Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont on July 8, 1968 · Page 14
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Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont · Page 14

Bennington, Vermont
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Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 14
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H-rU'nnlnjrton Banner, Monday, July 8, 19U8 North Bennington Man Sentenced for Assault Two G to 24 month concurrent morning to the already existing terms iu the houseof corrections ball cf f G.OOO for Clco C. Webb were given this morning to a Jr., 24, ofShaftsbury.Represent- North Bennington man whoplead- ed by Atty. Robert Cummlngs ed guilty to two charges of as- Jr., Webb pleaded not guilty to- sault, but said, "I didn't pull the day to five charges, trigger " Judge Morrlssey set $100 ball Raymond O. Tobln, 24, of North for Webb on a charge of mall- Bennington, entered guilty pleas clous destruction of properly that occurred on July 6 in Siiaftsbury when Webb allegedly broke the windshield of PhyllssSkldmore's 1960 Ford. Ball of $2,000 was set on a charge of driving on the same date in Bennington on U.S. in May to a charge of beating and striking Mrs. Margaret Tobin and to a charge of assaulting and striking state police trooper LeRoy Prior, both offenses having occurred in North Bennington ISt^^rr r^Tssras 5SK, C by "ty. Harvey Cartel ^LSSS 2?$ for allegedly taking PhylissSkld- 7 while Webb's license was sus- JOURNEY'S END - From left, patrolman, Eugene Galotti, chief Dana L. Thompson and patrolman Michael DiMonda survey a stolen car from Kansas Galotti followed to Dorset early Saturday morning where it crashed with remarkably little damage. Its occupants, who are believed to have broken into the Orvis Co., escaped on foot and are still at large. (Miller) Roadblock Continued from Page 1 took state Trooper Glen Hall ::' ·'· fnr an air search of the : hey reported seeing only di^-i. Auxiliary Manchester police officers, a newly - created force last winter, state police and their auxiliary force and the Bennington County Sheriff's Department were called to the scene and manned roadblocks for the next Paradise Owners Eye New Law Suit In appealing their property listings the owners of the Paradise Restaurant, Inc. and Paradise Motor Inn advised the Bennington Board of Listers that they planned another suit against the present board if their appeals 12 hours, most of them strict- were not granted. 1 , , i fha Hcfo!*c In ly on a volunteer basis and without pay. Dorset selectmen, particularly William Barrows, distributed sandwiches made by his wife to some 40 officers along Vt. 30. All motorists were stopped and told not to pick up hitchhikers and to report all suspicious persons. The Granvllle, N.Y. police and the New York State police were, also notified. A bloodhound and handler were summoned from the Rutland County barracks, but failed to come up with a scent of the fugitives. In the early afternoon, however, all roadblocks were shut down. Sgt. John Poljaclk of the Shaftsbury barracks said the effort had served Us purpose and that the men could better be used on mounted, or roving, patrols. He said he believed there was a good chance the wanted men had eluded police immediately after the crash before the dragnet by hitchhiking to Granvllle. For the elusive men, Saturday was the end of a week of high speed travel. Papers taken from luggage found in the car Indicating the fraudulent use of owner Arthur D. Williams' oil company credit card places the auto In New Jersey July 2, some four days after the car was stolen in eastern Kansas. A slip In the car later places the illegal user of the Gulf credit card at the Waltham, Mass. Holiday Inn from July 3 to July 5. In addition to the army .45s police found In the car army dufflebags, gas masks, an Air Force flight Jacket, two bottles of phenobarbltol tablets, a bottle of penicillin G tablets and two bottles of water purification tab : lets. Police also found a Vietnamese 500 plaster worth something less than $5 and a number of road maps. The loot from Orvls Included electric zoom binoculars, with a $168 price tag, two small walkle talkies priced at $41, a S50 sleeping bag and assorted hunting knives and footware. Orvls also reported to. police $211 In checks and cash missing. In charge of the investigation is Manchester Police Chief Dana L. Thompson. Thompson said they know the suspect by name and have seen him about town a day or two precedlngthe events of the weekend. Nursing Home Group Meets Here Thursday "Your Stake In '68" Is the title of a presentation to be made at the Vermont Nursing Home Association July educational meeting to be held at the Paradise Motor Inn, Thursday. "Every citizen should know the Issues in the 1968 elections and every citizen should participate in the decisions that will be made in