Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 13, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1916
Page 8
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EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AMUSlMENfS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. MONDAY, NOV. 13, 1916. C A D E M Y Friday & Safari F MUS lay, Nov. 17 A 18 A photo-play that will atnaze .Sterling THE LITTLE GIRL NEXT DOOR Now playing to record brff.iMng auriiantr!* in Boston, Cincinnati, Clfv*»fsnd, )5 wefks in Chicago. 10 wet hit in St. Louis. Do no* mis* this startling f- po*e of the awful traffic, in innocent flir's. revealing vice as <t actually exist* in the Hen* of iniquity in cities and towns, Under the auspices and from authorized film report <sf the ILLINOfS STATE VICE COMMISSION. cc c A* * rcitilt of -this investigation of the Illinois State Vice Com- fnlttion the notorious »*#«*gated vice dittrict of Chicago WAS wiped out. The State of Illinois ordered that testimony taken during thin vide Investigation. be reproduced in motion pictures, and the expert- •ncei of unfortunate girl* of «re actually shown. Vice President of U. S. Thos. R. Marshall. Speaker of House — Champ Clark. .. . 0 .. James R. M^no, author of th« "Mann Act." Congressman L, C. Dyer, of St. Louis. Governor Edw. F. Wunno of Illinois. • Lieut. Gov. Barratt O'Hara Secretary of State Lewis'0, Stevenson. W i I I t a m Male Thompson, Mayor of Chicas*Samuel A. Ettclson, Corptn. Counsel. Dr. John Dill Robertson, Health Com. of Chicago. C. C. Healy, Chief of Police of Chicago. Cast: and others. Roy D. Knehn. Chicago Attorney. Senator Niels Juul, Chicago. Senator D. T. Woodward, Benton. Senator F, Jeff Tdssey, Toledo. Dr. St Clrtir Drake, Secy. III. State Board of Health. Bishop Samuel Fallows, of Illinois. Arthur Bi.irrag.fl Farwell. Chicago. Judge Uhlir of Chicago Morals Court; Judge Hopkins ev. Boynton, Wood lawn Baptist Church. Rav, Elmer Williams, Chicago. , : Rev. Alice Phillip* Aldrich, notable citizens and distinguished officials of the nation, state and-city inen- •i \*. \t )£*, tioned in* the accompanying cast actually appear. Matinee'each day 2:30, 15c; Night shows 7:30 and 9:00, all seals 25c. NO >ERSON' ADMITTED UNDER 1 6 YEARS OF AGE '' IT'S EASY SAYS MRS. MURPHY. I M, „ \l .- ;.'- ,, ,,,, .! !;, f ,.< •._•.,, j.;-., I lil"? r < ; • iTi:.-ns.: I i ! \ •••.'. •;.'•- i • -; n .• ( j J>|-cin;;:, »' • :!::>< ;;•. u; M k > •: '. • I,-,- < u . i f"! ft" »•:•!• r = < \Vi:i.., : ' If ,-:•, p.;. hrn i| !•'• '--' ••••• !'••• '• 'iti'.-.j.: f.«r ,\!t, \\ •'• -M > h. I ".i:,! ' H ••• • v. ,! u-: :\'-i\ ;•< f'h. !.<-;!/; f,,u. v,- ,.-- .h,l I-;;- ,, ., !,.,-;,, .-, \. •!> -;„. ,,/j 1 f--!'•<• !>!"-!•< t if v- ni-ii jit-.!., r. •-,-•" !'!•.?;! Ml* M;>r!>;;vV i',i>Ttlf cltfi. .-:u!:< !>..'!:. ocTnlii- vi.'i-'i .\K\VS t.\-, r.!;n;r ANNIVERSARY OF DISASTER. M «o,!;i\ - t ',,.-;<! I.till- f Ifrir !i'. «". m ! Ijc 1' i niim- tli.'-'.'istrr TIM!.i 1 . 