Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 15, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 2
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STEftUWft , WIOPfESPftf, NQY, 15, 1916, Git the shoes habit—It pap Well dressed people alwaya liave weU>siitaed thoes. SoreoiA, with the key for opening the i>ox, its quick ehlaing qualities and the haft dy SHi\K)lA H0¥£ SET for p olisbing, makes the KT% homi v care of slides a I pleast yre» - • ; ^X BLACK ——Tfcl»— WHITE ttr- ~" -\ HOMC SET SHINE V A)IG nil d5a'*i"» - -A ,t» jt no >**'! W*fc* ,it, f hor n!-, 'Mr. nn« 'Vtr. nix! Mi-'-. K<f iTtffoy f'4m ! "M Tt!<''«f!.-iy fi>r \\ fv-',v v, itii r< I'US',"* COLETA NEWS TEMPERANdv-'PROGRAM. ^N M0KRJ80N, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1910. : TH£ BEADING CIRCLE Met At Home Of Mr». Josiah Hal! FOOT Home Of Mr». Monday Eveiv.ny, j Tim Proptr«-K«dve nendln- «'u<lr held j their feRuhir riii etlna on M«>;i.;>» eve- ' fit the home of Mi". ffifl Wntl Mi .IfOtl frill for the i f Ml*. .!•- i:>>! H;»ll i f. Tl« l Niihifi ! for | Mihlii V |i ' I 1 :!.-•<.." p ,tfi?tilitr /•JWJ«I«llf- taken u !/'•* Htrlut r mul :i "f 'T4i> J »o\. it Y< iH'Prt von Huitcr, it .-ifllur fur tl»* .Varm" !n '!• •! ttnc himk !• • > i' Arm*-" .' -r «!ii(h i i> «>\rnlnf: fn-rn -IMPROVING GROUNDS Wprk At The Fair Grounds It bio• continued For A Few Day*. Thn Wf«'k on Ihi' inijirm t-nii'iit of the fair utroiimlH linn l>"«>n ill«rtuuinin'(l for a f«*V^ ittiys on iu-f«itint »f tin- wvathtr. Tho»«' In chnw WdincI Hl«« t» havo tlM trat'k rf««'ili't|. Thin wotk «lll ro- quti^ V',000 li>:nl« "f «Uit, t>att of which Will l»« takc-n from thr <«|.l tiin-k ami .'>ttrt fio»n Foster* Ricvc, wluvli tho aum Uroe Aia.«i ._ Mrs. O. U. Soex—w-IH b ! Cnllf., where toft ;wtui In MorrU Himu>hr viv<»- thry M. y utt'l Mrs, <»!«>• f«»r- I'aiww will Hi-twl tho M«nnifig1on B« nt injures Right Foot, Causing Abbess. Mnnnlnp.ton l!U-rit h,<i* been ftufTr-rlnK fM>m a j'fifiifut- injury for the pnst fow i!.-i>s n n tlu- reHuH of a slight accident u M< h hni'jK ncct a short time n«to. Hev-" •ml ilayx HKO. «>vhile enrrylnjf n pler-o .•r Iron til the S'uininilt Kiovi- Work." hf h;id UK* nil«.fotJttin«» t«> drop It ,-ui hl.« T. Mitt PHI i. bntisSiijr that member, but in, >t <•.•miitifj ti serious Injury at t'ho ttt'i"'. A ft*w *Jn.v<* nRo nit abrpsin (•it «n«'d nil !ilt" foot Which ha.i< enuned Mill mm h pain ami Inconvenience. ..:.. V £NT£BTAJNJEBIENDS Mrs. Stocking .And Mri. Baktr Enter* tain At Bridge Tuetday, Mr*. L. T. Storking nnd Mr*, l^na linker eiitTtninrd several KIIOM* at their lifine on Lincoln Way Knat Tuesday afrornoon In honor of Mr«. Oeo. I'nrker o-f Sundumky, Ohio, wh<,» JH visiting at ihe Charles Maeklln *rtti> ufterw.'M was delightfully __htSdsc'..jfl!ul, ref reshmenls wetb. i" ,ith '-* h-U'h th" i« inin'iij^ in thi« torfh in nn nfrru-iivf , way nti'l n'rr*» i:r«;it!y rnjfiyril t>y th^ pis-wily number silu. hf.tvr.l Jti» (hr«"y>t*J(tnK tvca-?l»*r of thf mnrn-inif. T«-fnf v- >,\\r. nf thf> fnrl v-f!Klit<-!