Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 13, 1964 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1964
Page 6
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Southern California Edison New Hampshire voters used blackballs By Doris Fleeson WASHINGTON — They should have given those New Hampshire voters blackballs in stead of ballots. Out of their Bepubhcan Club are the avowed aspirants for President who eagerly pressed their flesh: Sen. Barry Gold water and Gov. Nelson Bocke feller, together with the no less eager but absentee Richard Nixon. Swept into it is Henry Cabot Lodge whose campaign for the Presidency is thereby set rolling. Lodge has been Our Man in South Viet Nam for Presi dents Johnson and Kennedy since 19S2. Lodge says he is grateful but is not coming home. This is close to a backhanded endorsement of Administration handling of an unpopular war which Bepublicans are trying hard to make an issue in Presi dent Johnson's campaign for re-election. Many party leaders never cared for Lodge and thought he ran a poor cam paign for Vice-President in 1960. They like him less today. New Hampshire Bepublicans also blackballed a whole covey of party wizards who ran for delegate to the national conven tion on Goldwater and Bocke- feller slates. It includes a hitherto unbeatable Senator and three former Governors. Maybe the state Bepublicans want a new deal. In a finishing touch, they blackballed women in national politics. The distinguished and hard-working Sen. Margaret Chase Smith — like Lodge, a next-door neighbor — got few votes. Admittedly, she hardly mounted a campaign, but it is a disappointment to women ID both parties. New Hampshire Democrats, who had been playing with a Pandora's box in the form of a write-in for Attorney General Robert Kennedy for Vice-Presi­ dent, tried to slam it shut. They managed to end up with about 3,500 more votes for Johnson than for Kennedy. From the storm cellars where they have been lurking since the President made It plain he was not amused. Democrats there express the wistful hope that LBJ and Bobby will now kiss and make up. The answer is maybe. ^Vhile New Hampshire was voting, a group of Wisconsin Democrats filed incorporation papers for a committee to draft Robert Kennedy for Vice-President. One of the signers is business associate of Democratic National Committeeman Pat Lucey, a Kennedy intimate. Legally, such a vnrite-in is meaningless. The twin write-ins propelled from the gossip realm into the public domain a character named Paul Corbin of Janes ville. Wis. Corbin represented the state CIO in its seamier days, switched to advance man for the late Sen. Joseph Mc Carthy and hopped on the Kennedy bandwagon in 1960. Victory achieved. Attorney General Kennedy put him in national committee headquarters, where he has been a hair shirt to National Chairman John Bailey and such other Democrats who could not avoid him. It is now established that the original promoters of the New Hampshire write-in for Kennedy used Corbin as their authority for Kennedy's blessing on the endeavor and that an angered President ordered Corbin fired. Bailey obliged with alacrity. Paul Corbin is not on any Kennedy or Democratic payroll today. Kennedy spokesmen say (hat not only did the Attorney General never authorize him to act for him in any state but that they have no evidence he actually tried to do so. (Copyright, 1964, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) Ohio rejects Sheppard's bid for freedom COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI)— The pardon and parole com mission today rejected Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard's bid for freedom and said it would not consider his case until he was eligible for parole this fall. The action came as a sur prise, as many principals in Sheppard's conviction of second de^ee murder for the bludgeon slaying in 1954 of his wife had recommended he be released from prison. The rejection of his appeal or reconsideration by the com mission came as he pressed a habeas corpus action in U. S. District Court. The commission's decision still left Sheppard's request up to Gov. James A. Rhodes, who could act against the parole commission recommendation and grant executive clemency or immediate parole. Should the federal court agree to hear the habeas cor pus action, the state would have to prove that Sheppard's constitutional rights were not violated in his trial as he claims. Sheppard was convicted of second degree murder for the fatal beating in their home of his wife, Marilyn, in the Cleveland suburb of Bay Village on July 4, 1954. He has maintamed his innocence since his arrest and has filed various appeals in state and federal courts. Rhodes, acting on a recommendation by the parole commission in January of 1963, turned down a previous