1 '< Hlihcts miiM-».« paid bt.-inactr ..lo thi- vH'.tims. of., tliitt frichtfiil < nt?iKtrophe. 1'itinnn Me - I)«'ti.i!'l w.i* in |i« the priiiripit*- or :tt Hit- tiniisK |ii»iMiam m !;i!it:r-d jnr tin- UK iiKHia!, SLEET THIS MOflNING. A |j|*'fit 4i\nnff |i».<.|.!c writ- \ci.v nillcll fill |irlS»'f| till.* ttlnimilK W h«-l! thrv. Kill llfi In n>i<1 tlir Mrjow.ilfvs iilnl tin- Ktrf-r-ts iitvi'i-fil with sli-ft. Thin if tin- flf<«! f\Kt\ nf Winter S(«:llillK lias hiiil. It Wii» .«ll|)jii'ry, I'll! only a fi-\v f«il|j* liitvr bi't'ii nntircrl. A Ituht snow fttorm tan>» this fnr«-in>on, QUAIL SEASON OPENS. Tlif> r»|M>ti KI'HNUM for UH> Hhui'tiit); of quail riiimtifiii'ctl Saturday nn-l :i tiumtit-r »f fpi'itsin»»n wml mil af!« r them, Hi «!t>tnr |ilnt'c* ili«*n< :\ri- rnnuv envoy, 1 " hut thrinii;lif>u( tit" .«t!ttr it «:lii| tln.s :iri- l-.iit ycry t' GRAND-TODAY May Marsh and Robert Harron IN "The Marriage of Molly-0" A10p Keyjlone_jpomedyr^Fay..Tincher in "Skirts" TUESDAY Peggy Highland in "Saints and Sinners" Selig-^ribune News frl^IIC ROCK FALLS TONIGHT Herbert in a n nntl AKMCN Vririon i,'om««dy drninu, ROSE BUYS BOWLING ALLEY. Ks»rl .tiijivrin. \vh«i bought' thr> bow- alley l.»f tho MilOl'M. !! f('U Weeks «KI>. has Huld it to J. Y. Hose, tho deal tiikhiK plare last l''rid:i\, Mr Ho,«< IN a 'htisllih'k yinihK man and intend* LITTLE LOCALS nt Woodn.* 'MAIN 4400' DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For prlvato lc«ftona <'nll H. H. KELLEY, Belt phona 43UR VAIfflffTTE-Tonfoiif Win." Fpi presonts Anna Lulhoruud (leor^e \Vu'l«)i.'iir , "THE BEAST" AlH«i coiiUMly shows. 7 "and H:4i"). Usual prieos. Toraorrow—Hch'ii Holmes in bij; sptvial, "The Diamond Runners," u story of adventure and romance. Mali hoc, 2 arid .'»:4f>; night, 7 and. 8:45; usual prices. Wednesday—"The ({rip of Evil. jhiivi? the oldt'Ht hu»kor In the county, jlf nut in the wlalo. Uuhhen '•(who !M livhur with hl« HUM. j IIIIH hijKkwt rnrn all hlK life, -evrry fall, -j -yfnff he wtm hlK i*ii'i»(;li .lt would hard for him t« fall K« hy without -f}«hiK hln Hhare out A CADEMY OF MUSIp Tuesday, November14 ^ WM. H. KIBBLE'S original — -Uncle J^ ORCHESTRA OF FIFTEEN MUSICIANS Scenic Invettiture a Positive Revelation „_ __ — ~" '~' T| '" . 20 8.p*etfleol«r ""and "SpecliTty ScniiitTon»~20 Knl'*id"Ki.'"P ( ' \'ii<iiFHH of 11 ihimlr.'il Inirn-m.s,' • . . <>rnml ('honiH of Hiiper"Kx<.'elle,in'e! The .Htereuiptlfal HeiiHution- Tho MIIII . Who J>'reed the Klnvo« A !J"i'lbutn to J<ljii.'"lii, (Irunl. Sberldnn. Khernuin and Douchui . 20 COLORED PEOPLE FROM THE COTTON BELT! Popular Prices - - -..