Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 14, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
Page 4
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r •«* l-Jf & Hit fe^SI WEAR Krnnsha Kloscd .Ivrotch I'nion Suits 1NECIECTKIDNEYS ;Sw:»fwp-Re«tv O'-. Kilmer's P.-I>--.••• ">p- I tion. Ov*rcciT!e* Kitincy Troub'f. , » ,- v;t i= ; ' ;.. ? T -3~L for,n, v i . , • -„ ,,„! i-' .t .. f < IT., .-r ^ ^ „ _a j.:.ii:_ i t. i.. _; _i_Ui III.'- T i <*t r,i!t=!'iTl ;>!l<l -rift- in ii I'iMuii'cjc H*-"!' 1 •"'V 1C •..,:.,•.•.!, .-•'•.• :; ii-vi V,-f'i...;Mf l-rilfllM if ',< flC'l" SI. 50. ir ;,: ;- i-.n-j '•-..-..» -• ' h-i-f at §2.00 nr $2.50. If M )M. ::!! \vrol in hf>;,y.y i* i- !"'!'<' ; >l S3. - or im-dhim at $1.00 nr ;:^r;'/irr'^f SOCIAL AFFAIRS I ..•,=.? ,-:...• ,. '. •-'.. ,. - V-...-.,..-. .. ... ..J^,,,,-; - -J MISS MERGER £. Glastenbury Wool Shirts f and Drawers jr we I- -i i, i ,• ,,!< --it; • *-. ?i I. rauso. it If.-I* \\\\\\\ • •<>!> ><U!> py fact ion.. * f , Light wiMifht. \v"o! shirts ami )p 't (frttw<T*. $1-00 ami 31.50. _, M jinn w'iirht AVHO! -liiiN and ' ( !-,-, $£-.00, $1.50, ,'>nd $2.00. Ii Rock fh'wrd *-liiriN nn«l K drawers at'50c. Wilson rihh<'d •rnrniriiN at 50c. Kv<M'vtliiny for l!n> buy in iind»T JSOc and $1.00; wmil ami cut ton 1. $1,00; all wool $1.50. POLLIVAN V H ^"^ •w^^^r^www • . H ft c*i At J M •V 1 ho Dvoro /\rv*>rtd • < r i-'iis tfusjhie. i,, • -. v ;..., J. ;•:-.>. l-y . \*«s !,. ,',!•• ni,-"< v> »rk .•mir-,!. K'. >-:. <: • • *f iti ?! a* .1.1 Hi'' i- i- ; >. •>'! - t!.. ;!,'.- - . • in it !'.'»r nr !,;!;':;;;:. Si;:,!.,';-.? •:• --...! I till '!'- >.i:i/'W '. .>:'!', i ;.-\ ;..v, !'V •' )n,;!b-!:!. 5!i;i'.-i>' '.V'VSH • ;; i;|- f::.U hi'ir! :>'':>-ii, U .l> US . \ "U i; !i.-it vi'ir !•• i-.f.-.'.v:* n- VK;-' !y !'S ;i\"i-l in->i f .\i:' !•.»•? ;?•>! < ••••Wfimind !i;is (hid nv>?«t r«-?n.T !!,.'»?!!•• JMI« >•> '=« a 1 - -i ' )'l- 7>>. ; s ;!!!(! !•;.•',-Idf,r..~rrrrr>-<. Iy i" !'!.' KiT- |!t»r!-'- SAMiii •'"!!""'• fhfTf t« u.'fMttfc j.jvi" !il." if. 'I' i;' 1'r, Kiltii'-i';* |>re- !--c I ((•'i-'i;i if- ••••d' '>!• I'M!Tit" )•!.!» Me »• :i'i<l lit 1« stir*' t» IM-MI tit .\ini. Grt n hot- i'»!.- J': "U*" sour dntKKir'U I lif^i ', i-r, if von v.'!«.'l flrM to (f'p («!.« err .i( I'M-p•n.'.tlon send t*n i * nf (tit In, Kttnur *V ("<*. lUiit-'haiMii-n, N' V., L>r :i .tamp''- t-ottl". \VhfD writ in;; i>f sort- nnd n»< ntion Tlie St« vlinv, Ii;liH' <!:i?.i'{ic, By the A. 0. D. Club Lftst Evening At the Home of IVIiss Mabel Modler. en-r-r, v. \-.f e'o 1! !*i'r ; -'*r V. a, ILING DAILY GAZETTE 10 DAILY STANDARD .in I'U'y In tliH >«tn!i', oewcser. u> ,«!•>}> and < nri-rnllv run •!(!<•!