Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 14, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
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ADVERTISING fhijr »*•* and put* wh«r» thfy eugH »« <** • • ' ~ ^ * ' • - ' - •* s ~^ ••. • ^^.•s^-^-s^sm rfsMM^ — «—«—. • «y» jp»*^ TP^^" A ' *M jf* *«f ic* ^^M A ip*«* «|MM«m "p» i ir*«ijp**Br i ^iT»**"t STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD ADVERTISING t*k*ft tfcfngt frem wh*f* they *r* and putt th*m wh*r* they ought te b*. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 115, STERLING. ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 14, 1916. PRICE TWO CENTS, WILL AID NEEDY Philanthropic Union Plans Systematic Assistance During the Winter, MANY PEOPLE ASK HELP Supervisor Baer Has a List Of 62 Children smd 31 Adults Needing Aid, A Fhltnnthropft* union wns A! rTT Kt-hr <ni Hfcuinl o%'i>n«f. The union rnnwlKH '>f thf fi»!lt>winp mr-ni- 'nt that tlrnf; Mr«. ,M, S, Kt'lfr, . Bitrr, xtitiPrviHor of Mti»rlln»r township. I». K, \Vyini. Mrs. T{«y Ore* n nncl Mis« Hill, prlm-ipnl of the Wnllnci 1 ftohoDls. Th«« iibjpct of I IK- iinitin l« lo tnkp f!ftr«> «f those noedltiK h»'lp frorrt now until next curhfR. Tlm«-« OIP very llftltl With nnrne J<f"ip!«' in the Hiy, and Blrently tln-r* h».ve l»>en 'tnuny ilpfnnndu for food antl clotliiim. nnd H wait thought the wotk'oucht 1«» he «U»ne In a nyctemntlr rnnnm-r. h«-nre the or- winter Hie method of fnrnlnh- ingr clothing to th<> needy ones wrin very crude and It -wns left entirely tn the ftttjHtrvinor and he wan kept himy, and HO place wt?s »e|erted for the trikltlK of Clothing and hlf offc*» WHH stacked full lit times. It wan tloiiKhl he«t tu chitUKe thin method. The council's attrntlnn wa<« called to th* matter, yesterday at Its wfwlon it was a«ked to provide a room In clothing might he brought and there selected by (hone needing H, Mild ' th* committee. There 1» considerable extra room in the city hall building that it wax •thought could be put tit good advnrtt- -ftg» in this manner. The members of th« council, after their minion Monday in»p«cl*d the old hay loft of the Ore department barn. It IH very large and "It was thought fay the council. lf:cleKn- ed out it would b« jimt the place, although no action wan taken. The wupervinor and other members of the Philanthropic union am not much in favor of thin room ax they elftim-it_is.too far out of the wa>;, and hard to get At, and muggeNted getting th* large room under the Ladlen' Rent Room, ^whlch l« alwaytt warm and will not be used for u polling place again until next spring except for the park -4deeUan~-wWehJ»-i< • • • FALL CAUSES INSANITY John Hunter, FormfHy Of Prophetstown, Ffll Down Stairs. .i,.fj>j Hnntf-r, whti mnnjr yr.-nr* a«?r •,1-,-,-w a i«'Jn1''Sit nf T'iKjiJK-f stmvn rind ••vim fifff-i u >mis went to ('m.lhii. Nrbc fioTn whl'h city h.» trrivi-lfd for n wall pat <T house, Monii» four weeks n«?<*. ni nla hotel' had oi'-'TtfOnn to feet up in dtp n^jjij, rind fn thp rtnrk took n ,lH'f!f)pr i)£.i« n a.jlljfb't of jtf.-ilrs. ni|>ltir- in if n liiTK'*. Vtlf'm! VM«, 1. Sirue the frill !)<• lit-t-M in ;in nriPoUle«l •-•frile of mirul and it is» feared th.'M he will never recover his normal self. ' At thr> pi-r-'^rit firm* Irnls rftflfinf-rl m an asylum. Thf* uil? »>t> wnij news f»>r tluisf- whn (ire- «n «H! ;if<iiintn(i'd Hith him. Mr.*. ,HuiH<'t is w^-ll kni)\vn In Pri>(ihi-t*to« n, mti! hit* thfi symt>nthy of nil. .Ixith in town Jim! vlrinity, LOCAL MEN ELECTED Rev. Irwin Chosen Vice Presi dent, Rev. Hinkle Treasurer Association. BOOMINGaiFFE Insurgents Start Move To Make Senator President Pro Tern Of Senate. , WILL FIGHT OLD GUARD Movement Started To Shear Barr, Dailey and Et'telson Of Thefr Control. EXPRESSES^HJS THANKS Frsnk Morpby G*t* Letts-- From See- relary Of State Stevenson. t-'r:il)k "i|ii:iv iif. S!i'v«-n.«!i-it s--ii< hitis (i IK- h'.pfd r*-f.|\ i i« nn>.l fh«>ic ii.'iil 'r.l fi l<-tlor vf?- c.f H(,T!»> i!x~ii>i.<t i fr icgrnm. he i|-niri(f, ifv h kffl liirr n..r ht- only !*•n mnrf tilJf A tneetlHK frf the I!««'k Hiver Valley Minis) ei In I associntinn wfiK held In ItlX- on nt the Meth(!<l!fit church y«»»terduy und officer!