Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1968
Page 2
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* ftbmy 26,1968 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 o.ffi. srvd 4 fj. Hope Colonel In Infantry School's Hall of iamo date tins* permanently dlaptSftd on tfW Calendar of : ;; MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26 • the You* Choir of the Ptfst f»fe§byterian Church will prae* (ice Kfcntfoy, Feb. 26 at 3:45 •U.ffi. the Adult Choir will prac* -tlce at 1 p.m. I., tUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2*7 " the Jell B. Graves Sunday Sthool will have a Potluck Supper ih the recreation room of the '1st Methodist Church, Tuesday Feb. 27, at 7:60 p.m. Hostesses are; Mrs. Vic Cobfa, Mrs. Hugh Gilbert, Mrs. William ;9tephenson, Mrs. Leliand War* 'mack, and Mrs. Erwin Madlock. '" the Cosmopolitan Club will ifieet tuesday, February 27 at 1U5 p.m. in the homo of Mrs. Perry Moses. • *» "~ WOC Fellowship t)ay at the First Presbyterian Church will .start at 10:00 a.m. in the Pel- Jpwship Hall. Bring a sandwich •if you can stay for lunch, or ; flome for just part of the time, but do come help roll bandages. ..White Cross quota has been received and help is needed. •• WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 '-. the Hope Jr. Auxiliary will meet at 10 a.m. in the Chamber of Commerce office, the Executive meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. -• The Patmos PTA will meet /-Wednesday, February 28, at 2:30 ••p.m. in the school auditorium. the First Presbyterian "Church will have a potluck supper Wednesday, Feb. 28 at ' t '6:30 p.m. Mrs. John B. Lowe 'tyill present the program she 'planned for last Wednesday evening. A feature will be the showing of slides on Japan by Mrs. Llle Moore. _. Births _" Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Curtis of Pine Bluff announce the birth of their first child, a daughter, born February 18. She weighed 8 .pounds, 12 ounces and has been .named Melissa Ellen. Mrs. Cur- Vis will be remembered as Pa- itleii Bftght, Mr, tnd Mfs, inn BHght of Hop* and Mf» and Mrs, w» o. Von t«BSfeln of Plrie Muff, Coming, Going Mr, and Mrs, Ivan Bright have returned home from Pine Bluff after visiting Mr, and Mrs, Ralph Curtis and their new daughter. Melissa Ellen* Visiting the Jewish temple in texarkana last Friday night fora World Brotherhood Week Pro* gram were Mrs. James McLarty, Mrs, Bob Parham, A. W, Me- Iver, Jr., George Frailer, Matt McCauley, and 23 membersof the Methodist Youth Fellowship. Mrs. G, B. Morris, Webb Laseter and Mary Anita Laseter went to Shreveport Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stubblefield* MUSIC CLUB PROGRAM » Under the leadership of Mrs* Guy Downing the Friday Music Club observed the Parade of American Music with a fine program at a meeting February 23 in the home of Mrs. talbot Feild, Jr, After Mrs. Downing had sketched the lives of several composers, Mrs. B.C. Hyatt and Mrs. Arthur Strech played a piano duet, "American Dancers" by Henry Shelly. A sextet. Mrs. Thomas Hays, Jr., Mrs. Arch WyHe, Mrs. Harry McLemore, Mrs. Garland Medders, Mrs. Arthur Strech, and Mrs. Jewel Moore, Jr., accompanied by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, sang several folk songs, Including some by Henry Hallstrom, professor of music at Randolph- Macon Woman's College, and concluded with "Eternal Life" by Olive Dungan. Using unusual wooden horns called Recorders, Richard Keyton, Danny Lauterbach, and Mrs. Richard Keyton played several folk songs, after an introductory word by Mrs. Keyton. Mrs. McDowell Turner and daughter, Ellen, played "Gavotte" by Arthur Foot as a piano duet. The Friday Music Club is a member of the American Federation of of eft* rtffiffflfttf only ptategffpfti of Colofl«li on set ire datf #to Rffft Bf tBltifd* e<J thi Sltvtf Stif Iff dfspmjwd trim, Co!,smttriwisi*tftfcdth« Silver Sf«f »M1« 0ff9f1tftR1ifM 4IR fnfltfttff fctrtitofl «sOtfff»My tfttf fnf world Wir n, All otlfcr m«ffl6*f a hftt (Mir phctoffipfw display*! in tfc ludiloflum of wt|i« Hill* CoU Smith was fradtrttadftom Fort Bannirtfs DCS Irt 1943. ft successful!? fioittpUtfd tlti W* toner? Qtftetn' AdffittNftf Course in 1938 and hit *tt*fld*l th« Pftklgtm Stl/f Colllf*, U.S, Army Str«t«|lc totilltftne* school and U.S. Army Wif Cflt* let*, ••':-> Col, Smith's oversets tottrjn Include Hjwignmflnts tft AUsM, Japan, Germany, f «««•. Kartt and ••puttem; In addition tofti Silver Star, h« IMS tarn itlN- «d th« Oronzo si*f with 2nd 0»k l««fChwt*r ( Pwfpli Hwrt, M* my Comm«ndmioo M«d*f. Pftif* dentiAl CifaUon with 2nd Ott Leaf Cluster and th« Kornin PreBldentlU ClUUon. Col, Smith, a nAtivfl of Hop«, Arkansas, has toco »s«l|n*d to the Trftlnlng C«ntif ilnci My 1961 whan he «Mum«d eommand of the 3rd Brtgad*. H« Ma btm 1st Brigade Comm*nd«r since S«pt«mbor 1967. Col. Smith and hi* wife, Mary, live at 406 Lit Division Ro«d, Fort Banning. Thay have four children! Mlchaal 23, fttUndlng Virginia Potyteohnteat tnittltute, tony, 21 , who ittflnd* Brown University; Susan, 8 and P«t«r 6. ' Television and Radio By CYNTHIA LOWRY Ap Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Watching