« fit »(!'• iinh'in nrf now lirifi! dp vlfh Statutory ^rohihitlorT! a IHtl*- lir-iftT tlirttl fi'i l.W-r * Pnt fif t!)f« j.opnlailon of the rmintry i«t Ift-iiiK in ilry territory ntid only ribour IT IHT rr-ni of th'" flrrn of thf f'nSt^d Sinter In liw>n«f« jrrfnitul'7-tif'.Trly fill <»f \vhirli hn." fnmr- nbnut within thf Inst two ii»'«,'Hlr« nf our lilntofy. About fifty jM^sjilf slcnfd thf> pTtniil- rntnit plodsro of th«> JjSncoln ls-c I/'^ion wlumc 1 iifiniPit will lw» rnfwfd on t!ti' tx-ei'm Hoil, « hk h will he frnmr'd, to- with a ,Kn<M«<rtr<iU of Abraham am! Hnbcrt K. l*'f, nml n of fJncnln prfwtitinst hl« flr^t l>Ird«« nt ,«ot 1 1 h rnrk. School in 1S46. rifid hiinsf in thf rhurrh, Thn follow- iiitj l« the- profrrfim In dptril!: ., Song. Army of No llHrr/rt— Congregation. J. I/. DPPIR, on. l>nnlrl. Chop. !• Choir, Banner of thf Cross. •jflco-.; Kthrl Th«> thp of Kultyn, j Tucftday. i BUILDtNG GARAGE Hurry Smith la Erecting New Garage El'lldlng, Harry Smith IK nt prt-jwht etmstruct- lit(j a KariVK^ on the vTtl'tfinlth properly on Ltlncidn Way West, It'will 'M- » frame bvtlldtlrig 32x30 fe,et, built .(unlor it nil S«'til«ir choir*, Thn Hf»tl, While nml Hlnp. ttcNpunslvw lU'tullnisf, Onnvth of I'ro- hltiltlitn. llJ-r-., Kns«>nr« Choir, Shout lt»c., Hnrold The Pledg* Sdrvico. Prcwcnfrttlon of r<Ju <; i>!n'7x* UoJI by tho pnstor, W. Hiiti'hlnson. H'-c., Irene .\Vlnk. The Junior Choir, Writer, 'I'urp ami of tlif Htaftt.1 t'p For ,Tr«RtiR—Con??ri'« AT THE PE.yGH HOME. Mr. nml MrH. iiofhf'H TvTigii on Sunday, Mr. and Mm " Copj n' J, ti ml nHphttH KhlnclOit/" Thrrrt- will \w room for Hcvcrnl'cnrn anel a workshop. ......._ Mr. and Mrs. Kilo* I'-ftiikfuthpr tuu\ childtr'ii, Mr. nnd Mrs. llufrh IJrowii nnd dfiURhtt'r, Elhi'lyii, Mr. nnd Mrn. \Vnrd «'rom ami UiuiKhtcr, Oait. and Mr, find Mm. Jiiliu IJoisott and daughter, Vivian. Suits *'•-". Bradley -Boynton CJo.^Co. is proud to show you Varsity Fifty- Five, a idea that has brought Hart Schqff ner f$ Marx style clothes and this store into the limelight. Varsity Fifty-Fiv^ doesn't mean just one suit but a group of variations that meet the demand of every young taste, You'll find here • ••».«. . * Mies fJracq Auninn l« J- I ? «ir«» Antic. h some Kendrick Blodgett Will Be Employed At Gtillontine Or«0nhouaet. Ifciidrick lllodKC'tt has "ticccptcil. a jiOMitlon OH !ni(iUko<'|!cr at thr Oullcn- lino KiTi-nltoiiMCM wht't'o Jjc h^pcan work .MonUay. H«« tukc« tho pUicoi left vacant by Mlaw and diiiightpr, 'Ml»a r8 iind Adam My- t-r wcr<M?uost« Sunday of Mr. nffti Mr«. J3artl.21uiuuL'."