* -for the enduing year chosen. The JM'HHlnti rnnvened eiuly In the morning itnd .hixted pivirticnlly all flay. and proved of grent. Interest and l»'tic- fit to the fifteen pastor-H |ii'e»enl. The feature of the morijlng HeNHJon wn« n paper reaU tiy i{«'v, LehlieijM Wood, who i« in charge of the South Dlxon pnMtut-nto «»f the Lutderntt church. Kev, WOO»IM chowe a.«c hin mih- ject, "The I'nsolvetl Kthlcnl I'roblem» of Today," Following the muling of the paper, the pastor* held a Hhort se«- «loit In which tbe points taken up by the Hev. Woods were dteciiHdeil. !( has been the Intention of the ministers to motor.- to Grand Di tour for dinner and for the afternoon «e««Jon, but owing to the Inclemency of ttie weather, the party repaired to the Na- chuHa Tavern to enjoy tliclr jibonday ' Ail.'int t'. <'iiff", of Hvnm«re, «.'tate <*ii,-it"i fiem thin dl*>trli'f, it heinu >o!>ni'-d f'-r pi <-«.iilent (tin tern nf the iHiate. H« ! N heitiK i>rn.Ht*il by in- ,a(ir«?t-!ii« « ho w.-Mif !<> rf-lire from cun- Mii! "f J.I'.' 1 .«»'n:ite (he ""M miitrd" lenders. The st<-) v i.M tohl :i« follow* by the «:hlr,-u;i* Trihnne thiv morning: lU'veli.pnienr-* in lc«i*Ifitive circle* y<--<tettl;iv virtually Hoehed the speak- ei'fdllp nf ill" hi\ve)' ( fi<!' Ijitvid K. Slmn;ihitn. I'tit at the siirne, time un- him o\-i?r !n «••! »'lf- Mr. Kip ncain. Mr. Murphy a no" ttu wete chnni^. both living; in H!< nivinys friends tip to the lime of Mr. Murphy's removal to this city, ,«lm-F- whi'-ft time they have Meeti llule of eai-h other. of the ii|j|i- r Hun**)- tunt finv. I.U'rt t.'iwrliti' ttiny |H'f«i,in:U jill for n Men- determhieil ninvt-meiit i <•! l>> ,«(itne Insurgent "v ^Supervisor liuep nay* lie" ,_ fA dally demands for' go'SiTand clothing, Thn county furniMheM about a.11 th« food families'need, but very little clothliiK, hence It will bo up to the • oltlitenii of Sterling to donate.. Sterling httB a grout many good hearted men und women who are eager to nM»t In ev- way nnd when n, handy place IK they will brlnit clothing and _ olhit articles In greajl jjunitUUes.-' < Supervisor Baer, who ban taken an active interest In the Philanthropic work rthowH H list of the people who. hav« asked for food and clot hiHK in the past few duyM. The lint include. 1 * »lxty-two children nnd thirty-one adult*. Their want* vary from fuel<1 to. .cjothing, Yesterday lie. «f»ilt coul to three families, He »ny* unit hon but to sec hl« Hut and hear what ho has been told by'those nuking for Assistance, to be induced to aid and to five with an untainted hand. The union will h«ye a placo selected 'noon and then the public will receive an invitation to help. At the afternoon kneeling Hev. Frederick C. Grant, -rector of St. Luke's Epixcopal church in Dlxon addressed the aswembly on (he queMtton of, "f'roinltieiit. VahieM of 1'rimitlve Chrlu- tlan prespnted his HUbject in a clear and onnclw miinner and held the Interest of hl« atldltora from mart to ftnlnh. The Htibject of bin addrcMH relatetl to the end of the world. At the concluxion, the" »jet<>«lon by-ttt»v. Oiuut 'u|>un fully underHtood question. A large vu- riety of opinions war* offered. The next meeting of thf», panto™ will bo held In the Kviuwllfnl church the Necond Monday in l-Vbruiiry, li)17. Of- rtc«rs for. the ennulng- yeufwlll bo: rrenldi»nt-— Hov. l-1'ederlck C. Oranl, Dixon. . ADANJ C. CUFFE. Senator fro/n this district, who , is being boomed by the in«urgents AS president pro turn of the aensU to br*«k the control of the "old Award" leader*. r<cpub!lcanK looking to the retirement {from floor leadership of the "old guard A GLOWING TRIBUTE California Paper .Pays Its Respects To Dr. Theodore Growl Formerly Of Sterling. Tomorrow n( OrinnHl, In., wilt be laid to rest (he rem.iins "f the Inte Dr. Theodore Crowl. Mention of Dr. Crowl'w denth hn*i been mnde .before In The Uazette hut sothe jioints not known nt (he time *eetn appropriate on this oc- ensiori, iJr. Crowl w:i* for 16 yenrw pastor of the First Congregational chun-h of HirrllhK nnd for n number of year* wa* dean of the ministerial a!!.