Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 13, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1916
Page 4
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AY,.. tfOVfJ 3* tftt. A MR OF MUSTEROLE HANDY Jt QafitAty Loo<!pn» Up Coughs and Colds in Throat or Chest Just a little M!:«-t<T"fc n:!' T -f-| n-i •, ,,-;r fi'Tt. tight clsc-l. Kct'-rc }••.! f" : • '"(! «|'H t't'iEi-n llfi CfT.i-r ••{'],,fj ,T;I,-| Kr'-;il-: '.:•- mntt "iovrrc i-^nh an 1 i-.--^;-,:. tn»de with nil it r«n. Ne f.J.iM tntiMard ph-m r -j>y ft what relief it gi bronchitis, t<.'n 4 ilitis. i-nn-p, >;>sY ajthtna, neiif^iRia, headache, «-»-iniB;e fiJtlirisy, rhf'.trnntisrn, It-rni-aR-t. f-iiini aches of the lack «r jY-itM*. <iirnir,<<, tnH'cJe*. Imsisr";, clitth'aitr*. fn>stctl oMi (it ciftrn prevents puftimoni.i). 25c snd JKte jars; hospital size $2.30 anil ff L HIRAM JOHNSON Explains Why California Went For Wilson Instead Of For Gov. Hughes. PLACES BLAME ON RIVALS Governor Says Newspapers Caused Hughes' Defeat By Tricking Him, j . RAILROADS FINED Northwestedn Came in For a Small Tine Along With Several Others. , ChlCAffn, III., Nov. IT --JudRT tuul * btmy day Hattircluy, He Houfe." HP Is itolnn nwny for thrw iS-eeka. An nccurnnlfitl'tn «( old c:isc« •»*• dl8pO!KHl of. Klnrn tolnllllK $173,000 were entered nihilist railroad eom- ptnleo and other*. Thrme lined nro: Elgin, JollH nnd Kiint<>rn 1 bill way. $40,000 and fust* fur Talari hllllnir. The railroad was charged with having t>er- Hiltted thn Hhlpmcnt of' knockdown boxen at prices charged. for Kntn<'!«Cf» f'allf., Nov. l.t— Hf»- tn nn Pd|t(,r)fU in thf 1 ,<•>!< An- imf.t bin miner him for rhr rtr- fcAt of A!r. Usiches for j>r<-«ii1f'nt, Cov. Hirarn W ,!nhn<inn lR«>»(riJ n *?ntfrtif-nt in which hr> said thf ''stand pul'lirnns nrf> rir'j'pon'fililf. "If rnlffornlfi IHI-> f*»>n th*> factor in' this rlrrtlon," h<- jtaid, "\V. If. Crorkfr. Pram is V. Tlcfsinjf, Harrison firny (Hi«, nnd ,1 f»»w othr-rs. act- inp tn con> f rt with thpm, hrtvr- tli«» di«- tlm'tlon of havlnK ; Tnadf> ;i prr.itdcnf of thf l"nltr>d Ktfttrii. ,-ind Wot-drmv Wil«n.»n owfs thnin a dci-t of Say* Hughe* Wa* "•'nlifiirnians krunv what lost this f>!a(f» to 'HtiRhf*. A frw (totty politl- t hinp. ac'lnK u|th thf Txi.i AnRc-lf.i Timrs and <>m> or tw«> othprs, BO misused Mr. Hu«hf'<< and his visit to Call* fornla that the injury they did we wore to undo. When Mr, HiiKhrs rarno Into our < 'rocker and Kfr-nllnsr. aided and 20lh Anniversary of the Home Store November 14ttt marks another year on.our mercantile calendar and we Want to greet each of our old friends and meet and make many new ones and extend a most cordial invitation to each and every one to attend this Birthday Party whether you want to buy anything or not. We have prepared a Feast of Bargains. Read the following menu: "~ LADIES' COATS .Tho : Pennsylvania ttallroud, t.'o.nof* and touts. ^OhitrRcd with ItuvltiR Mbfttes under th«> mn\m- of charged to W, 1C. .Mi-rrlti Cornpany. PlttglmrKh, Cincinnati, C'hleaKu nnd HI. Lotil* Jlftllwny, $20,noo and costs In oho coae find J."iO,o(to and c<mtf< In nn- Chwgrd with linvlnif grantc-d jn RulKo of «wltc hlnR chargos. Tho railroad iilrndrnl KiUlty In thn «-n«c in which the $50,000 t\nc was Impound. .