Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 13, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1916
Page 2
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MM* TWO. STERLING, ILLINOIS. MONDAY, NOV. 13, 1916, '-lVe-i. t"f".n--- K*!: Km..! "Ml- !> F.:>, \\ \f,-n y K.- Miu-K •]<•< -( ni-i j--. . .t -i".l iliyi'r! A WIENIK ROAST TMPflOVfWtJ' PROPERTY. !* :- M ,' ':,.«-.• :« r;!I«;. 5 ,.t til" »;••>! »!.- 1,•••!,;.: [.rr-.-.-r*-- r.n »'>-«:fV • MORRISON BRIEFS :, U-,.! 'I.- \\ . ! H. I .'if r:r*' •rn New atid I P«r«y Of Yewng F»1N« Ertjey And Dane*. Look at Skinney's new mackinaw. Ain't itm peach;.he ffot it at Sullivan ^OlJIalley. Yes, they sure have the nifty things for boys r-Sweatersi Overcoats, Blouses, Stockings. Gee, everything! Konicrnhcr 1\itls, you jfH these prixcs I H'Cure XIIUIH. You hotter save those eartooiw. S ULLIVAN V A party of yrmne people fv'tn th!« ! U'h>'•tor, CeiifKr' I'nrtia. K'.ownrth : ."tnnltK, niftftn Smith, William Tiu-ker. nnd .Mi- a ,*frj Annn l><ini«hy, t,l;i{!v« l;nr- idon and .M.-u- ('tan-Ion motored "to Prophf f-<stown I'tiilav .-rveninir where they iV'r'.'.J'iined li\ Mi* u f << Anid.'t .Mi-Nell, Amanda <>tt nt'id Mildred f<\jrkry of I'ltv, »?<>lntr from there -tn n Pleasant- spot near the river where they enjoyei? n ivelnfe roant. I/iter in the evening the parti- ntMtdPd n 'Inure In I'rophftHtown. FOR MISS SWANSON Mist Mary Schulti* Hottet* At Linen ' 8how«r In Her Honor. n linen shower In lion<ir of Ml«* 1-Mith Kwati*i>tt nt the Sclmler home on Portland nvcntiM Friday evening:, There wetn 1m Eitlf T'rrsenf nrirt the evrnhiur wits po< iftllv upent with K.tmp* nnd mu- *de. Miff Swanxon acquired the etft«i t>v the "rocky road to matrimony" which cnuxi'd tnnrh fun And .imn»e- : t •••'• \ y « ' M!»« I i t'n.Kn- « ' .-it til* !i.< with fri>-i < ' K ,\ !.-IM?,« « : Ml-. •!!!<! t. IH . S.'if-;!.l.i>- \ •- •'•:! .;.-n'< :'.\ t'H« i ;• i Hi. >,' v c. rut ;<> < : f, .,j.,-. n|.<-nt the- '»'""i. :<-.f I i;f ' M, -Srriirsp thi« \lrin SON GAZETTE • (; .MOBRISON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 13, 1916. POPUU^COUPLE WED The trroom Ix tho »< i of Mr. and Atrx. Jacob 7>l«hl, wlio rc» ftlMlt for the rent-tindfr of the Klient*. She was the recipient of mnny he.itni- fnt nnd pcrvleoalde nrttclen. f ATTEMPTE&ROBBERY Occurred Latt Wetk At Moort'i Meat Shop In Unionville. An attempted robbery wblelt or- rtirreil in the If. S, Moore meat mnrket in I'lilnnv Hie ;t few IllRht airo. !:/i« eatl*«»d eotlHi'letiihle exeltement In that vicinity. Air. Moore, hearing a dlfttur- banco lit the* nhop, which i.