• luiMii'ii .i>! it !«, nitluT th. in :>!- H!U|,ill rif O«Hy Except O. W. QRANDON & SONS, Editors find Publmlior*. e, 111 Went Third Street tin 1 «t Pottottioo, Sterlina, Illinoit, •» Second Cl«s» Matter. OP SUBSCRIPTION. M»H, Out«ld» of Sterling and Rock i m - ' — United. 1 .slm.tid n-ciiKi'i/ie t!ir< far't (lint twenty- tive statD-s i-r niure (him half of ilie ruuntry hnve vi.-ii.'d In i'.ir.if (if l>r<>- »i!l>|tli'ti. Tlflt lne:in» that lililiuls will l.i- in line v.ith f'liliiir iljem»;lit K> ner:illy W Ithj'l.n fi-v. -y. ;iJH. . - " Tliiniisir 'Sin {-lutni'lni; «;>•<{etn the t-}::it it-ii-M !,i ! the vi>lvi« In e.icl •., p'\ d-1 id.- t->r !!»• in«»-Ur « w.'sttner l his %\:itil > t'-Mit < Tli.H I." !!> ! i!i?ir." !(>• !! .11- I'i'ti 1 i«n«l Hinj'li'. CHARGE IT TO ROOSEVELT. ,\ • , \\ i , 11 11 t!." •-• Hidl-.-it el« tlU'll' "i ')•• Ui i til>!ii i'i |>,Htv i*i iltati;ins; In t , f,,l. i;.M,^..xf,|i ;.,i U'l-id Ui tiidilU h'tnde <«'it n ir|.|- t'ft! will i-hut tip I! i- ia- tnntitrMi'i-4 m a liunv. The fm!'» nil f!,.m the nun j>nr tlif ftiltiMhiiid. he !i« Id il>tiu-.iiids in lino fi>r fli" K idt.i-t li>r <-M«y tine lie 1«>M. Kttll -<nnii» it inn..! lie ."iidmlltfd uith t»nd I'ttitelrtl niahncr • ir-iiiK t imiiiriiKiii-r. tt'H f»r :h«' IliHiit'Vi-lt fti.»'fVlu-« ftrnnll inten-st would Ji.ive lici'ii nttnehed ti> tl)i* i.»tn- !':i!«!i. And >rt 111.ire. u no Hii'-V Imlh t1<'in>iin*tratl<iiiM at t'lilertuo, df<- • t;»r<> Ui"'H.'\.-H had a ninth UtrKer and mote i nthiiNl.iptie ,irni'inj>(ratli>n than did I'rt'^idLlil- UShu-n <>!! hift vl.ilt tluM^. lint In If (•• tthul till' llm'kfnrd H«-Jtllh- State* or Canada. Jiottth* In odvance l.i'S i Ut&n «lx montliK. per muntU.. .'*;> ~ • * ' VWWUMMH ' Itrltf in Sterling or Rock Falls, by Mail at tho Sterling or r,« " Rock Falls Poitoffico. Ij^Wtr in advance {.'-00 ttw In advance 2 M i in nrtvnnco....» l ","i Mh in Advance _, .45 PROSPECTS* lemtwr «f HepuMlfan leiulers IH fiivorublc to 'county o|>t!ur>, it toward whieh i\\>>»<!> ommKed sairt«)n -?irf worklns. " Thev re- thn .uttJtudo of many \\lio felt Ijplodgo of Ht-nutor Hull to ft.uid 1 o[ifii,ili \vuw more nj^u thsit. tient made .by t'ol. all the Ikiuor rne,n to lt<? hiul a MK rtinjoriiy. iis tho 8ii|>iiurt nf the «ntl* nearly half *>f tlio voters, who thought . he an ready to jtrant their \vlnh- «»tor Hull. publican Iwufrra were niifrered ,'U Mtiiude of tile untl-mluun fiiree*s tli0 t>ljtn at itresent net-ins to lie to I'thoft-Htirlft of tPtnprranvo r« unaltU> t«i Tine d l ii^i-ritatH en \\lln \viiuld eu'iniy ofti-tru Hut th«; over- t"tn of the district by th* Mtuill unit ineth"d, j«h»«ws th» district IH overwhelmlnsly dry. Tlii* wiini« 1'nndltltni |>ie\allH thronghiuit the Mate. Kae-^i.sth* cif the Mtnte i» now dry . ternsury. That tneana that county 01 lion should he passed be out uf she v.ay. liut from preKent di^tttiinn !f'.ls» dix'K nut, seem to do i tho I'li' 'Mnny refarms nre \\hlf h are .Mutlty and will meet with' i-'.tille ap|i.t\.i). 