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Cloudy, rainy Mostly cloudy through Tuesday with occasional 'showers continuing. High both days near 60. Low tonight around SO. Yesterday high 60, low 45. Today at 7 a.m.

46. Sunset 4:45, sunrise 1 Benningtoy anner Wekly founded 1841, Daily 1903 15 Cents Bennington, Vermont, Monday, November 3, 1975 White House shakeup Colby, Schlesinger fired, Bush, Rumsfeld to be named of the shake up rather than Kissinger, as some observers believe. Former Defense Secretary Melvin. K. 1 jirrl is a prime mover in the transition group which still keeps in close toiich with F0Td So is William Scronton, former governor of Pennsylvania.

Another member of the group. Donald Rumsfeld, was reported in line for the job of secretary of Defense. No reason was given for the dismissals but sources spe cul ated that it grew out of a difference ot opinion between Schlesinger, who favored a strong defense and a tougher stand against Moscow; and Ford Schlesinger and Colby had confirmed their dismissals. Ford called a news conference for 7:30 p.m. EST tonight, presumably to address the situation.

In an apparently unrelated incldent but one that added to the largest shake up in the government since the Watergate related "Saturday Night Massacre" two years ago Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller withdrew bis name from consideration as Ford's rnnnlnfinate in 1976. The informed source said the transition group which helped Ford during the early daysof his presidency was the "architect" By NICHOLAS DANILOFF WASHINGTON UP1) In a high level shake up of the Ford administration apparently caused by a dispute over detente, sources said today President Ford fired Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger and CIA Director William Colby. Secretary of Sate Henry A.

Kissinger also relinquished one of Ms top posts In the administration head of the Notional Security Counsel, the sources said. An informed source at the White House who did not want to be identified said there was "much more to come." NBC TV reported today that both Rocky today to Ford: Count me out for '76 to Congress. He never equivocated. That's not the case with Dr. Kissinger.

And his standing on the hill that is Schlesinger's has risen steadily." Ford, who was meeting with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in Jacksonville, ducked reporters' questions about the firings, But a Pentagon source, after checking, said, "I guess it's true." Administration sources said Rumsfeld, who did not go to Florida with Ford, informed Schlesinger of his dismissal Sunday morning in Washington. Colby's dismissal was expected, but not until after congressional hearings on the U.S. Intelligence agency were over. Sources said recent news conference at which Schlesinger denounced (7.6 billion in House anproved defense cuts deeply annoyed Ford because of the secretary's brash ness. Schlesinger called the cuts "deep, savage and arbitrary," and warned the United States is heading far military in ferkirity before the Soviet Union.

But White House displeasure with Schlesinger goes deeper, and" centers largely on his distrust of Ihe Russians as reliable partners in detente. In a magazine interview four months before former President Richard Nixon resigned, Ford said if he became President he would dismiss Schlesinger because he would have trouble getting along with Congress. Colby has reportedly annoyed Kissinger with his frank revelations to Congress. Also, Ford hinted at a White House news conference he would want to name a new CIA chief once the imelligence community is reorganized, and Kissinger the proponents of detente. Colby hod been expected to leave early next year because cf recent criticism of the CIA.

'Hie While House gave no official word on the dlsmissalsandthe daily briefing by lYcss Secretary Ronald Nessen was canceled, Rockefeller's letter to Ford apparently had no relation to the reports of the national security changes. The vice president said lie would complete his term. "After much thought have decided I do not wish my name to enter into your consideration lor the upcoming Republican nomination," Rockefeller, 67, told Ford. Congressional and administration sources confirmed the dismissals and said there would likely be these changes in the' government Kissinger will leave as head of the National Security Council, which many congressional critics, especially Sen. Henry Jackson, Wash, had askedhim to do.

Kissinger's chief military aide, Air Force Lt. Gen. Brent Scuwcroft, will take his place. Donald H. Rumsfeld, a long time Ford associate and currently White House chief of staff, will replace Schlesinger at the Pentagon.

George Rush, the. American representative in China, will replace Colby as head of the the secret Central Intelligence Agency. Jackson, who made the first announcement ol the shakc up Sunday, praised Schlesinger as a "breath of fresh air on Capitol Hill" and said he believed the secretary of defense was Bred because of differences of opinion with Kissinger. Jackson said Schlesinger "told the truth WASHINGTON (UPI) Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller told President Ford today he would not be his running mate in the 1976 presidential campaign.