« but a nhort dlfttnncp from the ho»i*e, W'IMU out to dftcprtniii tho cnutw and dim-overed that two men were trylni? to take down two brrven which hud jtift t'et-rt buteh- pred. The thieved were ftblo to make their escape although; Mr. Mooro Ilred twu shut*. . A SURPisE PARTY . Wat H«M In Honor Of Birthday Of ~7~"M7iii Mlrgar«T"9l«Tn jr7~ ~~'~ A birthday wurprlw party in hoilor of M|HH Mai-Riiret Kleiner wnf lield at the home of MlNH (torothy Stove 'on tt^il «tieei Saturday evenhiB with llf- teen of her Kill friend* present, the i being her thirteenth -iilitli- rift'-r n ' i*it '.-. -.Mi i'rifi'.il ity T'.-.*-\ '••,!!>• .",. --i-'ii| -init-.l horrie !--. ^!r ;H)<1 Mi- .r.fii>. Hni:^<-t!j:;i. \v{in '.;•.,} Mi."«; M;u if ('<-', iit<> vpont fnnd.iy a! th< honse "f !)« r pa rent a "in S'ff-llinir, Miss Mary i 'otter Hj-eii! the ttif-U < ml .it the hi'it!'' of Mrs. T!i'itn;iJ< I>n\|e in l-'itltt-n. > Air, .Miiti Nir?*. \\*-. c l*> !T«»His X'i^ited n\-tf J?und.-iy w!(,b frfnndi*'in S'tcrlinc. MtP, < ij»-nn S:.intii rr nnd fon. K<-n- nftli. vi«iifd fr!'-nds In Clinton S.-ttur- ,1ny. .Mr?:. S. «'. F.Sy nnd danciiter. Mar- jorv. v ere I'lititi-n visitors' P;t.tnrd:ty, c \\ \Vilkf!!"<. of Ftiltton, w;!.« ;t |it!jii>if->« %s<i?ur In tlii* <•)!'.• S.-(tvirda> Mies Alive <;.,;,lfiiK<>ph was a \vee» vrsd visit'-i v.Hh frirndn in <'iinton. Taste: .(•• r HUME NEWS HUME LOCALS. Mi*« Affinnln (ivf'rr(i,«iii rntprtnlned the . \Vinin« Wiirket'f' eljisj* Tbtircday niulit at her ticitTlf in HteiliilK. ' ' ,Mr, «Hd Mrs, Krnnk Hrown entertnin- eil ;t Inrue number «»f K>iestx Hund.'iy at dinner. The following were present: Mr. and Mr*. Henry Hrown nnd fam- itv, Mr, and Mrn. «'hnrlf« tilmndorf, of , Mr, Mini Mr.". Charles Dieiorl Mr. and Mrf. AIIKUHI Htetirn* ami fiim- ily. of Jordan. Mr. and Mr.«. Will Hmwn and OhUdrr-n, of Krle.-Mr. and Alrn, KM I pit .lohnson and baby, nf Portland. "Mi. nnd Mrs. liny Brown and Mr. anil MrH. Halph Itrowtt. A dinner wa« servwl at noon and all had a very en- jtiyabl** day. Phil Iltiffmon nnd mother, of Hock Ithunl, i* viidtlnje hero nev^ral dnyn tt>iH week,. Mrn. Floy ]{i>llmiin i^ cpendlng a time in Dixoit with relatlvc-n, .Ml«(i..Uzjsfe llubff .ctutt«i..lmck to Juir work nt fctri CfrvcJnnd Tne^iliiy hlptit. She \v»m ealleit hom<> Siuiiliiy to her '«.^ As toothsome v as the name ^implies. •1 Delicious, long- lasting. The ^ third of the 1 Wrigley trio of refreshing confections. « The eveninif WJIN delightfully xpei B.iUid rmnTtrnmtl~Tlcttrtmrirp wlili lion on North Haw Htrert Hatur-1 evonJnK When their oldest MtM iidlth, -bei-amo the hrldo of I of thiM t-lt)'. Kollnwint; a by MlKH 1'Vriin Jaeohxon lit eight o'floek,- the bridal ?le took thPlr j>lnei»n beforo an al- kt "tprn* and chrymintliomnmM '" H«4 ln>t?n ronntructfil In one cor- jrtirlof, and tivi-r which h'ad a hrtwi*r. tho rr»nt«r of It ^fottnwl by a large white bell, ii<,< WwatiHon, a winter of the Ked tho wcdditiff mtirrh, and <|^r?olBon ofllelalrd, the boati- rlng etttfrtfony bcliiK used. Tht« s.atnd groom were uuuttomU'tl. The nttlrod In a heautlful white gotvn, ,-frTOBATE COURT RECORDS Kntatn Mary ("leavelund. doccumnl. Final report illt»d. Hearing" Bt-t for Nov. 17, l!