Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 15, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 4
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STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916, saferai BAKING POWDER rm.;--: e-.t h,»;i FEEDING AT LOW COST. Stend&rti Adds only healthful qualities to the food CONTAINS NO ALUM jflBLING DAILY GAZFT JJfD IjAlLY STANDA! J WXTY - 8ECON D Daily Except Sunday. P. W, GRANDON & SONS, Editor* and Publishers. Offifca. 1t1 Wsst Third Street. *t PoitofFice, Sterling, Illinois, P-- ~»t Second Class Matter, PROBA-QLY BE A BAD JOB, down js.'ivimr v, !)< ii tlie l.tiisiiro a pooi! loK \Vhae it nny Hflf flrood for n. w'hlle lavement* s<> Ud In a year "t" two" ns a rule t^t ill of holes aiid-rmiKh I'ke inun! .if tho ^ $tt6f plc-eps i'f t'tivlntf in tin- -itv. Of Sf^rttld avenue 1m* «<» lUUe It may stand fonsjer. But tho. jty, In 'tho 4>n*yi* HKely to KH. tdnn« QonQQ Constipation on this !»iere of j^iv^tm-nt f'.i.-.t n« it ! t« ,'ii=i','tr<*iU!y IU-PM pt.ii!'.!i hi-fure, !'..'»> i!".;' ;f f'ft v<'in' nt Itii* tl>ni> <;f i.- puit'inK it iti i I'M Ft'itam 1 . V, !»•» l!;' 1 !!(.•!«' ei>mr-<? thf- [-'tVlm; V* ill tm- <,!>«,.•• j«,(•>!<!< IV <MH«ll 5llOVV *!)•> iOtlt-h •I 1 ;'i.°. U' Hs'fviv! rt\fiHK> d''i it Will All ,.f ivbi< h britiL'* !>:u k Ihe ti'H'stion why It i*t iti" •»«.' t :;iry t" rf.jitiiinp the < "|»M-;H r w|(b :L_r.-oii'-i-tn v.-|>i< Is bid tii Mir-.u- uj, i fie j-ib ;ili'1 v.liv it' l.« ne«-es-'v f<> li«-<'ii on dniiu; t!"* M'tck in thf rr<vxlm: Wfjuh'-r i>f thf |>;t«l two day«',' Tin ic tnuit n-.iKitn mid M-rlniii" lv tin- ,ljtxfj:iy«;r,i of tli' > city nre en- tit !e-l to know why. The <>.i«<-He i«s not HfdcJnK thepf <|iipj>tl<>iiB itself, It !sf|>t Its pf'siee even after «irufns of \<r<r- l«>!s riK.'iliipt the nifihod* that were I'firif; used came to thin iidU'O, Si tin-s of veiti'le Imvo nnkc'tl the 'jii'-isiinii, why should tlin .gun totiitK mayor t.f the eity insixi and foroi thrtitiifh a fiaviiw i-oiiimct with nn Ir- r <5 ilif-tn ;!:;••' Tr = !<* !',•',.-;• '•!.;•"'•!•• r ! , :-.-. Al;..|, !>:•• 'i« •'.«•••'!! f'.r >"tl ; "' i-i i!-:t! M'n ;....•> <;•»;!•;!•!:; <!i-«'!v f-'.Tl'i '•' f t!,.-- i:\- ;-U':.'ti"!> fvf- f.' »1 ".r«'< riM-'.f-i, -.«.'> t!-:;t . '., •«>- .,-,•! •• j'h t!V --a r'--;i;--hrr>. j.: ;" ,:•> ?'•<!'•« i.f ramv Ufe """tlT"Tti!. j, i,^"T^TTT T'i'" ; "TrTnTriTiT r rTP"^ r Ti'.t ' , (--tints id f-'nii. l':u-.-'V ;nh!.-- f r;n",.;f.',:'" thrtf nrf ri5Tr f 'f-nHr fn fljf t:i*rtf hnt !vtd !l-e <!!-»r'dcT« to \\fiiih fl'-vh !« hrir. hr><'f !!»•>]• uriciiv In 'I'.v OiRf'stive n>f\- <hiti*-ry. Tli>- !'t«-j f Inner .1 i-h\ sif i:in (iuit the work l»t« eontlinifd when the • Ity in piling tn sre| (hi- Witst of HV The ni.'iyur act*! (IH If lu» w,\» i!u» ho«« hi.s to. y|bl«.» nfitl n»-1 world ovi-r. In nl'ieii tinu-M tlsey >t|.i.i.«'ivi. K. the iv|j,hi ^ of the |(Ublk'. j ro \n- haiiK'-d u'ntll they were dead, but ,T'avcJiieut,built now umjor -r.\J!