the Smothers Brothers Show on CBS these Sunday nights is, in a way, like watching the old Jack Paar shows. The viewer is looking for daring and shock almost as much as jokes and musical numbers. But as far as stocks were concerned Sunday, they were about as strong as those received by touching metal after walking the chorus, did have a long song Music Clubs, which has given American composers special recognition throughout February, American Music Month/ Club President, Mrs. Sam W. Strong, Jr., heard committee reports, and to conclude the meeting Mrs. W. E. While told about the Hymn of the Month, "Rise Up 0 Men of God/' with all joining in singing it. Mrs. Feild and co-hostesses, Mrs. Roy Stephenson and Mary Anita Laseter, served a dessert plate and coffee to 27 as they arrived. Saenger The Last BARRY'S nnnn MDMAY TIIF«UV BACON DECKER QUALITY SLICED , Steak SMOKED Hocks Oranges Lettuce ONIONS KRAFT ASSORTED FLAVORS Cake Mix Bread BLOW-UP Crisco Oil Ygnt $*9 Redg rgy Sof Tuesday-Wednesday-Ttiurs. A SWINGING, SLICK, FAST-PACED MOVIE! called "Lloyd George Knew my Father," done to the music of "Onward Christian Soldiers." Pete Sceger, the folk singer, did have a number of war songs to sing, dating back to "Yankee Doodle," including a parody of 1898 sung to the tune of "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys Are Marching," although the music seems associated with the war of 1914. Seeger, an attractive performer, also sang a narrative number about soldiers on maneuvers led by a foolish captain into quicksand In the Mississippi River. But there seemed to be to get very steamed up In the content of his performance. ; v ^ v There was a not altogether' successful series of sketches built around a poll which Included a Negro named George Wallace, with all the predictable jokes about the similarity of name, and one pretty weak sally about President Johnson. The program, which has received so much publicity about its "controversy" and troubles with network censors, seems to be in the process of discovering, as have other show in the past, that it is difficult if not impossible, to be outrageous, incisive, witty and funny week after week. ABC's documentary about the Vienna Boys Choir on Saturday night showed the Intensive training and discipline of the youngsters between age nine and the time their voices change. The sopranos live and work In an atmosphere as austere and rigid as a military school, receiving a general education as well as a musical one. Most of the program was devoted to voice training, and the subject was tackled by following the career of one little boy, a serious, sweet-faced child named Reinhard. The program's big problem was that of language, Since the boys and the teachers spoke English, it was obvious that all concerned were play-acting for the cameras. The program's most rewarding moments came when the choir was ginging or staging a performance of an Offenbach opera, NBC, still shuffling its future programs, now has decided to keep "I Dream of Jeannie" next season. It was not included in the first announcement of plans. Recommended tonight: "The Lucy Show," CBS, 8-30-9 EST, Join Crawford in her conudy debut on television; "The Danny Thorn*s Hour," NBC, 9-10, a program of his one-min nightclub act, tgped during an appearance 3t Lpke Tahoe; "Th>Carol Burnett Show," CBS, 10}1, with Garry Moore and Durward Kiroy, in a reunion reminiscing about Carol's start on the old "Garry Wpore Show." Space Centers Russia's two 'argest span- centers. which are cumpaj • able to Cap* Kennedy, are at Kapustin near Volgograd and Baykunur in the Aral FORT BENNING, Georgia - Col. Samuel C. Smith, 1st Brigade Commanding Officer, and wife, Mary, are shown with picture of Col. Smith that will be permanently displayed in the Infantry Officer Candidate School's Hall of Fame. — U.S. Army photo distinguished cltlamns, have achieved the grade of Ganeral Officer, or havo graduated from the first Infantry Officer Candi- Holds the Hation's Highest Award FORT BEKNING, Georgia Colonel Samuel C, Smith, son of Mr. S. H. Smith, 500 N. McRae Street, Hope, Ark,, has achieved membership In the Infantry Officer Candidate Hall of Fame. Col. Smith, Commanding Officer, 1st Brigade, U.S. Army Training Center, Infantry, will have his photograph permanently displayed on the walls of the Hall of Fame. The Infantry Officer Candidate Hall of Fame has 242 distinguished members including 45 who have won our Nation's highest award, the Medal of Honor. Among the honored ranks are General Officers, Senators and Congressmen. All members who have received the Medal of Honor, have achieved National prominence as WANTED TRAINEES Qualify for Opportunity in Automation Men and Women Are Urgently Needed TRAIN ON IBM EQUIPMENT Persons selected will be trained In a program which need not Interfere with present Job. Write today Attn: Mr. Queen. Please include homo phone number and age. All replies acknowltnlgcd and confidential. AUTOMATION MACHINE TRAINING CENTER, hie. •,." ' " ?rr ; y "Box A,? f thcitre ot Hope Star*"; i- ! 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