*l(i. Thoman Taylor. deceaBpd. In- tjie porpniotty, which wa« ifyftfiy rwJatlvcB and Inti- J»,of the yotinp conplo, n I'courwo nup|M*r wa» wrvwl by livt; | frlcndw of Alrn. lUchl'i*. I-ttur In. out ,l»|f autothobllo, thoy i on tlwlr wny to Duvnniwrt before itbaflnc* WBB rtJ*rOV«rcd. . brlfjo IH the daughter of Mr. and Charli'H BwaiH«()i( nf, thlH city, and fluirmin? youni from the Htcr- ltai>|iy and jiroxiM'roiiK futiin*. . Aftor >i uliort wcddiiiK Jonrni'y they 'will return to Mil* city and make their homo at 410 Kouth Haw »tr«»ft. wort« served. _*• FOR REV^CHENEY W, C. T; U. Ladios Wilt HoldVarowell Mooting In H«r Honor. The ladles of the W. <.'*. T. A', will hold n farewell mcot.lriK '» honor ot Il«v. Almlru Cheney at the W. I*. TI U. homo on -\\VdnoHthiy afternoon. The affair, w-hieh was to havo taken pl;ue TtiOMday, was |)OMt|«inP<runtil \Ved- ncmluy on account of the W. H. •'. "rtlon which M held on that day. Bl-MQNTHLY EXAMS. ._ Mri-. H. H. Hnnd iiTreiiawt rtrr after- nin party in ^terlint; Tiiendsiy after- nonn, Mr. find Mi>. Hort Scot t returned from their v'IMt in Mlnm.'Hota Monday. MiMes Kva and .Ie»«lo Hcott ret urn ed t<> their ht'Hio in Hock J'*nils this week. They kept IIOUM- for MTU, lit-rt .Si-oti. whilo •»!>!' was away. ____ Mrp. I'lonry l'artrld«e and Mrs. H. It. Hand .••pent Wednesday at Airs. ventory filed and approved. KHtntu Ilachel LlmvoJIyn, docenned I'laiirix allowed, Molvln & Knelaon, *HMi«: S. S. Kebr, $i.'78,50. Inventory tiled und approved. Kataln JneobH Adnmx. doconaed. Will Bt Htld In All School* Of County November 16th. Tho bi-monthly crkiittilnatlotui for the- jtfth, MUtlr, seventh and olKhth Mrw, Uavld Huller has bwii %vith Mrs. S, Coo in .SU'rlltiK Uit* IIIMI week. Ktaht ni'-tnln'iH of the Good Deed I'lrole of KiiiK'n I)an»{hler« and ei«ht "einberw of the Loyal t'lrclt; attended IH^ t'ounty t'onventioii at Mrs. Oliver (odder in .Montmoreiiey Thurnday. Mr. and Mm. Karl (Cleveland and Mr. and Mrs, ,luy «'i v-lrtnd upont Munday nt the yohravw hoiix- Irf i'topjicls- town. Hob I'fklii* and Hoy 11 a we, of Mont- inoroiifj 1 . Kin'ut Thurmiay In Hume Good for teeth, breath, appetite and digestion. t»h« boon tntt- for .Urn? uf «tt>nograph«jr AppralMemont bill tllod and approved, K«tato"Lq'on O. Ktiiswo, deceased. Wtlten entry of apprnflscmont by K. I* Mttlh-r and <X M. HiodKftt its attornoyit for H. Hhnecraft antl Hon Co., and object *to nllowancp of Una! report ftnd pray for further time to fl|o objections, objectlonB to filial r«|iort of excvutrlx and her dlHciiarBo, • • * K*ti*lo (leorgo \V, nillonbeck, do- ceawd. Final ''report' fllPd. llParllig xei for Nov, 31, 1!»