Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 14, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
Page 6
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SIX. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TUESDAY, NOV. t4 r t§1& AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. CADEMY OF MUSIp Friday & Saturday, Nov. 17,18 ^ A photo-play that will amaze Sterling TheUHIeGirlNextDoor -t ^ Cast? Vic» PN»*itf*nt of U. S. — Thou, R. Murrshetl, Sp*»kei* of House — Champ Clark. J«me« R, Mann, author of th* "M»nn Act." Congrt*«m*n L, C. Dyer, of St. Loui». Qov«fnor Edw. F, Dunne of Hlinoi.. LieuK Oov. Barrutt O'Hara 8«er«t*ry of 8t«t« Lewis G. St«v«n»ori. William Hale Thompton, Mayor of Chi««ao- Samuel A. Citation, Corptn. Count*!. Or, John Dill Robertson, Health Com. of Chicago. C. C, Healy, Chief of Police of Chicago. Roy D. Keehu, Chicago Attorney, Senator Nielt Juul, Chicago- Senator D. T. Woodward, Benton, Senator F. Jeff To»«y, Toledo. Dr. 8t Clair Drake, Secy. III. Stale Board of Health. Bi»hop Samuel Fallows, of Illinoif. Arthur Barrage Farwell, Chicago. Judge Uhlir of Chicago Mor- ali Court. Judge Hopkina **«v, Boynton, Wood I awn Baptist Church. Rev. Elmer Williams, Chicago. Rev. Alice Phillips Aldrich, and others. The notable oititens and distinguished officials of the nation, state and eity mentioned in the accompanying east actually appear. Matinee each day 2:30,15c and 25c; Night shows 7:30 and 9:00, all seats 25c, NO PERSON ADMITTED UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE VAUDETTE-Tonlght Special, Helen Holmes in 1 ' THE DIAMOND RUNNERS,'' -complete story of Also Travel Series. Two shows, usual prices. .Tomorrow—New Vaudeville, Three Big Acts. Al«o <«xlra,. "The Grip of Evif." Every .mother, father und child Rhould s<><» »h«*Ht> pictures. Kneh oiw complete, Wait! ComlriK back, "Where Ar« My Children?" Tito ttrjtl, tli« most wflnMl, und artistic photoplay of thin kind,* Next Monday, Th*dn. Mum In "Under Two Flag*" • .*". Of Guaranteed Linens, Opens Tomorrow At 8j f. M . SaveTirom 25% WW% Before Jan* r l8t 1917, When you buy Silks, Satins, Gloves, Corsets, Hosiery, you are able to ask for a guaranteed kind. You can now do so with Table Linens at this store, for we insure all Table Linens at $1,25 or ov$r toigive satisfactory service, which means that if they wear out before you think they should, return to us and we will exchange your purchase dr cheerfully refund your money. We leave it to your judgment and sense of fairness as to the service you expect from the Table Linen you buy here. Our Linens Embrace only the Best in This Sort of *"tf™ f <' ost " f i'«™sJn the future on neeount of the inability of the Merchandise. Which in bought from the lnrgest c .importing houses iu America, and who set the standard by which all similar merchandise is gauged, Prom the start of our business we have sold only Good Linens That \» why so ninny women of Sterling and vicinity replenish (heir linen needs here year after year. Read carefully the following items for in them are. unusual values, because of the fact that there has been a steady increase inwards