1'ut eounty ojitinn l»t It i! i>nt< t.t tili'lll. Tuk" V. liiif.»iiU>, l,ee an«J DeKulb ni.iiiui'H, uiii.-^r r^inii'ritio thl« dintrk-t. the eiiiintle-! are t>ver\\'lutlnilnjtly dry, The onii'iiiH niu«t \-i\y all tho ex- l«-n<e/« i'Miiu-1 tr-d with refjulatliiu the Ui|in :• tiiif.uii" f » and taking enCe, of UH \iil'ii!«. Yet the eounty IH -'not per- 'l-.inicis. I itch county IIUH mure or le^a \\it «ii< % ts and a majority of ihouisands is |uimitt<'.l (n he overthrown by ii i Hind full of nii-n In a towntdilp. "The \, tjl ui jliy |iei.!<)e M nullified beeaiistj t!>i- iej.:.'.ii-ne h-i i_)•.*!is^ed for years to {•rant <.'<-unt}' option, - y « - To j-rant eounty potion would only bo t« fftantl^ by wnd" lie li.inds the Koo»e\elt hllo;-Kirpi: thi'*«iind<d.u-y of Mr. Ihsshusi we l!i'|uiliiii »ii* Ifini-'tn in ehnive \l-IV «.!!«) •H-ilill -4 'f !!)«> ''Id Of Tile diMit-.- Hm>v..v.«it In ilie i- \\hirh luis eluded s\ith th« e,1 r---t ii-i'tlun of I*;»'j4el«'tlt NVi Io\v \\U-nii n»«> I'ohnu-t was - oni ->f Ohio, for f-'.-ir nf what would d" t« thr <J* i rmnn y,...- \'"f..r I,. lrn,l ll..,it» re «'f at The niiin H>rihl!a di'inantled nr.d itiC'd the «aftefllrttloivttf Mf ett""~- >in< nt. .And Ohio went inU- t l ie locr-'itlr etiluinu. There will *•«• i'oijU"i!''d leroillit in Ohio, develt wax k»-pt..»»t. nf. I'llifor- thr- ln>lK'*?t of '|{eji»tl«tte:i'u «'«llf»»rnln wi nt tit AVil- 'for H recjmnt there. Colonel was peunltted to fur 11 lichen. There Is no need of ••« m - «nint there. The t*«!nnel was jiei'initli-d ti» *i>enk in . Illinois. There Is no reomint needed In llll- liMi.x. The 'Silonel went to Muine, ami xpuke. .Maine wen* Ueunbllenn. ami ' no mxnint ntvest»ary. Tlie Colonel wjdiki- in N'ew York, and llW volio reveri>ei»letl Into New Jersey. Hoth ?tti(es weitt fur Hushes. No recounts uru culled for there. The lej»*iw s-ccms as clear and dlrt'c-i as daylight. NOT A GOOD ADVERTISEMeNT. The netion of Mnyiw 1'lntt lu tlraw- ini; u KUU juul thre;uenin»r to shoo.t one of our eltlzens may have been mve»tt«»ry In s" k lf defense, hut H Will take a pood deal of argument to convince n lot of folks that It Is nceowmrj* for tho major of- Sterling either to carry a. gun or ti^e It tit his own de- fens** or for any other punuiMit. Any way whether neeessary or^not it Is a advertisement for the city ami tho "will eh»ftio~in«f jnii>res- [Special Demonstration and Sale Great Majestic Ranges Mnm»»fc»- J» ^—— ^ ,u _ , . , ^^ , , f* ._ i.sji-- .