Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 17, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1944
Page 6
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£*ge Six NAITGAT-UOK I>AJEY NEWS , JULY 17, 1944 v *;•':'•• Lunch Time At The Front n -• * *• T.S.^« ,?•>. -s, *•»-«• -i-/!f..., -/i • Brasscos Lose 1 o t. u. 4-3 Under Stadium lights HartfordW '-Nftktenis ; Hurls For Locals, 'Giving Up 10 Whilt- two of Ills hiidtllOH I<P«'P thi'lr rlfli-si firing at UIP enemy on tin- Noriimntly front, 11 T«nk liifmilrymun (center) .enjoys a K-rtitloii lunch Tli.-m> troop* Imv.- hi-oiv flKhtlin: irti'iMllly wince-they limited-on IMluy Orriciiil U. .S. Slijnal Corps Huilio-toUiphuto, (InternnloiiHl) • On The Air '... -"" 4:uo |i. m. • WABC—Broadway 'vlatinee WATR—Ethel and Albert ' ' • WEAF-WTJ— Backstay Wife WOR—News. •1:15 p. in, .WOR—RambUn-ft with Gambling WAT.R-WJS5—Forum ;! Norman Show W13AK-VVTTC—Stella Dallas •1:30 p. in, WEAF-WTIC—Lorenzo Jones WABC—Off the Record; SinginK Neighbor WOR—Bob Stanley Orch. WATR-WJZ—News •I: 15 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Young Wiclder ' . Brown WAT fi-W J55—Correspond on l.i Abroad WABC—Raymond Seott Show S:(M> i>. ni. WEAF-WTIC—Wti«n u Girl Mar. rlcs WABC—Fun wllh, Dunn WOR—Uiicle Don. '. WATR—Terry and Piratos 5:15 p. in. WABC—Mother and D.'ul WTIC—Love and Learn WATR—Melody Revue WOR—Chick Carter 5:3ti p. in. WOR—Tom Mix WABC—Murphy Sisters WEAF-WTIC—Ju&l Plain Bill WATK-WJj;—Jac-k Armstrong WATK—Nnw.s S :•!.'• (>. ni. WJ55--Captnln Midnight WAEC—Wiklornfr.-'M Koiid WTTC — Prone r'agv Furrnll WATK-WO fi—Sea I louiiul i;:IHt (i. in. WOR—Headlines WTtO-WWAf-'-WJ?:—News: Talk WATIt—'.Vuwa (i:IS p. ni. WAMC—Murray Urcli. and Chorus WIOAK---Si-n-niidi' to America WATR—Music for Dining \VTCC—J.'rof. Sehenlcor W.fSS—Hop r-[arrigau , WOli—Ncwsret-! (i:.'IO p, m. WOU-News W If,A K--Tin. Mood l.i Music WAEC—-All-Star 'Kiuebal! Review \VJK- Whose War? WATIl—NIIWS; .Song Program (i:15 [i. in. WOR—Stnn r^'jinax WAMC—Wcirlil Today • WJZ—Henry Taylor. News W-l'lC'-W|.'.AF-Lfiw(;ll Tliom/i.i. Nuws Fritz Kreisler * TONIGHT AT 9 * WTIC . . . WEAF * 'THE TELEPHONE HOUR' GREAT ARTIST SERIES Refer Paul i . inc. NAUGATUCK, CON'.V. WATR—Pleasure,'- .-Profit; /Interlude .WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC—-I Love a. Mystery WA'l'K-'.VJiS—.Horace Heidt Orch. WOU—i^ultoii Lewis 7:15 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Newi of aha World WOR—Answer Mart WABC—Dateline 7:80 p. m. WOR—Lou Sobol Show- WEAF—Al Roth Orch.: Revue vv..'1'R— Phone Your Answer WTIC—Dunce Orchestra WABC—Thanks to I ho Yanks WJZ—Lone Ranger . ' 7 :-!5 p. in. WEAF—S'ows WATR—Dnnce Orch, WTIC—Studio Program X:IH> ]>, ni. WATR-WJZ—Watch the World Go By •WEAF-WTIC—Caviilcncle WABC—Vox Pop WATR-WOR—News 8:15 p. til. WATR—Lum and Abner.. WOR—r-fick '-Cuiilcr - . ; . »;SO p. in. WTIC—Voice of Firestone WABC—Guy Nineties Ruvun WAT It-WJZ—Blind DaU; WOK—Sherlock Holme* !>:»() p. in. WT[C-WEAK—Symphonic Orch. • WAEC—Mayor of -the Town WOR—Gabriel. Hoftllor: Test WJ2-WATR—Cou n toi-spy !>:;«) |>, in. WATR-WJZ—Spotlight Band WABC—"The Man Called X" WO'R.