clemency request by Sheppard. Sheppard is eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 10 years of his sentence, less time off for good behavior. This would make him eligible for parole in October. The commission's latest deci sion was signed by four members; William M. Vance declined to participate in the decision. The decision was unanimous by the four commission members who signed it. REFLECTIVE PLATES NEW YORK (UPI) - Sixteen states and the District of Columbia use reflective auto license plates, which show up brilliantly at night, as a safety measure. It is estimated about 15 million cars and trucks are equipped with such plates. Two dead in collapse of cement hopper DENVER (UPI) — A 90-foot- high metal hopper filled with more than 200 tons of dry cement and gravel collapsed on four workmen Thursday, killing two of them. Douglas County Coroner C. Douglas Andrews identified the vitims as Duane Delbert Wrum, 28, Englewood, Colo., and Charles Elmer Warner, 47, Denver. The cave-in occurred at the International Pipe and Ceramics Corp. plant in Blakeland Industrial Park. The cause was believed to be either an explosion or a violent gust of wind. The two injured were identified as Patrick Heame, 34, of Denver and Gene Trabing, 24, of Brighton, Colo. They were in satisfactory condition at Swedish Hospital in Englewood. Birch Society opposes civil rights measure LOS ANGELES (UPI) - The John Birch Society was on record today as opposing current civil rights legislation before Congress, branding the measure as giving the Federal Government "tremendous dictatorial power." John Rousselot, former Republican Congressman from California and now Western States governor for the Birch Society, made the announcement Thursday on the civil rights measure. Rousselot told a news conference that the society's national council met in Pasadena, March and formulated its statement on the measure. He quoted that statement as saying: "Congress has never seriously considered a more dangerous piece of legis- laUon." The society is not opposed to the principle of civil rights, said Rousselot, but feels the current bill constitutes federal interference in local affairs—particularly the power to interfere in local and state elections; and to interfere with private business in the field of employment because of "public accomoda­ tions" provisions. He went on to say that the Communist Party openly advocates passage of the bill be- 'Peepul Peacocks' target for new game Can you spot a Peacock? If so, join DOPO now By RUTH SNOW O'ROURKE From Bird Watchers to Girl Watchers to Peacock Observers is little more than a hop, skip, and a short flight of fancy. Southern California is about to imprint itself on the space age as the launching site for the Distinguished Order of Pea cock Observers. By the very nature of its plazas, playas and people. South em Cal already is the year round unrestrained Paradise for Peacock Observers. A Peacock Observer is any member of homo sapiens who, with or without binoculars or bi-focals, can spot, classify, and determine the place of origin, permanent or transient, of any Peepul Peacock passing within view. A Peepul Peacock can best be defined without benefit of Mr. Webster. It is just a dressed up or down ordinary "peepul". Areas of our vastnesses especially attractive to Peacock Observers are Palm Springs, Newport, Laguna, resorts (mountain, desert, ski), fishing piers, yacht harbors, supermarkets, tennis clubs, and Redlands — to name a smidgen. Petcock Paeks Peacocks observed in this variety of habitats each have dis­ tinguishing characteristics. An experienced Peacock Observer should be able to identify locales without referring to catalogues, road maps, or street signs. At Palm Springs the male as well as the female bird — is noted for briliant if sometimes erratic plumage. The female is identified variously, maybe a complete covering of chinchilla, the underside of bril liant metallic substance (eas ily reversible), or an abundance of ornamentation (often the McCoy), as well as odd combinations of color, contours, and top-knots. The male is more uniform. He shows brown skin, blight eyes, alpaca sweaters (striped broadly) and a tendency to be friendly. This is also true of the female who shows no timidity in accepting whatever tid-bits the Observer might offer although they prefer bright stones readily obtained at the many jewelers along the main thoroughfares. Beich Areas and Nooks Where the wild waves wash the shores and nooks and supermarkets abound, the peacocks take on different characteristics. They move from sands to street with little ruffling. In Newport, Balboa, "Laguna. et al, peacocks are bare oi foot and wear pants. The female wears them shorter and tighter and the surest way to tell the male from the female is to note whether or not