-'• 25c, 35fi and 50c .' • ' Seat* now on sale at the Sterling Pharmacy Jin the corn field. Mr. Hprlmjmn.n in piimt elKhty-thfee yeui'H of HKO> but ho WHM out In tin- ileld every diiyihiH full and hunked i.'orn rlKhl ulottRv While punt four MPur? he bunked every day for twelve dayx, or until tho crop wax hurvented, imitlt* more than a half inun'n work every one of. the twelve dny«, Cnc'le 'Ituhhtn,' i« a httHky:"!Ti>in mid, l« yt-ry .wpry for one tmt olil and lovcul up befor«» thiyllKht in the and kHtliiK into the rorn HelclH. . . i • LIQUORS BARRED FROM MAILS. The poMtofTioe department hn« nenl u 'Wiirnltii: to po.stiniiNtei'H thut ttndvr no elrcumMtHiH'e* may ali-oholie UI|IIUI-H be accepted for tnuiMportatlon (hrouKh (the muilH. t'o.minencIiiK upon the or- ider Ihe ("hrlMtian Hclenw Monitor iHnyn: "The thiitcd • Slnlen jioHtofTJco d/-p«r«nient haw Sent out a wnrnln^ to K. <'. rejtulnr. (n liURH, j«to\-es and Mr«. t'lntide Krary. «'f Tropl «pent I'riday here. Ur. .lames 11. Herrick. ,uf Hpont Friduy here »n bUHiynoji Wanted—Mett to work In laotory, In- vinlro ottlee"'Nfttl'fifial"MrK." rro',*"" MiM.ii's .lane Ward and Knmm Ho; noli wpent the week 'end in (.'Union, JoH«.'ph HodKeM, -of Lyndon, was a SterliriK lni5lnv.H« vl»ltor. Saturday, Wantril —^ Three BOOC!,. nm^hlniHtM Steady einployhu'itt. Lawreiu'n Hros.* JVtinH l-'.'utny H<?aver« rrsb-ned her position at Wlliin'K hat shop Haiunla.v HebeKahs will meet Tiirnday iilfjht, 7 n'cloi'U. All ollh er« urt»ed to tie tin.'sent.* I'prlKht wwil "Htnry & Clark" plant* nt. a "bai'fiitin," l'p.-T«*lhttr- Mirsif r Obermillers' - for Overcoats $5.00,^35.00 Underwear, 39c „, $5.00 "l>uck $1.00 „, $5.00 Sheep Lined Coats, $6.00 ,.$15.00 15c , , 50c Mackinaw (Vmi I If NEWS IN BRIEF") HAS REFERENCE LIBRARY YwHi-'upor mte hook; puldlHhed •nay alcoholic Iliiuor* 1 ht* accepted for lrii]iMnl>i«loii through the tniiilN. Tltli- IHK wmiiii u bi> if tlu* United Treasury . I'epartintuit nhould iKHue, a warning lo collectora thai In 'no cir- cun»ntanc,e« hhoitld money derived from' the llfjuor tvafTii'- lie ar.OMltttuk/ax pan Of the iiHi'inal -li'vcnue, Atld Jlx U matter of fact. It would h<> more nearly in line w-ilh lium-st dealii.iK." TODAY IN ILLINOIS HrSTORY. ' On -Nov. lij, I77t>, (Spv'cTiior Uunmorp of N'ew York wrote to th«» ltritinh w»c- relttry for the American v«d»iii<*M. Klmnnly advihiiiK him' nut to nllow co|» <«niHlH to Mettle we«t of the. AlleKhan- It'H. On Nov. |3, IK07, tile ConUHlltt'O of tlH> V, ». BentUe, to which it hiul Mlsti N-cllie Hurke waw removed to her home from tho hospital Saturday iiflpfnuon., Kor rent -7 room all modern at I H'S Sixth' avenue. Call The Hoy l'i. Wood* Store,* , . l)i>n't forget the .\ly«tli- dance in MontmonMtey Nov. 15th. Hrnliiard'n little l.ucile Ouinther. who wa« operated on at the honpita! a few duyn UKO. |«t ltnpn»viiiK rnpldly. Mr. and MrK. CliuM.- Johnnoii and d'Hishter, Dornthy, motoi-ed lo Chica- «jo Sunday where they will ^pdul a few day*. Henry, H. I'tley, of <'hlca«.., oanu out Saturday; beiiif; culled here by th*' fterioiiH iUnC'** t»f hi» brother, W. r. Utiey. _. relt nnd W. P. Hackel. of Mllled«e- ville. attonded the MuHonlt*"' liumitiel hern Krlday evening. , June Hell. Kil. Van liorne. Hohert tfnrke, Hlchard Holf and Pete 1'itt- in'iiii attended •the lUsh m'hool dance in Dixon "Friday ovenliiK. ^Mueller, of Kr..