Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 14, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
Page 3
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»16. JtQCK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE SOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, TUBSDAY, ftOV. 14, 1916. OFFICIAL BOARD Held' Meeting L.-m Evening — Good Attendance. DAY AT FOURTH SI Rally D^y and Membership Canvass Marked So:?m» Of the Activities. E. B. Teach and Family Suffered a Severe Loss In Fire Last Evening. fhf r. i!! ,T, f-nlir- r>.\.-.; i.y nm I'm* .'» .bij; >!r<* t'!!rn;ir-f>,' The•d and nboiit, Jj|*t Tilchf .'ibii'ii I" bvitnr rjf K. B. Tf'u b f wns nilfifi*t' N'ltaffy ftv-i The nigh! br-iriK n r-nh? wns "k<>ttt burning In tb» family bnd gf»n<» to l> )'>:SO Oify w*re nt-<>tie'-< of ymfike. i A h»-i» nlrirro u-a« furnrd in qn<l th«*| 'l"j>artm«»nt if «<i<t>i!i1f'tl In *;i>ir!< onl"r. . Tfi*> fire had Kniii'-<t «urh a. bcmhvay! bmw-^f-n the v.nHs that'll wa* h:trd ' to extinguish the bin?,?. > .. -.A.H <i£ -tlift fstwfmr«»wn»-<!*•«( nwr-ff< and tlm mf-mf«T« <•( the family lost nil of IhHr < lathing f'Xf-ppt whit I they ba<l on. Thp dtilv apparent, explana- 'tif-n for thn Mas-.o I* thnt the fur- bei-nmc- overheated. Theo total cannot bi» told nriJtl HIP innuranrr- arrive. They <• bet f ri X<'XF the rmll •• k nt f<ir nit:h! Mif- IH-, yoiniK («•• tt-jll b<» am j (j.f!|,j;,i| v jirf-wr-rrt the ball to the ycmntr i**< i'lc f"r ih^ir not in! i?')infrs during Shr v.'inU-r. Thf-y m:<fU« :(rtf,it>cf'ni> rifi* fur •••"•m- mtinion Kundiiy whi<h will b*» bf!d 0. E. S. MEETING flfeltl Latt Evening In Matortfc Halt Good Attendance. Th*» ICastr-rn Stnr bo-Id thf'ir regular mr'f'tlnif isjsf evening In the Masonic hnll. The r^K'ilur routine of Uti^incss rnrrie«l cm aftT which tbr-v nd- TOBA0CO HABIT _ EASILY OVERCOME ;.]. ill- f-.r up i'jji-kiy J.\nt*t!ftt in I'lt-on i!;typ •I'-HiK h!*it' T>"f>Yi'*'fi! Th«* author. ('ork <V.y. will mail' hf.». book frpe 1 - in thus plvirnt n f<> lh<v r»t>w tn till- ncr.1- Miss Afnrinn Jrn- WulHtk. ivvrt* r"- .tMfflftlvi? ! npl»*iM!«", Kootl dici^iiiir utrotijp rtiornciry iitut n in «>ff!.-t'-nry "fjr» ariionsr the 1-ercfiix rppnrti'fS c.»f rhl of nervoii.i, irrStitb!* 1 fppIInK; ho more ,ri»-»i1 of pip* 1 , ri^ar. rijfaftte, snuff or che* I riff tobacco to pacify Small Fire Thi« Morning. Thin mornlnK about fiRht o'rjnek the f)r»' d^iarlitifnt wim ngnln rnltf-d out to rxUngtiUtt n Urn nt thp home of William O'llrlfn on Thlnl (ivf>nu«>. This •Urn was nl«o t-ftifspjl from nn ovprhrrit- .nd. furnnfp, The damnRp hirr> wnc ! ft.i thp blaze had tfttt gtilnpiJ (nUcli j y and wns easily put out. j CITY COUNCIL MEETING | H»ld Latt Evaning At City Hall—All : Mtmber* Preient. , j Tho rliy crnirn'11 mot last «'v«>nlnK'"ai [ tlt*» I'H.v hnll with r-v<»ry m<>mb«>r |>r«'«- j ont RlllH to thp nnionnt (if $4(52.75 j w^n nJlowi-d and ordiTwl to ho |iuld. | An ordlnanrt' r^Kiilntinx iraffic wan TO OPEN BUSINESS IN CLINTON. fYank Opptlng.lrft todny for Olinton, In , where h« will oprn a vtilcanlzlnfr and poffftKn tlr«< shop. Mr. Of'^tlnR lia.