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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
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|«k*ft W»?r»f« frem wher* tr» and put* th»m they eugM to be. AND DAILY STANDARD taktt thfitflrt from Wh»m they *r». a fid put« th«rn tht> eugftt to fe». SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 116. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY. NOV.* 15, 19,16. WNUAL BANQUET 800 People Attended Third Annual Catholic Assembly Banquet. PROGRAM^ RENDERED SCORES MOTHERS WHO jeiVTV VPADQ Af H LET THEIR DAUGHTERS JlAl I Itfllld ULI/ Slshop Muldoon Gave Fine Address On the Subject, "Public Conscience." The third annual Catholic assembly banquet WHS held Tuesday evening In 8t Mftry's auditorium. ..These banquets have not only been looked..forward to Uy the members of the two Catholic «hurehe» of sterling, but by score.-* of of the Protestant cburchrs, have attended each of (best- «>• c4al functions'. The master of cere- Bionlea was Father A. .1. llurn*. pastor Of St. Mary's church, nnd he saw to it ; tft»t everything was worked out In 4«tall and then modestly retired to the '.'.... ground and was silent during the fwtlvities, although hlN band could be" In «1I Uiat was taking phice. The feature of the evening was itb« presence nnd tho address of the .Bight Reverend I'eter Muldoon. D. I)., bfwhop of the IWckford dloccm\ His virftry presence was a stimulus t" the people, of the parish. Th« Banquet. All of th* »ervlc«s were held In the T l»nr« Auditorium of Ht, Mary's paro- dhlal school, although affairs like this it in too small for the needs of Church. The banquet was served -«t, 1 o'clock. By Six o'clock .ynople be- gtin coming, knowing that In past years -,. -the late ones got left, and many did '.-Wot"care to take nny chances, and by m'.lto o'clock the room was nearly flll- Elght long tables were arranged Sitt the l«r«e room and several smaller Werrf placed in I be bttlGonliw, «imt- fuily 860 people. Near the close READ UNFIT StORIES I'pon clubwomen who motor or play liridge while their daughters openly read objectionable magazines or wur- reptitlauslv the secret -library of the Kirls' school. Miss Lutle Steams-, of Milwaukee, who spoke on Woman's day at. the Sterling home coming celebration, addressed some stirring remarks nt Champaign yesterday. She spoke before the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs on "The heading of the Adolescent Girl." When Miss Steam* called upon those who hnd been negligent in regard to the rending of their children to raise their hand* practically every woman responded. Then she began on authors nnd maenfilnes, She did not lion "sex," but she flayed what termed the "obstetrical story," Miss Stearns objected, among other things to the writings of Robert W. Chambers nnd then she proceeded to suggest that some current magazine* ought to be confiscated by the government. "We should have freedom of the press, but we should not/have freedom of obscenity and sensuality."-she said, "These obstetrical novels sire the one great thlnu Unit cause divorce. They cause n girl to expect and to wish from her husband' the worst sort of passion instead of n devoted lifelong'affection. A girl Is going to lie judged by her home, by her chums, and by the honks .•die rends. Those books will make or break her." she City Of Sterling Will Have a Birthday On February 10th Of Next Year. CELEBRATION SUGGESTED Some Think the Association Of Commerce Should Get Up a Demonstration. Th" <ity of Ptcrjing win be .sixty ty (>li| r-Vluiinry 1". I'.Ht, years ngo Ihnt dny the .Iiinf of vvnp In, orpornlcd in(<> -t city tinder the Inws of the stJite uf Illinois. it d-i?j "nteiresH'd by x of the resident* of SterlltiK that the «istleth anniversiiry not to KO by 'Wlth- tiut 11 proper demons! nittlor.. nnd think n way otiBht''to' be provided to cele- brnUt (be ext'ilt, .Some suggest a meeting of the eimonft tbnt committees may IIP npi'ointcd nnd Nonietblnif done at once, for the time IH drawing nenr. Home bitve piiggc.