_..'..'! ______________ ...... . ....... . ...... ................ -••»,--Tho I*ll»ernl t r . H. ch«rch l» p ing ft c)irlMtnmn t>ro(;ram to )H» Huturday eve, Dec. 23 I'd. $19 $21 $23 $25 Xuw NiK'kwear New Shirt* Clo. Co. PROBATE COURT RECORDS rtection! SMOKELESS OIL HEATERS $4.00 to $7.25 (According fa finitM ,URNS kAonrne. the cheapest kind <»f fuel »iu! .always available. Any fi'xjtl " keroir nc will (five nati j(action, but for best result* u*c Perfeciioa Oil. Thi*^iitlc*funihee of heat- injj energy (h weigli* .only twelve poundi, i« 25 inches i end 12 incite* in diani- " l will nAve it lot oiiyour fuel bill if you live in a liome, and add a lot ^« your comfort if you live in aa apartment, * Place Your . It is a kit easier to touch a mutch to » Per feet ion giiibksless Heater jl«m t« E 't <jn u Kwcattr whrti,ihe iltnr forgei* to ttoke the ilfr. - •Fiuithcd i:> poliilied steel or, blue ciwniel, Tiini- niings are Jiirkcl or black juuau, It is iiu imminent ina in use in nwro tlau two niitliitu JjPj»et^ Eiisy to fiU--C:5(»y (o light— easy to carry*- r»!»y to tegu- l,ite. Louk for the tiwngle ira'dt* nurk. *' -'hi I'Yoemnn, decejx- $100, filed'and ai>- Annie/ «eil. llond Used proved. > s , Ksiatc Unrvey French, deceased. In re-wile 'of real entitle. Bond In tho {turn'of JfiO.TOO JHed nnd approved nnd Hiilc ordered, KBittto Barbara llendrleks, deceased. AtUdiivlt of poHtlng notlefH to credl- torn filed and approved. .Jacob B. Adam*, deceased. '» award' nnd select Ion filed. JVhn ohleon, deceased. Petition to Htrike clulniM from nies In filed, considered and allowed and stricken. ' s Kfttato MU''huel T. Mouck,';dt»eeaBed, Inventory filed and approved. Ktttate. Margaret HermeH, deceased. Inventory tiled' und approved, . . KMate John W, Rourk, deceased, t'latm allowedj Silas U David, H,,8o. I0»tut« Kdward fc?coU.'hbr(K»k, de- CeiiXKl. Hfccliit for ciiwh and dlntrl- butlon under report "filed and approved Bi>pr.~-7. 1909, nncl ,upon motion distribution In approved and dlticharge ordered. - Kwtato Mary A. Cromle, deceased. Jlenort of private wile of wrsonal pro* perty'flhid and upproveov^-,Final re- jiort (lied, approvtd. and distribution ordered. Martha A. Hull. Blip* Inventory nic\d % an<J approved, Jn re-«iU» of real e-»tate.' CIIIIHO heard nnd bond in Balo fixed ut $1,400, and tiulo ordered uooii bond being died and approval of nivm« by the court." f ' I^Mtato J. P, McHrlde, deceased. (Nairn allowed: C'cntral Union Tele- photm Co., 1.3.06, COI.ETA BRIfFS. Mr. -alid Mrn, Joe Harrison m<ent lunl week wljh their dauKhter, MTH. Jnnic.i Patch, of Franklin .drove. Mrn, Sherwood was a gt'i'Mt Tuesday of MI'K. Ij. J. GerdeM. Hev, and Mrs*. Sanford and chlldrrn upent last week,, wlUi—frte.ncte ftt n 'a Klkhorn- charge. % Mnrybelle nnd Willie, Getty entertained their Sunday School clamiinateM and teacher at their home Tuesday evening, Mr«. Karn Cain und daughter, Beatrice, were guests Wednesday of her parentu, Mr. and Mrs. Will Taylor, In Malv.ern. The J.' n. Club Hpent n very pleasant afternofin WedneHday with Mrs, Bohnett, eleven,-.being present. • Luncheon •wan nerved' by the hoHtens. The next- meeting will be held Nov. 22nd with Mr«.. .John Suavely, "Mr." and Mrs. Krneat Colcord nnd ,%tr, and Mrs. Will Hurle«s visited 8un- day with Mr. and Mrn, Mart Frank- fathfr. ""'', Mr. and Mrs. Hanford Bushman nnd children upent Sunday with Mr. and Mr. and M$s. Arthur Maxwell vlsdted Sunday with Mr. a'nd Mr«, Arthur MIK GIRLS! BEAUTIFY YOUR HAIR AND STOP DANDRUFF JOUCH! LUMBAGO PAIN! RUB BACKACHE AWAY MORRISON BRIEFS and OH all-n aettlcrs. you i» « ju uriin. Colnpe'ny W, Adams $tre«t U.S.A. n 1 Mr. and Aim J, I,. Chambers daughter, Oru, of Ml Hedge ville, Bunday wt thu William MeakeJUi-lttfKHT[ar<»i>', in tbia city. . . .. " H. I'. \Voodwortn was a' buwlivf-ia vin- tior Jn CltntoM und Kult'on Monday. . MIN. Henry liiennait vi.-iiltnl relutivcH In riintor, 'FxfWrtay, ---- . - ~ Win. Ktitubiuok, of Cllnlon, vl«iu»d Tuesday ut Uio J, if. .NightHcr homo in on im ,- (S. II. Kent Held went to Chicago btihint'SJ* Tuesday. . ' l.^J. Lively bus returned from a tr|p In the cast in Jhc"lnHM^»t of lh« 1UI- ni.|v uefi l h crmor ( ouipany, und^ i« M'i ii'iii!*,' u few du>a at hit* homo• in tbM iiiy. ^ • ' Mr* V'iiy \Voife bus returned to her biinie in <Mlii«'dgt \ iilc after it \isit at UH< \V)ili,un .\UMkciij* bointi in iliiti tily. AuKUft .lai-st-r iiitttjt* a business trl{» »la,\ Ki 'b->, nj t Oregon, IH vJHlting at tl(i« lioHu- of hi*. «;.iuj.;hter. Mrs. C. W. Alls. 11. J, l.iuh'iin ami i-liililrVn \u-nt t«v l-'ulton Ttii".d'iv for u vltfit at the !,»nii' «'i *hi'i > i'4i;4iiL-i, ilr, yml Alrti. .4 \V H-5--. - - ' ----- l»u n. All. »>.!! t )l!illl«' ,\»l ill: i i . it.- jliv and Mrs.'l^rank Dtiaing. spent Sunday with her parent", Mr, and Mr*. Joe Myeiir. Mr. nnd Mrc. llalph Ovprbolner and daughter and Mr.jutd Mrf. Ham Howo and children were ir'uetitH Sunday of Mr. and Mr»*. John Gelsj; Jn Chndwlck, Mm* Bry«on spent ij^fcw days with her duUKbter. Mr«, HO«H IVugh. Mr. ami Mm. A. Releher anil children were KUCHIH Buutlay of Mr. and MrH I>, c, overholser, Mr. and Mm, Frank Anthony and children upent HunOay with his mother, , ^Mr«. Harlem IHi»»iman, of Bterllng, Hpent ««verttl days with her daughter, 1'earl Urynon. Mr. n.ud Mrn. 0 "\Vill .CJee»ey visited Sunday w.Ith their aon, Jacob, ' and wifp, . ' '. , Mr. and Mr», elms. Jtetra end cbU- of Alii|v/rn. aixt Mr. and Mm. Dick Betuviek -uiul cOildren. of.