+Hns|-in-(ctrntly tlu-brr-ed HviH'never Ihorotmh- «• (idi!inii,«, while it uu'iv not K!ui'.v~h'id , , i . , \\- i i ' » » • i . mtv.» i>.«i, !v (.xtcnnlnut'.'!!, \\ o nlivayr< huve bnd !•••!•. it .tune, -will in tliw «»inl !>rov«* to be! - . a 1 1'iim J,,h. Ju« mark it down, and! (ll(>m ln ' lh<> " r " llrtl *""i"-V»."'l lhe "•ult« inny not I'i'inner in \\ they chiilc the tonla* J J ! "l"Jl' v 'L^l'-'l 1 " 'I*'. 4 * 0 tml U«-y_ \\itj clca oL tlie. *M,W I* a wvy»t»-ry <-vcn to Mtow iij, in tfiiu> without a fjuoHtlon of u riiiladeiiihla lawjer. Hut they do. u d juht. \Vhy thiti Job should bo and Met ri«-h nt it In Urn dfe and Crackers Just received a new lot of those fresh, crisp, salted or plain Crack-. -ers, 'Special, 3 IDs. for W(t[!-:iinr 1 riluiMt cMfjiii; di?'.•!»••'«. I'Uf Ihry "ut'ial-. iy i !!)•< iTniutiy nf t5n-m by thf Simj !'•*( ,*xj» (ilfiit tif "'-iitst herbs thrtt writ- n **>l.-i<'O t<> t-iff 1 p*«irn.'»f h. The f;»"t that x>u I'Jicle Sftwiifl »-fui hoc.ji this !m!'(-i(nnt ttneh'.tif 1 In B»<«1 *,, , .,* . ,*„. jvorKinu *.'!()^i*-.'il -i rr!)l,« a uny ny IMI- lowing the dlc'tntrs nf jsel^utjtle knowl- i'iltn of'fond'if-B, ini!ii;itrs that th.<5 .\!i]'-ri< HI ''hfiiififrnu" should }t<» able to foJlmv In h!. 1 * footsteps better thnu n!ie hn» «1on«' In the j'fi-«t. n wmthl ~1>> n ff living. Tlie old ?:«•?• In if. "know t!iy- «•'•-! f," W.'IM forini-rly ei>n«ideri > i| the ni'amcntal itiinHpb 1 ' of health, .\ 'ttt-l* <iiif» would be, "!;»10W the*'food ENGLAND OUR ENEMY. Tho Amoriean peiijOo rtro nfrn'.d of t!ie OcrmnitM, They wsint to fl*f Kni;- anil win/ They Imtik on tin 1 frlrnrWilp f KtiKlntul.' Hut it is nlltioHt Hafc (o s;i>' th.'it If we hnye an rmtny nn earth it will in t.he end |»tjiye to Inj Ktigltniil. Shf hns Hliown In'1" witliiiKiiex.M to |>n«h eVery rrjnteiitiori offered by America 'ixlrt*. 1 . liccatisc it Nuliwl )**•!' H« i l'»?«h--in- 4.<T««!s to do ^o, KnKtnnd l« friendly to »i>* hj'Ciuin<'- she ran ti.i't tix.. \Vhcn vile diH'M not tired UK look uut. the Wo deliver $1.00 orders free. Both Phonos f*r Potatoes Early Chios, good quality, 60 Ibs, bushel; per bushel $2.05 'Per peck ,.. 53c HO SAID GROCERIES WERE HIGH • - •,,..- iind u jvroat list of Ui-al Bai'i>;uiim hi (jjroeerics. Kvoryihiii^ absolutely as we advertise tliein. By reiulin^ through (his list you can readily M'L> whore yuit can feuvo mone, finger Snaps |> l«Vesli fr«*» -tho uvt-n, 3 "f'lb*. for .,,.,,,.,,,,.23c York Imperial Apples ' ; r Miuce Meat * JJ lOc |)fcff» ; for .....25o Vegetables 1* i« r A n l )* K, I, Itutttbaeoti. '!' u r n i \>'a , Soaps. tuutt linfvauie yvul c . Baking-Powders - «ui',K. <* , «\ai t'aluttu-t . ctu< l>r. x l'i ji-t- . . ,2flc . Coffee Rice f» i> for Hlce .,25o Baldwin Apples iuul coolters, good, eat- n*, i»er lun-k ....... 33c for 25c . 22c ' Preserves u-^i- 2»i ounce jar AH« Teas Ci>.- Unit-rial, Hi,,,4,280 Ui/e J.Tl'.ui. Hi. '...'."."IOC •I'-i'i- t>u»jnnviK-r, U>..40o iJitflLu;. Jirv.jKfuwt. .40o Snaps 'A r.i '1%'4'iu e»v i.». . . .10c ;• }!!,• .Shin- i'uli.-ii . . .1§C ;' |ni j^oU.i .... ..... 