—Music of Worship WTtC—Polletler's Orch. W12AF— Information Please Jl):0i) |i. in.' IVOR-. News WJ5J-WATR—Raymond Gram Swing. WEA F-WTfC—Contented Program. WAEC—Screen: Guild .10: IS p. in. WATK-WJZ—Ted Malino l(l;;il) p. ill. WAEC—Showtime W hi A K-WTIC—".Dr. T. Q." WJK —Academy Award Thea'ler WATR—New:;; Good O!c Days IlKNi p. in. ALL Stations, News 11:15 p. m. WATR-WEAF-WTrC--Mows WABC—Df.-an Hudson Orch. W.I 54—-Convention Preview WOP,—NVws; Hamillori Orcli. 11 i'M) p. in. WTTC-WEAF—Stories of Escape WAEC—Tony Pnstor On.-h. W.I^WATR—SaludOH AmlKoa WOR—Xiwier Cugat Oreh. ll-.'tr, p, in, WEAF—Denny Bccknnr Orch. WATR—SiK-n Off WAHC—NIJWS; Tucker Orch. WJZ—N<!w.s; Slverwood Orch. WT rC-WKAP—NoW.H ; Serorvad e WOR—Fields. Martell Orch. The Coast .Guard Bcnra of Groton turned, buck Fred Dav.i's Walerbury Brasscos -1-3 boforo •2,000 fans .at Municipal Studium. Saturday nlB' a thrilling.pitch- ing duel between Pete' Nuktencs of Hartford and Verh McKay, former Western Association .IcugUt; pitcher. McKay was a shade better than NuktcniH and only allowed tho BraaHCOs seven hits, while Nuk- tnis was ,reached .for ..ton. bingles, several of scratch variety. McKay received excellent support from ;hls mutes while the Bruss City nine booted the ball .four timed to give, tho Const Guards all their runs. The Coast Guards went into .the load 3-0 in tho fourth after Mellllo led-off with a single to right. Williams sacrltlcer Mcllilo to second, and Shcloskl worked Naktenis for a walk. McKay singled through short to loud the pillows. Webber popped out to Rehia, but Theurd came through, with a long double lo right that drove-In'Mellllo and Sheleski. Naktenis .s'trucTT,out Lan- good to end the up-rising. The, Coast .Guards 3-p .load was short-lived ,as the Brniscos -carne back strong, in 'tholr, half of the. fourth, after Lefty . Farrar , the- .initial batter Hied;' JHowic ..Hack moved Johnson to third on.* .perfect, hlt-a'rfd-run jilay. Hussomando drew a pass to lbu.d , the :bases. Rehia dropped a hit in front-Of Theard to. score Johnson, and Mc- Weency boat outa .crazy hopper to McKay milking it 3 : 2. Ros.somando tied the count as. Robinson..droped Webber's perfect pen -to first. But , Nakcntis and Bobby Rhodes popped up. The seamen from Groton won the ball game in their half of the sixth after two were 'down. Thcard received n life when Naktenis booted and went to second as -the ex-Middlobury hurlcr un-corked, a wild pitch. Lungood', hit .a grass cutter to Rehia who made a great pick-up but threw: the ball pass Farrar at first. Theixrd scored .from second ,and Lrmgood went to second. The Davi crew made a. big bid In their half of the seventh , by loading the hassocks, but Goose Russoniando filed out to center to end the inning. 'They also .had another chance to tic the score in the ninth when "Razor" Doran singled and reached the keystone on McKay's wild heave. Rhodes-and Furi-ar, Naugutuck lads failed to come through. Both went hitless. Billy Johnson, known as "Buffalo Bill".in Georgia pulled, a priV.e play on Robinson's bunt in tho 'seventh. Johnson was on the ball in a flash .and his peg-was straight and true. Jooy Russomando committed highway robbery with, two on In the ll'fth whoii ho went deep into center and speared a sure homer' from .the bat. of Shelcski, the Guards loft fielder. This evened the count as Shelcski .robbed Rus- somando In the opening game .at the Brass Bowl. Lefty Farrar's one handed stab in. the seventh also drew a round of applause. Next Saturday evening the strong Meriden Contelcos .move Into tho Stadium with wins over the Coast Guards, West Haven Sailors, Pratt and Whitney, and others. Dugas, loading semi-pro batter in parts who has hit ten homers in cloven games will bo in center field for the visitors. Lou Nova Finished Max Baer's Career In Boxing Game i^'Muxv/Bapr look'e'd'iiike his old self when he climbed Into the ring lor .hl-s second shot at Lou- Nova. Max. war hard . ^and well-conditioned. . .. :'."