-> 3 lydt>, wert 1 «ue«ta Bnnday of Mr,'anir~MTP," C'aln. ' ' • HAIR BECOMES CHARMING, WAVY LUSTROUS AND THICK IN FEW MOMENTS Every Bit of Dandruff Di»«pp«ar» And Hair Stop* Coming Out For 2!> cent* you can save your hnlr. In le«« than ten ininuten you con double UH beauty. Your hajr becomes light, wavy, fluffy, abundant and appears. as soft, lustrous nnd eharmlnK as a young Klrl'« after applying Komo Danderlne, Al«o try tbiH— wohUen a cloth with a little Dnnderlne and carefully draw It through your hair, takins «no "small slraiul at a time. This will clennn« the hair of dust, dirt or excessive oil, and In Just a few tnximentn you have doubled th*beauty of your hair. A dt.l.hiht- ful surprise awnltn thowo whoH» hair hau been neglected or In acraggy, faded, dry, brittle or thin. Besides beautifying the hair, Daoderlno dissolves every paVtlclu of dandruff,- 'cleanses, purifies and invigorates the ttcalp, for- nver stopping itching and falling hair, but what will please you inoHt will be after tt few weekx' U»e, when you see howl hair — flnt» und downy at first — JUI'i-d rj-ccutJv, ;ihd fl<i|i»«n( inp-l In hiicoi.!!!? o| >;, limy M»inc relb f. t really new hair growing all over the scalp. If you car.o for pretty, wift hair, and lolw of U. Kurely gut a •JS-cent bottle of Knowlton'a Danderlne from any drug more, or toilet counter, iinad just try it." ( instant Relief With a Small Trial Bottle of Old "St. Jacob's Oil." Kliliic.VM Harhaclu*? No! The'y JiaVo no lli-rvi'H. Ihcn'foro rannjit. i"iuse pain. I.lMtfii!. Your hnckachc isi cans- oil by lumbago, KClatb'u or a Ktruin, and tln< V|uliS«'Nt ;relief in Hoothliu;, poiH-tratlitK 'Hi, Jacobs oil." IJtib it on your painful had;, nnd In- tho BorenewH, Ktlffnex* nnVt K.s diHai>p('ar.M, Don't, f*t«j* Vrlp- Ui-t a Mifmll trial boitlo of "^t, 'OH" from your drugslNt unil Umber up, A moment after ll is. applied you'll wtHKlt-r whut beeanu' of the bni'Iuii'ho or- IiimhaKo pain. Hub old, iKUifHl "Ht. JacohM 0(1" whenover you have m-Iatira, neuraipi;*. rlU'timatifin or KpraliiN, us ll is absolutely liaf[iilc;- ; ,s and doesn't bum ilu> akin. hunu U. Mrt'unun'in, of wax u T««'«.i|.iy nf|«>rrioon .ittt-lid the inti-lijij; of thr .,Shnin> (i, hi-in Id Us Msitonif dull that I'V.'iiilu;. Mr-.. Sarub K. Isiiuball \VSIH u Tm»»- d.iy ±>{U'i »<«*»» • j«ts»i«i-nf!rr' fitini" "Walnut') \vln-i«< Nhf t \v!ll vi.sit at UIH. K. M. Fox home for a ft>w tlnyw this week. 1.. W. (jualnfunc<< •ri}turm > d Monday I'M-iiin^ fnuii Ctiicai;o where' bi> linx b.