Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 14, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
Page 2
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-STERLING. ILLINOIS; TUESDAY.-N0V7 U. DIXIE FLYER Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta Lv. Ch^ftgo 10 25 p. m. Ar. J*d«onvrHe 7:25 *, m. <?«xl<fey) Take a sightseeing trip through the sunny south on v^ur way to FioricJa. See the battlefield region and the Tennessee mountains. The Dixie Pxoute is shortest and mest scenic way ^ via- - ..... ; ..... - .......................... ; ' . " ...... " ' ' .......... ' \*m CX *••• Jin - (Chicago A Ea»l«rn Hliaoii Railroad) To Florida Improved equipment — Observation cars, Drawing-room i)V*pef i, Compirtm^nt car* «rxf Diners • Dixie Limited will b»! in wrvk* on *ft<i *ft*f JuntMify 8th, l»*ving Chicago it 11)0 t. In. *r»d Arriving Jacbom'iHe at 7:30 p. tn n*« day. Florida trip. Lwe fattt now in tffttt. Let*>! title jwtt p/<w ~. " .1 J. r. GOVAN, Central Afient 108 West Adaras St. Chicago, HI. CHILD'S TONGUE BECOMES IF CONSTIPATED WHEN CROSS, F|VER!SH AND SICK GIVE "CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS" f.(V '.Vill !!<•' Stop J,!: !.-,-.«,-.]«. $!)«• r<"M tichtly ckijtced np liv<-r fh'«n »~-;it. infr vtnni,-irh Mother! . :- full «'f f.iin. "li.i« w-rf thront. •;!!'!<!• or (Harrlitx/;!.««n. ft*-*' if ti'inirue i.« coated, then ........,... _ nip of Fit,»H," ami In n few hour* all t'!>p I'tinjttlpritf'd 'tvn'sfo. )«ow 1'lle and until" K("!t<»«i food pA*«<"t oss! <>f th« vy-rHf-m. nnd you have. n will, pj.-iyfiil child s of ffioihf-rfl givp "Criilfornln Syru|> -of MRS" l.frnti^ if i* I'") f<-< tly harmless; chlkltMi k»vc> "it, nml It m'ver fails t«> net on the stomach, liver and howf-K Ask your druggist for n 6«-CA x nt bottle of "Cflllfftrnln Syrup of Fia*," which hf»s,fittl directions for 1>»1>U'«. children of nil IIKCH anil for ftruwn-ups plainly printed on th«« ty'tlle, Hi-ware of cuun- torfcitji Fold here, Ot th« noiiuine, made by th<* "California Fte Syrup Company," lU-fiiRt* ni»y other kind with Pill -! ;.'T nn.mi'' 5f« Hfiirv <'i\ il.\\:ir tn «"«> »1f-;i!' ( V In siitnc- Nh !( \",-i;i S.-uit. :,rin x triH-r rjnri<,n I'rotlir-r of. tlfi : X Wl < 'lark. He sr-rvrO ..V. !»th ln\\ft. nml i ( "inti.'iFiv tvitli our COUGHS ''' V ORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 14, 1916. WILL PUW DIXON fl6rorri«on Regulars to Battle Dixon for W & Championship. •Phe Morrison :amt! for iw : > (Slants to b< have ly wUlt the played nt the fair rtUndH Tn_thiM i-uy. Thi) Idc tfie cliamproiTHTiTp' of~ni>' part of llllnolH. Dlxon IH mild to ivo an all-Ktar team, having wot irji all the other iea'ms In thla par the country ami- their men weigh r on an nveraKe of iJifi pounds, Oii han not lo«t n jjame thin HeaKoi aHboUK'h they average twent> IPHH than their opponents In ht thev.are confident they • MEETS JHURSDAY Ladies' Aid Society Will Hold An All- Day Meeting. Tin: LadieH* Ate church will tioltt aii f.!"ty of th<^ M. K. .;•! day mcctlnu In the church next Tintcsday. I.unch will wTITt'>«' *«"' VeU'TTrTToT'TrTTv"Til?" jrifT"ni>cTeT~y".~~ All "VvTnVliiiA'i In fruit for the We.Mey Hoxpital and Old 1'eopie'n Home, please d«i *o that day RO they can y pack the barr«»l« a* (iu-.v mtixt bo Kvtit off before It Bctn too cidd. jrrfnon If a good crowd will come ; to support them, All those, who ih to «eo a real foot ball Bamo lid not rniw« thin one next Sunday A SIX-THIRTY DINNER l Dinner Party at Hall Homo Saturday Evening. r.