• . More than ever he looked- like '.he Llvcrmore L-arriiper who...-had hold the heavyweight title. Like the .powerful cloutcr who~had beaten Prime Camera and Tony Galen- Twenty-two thousand fans packed -Madison-, .Square Garden that, night—it was April Fourth, 1941^ Boxing .experts had. called Baer a : Washed-up Bum. .That .was after; Nova knocked him. out .in their llrst meeting, in June,. 1938. . But Baer came back, He.canie back to tear Galento apart and put his grinning, face hack into sports pages all ovor the country. They couldn't laugh -OlT .that right band- of Baer's. When .Maxie wanted to hit.he could.throw one .of the hard- ,ost. rights .In .the . business. .The fans, thought ..that this time .Maxie wasscrjous. ' ThJs . time he'd, get down,,to lighting -ari'd..forget -the .clowning.. .- - - '. ;' ,.-.--..; .The .fight wa'n't. 'hot' until thn third round. Then.' .Max.." caught Nova, with one of those roundhouse rights'.' Nova staggered back. He wi;» hurt. : - • • . ' .'. Max grinned Q3 s .Nova wavered. The Old Powerhouse still was in shape. But Max fell back on his 'old triuks. He started playing around again — entertaining. (;he crowd with his gestures: Nova was saved —at least for .that round.' Baer's playful-moss gave Nova Cime' ,to clear his head. When Baer went back to his corner he Jolt good. .But his handlers lore -Into -hl-m. They told him tlial one more incident like that .would coat h-im 'the ..fight. They told ,lvim l.o knock out. Nova quick- ily — to end the fight, .before Nova could jrc-l. going. • ; By Jack Sords •f * . .. .. , . . ,. '•St 1 ^'' "Vi^'i^i ii W' ' 'I i Dusty Softball Loop Leaders, MilsWaM toLa$t?Wee Dodgers Break Losing Streak; Browns TAe Two From Cleveland This'n'That By .DUKE. JiAZI.AtlSKAS . ': (Sports' Kdltor) The" ntw National league rule about suspended gfl-mcs is provid- ng -plenty of headaches for the senior circuit clubs. The .Philadelphia. Phillies.are the champ, groancrs. Tho Phi'is Jiave hree games-'they started and did not finish.' And ,the fanj are confused about the whole th,lng. You see, the' Phils have to play one of . -I them ail over —and they've got to Bill Talbert Cops Illinois' Crowns Fritz Kreisler Will Play On Telephone Hour River Forest. III., "July 17—(UP) —Billy Talbert has taken all three men's titles in the Chicago Open tennis .tournament. Bill won .-the singles crown by defeating Norm Bickel in straight «cls yesterday. :uid teamed 'with; Nick Bir/.ollch to take the men's doubles crown, and with Shirley Kary l.o win the mixed doubles championship. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING GUMS Great Oak Farm O.\l''Oltl> JIO.