« bfpn in Indinnniiolli*. Ind., ft«r n tntmber of wppks fltudylng tip on th* 4 work. His many frlpnds wish him mrrnt HIKTPBS In hlH new ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Yopmnn mpctlnR 1 Thtir«dny All tn»>mber« ursrd to ntlt^nd.* ,!•'. R Andrews, of ('hlcnRo. spont .Sunday with bin mother r-nrontf* to Omnhn, NVbr., on bufiltuwi matters. A. A. Thome i« confined to his homo road ami imMr**?, Th«» substance of thi> ordlnanri- In thai vehicles nhnll ^not turn around In the »trfft« only at «'«»r- iwfew. Th« oxhniiitH «n pnglriwi »hall be rlomrd and nuifTlfru nhatl h^ closed. AH nutow hronghi to H. stop on' tho main «tri'Pt« an- to bark Into th«» curb at nn tiUKlf {if-f<irty-flvi« di-^rpi'it, hf'ad- «>d toward thf direction thiH* were gp- Injt. ' After thl* ordinance was paHHcd the adjourned. RECEIVE /oNOGRAMS Junior Cf*it OF High School R«c»iV«i ____ "y«ry_Prttty Letter*. 1 Tfie" Junior I'-iti/tH of the High iichool r*c«lv«-d their monucrruniB yrsterdiiy. They arc of white Ml with a purple '1$, this making a very pretty and ut- trActive mmwfimm. Tlte themb^ra of the clans are much pit-used with UH-PIO letter*. SOCIAL AUXILIARY. Tho Social Auxiliary of the Mctho- on tu-roijnt of Jim t'nvnclnn wt»nt to rhlcnito this. morning for a «hort bu,««ltn*fiH trip. lAWr«'itro HlXHon Kpt-nt Monday In Harmon on busit)cti.i. M. W. A. mns(|ii«'rade dance. Nov. 17. U"(,(jilmar, hnll.* i*. P. McMlllen went to Prophetstown thin morning on btislnc>»B. Mln«i Oyn«tha Hunt, of New Bedford, !B hero visiting friends. William Orube spent Monday In Harmon on buHim'ss. Mrn. W. B. Strawn left thin morning far XViix^Jily, lf«nM, y bvlriK >j»uVd there by the Beriou« illn<>nn of hel- brother. H. R DaRgf tt went to Chicago thin morning; where he will attend tho Kcx- nl convention. Mii«s Ircno Mvltxer, of Clurknieds, Minn., IN hero veiling old friends, AII88 Ruth Hharp, of Lyndon, spent tho week end with Mb« Kdfth Ktiabe. ^ & tift<*rnoon at the home uf Mrs. I* A. OH COLDS ivcly few people realize that a «old Is a signal of physical weakness. To treat a cold with weakening physics, alcoholic syrups or drugged pi)ls,may3motherthecoldbuftheyal3o reduce the body powers still furtbeiend Invite more serious sickness. Scott's Emulsion has always been an expert on colds, because it peculiarly enriches the blood, quickly tones up the ' •nd-rtreoBthenr both throat and TryScotfi. Refuse Subotitm«. SooU it Some, BtoomfteM. K. Jf. * 16-a KEWANEE WANTS A PARK Aflitation For Park 8ytt8itrti~8Iirf^ In That City. , Sterling IH not tho only placo where- them Is agitation for a park ny»tem, Kewanee al«o wantn a nico large park for tho use of tho local public and totirUis. Mayor Maker made n, strong plea for a park in a recent oddrefigf in which he told of the nwd« of Kewan«*e. Following' tho mayor's talk, another prominent citizen came out with f |r—- -™s»"- ^I- R/ ,.f. l ;1 K- — BUY — Cold Weather , Apparel At Thompson's • Cooper's Celebrated Un_ derwear, union or twoV piece garments, from 50c to $4.50 Maokinaws, fmin,-- . 