^^^^\d«i)MMUIMHW4MHiaB 4WMI "The Range With a Keputation 1 I/: Tliis |8,9p set of Warc-or set of Aluminum Ware-Free $M » HiKM'i'ul induet^fH^it.diU'ins 1 otu % tlotnoTistnttion week only, >vo will givo with &v" " * * ' ^~>^^ ^ ' Pvovory MajesUo .sold, uuo luuidsbmo set of kitchen wuro us IIUiHlrutt'd, Kvory piocn f-'lB(Tl io the outiro sot , t- cannot be pur- Iliun $K. tho Wajcstio tho ns nl- i- n«d l tho quality of tho gtovo -is ( h e. same. This Rvtm tliouuh > \vhil(! l<» t|tt«'u re jplart-d IHH K nii"tnit7iritl out^ivKTiitrfSr^nriij IT1JL" ^DJi'tv" "•" Everybody welcome . • t>u J *lu n»i{ v,aut {«.'. 'Imy a "v 1 - 1 . KUK,!,' liuSitSn'W, si \u!'{ !u- \\urtit >>•'»»' J Uu-- lii'iitiiii-irai!<>!i aiul i n *\v'ji!i aiiutlt .the M ijr-lit' liMH-M 1 . • \ uii ItT no oiiti -.'itit it iit lii.iv. " . - PHFUPS HARDWARE CO, rn< nt ly nii md N.-irm Mc- tlm foirnfr. Tf-n pirlp. jneniher-t of the A. • t, 11. t-hr»i. v. iT'» ,t;>!( !-•!<* nmi the r.lTitir \v:is in the n.iture cf a "|fo#{.rj j'.irfy." Ulivnif.i- nnd jinKlf!* fifpro- ITi.'ite f<i Shi- {r.-i-ri-ulftn w«'if> in evldenef the l-f'«t eiS^itml |'orm« «>n varl'nu siihjef-ts, and -ilu' (.'oll^rtlon -%vns then eh en in Mis* Mr'i'rr cs a kfi-p^nkr. The ptulor ins?! Hvlntr n«i!n of the ifodli r hiiine Xv« if tnslefnlly dreornt- UKi-iT, «lido In tho n nnd hi 1 .Il f * m:i'le the room atttu tivo. At trn o'i leirk the niin;itiii«> ttuiik dm ninti-d !ti tiilo new - ly ui-d 'H!(. *i S'e Ues to th» tins' p.'ld- iw k on tln> tiuftli \\aft found at Ml.«« Vti-n'er'* pliu •• nnd ii|">n t'l'i'iiini; the lunik "tic found n i'Ht i;).'i««! «*i!iifir find i ri'iiiu*'!', u in!.i n I'rom !!ii> I'hih, I'l.n •« i.itds.\s«re pink and while \\«'ddln« ' t m/ 1 *. Nvtt i ii|.«t \\rro tiny pints l>n«kr(?i with ribbon handles. Mnny niniiHitisr nnd \\ltty tnnsits svt-re r< ail b" (In 1 chili tncmb'TS. ,\ilv.j Mi recr will b« ronu'.'Uie 1«rld«» of,Atr. ForstiT nt ;i ntornlnyr weddliu', ThiuiltKKiYinK day, ThiirHdny, Nos'. .10, :tt S»t red It'-art. ehurrh. OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY Mr. And Mr». Diekuison Cetebrntrd Event Saturday' Mr. nnd Mis. •'. L Dh-kinirfln, of Tro- iifi'-iito«n, observed the foriy-flrst Mi- if thi'ir marriiKl life Hominy !>y InvitHip; In Hivlr drvnphtvr. "Mr*. <T. It. I'Yiiry «nd huxbnnd. It beltii* J \vay« olisorvr-il Hlmiitniiwinsly nt •, l\\ti hnmo 'of 'Mr. niiil Mrs, JH>'hln.«<jn. Oths «lici Vi^n' prrjM'nt nt thr« KntlK 1 *"' K werr> Mr. nnd Mt:». .T. M, 1-Ynry, Mr. nnd Mrn, H. M.'J-'rnry, nnd Ilov,. nml Mn«. !