•Swift & Co.. $60,000 and co»tn. Charged With havlriK (chlpiH'd l(-s« than carload lotii at carload priors, . _In addition th« CMcuxa .uid North- ^we»tern^^RAlIrond ('ornpany, the Indl- aha Harbor Hell Hnliroad and tho Chl- cairo. "Milwaukc-o and Kt, Paul llall way were ajwcjuicd flnca from $100. to $1,000 In nearly a dozen rni«»>K. The«c lttti»r flnfH in^mont ln«tancp« ware OMMMPA for faUtiro to comply with the twi'nty-plKht hour-cattle law, which provide* that no shwp or cnttlw »hall remain In ti fr«»l«ht car more tluui t^nty-elght hours at a stretch. • Wrote to 8hakeipe«re'« u Frlend. The New York Mimlciil Oourier records the cafe of n gramophone propriv- , tor who. on iiuiklnK th« ncqnalntiince tit "Drink to M« Only With Thine B)r«" wroto to "Mr. flcn Jonson," cnre df the'American publlshere of the sprig, offering to Include his protty, up-to- d*te ballud In his lint of records for It Mult Be Sol FemlnUro, like Hoclnllsm, Is dlflfcult to confine within the boundaries of a formula. Mr, W, 1,. u*org«,- in "Worn- '<m- and Tomorrow," has done what Is feasible In this direction. Femtulaui, lie tajra, IB, broadly.'the furthering of tpt ibtere«t8 of wonu'ii, plilIoHophlcnlly tia.9 leveling of the NUXI'M, and opcclficul- Ijr the social and political emnnclya- ttofi 'of woman. sitimttioii in whhiti they mndc It ap- Vffir that .Mr. !luj?h*'s wn «*• reactionary nnd that hr- wn.i hflthor in accord witli nor sympathetic with fnllforniaa pro- (4rrc.«« ami achitn-rmrnt. CallforninnB l(H)k*'<l iicliast nnd brllrvrd tlm Mltnn- tinn r-rt'Htfd hy Crocker. Kr-PBllnff. :ind the Tlm.c« r*>vpnlrd the mind of Mr. HiiKliPx, nnd that th»> mind thus r<>- vf-altMl was what IOIIK a«o ('nllfornla had iNiKKfd Tiy and rr"ptidiat«'d. Affronted Many Person*. "Thfw Ilitle politicians, doing their Ililln polltlc«, i<r«>fcrrcHl the gratification of -their malice nnd the momentary triumph of the Hcpuhlicnn presidential candidates They not only affronted Progren- Hives and Ignored I'rogrcHHive lendern but in Knn l-YanclHctj, with oijnal *<tti- pldlty, they Ignored Han Francisco's greatent vote Better, Mayor Jamec Holph. Jr., and In IJOH Angelen treated In like fanhlon the newly created liuc- (Mtnnt Ktrvernor, "William 1). Htt'venH, both of whom were reglftterrd lippub- llcan«." Johnson . said that while be was cam- palKniriK tho xtatn for Hughes the paper* which opponrrt htm prrnovwlly would Rive no publicity to hlrt meeting*. Say* Paper* Abused Him. "I would tnlk iinJ nrgue for Hughe*) «t night, and In the mornlntf'thoj'ritrioH would ho tilled wtih foul billingsgate me,-" hr> said. <'allf«>rnla clti-zetcHhlp IH proud,-. son- diHcrimlnating, Independent, and ediicatetK N"<> tmui-nr nt't of men, can deliver' II." or' any part of it. \Vhon Hughey came to t"allf( f irnia our p«»ople nfiw tlr»t W'ith amazement, then with mulnes'H. then with Increasing Indignation. that apparently ho wan wholly in charge of those who rrpre- the- old «y»tem,.and the n <lio minds of maiiy liulies now is ran T jr< ; t a roat iliat is satisfactory in prii'O, quality, jit vie nnd fit. Wo li n v e endeavored in solve the problem for them by ofTerint; them fine plush coats at $25.00. A rlioii'o selection of V el o n r , 1 leaver nnd Broad- i-lntlis p r i e e<l at $15.00, $18.00., $20.00, and $23.00. V e r v nob b v ** » * coats in fancy -mixtures })riced from $10.00 to $20.00. iMISSES' AND JUNIOR COATS Hero 1* another* op p o K-tmiity for bargains in these stylish nnd well in- a do con t* o f b en v y all wool mixtures and .Ural Lamb pri e od at $5.00, $6.00, $8,00, and $10.00, FURS W.e arc o.Jpccially plcasi-d with our Furs this season and have an extensive line to «jffor"Yor your selection al very low prices, in sets or separate piece* as yon prefer. White i-eland MiifT priced at $6.00 and $7.00. Mink.- Marmot. Wolf, Ti^er- Muskrnt 'and Coney Muffs pri.-ed from $3.00 to $12.00. Beautiful sets in Hod or CJroy Fox. Marmot and Tipror. priced from $10.00 to $16.00. Separate m^l^ pieces priced from $1.50 to $10.00. 'CHILDREN'S FURS isntno White Knnine fnr set for Ihc little "lady or if yon prefer the darker ones we have the (trey S<piirrel, Brown or Leopard Coney, riori-from $3.50 to $6.00. Coats for the Boy or Girl 7 Very dressy black plush Baby Lamb, 'Chinchilla or Wool Mixtures priced from $3.50 -to $8.00. LADIES' DRESSES N*w MM for Compre»«ed ' ' to BOOther through Huiiuhle tulxm i> the lAt**t employnu'iit of coiniireKsiMl «lf In manufaeturliiK plntiiH. in one In tt California felt manufacturer use of coatpn^xed nlr for con dattH> wool front thu Crocki-r, Ket>»llng. and f)tln and the fow acting with them no Imprexsed up(>» the recollection of. our electorate that, despite our efforts, It could not be wholly eliminated. "It 1st a matter of regret that any Mtatrmeiit nhuulU bt> ne.ce«nary at thlK t lm« concerning th« renult In I'allfor- nia, Ii would be unnecessary but for the Indecency.' of the Times In their publication*, ile«ijfne<l to ' cuttlon«h th» Hltiiiitlon no that their •reHiKineiblllty may bo overlooked and forgxttten." LABOR PROTESTS (Continued from jwg« 1.) more dangerous "propOMi'tlon baa ever been prouoned than tlilH compulHory <nventlKUtloii •queejeewi to another Building. the street, in which are located tb« son-«xpoied drying room*. The .method Is said to bo clean and rapid. HER HOME No JjDIffiEBLCHILDLESS In conclusion the committee recommended that the convention tako a strong- stand , againut it arid "in favor of the maintenance of iiiHtituttonM and ijiportunltleK for freedom." DlHCUMMlng the arbitration principle, thn cum nil I toe vlewod it ax MOCO'IH! In Importance- on the general iulmlnintm- tion program to the eight-hour day I CHILDREN'S DRESSES —i\\V-tnrvmr very large variety of d for the little girls in Silk" Poplin, Woivted, Qitigkatu and Percale.'