53.50 to $9.50 Sheep Lined Coats, from $4.50 to $6.75 . Sweaters, from* 11.00 to $7,50 Men's four buckle Overshoes, first grade rubber, $3.00 Winter Caps, 50cto$1.50 * Men's Khaki Pants, * $LOO,$U5,$U5 Headquarters for -Tmnkg, Handbag Suit Cases;; 1st Ave,. , Rock Falls next duy, entlornlng the mayor's ; pl»a for a, park district and urging that tho citizens get buny and put the Idea •through. . • . "--"Amonjf other tlilngH tho man wroto: "It WUH a very plpAulnsr suirgc'stlon tp thone who aro familiar with the beautiful' woodlands adjacent to tho city and who realize* that unleaa some mun- Icliml body can acquire nnd maintain such places for ournolveii. and future generations, they may bo lost for all Clnie. Commercial activities aro ruth- •yers of\th"e beautiful." Alayo?~ < Bnk£r'ii Idea eontemplatea a large i>ark,to>»be maintained o.utnide the present cjty limltH—*..park which should bo kept in first cla«8 condition and be a credit to the community,- Tho HnslnK ni/mlifj- thf> National Anthem ns n Brand finale N»inir ejupcclally thrllHnK. The rix\'ikt-dln8' of prixes In tfi" ishnpf nf red anil white ••hrvfonthfrniims for various points' «>f exrcllencn nrottsed Kreat intt'rret ntul ««ntbimifism. l-'or the' youttpent children nn the cradle r«>lt. IKIV nn*l Rlrl, the prlxp wns Kivf-n to MriO Katun Andreas nnd Mrn. Morton lllsrley, bi?t!i of these havInK thflr children present to rpfelve 'the ri'cojrnitloii. Newest murfled couple . Mr. and Mr«. W. H. Oulllford. married couple, Mr. and Mrs. W. 13. Kennedy, married ov«jf HO years, f-'or thf oldest member " of Fourth .Street Hntidny -icbool there were two award.i, Mrs. Isnnt' ilrenfler and Mr. .1. 1*. *.»verhol.«er. both nf these bnvlntc been mpmUets in rewulnr attendance since l«tes. Tbr- oldent present trrs- s(ici'tiv(> of memt»erNblp In the Hun- df»y school, Mrs. Kllznheth Wink and N'. CJ. Van Hant. i'ri/.pn were Riven In tho claBPe.i In Wu'h ilopurtment lutvlner the hlKhe^t uvcraKP for varlnun polnt.i nf e\i'i"l- lence: Benlor department, Fellowt ship class. rt-VernKo !'l per cent: li>* termed late department, tlij* Husy l!ec» cla.