«t«id that the Aftsoc- intl'Mi «>f Cupitnerci- would be the pro* per or-gnnixiition with HM efllclenl xv<u-kers In tmike nrninKeinents for tlin Iwho had Waited, were, served by that number leaving the tables for them, with tho fifty waiters miulo at 800 who were Riven a sumptuous a*41nn«r. There were a great number, I'ljfpo. * n » arrived too late and could not ' * "" In. •• The entire banquet was In charge Mr*. W. J, Condon nnd she proved to he a remarkable chef, and *hc wa« ably assisted by n great many ~" " ajajalj>f_iha .church. The table wa« presided over and In charge of Mesdamen Louis and erman Blttorf, mwlsted by others. i table wwr handsomely decorated WBJ» located in front of the stage. viand wan exceptionally good ad tho dinner was eaten with a relish. following WM tho menu: -' •'• . , Suited I'canuts RESERVES DECISION State Commissioner Heard Case Of Earl Madearis Against a Local,Co. * • •» »" TtTc cam- i >r -l-iiirl Sladcai'IF" IIKHUI the North \VcKtcrn Jlarb.WIrn Com panj', of Htrrlin^.Vfrtrt beard In the city court room by a member of the board of indUMtrlnl commlHnlotfc The young man alleges he *'a« work- .Chicken Dressing Wrown Gravy Cranberry Saueo • Celery Manned .Potatoes Cold Sliced Mam % »er Houne Ro)lp Coff« Cake' Ice Cream Musical Program. • - - ^.hlfolloifrltur the dinner an exceptional. able musical program won render." , Thin wa» under the direction of M, C.,W»rd. hau and lu«r work Ing for. thlH c**mpany !anl February and on the lant day of tbo month while working on a nail machine, WIIH struck In the. left eye with a broken end of a wire and otr that account had the eye removed at Hockford a month or two afterwardN. After the accident the OJP wa« nt-_ tended to by a Hterling doctor and later the Injured man went to Rock- fortl. the home of hln father, and It In claimed by him that the eye bora me The city clerk bus lately dug Sip (he articles uf. iiK'iirporaltioti and thfc act whl^li hit tx d tbo vlllitgo Into u city. Vr in all written out In pen nnd Ink, n/i typewriters in those days. The act Was approval by the. governor, W. II. niHSi'll, attested by the Secretary of Hlate. o; .M, Hatch, and nl«»» eon- taliiH the HlKtiatures of Hatnuel- Holmes, s|ionker of the bourn 1 'of representatives, and Jtdin Wood, speaker of the f ensile. Mr. Wood wan elected governor at 11 later date, In tho early history'of the city, there were i wo towns started, one in th* east'end ,nnd i%nother in 1 be West end. AVENUE G BRIDGE A. D. M«rfin Secures Contract Per Patting Under On* N*w Sctppert. A. I', Mnrtin. of Sterlihe. hft« be«»n given the contract for fixir/^r the «ec- fnd.pier of Avenne flbrldrf fr<«rn the Sterling .tide Jn a Miife'«»ndittf<n. This is tbo pifT which haw crumbled so that one em! of tlVR ••patj' fiSs oro'ppecf's*>v"»' eral inches making the bridge unsafe to cross. The divisional engineer of thin district and county superintendent of highways of WhftesiiJc county, conferred with the rr-nd cominlssimK-r of Sterline township, .Tolm- {^ndl.«. and it wa9 thought bent to let the jt>t» at pri- vatV bld«t so that work wtihl be rtwfied us'the ftfrnctnre is heeded for traffic very much. Mr. Martin sweured the job at a sum n trifle !««» than 12,400, Mr.. Martin has jnies on band reurly to drive down to raise and support the end of the bridge while the penr»ane"nt work of making the concrete pillar is being mnde. The plan l« to cut away eight or ten feel-of the old concrete pier and then build up another one and gradually extend it outward f<o ns to catch the end of the span. It is to be re-eriforced with steel rods. Work will be hurried KO a* to Complete the Job before cold weather Beta In. BLACKLIST NOTE Great Britain Declines To Meet Demand That U. S, Firms Be Relieved. BRITISH NOTE NOT FINAL Resents tlie Suspicion Its Mo* tive Is Anything Except To End the War. (Uy 1'nited Washington, IX <'.. N 1.'..—-The MANY ARE BENEFITTED Reduction Of Grits ana Electric Kates Only One Of the A. Of 0. Activities. Homo, people |IH V '« complained that the Assnclation of Commerce has never done anything for factories. An Association member says in reply; It is. understood one uf the purposes of the aMKuclatlnn Is to try to make this community a better one In which to live, that Is, more desirable for all classen. Recently, largely through the efforts of a committee of the association, a new schedule of go* and electric Much rivalry existed be- tfveen the two towns nnd when the "failroiul JitrtM'k" lliiV ^placc, "The l» r (i Wefe cuiiitohdatrd and the -plucn In its cn- tlrety was called Sterling, AjP'e 'station was located where It ISTIIIW and large structures, such as the Wallace hiril and the Wallace Mouse, were erected near the spot, nnd the 'city of Hterllntf bus been growing