-cn hitvint; hN «\M-M ir«-atcd by l.l^i^t fori ibi- j»ii«ii work, A!t:<. .Ii.liu Ki.Jb and two children re- iiiiitcd Miitni.iy evcnimr-'fi-om a vlnit l'i-laIivi-:-, m ('bi^ago, n K«-)l>. who hu» bi-cn working m-ar lbiopp<d<> duiiiiR the Hummer wan lii-re H.-uurdav CM-IUHK and wpj»m Sunday with Ins ivKttivi-H in uiwn. A. T. (;|.i->.burii b'ft Inxt w«'«'k Ctinaibi where be will tran^ant <K. SiinkliiH wan operateil upon K-itur- ,day forenoon nt tln> office of.Dr, Horn ! and his lon.sils removed.. The littlw MillH. f-'How wan miinoiIhiU'ly taken homo In amldn dolijK, nlwly now. ' MJKf. Pauline S«)Uire.s, ono of the trnchi'i-N in tin- public Mclniol wan call- .i;U. tw bin- b"iu«-iii Kavunna Uie p.iil of bint week on account of the < lllneMH of her mother. lh-r w.i.-i tllliHl by MM. o. A. Smith nml will !»«• until her returii.- .Mr. and Mrw. fin re Uenn and little HOII, lli't bs-rf, of Itock I-'allw, camo down Sunday and vlMted at the U Ji Chapln home, al«o callinl on a f«w of their former nelKhboi-H and friend*. IM-HOU pfucu a spec fur Mr. nnfl % Mr», Knnx CJIpn «nd Mr, n,nd t'laronct* Musvsell and Mrs. Jle- beeca Huuhman Ppent Siindaj- wlt|i Mr, and Mr«, Howard Reynolds.^ f TAMPICO mm J I 1 ' with |,,V. til' I i W .1 T 'i'r *'!' i. Ht< H ii.n •I i'.\ I'll' (4 n, l-'i nil. to t'lt' It' H.ut. Mi. h tl tb, I I ' i "! 1, Ji. l 'liti'iFit I'l' it Stop scratching! Resinol relieves itching instantly That itching, IntrnJn^sUivtrouble vhkh kcijis you sctittchint; ami dicing, is H sou tec of disgust t^ £'l!ir»-?»>iS Wii'iaa i>/. lurtui'tu Uiyiiu^- AVhy ilon't you ^i-t ikl of it by usjiiij,' Ki'kitu 'I t Hut incut ? i'hy »it Kins jiri-f.t litn'd it 4<<T i.i'i-r'Ht) )'i,u- ns'^t 14M-S, it *u>|« iu liinu ii-st ;KH! heal* eruptions (>r<iia]S^'y. In It i\ . ! n mi>,i",!,v ,1 .tu \ ' .,) K .1 <. 'U 'i it. »,> .'.i.'.U '! i ..i ! c >.C -i 'H. u ... il«3 •• 11. a i t t U.» .'!> fc - UAROE DELEGATION ATTEND 0. E. S. -•••friday ei'i'iiinjr-ln'resiipnsjp 1 to~nn invitation from the Minervu Chapter of •O. K. H. In I'roplmtHtown seyertil aut«- 'loud » went down to attend their iiw«t- Ing and came' hom» very enthu«lamii' over their th»> ttrfeittmfiit.. AfU-r ilu- W(«*k n iHiH«"litiu*H was herv«Hl, Thos-c fr«in» T.unplft who attended weie Mfs»r», iuttl A|inljuiH'< .lesHe Van Uil>- b*«r, lUrney Mctlrady. 1*. A. McMillan. K II. t'liiniiuii'-'-.. W. 1.. Ittowu. Ituiton jHnnvn. Frank WeM. J, W. Kell>, U. K. Cain. 11. *'. 