«s, K7H tn-r <-<nit; Primary department, Mrs. Marry McC««lln's class J(8'4 per cent. An exercise WHS Riven by the primary department, which In lt« simplicity and beauty, touched all hearts. '»Tbe rally day committee. conslMtlnK of Dr. "Walter Palmor, Mrw. Praser, Mrs. Collln, nnd O. 1C. liensinKer, Ken- eral ituperlntetident, were xpeclally grtitifled over the sreivt Mvic-ceiw nf tUjt occasion. The'high record for attendance and Interest manifested In tho Bnnday flchonl wan carried, over into tho tnorn- Ini? church we f vice. The c.onBregatlon_ wan one to be proud uf and cauaed many to remark' that the, blK auditorium looked none too blK to accommodate tin* niemberwblp <>f the flnirch, tbejr' famllleji and frien<ln. The pastor, IU-V. Collln, was at bte n tho t imir !fn>j"r ^fr. Tlk'e'a leadorfthip inc thf tiny were much np \\<-t>> also thf- iK-itbtlful « lit»'?i ii\ Miss IS/'nslnjrrT. l..')-«f fitcht "< • nrrcd tho !f-rly ronfer^w-e with tb'» Over 350, Th«» fJIran^rs' r|u!> Mrs. .IMark RfHrol tnnfght. The lyadlfs' Aid socjoty will Wednesday afternoon at HIP church. Thf standard l!»>:irer« with Mrs. Col- lln will niP«t Wr'dnesday rvenlnir.. M.lf1-w«»ek service of devotion Thursday at 7:30. Chnlr rehearsal nnd business s«s- niiin beKins promptly at 7:3o Friday. Nrxt Sunday will bei?ln Hnme MM- plon Week In America and the *m'- lies of the day will harmonize, with that nntlnnnl 'celebration. ; There wns one notp^if regret nt the Sunday Bcbool Hundny and that waa that Klmer Jennlngn' severed his connection with his class owlnsr to his departure from the city to Appleton, W|H. He was a «pnlri! worker, beloved by. all. and bis clax* of boys rellnquiah him with extrpntp regret 'but all Join in wUhlnir him a prospnroun career in his IJIPW fleld. Kimball Pianos and Player Pianos ii THE KIMBALL PIANOS lion.. ";. BUY (lirf.-t from th you from $T."i.(M) {r HcTiicnilx-r -fhi'sc ar< PIANOS, DircH from and FACTORY STORES. I^' <»f nafinnnl th Wo FROM OUR_READERS Chattanooga T«uSt. Peteriburg. 1 <J»»stif'tt*>; Arcadn Hotel. Nov. tl, 191f», «>ur trrUn arrived at i'nttuno(i«a nt r.'p. in".. wlf*« and Bn»lo going on. and I dropping off for a day nf wlBiit HCC- itijr. Tlm next morning. Thtitminy. uji bright nnd tfnrly. and In nn oi>on anto of r«nir SpfttH. Mlxtwn.. v f>f tin Htarthd on imr tour of'exploration, ov«>r a hroacl boulevard at u rapid Rait, tho driver tihrtu'tlnff thri) a mt-jjaphono about-pv- «ry thlnir of Inu-rest aloiiR th« way. I'irwt. Port Oglethorpc with numt-r- (itis bnlldlngif o[ frame f or .. tho .soldiers ivo w "ili'i w n""Th"""Mf'ji fcd,~t lion 1 nit b""' t h*» vast tiitttlcOt'ld of_ ChlckamatiKa, 15 mfhis Kiitinro. owtiod ti^so'vprTimchtr in im -naturul »tali> of rolling Ri-ound with woodK anJ njciiilo'.vie, «,md lofty monuments everywhere em-ted by Ktiitc.H and meadows, ' Hronzo cannon where thp hatt<>ri<«* stow). Stone marker* by tho hundred to show various positKMIH tif troopM In tbi'-battlf. Monument^ not «o numcroiiH n« at Qettynburg. but th« 'place IK on a hri-hf new -oniihi.