•'. I-'. Kitch of tlio Conitrrgai uril fln«r<-h. A wciMinic tlinnrr wnn spfvwl.liy Mr. nnd Mr*. l>ickin?"'n. wl^m- nnntvcr- It was. Tnis Is n .yonrly finnt "with tho»(» |M-o!,)« and thoy alvvnyn h«v«>- » (Vnv frit- tuls jo enjoy tlio occasion with llu-itu GIVEN PARTY Mra. Sarah Rich Wat, Remembered By " Jelly Circle Club. Mr«. Hnrah llleh, wh'o will Iwivo In-a >w iTuyB for JerMeyvllIe, 111,, for a win- i'r'a vli»U with relutlve«. WHM Riven n LdenHiuu purprlsfl lost.evening ut thti lomo of Iwr diiuKhter, °Mr8, F.rneHt •?tcven», nl her home on Kant Fourth street. Tht»"Kiie«tH wero nieinhers of he Jolly Cirrle, Club and twenty ladies •njoyed tho evenlnjf. Mrs. lllch had teen Invited to supper at tho lu»mo of ier ?on. Keitben Hleh, nnd when sho •eturned to tho Sti-veiiM horn(« about 8 I'eloclc- found *itv ,'ert»wd wait Ing for ier. A pleas-aut evehhuf wn» enjoyed, »ml Sirs. SievenH' served dainty ro- During tho vvoniiiK Mr«, lil»;h with a Hilv<>r thimblo as a irn fri^nx tho club. BABY WlSCHRISTENEP nfant Daughter Of Mr. And Mrs. W*« Chrittenvd. Mr. nnd Mrs. pantl HanK cntertnlned it dinner Sunday at their homo -in I.Milan. -The affair-waa lu honor of heir small d.niKhter, Miss"ICvelyn Jan- by liev. Itaysen, pimtor of the Jordan Uutheran «U»ireh. Tho v.o'ro Mr. and Mrs. Henry Huak ind. fnmily, Mr. iiult MrH. F. «'. »rth and llev. and Mr«. 1*. t 1 . Mr. and Mr«, llaekb<»rtli from this "city out to the Haak lij>rne. wilviinr the trip in about two ELEBRATEO ANNIVERSARY Mr. And Mr*. 4»m«R L«e, Of Mi vill* Entertained Sunday. -Mr. and Mr«. Jaanes l«ef, of MIU'. eelebratPd their •H"«"«"»'r»"»"« If t Dry, HoafWV' I Coughs Quickly M ' "~ " " .' V«W The prompt And positlve.aetton of tlil*. linple, iiu^|M'iu»ivo lionip-uiude rero» i dy fai quickly healinw tU« 4nfl*me4 or uvvollon of (lio tbroot,' client or broo« ier clsi'tst ha* caused it to be ws*d in tuiy oU»fr cou*ll> Tj e^lius, «uutliiutf iufluenee, K^SV pUU'gm loancaa, fa i-ttsk-r, tickllux -»n ,Uront «opm ana YOU get a poud W'jjnt » netful . shvp. Tins usual turoat and chert colds aro oouauwred by it in ** »oura or lew. Nutlifou bet-tvr jtor brpn- ' TJo make tliisi op \viuter • syrup, •our •Ji-j OUIKV4 OJ 1'ilXP* , (VlO t^»U .,-Ji), into ii pint IxtttU' >»iul till tli« lottle iuth plain, jjruuuhued i>ui:tir nyru'p ui4 shako thoiouthly. Y«u,.ilu'ii Imvu -- 1 -—iifu luudi o()9 First Avenue . lUitiie fur Sst-AO. Keepw, ^,.1 vUiUU'i'H lose its iils'UBUUt ( . 1'i.ii'jv i* u ^!«'^•jal ujid liifhly eoiicrn> i'iti'4 e< intnntuii oC ueuuioe Jvorvvuv .in-- i\ii:ui. e> tbliiavu \vjlU piiutteol ,»iul- j * known the world OUT for its .-•s-ictni -, «.»