— and Charles Macklln and Miss l^lor- .^r Anjjell entertained forty ^ 'nix-thirty diniivr at uie Hall home lowest AVull wtrcei 8iituriUv>' even|,_ Following the dinner ._!«». » i v««nlnsr ij>lea\fiaiitjy spiFnt with six handed «>ucliro THE •BIG-BELT BROKE lit *Wftioh Dr!v«» Dynamo at Llbby Plant Broka Monday. tie belt on the tmBlno which is used tho dy«nmo that furnishes t power at (he Wbbyjnilk. plant onsMonday mornlntr awl as a re- part of tho factory was clos- off until the t/trlt could- bo ~re* ;Saf<^y First r&t tihe first sign 6f a cold take— UININE END INDIGESTION OR STOMACH PAIN IN FIVE MINUTES "Pape'» Qiapepsin" wakes tick, tour, gatiy Btomachc feel ' • .. . fine. Time It! In five minutes nil utomneh rtlfitresH will no. No indlKesllbn. heartburn, wnirm'HS or belchltiK of Bt»«. aqld, or eructations of undigested food, no dizziness, bloating. foi«l breath or head-ache. Pnpe'a DlaiK'tinln is noted for its speed in reKUlatiiiK tipHet ~ NEARLY COWPLETED Hall . In Two Week», The New Odd Fellows Hall is near- JIIK completion and it |j^ expected that tho new »i«arters will be ready for occupancy in nbou* two weeks. They expect to (vU'brans the event by Jnl- tinK a cliiHH'of about twenty'candi- dates. , • ' - faTri~lhdr«esUon remedy in tho whole world, and besides it Is harmless. Millions of mon and women now eat .their favorite food* without fear— they know l-'ape's Diapepsln will save them from any stomael* misery. .... T'leasc, for your sake, get a larun llfiy-cent case, of Tape's Dlnpepsln from any drtijj store uiid put your stomach right. Pon't keep, on beln« too whtitt— y«u~ 't»fB : not here long, so mako your stay agreeable, . Kat what you llko and dlecst it; enjoy it, without dread of jrcbelllon In the stomach. Papc's Dlapepsin belongs .in your home anyway. Hhould on& of the font* ily,eat sometHlnj? which don't ajrreo with them, or in case 'of an attack of indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis or stomach, derangement at daytime or 11*11 ij-'S'i"^ orders-' Kirst, he s-irtx- *"ns 'if vf.f»-:-a:ij! for-thi-lr *ij*,<IMrui' f :<- l;n*> N:iti* ':*! Kn>~arnp* mem :tt K;iitK,-i« «'lfy and ii.motx our Post. • iVimmnnilor with nn Aide rt> Camp jijijwtintnicnt which sires him rijtht to ride a horse In all imrstdfiS with the ct-mrnamb-r and bin siaiT, and we all kn<»«' h"\v hi* would look u h«>n mounted. • , ('ointuilo Van Sant Ins lately met a knotty i|ii« >"ti"n, H'* was asked by . f-omt- pntiiotSe i-uli r. or p'Th.ips an iti- ilfvl'Ittal, ;<s to thr ttordlntr -the |>ur- jioMej» aiid penalties of the "Fins? Ijtw." He knows the '!< % «ml polntH In reference to ><so ami ;Unw of fins ob,»<-name*, but not of the Atiitnte.i rallfil the "I"lag Lav.'," if there i"s pnqli n «'<'r.ta!n la"'. It muRt In- nbont as blind as the Oraud Army button law. Comrade Moslcr bids HIP Tost a few rrionlha "Rood-bye." whllo he Kurt's himself In southern clime. Murlnc bin ab,«eneo hi* chair at the Adjutant t^- ble will. h* 1 tilled by Comrade I. Mc- Klnny, m« Scrst, .Major to Comrade Heffly. When I was Down Town To-day I Causht Cold i was Mils Goldie Harrington Employed at Johnson Market. • Miss Gold.le Harrington, who hna •en employed for nome time at -tiie MorrlHon Steam