«»«>.i«i.rt7. ar- This is Christmas Gift Workers Week IN OUR ART NEEDLEWORK SECTION -,..' Christmas is just six weeks away, so if you are go- 'iilg- to have all those Christmas gifts ready on time and make them yourself it is none too early to begin. This week will be devoted to showing the'host of beautiful thhlgsHhat we- have collected from many sources for our Art Needlework Section. It is fairly teeming with new things, new ideas. We have the patterns and the materials for finishing many beautiful and practical gifts, and we are glad'to give instructions. ' You will. find.a visit interesting and instructive. Below are a few of the articles that will be found in this department. , Dresser Scarfs Combing Jackets Bath Towels Guest Towels Combination. Suits Nisrht Gowns. Pillow Tops Etc., Etc. Knife, Fork and Spoon Cases Table Covers Luncheon Sets Doilies & Center Pieces Pillow Cases Fudge Aprons l''ini>ht'i| work of liu> a.!»o\v o|' u- (lio tin\vorl« J (l \v«>rlc. inilial, on iliNplay lo »ivc you an idea MI finishcrl. All kimls tit' " ]>;itt<.-nis -look wl ntl'l liook for sa(T\ ~~ Complete fines of embroidery cotton,, crochet cotton, f<ancy braid, cord, gold thread,^ embroidery needles, crochet hooks, embroidery hoop, etc., are now ready. I. ^ ' Coupons must be Redeemed on or Before December 31st. . . rived this rnofnink to make a viMt with her .sinter, Mr**. .Harold K', War'd. whu .ba.-i heen' ill for a day or two. H. Smaltz.and-Carl Wlldi, of Morrison, were up Hunday for a «Uort visit with Roy. Hnmllz, a tirotlu-r of the viHiiiiur Smalu, at the Kterltn« lumpital. who submitted to an operation last week. ---- - IMncr in U'notlinnn ball, .•ioi' attitude w«-re utterly dlncre>l- Kcd, li is ihi> i.Id fu'kliMii'd I'aUi' mod- (Sly tll.-it eVell. HOW erieM "lit- UX'tm«t . !MIC|| lilt C\|.l;'*e :iN III' '"ITV l..ittll» Kocty mlnistlt-iH. iiielddhiK Mr, itnyu- ' tun, discii.v.Hi d the |>ictnn> Ml n inwt-; Not to Be Trusted. . Foolish- Rabbit*. "It inn't pleasant to havn an irate A him- will djirt in tho palli of u shako his fist In your face." ., B i, mt locomoihe ttt ulyiit"null run at "No. It isn't," atusworiHl tho peace-; n, t . ,-„„. ot s | x , v mile* mi hour in the loving optlmirft. "You nuvor can tell; f,,n K \ lir> , , lf Ih( . headlight mi«l lluiilly when a person llko that is going to (Jn.jj ,.ximiis!,>.|, n \ V |li iit-vi-r va! if ihr'i-i 1 -Kied irrKii.' ii ti'eir cutout.s nrie tnude. ••sever diplomatic rolutions, BO to by.tweaking your frniii ilti tVi. t IIIIK JUHI l.c-.'n fuUicd i,,,,.,, r ,,f r H;e»l. iiinilo <in iinfuvomblo re- flu tli»! lihrury of tho AHHocifUion- of i <'()»»iiii'l'ci*. _^;T]iiK_ ViUiialilt* h«u>H..._ruii-. ttaliiH n cuudoguo of uoWH|)a|H>r« uiul ,oilu>r in'rindiralH wllh a rliviila! Ion nf f,,,.. jf>,iiilii «ru! over, In th« I'lillod Htutca, jl'tuiuihi. <'ulin. I'urtii' Iticu, I'hilljipliH' jlKlaurte. l.liiwaiiun iHlniKlH. It >,«lv<*H • In- ciiyulMtiuii