- KIMBALL PIANOS and I'I,AVJRK tho WORLD'S GREATEST FACTORY. THE STRONGEST GUARANTEE in tin-world brick of cvrry KIMBALL PIANO. "TBE KIMBALL" v "Perfect as a Piano—Perfect as a Player" THE KIMBALL PLAYER PIANO res-pomi* inMnnlly to the will nf fho operator; th«» riches of piano liffrnturp lire yours wlicn you own one of these truly wonderful-instruments. • InstnlhiMMit. terms are .1; ran led to those \vho'(To~no( wish to pay nil caslh~ Miss Ruby Clark will carry a;full line of sheet music. Kimball Piano Store 15 W. Third St J. E. Moore, Mgr. 1 ( Two u»*d •old cheap Open evenings r — ...... ; ..... : ..... -- .......... A AMUSEMENTS ^_ • . . J ^ mm *** im ** m *^**^^^^ the UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Ww. Klbble'H m'««nit* and ilnunntiV jjrotliifti Hi «f "t'yrif Ttiiit'x t'aliii" will he m»«, n at tt* Ar-.idrtny «if Mn.«it' tonight. Mr. Kihfilf'.« itinipittty i-ann^ all the fliteelal^^yn'-ry ntid i-fftct^ r«-- (|Uired to Kive a (x-rffrt prudtirtion of IhlK old, ever pnpiil.'ir'jilay.. The com- r«tty:;**Pihfflr«'?T '?TCr: iiftT : people, a ohoruB 4»f »iv«»r tw-nly f<i|i»ri'd int*n mid \ !•()») II"! I'l.-iv. "Thi' Ultli K«-r«' «'Vvr> I hint; riivcrtiial kid Ki'«V'»--» ; this Hiii'iulnjuuM 1 (Hrl Next Dour." V.<r « tri>atcil with hli^t)- ftnt' n d».'«lrv ti. k«-t lu'c fninkii'-HH.' And It in thi> kitid of] fi ;ii;knc.«:< "thnt t!K."iiiM nrjinaticn.'ili.-'ii I in a jih'tur>' "f this* kind, j Tht< tniHi\ifti"ii \\jin h.-iHfd nn th' 1 rf• I I'-iM* of Otf Illlfi'.iM vice coininiwxio'i j .ti».-j«how th«- «'.\|«>|(>IH > «» of vice i ran jii'k't Th«irt» will bw one 1 prugrnm niid thone who, we uro tbe two nt seanon READ THE GAZETTE family wa« logical, ncrlptural and- convincing and at Its clomt the people awny wonderlni? why thcro ghouKTbe any«in« not only IHTI* but at homt>wh<*i> In other plact-n In WyJie's Cough ' (• ^ Syrup A White Pine Co mhinutioii with tar added. Practical-, efficient, valu- a b \ o for Boughs, colds, b r o n chit is, 1» on r soness and lung dis- oi'dere, T h e bent over. T.J.WYLIE Pr«»crlpt!on Rook F.IU thu city thw moul vital iBtiuea wert> Ih- Inir .dtvUt with by m«*n with i& v'laion of what llffl menim. After the wervlca a lunch- wa» served to thoae renponalble for the i-»iix'iiHM . MD*. H < M'j' > t*<'r, unlisted b^; Mrs. H. M. .Mingle, Mrs. Chita. Aument,.Mrs. C. H. Uenalnger, and Mrs. C. H. Wood burn, provided a very dainty repast. Following an tmthuBlaattc conference tho ctUtvtusaer* went about their tu«k with wholo hearted zeal of call- Ing on all the <iomew of Fourth Street church. The 'canwuwlng. committee conBisl- ed of the, following teaniB: No. J, H.' M. Mingle and A. L. Richmond:' Nd; 2, C. H. Wood burn and W, H. Palmer; No. 3, Dr. Walter Palmer and F. A. CurlHon; No. 4, I. II. Snavely and H. .Matthews; No> 5. W. J. Heir and N. G. Van Sant; No, 6, Miss-'Nellie Biederman and Mr«. Nellie Walllck; No. 7, Mrs,'DeetB and .Mrs. Cojlln; -JTci. 8, Mrs, Donlchy and MrH. Carlson; No, 9, Mm. Martih and Afre, Wetzell; No. 10. Mr. F, H. Flke, C. R Frazer. and Mr. Anketiey; No. 