-*iiciati<ni. He wan active in nit movements for the betteiment of the town, IM>I- ten years he was president of the township ' hljth xehool bonrd. Very few of hi." friendu heee knew tlmt he Mpent n year and iJ'half In the civil wnr where for hi* excellent Herv- lce« he WHN protnote<5 to n lieutenancy and for a few weeks wan commander of bin company nt the early nge of 18 yenrH. Alno In an early dny when jSertttle, \Va«h., wan belnx organized 'nnd built up he founded the IlrHt 1'reH- hyterian church of that city. For «ov- ernl yell's he haw been obliged to give up his ministerial work on account of ful.ling health and ban spent most of hl« time in Houthern California; Several of hi« Hterllnff. friends will niwt |th« family at (irinm-ll for the hint mul rltis over an honored citizen. Tlie fol- lowihK glowing tribute is taken from a California paper: T»ie fiHH-wl weryiee-of Dr. Theodora Crowl occurred last Saturday at his home on Ellenwood Drive. Kagle Kock, Calif. Like his death. It came in the fading beauty of the netting mm, which wa* typical of the beauty of |I!H life. 'WILSON GAINED Adds 190 Votes To His California Lead On Returns From Twelve Counties. WIDE VOTE ON ELECTORS In Marin County Low pemocrat Received 3,791, High, Republican 3,760. BULLETIN. (By United Pre««) 8»n TraneftcOi C«l,, Nov. 14.— Prefcidsnt Wilson i« maintaining hit unofficial lead in California on th» f*e« of official returni reported up to 11 o'clock today (2 o'clock in Sterling.) At that hour 2f of the S3 coun- tiet in the atat* had completed thair official count and a tabulation thowed B gain of 86 vote* for Wilton over hie plurality at thown by the unofficial count. GREAT BRITAIN REPLIES truss** Thai it Ha* the Right te Limit Tr«d«> of Us Rubjeett. (fly Tnif-.! JT^uc , Woshinftltin. I> <'.. .\"<" M -Xlr'-at HrH.'iin itiafsti *h«» hns tlif ri»rht !•» limit th*> trndf of (tw fsritish »tihj»»<-tfl. Thi* i« tin? tfnnrf of the BHtLMi re! iy to fho A!n*-ff«-an i»r»t*-s! KKainst !»!«» b!a»'k I!*!. .Thf n>ply nf i.irrn? HrirniiT wi)) fw> madf- pifbtk" tf»mom">«' Ity • thf l;ri(!-»h foifiun ufficr- nml h'y thf st.-it« i!oi»afTrnfjif. tr in uri'Jt-rstood Orp;it Hrltnln <lf- {hcrr? will hp no nppllcntlon "f fWf«nt!»ry frrsj-roti nimlnxt -pwnrtx n firms hnvlnsr sumo ronnec* lion with fh«> black listed n«Tns v Th!« will npply so' lorn? as no firm acts a« n Mind or ftscnt nf a blackH.itc-rl firm. BATTLE ON ANGRE Scene Of Great Allied Gain Yesterday Marked With Greater intensity* PRISONERS -'NUMBER 3,000 In the East Russians In Numbers Crossed the Danube River. -H DEMOCRATIC RALLY .Vice-PrcHldcnt—IU-v, ' C - M. Irwin, LomblimtJon ltd by Kermtors Burr of Sterling— * Jollet, Dailey of lv-<iria, and Corpora- Secretary—Hev. Sterling. Trea»urer—-Jlov. Dlxon. H. V. Hinkle. of Lebbeus Woods, DROWNED IN A WELL Bdward Rhodes, Formerly Of - PropheMfcown, Victim Of a Fatal Accident, . Ur. and Mr*. Cornish, of Canada, ac- comnanled to Propljetwtown thn re- mnln» of Kdwatd Ilhodeti. whq recently .met diJatb, by druwulng in a well, H« wa« in the best of health when the accident hapi-ened and no one k'nows the elrcumstanceii under which death t«K»k place. He. won drowned In about t«n fuel uf- water and the supposition i« tlmt he fell head fuwnium Into the FUNERAL SERVICES Of W. F. Mangan Will Be Held Wednesday Afternoon From ,.'.•; the Home, The funeral of W, R Miingan, . who away Monday afternoon at the lion Counsel Ette,l«on. of ('hlcago', A ttieellng )>f; leld ir, OhjrtiKO the insurgents. wlH be within the next ten to determine or) a course of action and to ci>uhT"iHw«*H, The "Kcnip," i» Is ndmitted on till . . the Heiiate^ un<l will not |{o"H»» : "firr~aili~t'o LnVoly*' the working liepublican ma- po'rlty when It IK settled, to Have pruetlwilly una'nitnouH wiipport of Kepubllcan •Henato'rs • in carrying out pledges made.' in thu Htato platform. Six for President Pro T*m. . -nnt before It comet* to that a lively minlsteiv of the gospel, hln service equally divided between tho Congre- gatioiial and Prenbyterian churches, hln Ions iiiiHtomten bearijtg witness to the love his parishioners* felt for him. To be in bin prt<n«nc<9 was tu feol' the ;e of a thoughtful, courteous ChrlHtlan gentleman; to talk with him wu»« to know a mind- rich with the treuHureH of the ages'; ' to face mo'roi ixsues with him was to" reallee he wji* one moving unde,r the influence', of the highest ideals; to visit him when sick wa» lo know ono p«»Hfng through the valley of .the nhadow without fumr. He knew the end was near, but calmly and trustfully waited for it. Many Jn all the walkH of life, even those outside \ (Hy United Hfin l-'rnnclnco. Calif.. Nov. 11.