|f». . . K*t»t<* Clutrh'H !•". t'ocitran, Final report app,"ovt'd and «i|'dort'd. Henry H,'cen, d«c«napd. In I>tipllfi of all tin- HcliouU In tho county will )>o in-Ill on Nov. 16th. Tho <|in>«. tloiiH hov« iirt'|Vtiri'(l and and arc now liclnn niaili'il out tu the variotiM IN CQUNTY ...JAIL Albert Andaraon, Of Prophititown, U 1 New Inmate. ' Albert .Anderwon, : of I'r<ipht>tHtnwn, who wiiM-Hni^l fl.o In the jUHtiee, court of that city lawt I'Vlday for disordfrly conduct, wo* uiiablo to p-iy the nnc and wn« bnn'ittfit to lbl« city thnt ftvt»- liliig and placed 7i>thtt't. f «»uiity JuiL II. Cartridge and .Taylor Hand are picking corn enxt of Sterling" ' this week. CIllTord Schutt and M|HH Kfflo Haberer,. «t .Mnrriwin, «pent Haturday n|(tht and Sunday with Mr. and Mr«. Hoy Hrown. • Mr, und Mr*. .John Cartridge, of Hock F4ll« spent Huriday aftenioon at Hem'y Three of a kind Keep them in mind. WRAPPED IN Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oldn «nd children spent Sunday tifternotm at Oftcar ENJOYS VACATION. Olaf Johnndn IM tnklriK a vacation of n. fow 'weeKM' from iiln dniloH an HOC- tion fort'iifnn of tlu> C, &. N, W. Ban* in thlK city, HIM |io»ltlon. v IH holiiR filled during hi* Hlwnou by Ooor««- uf I Ciir<unoun, of §HE LIKES IT! k ' . •''..: A " SK any housewife who has changed the family table drink i rom Harmful coffee to helpful IN- Sf ANT POSTUM whether 4he change has been a sue-, .cess, " -.- •„_«'- '_';-'" The answer may well iiv- duce you to make the change yourself. Less "nerves/' better temper, clearer complexion, im/'"' proved digestion and steadier heart after a trial, demon-.:. •irtiinartKr^^ change from coflVu' to POSTUM is a wise'move* for tho The Loyjt! Circle of KlnB'x DauBh- tor« met with Mrs. Charli- Wheplock Friday insK'ad of Thursday, their uxuul ; tbty. on nc-count «-f the county convention. Mr. 4ttid Mrs. Andrew otten entertained Mr. ami Mnt. John Otten anil family^ Sunday. Mr. iuia,.Mrn. II. R. Hand Bpeiit Friday at Jay Cl«?vt>land'». MI-M. Will Ccbot and daughter, Fern, of Vi'un, Texan. i« vlfcltitiK thla week Jay rim-eland's. > Minn Kllzbi'th Hubor Hpt-tit Sunday wilh bt»r wniMin. Mr». Will Kvnwr.' Mr. and Hr».Jf»m Cunnlff wpetit Hun- tlny with Mrs. CunnlfTa parents, Mr. and Mrs. IVtt-r Ijeet.i aluu called t»n WuiH |>i>Vta, who hajt been slt-k with lyidioja fever. MUK Klkut Collln, who teaeht'rt West iiiimu wbool ha.s re«umed her wc-hool Don't forget after every meal JF4 _j Tlioie present uero .Maude HiiFiC), Helen 15/ioth,' Xat.ilie Ancli-i sun, K«lna t>antw,-ltiith HiMith, Kdtth AtnU-rmm, i'arnt'll. «;iinl>H Muluuiu, In 1 and >> nutnlu-r <-f , 1'iir M-veiiil > liin be.tltlt «an ' „ ,, .. . T ,'.llur. A Jew Weeks llKit With th» Mel-ntlre, Hartili Haxter. lleih Mem.; h..) f r .