ever since. There are but few people In Sterling who know thai this city Is nearing its' sixtieth anniversary. There nff .iilsh. n'n'ly 11 Taw • people who ever much wonte and the member had to be removed, Under the employer 4 * compenmtUon act the young mun wued the company for the IoHs_of his eye. The act provider "that in c:a*p-mie crimpiiny IM liable, the younit man can recover" one- half pay for one" hundred week*. The one-half pay of the young man at, thlw time wan 16,-tS per week. That amount for the one hundred weeka and the hox- pltal bills and the docts>ni .accounts, would make the total nearly $750. The plant claims the accident WUH riot the fault of the machine, and that ttio Injury to the eye WIIH not the cauue of has on Its margin the follovv- inif wordu', "<'lty of HterlltiK- Incor- poraicd February 10, 1S57." ^ Its belngremoved L the eye wan a appreciated. Her «ta«e ef. were very hannonlouH. Mm. Wanf b«*n a great factor in th« churcl |,ioimito for many yearn. 8ho wa« aMj ated by Cochran'H orcht-wtra during rendition of. tho program, it aim muny selection during the, b«n« Tha foHowinir numbers were by Mm. Ward: Two open In K number wan a vocal . by I^oulH Markey, of MorriNon wieotion wan "Oood-bye to You,' A full round vico and ho of lh-« In-Mt tnuU I6TM in Sterling and four yountr la appeared in the buck ground 'making a pretty Kccne. Mr, »*ng unolhor WUIK for an en- favorite, ".lack"' Klrb> made M bit by siiiKiiiK, "Ireland Mu Heaven for My Mother Camn l-'rom sr*," HP wore a bit «f green on lii.s [fit shoulder. He responded with un- the audienco. Kho IK POH- of, a sweet, me)odlou» voice. good ranee, Uho .UUIIB, "A tiar of. Dreama." and was ncoompanied ;.On* of the lilts of tho proKnun .wan the three capable children I Mr»,, M. C, Ward. The wero attired In fleecy wllver upanglfiB. Th«y ex- ;llent!y, "Shine Uttle Olow Worm." ' Inj' With ft Uttle dunce, Tlmy wore sly trained And wero forced to ro- nd withjWl_tfic**rt', their fatliiT UH- Their~twHrWhr«l«»n was _ " __ • wa»» "tTiiit of u «»nif by Wlliluiji Klockc In und • were anuiwted In the rliorui* b> |V« «irl» and' tlve young .men in attire iUuo*. Thin -brought down Tht*y responded with an . lockf, of Hock KullH,.*mn»i bans «o|o, "Uood-liyc lU.cut huck. liltuw* Vott." Mr. .Kbu'kf haw H volte «rul -lu> wa» at hit. tiotivlMdlng number on,the inu- progruiu WH» "Anu-rlca" by Jack Tim chorus vku« inmlc uiori,- uy thv UHHiMtance of sill of till real of the sinKi'in, of lln» cv-^ning d.tttHHui Jn, in tt pretty wav. "U««r- njf rc<l, white und blue huum-r* Mr. l-of the oi'cht'stru WUH uccoin- tw many of tin- M-ln-tinns, 'proyrnm wrc?r.inr T*mrr.£: In- Uwlf thnt evening. wan, any ilitfllwtuul patt of the i'\.'aing raniM. This wa«t ibu -in.!.-!!, in well Uirt'Cttd vviiiilri l-'athrr Iturua A. J. Frank an tn.i^tili.i.iti'r '..Ot tb» yvenltHJ. .M,1". FianK tn i-li» mi «'iiinmt"*, lit- VV.IH h.|,} « Iv.ldV 1C t*Mt ^t .i Mil lutfl { Ut* fsu'ulty of f*ii)ln« tin- ii».'ii! » " f ill-tilt', {ll { l|M4Uftioll'll ,-»lM-.ll _ dcfl><;trve~oni» any way, and It wan removed long after hi> left the company'* doctor In Sterling, Tho cane wa« heard before an arbitrator «ent out by the Htate. lie reserved his decision until a future date. The young man had for bl« attorney*!, L. C. Mlllw and Phillip Smith, both from Kockford. Tito doctor from that c.ity, whu removed the eye WIIH alm> preHcnt, and te'Btliled. The mill, WIIK represented by Attorney Thoma« An- BerBtein from ("hicago. Tho .Sherman Kills Compuny, uf Chicago,, 1» the name of 'an hiMurance firm, who Insures all the employes* In thin Hhop* for a certain tump mini and it IN thix firm who ha« employed Mr, AngerBteln, for the iiiHurance company will have ,to pay the damage If the arbitrator decides In favor of the young man. The eaxe titurted at 0 o'clock In the morning and STREET DECORATIONS Will Enhance the Christmas Spirit and Stimulate / Early Shopping. .Some attractive ntreet deconitloiiK arc being planned n« u part of 'Sterling'* early rhrl«tmuH buying entnpaign. The plan l« to put up Something dlf- erent fn«n anything uned herctofor*- In a Hlmllnr campaign, Htunetbing that will not only enhance the CbriHtina« Hplrlt and ntlpiulnte. early buying, but be .11 credit to the town. HH well. It IH tho deslro of the commit teen in charge to have their decorative work attract the favorable attention of outHldern a« well. JIM of tboHo at home. J.' H, • Connor, chairman of the >com- p<*oplc who had helm enjoying rates that were objected to by the «tat« cotn- and electricity co»iHumer« received lower rat ct<. Included Jn the .reduced rattw were exccptiojuilly low gas and poww ratei* fdr very large •consumiTK, these ratt-M belnff Kccuired »«• for it wan nearly •oncluded. 