and HdvprtlsiitK raton of carli |MililIra(i(ui liHlcd und• Inipor- j tiint facts Jiliinit tlic. town \vlicri« I'ju-li ipaiii'r is iiiihlifihi'd, liicltidliiK- .the litlt'.jil |"i|nilalinn I'.sliiiiiili'. '|'hi> rutt) Ixioli" «-<4iitaiiiH u tiiu« in«utlo.ii nf Htw- ;d by tlt« f AiuiiH:lntli>n of The hook. I'lrruluU'H till iovi'i 1 thi}.iCnrhl. *Hlii-r rt'fv.i'ciicu honkn in the AHHiKriutlon'M Jiliri.iry/«ro th« port on a p^t It ion from tilt' lure .nt Iti(MH))a'Ti>rriti>r: HllntiiM) ici)iii'Mtiiiii{ the toil y««ir« u.f the viartMc In ! !lin«, iCommeiv slavery.,. till! OrdiiUMieo which prohibited 'Nov. 14. Cochrun'u urithntitru. l-'vcryhudy invited.* .„ Mr«. R SackrMvr, of Hock iHiand, jpcnt .the w*>ck end in Sterling with her husband, "who i». employed by the; Conducue I'uvmg company ^n im work in Sterling. " Inehideil two o|iJoi-tlojtnhU'» nceruss ami a linal ipio(;.<it'>n In.ihi LeMiv'H "HiK- lory of Mur.-iix." ,\r,ii|i'iny. I'Viday junl Saturd.'iy. Nnv! 17- js, Where U It?, , j "Isn't It fitrnnge how t|uickl,v..tlies»> t war (imps got'- 'nut .of d;ite?" About Women. Oregon has passed a law prohibiting tho tllscrimiuution in nalarios between male and; fonialo teachers. PrlncosH Christian's favorite occu- r;iilH t'o ii pluco of tactics on tin' higlwny. when tiutos uru Harriett C.hurclC Dorothy Alice f!rime« and Leonard U«l«». John Dillon .. .au'd Clancy 1 1 w».;i attpiule<l the high school dance in Uix- oit Friday evening. who wat> one of Hunt auto a few • •••» t<n*|'ii Jfr** l"Hl.^f» 1 |( t t 1 , p ( I I i) I I y i ; ,. Mrs, Bnink, 1 had not thought ,-ihout |'t,; pation u hat « r In>««»nK- Do tlu-y?" "Yt'H, imiiMMi. J hoiisht u ! • iMrs - LeonR M - WcIlB - a clork in tho, .n*w on.« only lust week. ».ul to.lay 1 ! H nUotI S ' atCa 8 ° nat0> liaa bflc »- in the Knew Abdul AchlnQ. "How many roils miilic an ncrt 1 ?" "Onn," replieil Touituy, with a lively roeolleelloii of Iht' IIIKJ -tlmo In; JmxJ I iichi'd hwnii- 1 '!' of tho roij. looked for tin hour fur but I couldn't lliul Christian lh>fuhl, It. the Mildr«Mt party in tho A BOOST FOR STERLING, Quite H lot 11 f touring information alio'iii N'orl|ii.<rti Illinois polntti of iii- terc«». the jMncnlii Ittgliway, Kterlinti, UlxiHi, Hljiek llawh htatue, Hock, ett'., j» puiiliHhed in OutinK iniiKir/.iiie, K 1« printtul in TH« Open Itnut) dt'partiyent edited by I.. 1,. hi.MU'. who lu-t'ii througll HterliitK tseveral (imew by uuto, 'lluljf a r;o(umn of the ai'Ueie wn« latest edition!* of the HlinolH Ului Hook.. Co!i'4rc*H|«iuU niroctticy.. I'. H. (by die SlerliiiK AsMocfation uf Cum. Postal. (Juide. 1'. H. cei.iNiiH, reportH, Imerce. AutotiHibile HI lie Hook, |,lnco|ii Iliith-| '•-..--• -•( w.iy.i'!ui«t«v *>!«'„• sill.'.of which Href . THE 8NEEDS UP NORTH; .-iv.ul.ibl.•/<-)!