Guaranteed Table Linen at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 All are 70 inches wide and of extra fine quality all linen bleaelied damask/ Every new style pattern will be found in this -bountiful- assortment. The values cannot be matched anywhere today at the prices quoted. Make your selections early and get first pick of all the best patterns. Priced at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00. Napkins to match the. above linens at s in IrHnm!, Krotfnnd nml <'i»nnniiy <o supply HIP, <lo- inawl. We are not advancing our prices, in spite opfcfce fact that we have positive information that Linens wiiMSe from 25 to 50^ higher after January 1st, 1917. We bought a( ohl prioes nrid will continue dnrin^ Iliis display niul- SH!<» to He'll onr j»n i Hont stock nt former retail prices. GIVING YOU THE BENEFIT OP OUR EARLY PURCHASES; This is an exceptional opportunity for even- woman to lay supply for present me or for several rears to come. ' n a Hou*« of Feature* = GRAND-TODAY^ Peggy Highland in "Saints and Sinners" " Also Selig-Tribune News WEDNESDAY Prank Keenan and Charles Ray in •" "Honor Thy Name" A thrilling picture so realistically spectacular that It-even made the picture producers gasp with amazement when they saw it produced. -i w 1)^1 nt>m Jr." " BOCK>AU,8 TONIGHT •$*% s "WHO'S ' frsaturlng' Aniw NolHwm und Tom — , • Moore. ,. . Al»P comedy. "Heinle and Louie" Nti Bono Cornet*. Improved spiral Bnuna C. Suavely, 012 ttth ave> Bell phone 700-2,* JOINT RECITAL Star Course Brown Read, SOPRANO Alberto Salvi, HARPIST Edith Harris, PIANIST TBURSPAY EVENING November ICJth. 8:30 Thtr* will be on* mo«-« fine mu»ic»l, program in tbi» course «nd th* pr!c* for bpth \viil .,b.f, " THE PAVING CONTINUES. 'CplHpite, the fact that the air was cool thiH 'morning the .'faying of brick on the Second av£nQe system continued right along. The rain ami inow of yesterday proved too bad for work and the men laid off. The boiler for the heating of pitch haa been, received and has been taken to the flrpt part of the. brick work und pouring it will murt in a very uhort time. Concrete wa» poured on Sixth avenue yesterday until noon'and then U wan stopped and no further" work w.ill be done ut that [part of the *iy»tern until the weather moderate*. FLOODED LANDS RECLAIMED. Overflowed lands In Illinois hav* been extensively reclaimed along the JllihoiH and - MlHHl«Hlppl. but hundreds of wquare tntt*n "bwrderlnr" interior Htrwurm of the State are yet to he Improved, with great profit and general benefit? Spoon River, in Pulton Coun~ ty, offers an example. Some 16,000 acre* are wubject to costly overflow, but can be largely reclaimed at a co«t ranging from $12 to $50 per acre. Such Improvement l» warranted by the certain Increase in crop production, let alone other advantage* from controj of the flood M. STILL DOING BUSINESS. • There haa been a .report' in clroula' lion Unit Major Theodore Stearns ha« 'given up thO'bUHlni'MS of Jubilee of tb« tpwu-f in Sterling, and would—do—nn>r-«» (work of that iiature. He «ays thitt ro* 'port IH a riiUtnlke. He «ay« he la atill at'the "Id stand and will