Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 13, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1916
Page 3
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13.1916, THItl, Always Look To For Best S. r»t. OSes. Values In Front Lace Corsets ~j» . ^ -. Here Tire three now.models which will convince any dipcriminat- woman that "La CamlUe" is in a field by itself. Now as always, the line witli the best-fitting models, finest fabrics, lowest prices, and exclusive patented feature. __The Front Lace Corset With the Ventilo Back And Ventilo Front Shield N<> front hire corset \vithout • the-e. fVnhuv- cnn p'o-^ilily be MS uroixi "La Camille" THE BIG THSEE. T»»*n TNt: - -.-r K .M:;r- ,". • ,,\ lluf :.*um M<>I>Ki« "'"11 if Hllit.'llile f"l" ttie- tlluni IlKiirert of good proportion*. Mmto of beautiful fluun.l llntlHt<*. in whiff, or white with pink flKiire. Trimmed with m .it i«rnbn*ld«'ry. .Kl;iftle wetloii in bottom of li-iek. Six IIOKO foip- ,. porters, KM-i-lndi t-laj<p. NisseH !:';,-:: $5.00 v ,M"i'Ki, if; i« n model for the slight ami avi-ruKe fltnirr. HUM medium h-'lsjlit bunt nml me- illiitn leiu;th of .Mtirl. Minlo tit |;i»id fllMII^ Merlificr eiotll 111 white only. , Six hum IQ'/x-lneh I'lnHp. $2.00 Mn|)K[j 3!ift3 is Inti-ndi'il for tho nhort full flt;mv. .Medium height Klalitliilly tioui'd. Made of fu'iuy turlped tt»«tln« i loth with polka * ' dot In whlli> or white with pink .dot. Trimmed with mime n>nt«?- riiil, Jtiiitii/. einliroidere.d. Six li'MH* »ui»ponerj«. ;i's-ineh Hi/.e.H i'0-3t. CAUGHT ON THE fly O<-nI > i-r ll- i.U n!' (i-|>i;jx; it ! \,!.'Jx \\i\\ tttlf! fl-siri '-i-h if ii»> S >|!^ So t;i\^ Oank $5.00 li*: Miiinner inontlis is the Ventilo tea turn in "La Camille" cor- alwl. It really permits •vontilntiiitf of the haelc, ] >re vent s'.pprspi ring and staining of <'or*ds. It means ]uii#cr< life to tlu> corset eontainin.y: -this if UY..vir. ••'.- vi iitn »f w.'ir. l: f i • iiit of w:ir IA i:iN MI Jii.ft'in*. u- .•\ !-• in ci'iin- ii'.'-Hji fur the Tli" f'ill;s « li" '-lntn'1 t"-I nrf I1IMI ll 1w!*fP th-'lU til" <l!lKf hi!! inftitii-n tii'- MI. liter fnftlvS i It-it; 1 !. is (••'•is i." ;t MTrv a'fair. Tin- l!li<'\; i ' !•••! l- ; alw:i\5» Ii;i I'l •in ii liliiv !"• |«-K<i>-.!e tii'iic i'f tli--' |ir.-,nl Inii'M j-n <!ii !••.! Mill ti;i|i| en. -Heie's lli'!'!! 11 -'- S.-mehon 1 tin- «.n tin.' women vi«(«-d i*«ir Wilson i! ui:iv \ef ln> *>V|>l.'ilu<"-il l1i;it thfV ill'l'l'i \ I •.! nf li!» elli>i''C ill !l Tui> |>« tr.'i, i -;its (.in put i.n their crl- lu.iiinn inn- time tlif-y like fr»\n i\w .i\ tin- ii'lunif arc IIUIMK "tit. feature. Wo cordially Invite yon !" enjoy a llttlnK of tliew Htipejj/ iiiitieis. I'-.v tryiriK on tho . , _ ^yinr ^i f»i- y leai ii liow mi|»<'Hor ihe\ aro. IWy ne-Deaver D. G. Co o/ 1 - * no n'ue.wtion ,-iliout the re- nj; the portnntdter.'f s*iitil< % . OUR READERS WANTS MORE NFORMATION. ltor l>aily C.iKi-ltt*: \\ 'c an- atii.u; to \ute on a Municipal nrk-fiitt'Fiinn Thtif tar wt- h-ivr wnly iH'.ird iiin- .siih' nf tin. _pro|»o.Mlth»n. A.