Laundry, hn« accepted u new position an bookkeeper at th<4 Kd. JoluiHon Meai Attirket, Florence Moore and MnVlct Dnvl« be employed at tho laundry.' THE Y. Y.TCLUB MET Pleaiantly Entertained by Mlit Ely Monday Evening. Marjory Kly pleawintly 'eriter- ininwl the V, V, Y. her homo on Bust Wall street Monday evening;. T'lio lours were Kociully spent with needle work and a dainty lunch was serywl. the quickest, surest relief known. a.vlsk at the homo of her brother in D. Pond him returned from a vlnit of a month with " r.i>l(it!y<!» ut. Bamboo, Win. Ml»» Grayce Carl returned to her home in Sterling Monday after a week- i-iul Visit. with MiHH Marjory Jarboc«, Mrs. W, H. Kundy wt»nt tw Miss Marjory Jarhoe went to Frees week's visit at the xirt Monthly iomo uf her roiiHln, Mrs, Oxcar Kuntz. Horman «nc>»t Monday Mrs. with W,. In Sterling'. It. Cremt>unu nnd Rov. Irnnnfm wt'nt to DIxnn Monday to tlt«»nd a m«««tinK of the Hock Kiver if into try. From r l}t^on Hov. Crempann will go to Chicago for a wlmrt stay. Joe Htaiilt>y went to Clinton on _ Adejbert IJftk vl.^UillK QraysvlUA Mrs. II. E. Burr or u ftnv days, having Htoppod -in Mor- Inon for u short time on hl« w»y to luho; • » , II. I* Tottltt and Mrs. M. R, vitiltt>d in Clinton Monday. Mitt." F. TVimtwatn has returncU from Monday for u few days' visit with rol,a- tlves, . „ • - ' Ht-iibon (Jarwlck wpent - Monday in S tori I UK on biiMlnosa, H««nry Thoh-n went to Chieaso Monday where ho will take n course In the : floctrlc llfjhtlnK and sturtins of au>' tomoblk'K. August Jaeger wont to Difon on busr Ini'HH Jf onday. '."... \V, X. Humphn'y was a piibHenKtT to Chliuijjo Monday. William Urcarton pxpects to Ifav* tomorrow for Aberdeen. 8. D., where he will *i>«n«l some time un l«i» farm near .there, Mr.- and Mrs. Frank llarrott expect to leave Wetlnesday for Evnnsvilks Ind.. whor« "they will make their future home, They will 1»« accompanied by Mrs. G*org*>- UafKiiiger. Mrs, tJeorge Slaser and daughter, Edna, have returned from a wwk's visit with rolfttives in Fulton. D.'Oullagher went to Fulton on bupl* A PLEA FORJOB WHITE He Savef- The Fli*m«rr Millians Of __ ---------- Dollars Annually. ^ O'A'tnt* nnd T-lsh Warden rio<1ney~T'. Turnet' r<»»niej«t«d that the ff/Howing he jiulHished by The. . 'Pleiw, farmer friend, may I speak before, you sho'it'.' 1 «m H«b 'white, Tt is my cheery whistle that -comes to 'you through the ghostRrtty • jnist of tho mornlriK, my covey, call that echoes o'er hill and dale us die* the day.' =TiF r wFIy ::: ^TniBg«!m writes, hi pink h«t proclarnatliws • -«>f plenty 1, in orchards, ileldst and pastures, iK'gin my battie-«Ri»(nst insect tiests.- Then when cotncx th(- wondrous whi«e of winter, lulling Into peace* the >!alrtis and crowning* with heavenly u'JiltencsK the hills, 'f still a?n here- Still working to'lnerease the next har- veHt. s\II winter long I labor, eating the seeds /.of nf>xKi' » <•• <;ed», , _jlioivi_ma4ty— Jitigs— tuul-JMuHlea — ami weed"- seeds do V eaf 1 ? Well, 1 wonder! I cannot way, but here is what science says:' '"Kighty-livo different weed weed* make Hp in part Bi;h White's bit! of Crops have been 'found packed "Got my feet wet and my clothes damp, dressed rather warm and I weht from one store to another and I caught cold, I felt the effects coming home and I could hardly talk—'ker choo, my f *' "John you go right over to the drug store