—With the official cnnvn«» of the vote cii»l In the recent presidential election pre« ceedlnp; rapidly In nil parts of the mate, President Wllnon bus made a net gnln of l!»o vo'tett no far "on the fare of the returti* H trendy received by the t'nit- ed Pre«.s. Twelve of the oS counties hud completed tjteir offlclnl count* early today. In four of these Governor Hughes showed Hmnll galnx aggregating 101 over the unofficial figures tubulated by the fnltpcl Press. In the other eight President .Wilwm galnetl 2!»1 votes ft>r n net gain of 190. In tabulutliiK the official count the United Presw Ih evelry case in uwlng the high Kepubllcan elector and .low Democratic, elector and the difference between high and low electors on each ticket is very marked. In Marin county ; for r example the —row; Democrat, Heney, received 3,781 votes while the high Hepubllcan received only 3,780. Heerctnry of State Jordan at 'Sacramento believed that most of the smaller counties In the Htate Will complete their official count by tomorrow night but that a week or la days will ba re; quired for the big counties to finish. San PrunciHco, LOH Angeles and In Alnnu'dn countlett the work Is proceeding slowly nnd every vote Is being .4>y Iwth -Republican and Democratic watchers. In Haii Francisco county when the count wnw*resumed todny Wilson had made ft net gulii of six votes, very few noIi'M had been' found. In Los county the errors wei-e numerous, 60 having been fomul. but all were small. Celebration Of Democratic Victory Win Be Held Next Monday, A lnr*?i» number of I>mocratft met Inst niKht In the city hall to plan n celebration of the Democratic |»re«l- denlla), victory This will he heltl next Monday nlghr- nnd will con«!xt of n monster pamde.- The Hterllng Military nnd the Hock Knllj. ^Hnnds have been secured, and it IN thought a rnnrtlal band will be obtained «* well. The Idea I* to have a. parade, the men t<» walk and the lartie* will be taken in autnit. The line of march will start from the city hull. There In little doubt hfit there will be plenty of tin horn* in the line of march. It wan voted not to have anything: riurJng the evening to create hard feeling to the one* defeated. The llepnblicans are cordially Invited by the committees to full In wlt,h I he parade and r.nrUcipaSe. At the meeting l««f night William J. McDonald was elected chairman, Sipi Meo necretary. and U H. Whiflln treasurer. Most of the money ban been raised for the payment of the bill« Mly Knlled. Pres*.) London, Kn«f., Nov. 14.~~The of Ancrh brook continues today. Fight* ing at the northern end of Beaumont arid Hsmel on the north bonk, where ihp u»rmnn«» arc nttemptins; to mllJP (heli fnrei-s. i* proceeding with'an intensity that is .increasing: hourly, ae- fording to unofficial reports. Tester* d;iv> ndvaiu-.'s Including todny's con« woHdnOon, was on a front of more than five hiflc« and n depth at some point* of morn .than 2,000 yards. The attack preceded by a. curtain fire whidft prisoners pay wan the most terrible of any tmmup? holl of motat thnt ha* been faced oh any front, . Start Counter Attacks. <»n the south bank about St. Pierre DKimi, half a mile nouth.of Thlepval, the (Jertnnn«i already have Ntarteif counter attacking and the fighting there In very hitter. Tlie Britlnh have rushed up reBervea at all three points, (tiken In the lightning stroke which began under the coy* of the h>\\ hanging mists yesterday and rontlnuc on thin sector mirpriplngly small reufstence with ft" by the for the occasion already. A. Mc- Jiaad. The _ following cortimltees were appoint- Com.—W. J. Oallogher. Chr.. ed: Auto Tluby Dudley, Hunter Wood, Joe KH- ll«n, Ralph Wylle. John Kadel, Wm. J. nock, c. c, omuy. Music Com. — FVrdlnand Javobs, . Advertising Com.~p;d Marry," Chr.. Jiitnes Ward. Harry Osborn, Kobt. Bracken. Fireworks Com.— L' B. WhlRln, Chr., W. J. C-otiUm, \Vlllanl Jt. - JH in No than nix ^ WJd wai» iinable t«» help »mT was t Th» week and the remain* arrived in . Prophetatown from Uaniula Saturday night. He was ft mnj» OH years of HKO and for many yews lived In Prophetatown, goitiff front them to fanado. He wa» burhnl In, ,IUver»i<Je. the fmieral beliitf held Mtwday at two o'clock. He, wa« nvar- rM in Enulfvnd bi-.fore conu'ntr to l'io- phetstown, 4nd left a; wife, daugliter. Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. from the family home, 1500 Kant Third street. Rev. A. W. Otis, pastor of the First M. 13. .church., will officiate. and burial will be In Hlyeraide cemetery. W. K ISIungun, who has the.diH' <Jnctlon of .being 1 one of the . oldest business men of Sterling, wit* born December 23, 1849, In -Hucks roimty, Pa. When a small, boy In* cur no west with his parents, settling in Kterling, which has .since been' his home. In 1875 Jiis marriage to Mlsa Flora White occurred, and to this union live children -were born; Mrs. 11. Q. Thomas, Mrs. C, It Martin, I.loyd Manguri. «wn on leaving the «IU country for the I'nltert Htuli-s. The son only re« o far as .•!*< known. ; PASSED AWAY MONDAY. MM. Andrew Johnson. Died At Her • . '-' Home Nsar Proph»t*town, r Mrir.' Aridr«w Johnson, rV«idlns: near. Pruphetstown, died . Monday' morning •«t the ftjjfti of ov*r sixty year?. She li»d- been sick for nome time und- au him WUS quk't aged succumbt'd tu hi-r ullment, hi her death she it-avcs 4 Ihunband, four murrie^ daughters mid MU« wun, ull living iu the vicinity of , Prophets*uwn. Tho will tyi held $t the home, *.wutlt ami Prophtftvtown, the Hev, Alfied otllcluting. '-linriul will be made in *lhw Proplu'tstow u Hiversjde cvme- iraisel and Mi»s Fern, all of Sterling, who, w,>ith the widow, art* left to mourn Uin losiT of a kind and loving father and husband, Mr. Mangan learned the tradtt of harness-maker early in Ufo and con- dianed a harness shop In Sterling to* the past forty years,-having-been in the present location on First avenue for many ye«r».. He was for eeviiral years librarian in tho First Methodist Sunday school und was a. faithful attendant at church services until his affliction of deafness made it impossible for him to enjoy them. He wa« honest and upright in all of his deal- Inea, und fn his duuth H tori ing huts lost^one of tier good citizens.' Besides his wife and children he IK survived by tho following brothers ami sisters; B. 1. Mangan, .of Quitu-y, ill.; Cyrus Muit#an,° Richard MnngHi], of Sttfrlitig" Err Mangan, of Kankat* wan, Canada; Mrs. i-Jtnlly Hoyt, of Philadelphia. Pa,; .Mrs. Mate King, oi <>«k .I'Avk; Mr*.. Clura^Hhaw. of ilolly- wood; Airs. Kd. CIH-, of V'unadu: tentative .candidates f<»' prt'«ldent pro tent, of the'senule, which carrieH with iriluTTloor ' Teiidershtp; hnvo been "put in the field. They are: Adam C, Cllffe, of Sycamore, Edward C. ('urtln. of Grant Park. ..itirhard J.,narr, of JblU-t. John Dulley, of Pewria. Morion IX Hull, uf t'hlcugo. W, H. Ournwell. of Chiifigo, Tho iiiMurgentM are Inytinecl at present to buck Cllffo for leadership. He . Tljey speak of lil.s peculiar h«Ip at sick bedrt have given glimpses of the high- e*t things for this life. His pastor said, "I appreciate hl« strength of mind, but in these last days of ulekm>n« I have thought most of tlmt verse of scripture, 'thy gentleness, hath made thee great.'" CLASS IS CONFIRMED is Col..Lowden's.«ext. door neighbor down-state and l» Hiitd to be witlsfttc- tory ui .tin- governnr elect. WilltM H. Coi-nwt'H of tho Thirty-tint! district iu Chicago, ami Morton -O. Hull, defoutvd ctindldutp for the fiepublicun nottiiiuillon fi«»*—governor, are held in res«rv«> by tin* iiiMurgent* If CUffe doesn't develop (ho necessary strength to win, Trio Expected to Pool. ' Curtis. JDuliey, and Itorr are*expected to pool their Hirtmgth .and will huvt* besides tilt! I of 8eiu>tJir Kitel- spn ami the city hall inlluences. Borne dowuHtuto men are wiiKKottl that Barr lie mudu preuident pro tern U flort oj* coKHoliition prize after huvlnt, been out of- fht) attorney job by Mr. llrunduge. ' THE PARK AUCTION Will'Be Held One Week From Today ' In Sterling, A week fritm today tho people wliii lo'ng clamoreii and nm.votl for a lur»{i» cointmniltv park will have ir to h«>lt>-ri7 (hut »llrei'titu» |jy WHI H*M;N?xt Month In a M. £. ^Church. Th« ftturlis (tmiMal older i <<»>»»' m»CM of illlnots itiuier the jius.i The survive. and Mr«. Cal Htev«ns. Klght grufulchllilii'ii ; IT IS HE SIPERLY CAR . for' f(!|tf H;up«xed Mterliug Park The new dtt'trict Its- to take lii u ;iil of su rlimc townMtnp and voters will their bdlioiw a! N. U Wil- gci'M .stoic'. t'it>' Hull, und Utilt HuUHc .intu%\ -A' til** HHino tlm« tin* voters \ylll elwt live park ,t.