Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 15, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 3
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.TB. TjT6: PAOE THUS*. Mu»t«rd Cup 50o THE , WORLD'S RENOWNpD KLEVEfl KRAFT SILVER Tin 1 irrcnt^st popular ]»ric'od linr of vor on \\jfi mar- f. Now-designs, k piiitrms mrd n Fflc'ct stocl? to sC__frotn._ We want you to se i goods. Xtnflp 1i ro s with ft small tie- posit. Watfllt repairing nnd jewelry work our »i>c- fialty. P. W. Buzzard, Mueller'* Clothing Store r.rrm ,?'-!in Miilrr aruf forro ;.f : rsr- j.rriU-rs :«!'" doinfc the VOrk. OYSTER SUPPER, <;,••-••<i-i- T) v-ii! «-nu-r?aJii n ri'.rt- h.-r ' f !!-!•• r..!.« thi.i evening -Tr hi« hi-.rtv nine nn r,r?trr fuipr ir -r will \if ,«rrvd- ROCK FALLS BRIEFS 1 ROCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE f , ^ Tn-ar-iM-i-Tf-nnii. -_. .-.-L.....I--., ' I :. / _: n-. ,. - i ^^ ROOK PALLS, ILLINOIS, WIDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916. AUTO TURNS OVER Cur Of Mr§, Gut H«n«n Turns Over „ Yetterday On First Avenue. __ Mm' On* Ilannrn wn*~ HIP virllm i»f A fitito lu'i't.lpftt yoflft-rdny nftprnoon In front t.f KrHNchman urnrnso. While 'ilrlvlnir hor rnr on Mrot av«>- nn«» nh*» turned mil- for thf little rwJ rne«r of Al KrHiwhrnsu-. and In turn- inir-Um nh»rt omiKort Uie car to be ov* rr-ttirnetl. It WAN a miraclo thai Mr*. Hnnnen wan not ucrloiinly lnjurt»c?. but JIM It i« slfe Just reoeiveil bruise* about tbe nrmn. Tlie I"] 1 t>t our wan bmlly dnnisiKfd J W+H |:^H»« "*4l>'Ii>\v ttliloUl and JlcHls AVUTO broken. .. . • - TO ORGANIZE TEAMS Opening Night Of Hall Postponed Until Next Week. H(ii-j>fr MIIII Wayne Ix>o went limiting early Huiulay tnurnlntr nntl Imil Hie Kooil'im'k to fH't ten rnbblt*. COMB SAGE TEA IN FADED OR CRAY HAIR Look youngl Common garden Sage and Sulphur darkens so naturally nobody .can tell. : nrandmothvr • kept ^ter tialr beautifully' dnrkeiH'd. K!OHH>' untl attractive- with a brew-.of-Kii«e Tea and Sulphur.; .Whenever b^r hiilr took on that dull, faded or utrWkod' appeaVance.'thln Hlm- t/le mixture, wait'applied.with wonderful effect, Hy asking at any drug more for*"Wyc'Ui'» HaRe and Sulphur Com-' pound," you will get a large bottle of thin old-time recipe^ improved by the addition of other Ingredients, all ready to* use. for about BO cent*. This Bln»f»i« irri^tturo run be depended upon to restore natural color ana beauty to tho hair., . : .. V A well-known downtown druggist says everybody u»ea Wyeth'a Base and Dulbpur Compound now because it darkens so naturally and evenly that nobody can tell it bos been applied- it's ao easy to, use, too. You simply dampen a comb or soft brush nnd draw U through your hair, taking one strand lit * time. By morning tho gray hair '.'aisappeajfH; after another application or' two, it IH restored to its natural rolor and looksjilosHy, soft and benutl- .- tuK This preparation is a delightful toilet requisite. It IH not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of, disease .- -•• --- - Tfm young |K>ot>l» of the M church liinl Intended to have tho open- Ing of tlielr hall tonight, but they have been unable to get It ready, HO have poMponc'l It until nome time/ next week. The boyn are, bu«y putting up bns- ket« for b«»ket ball and Rtumln'for the. windows and llghtsl Friday evening after the program at tho reception the, boyft of tho Anti- Knockers clans will orRanlzo their baft- ket ball t?T«m. It Is the "Intention to three teams from their cla»». y<>«ng j«'O|)ln of the church ex-' "peel t A ..have many good times during tho winter months. QOOJ3 Of Kings* Daughters Met Today At Home Of Mrs, Sensenbaugh. •Tho Good IX'ed C'lrtlo of Kings' Daughter* met today nt- the home of Mrs. James KenHcnbaUKh." The meet- InK wax an nil day it flair and a delicious lunch wan served at noon. The day- Wan siient In sewing, most tif. tho «cw« !