-\D Tel. 8W9 MILK -^ EGGS Delivery To All J'urtH Of *••»««••« Fritz ICrflsIor. world famous violinist and composer, will ,maka ; thr? first radio appearnnce of 1 cfiroor-this nvnnlng at-9 p. -m..over Ihr. NBC network (WTIC' and WEAF). This will be the firM of five "TcIephaTO Hour" prog-rams on which Mr. Kreisler has agreed to play. Tonight's program will open with the popular first movement of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in 1C minor. Mr. Kreisler will also _play his own composition, the per- ontnlnl favorite "Caprice Viennols." The third selocl.ion he -ha-.t chosen for his radio debut. Is his own ar- rangempnt .of Albeni/.'s "Tango in D." The -famous vlolinis-t will be .•accompanied, by Donald Voorhcns, conducting the 57-piecc Boll Symphonic Orchestra, a regular feature of the "Telephone Hour." Twenty-nlno states elect all their judges on a partisan .ballot; .eight on a partisan ballot with an independent ticket allowed; and 13 on a non-pnrli.Han bal-lol. Big Max promised .his seconds to .get out there and fight. He tore ou'l of his corn-cr when the bell sounded for the fourth and luaded another right' -on Nova's jaw. This" time Lou -went .do.wn. Nova wcaved -to. .his feet. . In- sllnctivcly .he foil 'into a cline-h.. H,c stalled, trying :to gain time— 'time to clear his head—.time' to get. back ,his strength. ' ; This was where l.hc fi.Kht should have -ended. This was where Baer should have clouted Nova into the haze and put himsqlf.back on top. But -Baor didn't do it. Eaer still ,was the clown—still the guy -who would -rather get a .laugh. Max •stepped -back and stuck out his tongue at Nova. .T h-j cuslomors laughed. But -Nova didn't. Ho took advantage of every second, to .clear his head. Then 'he- went after Baer. In: the. ,-l;Lxt 30 seconds, of that .-round -lie actually waa outfighting Baer. Jn t.he fifth Baer was.back .ogaJn. Beating. Nova all around the ring. But once more Lou' managed to .finish the.'roiin;d on .his feet. Baor's Itnockout. s-ting was gone. The] rounds .piled .up. Baer pressed . in. But he didn't have .it .any more. T'lie tigh-hh came up, and ,-!,his time '.it was.Nova-—Nova .who did the swinging. -Two smashing blows to Uuor's lace. Baor didn't go dow^ But he was out. He was whipped. Thu referee stopped, the fight. A great fighter had come 'to tho end of tlie trail, Sets New Swim Record For NMU Tarboro, N. -C., July 17—CUP)— A member of -the Noirl h Carolina Navy V-12 swimming team—Billy Kelly—has set a new American record ,in 'the 10 motor junior med Icy. Kelly swam the dislanco ii one minute and 50 seconds at The National A. A. U. meet yesterday Lake 'up .[.he other two from the point, they -were suspended 'at. • .'.The ", Phils ; must re-play all of a. .tie .game they started with -the B'pslon Braves on April ,30!-h. The game was halted by the Pennsylvania curf-uw. The book say..i- Chat since the game woru riim.e innings -n.r.d ondud in a tie. it must be- replayed completely. Tlra other two games didn't, go nine innings—and so they'll be picked up where the clubs loft off, and finished. Tha rule -that's responsible for the .sale of so many headache powders is a war baby. It says that irames called .because of Sunday laws, blackouts, attempts lo moke a train, and similar causes must be. suspended; and finished later. The S'--. Louis Cards have one of those , hanging games ove-r their -heads. They're one of vhe teams l.he Phils have a score to settle with. A.nd .the Brooklyn: Dodprors 'have one.. The Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates have ono in- nir.g of one game to finish. Pirates led when the game w;us st.ojjpetl— the Dodgers .escaped losing fourteenth straight w'hen: ''ho. Pennsylvania Sunday- "curfew halted ,tbc contest. - AMERICAN/LEAGUE . 