4 oVluck when it wan DEMOCRATS CELEBRATED TampTco Men Had A Bonfire, Banquet And Program. Tampico lx»mocrat» celebrated the re-elect Ion of Tresldent Wlluon in Rood simp® Monday evening with music, «ong, speeches and also u fine banquet. A largo bonfire In the east end of town near tho residence of Mayor R, F. Woods also helped to make th«, ooca-, n'Jon onp to be,einb«red. Hurdon'uj Intll hud beun nt-rured for tho oecaaloi) und prehented a vi'ry pretty Bight with Its abundance of decorations, of which tlu* national colorw wero predominant, und with four largo tablet* souting one •hundri'd and twelve, presented a very mltteo on docoratlonH.^HUbmHtod the TiTtnirtt\ r r"Hii5ttr; Ylwru two droil anil fifty people ut t>upiier, which vviis lu cluifge of the ladloa and wa« out* of which they niuy well bo proud. One item oi tbo i>iU of I'aro WUK ninety iimiiuU of meat of ono kind, with everything cine that u lino fo inuko up DuniiK (in 1 evening mt>sic. vocal t<n- lei'itoim itiul (ihnrl talks liy l*)«lv\ard J'i'- yine, J ; 11 lialcy, II. K. J'ain and ijtli- era imuu- tht- tiiuu pu«ii quickly until t inl« hum- u lira dain'InK WIIH in<hilt;t>ii u by tluij>o w hit cnrtil for that form of unfihemi-nt. Thci'tt wua u'lurge TR ber of vittiioro from ProphetutowiKaiid thcr uiljuiiuiiK towns, bettidfiM/whlch voinuju'tinilnent 'men «tio tiuii lyt-en ie.«,'t«»d were prt-veptcd from iy otlici cngugi'iiK'ntB. It VMI^I u rt-d- ettcr il«y fur 1 (ernorrary In that \l- •inity. MR ~$ .Ml'f. John Uclueiif., iU'd on nt ihf Httrliii ubii with opt-r- 'iNpituI '1'lii'M- aloiu; ,'ix well «'(,u!il bf ,4'jkpei'tvJ itrcmdinn to tht* . uf tin- aihiii'iit ami }!)••' i»vi Unix - t-is of tht'^ip-'niitoii. rtins IN rvovt-r- iK t'i'Mu 111*' vbt •••.!; and ttu< rino.Uti-t.ii' (id tier iii.Mitih art- vi i r> ii»]i>-/ul fm l'0iupli-(i- Ifi'.lVi'lV ill U tibot t 'tilHf. Ms. MM \S . Ht ! «t.>'n> »' N'i- r t" i A Kulls of hlH committee at it of the early buying campalKn'M. executive .committee-at.a mootliiK this morn- Ing, and they were endorsed, Tho plan IH .to .have t*trings of colored electric iii.-rosH tho Htrct't at the Jeadtng of t he buBlne,«s • Heotion, the wires i-iirrylng the HghtH also carry banners containing appropriate wording, and 'a >-cunHtaiitly .ringing: 'Christ- njiiw bell nt tlio_bot|orn of •••nch. banner. ' ' ' ~'"'~ " : ;: ~" , I'Jacb Htore'co-o|»crat)iiK in the move* rn<*nt IH to htivi> i.ts windowM beHiilifuily decorate*! for tbo occasion, dlKctoMcd to the putilic giiito simultaneously at 7:30 o'clock oil the evening of VVed- ^. ..Thi«_« treet": .d C«» fftT a re to In- all In plaro by. that time and tin* wtriUKS of llBbts and the .on the Christmas tree all to |M» turiieil on at that time, and the decoration lights art* to bo tufried on every 0venlng tbereafter until und including Chrl»tmas night. "WILD RUMOR AFM)AT"" Report That California Had Gone For ,''•••• Huohet Purely A Yarn, Tlu* minor WHS current on the j-trct-ts this afternoon tlui'l tho ulllclul count in California bad 'turned. Jlic' r*'|SVrT>«iITtT that one county^ which gnvo a pluriillty of T>» (>n ti thi< ollicial count «>f :7.MfM», wi»U-li lead. him u would otfHet Wllwi !<K'kl0t.iily Uw'St*. lm*i been, no C|HIII|;« in tins (itliclal count -it KUlllcit''nt iin \ for (he"iu»vvH to bun- dl« H wtory of it, '.for the tlliiU-d I*I«-HH f«jr tliji' HI-HI tiiiio today 4,'avu Th« Ua- wtlc lioibinK on tlio. vote in *'ulifofiiln< ^P tinltNl t*rc»« win* Informi-d of the s uiiu-U 1 in circulation hern »wd it brand- I'd iho ri,"i>ort HIS u "plpti ilrvuni," pure arid; an attraction Another pndilem. which if worked out ftatlHfuc.torily will be of great be'ii«> lit to iMtth factory worker« a« well ati nt-rM, tii to Bt-curo tho erection of numeroiiH comfortntiie,' modern, mod-' t-rnte prtcert huiiHe»ro^ r wtitch"ih{ t ro In m Brpat"~BTwrl^^^er^7~^""'"icolfnrnTrie« wan appolnt<>d noinn time a#o by the AsHociation of Commerce to 'try to solve thin problem and investigations arc now being made. Tn« local organization 1* a member of th«*Unlt«l Htaten Chamber of Comm^rcm, and through thw hitter