15c 1 Kiuhea ,.15c lama Beans »'''•' * Jit-Kulur K"/ac kind. 3 Ib«. fur .'33o Sweet Potatoes 10 jHiundH for ...... 29c English Walnuts New 'crop, per tb..,.23c Peanut Butter. 'KO SO ounce Jar frt-sh liytter for. ..25c H •. Flour 1'ills.hurj.i lieHt ____ $2,85 Canned. Vegetables f 3 i.ias lii.iniiiy ..... 27c a r.tlia IM'HK ........ 30C 2 i'ttiU un<( IH'aii.s, , ,25c - liiliSt J '(IIKCi.ill . . . . l9c Bacon and Lard IViii y i:<u <tu. t|i. . . .24c Tun- l.atd, .lit. .,.' ,2Jc Corn Flakes , 4 lOe |iKws. fresh t'orn for ..2fio Prunes j S jiuiiiiila for ....... 25c GrapeJruit ihl/ wkln. three for ...,..< ..... ..,.25c Corn Starcli { Corn Sturrhj. two ku);cM jor ....... t5c Butterine . 49o 1 Canned Fruits 3 caiiM l'4'Ui he-s 46c a til fit, IVaTw ....... 4§C 3 eailh ,\|ui< L i'!s , , . .4$c a «-«!!» l'!iUU{>]llt> , . ,63o « t.JHB lUile lien lei, .57c Chicken Feed , Ccui^v teed, ' lu READ! LOOK! •( <*. . • - ,:-t • ,'.(' N I'c ! \ t- i»i iv,» .i\ - '}'', \ ', '-i.t\ :;fti ', -'in u!»l«'f is;, c;'j i"., Wync-Dcaver G. Co. "THE LINEN STORE' ffieaflier Man Says, !!CoMer1" . This store offers an unusual opportunity to buy warm winter merchandise. The prices, de spite the increased market cost, are no higher than last year. / Cotton or Wool Blankets Our stock of Blankets was purchased last February, direct from manufacturer, which insures yot of best quality obtainable at the prices we a*k, One case:of Twilled Cotton Blankets, in pretty plaids of various colors, was purchased in September, 1915. They arrived in June, 1916. They are of excellent quality and large size.. (I*O CA The price, as in former years, is .. -. «pO««/l/ Large size- 75c quality single Gray Cotton Blankets, colored borders, They are shown, in Economy Basement at Extra large, Double Blankets of good quality; co'me in tan with colored borders, Economy Basement price •. — :: ; A showing of All Wool Blankets in white with colored borders, and pretty plaids in bluci, tan*, gray, pink and fl»/» AA lavender; largo sizes. Shown on second floor «Pv«yW This season we are showing some beautiful Wool Blankets in colored plaids with .bindings of taffeta ^o match the colorings. The qualities «r« excellent and the sizes are 72x84. Priced at $7,00, $8,50, $9.00, $10,75, $12,50 and $15.00. Buy Now-Winter Underwear Separate garments of cotton, wool or silk and wool, white or natural. We have your size in garments that really fit. Why buy the comrnon kind when you can get "Forest Mills" Underwear in th* various weights and styles at^SOe to $1.50. * " Warm Comfortables "ft..'/IVv All prices *ho\*fi on Second Floor. ' ,* f * ~ / Warm Comforters in good size, l%ht and dark color ings. AE excellent Silkoline Comforter priced at ;..'