Montpeller and in Washington", Raymond Beecroft of Vernon, president of VNHA commented. On hand to discuss the Issues will be Atty. Gen. James Oakes, candidate for governor, and Rep. Theodore Rhlele, candidate for secretary of state The listers in a split 3 to 2 vote on July 3 made cuts total- Ing $91,880 In the fair market value appraisals of property owned by the restaurant and motor inn and residences owned by Peter Pappas and Despo Play- otes. Listers Richard Sleeman, Charles Vail and Richard Ralph voted to allow the reduction; Listers Frank Hogan, board chairman and Raymond Betlt voted against the reduction. Under statute a majority vote of the list- ers is sufficient to set a disputed listing. The office of the listers today released the contents of a letter dated June 19 and signed by Peter Pappas as "taxpayer and agent." The full text of the letter follows: "Pursuant to law you are hereby notified that the following named taxpayers are dissatisfied and aggrieved with your appraisal of the real estate located in the Town of Bennington for . the year 1968: Peter Pappas, Paradise Realty Co. Inc.; Paradise Restaurant, Inc. "It is the plan of the above taxpayers to file suit in the Courts in order to obtain relief and to recover taxes paid, or to be paid as a result of this improper assessment." The letter to the listers carried a notation that copies had been sent to Atty. A. Luke Crlspe of Brattleboro and Atty. J.B. Harte of Bennington. The final vote on the decision to cut the appraisals of these properties came . last Wednesday. Prior to that time Sleeman and Vail Indicated in writing that they expected to vote for the cuts. Sleeman's statement in the matter, dated June 30, follows: "I have looked over the property cards pertaining to the hold- Ings of Pappas and Plyotis (sic) Inspected all their properties and made comparisons'. It Is my opinion and so cast my vote that all properties of Pappas and Plyotis (sic) be reduced to the extent that they are comparable with other similar properties so that Pappas and Plyotis (sic) are treated fairly and equitably." Vail's letter in regard to his vote and dated July 1, says: "Upon consideration of all evidence presented and what can be seen from extensive comparisons of the listers' records that have been shown as comparables, it is my opinion and vote that the Pappas and Playotes properties should be reduced to similar properties so they are treated the same way." Hogan and Betit had made it plain in discussions of the appraisals of these properties that they did not feel the reductions were justified. The deciding vote was cast at last Wednesday's meeting by Richard Ralph. Ralph, together with Sleeman and Vail were elected to the Board of Listers last March and at that time the board was enlarged from three to five members. Hogan and Betit have been listers in Benntngton for many years and the two, together with former lister, Charles A. Toomey were named In suits brought by Pappas et al to recover some $14,000 in taxes paid because of what the owners allege were Inequitable listing procedures. Similar suits against the municipalities that collected the taxes in question, the Town and Village of Bennington and the Bennington School District, Inc. were dismissed last month in Bennington County Court by Superior Judge Harold C. Sylvester. Lister Sleeman is a member and former board chairman of the directors of the Bennington School District. who said that the "conclusion of the probation department is entirely Irrational" In the case of his client. The probation department recommended the jail sentence for Tobln. Carter explained that he felt Tobln required personal attention to solve his problems, not a "long prison sentence to impress upon his low mentality that he's done something wrong." "I don't see that the penologlcal aspects . . . make any sense In this case," Carter added. Judge John P. Morrlssey told Tobln that "at some time during this altercation you obtained a weapon and pulled the trigger." Tobln Interrupted tosay, "I didn't pull the trigger." Morrlssey decreed that Tobln would spend from 6 to 24 months in the house of corrections on the charge of striking Tpr. Prior and that Tobln would also serve 6 to 24 months for beating Mrs. Tobin, but that the latter sentence would run concurrently with the first. Another $5.100 was added this Obituaries Peter Hincks, State Treasurer, Dies at 85 MIDDLEBURY (UPI) -State Treasurer Peter J. Hincks, who celebrated his 85th birthday last Wednesday, died Sunday. Dr. Ellis Walker said Hincks collapsed while attending Mass and was rushed to Porter Hospital where he died at 11:21 a.m. of a ruptured abdominal aneurysm of the aorta, the principal artery of the body. Hincks, a Democrat, was elected in 1964 and-re-elected in 1966. Recently he announced he would seek another term this year. Before entering state service, he was a vice president