11, Prof/ and C. larger Then over Mitfnlonary IUdg« with more monnments and a steel obHerva- tion .tow«<r. KIcRunt road Ilko n flour. Th«»- lli'dge eiRht mUes Ions, nnd MU fet-t high. Tho grandest historic drive In America. TCt»u seem in a balloon. Behind you 1» Chlckamauga, over there with lt« misty blue Hummlt IB I^ookout Mountain, below you IH Orchard Knob, •and in tho Ions valley as in a baidn, -the-whate-inty-ilke-a-panoramic—Thwn down the rldgw i»a»t the Notional Cemetery with Its sad circles of white markers for 14,000 sleeping patriots. •* Sleep on. embalmed and sainted de»id, Dear as the blood ye gmve! , Ju«t by chanco,.we met on the street one of the noblest surviving heroes of ChickamatiKa, Gen. Wilder. JIls brigade consisted of six regimehts, Reynold's' pivlsion, Thomas' Corps. They. Were mounted Infantry, armed with Yepeaters, picked fighters, always wont In to win, and never say die. A jovial veteran of 88, stout, rugged face, bomeu-litu stiff, ftill of humor. His record, jfe> S4»ys is 200 tights and 13 horees ehat iiiult-r tho Middle. it|oodhinit;dM. A .«(i'-t-iiil train of is omployed in transporting thf jiri>. .'.liiction. • THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOH ('From'- tiif f'hioKKit I'ostj Certainly the proiluriiiK romp.uiy THE CARE OF FINE FURNITURE- j.nil inirui'faljtv at our vcry'd< H i^AHy h;«s mi (il.'i, 11,1s ni» ( r«'ly a iv-'' r*t;ii of (he Hvi^ <jt fcevt'vul unfurlumtu>.; i;!t]s, hi>w they wt'i't- tra|i|KMl, .ami. In j ,slt<*H'!M! tt't Ic.'ul a l.fV of filiiim**. j . | Thi'f' was nppiin-nily no I'lforl t»>[ iiiiiik«- 'thin n linixlici! or, in any w«i; - ,»i Jan urtlciK- pk'tur*-. The pltfaibn th;U ! n^ » |< ?,j~t fur w-Hiiu'ti and t:irlf< iir«» Inid bjirtM'*'? " j in i! in soniUl (It-tall. ' Thotv Jin- nuiiiy promlniMit lllin<))<4-! »ui«l Chk'HKo pwtiMt" in ii,- including' ,i«'Utt'ii:uit Oov^rnor Unrratt O'll mi. 4>T:—l;ll'II.H||||)Klliun.—\VU'I ' ^44-Hy- RELIEVES HEADACHES wifHitisi Sloan's Liniment to Forehead Ydu Can Stop the Severe Pains. A Famous Furniture House Issues a Free Booklet on the Subject The Tobcy Furniture Company. M N. AVabash Avc^ Chicago, anU (^y Fifth Avc.. New York, has issued a very interesting and valuable bcx>klet 01} the care of-fine varnish and ••enamel surfaces. I lf ,:_tin. ...fu t. . •!..., r • ' i "I .T.h»?_«<i:jmi»to.mi!- of -nuch Jw nw mul lingering i»al« t.-tnph-s or bnck of f ff- tb»* HH-ntiiKJ ,. — •'VlBilHnc*..\wwrtolion: l)r KriH-M l*l» ! '? T' '" i t ,i », i i »,j , ••"""i JJt "'in di,, brow, of tlsi« MulniKht MfNxliHi; Ali-H. Maud jlb«-!nl. J I'M in Tayl.,1- uf tlu- 1'olltionl. Kquwllty i Tb'.-ro Is on«« ovrtnln r»\M that I > l^'A«th- tttul'many <nb»>rs. Th«« ojtin-!lu-«n known niul rwH»tnm«>nt,le«l lions of niitny uf tlit>?\«> |I.MI|I!I. uii t|n»f >* fir» -buck. Kltmn'H I^lnlniont, One i r»>in»'Hly (w tin- miriai-.