'yesterday'* Ko««»Itii New York 7, Boston 1 (1st). 2d pame postponed, rain: Cliicago 7, Detroit 2 (1st). DeLroit 7, Chicago 3 (2d). .Washington '8, PhiladelphJa 4 ClKl). Washington •), Philadelphia 3 (2d). St. Louis S, Cleveland 7 (1st). St. Louir, 2, Cleveland 1 <2d). SI... Louis . New York,... Boston Washington Cleveland .. Detroit Chicago Philadelphia. The .Standing W. L. IS 37 .-.- -13 36 -, . -13 30 -11 •!! -10 44 40 44 ... 30-11 37 45 .318 .500 .470 .476 .-108 .•101 No games today. NATIONAL LKAGUE JVROMPT SKKVICB! Bring your vacation dry clean- of -and be UMsurod LIclK'rmiin'ii prompt service, D/LIEBERMAN 28 CHURCH STREET REGISTER NOW FOR FALL TERM OPENS SEPT. 6TH •p/^Crp JUNIOR *\JBM. COLLEGE 34 CENTRAL AVENUE the widen choice oT point color* •ver offered-«J1 ready to UM, no -im Mangrum Wins So. CaL Golf Tourney Los Anpeles. July 17—(UP)—R-iy, former JPittsburg-h pro- fesslonnl • jrolCor, --hn.s won thn SoulJiern CiUifornia Open litlc. Mangrum came from behind to defeat • nmateiir Bruce McCocmick In' the finals. ALCAZAR 'H RCMuHn Koston 8, Brooklyn 4 UsU. Brooklyn S, Boston 5 (2d). St. Louis 4, Cincinnati 2 <ls!.). Cincinnati 3, St. Louis 2 C2d). Chic.-1-go 3, Pittsburgh 0 (1st). Pittsburgh 1, Chicago 0 (2d.\ Philadelphia 0, New York 2 (1st). New York G, Philadelphia 3 (2d). TONIGHT Tho Standing VV. L. Pet. St. Louis 5-1 23 .701 Pit.tsbugrh 4133 .!)54 Cincinnati .:...'....'... 44 3fi New York 40 41 Philadelphia. 34 44 Clucago Brooklyn Boston 32-17 No games -iod'ay. Chicago bss-eball'3 saw four pitchers exhibit .fhei-r best form yesterday n.s '*e Cubs .and the Pitbfburffh P-I-ratfts split a pair of one to nothing sbutouLs. T-he Cubs won the fir.-,! game as Hank Wysc beat Rip Sewell, •and the Pir.-itcs 'look the nisrh!- :i« Max Butcher turned in a .two-liMter to lop Claude P.i<aj.-;nu. At Boslon fhe Brooklyn Dodgers ended their losing- streak, at 35 •sraight by .takirajf the second g.ime of a itwin bill from the Boston: Braves, 8 l.o 5. The Br-avcs won the opuncr. S t.o 4, but in the ;iigln- cap the veteran Curt Davis pitched the Dodgers ou-l\.f the longest losing -streak in the club's hisory. The -Philadelphia Phillies rode -lo * r, to 2- viclory over the N<?w York Giants behind Al Gerheauser's hurling in l-he 1'irsl. gam.-; of thair double bill. at. Philadelphia. The Giants -had a G to 3 lead when the nightcap .was called afler eif innings because of fhc Pennsylvania Sunday curfew law. The g,-ime will bi.- completed the next Lime the Giants vi-sit Philadelphia. At, St. Louis Blix Donnelly go! his first starting n-ssifrnmerit for tlio Cardinal.-; and beat Uie Cincinnati Reds 4 to 2 in the firs' game of their doubieheader. Tiie tods came back in l.-he late innings of the nightcap to win, 3 !o 2, .'i.nd gain a split for the day. Jn the American league the St. nuis Browns stratchod their lead to two full -games by battling through to win two 12-inning pr.imes from the Cleveland Indians at Cleveland. The Brownies look the o]>oner, S to 7. and the .second game, 2 .to 1. The New York Yankees beat Ilic Boston Red Sox, 7 to 1. in the opener of their bargain bill :it Xcw York, bul. the Yankees lost their chance to kocp pace wilh She Browns when the second game v.