«•• uitil cvrtalutv fn over* i i ,ii'->l iliiv{V{ii«iiit(iiii'iit. utJ'1 your ':••" i.l t'i..r "J 1 ; duitt'i-s i£ PiiH'.x", with ' 'i 1 i i't't•.iiirti'*, am! don't iuv«-|it any* .;, i.i.' ;< » i-r ilium \ |iiniiiptU iV'iumU-il. '• !*4<i \ Co., i't. SV.otie, iiul,' Tire Murphy Dry Corsetieres Graduates of the N; x mo Hygienic-Fashion Institute Have returned from the city Having- finished a post graduate coarse ami evoi^v woman who 'wishes t<> be properly corseted should take aclvantifee of their expert advice, The Murphy Dry Goods Store Offers to you Ladies their Expert Corset Service free. >* The critical womatf^the woman of fashioil; those who require careful fitting, those who need the advice, of an expert — you have only to come to our Corset Department. The Vital Part of Corset Fitting and. a thorough knowledge of corsets has been grained. after many months Of study and now coni- pl^tcd in this post graduate course in the city. A&AtOMICAL REQUIREMENTS OF CORSETS- CORSET ADJUSTING TECHNIQUE OP CORSET MAKING STRENGTH AND PLIABILITY OF CORSET MATERIALS <r EFFECT OF ABNORMAL CORSET PRESSURE •s«M»ia«c.*> ON NERVES AND BLOOD SUPPLY AlTof these important and necessary thinprs Relative to corsets and fittings are an open book to our fitters, We would be pleased to have you call and hear their intelligent explanation of corsets that will be just to your requirements. It's Well Worth Your Time nnnivei-Bivry in a very p1«fw» ant manner Sunday ut llu-ir hcrne near Forty n-latlvew '(fiid' trttrxtB for thn rlny and i* dinner wast " »erv«-d .'lit il.-iA- .v«-,m fipettt % {ll a fri»-ntH' «er» T'lu near town, Mr. nnd Mr<*. John Mnr- i,hnti« an«rffi»n!l:', »f Jordnn. the Ml-ss- 'j ex .Msifle and l.-nur-ida Hrown. of i!U» [elltv, and 'Mi'-H Anna Mine.rtK ami Matt nit way. Mr. and Mrs. lH>e were pi-e- •ented with a fuihxtantitil irtirne dtirinc he _diiyni>d h, ntiniher of other pretty ;lft.«] Sterling people were imonir. the IM!MIH. KING'S MET LOYAL HELPERS MET Baptist Sunday School Clan Hold a Pleatant Meeting.. The Loyal Helpers of the V*lr«t lt!)|ill«t ehureh held a plenflant meet- inn ItiHt evetilnw at the home of Mr*, lViX oil 1 Slx!h nveiii|<'. T)m nic.-tin^ home of her p:\rent*, Mr. nnd Mr*. I*. A. Itidm-. ni-ar Ititoti. Tlinrxday even. Inn, ill honor of her eighteenth lilrlh- _ day. A niimlier of HierllnK yoitn«. ' people are fn\ it'">d and n fine., time IB anticipated. J'anelnu will he Jhe en- tertalnim nt of the evenlnw. THE CLASS INJHE CORNER Tli» C|.ix« In the Corner of Ht. John'H laiiheran flmrch .will hold an .iintiorianl hutdnesu tnee|ln«r IhH even- P.itf at the lmm«*-<>f Ml.".t Itena • Wah'U.