of the National Bank of Middlebury. He had worked in banks for 50 years and was a native of Middlebury. During the past two years, Hincks began investing state Retirement Fund money In mortgages to help ease the tight home money market, principally In the Burlington area. He committed $1.5 million to mortgages. check at the First National Store, all on June 19, were then dropped. . Ball on the charges setonJune 28 but not posted, was dropped by Judge Morrlssey. Disposition of the remaining charge Is pending. During arraignments for a iota! of 11 cases of illegal possession of fireworks this morning, Judge Morrlssey noted that "there must have been quite an explosion In Bennington Thursday," the Fourth of July. Thomas J. Ouellette, 19, of Manchester Depot was the first to plead guilty to possessing fireworks. He was fined $20 for the incident that occurred on July 2. Ouellette pleaded also to a charge of careless and negligent driving on U.S. 7 In Manchester on July 4. He was fined $50 after pleading nolo conlandre to striking In the rear the auto of Douglas A. Langley, 24, of Manchester. Langley was fined $25 for driving with bald front tires, defective equipment, during the Incident. Companion cases to the Ouellette fireworks Incident were those of Joseph E. Holcum, 23, of Manchester Center; Donna F. Krlstlansen, 17, of Manchester Depot; and Robert E. Cook, 18, of Manchester. The three pleaded guilty to possesslngfireworks in Manchester on July 2 and were fined $20 each. Carmody noted that Cook denied having fireworks when questioned by police, but that a bag of fireworks had been found in the back seat of the vehicle in which the four youths were riding. Morrlssey noted that "we spent many years when we were younger enjoying fireworks, but it's against the law now." Ronald R. Bentley, 17, of Manchester, pleaded guilty to possession of fireworks on July 3 In Fiscal Year 1968, ending in Manchester and was fined $20. June 30, the state earned $1 carmody said others involved million from its money market j n the same incident would be more's car without her consent on July 6, also In Bennington. The fifth charge against Webb, that of being intoxicated In Bennington on July 6, was not specifically dealt with In court today. Three charges of fraud levelled against Robert F. Thomas, 21,of Bennington, on June 28, were dropped by State's Atty. John T. Carmody Jr. when Thomas today pleaded guilty to one of four fraud charges. During arraignment June 28, pro forma not guilty pleas were entered for Webb on a charge of obtaining property and money worth over $25 from Vallle's- Enmore with a bad $49 check written on an account at the First National Bank of North Bennington on June 19. Today, Webb changed his plea to guilty on the $49 bad check charge. The other three charges, of writing a $25 bad check at the Wayside Country Store, of obtaining more than $25 from Grant's Store with a bad $30 check, and of cashing a bad $25 MONUMENT DEDICATED -- Sen. Jack O'Brien, D-CMttenden, left; Jerome Proulx of Quebec, a member of Parliament, center, and Gov. Philip H. Hoff stand in front of the Champlain monument that was dedicated at IsleLaMotte Sunday. Champlain Monument Dedicated at Isle La Motte ISLE LA MOTTE (UPI) by Barre sculptor Ferdinand --The spot on the edge of Lake Weber last summer as three million visitqrs to investments under Hincks. Before he became treasurer, earnings were only 5120,000. Last Tuesday, he told newsmen who asked how he felt, "I feel like a million dollars." More than 200 state employes and friends attended a birthday party in Montpelier Wednesday. Htncks, a widower,' leaves a daughter. A son, Peter Jr., died last year. A funeral Mass will be celebrated Wednesday In St. Mary's Church here. CHARLES M. SAWTELL BUSKIRK, N.Y. -- Charles M. Sawtell, 67, a native of Wallingford, Vt. and World War I vet- ton, -Vt. He was born March 31, in court at a later date. Dale E. Campbell, 21, of Bennington, was also fined $20 for having fireworks on July 4. He pleaded guilty to the charges as did four companions from Bennington: Charles J. Rice, 19, Gary E. Odell, 21; Glenn A. Odell, 17; and Alan L. Thompson Jr., 26. Carmody said the respondents were riding in a convertible with the top down "and threw firecrackers all along the South Stream Road." Also fined $20 after pleading guilty to having fireworks In Old Bennington on July 3, was Phillip Bopdakian, 16, of Bennington. Alvin R. Aken, 19, of Bennington, whose sentencing was deferred until today by Judge Moron July 1, was report for two hours Champlaln where the first European stepped ashore on Vermont soil more than three cen-. turles ago was marked today by a gleaming new granite statue. The statue of French explorer Samuel de Champlain was dedicated Sunday in an International ceremony at which Gov. Philip H. Hoff represented the State of Vermont and Jerome Proulx of St. Johns, Que., stood