...., Home Made Comforters i/ ' We make Comforters ia our own^ork'rooms. Come in and select the colorinp to carry tmt the color scheme of your room. We* have 200 patterns of Silkoline, cambric and sateen in patterns suitable for Comforts, priced at 12^c to 40c. You may have your choice of various grades of Cotton and Wool Batting. Pretty mortised borders of plain colors add a touch of beauty to these warm Comforters. We are now taking orders far Xmas delivery. Get your order in-early. Some of these "home made" Comforts in stock, priced $3,25, $5.00, $6.25, $8,50. • On display Sortmtl Fluor, i , 4 (T«k« EUvator) / Warm Union Suits Union* of cotton, wool or silk and wool; high nock, Jow nock, Dutch nock, long *leeve* t or no •leave*. We ha>/» junt the *tyle you want and in size* that really fit for Ladies tund Children, Ju»t *tk for Forest Mills Unions at 50c, 75c, $1.00 and up to '$4.00. Wool Sweaters (On display Second Floor—Take Elevator) . Children's Sweaters in cardinal, gray and navy; good warm garments $1.50. __ Other qualities for children $1.75 and $2.50. Three piece Knitted Suits for Children in. White cardinal and brown. The set $2.50, $3.50, $4.50. Ladies' All. Wool Sweaters in cardinal, brown, navy, Copen, green, purple, rose and corn color; angora wool and cashmere knit, at $2.50 to $7.00. Knitted Caps and Sets All Wool Knitted Caps and sets of Scarfs and Caps to. match in red, 'navy, For the Children, at 50c and 75c. Women's Caps and sets of .Cap and Scarf to match in all good color combinations. Priced from 50c up to $2, ' See these warm winter head dresses on display second floor — take elevator, Steamer Rugs Pretty Steamer or Auto Rugs in rich brown, green, navy and gray . plaids with heavy fringe. We are showing^ some attractive values priced at $5,00, $0.00, $7,50 and $8,50, . ^ Indian Blankets in the various "Tribe f * colorings. Navajo, Shawnee, Pawnee, etc,, are included, In .these Blankets of multi coloring^. Priced at $8.00, Showing on Second Floor TWO GREAT SPECIALS IN OUR ECONOMY BASEMENT Excellent quality Colored Outings .8c I Extra quality Colored Outings lOe j countrleH of Kuro|ii',' the food I tor I» nt bin lowest ebb morally. He witdieH .to tuUo adva'nirise of tho patriot Ifin of his ft'U'pw -elti'/.ens and tJieir dtro want In the. fiico of untoward clr- cutnstances by overcharging them "all tho traltlc wll^ bear." lint th« tiling d»e«u't work be>-;iu»n over yonder the reHjiectivo' govern- reaJly govern just now, Kvery ediintry foteent TtuaHla butt rigid Ht*'t»a tn t»ui>nr«Ma thu food speculator, Tho metlioda applied .Jn fienniuiy unit Ausjtria ar«J well known; but It Is u fnet that thci strong »rm of tlu 1 kiw Is at wt>rk lu KniJflund, France and lUUy also in eonneftllon with food spwulntors, The most common IH to coullsente food stored for a "* I'oino to think of It, thin would be a efi*>cttvo way in tho good old A. ' ;• I*. H. FOR THROAT AiSD LUNGp HT'rUUUliM i'UUUlti) Fern Baskets with long handles FJowe* Jlaskets Fruit Baskets Nut Baskets : Market baskets Sandwich Baskets In faet all kinds of Baskets , AT ____ Eckrnan's Alterative WV. AM. Service CAUGHT ON THE FLY * • It IH not i)lcat>nnt to contemplate but the blir InercttsaJti coal and food mutttt Is going to »inHtt HIUJTO calls, tut, Jiclp this winter than ovw before. \Vhcm 'family Js just barely gcttliiB ulong and cold woitthur cotiit's on with u bl^ In- crruM) in- coal and food, about tho only two ihlng» tliey nerd most, It la uiiup to kl'Cp OV('I). The Hti lliis storu iviick'i's HH pji^ruitn is out! of thu n-asoji.s for it*»-]joj[ni- J larity. unc of our liiml and '_ Tltlea Is e\i'jy )<el>i'll \\itn I'llU'l.'i Dlif llt'l'I'M lllUi-,l leieive, Hutueiltule uticy- tfnii and lit. 1 trr.iteit with tlir utiiMi>[ e (V u r t e H y , \shelher Hl<'> \\lsli t« Uiiusv ii.i- ilim- of ,luv or j'Ut' i h,t!