-ttiiitr ivlli r ho went i,. (I.;- IViKlntJ tuui Maiy A Few Table Don'ts. Here aro a fow valufthlti "don'tB" ERIE BRIEFS, Mi;.wj| Sti>l«> and K,ilh< I tile and Mr*. .Mary Souie htve Jiioved into I'Veei-iit tieneial hotipiial, and MII Oct.; for tho tablo: :'ttii iiudeiwent a MitKieal opftationj f \Vhon your hoBtPB3 hands you a from w-iik-it he never fully rallied. Hei pinto, don't offer to paflu it on to an- dej-ii ti ,i thin htv on Xoy. T, iturt. JU! ed j o ,j, lor p6r8on . Take what your hoateea d,;;,; ^ \» i z^ri: £ y ; ^ «»rf d ^ you - • ' And havo your food, their IICW home width Im* IOM I „ t'»«' elllltllell at'ov mentioned, lih Mtep- '*. . """" •""* ""*" '""' """"' - .PI- ted and tie , ui ,- a J <JilUKllIl ' r - *"* 1It ' 1 """ l> ^'"- Hoelu.nd. < lo » * Ile8ltato &*>OUt beginning to eat. th<'m f« ,L; olvupUd l,v M, an,! M!H J " - * """ *'* « **™™. Q«n».'>'. IH . Old-fashioned pooplo wait, imtl|-ftU W* L»*i< Dniik'lK and babv." • ' UI>1 [t ll ""' " f fMl ' lllli< wlll> diirini, biK BorvtMl boforo eatlug. but It Isn't strict- aby. C. C. Smith, MM, -MnsiiM 1 i-'ea.sler, Mra, I* }t, UitU.tlc ,ind -\li« !•: .M>H leave TileMlav for ItllnM, .-- I' Ul"i> le.iineil. to him Jrnnoi and dutieti a two weeJcH 1 tdeknews, ivv-will leave I tleMlay for jtlloM, .M)..*.: . t'» Kpi>nd the winter Mr and Mrs f UeoiKc A\et>. Mi and Mrs Aili n | "I 1'lltU and olht r Krie itindentH will .tlso go to \aiifU» pnlntM in Hie HO'Mli Mr. and MIT- Sa\v >j r_ont« r- _ tained the t'olUmiiiK ielall\ii< ill dinner Hum!:*}' 1 . Mr. and N uad son, H'evd limn Lanark, Mi. C ERIE NEWS J MISQELLANJOUS SHOWER W«» Given Tue.d^y ivenino For Mill M*ry C«rft«nton, A Brid«. 9 A niisi'i'll.mi-oils Mhower was given Minn M.'trv Cnrylenion .by M).«H Maud lllcKe>.-iit he» Jii'iiu* Tut'Hdity pvcning, Klu» wa» »»,»is<ti»d hv'Helen Until h, Kd- na H-inteee and Natalie Andem'm. -Th«- rouiiiH wcte i-icttlly decorated In Jdnk arid white Pink «'iH'pe paper t-osj-ri'd llw «»h>otri» I^Khfi*. 'lastiiiK u pivtty Klow thiougit thi>.hatiM> i.nfgo \-tifri\s of ('ink and white chi>anth«nutn» with feins \\ito the tld ot.iiiDtiK of the tnu- fli t< "itt Jltsd lj\<?»t|; K.IIIII ||| the ii)|>. ItiK loom ,t .J,4|..,tiiese i..u.tM,| Mif.|,end- fiom the chandelier was niui .Mi'«. CSeortse (inodin. Mr. and Mis. tilen Haw>er and little d.iuiihler, und Hammond \V»ll. "OBITUARY WILLIAM H. CALKINS. William H, C.tlkiitH wan l.oin in H'uyito coiini.\. \ V, ,lulv i. |>vi,i. In ho actomuamed bi> i>.