1'itney, A. K. ilenncu. (i. J. Khermun, Will i A i;uk, Metkiauien |II,H i ; >rru*. Kiln I'"arrell. MlnnU* Itotmd. Kdith 1'urent, tin>ijK«'iie iH>vt', Amy \VulUer, l»vuiu tHxhoii, Ml»wh Jeiiniv Krankw. Uertba I'ligel and '/ji-dn An- Her*ott. Me«>tih, .Inhn Tuiju-l' and Will TAMPIQO BRIEFS. ' Clint ltruok» returut*! to 1»S; boin» .In Vorktown Monday rvenhiK "from ti hiiNliii'MH trip to tin 1 city. «"* Mrx, Nt'Ilii? Terry wa« ;« TiirMla> afternoon pHKMeisKer for Ame>. b-wn •where »<ln' will vifit her hoos, ilatobl und Wayne- Olnssburn, Ml«»* Sfieta Anderiioii wa» prcvrnfcd from ii^ti'iidinn to In:!' Mt'tiool Tueadiiy by an nttac'k of lilinsx. < l». W. Mnxlleld and .T. .1. jStlt'Kfl are working nt carpenter work in 1'ioph- ciMtown thin week. TftinpleJi deuhTH we if cli'!iii''d out of coal Tiicmlay .afternoon and MIHU' of the coiiKiiincrs who bad ht»rii <•))!*(• were I'iiiiKht hhort ajul will have to take Uidr .fuel In Nhorl loj^ fur tho time bftiiK.' /V lafi;e amount of hhellei.1 coin Is foiniiiK to town thM ,wei'k; tliv liard ni»id« and line weather inaRbTK H an >dvnl tlrii' 1 to xh«>ll and KH t the grain to market. (iU'ii .Sii-ajlin:in in iutyiiiu u »4]''*t dt-itl of trouliTe wtTir tTut'cyi. vTfllcIt "w^i« iiT^" Dr. Edwards' Olive Table vi; r, v f the Cause, atici Remove* It Dr. 1 Olive Tat-Scf.. tii.- stitu1"s lor crnel, .act -'iiii fit >',.. Tilt CHURCH SOCIETY MET, I'hil.illn'-i Moi-H'ty «,'/ tin- ISap- urfii met set iiii» ItottK* of Mif iHiini on Thui'.--(l«j uttenti un o'vras a ^ornll> "iiuiinuT p no f.|n uork «an dom-. ii' iiu^ini's,«- ,«a?> ti iiiih.ictt il lU'.M meeting u;U tic hi M Ut th of Ml*-.' II. W, lJ«-m«tou. but Tlic The 1 Olive Tat-Scf. lor cornel, .act R-'iii , anil h'.'itiu'!/d'i the K' .-iUuctcd s\uh ba.l J- sib th . f. it tie Maud Alien in on the hick list th|« Wei k. Her iline.v.s started With li cold, bdt M i* thought nothing «eriou« will ib-vebip. li. T. Nl«,lt ami family nre prepnr> iit« to move into the .Mrs. Mary Aidrich'*, hoiihe on Joy Mtn-i't this week! -Mr«. C. A. Smith, nmt. s Mon, . Hnrold. 'pent a few iniurx Saturday In I'mjiii- i »,-to\vn viMting at the home of Mrs ,M,iit|f_ Drown. Cstrpenterx ami decoralorH an» bimy UiiH week prepuriiig the llelljer build> iiiK-uu-M«hi street fyr the «w of V". VV.- f.,«,k, who -will Kniiii open up hl« iiMaurant in the ue\v quarters. AU of the teiiehei-M of the. public M houl atteiiilMl the teachepa' iimlitutv behl at I'ropbfiatimii Ja*»t Saturday und '••'P' rt a very luttre^tMig nit-ullng. .MlHH Addie i'owell wan taken very' suddenly ill recently and hua been i UuiK' bad for heverul d«y«. , t'lifl'ord. a "on i»f Mr. and Mrx, W YOUR COLD will b<j easily reBeved by taking a spoonful of ' plter ea«Lh meal It fortifies the throat help avoid grippe, bronchitis and even pneumonia. 5co«'«i8Well worth insisting upon. Scott & Oowuc, ttloomficld. w. J. * ), "'," 1. Tablets. The plca:.iint. <i; coated tablets are taken for kui fs by all who IC»K»W them, i)r. luhvurds*' Uh\c Tablets ^( " tly but firmly 'on the bovvcU .-.IK! 1 stimulatia^ them -to .