«j? being done for children, .• At tho last meeting' they sent ,chll« dren'« garmentH to Orphaim' Homo nt Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the gnrmentB .made nt thin meeting will altni be sent .to some prplmnH 1 home. • MISSIONARY SOCIETY '. Will Meet Friday Afternoon At Home Of Mrs. Bryant. <* — The Woman'* Home MISHlonnry Society of the MethodlHt church will hold u meeting l<Yiday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of MrH. W. H. Ilry-i ant on avenue* "B. All latlleH intereHted in mlf&lonH are Invited to attend, MASONICIODGE Meeting Held Last Evening — Good . Attendance. Tho Masons held their regular meet- Ing htnt evening, in the Maxonlc hall. There was a very good attendance. The regular routine of business was carried on. ADVERTISED"CETTERS The, following letters remain uncalled for In tho past office- at Ilock'l'"»ll8, 111.: George, A. Conrey, Mrs. Myrtle Wallace, and Mrs. Mtilvin Moore. ' BUILDING NEW SHEDS. It. P. McMinen and John Miller went to Prophetstown today, Mr. McMilJen Is having some new sheds built on his M. \V. A. fnfi«<H!'-rru1<- d.inrr \Vi,f.<! tini!.* Mr, nnd Mrx. !"ar! t-'i-y rttut son. Iji- vF- rr ,f.. r'-ntrned to tlifir home in Tnm- pico. nf(»>r a visit fii the home of Mr. and Mri» l-'rnnk Vnn T>row-* •' Mrs Jniltss .Tnn^frt reunned home yrstr^dftv- ftf(*-r ft -ivett- iv/'ckft visit.' ..In Trrnrrnftr. --------- ............................... -• ................... I->nnk Jacobs, of Montmorency, is il'.c-d fling corn fodder today 3Tm~"A." Kohl went to Aurora .this morning for a visit. -,,l{«-K'.Hnr meeting of \V. R. C.. Thursday. nnd Department Inspftetor Will Irijsii'M t the w.orlt.'* _ '.-. ._ j William Ummrk. of Dlson, (spent .the J ny l»ere on lnif»lne<»«. | j. K Ock»»n went to Fulton today for A short visit. Joseph A. Williamson, of Mendota, Is lit-re visiting hla brother, J. S. AVll- II am son." Perry Mlllrr, tif MnnlHis, Is here visiting a few davft rtt the home of— Mr. and '.Mrs. T. .1. Wylle. 8eth <;r.i\- returned home yesterda. 1 after a few days visit In l*rinceton. Kamuel rVhnk rettirned: home, todn from a few days business trip In C DRUGS EXCITE YOUR KIDNEYS, USE SALTS If Your Back is Aching or Blad der Bothers, Drink Lots Of Water and Eat Less Meat. ftl Masquernde tlnnce by Hock Fall Mystic Workers, No. 32, Tuesday, Nov 2 1st. Prizes for best costumed, lad and gent. Outsiders 2Sc.* Sirs. J. K. <*llflon, Mrs. Rob. Irfirson and Mrs. Samuel Wright spent the at -the home of Mrs. Jenn\o I»wrj' W. J. SOWLES D. G. CO. KABO CORSETS Mtiy wo nhow you tho "Kabo Thirty-fifth Anniversary Corsets?" The Hvo inodol ooi-sefs. Stylo 2003, -m o <1 i u in 'liigli bust,., long skirt '2 pair Biippor'ters, made of good quality coutilltf., . Special price $1.00. : A full lino of front.laco .and Imck lace corsets, in - n H - t h0 -popular—uiod«K priced' at $1.50, $2.00, $3,00 and $5.00,. Wo also show a coin- ploto line of th« Kahu, '«iJvo' Model J)rostficix» ' at SOe and 25c, A Big Saving on|lhe NACO Corset ){<»gul4ir price $2,00, free liip^now ,,«. > . .$i;65 « ^j.7."i, uwdhun-.figure roducmig; now . .$1.40 r pru-o $1.50, full figuro rotluclng; liowTTViriST 'Keg. |>rh > i»''$l.M), Mi'iuU'i: and niodiiiui liguro; now. .75C ' : " .>.