• .r^ffre'm-i; at any lime hy.;• M,-.. atul, MrS. ,U«-if Siivevl write frum jiff putitir:. , : j!o<;ln'Hter.TM'iu.n. -tVurt they -reachin! that cViy/Ju. safety, and expert to .which turned turthV near tho Whistler farm went" of Kmind (Srovp. was* ta'kBii quite ill « K ain Hun- day and has been tnlcrri back to the ,sterlin»i bo.spitaj for truat'nient. ...._?! .costs you nothing to learn abnut tho largo pmiitjs yqti ti r « likely to K*-I on Into, ur -more, itt $5 per month In- veHted in it, new Florida uranKo grove. wpcralt'd by wnw of the mottt ex|n-i - ii»nml and reliable men in Florida. Avoiding a "Do .voti tliliiU your (invtinpcoiihy will glv»> you utiy luuiqui'I.s?" "Not If I enu. hi'iNl "om on*," replied Scittilor tSoi'tf' hum. "I (loti't • \Mint to gft wilh H crmvcl and nit•'rlislit" down In front of H r»nilii(lpr of die hlj,'h ; cost of living ! I Federal 'tsprviee for 15 years. During Uid" last year three states j havo passed laws putting husband and i wife ou equal * footing in property j •rlgbte. J fher& are hundreds of women} now employed in munition factoriea In fioclaud. % JOHN A. WAE1> Attorney at Law . MONEY TO LOAN On Heal Kolaltt Hecijrlty MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 Lawrence Bldg., Sterling, '- .. • . • I'll. Soldiers. t'i'i'lj,'!! tlidr fiiml I'V*r«i«tful onlort-UJ— " Which? Un- <lii iliiuT who him jmnloii,""'«lr, hut jir« n| ti> lilt*' s \y*Ti' ilcrivctl tin? Hiiciciil ft'ii Ask uv Gait, 106 W, 3rd jfi t'y ^n. saey an expec to re- MOO.SE PICTURES. ,.,.. r .s,|,J4i«i the middle of this vveok. They re ttioi)K.uiitpr.;Vp(e Attend" i have he-en viMttl»«. Mr. and Mr«. J. 'iiiri-n of the' .Vlui.t.(.hl-art \v. Ci'imer, win. reside lit , Hoi .hesstpr/ THE iHcr (ht e»l the pi-'ttiri-.s (-f the .Vlui>».(!l huiuc. iii-,ir Aurora. ,H'.iin|:t.v, in yter- <>nc 'in- the nflet'noon i«li<l two' In Ihe »-\ i-jiliu',, iin-l we.r.e lit the- _• \>mde|to Hii'.'iMc. ,\li>)fv M llli> wi t ili'ji. .well- rul»>'u direi-tly s't'uiii liu- Ijitinj- and were Tliefe are SVifi home- i the h<.!ii<- at, l!l'l-«.i.'UI, I In- !,ik>-n .i« f;i«t a> ( W. Conner, who reside ul, Km I but w'ero 'formerly rcwidt'nt.s o city, unit iiocli FaliH, Mr, !iii«l ftlrs. Sn«!«d. left lunutMhaU'ly after voting last TueMdiiy They #p»'iit Nu.ndiiy la Minneitpoli-M and are 'mi !h«»lr way home but laic hUfpi-tUK <'H|t.Ml!e. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MET. The. eX*>ciUi\V .'committee <tf tin t)u> . t(i fiiij. it (if l>i\i'|l, iw'jl.i| of- li|l« dllillti't ot.ler. \yuH ptVKenl -and cxului lln' |n--o|iU; .what the,-l-irture*- ;\Ki«ti" irom .-the ,M«iosfhr<;m sf «ii ; |D,J^ \>.,i>; .-il.u-.v.'i .01, ih'e *HJ*ri«" t-ii '• '< .. "\Vh;, " x.'.-i .;..iu .Die .>lv.nnf-' IS \V;i.-. i'-!V |i|'«,; t> :H!-:.I iiiU-rt'MiUg '*' i ! '.' : l;Vr in. -. \\i'!-<:. «^'->i.,. .T.' il ••"fii -i :*''•••:••.,\ ifil r-.'i •!'. !.•:! J:M:I-'I.» '. <' .'i - *.vi!» ..'I'!:.- !•!,<![•-• -,'i i|' i." ' !-. t , ' >'• ;fi •'! '•'>''.•.'•• ••;' ! !••>«, -ilfi .M. U'-.Uu I -;;•:, ! ,! t !, • ->^,, '. i •'(,, v pj, f' - j • *.--;' COUNTY'S OUUEST HU.SKER. '••."' ' ' ; ' '•'• I: •"'!]•' Ii.l I ': V, .