-,-: clearing tlic Mood and mntly |mi'H, the entire :>}->tcin. They dn i!i a wl daiigcroiii cahu'ncl doei vvyliMi;t ,:i.y the bad alter effects, . All tin- bciK'hts of ii.i-U', .sifkilti giiptiijf v.itluutic!, an 7 "juTIvrd" Furn I'!ij\\*i!ii»' Olive TaMu.i vviil ing, pain vr anv,di *>.uc.U'lc l)t. I'". A'(. ivlv.atj, ill u furtnuld after M-unlciu >< it • ' i ;;/ip- tj, 1 the Mc •n'(\ • •>! <'h< HlllU HI ••! U .1- ',' " (>-,' , !,. •• .• I •, u.i I.U! (- i I J ,'; l.- .i HAND WAS .Kiln i ! IVji • li nid i t i ,. ! . i t! .mil. • - u V !i< [ (In w-i'y.,1 • I'll!" IV , ,, 1 ti.. , .:,n i ,. ui, u, i BADLY CUT. I i-. IS C'.il lll« fj> lilt 1 jil -will I HIM 1 it -h' fin il.i ib > A . I \ )• idl . > )>,. a In lice and IM.| J)r Iv a livei p.itsrnti ;.,J, ! .iilii'luin! v\s i 1 I, 't! - i!j V. (h \U .\ii - to i -f The Best Time To Go To CWcag? is during the f w ;» LllfESIOCK-fXPOSITIOII ft»<J Horse Pair, Dec. Not for yearn him tho attractive. And everyone ^ Chicago at Its Eett. T^oi r "afuuj«rTiuTrTrTeiinir haa bt'i'ii tbv tinio to («{.<i a fi.w <ltijftt*-Vj»ttn-jt>tt-tTt>»l Visit Tbfgrvftt— infiro|uiitti, ilif ticcoud inly in UK- I'niu-d Htatt-ti, ,whli-h oif«-r« intuiineritbU* wwudvrfu! tloim j'«r i|u' vuiitor, In U-r l-h«' t, i,(y Js ut ita' best, Tbi> IbLvitU 1 aiif:MMion«-«atv tlu-ii in lull .nvinx. •'The, city'* night lift' i- nt li.-i y.V'ruth.. Stuck Show 8ea»on's Greatest Event. And I!M' iii.igtilliceiU htiM'K ^l <MV. beiit-t ih.ui for iuan> yeart*. will nil tin' t'lly with \i8itorti. Tlu-U' \ou \vill «eu tlu<.', tiih-ft -•{i.'k in tlic \\orld. <ncr ti n tboii.s..,i.l *,( (he flnewt hlKh brt'it I.CI.M H, i au'le, «liecp and Muuie :l|i- cill.-H,] in IJiiif Jii' Ks- J v»H|it'l, '. • Grand Hors« Fair'Every. ICxpotililon been mi bugo iind the city m IB Koliiy~-tho tserfnon'a nrvattdt (-vent. I'H'ery ctati.H of r"lhl«~~ »• t» a it».11< r and "speed of «lx-hwr«e Irants-wevt-ral tcnnm of «ix KK'Ut big fine hurvfM each und Klaui U,IKI>II. btindlod in* t!\oiy Mori of 4 lik»p und turn, witli all tho pttu-usioii of u, 6in*-lo ir«uii».l ho^nx'-in the cizx-ti Splendid unlu'ii- polo i-o no\ci i^tinl exciting. Kee thP «UH-l\yacd.>i, wiici-i- thousand* of .tiuiumlM iiii- luniiU-'f every tluy ill the lu'-irt of the Ki«tt puck-, JirtK iluluMiy. Most Convenient Via Cb.icago 4 North Wettern. UoluK viti Uu> ("bl«*u;u & North Wcctein jou bavn (ill the i-ou- xeiitenri H' of their }iiilAti;U (*hi- «-ai;o i'asaciiKi'i- Terminal adjii- n-nt to Jho hotel ;ind l'i!Hlm-«a iilf.ii lit t'V/) fonifoii of Hut |ic,-4| botflh lust a |it;irt' to felt-ep ami it i> all fief.for your at*-. i.i u. (all • !> IK' I' I 'U im "N. •< b> .MII U't'. t. in l:y. will ' tut- 111 Chicago & North Western T V Ayt-nt C. & Sterlmg, r llt, N. I-),. w.

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