« a iji\ i-'i>«r «u!i in.iny othiT.s. we Wi'tllil. lit^e t,o. bi*. euliKhtenril Home- wh-it on tli.' pir,!.(i, mt thtnT'wn nia.V vuto iiilciiii'i-iitlv on UK- |ifoposlt|i>n. \Vh;ii ;ij-.. the |->o\\ «-r.s. of lilt! I'nin- niiNS'iiiiH'fs V Aro they limited or uti- llinit<-d as. l«. piirch:i<e i>! land<t'nn<l « MM-tnJiturv of nioiii'v and If" bonds ore iw«O.<*<| vvlii'ii all* Ihi'V In bt» paid, or is s.iini' phH:i!iii>>phl'-t piling to donate the uroumM f»>r xuld |.:trk'.' SPRUNG DAILY GAZETTE DAILY STANDARD IIXTV-SECONP YEAR. Publtihad Daily Except Sunday. ^ D.'W. QRANDON A 80N8T" Editor! and Pub!Uh«rt. Offlct, 111 W«it Third Street. lit Po»toHioe, Sterlino. Illinois, •• Second Cl«i» Matter. OF SUBSCRIPTION By Mail. Outtid* of Sterling and Rock f . Falls, Anywhere in (lie United. - v States or Canada. Who yi-ar In ad vuiu-e.............. f ii.M ijjc months in- advance..»..'....., 1."^ than «lx montliH, per month.. ."f> ,^ If - ' By Carrier in Stnrlinp 'nr Rnrk Fa I In, f' or by Mail at th«T sterling or '•" Rock Fall* Postoffice, year in advance....; ,15.00 months In Advance........... -.00 joTmJhtliM in artvnncc 1 M ,>(1« month in advance...,....... A'»\ &¥ tfi« wook. payable;to tho carrier ,lt»' diirhiK tho toiiti'Ht and li'n <-nci)tir- OK«'«l by th« tii-iistHTlty now pro- vu-HliiK thrciiKlKitit HM- nnt Inn -ami the stri'itu jirii!4j»»»«'t for UH rontlu- uuncf for. oime timi 1 to < - oini'. That Is Kutiii'thliiK that no other nation can houxt of In :iiiytlhi)K like th«> U> ninke the .Xtiicrk'un' |x>oj>|p h:ip- liy H?>I| lynilPMte.l, rs|trH?« ).)}'. \vhcii they i-oinn-'ire tl'ieir lot ulth. . that of i ho saiffeivrs throtifrhnttt Kuropc. Alnny jiooj'»l«» think that our prt-wnt. I'leeiioii teiiiihiatetl iii si nitid'lic owinpr t.i tin- vote* of tlu« i-K-i'tMrH lichiK wo flose. I thlrik. howi'ver. iluit^i.s a «uiKu-fyr rcJo'lchiK, rather than (ither\», ti« Jt will werve to i'oniiH'l holh of our Kl'*'al l*artii',H to inn up. IM they ha\'p donw in this" ' eU-ftloii, hinh Krado men for- their t hereafter nnd not lence n» wi-ll UK bU^knowletlRC uY poll- ticH and IniNineKH. the* tempcj-uiuent of the euunlrs'. tlit- inelhotlH of the jiolitl- ciaiiH, evidently convlnccn hlhi that n long Or.i'wn out content. «vcu if he would in the mid win, would be bad for tho whole- country. Hi- roniddei-* ,•1 Kii-kiT on ,,|!v puldle Improvement. hut It't-1 tin* pul'lii- J.s i-ntilti-d tu more infornKittlon «n thr Mibjcct.' Jiy'KivtiiK I lie de^iri'd Information. You will iTi««ail} iiblltfi' ».. • ' . ' A. I.. Iteekninn. A FEW SMILES i ( Overcoats of style, distinction and warmth were never more inviting than these fine Hart Schaffner £? Marx coats made expressly for us. You^H. like this oew "Belter*' coat, both in form fitting and a more loosely cut model. Special values at $18, $19, $21. Young men in their first long trousers will find an unusual assortment of styles and .models here. 1 $13.50 $15 on Clo. Co. II.-IK eoiiiury and with his careful CAPITAUtSTIC VIEW, • ••"• ' ..... .•-'..