Rockefeller' said in a letter to Ford, "After much thought I have decided I do not wish my name to enter into consideration for the upcoming Ilepubllcan vice presidential nominee." "1 shall, of course, continue to serve as vice president to discharge my constitutional obligations and to assist in every way I can in carrying on to cope with the problems that confront the'nation until the installation once again ut a president and vice president duly elected oy the people of this great republic," Rockefeller Rockefeller was selected for the vice presidency nearly a year ago by Ford after the resignation of Aesident Richard M. Nixon. Udall, in Vermont, promotes economics of conservation Salmon cautions against regional feuds on energy people. 1 have been honored by your nomination of me as vice president and by the approval of the Congress. In association with you in the months since that time, Ihave come to have the highest regard' (or your dedication to the presidencv and for your courage, resolution and forthrightess.

Your fri end ship and that of Mrs. Ford mean much to Mrs. Rockefeller and myself. "My acceptance of the vice presidency, as you know, was based upon my concern lo help restore nutionnl unity and confidence after the shattering experience of Watergate, working under your leadership toward this goal has been challenging and rewarding as car basic institutions are surmounting our unprecedented crisis and the nation Is returning to its regular elective presidential pattern nest year. "Regarding next year and my own situation, have made it.clear to you and to the public that I was not a candidate for the vice presidency, that no one realisticallv can be audi, and that (he choice ol a vice presidential running mate is, and must be, up to the presidential candidate to recommend lo a national party convention.

"After much thought, I have decided further that 1 do not wish my name to enter into your consideration for the upcoming Republican vice presidential nominee," Ford cancels appointments WASHINGTON (UPI) President Ford, who continues to remain mum on a rqTtcd major reshuffle of his lop national security staff, today cancelled all of his scheduled public engagements. A White House spokesman said that Ford will spend the day holding staff meetings instead. ft was learned that Ford called Schlesinger lo the White House and fired him. "It came as a big surprise lo Schlesinger," sources said. White House Press Secretary Ron Nessen continued to tell reporters: "I have nothing to give you" when asked about ihc dismissals.

Ford apparently was keeping Nessen under wraps for the time being. ltockefeller told Ford he had "the highest regard for your dedication to the presidency and for your courage, resolution1 and forthrightness." Rockefeller said he was making the move at a time when Ford is "firming up" his program to run for the 1976 Republican presidential nomination. Ford's campaign manager Howard Callaway said a month ago that the 67 year old Rockefeller was a "problem on the ticket" with many conservatives and suggested that he be replaced with a younger man. Speaking of Ford's campaign, Rockefeller said, "Involving, as this must, difficult calculations, considerations and decisions, it will dearly help you in this task if the range of options is simplified at the earliest time." In his letter, Rockefeller told Ford: "As I have told you and Ihc American "I do not suggest for a moment that the east is some kind of elite In America," Salmon added. "Your petroleum and gas fuels our cars and factories and heats our homes.

"Your petro chemicals are the base Df our pharmaceuticals and the natural gas you draw from Ihe ground becomes the fertilizer that makes our crops more Pari of the "great genius" of America is its freedom from Internal barriers. 'Salmon said. The nation's wide diveraity and inter dependence between states has resulted "our independence from foreign domination," he said. 'It is as foolish to suggest that East or West can do without the other as it is to suggest that a governor an the leg islature can do without the other even If, at times, that appears attractive Salmon said. Salmon is chairman of the New England Governors Conference and chairman of the National Governors Conference committee on environmental and energy matters.

The Iheme of the conference was "Energy, Water and the West." JOHN B. CONNALLY Connally drawls to 900 GOP By ROB WOOLMINGTON BARRE The principles of fiscal and political conservatism were delivered in a southern drawl Sunday night, and 900 of the state Republican faithful filled Barre Auditorium with applause as former Gov. John B. Connally of Texas plugged away at big government. Calling renewed debate within the parly and a "rekindling" of America's spirit, Connally underpinned his rhetoric with a series of proposed changes in the U.S.

Constitution. He said the President should be limited to one ali year term (to help disperse the press of politics on the office), and that senators be held lo two terms, and representatives to three four year terms. His proposals received ovations from the crowd at lhe 17th annual stale party Connally shared the podium and traded compliments with George D. Aiken, who served six terms in the U.S. Senate, and with Sen.

Robert T. Stafford arid Rep. James M. Jeffords. was greater than expected, according lo John Wu, the state party's executive director, who expressed considerable pleasure that more than 125 student, tickets had been sold.

The Republicans hope the 5C a seat affair will help wipe outthe remaining deficit from the 197 campaign. At a ness conference before dinner, Connally declined comment on charges by John McClaughry, state committeeman from Caledonia County, thai the Texas Republican who crossed tracks from the Democrats several years ago was a "political hermaphrodite who favored concentrated political and Economic power." In a short speech after dihner Walter L. "Peanut" Kennedy, slate party chairman, made oblique reference lo McClaughry' heresy, saying: "It is imperative that we remain unified, because in unity there is strength. Connally, who Is on a 6May tour of the country, said at his press conference that "only within the context that anything Is possible" would he enter any presidential primaries, and that the chance was "remote." Hepredicted Ronald Reagan would soon declare his candidacy, but Connally had not decided who he would support, though his "inclination" was lo back the President. Of the Democrats, Connally See CONNALLY on back page 3 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.