body a. large amount of information 1« being secured tor the Kuiiiince of the local committee, Thejie pn>blem« have been watlMfactorily (Confirmed on Page Tbrco) THE MEXICANS BALK American Commissioners, Row- ever, Still Hope To Reach An Agreement. (By United Prcua.) Atlantic City, N. J,, Nov. 15,— Deaplto indlcatiunN of xilistructlon on the tilde of the Meslcnn comriilnHlonorM, th«i American commlHMloners believe .there in Ktill 11 chance of,reachlng n border agreement involving XJeru wtthdruwul. One of the; American cohuntat'loner* ««ld: foundation ha« been laid for a structure, which we have -excellent r««anonH to believe will take the form of an agrecment'out of which will come Homethlng concrete -though It I» now nothing more than a'tunta'tlve plan, There is now a' Mltuiitkm wherein we 'conic' to the • crltlcdnm wiiich>we rniwr will result in iv-nntty of mind." Tli<> rarrruizitita member* had planned to «end the tentative agreement to Carranga by njeKMenger for latltlca- tioh v . wjtlle the Atnerlcrtiia. expectcnl to subject of bomb plots nnd similar breaches of neutrality having prncll- cully been bulled for several^ th« utnte department is giving considerable thought to the importance to be to the referrncn to such out* rages in the Hrlt>h reply to th" American protest against the blacklist. Tber« having been no recent outbreaks by the enemies of the allies In this country, the lirillsh-purpose In laying stress on the subject Is puswsllng. A sharp rejoinder i« not unlikely. AN EARLIER REPORT. Wdshlngt'in, Nov. ID.—The Urltlsh reply to the In test American note protesting against the trade blacklist, public last night by the Htate Department, denies that rights of neutral traders under International law have been ruthlessly canceled, defines the blacklist measure as n municipal regulation plainly concerning only the British government and British citizens, contends that It Is designed to shorten the war and scorns the suspicion tbnt Britain Ifi using the war as a means to take away neutrals' trade. The note fails to meet the American demand that the names of American fllirtS be Btrlk'-tl ffU'o Ihn blacklist. EAT DUCK, CRANBERRIES AND SWEET POTATOES TO ECONOMIZE. ON FEAST *!U- United Prf-«M < 'Hi--a«vi. !!!., Nov. 1*>.-Eaf dn--k and cranhr-ni»"« and sweet potatoes If you •A mild economise or? 1 "your Thank.««ci.v-- thg feii?t.c^Vitiiefwj«e" 'you "WTTf iIT.5co\ ; er" that Thartk:5>iving" dining has soared •« ith everything else on account of the Wiiy dutks nnd cranberries should Hr> imwitne Is explained by the fnc.t that the wet summer was well liked by both. Here i! i* in dollars and cents from a big «'hi>ago market: "20 12 ( PRICE TWO CENTS, MlBATEiENT Battle Continues With Fury On Both Sides Of Ancre Brook Today. ed turkey . Dressed chicken Pressed duck ... !>rcf*sed gee so . . Cranberries .... Pumpkins. ..... . . . 15 Sweet potato*,* White potatoes Sib 24 !»(lt, 20 each 1 3 ib. 1.75 FILE MORE SUITS Eastern Roads Plan Rapid Steps In Filing Actions Against Adamson Law. *• MANAGERS STUJiv YHE ACT Brotherhoods Predict New Strike Call Unless the Law Is Enforced, but attempts to convince the Btnte Department thnt ,tl»o KritlHh position l» the door-for further nogotlnllon, which IH expected to follow, Predict! Long Struggle. part which attracted much official" notice dealt with the subject uf peace, ba«ed ou the theory thnt one American contention bad been' that there exlN!* no military iiV»eeHHlty for the blacklist: thnt nothing which biip- pen» In dlMant neutral countrle* can Influence the result .of the great -ntctr tlty United I*re>t» 1 »\cw Vork, X. Y., No«-. in.-— Manager* reprenenjinff tiie greatest of the nation's railroad lines dug deep again today into .tho .Adamnon eight hour law. Their pi'irpunjg \v;i3 hut only to get lln IntricaclcM cleared up, but Ukewlne to establish If po«slble a for operation more fnyornble than they now' foreHec, Meantime liielr uttorneyH plan rfijiid steps in llllrig iicJiuiiK agalridt (lie government as tent cunea. \\'bilc only one cow* may bo used as a test, all roads will be Involved no that the |*»nalty j-lauwe will not react them, All brotherhood leaders COUNTER ATTACKS f^AIL British Center Assault On Mrr- aumont On North and Grandcourt Oh South. rny T'nited Press.) Ixmdon. Kng., Nov. 15.