-e a dl.mii'Ud ,r!'i -, li ymi >u<• Mi't «»li< .idv KlUliU U U ltd I'll! »-M I v ; •• i ."i; , VM !,, ',i si t!' i! \ '-t Oi"l' iti Ibe inAI !)!,.:<• ;,i.'. ;uv i(''iu is I ,\j i; .iii»! i,*--!."-. Uni, <iU; ;. i,.:; i , . , ... •:.ii'.«'ni(--n'". 'War maki-it debt. Dobt utlinulutos hustle and fntcri>rit>& for most pfonn men \\unt to get out of dubt. That ki uric of tlie rt'tisuns iiu many writers tlrhik KurojH) will aovelou inor« rabidly th«u ever after tho war. tier Ucbu will be big enough feithi-r to, stlmultitw I'U'ori ur Dwiitnp her,' \Vliih' tho uiuswer of UrwU Britain to the |irqtvi»t of thts X'ultcii Htutvs walB uriuett beforo tha olocUon it very eleurly buys tljy United Btutvs tun 'tfo Xuno ot its |irotctiitt liavu any whi> Urt'tu Uritaln. Hainc old After all thero Is KDIIIO ouiisolation in thf • return* for tho !{f|itthlk'un*f. ' iSeed Hiuuut loel bialf. If tiro "country Mil hmt. Hiuuut j>ii'gres6ivu lJeiaiblu-4ua would &IJI uj> and howl with tjlc-c.- ' ' -, . l! hurts juat the baste to tho jiuor wut'KiiiK tuau'aii'UKKHug tu Keej^ e\eu uht-n I'rk-es u4o fair, the high ews>t of living is riuisted by ticurcity ur a cuiubiue. i'liur 1 old New Vurk hSa diacovered th.ii ii ia in> more it (itvotnl t>t<tle, tli-ut that it 1^ Hot e\v" Ihf i'Hot irt.u-h thf'j'fvolal htalo dm S l( a \\J'tl,'<Clu WX.ttin r- Jlpl'I'iMt'IiillK iili'i j iU"-t lltutK. iJif.x would I", nioii' lout| t-'ii.iti,- a little t-lu'i ti.i. • :•, i .u i u ii X H.if .'"; I. \S • . v, i \', , Yoi!., bin i,v* n ?d.i ?. 1,1 Vi.'t' ",ll- W.-T. - •JEWKLEH . „.- . ,- iflil - < • t' <• in t\ . i ,1 ' !• ., \ . i,. OPTtCiAN to bo feeratched when ha doesn't Itch. ^ -wwi _ + __ t _ M ^ , Uy tho way, l« your RIIII on utralsht? Advertise in The Ouzottn. \-t>:e I e v i "'*•'.. Institute For the Treatment of Uquor and Drug U* ing both ««e». P»ti«nt'i imimvemcnt tcguw. iB>9»^di»ttl} Vi "no cflafineBitatj'no UH ol Tjaiucttting or d«ng«ou» JmM. Tiefttment edmrata?rpd only by »kill«L WwHy pnjr- nciniH. Plcsmut iurroundio«». Homo "tcmrdici {or tobacco uiiug »nd nctvouuiCM. Tht Orf^nc/.&fcn«.V Tttatmtal ' | THE KEELEY INSTmnTE . Dwi|bt, III, The Rexall Watch, 81.00 We HOW have on haiii'i Wall-lies. f)ju» to scawHy of inatortals, wt» have bi»oii •mmhlt* to obtain •. t h is wnU-lt for .^uiuo'tjiao. But tlrt'jmsl^wiu'k has brought ji.s ivJi^I'-.tVoin !hi,s tt'iu- iittjK' front, Httt\'.oa to Lo nliio jt»,, lakf raiv of yym* wants i't»r tliis'{»o|julur liiuc pit'i'i', v The Uvxall Wan-It i* hold ia Sti'Hiu", naly hy Hendricks Drug Co. Store I .

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