* . A guarantee of 30 days tKat they Will ROt rust .or break. If they do your money refunded as cheerfully as we took it. . The] Funnyj Store OHAS. S. JOHNSON, Prop, ANNUAU3ANQUET • (Continued from page 1.) father C. F. Conley. ISev. C. K. Conley. of Walton, mndf «n excellent tnlk on "American Pn triotism." Aocordltm K to the ton? master, he wnn born In Klgln, educated In Home arid hnH been given a good pariHh at Walton. Father Ctmle> started off with several plennantrie« which put the'audience in pood humor He told a' Joke on Father Bum*. He naid-hlH to'n»t wa* Rood and it wn« a« old an were thenturs and ptrlpew, JU nald hi« HUbJeet wan ono which thrilled the hearst of every trup American. He had no use for a m»ii! who put religion into politic*. To the Ladies. To J. M, McUee, of Sterling, wan I«H- nigncd tlie pleasant task of a toawt ti thr< ladles. Mr. McCJee acquitted hlm- wclf with honor. He worked In Hev«>ra pointed Joke* about Father .Burns nM other*. He wan Kind the women hue! «uffrai;e and hoped they would noon have H .Jtx fuTi, for they can vote n« InteiViffentiy a« m«»n can on any mib- ject. The speaker made much of his toa«t to the InleWiit «»f Ills aYidtence. Mr. McXlep Haid men ought alway» to greet their wives with a pleasant »mile. H* also Hpoko-of the hartnon> ijf, the women In the church. Baying thlM Hptrlt "in dolnjf much for Christianity. Th« Pre»». Father J. H. Whalen. of Maple Park »rave a' lucid talk on "The Preaa.' dwelling more partlcualrly on good Catholic readlwr. . He urged member* of th«'Catholic .church-to read mor« Catholic puper" n»d bookn, for one is tlniH better able, to answer the nlan- edrous attacks made by outBidem, saying it also, broadens us. We can better understand what we believe an, well, .-mid he in cloHinK. Village Qo»»ip.. VillaKO K<>HH||) wa« pleasantly taken by Father C. F. Quinn, of Dixort, who used the subject In many odd waj hit ting Sterling and Dlxoii a dozen or more times. He was Introduced by the touts matter a« living in a village between Nelson-and Nachusa. Bishop Peter J. Muldoon. The address of the evening-was by the honored bishop of .this diocese, Right -Reverend Peter J, Muldoon, of Hockford. Me was given- great applause when ho arose to apeak. He Joked, all of the preceding speakers in his -usual happy way. He took for his toast. "Public Conscience," twying: "As public conscience* is, so goes the na tion. It la tho gnoutMil factor in. any nation. Itis formed from the Individual conscience, and It is aa clean and. pure as they arc only." Ho spoke of. the worth of the parochial school In creating individual conscience to mould the public conscience, said ho; V\V» should form Individual conscience in youth. It ,mu«t be watched and guarded, and above all there, must be God In it We must have a loyalty that is above all flue." , He paid his respects I',' 1 the press, "which HO often. mlsre|ireMej»ts our religion, and brings in'iM much Vudecency in it8 columns and degradation and things of that low nature. Nothing cmi change, this except public conscience. The sex problems are degrading and all of the people should be on their gtmrd against infidelity. No indecent film could be shown here if you go at it rlgi/i by this public conscience. Do nojt let jmpers slaoder you or your church. You know dancing hau gone beyond the limit. It causes suggestion, i know it is wrong' as dunces now ure, and you KIJOW it too," The IHwliop ulso "scared ih« imma- dest dresses w<irn by mitny, "Th.ey are permitted • because publlit 4'onscienc4i. does not cry out uguinst it. lie hald; "It Is u mitttuke to think tlmt people from tho many foreign countries could Oome here and