do* anything In the way of office work- fi'oni joining together 'W couple for life in wedded hliNH, to giving a tnnu three und |cii«t« for being drunk. • - SUIT IN CHANCERY. i Attorney Juryjs JJiuwmoor ban boeM In Carlisle fur-the pawl few djiyw at ill* county circuit court of t'Hnton county ivKut.dlng a raw in which h« is attorney fur out 4 uf the • The CUHC in H partition Milt of icralilt* iiiiUMiilucIc, nml .Mr. nl high' hopx-x of winning hi** point ! win-in In- left }4 "from $2,50 to $6.50 per dozen. Austrian Md Mercerized Damask Tn line variety of. pretty patterns, 70 nml 72 inches wide, full bleached. Splen did values at 50c- 75c and $1,00 per yd. Linen Table Damask Sets Tn a variety of newest patterns, full t'.lliMl. F i KM? a at -S11-.00; $12:00; $13.50 and $15.00. This includes 1 Cloth and 12 napkins to .mutch. . Towels •"•IFwvk Towt'ls, extra good quality, priced at 25c, 29c, 35c,'nnd 50c. Pure Linen Damask Towels, rich patterns, .prieed :iit 50c and 75c. - -• Crashes and I4nen Toweling In this assortment will be found all qualities and kinds at old prices. It would be to your advantage id lay in a season's supply. OPEN STOCK PATTERNS At Before the War Prices Considering condition in the china market neartsrevery instalicTtlTat" the patterns we now have in stock will be im- possiBle. to secure another season, if ever This^c^idition is due to the European war centering' around the important china centers of Europe and in many cases wiping them out entirely. . You can choose now from_open stock pat- Tfrns Tn Haviland, Johnson, EngltslT, "Porce- lin and Austrian ware. Despite the scarcity of dinner-ware, our prices remain the same as before the war. - Therefore it behooves every housewife to lay in a sujaDly_oJ- china while assortments are at their tfei?T • . SWISSALU ALUMINUM The clean metal for clean* cooking. Aluminum is preeminently the clean • metal and therefore the ideal material fnr cooking utensils. It is the "silverware of the kitchen." rustless, durable, light and substantial. Cook your Thanksgiving dinner in aluminum ware and see 'bow much easier and •better it can be prepared; This assortment includeH: J Teakettles Kettles CofTee Pots Pie Pann Ten Pots Pudding Pans Pancake (iriddles Steamers - x Donble Broilers Frying Pans Measuring Cups Colanders Bread Pans Dish Pans- etc. EXTRA SPECIAL One lot Pattern Table Cloths, size 04x80, special at t ,$2.25. One lot Lunch Cloth, size Mx«%*, special at $1.25 Vine lot Tray Cloths, neat patterns, special at 39c and 58c, Asbestos Table Pads Priced from $2.25 to $6.00 each Table Padding Priced at from 50c to $LOO per yard BR6AK8-HER ARM. Word. hm». town received from 'Warner; nwir ClJilcsburg. In Henry county, (hat JUlHM Iron» I'hlllw) hud broken one. of her uraiH, Tim little idrlia a daughter «f Mr, «nd Mm, Art PhlHeo formerly of thl« vicinity. The little girl only left Htcrllng ia«t wook, having boen visiting Storllng reluHvoH. No par- tlculftrK luivv the rccoivwl regarding • TO' ATTEND MltTINQ. " A. R. Hendrtckn went - 10 Chicago thti morning wliwro he wlil ttttend the Ht-xalt club ineetfuK, 1 wJitch^wlll COMPTON BANKER