<ieiitx toj Had Been Practicing, shtill m-vcT hcohl my for Kjiendiitfi *>«» much tliin> at thf club.'" "Tell me about It!" "\\V1I, hist nf|{ht n Inir^lur pit Into tho house mid m.v huxbtttttj kttockt'd htm Kc>n8j>- h's.4 with th%poker. I've heartl SMH-- »rnl men NpeaU of him t\s n poker ox- port. He lias evidently bvfii jinictic- IIIK lit tho chili for Just such uu fiut-r- «Hicyf j ly correct to do thia. Of course, if you happen to bo ono of a home party, where you ore pausing vogatablea to others, you would naturally aoo that you hod done your part before beginning to enjoy your nharo of the meal. Don't tako a aooond helping of eoup or fish .if you aro going through a meal of several courses." 7 Never cut your bread.___It should bo broken on the cloth, or the plato that may be provided, Bird, .broken without raising it from tbo table. Don't abako Bait over your food. 6nlt •— — j and mustard should be placed on. tho Suspended Judgments. j eUlo of the plate, Men- who KO into court t>*|i«>ciing to j Ferine sako of your neighbors don't ln» llnctl and. then draw n Mispi'iiilixj i stick out your elbows when dining, limy not have litcrea.sed thelr^ P«opl« who havo acquinxl thia very for the law, but their coii\ic-; bad habit should practice until thoy . and. after u ,-tuui there, he moved \viih Hutu to neat --There's a Reason with kei\|>te», one laijje .me at the button holding u til'iU).KUni; can oxer the pi<'x,Hit«i uhi<h «tu> diipla>rtt on" thc t.tble. The gifts \\^hc- many and IH.HI- tifjd, i,»l),-u.unjs oi 1 ^M uiasn, iiaud patiu-d . hin.i, limn. iV..n\ aluniiinun \ .shost pi u^i. tilt 4A »s Ki',t-n, rmf Miv • ^ ike, .Illil U|j.Kl i |iii I' III Tin { I t > • II.) t i'. Hiil W llt'e f til \ » * » 11 t- ! IS i 1 k. I', if > i i' it ill Tf.A \ w i r I i -' i lit • If f|i i f ^ I;|, J 1 ' _>,' !• .le. ,n , -I 'I v 1 • • t' |if il, yeaii. of ill When he h • Muted io , l)(1 J lion ii H to the ni'ce.s.slty of kecplnc thi!' —Mud anoihor angle, When laanlpu is enormously In- luting food on the plutu ueo tho hands iaitn. nnd dmm the u iniei twelve ( > on ;L( on the . -Toicdu lilade. | fnnu tho wrlwt, nut from'the elbow*. ,'lttendejl^ the puidIV At th<» of iwentv id lor ,m»rvii .» in th*. Ciui uai, <-n ! ii-; Why., l,e enllM- 1 '""* """ U ".' MH " < -| »tlll^ to klloV.' {IK must abotit jttnv to nit*-*' ••hiiiirvu UMI Quite True, things n|i|M'(ir us |iosvii,le us t(ll> none of her ot.n 11} ills I HI K.ll||.t\ C Ii \.l 111 Id I •>!•'> It W,|v ot |< l^lt |,t M'-x ••el \ He thelx- !• U hi l<m H « tl'.e W u i ,«i It il ,in i (it 1 '1,1 tii!} dl*ikii,,id. ,i!iii w hit h In- i f < • ! t till! * '"' ^ " Mi«- HMH! 1 ^ IC> * IU '° *""" ""*> '"''' MtteJill|llei|. He al. 1 | I An It i- .-!i lillll l\f ..I « , , • j ink .,! .! w ! v i( it ( Mi ! ' , in , \Vl I- ! i'ttv l •|P«, < II! nv. t'l^?' I 'i f .1 . I can l-ft ctiml .tii.i i« »f t -i <r K. R. R. for Rheumatism Helped Him and His Friends — Got" Wonderful Results wltlmui V-lirf I in- K JC. IJ tlu< y<! to tij K MII|.| iiiUi He! ',1 ml , .1 t h iff f I I J HIS 1) K lil' 'H" It ,i ! v> s> r, .! 1

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