—With no abatement of the fury thai, attended the Initial smash, the British storm of metal nnd men against the Germans' vaunted subsurface fortifications on both sides of Ancre broolc, continues. All late dispatches from thA front said the German counter attacks have been futile against the British who nrw holding the outermost sections of the positions taken nt Beaumont, Hnmel, Beaucotiri nnd St. Pierre Divlon, The lavish outpouring of high explosives nnd shrapnel from th« British big guns appeared to renter on tho German lines nhout Mlraumont to tbo north nnd Orandcourt • to tbo south. Mlraumont IH nn Important railway center and affords nn avenue to Achlet- legrand. which Is opposite llebuterna and slightly more than two miles northeast of Hapaume. Orandcourt on tho south bank of the Ancre Is on a southeast, brand) of the railway-that centers Mt Achietlegrnnd after passing-through Mlraumont. The terrific efforts spent Jn the capture of Bcnurnont. coupled with operations described in the latest reports from the front, -lead military experts to believe Gen. Haig has begun a flanking movement to encircle Mlraumont, • The number of prisoners continues to mrmnl, more than fi.OOQ now belnff in the British renr. I _ last report. ~~*Fhe lierhian also have reached serious number*. For the flr«t time since the battle of the begun a general whoHo have been on defenders' it to Woi*b|ngton by '.'.Whether th« .eleventh, hour oppoui- tion of tlii- Mexican •inein.berH will thwart (he ugreemfnt it in impossible to K«y. Th« American ct»mmls»|oner« intllcuti'd tbure will !>'•" little dallying from tills time, on. In addition to thv tnllltury ugreeimnii tho American com- mlHHl6nert» hope for uctlon morw favorable to Investor** such a» the mining JnteroatH. '..-..JUDGE RAMSEY'S RULINGS Q»VB Docifign On Two important , Ca»ei From SUfling Saturday. Judge Prank Uttm'say in-• r'ircuit riwiuiiM |n HterUug- caw».s'whicb will bo of .Inter'i-st to loiail . pepplu' oil nai"~Tea1ty-~wi!rir- the— p nuy« tlio mite, "If In poH«lbh> that tho meimurcH taken by hl« ma Je«ty"n government might be described an uncalled for, but H l» not. We may well wUh that It were HO. Even though tho military MltunUon of the allle.t ha« greatly improved, there In still a long and bitter struggle in front of them and one which In .justice to the principles for which they are fighting , Impede* upon them the duty of employing- every opportunity and every measure which they can legitimately use to overcome their opponents German Activity in U. 8. "Whatever Inconvenience may be caused to neutral nations by tho ex- ercl«e of belligerent right* It In not to be compured for an InHtnnt to the »uf- ferlnn and IOSH necaHloned to mankind by the prolongation of the war even for a week." In UB argument the note point H out that German bufdnean houMea throughout the world have furthered the cause Of Germany in the war adding: "In some caaen they have oven been u««d an bonen of supply for Oormntv crulnern. and In other catten organlxert* and paymnsterwof ml»cr«antH employed to deHtroy by foul meanu factories i-ngftKc-d In making or uhlps engaged In carrying MU'pplleii required hy the hud quit the city, but indlcullonn pointed to a wiliingiH'W!* oii the fwrl of the managers to .talk bu«lnc»H later with the union heads- — though perlmpa not Ohe — Trip N'ew York Central planned to Ve l he first enatern road to enter a null. Papers were practically ready for filing today, while the I'ennaylvaiila and other lino* 'planned early similar ac- the d«'f«yjslve said the •s havp eTte*ede4 thoso of tbo attacker*. PUSH BACK ROUMANIANS. (Uy I'nlted Press,) 1'etrogrnd, llussln. Nov. 16.—Heavily Tjormnn ^troops hnvo sue- In further pushing back the Roumanian forces, which_for_8exfiraJL "Such operation** have been carried out In tlj»-tflrrH«ry «v*m-of the UnltotJ Stuteii ItHt'lf. and I am bound to ob- «erye^— what I do not think will be de- nled— (hut no adequate action -haM yet en' taken by the government of the. United Wflto* to,*uppr<HW bre«ch«»» of neutrality of tbfM nartlr.ulnrly criminal kind, which I they are, the first to dlnoou'ntt'iiHiico und deplore." o'f ilieir In of AS'iiodburn «{jiiln»t " IN MONTANA t'ollinw, • I I uMllllli'iJ, Am> (pollina Died In The Morttana, Hospital. trU'-iidtf luivo uf the di'udi Of -Mr*i, ^"fii^ttTTTTTlTri'd' pilal at. HiHiitt;ti, .MuriV.uiii., uftor a iHticfiB Mi?* .tVilliiiji *\v"iil be rciiii-tii- b««i-*'d JIM i'lt'li-lt' l,(iM,Hl, (IriUKlHef <i! ifcv (.i>>jjin. vyltii wat* pus tor. ul" 'tbv fr'H'nt 'MctbodlM chsu'cll ill/ tltiJrT 1 city itbiiut lu'i>lvt> \carst ag^t.