• yearn 'Wgu the clvctiou of a * a» i-i-esiilpnl of tho t'nl(eil j(at(.'M wi.itld ha vo thrown tlu ci>iin(iy into u n«'<'«r j.Hiiic. As an |thiMtr,.t|on »f how tlu? mind of man olraniu'N us ;Uf PcntocrutH give tlio cotitury nmre *• . »ll» Jiion, the wocda of Ut'iiry i'U>««. ly dt'Ui;ig<>K'i'' I'olitlciiin.i. U liiarka n. iun\ t-ra fur ouj' count/} 1 , wbicli will tomt to periieluuto our. llepuh- llcun fi'i'nt of jfovi'rnmcnt, winch l tirrnly Itolii-v*' is* tho liomt «!Vi l r iln- vi»n*il l>.v tln» hralri of man, etjpfo -iull.v lor our. wuniiupvUiau jwpula-. ] (1| T jmt »tut« tion—a Btjvt'nuniMit of itw people, r , Th« iiiid vonsfclrni" in t iliVdo lir-u!lii-F niilt • tf-rw, awiUtH tint (tfili'ial dcofi-o and will tiow to ihi' rituin« IIH thus jironiulBiit- niiiij. JluKho'x if* a sooil l4)«or and plays lluv u.'imt' like the gentleman that he IK, Althoussh n lo-st-r Itci'iihlii-a'r V^VP .1 ilKlit to be proud-of their candidate. WHERE UNITY" COUNTED. Turned ,0«t Well. Thn lt'i'|>u!iltr;lll-s were really united in Hlnto went for the lU'iniblk-an ttt-k^t by hli; majorities*. Tho lU»put>llran» anil I'n-Ki'i'HHiv.eM \\erv» • tinitctl in In- by the |H'o}>U',iHitl for tho ]>eii|>h.>. In nh:>v that there ftr^ but few vltnl iMistifM ut MaK.c between" the two KWat iiitrties; licslili-s, wo lire ill- ' must s'lre to Iwvt* Jn the Held here w»-rt» uiui tluit »tftt« went They w»n» uniu-il in Nmv Vork i»!"(l thin htntit wrnt Hopubllnui. In -fa*:i when; they, ww unltcil tho Ito- after esi, hoih learned, j imi.iican tiuket serined tu win. in m{ reincni'iitJUlvrH of cai'tliil In the 2HUi)try, rlnsr true; and should l»a idoi'K'd hy every fftir mliuUul mull nf Lbs proiwr Kplrlt t« i>rew>nt to \\w IH-W Mr, ''k'WM Hiiyt>: !!' I* h«»it>r f«r hoth *<i<U'« now eotijvliU'l- j he ri'HiiU of the light uwJUiiii party »nd iiriy^us n B<IIII«U' mil', uiul ev>>t')'hwt)y tshDiilU the Juevllahlo In A kindly . «|ilrlt, forgettlnu uiul j.irRU IHK Hie whU h liav'e eroppvii unt S&S MARKET CO, S&S Special for Tuesday, (At the Store) .,'Rwvwt. Pji'kletl H]>uiv Hilts, ;' Jl.s. fur ......... .250 Kwwt IMoivlcd X<rk 4 Ibs. for ........ ...250 Jloiiu' Cuivd Cormul lift*!', jjouiul ..... , -lie to'15c Mutton t'hojih, !1>; ,...16c ' and highly repreuenutivi! " men, .Hinilliir to thoso wh't hu^'e t'limiiete'l In tho i're«cnt Hughei<- Wllrion (.iiillfMt, iii'iice, St in to lu* hopod tliiit U will It'iul to tho con- ' rluMim that both Nidcn will recoK- • nixo the ul>m>luu>' nci*i>HHity of put- " -tinff :i'or««ni their "brut- eUissenM; flien no wriouH harm is TTliely to IiitpIK'ii tu our |>i'o|iH«.or fmntry wJioever m'wy wo the nrian winner. If thut fact become** •«*eognl*i>d, as it ahoiiUl be, by our votintf |iopu- lutioii. then tho all-Hround men will b« wilted for norof tuition on holh ttuli-i^tuiil all 'will be welt now and lou \ertnore. MR. HUGHES IS A GOOD LOSER. ^Wbilo t'itai'rmati Wilcox of the Ue.- |i\il>lii'«ii national eoinmlttee.'untl other Ntront; |>artt^an» vvcro talking of ron.