 8 30am -5pm Retail National Sacbee com" Regional 321-1465 321-147S 321-1240 321-5270 Recycling for the future More than 75 percent of the newspnnt used to print The Bee contains recycled fiber At least 50 percent of fiber content is from recycled waste ( Mullen said "You’re the only racists" "Unfortunately this is a war" the protester said as he returned to his car "I despise everything you represent but I respect you as a soldier” Wood the son of a California Highway Patrol officer and an elementary schoolteacher said he rarely mingled with Mexican Americans in high school After teaching English at a high school in Yokkaichi Japan he sought to bring his Brazilian girlfriend home but he had to haggle with an official at a crowded US consulate to get her a tourist visa “Seeing that situation all these (visa applicants) waiting to get into the United States and then coming back and hearing how illegal aliens just jump over fences” he said shaking his head “It’s like being at an amusement park and waiting for two hours in line then someone just cuts right in front of you That isn’t fair” When Wood brought his current girlfriend who is Japanese with him to the Minuteman patrol he said she was terror-stricken during the night and feared being kidnapped or killed Wood said he felt right at home with the Minutemen and plans to return when his schedule permits “I’ll do it as long as it takes - until it’s just as hard to get across the border as it is to get in through an airport" he said -ni) i f- yn-Q: The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Bee is published daily and Sunday by McClatchy Newspapers Offices at 2 1 st and Q Sacramento CA 958 1 6 Phone 916-321-1 000 Penodicals rate paid at Sacramento CA Jams Besler Heaphy Publisher and President Rick Rodriguez Executive Editor and Senior VP Joyce Terhaar Monogng Editor Morton L Saltzman Deputy Managing Editor Robert Casey Asst Managing Editor Pam Dinsmore Asst Managing Editor Scott Lebar Asst Managing Ecttor Tom Negrete Asst Managing Edtor Cathie Anderson Business Editor Bill Bradley Sports Editor Amy Chance Political Editor TomCouzens Sunday Editor Stuart Drown Cty Editor Jerry Eagan Regia i Editor Unda Gonzales News Edtor Mark Moms Director o! Photography Howard Shmtaku Design Director Sarah Lopez Williams Features Editorhtestyie Jearmie Wong Features Editor Pop Culture David Holwerk Editorial Page Editor Mana Henson Deputy Editorial Page Edtor Stuart Leavenworth Associate Editor Pia Lopez Associate Editor Robert Mott ’ Associate Edtor Tom Philp Associate Editor Ginger Rutland Assorwre Editor Steve Bernard Senior VP Advertising Dan Schaub Senior VP Emulation Gary Strong Senior VP Finance Unda Brooks VP Human Resources Ed Canale VP New Mecia 6 Strategy Bruce Meissner VPProduction Steven H Weiss VPMarhetng Public Affairs Lyle Endsley Home Circulation Director Kelly Swift Retal'Circulatan Director Dwight Hastings Finance Director Ralph Frattura Interactive Products Director Barb Brown Administrative Services Director McClatchy Newspapers GaryB Pruitt President CEO Chatman of the Board Heather Fagundes VP Human Resources Christian A Hendncks VPlnteraCtrve Media Karole Morgan-Prager VP v General Counsel Patnck Talamantes VPFinonce Howard Weaver VP News Robert J Weil VPOpemtms Frank RJ Whittaker VPOceratms News and Information Newsroom 321-1001 Business 321-1957 ForeigrVNabonal News 321-1153 MetroState 321-1020 Sports 441-4100 Scene 321-1078 Photography 321-1162 Photography repnnts 321-5286 State Capitol Bureau 321-1199 EditonalPage 321-1903 Public Editor 32V-1250 Regional Zones 321-1054 iiI7MWj

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