-uinn)iMHi'MH*>'s whose iliil.s ii w|H IM> tu i'otulurt the business ,<'J' (tie new carl, diftrirt. If thli} coin- "Thunity In CMT to get the additional I>iii"k n\>it.t '• »u much ami s..i IUIIK <)c* Numbers Tallied With Hi« Auto And The One Found In Chicago. U i.i now known t.o a certainty thatlhuM K<'»'«' tin- -BtnteiT ~mmr- i^rcd~- \\ l r~ Hlr-FiTj 7 f fnvF.u r<r «n< i). ii will iijj; tn ihe ['n in he dune accord of the nml flir<T~jin the un> Bishop Muldoon Performed the Ceremony On^a Large Class this _AfteVnoon, Thin afternoon ut 8t. Mary's a large chum IH being confirmed Into the faith of the Catholic church, ,and (the con- ilrmiitlon Is being performed by Bishop Mu>X<>on of this, the Ro»kfi.rd diocese. TJu« following Is the list he- ing taken into uie church-, Uoyw—Alexandcr Colin, I^IIUM Dondero, William pifle. MauricI- Fitzgerald, Francis On'rinuh, Chas Killen.'Uur- I't't LaiiKf, I'uul MeCormick, Oeo, &ie- Cue, Thomas McCue, Harold McDonald, Wm. McEnroe, Herbert McGinn, Ed« wurit McOlnn, Franc's McKenna. iiarry McKennu, John Mercor, Glen Morris, Jamt-a Ueal, Robt. Keevwj, J3d^ ward Resan, Uaymond Rlbardy, Kurl Sherwood, Frw t nk 8tjt»rn, John Van 1)« Murk, Oeorgti Hoide!, Thomas Gle«son. nirl«—Margaret Bart*l. Melbu Bracken, Kthel Uruiiilton, Marie Burke, Margaret I5elterle, L«tii Deiterle, Kllxa. hfth Frank. Alya (SullaKher, Florence' (IremuiK, Anna (irennuu, Dorothy Huckett. 'Anna HlgKlns. Uiretta Me- l;;nro«?. Huzel Mcponalil. Margaret _ BOTH CLAIM MINNESOTA. , (By United. Press,), St. Paul, Minis., Nov. 14;—-With ten precincts miBslng Hughes lead Wilson Ht 'I 0 !*"- today by only 123 votes. Hughes* had 17&.463 and Wilson l/S,'- Tho official count In 49 counties has been completed fend In ar counties It littaljiot-b<2cn_lln4slic-ii. - AUnnesota,-IH still in doubt. .Leaden* of both turtles (idmit thi*. though naturally the It»- piiblicans feel they have the edge. The, great element of doubt is.the recount in Hennepin county which includes tho city of Minneapolis, This county has the largest.»vote In ihi» state; Hamiicy county, which Includes the city of at. Paul, the second lurgest county in ihsi state, the official canvass clianged lhft,ngure» und netted Wilson 349 vote*. The leaders of both parties hope that «omo big mistake,will be discovered In Hennepln county'that will favor their candidato. " Andrews, Albert Prank, Parade Com.r-Wm, j, McDonald, Chn. Jacob Cantlln. Wm. Huxnard. Float Com.— J. M. Kohl, Chr., Jacob P. Prank, Jens W. Johnson. HenJ, Real, Chief Marshal- Kuiri-'ne Bell, to lead parade on mount. The parade will start promptly at S o'clock Tho secretary was instructed to write to every Precinct committeeman in the- county to come and bring •ilwng every Democrat In hi* town. The jollification Is not confined to the Twin Cities alone but to every part of the county. The committee says It 1* to be the biggest affnJr of tho kind ever pulled oft* In this section. A line of march has not been dou-rmtned upon - a~ re- the parade will be ar union after ranged for Inter In the week, and possibly a, short speech, may be given by one. Tho reserves are, now at work con* milldiitlng the gfiinn made when tha dug Ihemnelvesjuto what bo* fore had been coriKldered one of tha mtmt impregnalih' portions of the west* ern line. Military experts have expected th« greatest show .of reslHtenca about Peatimont-Hamel «lnco ' any further uy ~fhe ~nrlHsh forces tliewt" fM-rloiiRly threaten Mlraumont. tens than one mile ca»t v xllreclly on th« road leading to cwveted Hapaume. More Prisoners Taken. • Hy today the number of prisoner!! taken- had bwir 1neiwme<X well aboVeV 3,ono. More an* continually bnlng- hur» rle,i back «»f tho Hritish lines. Much biKity UHS also found In the<"amazingly . intricate dug.