-vil wen« Htt-nht-d ! I l "'' n! '" n al » l IM «* «lull'p/Mn IK orJUtl ji'ii tht» tn'riK'n. «'«Hy Ktmc. . U 1« wmtly npplled which will be mailc-il fr«- t«n request, -ilamagi?;- is-^tjntr Th»- finals <if thi» pipttirc IK n m-rifK citl.-.s out rtibblttK- Hubblng IH uiuu»ce UN sioiin'K Linlnunit quickly pcnet to the. seal of trouble. the Tobey Company, by the use of soaps £nd. injurious polishes. Correct cleaning and polishing is a simple and easy matter, if done in the right way. Tobey Polish, the old secret shop forfnula of the To!>ey Company^ «svd by them for cleaning their finest pieces and keeping them in beautiful condition, is now #o!d by leading hardware. •"''>' 5 - ! Arailjimy of .Music 1-Vliluy and Hut- ' unl.-iy, Nov. 17 and 18. A lively town la C. with Birmingham for It hii« a race the distinction H. Aumoni; No. 12, ,Mr. \V. H. I'leod and A. H. Ileltaol: No, 13, Prof. Tim - inons and No. ,14, .H, K. Hoatetter and F. A- Smith; No. 15, C. B. Uenslnger and Harry Peejs; No. }6 r - J, J'. Overholuer and Jl. W. Bcaae. over 'three hundred hornet* were called on in the course -of the aftornoon'»' The following kindly placed their cara at the dtapotial of tbo canvassers In addition to tlio«« of the oommittee who used their own cam: Dr. \\V M. \Vllkln«, Hurry HmiHlcr, Arden Smith, J, ft, Mut.thowM, Mru. J. W. Fletcher, "Kpworth league sen'ico In the even- Ing hud as 1(8 topic, "Anaets and Llabilitle« of . the Kingdom," .which called forth an InterestluK diacuaatoii. The pastor, apxlitted by MrH. led the nu-fttlnK. with Mr», Mark' KC! chorlutt-r, in charge of the Ing. A 'Solo eonlrlbuled by H. W. liestie wax an Innpiring feature of the service. OIUIH tneetint> ut tho tiatne time In another room WUN led by J, It. Matthews. Thw tfvenintr service waa well attended and the pautor preached nn "The Value of a Creed In the, ^ife of Today," and was heard with unbroken attention -and evident^ intert-ttt Jn__tlie. of the- Pittsburgh of tho south, with 300 factories and 1.500 different products from engines and plow* to hoa- lery and knit goods. Uy. the way 1 met another veteran here to Hpetid the winter. Oapr, bunker of 'Atorrljti.-' lllinoJiS Ho kept looking ut Lookout Mountain, paint, drui^, prrocery, furniture and auto •supply stores throughout the country. It 1 is a perfect preparation for auto Iirdy requirements; keeps ^p car ck-an and looking like new. Costs no more than other polishes—2Sc, SOc and $1. sizes. V. M. C. A. STAR COURSE. Tlu- joint recltul'-of th« V. M. C. A, Suir fourHi- will occur at S;30 o'clock Thursday i-veninjf, Nov. .]«, at the Y. M. V. A. iuiditorium. The finning'* jutisrarn will .'UP |'»ix'««-nUMl bj^ Jft>H-n Hrown lU'inI, »ot>rui»t», AllWt'ci 1 Katvi, I vend tan huriiist. and Kdilb HHrrl«, This i-'rofsranj i» ».-iid to '!