DEAD. Robert'.'Cook, a prominent retired farmer and banker of Compton, passed away at' bin home there Saturday, death resultimi from dlabeien, with which he had suffered but a Hhort time. Funeral aarvices were held' at the honu at 10 .o'clock yesterday morning, with Interment at the West Bropklyn cemetery. The deceased wan born in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, Sept. 24, 1850. When about four years of ago hit* parent* moved to Went Brooklyn and hit: life has ulnc» been spent in county. He wan united in marriage to Minn Cynthia Korster, of Mendota, March 7, ,1878, He la ^unrvlved by two WUIIH. a two day nemion at the Sherman ho- jHarfey and Hay, and a brother. Imiac tel today. Five middle western states Cook of Dlxon. A daughter, rianbol, tiro Included In the oonvt'Mjloii and u number of Kcxall offic'era will be In atlendaiu'e. RECEPTION FOR MEMBERS. At Trinity U. K. church both Sunday PRESBYTERIAN SERVICES, morning »»d evening Hev. J3»mH«she A beautiful violin nolo by Mis* held' a reception for n*w mtember«. enkranz wa« an enjoyable feature of Kino new member* werw taken Into the Sunday morning 1 ««rvic« at the the church. At th« morning service Presbyterian church. A trio by~ -Minn pant or baptUfd tout children, two Ward. Mr. Crawford and M. Woodard t>oya and two adults, 'There WUM u was another excellent uminuiil nuhilu>r. largo attt'iidanoe «at the aorvleea, {The sermon by Rev. C. M. Irwtn "}on- *'F»lllng Short' of Qod'n , tionw." Oud endgwed inuu witfi pow- erH superior to all other created things and expects from man a Hpirliuai life in keeping with bin puwei'M. Clirlut nuiil he WHS the vine and wo aru the branch, and no man can brintf forth the fruit expected of him unions himBBinn~tlTp~ vnu^anrrul lows the Christ life 'to he tht« object uway ut the ag" ot ti'ii. Tla< wan a member «>f Comptcin Nt). 282. A, F. & A, M., unil Kunt- ern Star Chapter No, 391, f NEWS IN BRIEF J * •- - TQDA'Y I^N ILLINOIS 'HISTORY. Olt ,X"V. 'Hi, 1 ('<<) M a «i> N> »< Fivucli n/ii)iit;iii> ;M liHiu.; i a w< lt " l| 6-; I' 1 - 1 ' ll( ' l : »<i-'' 1< l*iannfii UK • WILL HEAR LECTU.RE. In 1 . (IM. Kilidt.i, li.'im'ii, uin> of -Ibi-> Hi* Ai'>" l *rtf.t'n M«-tliinU«ni, '' an udilri->^ ut Dnmlun M- K. \V>'Um-m!a,,\ t-VflUiif.- uiuii-r thv > «( UK- Itnard .i>f ' ('(•nffi'»»nc* t n.iiin.tuts ,\ iii-!>'K,»tiuii limn tlic bf.iiil <'l Km u ilr Sii«-vi *< 'hutcli vAj«"'le io _uttend. MISTAKE IN MATINEF PRICE. * In w->i|il.i\ .ni'<e' i-ein< ii' l"t 'lie \i-.i,Uitu 1.1 Mu t- jr.i "Thv l.itllf i.lfi N'-'U 1>.»I II.»• ••• u(i fur ll.t- iiyfiun-1- •A.I ; v niii ,i- l,'i cviit-.1n4l !-lii'!ilil !i i\'t tent U> .Mitl -,-(•! Ml". AH'M.U-, Ml" ,'/ cent-. (MI H.I' nnotit i>»-i'i .-t. CLOSE TO ZERO TODAY. Winter In dead earned utruck Ster- Ling sometime during the night and tho drat dfop*of tho thermometer wan reported thin morning by C. 13. Benslnger »e govuriiinenl thermometer drop- to 4 degree* above aero during A yenT'ago today the"" -tl mometer regititered 12 above. HERE PROM PORTLAND, ' Mr. and $ra, H.. W. Bewie entertained his parents and" youiwr brother, «-.*•«»»"«"-.-•»"-"..