in for Quebec Premier Daniel Johnson. The 14-foot statue was carved Vermont's pavilion at Expo 67 watched. Made from 35 tons of granite, the finished statue weighs 12 tons. It is emplaced 50 feet from the shoreline of Lake Champlain, where he landed more than 350 years ago. Hundreds of spectators were on hand for formal presentation of the statue to this small town. Arguing from historical records, residents of Isle la Motte persuaded members of the 1968 Vermont Legislature the statue should be erected in the town. Bennington Briefs 1901, son of Charles and Jennie for tlle next four weeks *° Henrv (Sprague) Sawtell. vihiie Su P'- of the Bennington Village fire alarm system. Aken will work for the fire department as compensation for setting off a false alarm on Beech Street on He had conducted his own trucking business in Buskirk for 40 years. He had served overseas during World War I. Survivors are his wife, the June 23 - Hospital Notes F R I D A Y , JULY 5, 1968 Admissions Christopher Dufresne, Timothy Parrlsh, Geraldlne Gallant, Donald Gerow, Bennington. Discharges Liza Davis, Bennington; Kevin Cross, Arlington; John Saunders, Manchester Center; Frank Brandl, Hooslck Falls. S A T U H D A Y , JULY 6, 1968 Admissions Leonard Thomas, North Ben- former Margaret Colburn; three daughters, Mrs. Pauline McMahon of Eagle Bridge; Mrs. Stella Brownell of Johnsonville and Mrs. Gwendolyn Waldron of Schaghticoke; a brother, Perle Sawtell of Clearwater.Fla.; eight grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Anna Lawrence of Rutland, Vt.; Mrs. Hazel Guile of Cambridge and Mrs. Ora Taul of Johnsonville. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Mahar Funeral Home, Hooslck Falls. Burial will be In Island Hill Cemetery in Buskirk. Calling hours at the funeral home are this afternoon and evening. nington; Mary Haas, North Pownal. Discharges Ernest Rousseau, Bennington; Margaret Crews, Hoosick Falls. S U N D A Y , J U L Y 7 , 1968 Admissions Christine Bacon, Anson Coleman Mason, Bennington; Mary Thayer, North Bennington. Discharges Mrs. Marie Mason and daughter, Shaftsbury; Mrs. Mary Michaels and son, Bennington. Births Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snow of Box 1, Jacksonville, Vt., a the Bennington area sawanum- son July 5. ber of accidents, but no serious Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pother- injuries to drivers or pass- gill of Harmon Road, a daugh- engers. ter July 6. Four people were treated at Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen of Putnam Memorial Hospital and 135 Beech St., a daughter July released following a one-car accident In Vt. 9 in Woodford early Gilbert F. Mack Jr., 17, of Pawlet, pleaded guilty to illegal possession of malt and vinous beverages on July 2, in Manchester. Carmody saidpolice had been parked the evening of the offense when they noticed Mack's car passing by with a female respondent in the car holding a can of beer. Passengers in the auto were Leslie P. Bracher, 19, of Great Neck, N.Y., and Leslie C. Boyle, 17, of Huntlngton, N.Y.Bothwere charged with Illegal possession. Miss Bracher pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $25 as was Mack. Miss Boyle pleaded not guilty and her ball was set at $25. Police Investigate Weekend Accidents The long holiday weekend in Mr. and Mrs. FRED IIYNICK Celebrate 40th Anniversary Approximately 40 to 50 friends and relatives gathered June 30 Nursing home administrators, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. employes, patients aixi families Albert Thomas of Harwood Hill of patients are being urged to to celebrate the 40th wedding take part in local political actlv- anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Itles and to support those condl- Fred Ilynlck of Southlngton, dates that stand for laws and Conn., formerly or Bennington. regulations which benefit the The couple were married at patients and allow everyone a the East Greenbush,N.Y.,Metho- volce In the future progress of dlsl Church June 23,1928 and are the state and its cltlzons. the parents of one son, Carl of Bristol^ Conn. A buffet lunch was served with a three - tier anniversary cake made by Lillian Rice of Houghton Lane. The guest book was circulated by Joanne Sherman, niece of Mr. and Mrs. Hynlck. Friends and relatives were Included from points In Connecticut and New York states and the surrounding area. 6. Mr. and Mrs. Barlow Thomas of North Branch Street, a daughter July 6. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Colvln of Holllday Drive, Shaftsbury, a son July 6. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stevens of 31 Wall St., Hooslck Falls, N.Y., a daughter July 6. Mr. and Mrs. Wellder Dean of Klrby Hollow, Dorset,adaugh- ter July 8. Brant Conducts Pittsburgh Concert Henry Brant, composer and member of the Bennington College Music Faculty, conducted the American Wind Symphony in a concert of his music, Sunday, in Pittsburgh, Pa. In one of the summer series of concerts which takes place on a barge anchored in the river. The program consists of Brant's Millennium II (for brass), "Verticals Ascending" (world premiere) and his orchestration of J. S, Bach's "Aus tlefar Noth' schrel Ich zu dlr." Sunday morning. State police said the operator of the 19GO Falcon involved was Dale Holland, 25, of Bennington, and his passengers were Shirley Ruggles, 17, of Cambridge, N.Y., Lois Langlols, 28, of Bennington and Richard McDermott, 21, of Arlington. All escaped with cuts and bruises, but the car was considered a total loss. According to police the Holland car was traveling down Woodford Mountain, when it went out of control, struck a steel guard post on the right side of the highway and rolled over. Three cows owned by George Gordy of Rupert were not so lucky this weekend. Police said two of the cows were killed Instantly and the third had to be destroyed after being hit by a 1965 International truck operated by Robert Kraeling, 36, of Salem, N.Y. The accident occurred about 6 p.m. Friday on a back road leading from Rupert to Salem. The cows, said to be valued at $300 each, were being driven across tho highway by their owner when they were struck by the truck, which was proceeding downhill in a westerly direction at the time. There was about $350 in damage to the truck, police said. Mark W. Rawson, 19, of Bennington escaped Injury, but his 1982 Cadillac was considered a total loss In an accident at 1:15 a.m. Saturday on Vt. 67 in Shaftsbury. Police report that Rawson was traveling east and making a left curve when lie struck a power pole. The cat snapped the pole and then overturned, according to the report. Also investigated by state police last Friday was an accident at 10:10 a.m. on U.S. 7 In Shaftsbury. AccordHg to the report Lloyd J. Pierce Sr., 29, of North Bennington was the operator of a 1963 International tanker truck which went off the left side of the highway and rolled over. Pierce was treated at tho hospital for minor Injuries and released and the truck sustained major damage ' In the mishap, police said. An accident at noonltu.: ''rlday on Routes 11 and 30 in Winha_i Involved a 1966 Brldgestone motorcycle operated by Louis Lorenzo, 17, of Manchester and a 1907 Chevrolet dump truck operated by Robert O'Brien, 24, of Jamaica. O'Brien received minor injuries and there was major damage to the truck, but the motorcycle and its owner escaped unscathed, according to the report. Attention of the members of the class of 1958 of Bennington High School Is called that the reservations for the class reunion July 27 must be In no later than July 13. For Information one may call 442-2356 or 442-9?47. Green Mountain TOPS will hold its regular meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the VFW Hall. The July contest is now underway and many members are attempting to lose weight to become the July queen or Mng. Radarman I.e. Arthur P. Guerard, U.S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Guerard of 273 Union St., and husband of the former Miss Joyce M. Harwood of H.R.I, Bennington, recently participated in a coordinated antisubmarine warfare exercise^ aboard the anti-submarine warfare aircraft carrier USS Bennington. The exercise involved units of the U.S. Navy, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, the U.S. Air Force and the Japanese Air Self Defense Force. Miss Susan E. Bitensky of 351 Elm St., on Saturday completed a one - week course in field biology and conservation Break Probed Vermont State Police are investigating a break at the AW drive-in restaurant on U.S. 7 north of Bennington. A cigarette machine at the restaurant was broken into sometime Saturday night and an undetermined amount of cigarettes taken, it is reported. at the Audubon Natural Science Field Workshop in Greenwich, Conn. She was one of 34 special students enrolled at the workshop and one of the more than 900 teachers and adult conservation leaders enrolled in the natural course. Her studies Included birds, plants, Insects and pond life. Special emphasis was given to providing techniques for teaching natural history and conservation to children. The Senior Citizens Club will meet tonight at 7:30 at the Cen. ter on North Street. DIAMONDS Always Appropriate Always Appreciated ATKINS GOULD Jewelers "Your Diamond Center" 409 MAIN ST. - B E N N I N G T O N WELCOME TO THE... WONDERFUL WORLD OF CABLE TV TUBS., JULY 9th Channel 17 (9) 8:30 P.M. French Chef Channel 11 (7) 1:00 P.M. "Alins, John Preston" 8:30 P.M. "Henven Can Wait" 10:30 P.M. "Maryland" Channel 5 11:30 P.M. "Trent's Lnst Case" Channel 3 10:30 A.M. "Deep Wnters" 11:25 P.M. "The Whirlpool" Channel 2 9:00 A.M. "Anchors Aweigh" II All These Plus 6, 10 and 1,1 BETTER TV INC. 317 Main St. - Bennington - 442-9395

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