«> specially ilii(\ the |n'rformt'r« bavins rtvHyeil HtroriK pndor»f mpnt« from} papers lu>th In Amerlfu and on the! lik-tun-s tnk«'n in diftVivnt ^I^^IULJk«l H .llfi«ii<i^V!luJdc^iliAUuciji l'--JuJii fhilhUatiH, upralna and iHt'k t*un «!so be moxt efft'ctlvely treat «H! with Hloiin'n Liniment. Cleaner nniNtty plaxtvni or ointments; It i:ot Mtnln tho wkln or clou the At - all drujj stores. 25c, 60c, Sloarts Linimen ....._. fmVnt ^Irove the reba from the rocks In tho battle ufJovo the i-rhudt*. Iii» wife is along:. Stick to your wifw thru thick and thin. How sleep tho brave who sink to rest, Uy all Uiflr country's wiahcn blest. *» On Thursday at 6 p. in. I attain took the train, traveled In prwieut all night, arrived at Jacksonville at eight, and at ten started for Bt. P in slow local, which gave ino tho r)dgt*tu for eleven hours by actual count. A variety 'of palms, mulc-a, cotton, c«tblnB, negroes, razor ,backa, orange Hvc oaks. Spanish moss, vvusii- on thw line. Whit tier's favorltw Jad, Glass, Chains c Reels, We Can Save You Money pii' Duplicate Lenses treat merit uf MM thuine. 1'wiV Din* uitthenta by a largo chonw n thee, ittle man, Harvfooi boy with cheeks of tan! W. \V. SOCIALAFPAK^ "^BIRTHDAY DINNER INCLUDING EXAMINATION Petroleum Carbon Coke - j ~ • • •^ Motor than hard coal $9.00 per ton de- .4 livered in Bock Falls jor Sterling. t ' V Johnston'LumbcrICo, Telephone No, 88 Kfumblei contains the phot* phate«, mineral salts find the protein, which doctors say nil children need. Mr. mid Mrs. Ixiuiu Kophimu-r taiiifd u, tiutnlu-r of fricmlti mid relative UL ilinnVr Hunday in honor <if the Intti-i's birthday. Tho .pvu-Mts \vert> M««. Krtul iiunnx and ittu ttna#, jUltw •Maiie K«*|i)iamer, of Sierling, uml % tr, and Mrs. lii-nry Cas^on* and 1'aiiiily, «-t Look for tltla olgnatur* All MEET WITH Tin- l'ro«bytcri)ui Woiwn'st Miwttou« ury pinciyty will meet at tht> home wf Mrs. S.'•';. Crawford. \\VM FourtbjHt and ,\\f. U, «.uj WediK-xday ujf' Ail Utdlt*t> of llic cluDvli ari> «iul UK- jmigrum will bi» cunicd nut »w ,publisi\t'il iii Ujt.- So<'ivt>'M calendar. Th*'~ h>'M4'j.hi-.s uf tht* ot'citBJotj will bit Mru. A. liichtnu*y«<r, Mts W, IV Ictt, .\lift KlU.ttu-ib \Vls,« tind Alrn. Rimmed.or .Rimless, the Eye Glasses have the veTy J$tetet GEN* UINE SHUR-ON mounting, on and off with one haiuTTne Frames or Mounting's are of extra quality Gold Filled Guaranteed. Each Eye is examined separately by an Expert and-the Lenses ground to^ord^r. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high SEWING CLUB. uti'iB Si'WiiiB t'lub ul l't»urjh Ui!i will tin 1-1 ifiH f.tnittg ! tnt-itibto .H»- ionll.tM\ .in- grade Glasses at a very~lovv post. '•^ff^ ^^Bl^^ ' ^K^ • ^lill^^ flBPS^pp- 9^^jiSf^ .MHIjPplp aBP ^IMIPi™" ^^P •ly liiu^agoi' of, H.oigul (W>|uu' & Co.'tj optical iU"']tartiaei)t in First Avenue anaJBust .Third St., Sterling", III > -'' r - Over Obermiller's Store - peil Phona 101-VV

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