U« tru'e' to tlie .i'drul-i of Anglo Hux"»i at once, for it is too much of a stride. We have taken everything from the. Knglttdi and think' that way is till right, ami measure up everything by thut tttundard." "Ho ttlho advised every »»no to be loyal to tin) t'onuUtution, and »iiid' juibllc conscience ctiuld do much for us if we wuiild lot it, , • ' Orchtntr^i Selections, .Viiu-H ciwnpllnu'ntary comment li<is }>(•«• n eMfrnded on ili» excellent (irogTHin of inithic plii.M'd by <^»chratt's orchestra dutinK the dinner. _ "JL'liu tu^tt iiuuiket-jiViia liutliiwo.'''!. i*f- by K. Urliili Howard. .i»« lu.tnibi Cir'th*' ur- Uul|ili Howard, Mr. Howurd t<f Mr win' ii»n b> K tlu> u'f<m l.iu'l.i b> I'. I' .Mr H»w,i,id I'ljOf bi>i 1 1- ft hand only,, n-iU'utty ;iii>l with "KuiK Pin" •• ^V M> -l!f\ ii\>itiiii', iin 'iu Ko»u»t A M'io* 1 ^ Kij. -tr- *u,lo li>' ni>nih<r ary «it!l i K's* j ii,<r' Wh*>n~ytnir kidneys htirt ftrsd ii^rk f'^f'ts pore, rton't pel $ffir» v fi nm! s rticf«*'l tn \<.fi\<\ y<-i»r fti-rnnc-h with ^ -tet— irr~(ir.uKs ..... that._cxtilt._th*r. ..... KV.i'i'-vs attri irrJItitT th«r rntirr tittfttty fHH-f-r Kr-op yotir kidneys flf-nn Hk** JuU k**p your bfm.f-l«t rK'.Tti, by fltishing them wJth'a i!ii!(1. liarhtl^ss salif* tvlslrh fX"- rnm-?<> th«( linily'fl nrinovis wnste find stimulate* thrm to th^ir norinal Activity. The function f»f the kidneys Is to niter H:P Hior.d. In 2-1 hours they strain from it 5t>f» gin ins of rtfld and waste. so v, p ran readily understand the vltnl Importance of. keeping the kidneys active. .. Drink lots of watet — you can't drink too much; also get from any pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a taWespt»onful In a glass of water before breakfast each morning for si few days and your kidneys will act tin* 1 , Thl« famous salts is made from the acid of grapes ,,nnd lemon Jute*. combined with llthla, flnd has been used for generations to 'clean nnd stimulate flogged kidneys; nlso to lieu- trail**! the acids in urine so It no longer Is a source of Irritation, thus ending bladder weakness. JJH! Suits is Inexpensive: canftot in» Jure; makes n delightful effervescent llthla- water drink which everyone should take now and then to keep their kidneys < lean and active. Try this, also- Keep up the water drinking, and no doubt you will wonder what became of your kidney trouble and backache. ceired nnirh applaui«e -during their program. (Continued from page I.) worked out In order places and .the plans used elsewhere are being secured for conaidcrntloti here. Another thine tlmt If- put through Would make the community a much more desirable place to live foij, nil cla»80&JwoulilJ»e, a .jiice system «>f parks. Klerling can never get miich more than It now has In parks unless a park district is voted. The city of Sterling owns five parks but dop« not seem to !>t> able to provide, playgrounds, band concerts or various other things I5nt numerous other, cities are prevld- ing. There i» o rivalry between' cities that JH.getting, keener all .Hie time. Other cities aro trying to take away our factory employes In n way the public does not realize. If w«> want_to_oven hold our own,."let alone""trying" to new factory, omployes as well as other people' here, we must make Ilv- ng and workia| /conditions here as attractive as jfousl^ble. .. • At the special election next Tuesday, the people will* hjitve,-n chance to vote a park district apft ele^t five park com- missloner*. by ftolngr which thft community will be In shupe to got the park facilities the people have been talking about for so long- After the park district Is voted and the commissioners ire elected. If the city will "turn over IB five parks i(p-tho.