— *~" — '• The Society Saturday. Thlriy-nlx little fidkn were, out to the meetinjr of the Hiui;s Heralds of Fuiirth t»t. rbureh Saturday afiernoon and a ptvriHant time wax the- reiytlt. Kour new meinheis* were taken into the society, nud dur'lnK the biiHlnejm mpet- K it was deeided to hold the meetfnKB onr-o a month dtirltiK tho winter In- siead of twice a month ns has been the UHtoni In th» paxt, A.fter the lenson liour a Hoelal time waH enjoyed and delti-IoiiH »'efre«hinentB wern w»n i ed by Mrs. t'arlson and Mr«.. Hnavely. IN Number Of Gu«»tt Were Entertained At The Edd KneUon Home. Mr. and Mrs. Kdd Knelnon enter- t allied at their homo « near Hound Urovo the following s;iiest« n't dinner last Sunday, Mr. and Mrn. Ixints (*n»and family, of I>yn<Jon, Mr. and Mr«. Frank Piincluil and family, Mr. and Mo«, Fardlnand Fitch and family. at Jordan, Mr. and MrH. Conrad Hern» :ui<l family. Mr. and Mrs/ 15inll Donv- i>ro«*l<l and family, of Lyndon, Mr. and Mrs. Deltrleh Knelnon. Krnejit CaH- and Mlsfl Anna Fiach, of Sterling. AN ALL^DAY^MEETING C«n0r*gational Udiaa Aid Will Have All Day Moating. iVAld Society of .the Con- ehur<-h will 'have an oil lay ineetlnjt Wednesday in the chuixh. A plenle- dinner Will he nerved at noon ind all members nre urged to attend :u»" there is much sewing to l>e done for (he haiuuir. which will, bo held Uv\\ Sili and ttlh. Number Of Friend* Were Entertained At The Fine Home Sunday. Mr. and MrH. Harry Htltmel, of l>ix- on. Air. Frank WhlpjH»rman, of Titi- kilwa, III., AllBH Francis Hall and Chim. Hall ojf , thin city, wcro cntertaine^ ut (tinner Sunday at the- !iom« of Mrn, t'ora l''ine, A delightful day was en.- OeKALB Party Of Eight. W«ra Quanta Of Da- Kalb Fri«nd* Sunday. Tho MltuieH .Sfhuiift'. ilateh. lioldilns Milt Kniernon, l»elbeit \YrlKht, of lUx'k i. Karl Hue nnd Will Kane »not»>r- „ to l>i-Kalb Hiuulay wheru they were entertained «l a delleloun illnni r htiiuo oil.Air. and. 'Mr.-*. ,\ , I'.- i'K, -An efijoyiihle trlj» -la re- THE BETHANY GIRLS Of Tho Trinity Church \ryill Me«t W.ith Mist Irene Buich. Tin* IScihmiy iUHH of^ tin* Tiiiill*' siiul'i^' Hehool still III 1 , elilet l:iliicd on iie^d.!..' d-st'iun^; Ml tin* homo ol'...\li ss! hefli-'ftureh. «» K«*« Tlnr<l •.irwf. Tin- UneetiUM iN mi Iiy4artl*ilie mif. All riH'Oi- hti.i ;<)*• rti/'.nl *•' ailtitd. INVITATIONS ISSUED ,. J. T. Berkwitti And MK.J Deck- v^r.h Vi dl C.nli'i'lj.n S'<turt!«i>. HI-, j, i 1 i> . u* nh .-in i MI -') i.i,.*-- : t . K'u J-!i i.-.M- f " •* ••" ' '''•"' '•••' M" i.'vl.x k ,|in •" I" "'H v, h; li vv iS! he '\» n S '..I,.: i.. rn;«-i),." . i' ML- l:e * vul, ! .'iiu' ' \l'i- -'J' )•<«'. T'.MU • .6 »!...,' , :-.. i.