«—«••""••":•--—•" — Donald, Hiwduy. the event --• being ln"! the fttel thllt °- K - Biwhop WHH moving honor or. the birthday, of Mm. It. J. »«o the building just south of tlu- Van .BISHOP HAS FINE PRtNT SHOP. Mont ton has -fawn made hert>tofor« or mother of th« attorney. Th» wux uiu« of ph-auuw anU u illniuT WUH iiui'UtKt'ii of ut the noon " " "" " !>*• Mark ri>«taurunt on I/ocuut Mr. Uiiihop tuiw got hlw uiucluiny hour, A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. Forty iti>ighb«>rtt "and fr4t>iulK gave Mr. Attdrtw \y«»lf, of Jordan, u. i»l« i a«- a»u Kurpiiau l-^rlday evening at hl» Iu .Ionian in |unior (if lilti birdi- ww« euJoyV',1 '' ln> uud with u ff\v i'l\aiigi'.«i which ii'vtM to nmk<' will huvt» IMIO of t)n« iuo«t in Httlw job section of lllliioi*. Tin- <tyiy. and • uiul is fine. H.uyiug bin office on the ground lloor, wlili j'li'nty t»f, gtwul llKhl wU> ">aJk»j UH uttruutlve placr fur tlit> Quality Print Hliop. Mr. UI»IIOK IK one iif tlu' old tinus prlntrrn' whu 1916: l^adU«H~~Mrs. A. J. Knglw, Mr«. l-:il/.iihftli I'otlH, Mrn. Harvey Maoin/hit a "bargain.-" Minn lidnu May HchillliiK. Miss Alma j Honse.* Tuveedell. <!*'i)tlcnj«tn«-At;t, C, M. • dfc4- .JVJI HH \ Bt, I*. H. U,. Will Ui'hhiirdt, .1. I.. .Old- ( a . tlt ' w dings. Herbert C. Ilixon, Uruluun W.' , A. W, ToblHM.~~A, M. Ciavln, Upright used "Story & Clark" plauq I'p-To-Date Music BIRTHS iln) . H wltn h ban be«Mi jH|»«-ndln« t r i vm \» in Huuthorn P. M. tITTLE LOCALS Iowa. An warn w«*ek, j OONUOY.~A daughter wa» born to !Mr. ami Mrs. J. M. Conroy, of Saturday afternoon at the 8.(»i aet of with every Plielpn Hardware or nlumlntim c uold this Co.* Leonard -Hcckman and Leo Herm« v » ....... Sunday evening in Dixon with Hugs, 8tovetf*a.nd ransea. at Woodii.'| f r i ent } Hf Hoyal Neighbor* dam-e;, 1-Yldi.jr night, \ of'choice northern Nov. 17th. Kverybody Invited.* ' i Earl Flamming returned ham«» Sunday after a vlBil In Marinvtle* Win. "Kaveitt" BIHT-H tho hulK •'Wo give a comb fro* with em-h 11.00 bottle. Tho Sterliiitf Phiirniaoy Co.*. At IHH Mildred JJntex HUbmtlted to an operation at tho ho«pltal Sunday. Another ear of Unmu lino Idaho po-pAimngfinontH ttttoes,—3Be-*it- in-towui- -Leave- onlara| ut 'JH1 Firm uvenue, H, B, Platti* Cleatan Thompson upeiiL. and Huiulay \\llh hln Hlntcr, Mix. Cora I'opt' In Uo<'k Island. - • Spr-vlal meeting of Ijidu5'™'soelul <*tr»'le of Kt, John's cjjurch, in church 1'arlfin*.- Wediu'Hdav p. m./to coinpleti 1 I'or annual dinner an<1 NOTICE MOOSE, , Member* of the Loyal Order of Mucmo aro hereby requested to attend j initiation of big C!HH« Thunday night, Nov. Ifi. 1916, nt Woodman hall. Dixon Degree and Drill Tfatn Will be her» to, do tho work. HefrcNhmenttf after the meeting at dutJ room». Urlng your morlu>rM. wlveti, chutghtei'ti wuj MUtert to club rooms in. mWTthe lutlltm &f tiuf Mo«M«*hvtut legion of Dixogi. Howard M. A^ulter, JM»trict 1>1 rector." nt tjwdea.'* Mlns Milton, of Lynfloii, upent Sat- njrdtty here.' Plenty c)f choice* northern potatoes at awl First'nvpnue. H. H. 1'latt.* Miss Murle McCavlIt «penc Sunday with frh'iuuuijv l^Jxon, I" Hiivi'H tlu^ *halr. ,Wn give a comb fre«» with envh $1.00 ,lw>tt)a. Tho Htwltng I*harm'i»«y i'o.