-n.s rained out. The Washington Senators moved into fourth place by slapping down the Philadelphia -Athletics twice a-! Washing-ton. The Sena-toi-s took the first game. S to -4 and thu nightcap, 4 ;o 3. Al Detroit the Tigers and the Chicago White Sox split their dou- blcheade:- with -!he curtain-raisor going to the White Sox, 7 to 2, and the second game lo the Ticrcr.-;, 7 to 3. There won't be any major league baseball g.-mies '.oday. V, "8. 'Rubber Sports 8ix And Three Won-Lost Rec. ord; In Fourth Place Scovill's. Jnduatria.1 soflball comes' to Recreation field tonlchi to mee-l, the U. S. Rubber Co. t 'o n in a .playoff of a. posponcd game The ;;om« jjets underway at r,:K Scovill's- record -for i-he wuison <!0 far is 8 and 1, and the club is Sin: the -top ^slol of -the leaguo •]) by its Joncly self.- Hubco on u,.. other hand .is in fourth pla>x> wllh* two other clubs. with. a C and 3 mark .for thc.^eason; Brownie tCaraban will h c j n shargc of the lea.m this week as "Sy" Sctbcrlinc, manager, i s on vacation: ' ..... And tomorrow nii;ht in Waic r . bui-y, Rubco ''stacks up .-igcjiist Chase, while Scovill plays Waterbury Tool, an. s c,ver-dangcrous ball club. . A win for the Rubber-men lo. night will pul. the loop into another })ix scramble. • Ed Uraska win be the probable starter for iha Rubtaermen/ A large crowd is expected to take in. I'hc con lest. 1 Grazing districts operating under U. S. supervision in 1940 increased in number to 03 ;uid in acreage lo 1-!0,847,?00. Permits were issued to 20,609 stockmen. Now Playing JAP ADMIRAL RESIGNS New York. July 17—(UP)—The Tokyo radio announces the resignation of Admiral Shimada as Japanese navy minister. The broadcast—hoard by the F-C-C — said that. Admiral Nomura was sworn in today as Shimada's successor. The announcement comes four weeks to the day after the Japanese naval ncfo.-it in the Philippine sea. And just nine days after American forces completed the conquest of Saipan. Cowboy Canteen" CHARLES STARRETT JANE FRAZEE Rl BUY AN EXTRA BOND IX THE VICTORS MARCH Only about 4CO of 26,000 local assessment oftice'i-.; in the U. S. are under merit systems. . . GEM . K.OSEMARV LA-KE and 4 FAMOUS BANDS 'Destination Unknown ' ' Ahout 1,200,000 barrels of pelro- leum products nre required daily by the U, S. army overseas. CLEARANCE SALE CoiitN. SuU.H and Greatly 'Reduced BUY Wv«B BONDS AND STAMPS Murphy Paints tv»ry ihoc/« In wry gradt GANS^ Inc. MAPLE STREET - ':— S P.E.-.C I S2-PIECK '"' DINNER SET (for ft) TEL. '3507- SNACK and SNIFTER SET The crowning achievement of MGM's twenty years of screen leadership! Also "KLONDIKE KATE" SPORTS REEL iiml CARTOON TU-ES. - WJilJ. - THCRS. DANNY KAVJ: in "VP IN ARMS" Chrysler and G. M. C. Trucks .. * ODDY " FRANK McOOWALl -MORGAN VAN JOHNSON J.C.RAYTKWICH, C- Avbr»y Smith • bom* May Whilly —&& - ' ' ' " ' JR. ACCESSORIES •Repairing 100 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4000 TUBS. - WED. - THURS. "His Butler's Sister" with DEANNA nUTJBlN nnil I'AT O'BRIEN CREDIT JtWCLEKS r»2 South Main 5«. — 4-'l2 « STRISIITS CENTER ST. DIAL 3-27U2 ,

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