-out Irenchen. I'Vagmentary prena reports, told of - l^reaJIng"uf theHthxh milew nor^h, whlt-h le«l to the belief that (Jen, Haig's forces have started a drive on Merre, about a mllo'north of Uenumont and a want half a mll« northwest of Mlraumont. While interest 'conterod on thla lat- ej«t «mn»h, grwU Importance was at» tocjiett to reports from the eastern ' front that the liusslnna in forco havo " crossed the Danube at'a point well low tvrna UoutnaniaiiH reinforcements at,*, point where they already have shown an vantag.e, ^over den. Mochenneri's left wing, -\vhirh Potrojrriul and liucharest report retrBntlng, despite reports from Berlin that .the. Flehl Marshal is maintaining his PROBE CONTINUES* . - (ttjr United Press.) " Washington, D. C., Nay, In an official statement toda^ the department pf Justice announced (hut Ux< faot that tho election has parsed will not in any way ic«Hon the efforts of the^Qepart- ment to bring to justice .ajny_.A'ij|li»(ors of (ho federal election statutes. Tlw department also put an absolute clnmp OH -allc-srcd details "or the election frauds, and no information will bp- given .in,tlie public .until prosecy- tioulof UWL cases 4ia»-*cUiaHy begun. This action it-is explained la taken to facilitate thu apprehension of tho violators. • « NEAR AN ARGUMENT Gen. Pershing'8 Oolurtm Will Soon Be Out Of Mexico . It Is Reported. (By United. Atlantic City. N, J., Nov. t4.—<Jen. PerahlnK's column will be'out of Mexico suon if the present plans of the American and Mexican commissioners materialize, ^ The commissions propose'to reach a bonier agreement probably bwfore the week end. With doubt over the election of prtwldent past the commission will the miishing up of its work. THE BRITISH REPORT. (Hy Unlte'd IVe»«.) Kng., Nov. 14.— British force* on the Ancre continue their smash. The war .pffice' reports n*w progretiH at » Ueaucourt-Sur- Ancre •where 4,000 (lerman* were taken pros- oners. 0 Hitter fighting IH Koine on In the out- wklrtH of Heuucourt-Sttr-Ancre village. The announcement which told the ad- ' vance there said that the storming; oi Bi»aumont and Hamel villages had been, completed, J" GERMANS ADMIT L033. "(By United Press.) Berlin, Gor,, Nov. K,—/Thft war office announce* the loss-of th» ~z of Beaumont. ,Hamel and SU. (Continued Flr«) WAS ASKED TO RESIGN I'hillips, lA>mi,a Kenan, Mamiti Binide* ihli^Cek-Kto Ward. Fiorenct* Wolf, "AiWlt8--Chu«. JeH'fil Van F>e M^ark, Lee CriHjH'ii Anderson; Chan. Franklin MeliJr*!. John MUfheli Cunwy, ~ Jieiiry David WiliifiHi.' l.ulhiit Joseph Puck-, -tt, f Walter Norman Kice, Wilbur Hur- thl Wwwney. llnne Cleveland I^es- hert, Ifvin William Piumnn. Cathnrine 'tun-lottv H>ah, Kthel Klli«ibetlv liaBll, l-'towKiw Vi-rn McKenna, Mary Cather* ne Finn, \i-va May McCue, Klorencp Uytht- Loruii. May Alice Pittimiti, Delta Mary Sir Sam Hughes Declares He Wai Asked To Resign By Premier Borden. (Uy United Press) Ottawa, Ont,, Nov. t4.~ Publication of cori-««pondei)ce between Sir Hani who reslgmul as mlnlbter of Uiilltiii and defense, and agreement calls for the Immediate or gradual retirement of the men from the-ir posts below the horiU-i. In- the meantime Oen. Carrunw* will endeavor to show his faith My- having «en, Mur- gultt prosecute more vigorously, than heretofore th* hunt for Villa and hit* bandits. Gen. Murguia succeeds Oen. Trevlno as commander at Chihuahua city. , ' v The probable agreement will likewise go toward providing adequate security for tbtf bordwr with tho Mexicans having a larger share in the work than previously., The American commission will be guided by military .men who have advised them that the stay of the Atnuricun forces in Mexican ia practically useless. With the prospect of getting together tt,ftec n weeks of conferences the were overjoy^ ut the otrt- JUDGE OLSEN PEEVED s Wsrrsnt For Arrest of City News Bureau. (Uy United Press) . Chicago. Ill,, Nov. H.-~Chief Justice of Um municipal Court, "swore "^ hut a warrant for the arrest of .Walter .Brown, manager of the city new* bu-' teau her*, alleging, criminal 'Judge Trude issued -the warnant. "Judge Olsen alleges an interview carfied by the cl(y press bureau in which State's. Attorney lioyne charged Judge Olsen with allowing politics to Influence his work as Judge, was libelous, " Tho interview was recalled by the city nows bureau on Hoyne's «r» it ,BHld. with interest. because cii«rgt> (hut tl^e break' suited >froin inl»"<i(uu>ments by premier. The guvcrntm'iit utinounc«ment re- the of the resignation stittutl that th«s corre- Mr)8, JACQUES DEAD, Sterling friends have received lena pit peril containing tlfi« ut-couiit'of. he death of Mrs, t'. ,M. Jaques, which I'.'l'.','. 