* Mrw.• Lawrence Kolly was' taken lome from the honpljal Stliiday. "Kaveltj" wive* tho h:«l«". Wi.« ghv a comb fret* with each |l,tnt' bottlo. lu< Sterifnir Pharmacy Co.*" Henry Hum-man, of i'ontlac, 111., was 4 vif<Jttii' JHT" M"H'l-'>V- Mr, and Mrs. Bert Auxtin, of California, wore Sterling vislt'orH over ^?»n- duy at the home of Mr. und AIr«, A, (1. Van IVIten. Mr. Auwiin lu^a brother of MrH. Van Pt'ticn. • Help Nature to Strengthen the Stomach to Keep the Liver Dwlng not lo bo all«A\(>d Jo display! our fancy.'Idflho potatoen hi front of >| our placti of btiitinetiM, will have to ttvrvcd. jh-uincd the trade tlu 1 right Avay that, a itirgc run of buHliii'MK. +N In u leUVr tu Tbe Oa/.cttc,' Mr. »nd{ Hanuiel Tiilb«>tt ' Mate Uiut uflcr u iilfiiaHtil two inonlhn' tUj>.' sU'Cl'lni-: «M «.<f «t lnit",,'i't.»iH »>lu»'s, on tlu« route, 'fo them hi thu Hut HI- HJ-«».still! •Illng llu'in ;H tJciMh'jt.'* ( ' A. 'VV, Hurt, of HooUf-fU'il, spent Muis-,' lay"heivwlth filehd". ' I'Vr fcnl 'I'wo'rv>m», furnlfihi'd'for• lK"t honwk ('| (I|| K. HCSU nml bath,, -I'l'J Fourth nvcnui' * ' { Hicbitrd Hicli, <»i". MuniK'H. >i»ont j Hunday ht.'iv with fit ml*,. i Try a t"'''l* "' out liuili-r nniot jiickej ' ijaioi'a ^ TJitsv,, iti^-wol. , Y»u wiiU mi moit,' A J. (iciiH'N.* ^ . Mrs. <'. .J, Htahl it-lliini-il Monday! )u ilu- ttouUit-ni pa» - t ul' thf *4;in>. j Jion't li'i^ci Ilu* I." .Majestic wcck_at Ilic l*lu-l(>H I'l.inHviiit' Ht'\n- .\u |S ijO , n M i(lt i'\«'iy HOSffitlER'S Stomach Bitters AT!K)ENIiy AT LAW 411-414 rlfj OR, F. W. BRODRICK Fraotic* X4mitt4 to CYE, EAR. NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURQtRY Hour*: 6 to 12 ». m.j I to «:IO p, m, Fifth Flo<?r X*wrtno« B ftt.rlintf, III. Both JA€OB LAWYER 6% farm lotn*. Pr»p«ym«nt privll«a» . • i BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL, 1865 DAIUY WpATHER.J«IPORT. \ 'I'lic (*Jiica^<» wciillit-r bureau fmv- '' t"d;iy , i» a«' f(illuw». 1 ulr ami' c«t|i| ttmight: Widnvsduv fan I >ni>vv U»«teil p.i-.-u It. • with ATTENTION AUTO DRIVERS. Thv-if i-. jt ii'iiiis lu'y MII tin- juiii •'( •''il'kU*'.^." ll -i) I'tli tlW'it JUiU'llilU'it III •, >l«i,t!|"''i!l S'l .llu» t>t A If JllW Slt)|»., II I'l' LILAC BUSH BLOOMING. liit fd-lmtMik, of H'H-K l-'uii*. aril ill' il"- >h.i( i in in jail l>|,"-.< LeTJERS- Ailv.-rti^'il U-tlfi* at tlii-'Vitt'ilsiu':. Ill, H.ifl-K-k, t'liii-1' v<f 1'ttlb'i-. * ipinitiHliov t'jr the wveK ciulriijj; ,N.>v. 13. I'.'in'i' in \Voinliitnn hull, -, TtU'.sii i-vi'iiiii'i, N'nv M i "iM-biiin'j. »«r> liexl Kvi'f\biul> in\ itt d * Sutiii ij ID riuiii'ii.' ' For icni i i-Hiiii all iiiu ( )i'H) hiiy 111 II" 1 ; Si\ll- :i\c'ai|i' ( Jill Tile 1> Ml- N I. It'il.MI.'li .lilt I titMKi.t ,.•! ituitl.iv '.(iu ! .1 iii-^ii in tli t i , •;!;. ! ll •*•>!( \\ilit |-..|.|('.. • I.I..11, ttlli ." No sifting of ashes when you burn VLCAN COKE I _ , Superior to hard coal— 33 f-3'^ cheaper. < No clinkers, and lasts as loug per ton. "areat Fuel tor Grates "—EBONY OUBS, SEEVIOE QUALITY SATISFACTION Moses Dillon The right place to buy Luuvber and Fuel

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