. By aim k- t hiijj your selection here you not only secure excellent values but save a gront"'«lcnl of iinneeessfiry wasting of time and toil. Sixes are from "2 to 12 years priced ut 59c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2,50- and $5.00. LADIES' WAISTS llenutifnl silk waists in assorted stripes ir-ed at $2.50, * 4<r> Cn'pe de Chene emhroitlered priced at $3.00. . " -- * •;Tub sUk waists jiriced at $2.50. Kmbroidered voile, very pret-ty, priced at $1.25 and $1.50. Wo iVcl that wo W«TO very for- iunato -owin^ to tlio condilion of the inarkot.s at present in seeurin^ siifh a line selection of dresses, all made., in nceordanee. with the host ideas of the prevailing fashion. Tlu» materials are high elass and *onr. jiriees are attractively low ranging from $9.00 to $15.00. SWEATERS Our sale on these comfortable garments --has been wouderful this Fall. They are heavy All Woo! and are giving- the best of satisfaction.' • Ladies' sixes are'priced from $3.00 to $6.00. Children's sweaters'-are priced at $1.00, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00. I OpSrationnot Nccctsary after ' Taking the Great Medicine Women. v«nr b»dly end I would hav* to b»ve anoperatlon, I had • wranoas in both fldea and a pulling ionaation In my right side, I could not do much work the pain was fo bad. WM <M»o troubled withliregalftrity»nd other weafcneMflft, My blood was poor. We hacj been mwr ried four yean and no children. "This effort to- attain »ubject i»arnev«* to Incoluntary «ervit»Ue aroused the determined realstuiice of waso-earnera generally," it- continued. "To their declarattonti afialnMt Invul- untary servitude the proponentM of the lHlation have replied that although a hti'ik« would be mode ilk'Kul utuier the propoaod law and Htrikera crlnir iiiulb, yet individual -'workero vvi-ro not deprived ot tlie right -to quit work. .... ..... I_ The committee,' taking up politico, woiiuiu'« Hiiffrage, Porto Ititutn independence, government ownt-r«hlp of telegraph und telephone llncH, tlomil child Ittlior law, a minimum wage law for. .the irove'rtimen't, exleiinlem of the elKht- hour law to all (Edv departmentn. exeluHlon frmn"fnt«r»titttte conlmerpa convltU labor protiiu'tn, pris- |jur<'din'HM. viH'iilionnl irttlnth.K HH a to pr»'|)iirc<liu-H«, uiul 41 hoNt' of otliVr plunkH tU'signcd to help 1 the I'aiiMt 1 of labor. . - .. the >cur. thf ri-puri stated, LADIES' HOUSE DRESSES AND WRAPPERS Attractive and comfortable house gowns made of best quality of percale and priced at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50. A Y HUSIHIKY Our long experience has given us a reputation for dependable hosiery, We have searched the markets for the best and feel'confident in our selection. We have ladies' silk hose, excellent 'quality, priced at 50c. Indies' fine lisle tliread jinced at 25c, 29c a>id 35c. Ladies' heavier quality seamless priced from 15.C to 25c. Children'H Hue silk lisle, colors black, white, tan* or red, priced at 25c. v Ojher grades not quite so line, priced at 15c and 18c. Infant Department Mure thun anybody clno li.iby , intitaii* on bcliiK looked after -but wo have pmvldetl fur hiH every need in' a way thiU will bflim joy to thu Mother'** heart. UNDERWEAR Our underwear Is of the best tjuality and our prices the lowest. Ladies' fine quality union suits, low neck, ankle length, priced at $1.00. •*--"V ' v-*.J - - *--• -• ,- . f .