1 ! o»» Nov. tith. Hhe uusi would probably be made public Immediately. U must ilrst IH» approved by the new governor gen- em} vt Canada, the Puke of Devonshire, wiio-jirriv«d. only yesterday and found himself uf>nfrout»d by a government-split on thu lirst day ho hi ihtr t-ttr -Bttitpit •troin-t^Fd~A\ 1 r"81pfTr> 7 TFi> T F.'»cir";u~flir<T~jin~triTt~^ Hti|r*"-»- today- TWfatmh — "The-cur- tw.i uetjkx «KO last Satuiday night. I to In- d.»nc is m the v,.ui t t«> vwtc fjir a number uf \.-tti-s waji in the gmin ! »*>'lH»uU-iu'e will nhojv that Hir jtohert unil ttii' one hi-Kl by ttu> rhi.-t* of the ">«<' H.-XI Tu.»ul.i>' Tin- \<,tvri. williujul cU-v.-ttor l.ilniiu'.-h m KOfk 'FaU«. ? l lu fl.viJL J*sked for- my resignation on - .Juw? u VSltu 1, - and ,1 iii «i,»ii-.<.l'Uig. ^11 U»cui Y. M. »' A ,»s i-lanntng' in j'fcMcntuUv^h und sin •>!.«( S,H,.! 's will aiM» in- u-i'jt >•'>•!. -it A t(Il>u!U« bureau in fhicugo i» th'c r»m- and the Mume,- The number hear out hi l.'iji U'ivjfiuiu hy fluef Dttt-eth-e t 'lui* J* l.-uktn >ej»t«>rilay \\nn Unit, .of the not- tin- H.cfiiM> K<i)iiH'.» t;a\e the ill- ^"iiicily Pf'If' i^ -Aiilf iUSil li'h £l',i|i|) ( .M-. «u tin CMinlltmn i-i tin uiiai UtU'tlU. l«t:» r im i-»i ;i.s tiit-niKal «'hii f I iiuin. aud \ i» in > t t en the |,|...», ,1,1,; 1.1. "\yUfh IJL Air. S|i>etlv •itM l-l'H Vi !)'!>»' .mi, ; n f.uK Vo!e» I* 1 !' -Kiv Cii; willjujul cU-vator iiUMUitust, j» ii 1.0.1 I'd of !i\<> i-.muulM»io|»- j i.iMVUtK hvle they \\«ut to iti'i'. H »H! lie u> >j>.» alutud iNVl>., ,iijd iu t.« ,«» t law*- -iliil' i< I K l!tti<>.-, .t-* flii- l-enjile rtUl Vitl* 1 tt»i W iit»nu*\ el 1 p it !• t-.iiiuiii^viiiiiorM i» *4 * "cUt'IH-1 ' *' dUtltc ;in I. -i '.'' 't'lllllll- J'l J' ( f i llll, J. i' ',!it, I, V d"M!| '\vhel i> Ml. W. P. UTLEY \v, i'. ru,-> i» it is (.i«.\f p. .-I., ,,\MU ago went to a«lUei< died h Uiii'-jlook. V»Flou» internal xeforiiis have don, who 'accepted his ' n.<sltfnation. «ih><?en pledged hut it i* doubtfuHf 'many ...... "- 1 ..... ' '"- - • O f ,tf them will ,lie huwpuiuted iii the border .agreement. PROeOxPENDITURES 8«nat« Will Invtitigstt th* Recent Camp«rjn Expenditure*. l»y fnited Press) 1 Washington, D. C., Nov. 14.—A thorough inwsilgatiun of the campaign expenditureis will U» l.'nHi-d states senate session of 'congress. U wu» announced todu> l>.v senate leaders. Admhttatratlttm K»rn-u«.id — they— arc reiviving ivpttru from all ]iarts of tlu- country Indicating that unprecedvuted tt«-re tlnuwn into the ii'Hii>i|'iii by tlio rf|>atsih'.in nuitonul com' TO HELP DEPARTMENT FaU« '"Borileu Disked for-uty resignation on Lincoln, I tti '*' (J , uut of'the tone iu a U-tter written ' by uu-'nin JVovviuher l showing thai the premier hud «HH(«- mlsstatpmettts uiui whfi;h > promi'tly showt-d him to made by the at thu coming IS right, " ami he wit! iru- I !•» t I'.ll'k • thru L; v «y aj i>. rt«-a.K. Ik- jh:, \\lll lit < 4>«>me uiu'x- hud nn ttper- t>e any. i1i;< fciif Ucbtsrt B«Kdeti put a...d«nnlte • (Hy mUwluti on tlw runwr t,h;it h« intends to vacate thu preniU'rahip. He t.iaU-4 Ccnttai Uui.iy today thai hv cottsid.t-is U hid duty t» remain hi't-ft'Ii-o uutiMhi 1 witr -Ijj i n.i- jAtt<«i iu «<l HHU iiiat in- iviil d<> MO MVon In im-Jailkl «' ,11 a I* - AN INJUNCTION. United Press) Washington, D. C,, Nov. 14.— A »Ug» fei ailon that the war department make known to the railroad's the location 'Of 'it« secret milltury i-oncentrutlbn points In order that the roads can work out a series of preferred routings wa« made by tlu< smsciul committee of the K.tilwuy association «p- co-«iH»mte 'with the ,w«r on troop transporttttlon. of plan* are proposed whereby the troops ,from all section* t-uuld l»e «|»e«<1Jly coueentruled at any <ui thw AllanUc,,Paciflc, Quit of u or bordt-r of Caiwda., The re- twit suys fW r»iiro«ds have tmns- JOIUH! 186,000 tW»ps sinew June 29 ana - aiM -tltu- Jt»Sf443F- 33^04— th;4t there ai"w now V,(WO ordered .- rii'tilr*. ,\^ ici« tn ihi-ir 24. The a teinVmaiy' Jn,s l>!j,trH't I" COURT MARTIAL ORDERED Commander of Cru»i*r Memphis Will B* Placed On Trial.* <Hy I'liltetl t-reMa ) n, I> c. Nuv 14 ---rourt Capttitii lldAuid lU-ach. >»v, i% «' Kiu.tts ellloti'tllK Illi*' i Hvv dta- th w.t», tU« itiivuf l.<>urd »f in a jslutm uft tiVomuii-UtU'il I>'y / lwUu>,,

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