-park district for future maintenance, then the people :ari expect to get what competing cites give the people in park advantages, ;f the city would do this it would save the city the five to seven hundred" dol-- ars a year it now spends on its parks, for other purposes, which would . be quite a saving to the city, , Ballots with,,blank lines on' will be 'utnlwhed the* voters next * Tuesday, »nd each voter will write in' the names of the five men he prefers for pork commissioners. , WOMEN'S CLUBS CONVENE federation Will Continue - Through Thursday. (Uy United 1'resB) .Champaign, III., Nov. 16.— 'The ::hlld." This is the mnln topic to- b« llscuftsed by the IllinoUi.l'Yderallon of \Vomert'H clubs'which opened'its anal session here Tuesday. The cou«" ntioii fontlnues through totluy and Thursday. The delegates will he' hiuinjpd, tonight by a reception temigml_it$t>m by T Dyspepsia^poilsBeauty A Good., Sharp Appetite "and Perfect Digestion are the Surait Ways to Attain and Keep .the Beauty of Health. "ry Stu«rt'« Dyspepsia Tablets FREE. Nothing.will spoil, the *ompl*xlo«, I in the f.vfn, and mve in the cheekji uk'ker tlutii digestion troubles. "My BeaMtY™I«ef*t? 4uit a Use tu«rt'» Dy»pep»is Tablets for Good Oige*tion; Let Nature Do the R««t.** Tin- ikiiijdiuHis hy-produrtti at bovvwl ure yhborbj'.d into the am e>irui'?y ''"'" '''^ KUOI) .iuot«» f the .victim. 'A bad complexion, aggufd appearance and entuelalion re the. &IM-I ilic n-i»uit», Hy taking •tuurt'b Dysiiepsia Twbh'ts th« digv^r ion ts <uudo" nornuil iinti the. mviiure - llv'.ulth -4.' fju>! i. Tat'U'U at uny ,fitua jjtPi'f, or «t ,«uu(n>)i for a fii»« tij^l , Fr^e *J?riaI Oqupon F. A. Stuart Co., 236 Stuurt Build-- ing. Marshall, Mich., .^lui «i>t ;U iir,-j- a firr ti'ml \< >.' HU^C i.t Htn.H ) » li} *-i t>p«u T.ililvtj' , Clearing Sale Millinery ALL OUR IIAtS REDUCED AGAIN FOR ONE BIG SALE Thursday, Friday and Saturday We don't have to tell you that this means bargains. There is a large assortment oftatsoevery style anF included. JU^i ... Now is your chance to buy a beautiful dress hat at a J ffioney saving price, DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER. DO IT NOW. Entrance Pint Avo. T*k« Elevator Dillon Hat Shop Entire Front Second Ldwreneft Building tho wmi tin- TniMi-os of t'nlvor*lt>*. Tomorrow i venltiK a will tin Riven In honor of tho \>y thr frtfttlty -if I In- imiMo of Ui< 1 l!nlv«-r»ity. A mitnl>«:>r <>f iiutliorHii'S <»n < tilldron \vill deliver nfidrffWM bffem' tho convention.. A number of ^MH -tlonnl mwt- will Im church :\n all Mis. Ct jur I'tufir thf>-*iji'.v vv,i« i!,iy Wr»Jn<-<wlfty at at tli" licni't... \t{ mi avenue U, At n»i»n tuiu'lifin was sor^rd ;niil Hi-cut in ttotving. SOCIALAFFAIRS A JUVENILE PARTY , ___ Mi** Margery Melvin Entertained Her JB. 8. Cld«» Lait Evening. MtMH Margery Melvin her'Hunday School rliu<H of Hi. flintoli af Ui« O. K. Clubliist i ut (i "kid" party ill tier .limne-. 'The girls came attired in trim "kid" .faidi- lon with tUolr curia ttiid bitr hair bmva, nnd gnmt'H of chilhood days were the diversion of tht« evening,-, loiter <l,<ilti- ly r«'?r' i xhnH't>tH wt-rc svrv«Ml,«nd Mis. 1 * Melvin proved to Iwt a very pleasant entertainer. CLASS IN THE CORNER Of St. John's Church Mat La»t ning With Mii» Walck. The CJai«n in the C'«rn«-r/of S^t.