Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont on August 16, 1973 · Page 1
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Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont · Page 1

Bennington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1973
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Sunny Friday Clearing and sunny this afternoon with hih today in 4ie 70s. Low toTHKht in the 50s. Mostly sunny Friduy with hinh again in the 10 - Yeiterday - 6 high 6 (lowest this summer), loiv 5'J. Today at 7 a.m. CO. Haln since yesterday .33 inch, Sunset 7:53, sunrise 6:08. Benningto aimer Wt - ckly . founded 1M1, Daily 1903 15 Cents Bennington, Vermont, Thursday, August 16, 1973 Nixon reasserts innocence Elf 3f it tr ftf TV V t R 4" IL 3 - LL f ff I T p PARKING f"J ' ! m "ft IS a' I T ft' 5 ' ' Z. - iuiiJ A J WASHINGTON (UPI) - become clear after mote than President Nixon said Wednes - two million words of testimony ;v.i it Ie, thn ..cimnlp Thnt it has "hemmft increasins - truth" that he is innocent of ly absorbed in an effort to guilt in trie Watergate aiion. uuimuaie me ncsmtni ciau.. - He suggested Senate invesliga - ally in the illegal activities that tors help solve the country's took place." problems instead of trying to His television address was on him. suiciiraii ... . 4. ..WH I..W. cnaifi nharrfn hp rlpflt With him in demanding that the was the claim by John W. Dean Senate end us Hearings un in, ma un .m ., Watergate ana turn me mauer uumiaci, mm .. "over to the courts where the warned as early as last questions of guilt or innocence September that a Watergate hpinno cover - up was under way. Nixon's remarks, mode in a On the contrary, Nixi half - hour television address .hi, save me no from the Oval Office, were a whatever to believe that n said, . clear signal to his critics that he was coming out fighting others were guilty." And on top uus, ne saiu ueai Proposed expansion of the Monument Plaza .Shopping Center wilt marc than double Grant City, add parkland several new stores. One idea unM make Hicks Avenue, one - way south - bound to avoid another traffic bottleneck. The developer has proposed to the stale Highway Hoard in move the main entrance to thesoutk. Expansion endorsed for Monument Plaza after four months of self - testimony had been enntradict - imposed silence on the scandal ed hy the 34 other witnesses that has wrecked the upper before the committee, echelons of his staff and sent had no prior knowledge of his popularity rating to an all - tj,e - Watergate operation. T time low. neither took part in nor knew He declined to answer any of aD(mt any of the subsequent the specific charges of wrong - cover - up activities. I neither doing raised during the 37 days authorized nor encouraged of Watergate testimony on subordinates to engage in grounds that "it would be illegal or improper campaign neither possible to provide nor activities," Nixon said, appropriate to attempt a "That was and is the simple definitive account of all that truth." took place." As he had on Hay 11 in a Itather, he sought to convince previous public statement, the public that foes bent on his bran said it was not until political destruction were pre - March 21 when Dean came into venting an innocent President his office and laid out the whole from solving inflation and other st0ry that he became aware of "We must not stay so mired V ness stem m& aamHb emfitf&wwfrdtm asw Goldwater: Talk fails to divert suspicion Hy J AN SLU" SMON The Bennington Planning Commission Wednesday night granted preliminary approval to a fl0a,000 expansion uf the Monument Plaza shopping center. Watnro.lte thsl wii fall to respond to the challenges of surpassing Importance to America and the world," he "We cannot let an obsession said, with the past destroy our hopes i far n.. future ... These are mOC matters that will not wait, They side of the present property and Barbara Jean last night, those a store near Norlhside Drive problems were cleared up, but next to DeMarca's Sporting the commission had numerous Goods other questions about the Plans for the addition were project: " first presented to the com - Wdliam Bennett, an attorney vin.1 anm - nosl is r - nntinsent planners pomtea out a Liimue. ve u um """"' tn Nivon said that while the on receipt by the commission of Xne elevations with the move the entrance to the center SSTnnT - JZZVJL, tedbv drf'naRe' ..... hrh Ray Carey, a principal of scheduledto open in March 1975, will be biilt by the Barbara - Jean Realty Cd. of Cambridge, Mass., a major developer of shopping centers around New England. BarbaraJean owns the existing center, which has Grants, Firs! National and a number of smaller stores. The proposed addition would agencies conducting the investigations and because I believed the reports I was getting, 1 did not believe the newspaper accounts of a cover - up," he ns ronvinced Ui at there was no cover - up because I was convinced that no one had anything to Dairy M. Goldwater believes President Nixon failed to say anything in his Watergate report that will tend to divert suspicion from him, The former Republican presidential candidate made the assessment Wednesday night after Nixon addressed the nation on televisiun. But Gold - water also said he stood behind the President in his appeal that the country, get on with more urgent business. Goldwater said it appeared to 'him that "the President did not add anything to bis other car.hnc II.:. t uJmlH tonfi tO divert suspicion from him," He made on the Watergate scan - Canadian premiers, Democratic dal," but he s.iid there stul will chicl executive iiiuinaaoai - .u., "who flan i oeueve tae oi vermum. "f Rep. Richard Mallary, K - Vt., said his opinion remained unchanged that presidential tape recordings relating to Watergate should be made available to investigators. In Charlotletcwn, Prince Edward Island, where New England governors are meeting this week with northeastern pointment with the President's speech. He said he was "singularly unimpressed" by the speech which had "absolutely nothing new in the way of content. "I had great difficulty believing the President. In some ways it was an affront to the See REACTION Page 2, Col. 5 S from" if present location initially to uncover facte about See EXPANSION the bugging at the Democratic Page IE, Col. 2 nauuilfll lie.iuu,Liiu Tax is proposed to replace Vt. beverage container law nhilosoDhieal vein. Nixon said, however, he stood behind said he recognized that the Nixon "in his appeal for term "Watergate" had come to Americans to recognize existing mean far mure than the and obvious dangers to our burglary of the national Demo - Republic, our economy and the cratic headquarters. good of the nation and the MONTPEI.IKR (UPI) - live to mnuttee on Retail Busi - f" tt "l" Mrt from JJtotTiJnJ. jsed aacution wouiu menneQieRisiaiiuiL.uicjn.oi".. - - - r4 ., include a 57,000 square foot state's leverage container law Kep "ZcZT i ISte Llouor Board member to the Grants brn wrng, f"" replace - u wmi i i - ' " Robert Picher also appeared be - mics lists,' for efforts to use the great institutions of government actions and promised greater candid, honest and Generally, reaction from offi cialdom to the President's Sen. John Tower, R - Tex,, said i "trams, much as vigilance against them. should be required." Sen. Nixon defended his aecisinn tcuniinn uriusjuu, u - maine, and south side of the present The Waterbury Republic! buildings. There would also be presenleu , ! draft of the bill additional parking on the south Wednesday to the Joint lgisla - Petition protests Pownal liquor site By GEOFFREY LHATiviiin, cen ... r" I, w Z. .h.mnin, - POWNAT. A pet tion V protesting selection of a si e at l J Tanblanchi. Ealler nB wiis trying to Green Mountain Raceway for a &erWt build me complex get the state "out of the gar - new state htw dn is being fiase Tanbianchi.s land. bage business and the muntci - circulaled here amid a flurry of he ,a nfll a partv pai,ies hack Mo iv questions and rumors con - petition, but he does The estimated l.6 million cerning the choice, made by the tne board.3 that wfluld raised under the Uquor Control Board on July 26 4 ng obtained a m Mrater plan WDud g0 to the , Disputed in the petition is the d sef. mlmicpaiittesbr environmental wisdom of the choice for ; reasons stoe - m Man. cfi pro)ects of the public good. We are , haa tten Sen. William Doyle, a Repub - unanimouv; the document says, dTr - '' H lican aiso opposed Meaker's our ust me ijquor Commissioner Harry plan, if it would close the door Walker of Stowe, contacted by on statewide recycling. The Banner this morning, defended the board's decision as "in the best interest of the state." The state is not obliged TO three other members of the pan - hy one member to have board ei limit off premise beer and wine Rep. Maedean Bartlett, D - licenses to grocery stores and Richford said the present law small newsstand operations, should be given a chance before It was felt that this wouid other legislation Is passed tain - eliminate discount stores from ering with it. getting licenses and underpne - on PranV Smallwnod. R - ing the local arocer. Windsor County, voiced opposi - lion to the Meaker plan. Small - . wood said the Meaner cm couia MYBWlinflSS avwwee recyc - , records of Watergate conversations which could clear up the conflicting claims of his former associates. To do so would cripple all future presidents by inhibiting conversations between them and their advisers and make it impossible for them to fjet the candid advice needed to do their job, he said. he was "not impressed" and found it difficult to understand how Nixon could be "totally ignorant" of the actions of high officials of his administration. Bui Sen, George Aiken, R - Vt., dean of Senate Republicans, said he thinks the speech on Watergate "will be a big help tn the chief executive. He called the address "the strongest statement the President has 'Enemies' greet speech with groans and jeers NEW YOltK (UPI) About 300 official and unofficial "White House Enemies" gathered at a New York restaurant Wednesday night to groan and jeer at President Nixon's televised Watergate address. The party was hilled as "An Evening With the Enemies" In honor of those listed by presidential aides as White House enemies. The list was disclosed hi testimony at the Senate Watergate hearings. Those attending paid J3B apiece, f20 to pay for the party and tlO going to the Repor ters' Committee for Freedom of the Press. Among those on the enemies list at the parly were realtor . ..... rr.J: f I M Olo.nrl MnH VHA riUlririnfl. !1 former aide' to Mayor John V, iindsay, and commentator Murray Kcmpton. They joined outers to watch the President's address, which was greeted with "groans, growls and just plain belly laughs at strategic points," according to one of those attending. Later, Off Track Betting Chairman Howard Samuels was master of ceremonies for some political satire and an award was presented to Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for their Watergate coverage. The reporters, who were nDt present, were given a small silver shovel. The engraving on Ihe handle said 'Keep Digging," Museum locates original letter detailing the Battle oi Bennington - . . . c 11H - .., hie Vvipn nalftln0tlpH trt Wnrk On th Control Board and the liquor commissioner can and should secure the site for their needs