- Mist* r.OKUU WIIH mart-!»'d -to Ariuy ',' I'nlliim .ti i VwlKli'iii. Montatia, |-rcJ«cnl holtn.-- "f ,t}!n ).,<if5;iu? i .Hcr.bljt-1' ituuiicil life \v;»» sp'-iit '<Mi a nun'li itt 1'li'i' 1 Vii.-vj, Sfotit mid '»!("«••'It H\«',V ci>'inuui;ii her de.'fcfh. her hu.Mtiiin-l aiid lufuiU !«"tl. ('ImricH Kn- lu ft, <;'"' 5 >•>'?• <-!il. l'«l I'.U.vlilK i-u«; !.!-.-i',lii f. .Uiil H\t-,.v i^i'--p> tl»«> -4-tlHO I, in a verdict l»v"«. jjui'S' WIIH glvtm u> John l{,"-Hu.HH« > 11r'"iS«»t ft«ldt» tin* -vft'rdicl »>f tbt< Jury and granted tlut itetltloner, Air. \Viitidljnrn, a-new*! rial.. This will riiost kcly ln« licuKi at (1m in-xt tcj-in of Tbo Jti<lg(> in liiH decision. Ui..lJifi..caHii of \V'iilln'i and Hrackcn ligaillBt liniyo over ruled n' nioiiun I'or si new c irlM- Tlie d»'it<iitlahi jiniyed for HII which was guuitwl T.IIJM' In tho suit when-ill tin 1 pjuimiff .fiiugbl to h'-covi'f 1 the sum i»f Slii'Jiti aw coitintiHsU.<u Jnf n uinn n ywii' nsj<». The. dent kltiivvb'dge. tiu> dt'b.t, but ,iii ;.» bill for |','<HMH»' ;t« <,-« • M'Hius _.t I'nria t'm ':],hc"i jtiry in iliia* oafi- \irought in a verdict I'ufttic plaiutift's " The. dvf'''iul'int'. inked tor u iii>\> iri.i! ' was I'cfuHi.'ij, IU-IK.-** i \w pru\ vr lur i^'ii -i([>i'n*al. AWor- liti.Va \ an S,it:{ a ltd iic,s,««' ix-l'I'i'iS.tlll 1 the . LEADING ON UONQ _ -MY. uii.l Mr*. IVFvr i-'nufiKVtM.I family, will Uv»«i» t'vi'iiiii'K «•(! tlnni; i<»Ui4 w't-HU-i'i! trip. Tbyy Wjli iat.f il>. Hi! ',i'f tin-' iuyportant puiniti <..f lutcro.vt lu KI»' w<'w( ttnil will !>i> guiti- itic iii'i'att.'t 1 BOMB TRIAL STARTS German Consul General and His Aides Violated U. S. Neutrality is Charge, (Hy United PrcH«.) . 'Bun J,-*r«nclsi!0," t'lilif., Nov, 15.— Trial of nientiwr* of the German .con*. »u!ar COI-JIK and otlii'i'w on churge of . One of the chief contentions In those mtit.s i.s Hi/it the Adamnon law violates th* flfjh n'mcndment "by nrbitrally and unreu«on'ably" depriving the roads of their liberty of contract and properly Without the process of law: that It discriminates agtdnat certain rullroiid workers; and that It inflicta enormous penalties. The union attitude In that the rnll- roadu arp trying 1 to eva-diMhe ttplrlt of the law and that any concVesiona mu«t come fniHf^Hui-^transpprtntlon headH, ft IH likely the union men will lay their side before PrcHldent Wllwon next week. Brotherhood leaders InslBt that a strike call will be Ismied New Year's nnlesfl che railrondM oBree to the terrna of the Adamwon law. COMMANDER REPORTS Official Who Sank British Steamer Rowanmore Denies Firing At drew. (By ITnited Berlin, CJer., Nov. IS. The admiralty violuting American n«»utra,llty IK to be•(fin, today in tlu> l''nderal DtHtrict t'ourt. i 1 littrg«»» of dynamiting a bar«o loaded with ItiiKHJui niunlilnns, and of u> " ti~ tS wn»«dfoii are made uKtiii)i>t. th<«fie rt«» fi'iuieiH.s. I'Yaii/, H»i>i>, (icripuh conntll gone«il; -itaron 15. H, vttn S?l,iacU, vice- coKHiil, ' Ifttron .Willu'lm v<in •Brinckeii, ' .inJIU.wry* attuche; ("UarUsu (,'. was to lighter the, tuuiii- i'iH (it _ vicc inH'u; MarKiiri't W, I'lirnell, Orow- Ify'ist «<«-rctary; HiuJ a tiunilfcr of IIUH- iiu'hH mew. ' ' * Tho rtyniiinilins <>f Hie niunit'ions of- currj-it in May, iaiS, '«ct ttiu fur W«J» <"-J«UM.'d. bj' I t tb«- iiifrtufM'tf of the defendants. Tlu» ffo'nda.rttK deny guiN •" Tim, Kt'cond < ImfKC, wbi«;h ha« .biM-n vvjib tlu<'. iirt«t, • IH lhat tl|t- "iai«i,il;il.*' iitlii'inlM, with Uu'ttl pn*ii, -sent tlio Htwwiuer Hac- eti : rsrn.-'-wl ttr~jr-rrarpo. of" mnt .ihij vp*! »( Adinlnii -voir Spec'!* Ri(f»u,. luii'.i- «lrtiti'oye<i in t-lu'! KalU- ajtti.'f.vv,if«t siitwiH'ti in a H'Hilli Anuu'!' 1 }»i,t:i>i'l . • . • • • ..-."• cu.s uiijt?. jinn vvas inude by'tho t«> tlii,t'^(i|iib|iit^it;'. of« two H wax cftntcnflcd Umt the an; vastly *)HfVrrnt', a ad t!mt today transmitted, to the foreign office the .rieport of the uumbarlne tJomjrnan' 'dj-wu^vvlui a«nk Iho British steainer Ittiwanninro on Ouiober 26th, 145 m il tip oft' Capo i'li'iir, The foreign ollii'o HOOH will ibutip an ofticlal explanation of tho matter to Secretary Grew of |ho Amerlcttn embassy. • ' ..'•.-.''.