-i • stwn (iirttely at tended In n|dlo «f the cold and :« ideasanl s»trl(il tlnu- \sas enjoyed, Mr*. <*ox «erv4«U refroHh- uientH. The nhrnial liuslnrKH nieetlns' of the cluM svlll he held m-xt month nt- t!ie Immc of Mrs.'Werta <»n Third avenue. MISS PEUGI^HOSTESS She Entertained Her Sunday School Cla»t La«t Evening. M(»(*• Verna • J'eufih entertained her Sunday nehool rlass of the chrlnrlan Sunday' nt'hoot InHt evening at ht-r on 'First avenue. The elan* IH money to ptirchape the pulpit furniture for tho new church, nnd the. eveninK' wiiw Hpent In maklni? planti lo r^iine the neeennary amount. After the biiHineBH meeting a ffoolal time was* enjoyed and Unlit refreshments \\ern Herved. LYNDON LADIES CLUB Had a Ploatant Meeting Last Thursday at Shultz Home. The Lyndon IxnllcH' club met nt the home of Mr». C. C. Shultz Thursday afiernoon. Twenty-two mom hern wen* present and tho afternoon was In tlolns fancy" work, A meelintj wan held and n- three counw luncheon was nerved- by the hoKtesa. Three -vialtorn were, Mr«. 1'arinenU'r, Mrs. Yatey of St. Louis, Mo,, Mr», Hay f Sterling. — THE STANDARD BEARERS Of M»et Fourih- Street Church Will at the Parsonage. Mtw. W. L. tTotiln \\ill entertain the Standard . liearerw of Fourth, Street church at y a 6:30 dinner Wednesday evening. Members of the society lire TouMittf forward 1 to an enjoyable evening. ' . - . ' WILL ENTERTAfN THURSDAY Mi»| Esther Ridge Will Entertain -a Number of Fri»nda. Mln*< Kxther |{{d»!« of this clt>; will enterluiira number of 'friends at the NONE f j Try Recipe* on tho Packnge— Fruit Cake! Pudding u All wernlyr.H ar<' urped tu Attend. ENTERTAINED SUNDAY. Mr. and MIH. Claude Hutlena hurt ^« dinner n"« >j4tM Sunday at their homo iiorlh cf' tttvMi, Mr. and. Mrx. Dnvo HiutenK. of Woodlawn, Snjnuel M^ooro and A1r«. Met«K«»r and daii>»*hter, llulh,. of this eily;- i » -« S&SMARKETCO.S&S Special for Wednesday, Nov. 15 (At the 8tor«) Gooii tender Beef Htenk, 4 £5|% pound • W w Pork Steals, pound ...• Fresh 1'ork pound .... 181/20 .150 v For Beat Service and Equipment Call Forster & Sons Funeral Directors Day Call* Bail Nft,-8 fntarrtat* 9 Night Call* B»l" No, — 4 181 Mince Pi,e twicer tvs i ."(MKi-as bulk mince meat, $nd Costa half the price. Try it. • . " Lihe Mother UivJ to Make "\. ; Co, t Syracwe, K.. tf. ' The Rexall , S1. Wo iStiw liavo on hand uuoi hor Kl«t»k of Wati'ht's. 'D»n» t<» of nialt'iinls, \vc havt* IMU'U lUialiU" lo obtain t h i s watch for M»IW» Hnu 1 , J»ut aht wt't'k has iiruujflti H relief front thin tcni- 'y shoita,y«' and w*» iH* tVonr^iow on to bo to lake caro of youl' wants for tliiH p :riu> Uvvall Watch is Kohl in Slciiiiu 1 , tiiiiy Ky Hendricks ,. Drug Co. ' Store - •\

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