- tesi.s and court lu-oci-edlngs and rr- countK on account of the the election In several Et.'Ues, Oiliforniu'n f«'«' «*r the old UinriT l<|y Hitki'U the J'rogtfHHivesi on tho ium«» wlH-n tlujtuoH viwiU'cl.llml atuH', and 111 Hplt^Of lh<* I'ffoi'tH 4lt tlU* ItMillT* I" lifitl thonnuh, I'lintin John«onr tin' fur- iu«r i'i-onrfi«slvu Koyi > r.nyj' J _i\_a 1 ^3 x l«i« 1 JO'J ncii.'iior on tin' Hi'i'tihlioan td'kPt by :in 1'iiiiminitM niajority ;nul I'lo-Hith-n't Wllmm witrliHi tliiyftntc. \Vju»i''» tlu-r.0 WIIH unity thiTo w»ita yli'tory. Wlii'ic tlu- old timer* run tin- load roller over ihc rio«ri'n»lvcH luul Hlc-kotl tl)t»w :tf- ti-rward tlu« vh lory JamU'«l outMlilc th«» l)i-»«u«tworKs. t'nlty lias a lot to tlo t\Mi< Kittlu'ii.nK i'U'i lions of tho winnliiK sort •• PUENTV OF TIME. 'rh"fe. w lio think the eleetlmi r of i'oiidll,loii(4 InuiieiMatelv h.'ive a bin i'Mw coiiiinu. tieraiiHt' the I n'"iv eoii- tlu- man niwji iutereated. hasleiiN to Mali* that lit- will his lied with the olilt l;»l count-. J}u wanls no recounts. JU 1 ' \vauta no -long clnivvn j out ' vonti'hi'for j>oints. Me lo hi,i nil l>v the ofliclal gr»'«« just scut riinill will no.i r nrwt lu' l it» \<-ur- ill tht'.v m\e i In- xiu. rt I! tln> ««h«» h»- Is !•'•< t I- taki. tin- tU Tins hhowa Ihai only n KOIH! Icsi-r, lint i« u of llu- I'KI >ilHK'l , His judicial • f i — — 'tJiA. \Vjlwn in- 'sfinP ron«rn!iil.'iU"iiM. ] ht |)fffin>««'i- ii -U'tl In- xsill VN- j i'a><>UiiK' ' IMito , , I '(•<-« nilit-f. 1!'I neuily thirtien montl»« mvay. ^If ilfiit '.Wflwun iiiiH any more In? wants to -,'et 'thrtni«h hoii>.o inn)' l>o lo'-t to hf* rontrol hi*, ran iCMHlori, wliich IllebtJt ct'p cu.iigreff.i at «ol'H :if inousui«*tt v until He Iris pit ntjg) "J* . Uughv* 'is not iiiiiv t»> i'ti! through any luostmn he ' liifju-p tin' new "Tou never can t«H what sort of x woinao ii girl is going to muko." "i'orhapa not" " O n o 6 f t'b o nio«t ndtnlrablo wives and moth- era in this town used to bo a giddy creature whose favorito eayJng was. "Oft, I could Just die dancing!'" There to Make Trouble. "I noticed a nutnber of intelligent looking pooplo in your audience who gave close attention to your Rpoech," romarkeU the campaign manager. "Vmphl'' eaid tho political orator. "I don't consider that flattering." "Why not?" "Those persons are jirofosalon&l blghbrowa and I suspect'they wore present simply to find fault with my, grammar," "For Warlike PurpoiMt "How did Indian clubs get their names?" "i don>'t know," answered the man whoae knowledge o£ ethnology (H llnf- ited. "JPorhapa^from the fact that'In- diana carried clubs." "But they didn't swing 'em for wear- else? 1 * "Probably aot. I preaume they >tn UBcd ch'lofly to teat the power of, Blstanca offered by each ..other'* ekulls," Many People in This Strange City Never Saw the Light of Day To Gallcia there' is one of tho mont remarkable underground cities In tho world. It liaa a population of over a thouBund men, women and children, most of whom have never econ tho light of day. It ia Known aa tho City of tho Bait MlncH, and is situated nevoral hundred foot below the earth's aurfucc. Its being ia duo to tho greatest salt mine In the world, which, though It has been .mined for many generations, seorua Inexhaustible, Tho city has its town ball, church, theater, and osnombiy room, all made'from the cryatalllzed cock, «alt. It has long, wijo streota and big a^u'area, lighted by electricity. Tlioro ars nuniuruua Inatntu't-a of Hold* the Record. | A (Iriiiniitii' writer JW.V.H Joyhnnn lluulniid Is the original linMlel for the ^ - !