-d Eye-" of Mlt-s Hena \V*riU"k. During tho business meeting plnnH were, mtnlo for a Poverty Party which will IIP given under the auDpiccH of the class Tuesday evening. Nov. 28th. The class In muk- ln.g*unluiu» 'plans for the occasion, and ft' lino time i« itritlcipiitod. Following the buHln«'»a mcotiriK a ftocUi) time WUH enjoyed and' dainty refreshment*' were iwrved,- / THE KENSINGTON CLUB Hud An Enjoyable Meeting Yccterday With Mn. Mowry. The KeiiHlnitton i*hib had nn. on joy- able ineHinK Tuenday'afternoon at the hoine of -MrH. Kdwin Mo\vry i»n "th avenue. Tho ut*tuU pj.en.Huut i(ftnrn»on over fancy work wn« f njoyed and dnin- ty mffeffhihentK were nerved. Mr«, J. THE JOLLYCIRCLE CLUB ' „ * C" j „,.«,—*—» -™ __ ,.,-" Met Yesterday With Mr§. loho Coch« ran — Regular Meeting. Tho Jiiily rjrclo Club hart nn en- ,.., „ Tiiewlny nftcrnoon at ic home ,if .Mr», John <:'oclirnn. .jf-lan- i y work and tlif> .loclnl tlmo wet* ••••ij(«\r>'.l ;i»ici dnintv refrenhmentii were Hc»\cd. Tl»« inft^litK in two weeks wilt h* li<>l<l, «t tin* h'tme of Mrs. Ge«rge D* Sfiitray an FOUR DOCTORS DISAGREED Pair** Disappeared After Use ~".;i>f~t;ydia":'ErPiniduim > i Vegetable Compound. Wilmington, Del— "I ^raa BufTcring from a terrible backache end pains in ipy side, with bearing down pahw and was very nervous. I was always tired, always drowsy, ' . _ enough sleep and could not cat. I- had four doctors and each told Me something different £ read of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and decided to try it I gpt good results and I how feel better than I have felt for years and I am gaining in weight. I can gladly recommend it to all women, "—Mrs. GEORGE W. SEBOLD, 1611 West 4th Street, Wilmington, Del. Backache and bearing-down pains are danger signals which every woman should heed. Remove tho cause of these aches and pains' by taking Lydia E.Pink- , barn's Vegetable Compound, that good ; old root and herb medicine. Thousands A. L. -Marks The Farmer's and Workingmsn'* Friend Store Men's heavy Fleece Lined Shirts and Drawers, "per garment .... ....• — ,.35c Men's heavy Fleece Lined Union Suits ..... . . . .75c Men's large Jumbo Sweaters ................. 50c Men's Duck Coats, blanket lined ... , .$1.50 and up SPECIAL FOE THIS W, Becklngham one of tlu- m.-mbrrH. » of women bav0 ^^^ to ita v i rtu gi: ~;^'^^^^ I vouumsA, ulceration and inflamnvition. The next meeting will he held Nov, 28th willl.MrH. William Uecce, 811 avenue. LADIES' GUILD ME Guild of the eak ness, displacements, irregularity and periodic pain. If you wan tspe<'l;»lft«l vice write Lydlu K. Plnkhiun Medicluo Co. couUdeatial, l^yttu, Musa» 50 Men*s $10 and $12 Suits, your choice ..$6.00 One lot of Men's Overcoats ....... . . .-.-. . .$5;00 Men's Mackinaw Coats, at . .... ____ $4.00 "and -up Men's and Ladies' one- buckle Arties .....;. .950 Boys' Hi^li Top Shoes* size 9 to 13, per pr.. .$2.00 Child's Shoes* sizes '5 to 8, per pair — ...... 75c Men's Blue Overalls, all sizes ...... .......... 75c Men's Jersey Sweaters, at . .. ..... :. ,50c and up Open Evening* 121 E. Third fit, One door west Cruse A Son. 75 et Eye. Glass, Chains or Reels, SQCts. ;0^1 We Can Save You Money on' Duplicate Lenses INCLUDING EXAMINATION Rimnied or Rimless, the Eye Glasses have the very latest GEN- kUINE SHUR-ON mounting, on and oft' with one hand. The Frames j or Mountings are of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed. ' Each Eye is examined separately by-an Expert and the Lenses ' ground to order. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high grade GlassevS at a very low cost. y jnatiiiiuM* of Si-i^fl ("vH-pcr vVr Cu.'^ upiii-al tK'f«art!in»»t in- (,-hicugo. • First Avenue and East Third St, Sterling, 111. - B«!l Phone iOltW

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