and get me something for this cold, I feel so miserable and all fagged out" (John goes to the nearest drug store and gelc a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery Iqpcoughs and colds.) *Tm so glad you got Dr. King's New Discovery, John. Why 1 remember when I was a little girl how mother used to give pie this for colds, it's certainly pleasant to take and soothes the irritated throat and relieves me congestion, tihe first spoonful makes me feel better already, 1 * John says: "The druggist told me that Dr. King's New Discovery was- an old preparation and that he had sold it as longjas he has had'the store and wheii he^ usedJ:o _be_-_a_ drug, clerk. He felt pretty sure it would fix your cold and I had seen it advertised. Qad you found an old mend." You try it. IWOULDWTHIN with ragweed seeds and "as many as i;o()0 secils of; tlM> crabRrass have been taken .from -one bird. A single men Contained about 10,000 O. M. Sworm, of Dlson, was a bu»l- nvtss visitor in city Monday, seeds.' Crops and glststards examined in government laboratles havo yielded rifty-st'wii kinds- of beetles, twenty- seven varieties of bugs, nine* grasH- hop)>ers and locusts, and thirteen different sorts of --caterpillars, . besides mils. Hies, wuttps and spider. _A teaspoonful tff chinch bugs has ln>e.n taKcn from one (|iuvll, and an udult bird has been known to eat 5.0UO plant lice in two hours. Bob White feeds upon the boll-wevll, cabbage.' worms. cttcttmber beetles, sijuakh s bugs, t?ras,s- chinch bugs, the army. worm REDUCE WEIGHT 10 POUNDS OR «-.• MORE. "I'd ctytMiniy-Rlve nio»it aiijihlni; to be able to r*'ituc<> a fi-w iinund.i futd stay that way," declares 'vvi-ry exci-a- Hlvly fat inftn «r svotnun. Such a reoull IH not impoH«ili!t< dfupit* 1 .pact falluri'n, Mont fat people an- the vle- tims of Hupernutrl'tion. a ci>nditii»n 4v4iie-h—pr«vjMit«—tlte-rf a H y- -rltwtni I»—trf- fiioil from bt'iiiK coiiKunn-d by the blond. IiiHti'rxl of .only itiirii-hinK the bhwMl, much uf the fat producing '".'.CIWIIIH ai-i* deposited in'different tiLirtK'iif "tin- l.inly vvhwii they don't b"loji^. To corrtN't thin coiifTjiitin and to [iro- dut'i" a healthy normal distribution tli<' nutritive pniCfHsj-M inu^t'ln- urtiijcitilly supplied with tbo which nadirc IUIH la-thin tn tuir liy and / many other Insect pestB."- What j«iy do I demand for thus helping you in your light against weeds and in reducing the annuel insect bill (.f |800,000,««»OV Why 1 ask only thnt I Up let |Ive. Dead, I am only a small morsel of meat; alive. I make it easier fur you ami yours to live. Spare, me and I will serve you. I s i lea U not In opposition to true Hpuilmauvhip but against unrestrained slaughter. Todjiy our numbers are. fi-w. Tomorrow we may be no more. fat-burninK power dented, lilt-in. Tht.<( can probably b«- b«.«t a'ccomplirthed by tuUiaK an oil of ICorcin i-a|>su|i- witli every meal. Kor«-in is a careful coiu^ binatlon of "splendid, fa I-retiming rl«'- mi'iit.s, and Itw rapid effect, hast bi-en iu -many caKen rt-portrd remarkable. Koportcd reductionn of from 10 to ;T. Our ccniiiM is practical us w'hown by tlie^rrnnr'that _ln Inventlon-s that have by tii'> fact, that in inventions that navi- labor and tnak«' IlviiiK morn comfort- abin tin- AlncHcaiiH have ,'l creat h-;ul iiV'-r'all th*' r«-«t uf t!n< worbl. . In cuncluslun'-Mr. Hrcd said 'thut. ns.'t)n« list mi»:lii MEDICINES i,Htr KniniUnoihcrM were Iti the. Virtues i.f the licibH of tin- fit-Id, They visii'd to uatlftT mid wlorn rootH and h«'tb.i and ti«<* them to cure tll« Hjll- ^H-nt;* of tbi'ir ffunlthw.