- ... /,. • tTohtrary to rei«u't» froni" AmerH;a and Kngliind, .there }« no excitement here and only 'unuonce'rn regardlntr the .American inquiry aboui the recent tm\klnt»*, because everyone here IB convinced that U-boat commanders are not violating their- instructions. The. Howanmore, according to the belief here, wns^oM'od to slop after llr»t. refusing to heed the submarine captain's orders. It is\ understood ulao that thii TOporl of the mitunurlne com- maiidt'r de«'lures tho' crew de»ft*r.tod the dkyB have been <m the defensive in fliFJl 01 valley be low t lift ^Vtilean piurn district. \be wnr olllce officially announced- today. There lyive been spmo Roumanian reverses tn\ the Alt valley district of Transylvania, tlmiKh at other points In Transylvania, the war offlc* an- nounctsd. that til* Roumanlatta hava taken th« pltensive and repelled th» enemy. The BUfceBnea occurred north and south of the Oltu valley, where three machine sruns and many prison- 4m. were taken. (Continued to page 0.) MA Y STOP RELIEF WORK captain of the Itowuntnore. because of hi* action, and ho wu* tlhulty compelled. to row alojio when the crew took, to the boats. Thjit IB the reu- It i« crew at'ter titnalt tlie the; ine'n bid THE llrod Mt the aKeii to the VOTE Sending Of Supplies To the Belgians Plays Into Hands Of Germany. (By United Prenu.) Washington, p. C',,,Nov. 1C.— expressed In Washington today that the relief of destitute ftelfrUnH"- by "America may be Interfered with or ac- umlly brought to an end. The fear grew out of the udrhiiuilon that the deporting of BelRiHDH Into Germany reached nuch a scale that tbo department bn» taken up tho matter- wlth the (lerman government. The'German policy it in understood , Is to declare d^Mtitutfi any able bodied Belgian who accepts relief BiipplloH »nd then he In deported and put .to\ work In Oerniany. . Thlu course olfi- elals believe inay result in England and Franc** n'tikiiuc- that tho Unlte4 •tateu relief work stop, as it apparently ityjS-JMCL-ihe_.h.aml^^^ government. •Charge 'd Affaires Orow «t Berlin, hris been directed to take up.tho matter personally jwlth Chancellor von Bethmap-liollweg, telling him that iho deportation is certain to effect neutral opinion. The Instruutlpns ,,to flrew are not .In th%;for,rti of a protest- but a memorandum expr^titflnK the opinion at thhj government. WTwo' arguments" are prenented. the InnumnnUy of deportation and tlm unfortunate effect (t will, have on neutral imtlona pnrtl« ,-uIurly the people of th« Wnitod TO ECEPTION Little Chanao W»« Indicated In Fur* thar Returni Today. ^ (Uy Ihiited Prcs*i.) v , SI \PaiiI.-Minii.. Nov.. -IS.— \VIJh. I'l'o- s'un.iltty ten precincts of clvlliuu yot- «n> und lit'HH'ii counties of • jio'idie-rw' vuir« tiiili . nii»Miinj, iiutiht'B ul noon ie,t'! \VjlsoiV by --3 vi)t£'* yit the /aw of avuilublo •• it HI ure a. The. returns s,lt(>« 1 .tul tin* tiuno indclTnitcnei*)/ which t«\iiur«! ilio unlit the olli- count of ileniu'pio ciHiniy, \\bjcli li». is intultt row ." i-'>miiliiiUK -;i iVir !; iilt'. tiv\ifi the wur.k of H-HHH*- Uii-'i'cfi y«J»tiy nu-ro iiivrcajji'd oo.'a»i<»n Case Agam*t Alleged BUckmaikr Gpe* O.vtr Until December 6th, Uly '• t'niK'i'l Pn-sii:) • \\a»Kin,'8toii. i> i'.. Nyv. h. t'incr Tayj^r (ui,,lii>; contin,iicd i .i*>v't-,'.nb'','i' t-lh Viiy hearing nt* Hu' . on UH % ' vh UK' 1 Jittemi'tniK to black- Carmnza Will Entertain Diplomat* Be^ ' fqre Loavinp Cupltal. ' (Hy United Prwn,) Mexico "Ctty. Me»r., ' Nov.. IK -Gem Carranza Will givw the diplomat lc u re- Pil'Ht'iUatives Here a furmwell. dinner befoi'e -'lift leaves tomorrow- .for Wuer- .pttti'p on • horac.bttc-k. ,Uo jtoi'-»-to »iii-nd tli» constiliitionai iiKMenibly which will meet Monday Ho will bt? uccomptuiuul by a tttroiiK ihllitary guard and .several high otllcliils of tho Annount'cnuMii wan • tnudn that ar- rangctnentu have hcen niud« with tho .bank Kucicijittl, whereby ItH-entire silver reserve will be exchanged for curreViVy to provldo for tho payinont.' of >th« .army and the «f «iipi>lic»,. The cxchang« will bo at the ratio t>f two to one, ac- io tho urrungeinonUi of Cur-WON RACi^WIITH DEATH Ton Men In Film PJunt Had A Clow Call From 111, Nov.; 15* Ti-u man .1 in ractj with death inilay ami won, wju-u tier- ituui ('nil!it«-«s vwu Ot-nistorW. lire ill lacked (.he ilhn ro»tn •>(' tu'iltt lilni' (*.\C!HIIH:»*, Tbi\tuc iIM.'•'street just 'b< ; i'or*« tlu« w u>ck*-<! ,Ih« 'Sni.i(4i.iii|. Abi-n! fci-t u!' Ijtni. v> :i.^, dt-» tri'.v,-,!. i." i'l:|i'«'d at I! ,-i> ! "!u, ', tls«-

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