the visible leg is hirsute. If so it is likely a male. Coloring varies although shades of faded blue prevail. The general appearance and manner is casual. One observes mating gestures with more frequency here. The Laguna section often provides the arty Peacock known by beads, braids, and kookiness. Yachting caps are seen on many males. Peacocks with Pride Moving inland to conservative Redlands, a lovely little city once famed for orange growing, the Peacock Observer is aware of a definite difference in the peacocks. The female skirt is neither too long nor too short, the top-knot, neither too exaggerated nor too oddly tinted, the feathers smooth, smart and smudgeless. The male is often seen in a coat, bet­ ter known as sport jacket, or its equivalent. At eventide the Redlands peacocks change subtlety and seem more decorative be it all, no less conservative and, elegant. Redlands peacocks are traditionally proud and predisposed to understatement of their acknowledged beauty. The about - to - become-popular pastime of Peacock Observing offers countless entertaining and enlightening hours to Peacock Observers and sometimes more personal and re- wardmg benefits. The hobby requires no patience, no talent, no money investment, and very little mteiligence. It is destined to outrank baseball as a national sport since there is no admission fee and no waiting in Ime for ducats. Facts First Again With interest in Peacock Observing about to increase steadily, the Daily Facts prints below a test prepared by the "Distinguished Order of Peacock Observers". You may score yourself on this test and check your answers by re-reading this article. Allow 1 credit for any answer. Allow 2 credits for any correct answer. Test I Name Habitat where Peacocks show following characteristics. (Add sex.) T. Chinchilla lined reversible coverings. 2. Alpaca sweaters with stripes. 3. Skirts (neither too long nor too short) 4. Friendliness. 5. Yachting caps. i. Mating gestures. 7. Kookiness. Robber throws loot at pursuing deputy sheriff NAPLES, Fla. (UPI)-PoUce said Thursday that a robbery suspect threw a suitcase full of money at a deputy sheriff in a desperate attempt to escape in an auto chase that reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. The deputy, Seth Howard, caught the suspect anyway after chasing him for 55 mUes while going through three counties. He was identified as Louis McCory, Jr., 28, who weighs 270 pounds. Howard reported that McCory threw a suitcase filled with coins, a cutting torch complete with tanks, and "even some boots" in an apparent attempt to cause the deputy to wreck his car. The deputy finally ran him down, made the arrest and then backtracked to pick up the evidence. Authorities said McCory was wanted for two robberies in which about $1,000 was taken. He was charged also with breaking and entering and willful and wanton reckless driving. Special Offer If your score is perfect, you are eligible to become a member of the "Distinguished Order of Peacock Observers". H you don't score at all, you are certainly eligible. Have you ever yearned to be an organization president? Now is your chance! 1 By filling out the appUcation below, you may join with other D.O.P.O.'s. The first hundred applicants for membership will be Presidents of D.O.P.O, So will t h e next three hundred. In fact any­ one who applies, automaticaU.. gets to be a President DOPO smee all D.O.P.O.'s are Presidents. Send or bring your application to the Daily Facts Office. Hurryl The first hundred applicants will some day receive an unembossed monograph on Peacock Observers". Any applicant sending a peacock plume or an attempted facsimile thereof can get on the Entertainment Committee. Advantages of membership in D.O.P.O. . . . NONE Disadvantages. . . NONE There are no dues. They are not tax deductible. APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP IN 'DISTINGUISHED ORDER OF PEACOCK OBSERVERS" Name (No shorthand please) Address State one reason for wanting to be a D. 0. P. 0. President. (Fill out and mail the above to the Daily Facts D.O. P.O. Dcla- gate at Post Office Box 191, Redlands. P. S. If anyone ever gets around to it you will some day receive a membership card . . . D. 0. P. 0. . . . and will you b« sorry! TIZZY By Kate Osann cause "it wants to destroy the balance of power between local and Federal Government." Bircii Society president Robert Welch had said in San Francisco Wednesday night that the civil rights movement itself was "completely planned and guided by Communists." REDLANDS HEADQUARTERS FOR FRIGIDAIRE FLAMELESS ELECTRIC RANGES 117 E. State St. Phone 793-5485 SERVING REDLANT)S FOR 34 YEARS APPLIANCES '! I'd rather trest than lend you tht mentv and never gtt it backl" ' For Results Use Facts Classified Ads

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