(UPI) A sectional feud, pitting one group of states against another, would result in no winners and would delay rinding solutions to national problems, Vermont Gov. Thomas Salmon said today. In remarks prepared for a conference of Western state Salmon said cooperation betneai regions is needed if we siarL iiyjitijjs uuim said, "neither will win and In the final analysis, we will return to the quest for national solutions to national problems," Eastern stales can do more than provide more political support for Westerners' efforts to win social justice, and protect their life styles, Salmon said. "Our universities produce the scholars and the scientists that make American technology great. "We operate extensively in the field of finance that makes it fiscally possible to provide the capital to make progress." Moreover, he said, East Coast harbors promote foreign trade, and Eastern concentrations of industry and population provide the market places tor Western products and services.

By RUSS GARLAND WOODSTOCK Arizona Congressman Morris K. Udall, one of nine announced Democratic presidential candidates, Salurday brought 'his campaign into Vermont for the second time this year lo deliver a major environmental address hefore a fund raising dinner of the Ver mnnt Natural Resources Council (VNRC). Speaking at the Woodstock Inn before nearly 200 people, who paid (25 each to hear hiin, the 6 foot 5 Democrat said that jobs and conservation go hand In hand and urged environ uienla lists to fight back rather than let themselves become scapegoats of the recession. Udo 11, brother former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, has served in the U.S. House for 14 years and is beat known for his stance on conservation issues.

But forliiepaslyeBT he hasmounled a quietly sophisticated eKort to capture the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination. Saturday, besides the ever present Secret Service agents, he was accompanied by two of his six children, several campaign aides, the head cf his new New Hampshire organization and several members of the Vermont McGovern campaign of Ihree years ago. Allliough Udall nDw has no Vermont organization to speak of, an aide said the congressman expects lo run aggressively In the slateif il, as expected, inaugurates a presidential primary in March. Rulland Attorney Jeff Taylor said he will bead Udall's Vermont effort. Taylor, 31, Is a lawyer for the Vermont Electric Co.

and Central. Vermont Public Service Corp. The VNRC banquet was set up to be a non partisan offnlr, though Udall did take several jabs at Ihe Ford administration. The Arizona Congressman was introduced by Gov. Thcmas P.

Salmon, who was preceded by former Republican Gov. Deane C. Davis. In his speech, Udell conceded, "I bear some burden as a presidential candidate because of my identification with the environment. guiirsiiiiiiiiimi Oh the In the world: Lebanese leaders attempt to cool civil strife; Gov.

Thomson wants to outlaw gays in New Hampshire; union seniority may come before court Page 2. local: Gov, Davis praises Salmon for fiscal policies; another session of CRASH school at UCS Page Edit: Gerald Raftery suggests that claims of poison In foods are somewhat overblown the TRB column deals with the HHH brand of hypnotism Page Page op: Reston of The Times finds that Gerald, Ford's vision cf this country MORRIS X. UDALL "I think It Is time to battle back," he continued. "We have acquired a negative public image and the way to shake and shatter that Image Is to take up some of these arguments that are raised against us, and answer them with Ihe hard facts." Udall sought to explode five common myths about the environmental movement. The first was that It has cost people jobs.

"Every responsible economic study on this question concludes (hat en vironmenlal protection has saved us from even worse recession than we have today," Udall said, adding that environmental legislation passed by Congress has created one million new Jobs, a figure that could be doubled the laws were fully funded. "Not only do environmental program See UDALL on back page mi hiiiwhiiiis Inside and its problems is very limited PageS. County: Voting tomorrow in New York state; fire levels bam in Hoosiek; lore beats drug abuse, Dorset audience is told Pages 6 (t Entertainment: "Bessie Smith oil Broadway" Page 9. Skwt wraps up in beaten season In football; BBS finally ekes out a win; Hooslck Falls repeats tn pea wee championship; Vikings only unbeaten team left Pages 10 11. Local: Vermont symphony concert in two reviews Page II.

Vermont Symphony years. A Banner guest reviewer describes the evening of muisic, and another observer r'espnncls specifically to the Calabro piece, on Page 12, Catahro Is seen al left, facing the audience, nt the keltic drums, Efrain Guigui conducla ihe full Vermont Symphony Orchestra in a performance of Louis Calabro'i Triple Concerto for Celli and Orchestra Salurday night at Ml. Anthony Union High School. It was tlie firsl lime the VSO had heen in Bennington for many.

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