-—w<»rtiMV'*o»l, Ha«»n rue, cauiomjlw- and un ut U*n -J% . . Americans secur^l. the population Unit jhenllnK plants with which they itiailo « i!irii'i« h.-i.s" tu the ij»iile w«- will have'fc and sume iiiti-llt-i'l unit .lead Hint, we s< f««njtl!ir, .. __i vtr.'icis from ju?>l MIK.-II fcood old rootw ^ dniKJflwt, One Much and h»>rbw.- frnm tlu r^'iitly |ir«-|iareil for 11 i*i ini-dii'iTi««. which wUl i'.~ta.hlihih 'already have iu |Hj|itJ< ; .iil idean and practical me (hods ami inwmiohrt. That w«- have alt UH> 4iait»h:iHtieM of the world i'n i.uc ]u»pit> jtUeir own. ailmc-ntM, !,f.Un litiiitn and can develop thi» he«t of their | l.ytlia K nnthnial traStK, In .another century; pound. America will be the intellectual center j—'-—-.-- -of tlu« world a* H IH now the motn cntary one. - women tlhd bent for well-known I able Com- i!.-litt'f Detitschland to (la«li j fur tho DEUTSCHLAND IS READY pei'fv'Ctly natural and harmlens, Oil of Korean in wold by I'rcil H. Mberley and' other good drufftfl>j|H in tho sealed laboratory packages. • y,_ -! • t ' --" National Bank NEWS OF THE G. A. R. . " By 6eo, 0, John, The HterTliiK-d. A. If. l\wu W«s held tho eleventh day of the t'lnvenih month'' I'JKi, 'between the hntim uf 7:00 and 8:00, with all oilU-ers it\ their places and a Rood number of others preacnt. Stop the Little Leaks arc noarly always small, tlu-refore w** pay HUlo attention to tlu'in. Final 1)% tJjc.V become Inrtft* ami ^s"c. arc MirjH'isod I hy tail' great l«)ss, Chir 115" Wcci<ly HaviiiAs i'liib will tako caic uf these h-aks for \ou. A }'<nv jno- uientH will he enough to i>.\{>lain thu method 'iu you. *• ^ Tht» biiHlnesH budget at thlsi meeting n;i« p^-ettv lar*c<», and seme good UiIkH \vert* made, but nothiitj; sukl that Hounded" "vigorous," Not vvun \VH«ou'« or !{tjM>K>j»' ytimu w^ro mt>ntUm» ftj «r that'-wf \V? \V. l)uvt». The dfuih W one Post nieinbor AMERICAN "KULTUR" Was Subject Of Evan r. Eeed'8 Address At People's Forum . Sunday Evening. !• The speaker at "the People's Forum t the Csilvnry Baptist church Hundn.v eveiilnj; wax Kvun 1<. Heed, of Hock Falls, ,'uul «i« Mildreds wa,H Ustcned _ tu with pleuHiire by a lar«« 'crowd. wa«} one of tlu^o tin-it injluenc- i«(l liy \S'astiiiiKton to pre.ierve a per- fec-t. unvarying coriHiHti'ijcy of cliar- uctcr thrnuKh tlio v**ry ln>si /tct, . Wo n!m> WUH KaNtnn»Uo, another lieutenant of Wu.sliiiu;toi>, W )lo fell rttihtinK for I'oliimi'rt 111^1 iy, Simon. Bo-iivar, the North Afiii-ric.ut Hl.cniior waa ulso arutalcil liy .\iin-i iile»ln, and every IlKht for Jil.eity tn the lawt ha.-» been iuBpiml l»y the e,\- f the KTcfc i. republic. -While in the field of idealK, howe\er, t»ur ill- fUu>nct>~ had been lifiietii-ji-nt In our livntmcnt of imr*vlvt<H w»' have often .been content with poon'f institution* than the KoVerutllent of lex* liberal than our own and while the havi ' much le«* poliiicul liberty they are much bettVr taken care of by their, Koveniinentw. Our inefficient ((election uf city officiate, p p»»«x.. i)iusU-)«, and the institution uf the "i'ork Uuml" were (<pol; t -u of ntt m- Mtanceti of |««ir ^overunieot niiviy met with abru-ul. AUhou^i) \ve \\ili have to admit iliat in ih>< line arttt of ifii-i/ttuH- X-w. t«<r than the H«-r cars;o \va;t Hiitel-y- «Unv d and i»r hands were ready for inHant nhlp- "~~~ '"" iinent and minors are cjirr*'Hi it!:it «hft i». Conn.. Nov. M. — 0|<1; will make a run for it any hour. Storma expel-in. cuHt speculative l.ft.sft nule. a >:aie .on tin- wuy here and . even vkyward today and allowed it w.