which is better suited for the genera public, access, egress and general safely being of primary importance." Apparently a peripheral Issue, although not stated m the petition, is the question of why the Green Mountain bid was accepted over another, lower bid. Green Mountain, represented by realtor and state Sen. T. Garry Buckley of Bennington, bid to lease a 7,000 - square - foot building for t3 per square toot. The store, a self - service facility, would be part of a small shopping center located on what is now an unused parking lot at the track. But Manchester developer and shopping center owner William Szerbik submitted a bid for the same amount of space in similar structure for 12.65 per square foot. S?erblk says his facility, too, would be part of a shopping The so - called Joseph Hudd. equal 10 nur,Bel mu vk - . , , h thelale lAtTZ tXT "mall part of this on the proposal, but indicated it would vote on it at its next meeting In September. Tn ihr pnmmitteft husiness. accept the lowest bid, and representatives of the state Tax Walker says the board is Department appeared to recom - See POWNAL SITE mend repeal the personal Inyen - Pagelfi.Col.l lory tax and replacing it with a Jllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIUBIIMII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'I Wimi" illlliMIIIIIIIIIIIIW On the Inside Steel rides at head of parade of higher p rices - Page 2. ACLU (Session Tuesday at Park - McCullough House outlines function of the group Page 3. Tom Braden explains the silence of Democrats on Watergate - Cblurnnist Satire hints of some cover - up In an Ervin committee safe Page. 5. Supt. Sleeman discounts rumor about sewage problem at Pownal school Page 6, Dover town manager taken to task and the. task - taker challenged Page a. Broadway production to close out WiUiamstown season - Page 9. More about tonight's Generals - Old Timer J! game - Page 12. DodgersslunibUngon way topennant? Page 13. action Bennington Museum and placed genealogical library. The letter had been feared lest to history, Joseph Rudd (1740 - IS18), as a first lieutenant, was second in command of Capt. Elijah Dewey's company on Aug. 16, 1777, when It participated as one oftwoVermontcompaniesinthe Battle of Bennington. Under date of Aug. 28, 1777 10 days after the battle Rudd wrote a letter to his father (also Joseph Hudd) describing the battle and expressing fear that "the enemy will come upon us again." The Rudd letter is one of very few recorded eyewitness accounts of the Battle of Bennington known to exist. Other descriptions Include a series of letters written by Peter Clark of Lyndeboro, Hlllsboro County, N.H., a farmer and a man of importance In his community who commanded a company of men. Clark, in summation, found the Battle of Bennington collection has been catalogued and collated. Recently, the museum employed Martha Greene, a student at Bennington College, under a special project The letter Benningtun, August 20, A.D. 1 777. Honored Father: After my duty. I lake this opportunity lo write you, hoping these lines idil find you tcell, as through the goodness of God they leave, me and my family. We met with a great deal of trouble on the 16th Inst. Myself and brother John were preserved through a very hot battle. Wc killed and took Recording to the best account tee can get, about one thousand of the enemy. Our loss loss about thirty or forty. We marched right up against their breastiuork with onr small arms, while they fired upon us ivith their field pieces every half minute, yet they never touched a man with them. We drove them out of their breastwork, and took their field pieces ami pursued and killed a great number of them. We. took four or five of my neighbors, two Snyders and two Uornbecks. The greater part of Dutch Hoosack was in the battle acainst us. They went tn the regulars a day or two before the fight. While I was gone, my wife and children neni down to WiUiamstown. After I came home. 1 went after them and found them at Landlord Simon. I now have them home again. We soon expect the enemy will come, upon its again and what I will do n - ilh my family, I know not. I leant to inform you, that ! received your letter, dated August 111. ! ii'Hfif to come and see you very much, hul when I shall I know not. Remember me lo brothers and sisters and inquiring friends. iVo more at present, but I remain. Your diuifulson. until death. Joseph Rudd. I'.S. John remembers his duty to you and lias laid nut all your money and bought about 10 acres of land, with a log house, and has a deed of it, joining to me. Seventeen acres cleared, the rest is wild land. I have e.ndorsed forty shillings upon the note, if you have the res', you may send it as you please. to work on the McCullough material. The Joseph Rudd letter came to light during Miss Greene's work. The rinding of the historic Bennington manuscript was announced today by Charles G. Bennett, genealogical librarian of the museum. Ihe writer of the famous letter, Joseph Rudd, has descendants still living in the Bennington area. His name appears on a printed list of persons settled in Bennington prior to June 1, 1765, prepared from recollection by Bennington's pioneer settler, Samuel Robinson, and furnished by htm to the governor of the New York province. Robinson wb3 In New York at the time as agent for the Bennington settlers. Rudd wasoneofthesignersof a petition sent to England and presented lo the court at Great Britain in 1767. This petition set forth the grievance of the settlers against the government of New York, and prayed for a confirmation of the grants held Dr occupied by them the SeelJETTER Page 16, Col. I

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