-• • Heavier quality, high, neck- long sleeves t . priced -SOc and $1.00. ——— — ; Indies' wool union suits, excellent quality, priced at $1.50 to $2.50. Ladies' separate garments, very, fine fleece, priced at 50c, . * ' Fine <|uality nonshrinking wool,.priced at $1.00. CHItDREN^S UNDERWEAR- Our infants' wool nndenvttar is undoubtedly the best oii the market,-..They are priced a't 50c. , Children's fleeced garments priced from 25c to 75c, Children's union suits, best quality fleeced, priced at75c. • , t '\ Afttr -JiilngLydJa K. Pinkham'e Veg. •table Compound and Blood Purifier I iwc«roe will and stronsr and was saved Ironj th» op«r»tiorf. W» are now the ' " • big baby girl .and .1 praise ie» to others and give you „„, to publish my letter."—Mra. , GuJLHAuyr, JR., Bridge Street, ''• Fall*, Mau. . ,., i» E plnkharo'ii Yeg^tabia Com. pound it fainou* for r«*U)ring women to normal health and ptrength. When Utic M done wi veu no longer despair of having children. ™"~ ; —>•— ; •VB-f*p>f •"'•v >~*. ^: fa woman should !M* reluctant ii»tU «J»e lw» given J, vdhi K.IMukT lu»9»'s Vt?get»lJlo Compound a, fair trial. If you lsav« »««*«? that •, special a<lviiuv \vritti th« Piukliuiu Medium? f <>» Two huiidre-d and-sixty fhou«Hiid JHM*- pie were Involved in them. One thou* sand .«>iu» 'hmuJred und thirty-five (striken w.cre won; 183 were- t-oini>n>tiiln- Tbe FuderaUon., gained'" nearly i!l&,<HHi nieniln;i'«. and, issued -.JOO'rluu tci K to orgunii'utionM jninlii),' U. Death bene- ftt« iiuid totaled ta.asj.3U). Hiclc bene- tlt« totaled $1.01*8,809. Fuilure bec-uiiKt* of- the war to Ar- wii Internutionul nu-etiiiK of labor w:ts» announced with regret by coinmittee. Both Ut-rmun und Bl'iUt»h leader*-it wws wtatftl, tin w tied on the. flu'^fiVation. - . The roininiltyu iwrnmented on the Culirl«i" injunction iiritVeediiiKs agJthi.Nr IwUor uriMMilzMUong. Tl.isw. wa« helij due t<» anientlinenlti t(» uiiti-lriiHt act which A decision of the MuwHaelmwettH court <ii.'t i lunn^ u i ii'1-tli^-liJ -iiiiunul -~u- luw ' «i*-~ In (irwetit iti»' iHsiisim'i* «.f la- 1 i* iiKUMot' lalivir in X'Uii/.iit i"U.-« Uu;k«-4l 'jitcei'miiuiijy fid "itisni\ ; jili' I but ia!'i"r in j.ihui 106 EAST THIRD STREET STERLING, ILL argument that to offer in the the judgea decliinitfon of fellow ing Ihc. pi pmv> i is-u Tlfo coiuinltlee .yUKt»e«tt'd Jt be ein- l»ow«'l'ed to tiy tu obi,tin the rv|>c;»l i<(, tlu« decj«inn und to rciducv the old utw'l with o*iu that wlli"stuml lht> tewf of j cuurt.-i, . .. j Thut there IN 'i fuiirertetr movemcut-i in legal orK'inlzatloiiH lowttnl the ")n r w freedom," Jin aw.iKenlim to new eitndl- t>\K, WU« Minted There is a "jjrow- the leal servii^* jll."-! luw uuuhl to JMU'- lorin for tiocMtv, Ihat U nut4ht t» f»er\.e llle. intereottt und Welfare of the |ieo|do -Uiat_ btini<Ul Weifu'l't' la »f Kivuler «iKii!llc.uu't> .tu a luuicm than undevlutliiK coufoiiuity t»> j>re- ci'dentx." )>|MI.UM:*int; Hie Wink i|uin« d\ tin- f'aimdliiU. cii4(!l)UaUn»y. the I'liliimutee tttuti-il Hmt it m«vi>nu<nt woulil l'e.