-uijif the .present n' K«vat chance for tin* submarine fo-i js ju*t ab reported, that of Comrade .Moorehuuse, who waa 'taken out o'f the state for burial His won, o^ l)c»« &t»lnriii, lavvu, wriii-H iiui k to <Vmrade,> here much appt-'HilntfioiT £»ir vvbut Sh-rlmj? i'ost did fti-- bui luilter aiivl tai-ui^ kin. Why Shamed b : . Blotchy S Sterling Illinois Jl ajw a piun or \v»ril piun»lj' efcuj, }om know just ~ti> "Ita vff" t fea t' ttomittsttiairr -bark s w friend*, Many a flow you lutw 'tU» wlrrur «iwt *t»B««d that would IH* Uiw» otht-r i«»<>iiU» tnat - Jf.-y<m will tn tu the drupisht'ninj invcure n J*. I*. l>., the tf>''**''»t of oil ifeiu • 5-j«r» f<T tut- stRtiii!.' Jf.-y< the drupislht'ninj invcure n in»tH'.' ot - JiH. i'.i a »tvnt ' l'> ll !« lltcd's 'KulUm" H'' stated that « great di»- Unetbm hu* ti> Iw* miulw l>sHw.evu "<*uU tuiVj" vlijclt \v«^<jnlfi»!lrrty ujMlorst.ind UM a MU't' of ivil,i«*nn-'ni! p «»iul ih.- "Kui* lur," v-tlin'h .trountt HO much t'ttinmcnt wlun at tlu- cointtn itci IIHVU of the wji tlu- iitin:uiM u«e U HI connection will* the cpiViid of thtir tti-tltution^ id,d u.i- tiuil.-i. T!H'> liticd it ill ilie Jii-li ii of th«rm«ui civilisation »«> tiwit the deriso4\ wluch Hie world KJeeu-d the claim tu "Kul.tur" «tt lU*.» tuuv U«ut their im.uliitK urtniesi W«TO O ch!iri:«-d with utrociti"* was tnuihly tliu« u> tin- fuel tllttt the «ulU W-U» UOt lls»ej| in the M-u*e that we onijuariiy utuler*tand H. -Mi", Hted'p.ud'u !UKI> lunule to the "KuJtui ' jrul cfftcii'iicy "f the <»*'r- nuui>, tiutnide _uf itjetr poiitioul _ini>H- lM « ilii'li It-pl't '<H Hie' huilH- up thi' Kt lie, Hftil wii | tli:it Kculptitre and phtlo>ophy in Kr hui.irship, v\e baldly as yet with Nut Cake is simply delicious jwhen made with KG BAKING POWDER Pure—Healthful—Economical The'highest grade of baking powder possible to buy and your money relunded if it feils to satisfy. ASk your dealer. Mfg. Co., Chicago ilPIPmii^^Hli^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^HHmHHMMHlHH^^^^IH^^^^^^^^^^^^D^^^^^r ""^^V ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^'^^^^^^•^^•^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^WI^flPBPHIPBBP^BWUBI^BI^^^^^^^^^^'W^^^'^'^^^'^'^^JJS^^^^^^^^^"'' The Automatic Sealing Burial Vault | lllost f«'U thili !.i'lv"<il* th.ft i.l Tie ' OUT Uf l», l>, ttiai Uu » -%t^f * If titi,!!,!'' t< .Hi Sia» ! 1!1 Id,' ' Iti'e till \\ttt 1. JUI'I t. H ENPfllCK'S D R UQ STORE, ,• .tn "Kitltut ' bovv- t h >! li.' 1 Ut-im.iit-s 'howt-il hiiW Atii.^j - b,nl i ) iiit^il tl.i- M.Uil |{e\> llUl»ll *i«nl l..l't <>t '.tt U.I !l!~t (u l. ill iu» it Ul<t.(l{.l' ut Si.i Ht.ll" !•• Suffer From Piles Mori Btnutuful'than Stone cr Steel, , no mat ter hftw totg f«r how to your UrugBlfet t«Uay und t' fcltu * of l a 5.* ua fn cur^s A froe tn plain Pile Tr.-.ut««-«t. l. nml ;v «.>«»«!»> trul t»a< S,.u,*> if" you \\:ii 1>. I"' ur. «if leilif(>|.-ed <oin-reic. wl'b elVloUh to )i|<)itmit> as K»-'>". 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