* -HtHotnoii hud 7(W \vlve.% itioro tliuu that ninny orlj;liinl (!lb.s«n i.—Louisville t'ourier-Journtil. famllica la .this underground city where not a alngle individual in three or four generations baa seen tho eun. It? AliuoKt'"aiiy M^IIIUII Van tiilk faHtct Until Hht' ('mi wflft'. —AJehisoii Ciluhe. Phono BeB 7J-W SS! AM Makes-Rented or .il 5in'- V>0. I'n.hnuuuils s^ijo (n $1;^. * Smith- $!.*» to ^' 5H'S TYPKWIUTKR PXCllANCiK ^Everything far the Office "What fun ia It tp elt all day on tho bank of & riY> en and watch a cork float." "My friend," Bald the eaaldu- qua angler, "it Iako8 t your mind off your bualnesa troublea,*' "Not In my case. I was once persuaded to in* vest 110.000 lu a tH'lifuio to mauu- facturo no aW*> bottles.' Foolish Question. "Well 1 V.dl!" eiclaiuiwd the fatu- individual to u umn who was piod- ) in _yiie hunt] ;Uiii hi* tisiiuig tut'Kle jii mlu-f "iU-fti 1'tshing?' "Qii. uct,." uuswerml the .\ It'tiku, wearily- '.I just l.^r.'wvicii thirf outfit t« A. L. Marks Farmer's and Workingman'i Friend Store The war iiv JEurope has not made us /.change our prices Men's and Ladies' one- bttpkle Arties '.".,. : , 95c x i ' • • Laies' Storm Rubbery, Men's g:ood heavy Storm Bpbbers, pair . . — 75c C!uI4 ! s Storm "Rubbers, pair ~ ....... ;'. . . .. .40c • • • . • • j „ - •» Mea!s fpur-biiokle Allies- pfir ........... .$2,00 Men 'I Heavy Jumbo Sweaters . . ..... . ,50c Heavy Blue Over, nil mm . .. . ,,.75c Boys' High Top Shoesj 9 to 13 ...... ...... $2,00 Men's sheepskin lined Ooata .;...,. L .. $5.00 Men's heavy JPuck Oouts, all sizes ^ ,,,,,,. A, ll.&O 's Blue Workshirts, Men's Hip'. Boot «j . ,-.S4fiO Open Ev«nmgs 12! E-'Thmi. St. Winter Denatured Alcohol Auto Robes Tire Chains Dr^Cells High Test Gasoline High Grade Oil Bumpers • A-G-Spark-Plugs Tires and Tubes SpoT Lanips^Etc. Coe Bros. IT CANT LEAK .No matter wimt portion it m*r IMS in in* > HALLMARK PEN onn't loiik. It self fills onsily afi«l simply^ It- is always ready to write when you want it. Tho ink HOWE steadilyv with- I "iit. skipping or Moitiug - Tin- IK»II is 14 knrat'j i; tijipod with liarJ In- »<ltiim .which makes sinootli writinp; positive. It won't scratch. (Juarantood to fciatisfucUoii to •^ 4 -A. -I -:l *••# ,?8 • ad -?rmr the user. Thpro i» a HALLMARK PEN to suit your every Tho priees aro very mod- | erato. W* T. Jennings The Hallmark Store Jeweler Optician .fl Central Union Ideal Telephone Service . - ' . * *r * V * . ' We endeavor to make our subscribers' telephone troubles our own, because each presents a new phase of the requirements of the service. Consider what is being done —to nmtorfieli Telephone service the ideal one, " •| i Receivers.; Central Union telephone Oomplny, ~.L'-<:*:-ft$,••'Armstrong, M%n»jfcr. • ,, ' . •'

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