--t.ui- iid ai. llle iii;A.t jseiUltMi uf- 4iniWr»H4i^ fin the lejtral of HH; i/itdu'ii.ui ucl'tlua COPER'SHAWK •»iiiH'iit- in ihe ('uit(u)laii IteiJSy. Ill Ui'- l'IUI»|M.'4lll VS.H' ll.lVe (hi-!i<ii-r ?2.0(>rt nieinberj', h.ivi- ti« it(*l a .i.iimj^ Kcuicitj, jt Uu- THE Length, about fifteen inchea. Ma- dluui «i?ed, with lung tall and abort j«riug#. and vJthout the white-patch ou rump which, ii characteristic of the marsh"hawk. itangc: Hrccds throughout roost of the I'uitvil "Stuterf~and eouthwn ^ an- adu; wiutora front tho I'nltvd Sutva to Tosta Ktca. " Kabila and economic Mains- The , or b?ni» darter"" u» tt is familiarly known throlighoul the! South, la pre-e.mln.onUy a poultry and ' bird-eating apeciea, and its destructiveness in this direction is eurpaased, only by that of its larger congener, -the 'goshawk, which occasionally in autumn aud winter enters the-United States, from tho North in .great numbers.- Tho almost universal prejudice fifrainst birds of prey 19 largely due to v .tlfcr-*ctivitiea of these.two Wrda, aa- aistcdJby a llilrd, the Bhurp-ghiuned hawk, which to hubltu and appearattcd might well past) for ft small Cooper's hawk, Thtma birds usually approach under rover and drop upon unsuspecting victims, making groat inroads upon poultry yards and game foverts favorably situated for .tills atyle of hunt lag. Out of 123 atbwacha exani- tutnl, 38 contalotHl the remains of The Touch of Big Kdward Mott "Woolley, the virtues; present uoil modern olllce Uoys, of absent, of far 'euougli to Kuy; "h\ the large und sue- eessfjit houses >ott usuullj 1 fitt(\ the art of persiintul touch.' 'The uctir*'t' you 'approach to bl« busiiM*»s, tlit? more of a r»-t(l nri does persouul touch be- COttH'," ., . No Such Animal. "What I |»ropo««," sitys tlio who gets very much fit tuirm'st, "Is § linlliicnl ornii!ii/,uiii>n that will'bit freo from nil seltish lull-real, luboring only, fttr the blKliest t()ettM—" "I litunV..". liitormiiti'tf tf»e rude person. "You're, one o£ thoStf sen-ser-" "Why dji,you "refer to party?" "lk'4uubu uiduiul." going to pent -partii*-." jt "as a si tht're wlu't mi ' Petty Arithmetic, "I .suppose you always look nut for number utje'f" -vtid the udmiring friend. "No, sir.- replied Mr. l> istin Stux. "A man who 'e-«mt.ue< bin ,->elf tu such n Hiinill figure as nuiidier one IK likely to get left out »<f Hit' big culi-lllatjOUS that go AvHh modern wild Wrde were Identified in the ineutioned niateriftl. This d«8tructi*« hawk, together with Its-two near rel»- tives. ohoul^bo dostroyed Uy every ' * _ ,T he_ JQifferen ironing Velvet. Velvet' must be ln>ued over the Iron so us uui tti cru?di the pile, Tho best way is t«i get soiueono to hold a hot' iron upM-nrds while you ilraw tho vel* vet buekwunl and forward ttioiig tha hoi MII I'm e. Keep the velvet welt stretched, ui'ui gu over e.very pU'ce A timid person 'j_ U and u frlKhiViit'ii bi'fora .•d' durliiK ibe i'uin*t wfterward.' DRIVES OUT .[ N.»i, '; Uti^u't Still Cheap ' ''''" U" Ji't'il iiJI'-i'tt-'il ii qu- coons /*•

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