-n'.X-J.'l.ilH t' of- J'»c. "at the II, I'l-rry, Till i-um- Unit-l'H' fiitttn .1. i. I- L" Is,- lie!.I in. I'Ue nvar aiiKi'im iu> "yvi-ii- iiiniii' f<>r ccHii'v-^ *-'U-c?irr»'i'»t xibii'cls i ** •) I -.- - U .4 H-- s F - ' r* BY SISTER'S DEATH. "iv>-=l '-the >-;ul n f u K H-i ,^.i,-ri. ' <•/' Ti.!.-,(..," UNCLE TOM'S CABIN TOMORROW. T!it» t>)*oaiHt of KMfeu stirs* biir >,vm- pathy'iis no ortliiuiry mi'lo'lranut »-\ti .•1U\, ail)I Use foitMlicH. of I'lV,-le Tom l>''«-C*i us< aim and excited. Ami the production, uiuch SVm, ,JJ, Kll>ble >vi!l lirins !n «-ur city will be tin- ,-.;unr'•that •«'vi:tve»l In New you the JHU'k ohojts or tlio hollotl 'rrtuu»orl{iL CUKO, i'iji.sburt'gli. CliH-innuu; .St l,ou-' it*, ami all Usrgw n,'iii<-», ''Academy of' Muhli, Ti.e.-d.ty, ,S'n\', M(h. ...,'' MINISTg.R UPHOLD VICE MOVIES- (iirl Next Door.' the 'iiiovinK picture b;uied «.n. the. Witrk. -of l.le-ut tit;'., Har- pU'f.vvd'.b>;..Uo\, Jt, I*.•.|ioi tit/t.!.!,-'v».f ciit- i-iiK" in his ,<ivrnion-at. tiie'\\-U'dtitwii ."'HiJcli TtlH' pU'tUl'V .H :IS II- t- ,.-i.i 0 <f.'j *>j a bitU'j vn.i.t'K by i«'vj M Ihu'K' JS '.,i bilHliit,'!' ill' l)n« !!u)»l,i!i »! • iiiv<iiMniv.ntutl'>v iini'.tiv,'.'-., , i i : s c-r -M->* r«ui Mi.. H.-'i ii'f..i li....-; ,;il't..^i.',l,Vr ij.H >',, ;! .til-! li'lK-«-!i.>«« fll.U tli-V. ("' KSi-iv !i ii.^ t'.-itn.i/-'f-, ;»ii..l « !-:: .U . v -itvuj'islii'il I; i-i'tft EauyWaytoGet hy tliil tho NjiniLs of t.-ixntJon. Tliv .. iii \\lij triiili' WH.H k<*jit ; MI' '*y l'">" I'l'f'lvc'l ('runt his j by liiot. hy the hive nf < Old -Italy. " I'util -J'.i H. C, tiic nniutv oMlnly svu» : FARM LOANS AT . 5, 7 or 10 yoar«, up to $1QO per aero if security warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SALE JOHNM; STAG1E Lnw office Stpgor 4. St»oor ' 't worry.any niort. almijt thai ; v ! u itvhmg t-kiti-troul'l'-, Jgsfc get a jar pf j rcfinol ointiueiit anil si f«ku of rewnul ! wmn at any"druj; Bliirc With the tMitH.l soaji. <Mid w»rtn w.utet battui ihf alla'tcfl parta thi'T- oujfe'hly, uutil tbej,- aro frw» from cru.>t« aiyt tin* *kiu is i*o)Ti-ne<i, I'ry wry jientlv, eproud on n thin luv<-r •0f ili,. r.-,4m4 f Uii' inMiiii^iita. tjic . iii-fii M. inli "f the knuvvji hy its |>ivs<>nt. K. T. FEBGUSON INVESTMENT 80NPS : N'«'t -I tn tf jier o»i»i -.(,•, Kx«'int»t fi-i.iu Irifiun* Tax LOANS • • INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldji. .Sterling, III. went, uad-fmi.T w'itli « ii^.lit 'lf iH><-«t^u-v tu -jmjldK Tin* ekoaM !«'. ,du!U' I Riialiv the divtr<'M»ii I'Uriiin^'/jitiiji with t"li» r iir»t und ik\i ,-kui won |.ci Choosing Your Shamjioo Soap 1865 GOODBYE CLINKERS! - 1916 Ash oii must >urii. \viiF'lic "The Perfect Fuel" i«-J5nsatis|Y t . <ii\»> il a li:iul t'Hl-ill: 4 in ii'Mfiol U. h.u.' lift liiiii: ii.J' i(' •Ubl, him; :i«. luus..-'!, • ('itr oil'.! rack. . " •'.. ' "See. us for SOFT COAI, A ;.;'oo(l-st5ck of all grades, on hand oses Dilion Tlu- riyht place tp.,;bwy Lniiibcr ii 1

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