Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 1, 1963 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1963
Page 31
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•\ J ^ NEW YORK (UPtt Stock market Admit&l lift AMena 27% : AltegH tud m% AM Chm 48V4 prices: Int f&T 60 Iowa PAL 56% Johns-Man 46% Kennecott 72>/a Alld Strs 52% Kresge Wk Allis Ghal 18V4 Aimm Alcoa Am Ai ABC Hint Mti Cart 4*% Art Cyan 5?% Am Am Mtr* Ml* Am TIT MM Am Tob 28% 48% AllWHiPl AKWtMl Aveo P% Beth A) Boeing «',4 Borden wvi Borg War 45H Case 9 Catplr 45 Celaneie u% Cent Soya 28 !4 CftNW 23</fc Chi RJ 25'/. Chrysler aw Cities five 85% Coca Cola 93% Coluni das 30 Conun Ed 47 7 / s Cons Ed 84 Cont ; Can 47% Cent Oil 61% Deere 64% Diana 10 Douglas 24 Dow Chem 60 Du Pont 244 r Eastman 10814 El Auto U 25% Erie 3% Fairbks M 13 Firestone 33% Flintkt. Wk,. Ford Mtrs 51% Friden 38 Fruehauf 30% Gen Dyna 24% Gen El 78% Gen Fds 81% Texaco 69% Kroger 28% Lib McN 18 Lockhd 87 MM Oil 66% Min Hnwl 100 Minn Mitt 56% Monsanto 50% Mont Ward 37% Morrelt 25 Nat Bis 62 Monsanto 60% Nat Can 15% Nat Dairy 68 Nat Gype 47 Nat Ld 70% NYC 21% No Amn 67% Nor Pac 47% Nor St Pwr 36% Olin Math 41% Outbd M 11% Pao Tel 32 Penney 42% Penn RR 16% Pepsi Cola 50% Phil Pet 51% Piper Air 27% Pure Oil 44% Qua Oats 65% RCA 67% Rep Stl 36% Revlon 40% Rexal 33% Reyn Tob 39% Safeway 57% Schenley 21% Sears 88% Shell Oil 44% Simmons 40% Sinclair 43% SoPac36 Sperry 14% Sq D 45% Std Bds 74% So Cal 64% So Ind 59% . SO NJ 67% SO Ohio 61% Stude Pack 6% Swift 39% Gen Mtrs 69% Gen Tel 24% Goodrich 47% r Goodyear 34% Grant WT 24% Gt Nor 53% J A Greyhound 39% Gulf OU 44% Homestake 50% Hupp 7% 111 Cent- 55% 1U Pwr 38% . Inland SU 39% IBM 428 lnt Harv 57 Int Nick 61% Int Paper 30% Texas Inst 75% Un Carb 103% Un El 27 Un Pac 73 Unt Air L 37% Utd Corp 8 Utd Fruit 26%' Utd Gas 38% US Gyps 82 US Play C 26% US Rub 44% US Stl 47% West Un 25% . Wstghs Ab 31 Wstghs.El 35% Woolworth 89% Ync S&T 101 1 Chicago livestock (USDA) CHICAGO (AP) butchers 25 to .50 190-225 lb butchers Hogs 6,000; higher ; 1-2; 190-230 lbs 18.25-18.75; 230.280 lbs 17.75-18.25; 1-3 350-400 lbs lb 14.75-15.75; 450-500 400-450 2-3 lbs 13.25- sows 13.75-14.75; 14.00; 500-600 lbs 12.50-13.25. Cattle 10.000 25 calves; slaughter steers steady to strong; load around 1,200 lb 24,50;' mixed mostly prime slaughter steers high choice and prime 1,100-1,400 lbs 23.50-24.25; choice 90-1,250 lbs 23.00-23.75; load high choice 1,428 lbs 23.00; good 000-1,250 lbs 21.5022.50; choice 800-1,100 lb slaughter heifers 24.25-23.00; loads high choice 23.25; and couple high 20.50-22.00; utility cial cows 15.00-16.50; utility commercial bulls 19.00-20.50. commer- and Sheep spring slaughter BACKYARD SALE 915 Chamberlain Tuesday, July 2-9 to 5 Good clothe* mostly 22 fc 22i/ 2 AUo imallar »Uei. Ml»c. Item*— Fam, TooU, MasMlge Pillow, 2 Tirei etc. Rain or ahine, lower: few lota choice and prime spring tcr lambs 22.60; good, and choice 50*22.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.80-6.50. Bushnall livestock Market is uneven. Nos. Is and 2s, $18-$18.10. Top, $18,25; bulk and grades 100-260 pounds, $17 .60. $17,86; 260-800, $1«,25-$17.50; M#l steady to 26 cents higher, bul 27(MO0 pounds, $14-$15.60; 400-500 $13*14; cattle, higher; Iambi steady. Oolotburg Hof Market OiMihurg Or#*i Huyert C. B, it 0. tteekyarli Market steady. Bulk ©f best steady. eastern shipping hogs, $16.10. Top, $18.66. Quotations; 200-220 $17,16*18 220-260 -$17.«Hl* 250-300 $16.0O.$17 Sows: MartttM at • eiane* By United Press International Stocks lower in moderate trad* tag. Bonds mixed. U.S. government bonds lower in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks lower. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago i Wheat, com, oats, rye and soybeans-higher. Hogs 26 to 60 higher, top t9.»; cattle steady to strong, top 24.60; sheep weak to 50 lower, top 22.50; dressed beef steady, top 42,00; dressed pork loins 50 lower, top 49,00, 85- 0«l«*bvrt train Morktf CMNrnneit Oratt * Supply C* $1. Corn (old) * $1.21 Corn (new) $i ,oi Oatl (new) • •* « 300-500 75-115 »..- 59% soybeans (old) ..........$2.53 Soybeans (new) , $2,49 Tomorrows IttlmetM CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-0«i. al estimated livestock receipts »r Tuesday are 6,000 hogs, 3,000 ittle and 500 sheep. Intorlor Hot *r\t— SPRINGPIEU), HI. (AP) (UDA )-Interior Illinois hog prices ( State-Federal): Receipts 15,000; demand fair, barrows and gilts steady, instances 10 to 25 higher; sows mostly steady; 1-3 190- 26-18 1-2 230 lbs 18.00-18.35, few No. 1 lbs 18.50; 1-3 240-260 lbs 16.75- fl; 2-3 260-300 lbs 16.00 16.75; 280-600 lb sows 11.50-15 SO Pooria livestock PEORIA, III. (AP)-Hogs 3,500; 1-2 190-230. lb butchers 18.50-18.85; mixed 1-3 180-250 lbs 18.00-18 30; 2-3 250-280 lbs 17.00-18.00; 2-3 270330 lbs 16.00-17.00; 1-3 270-240 lb sow /5 14.50-15.75 ; 2-3 4--550 lbs 13.25-14.50; 2 3 550^50 lbs 13.25. Cattle 13.00- Orailn •vtvros CHICAGO (AP) - Demand was strong for moat commodities today in early transactions on the Board of Trade, with corn advancing as much as } cents a bushel and soybeans almost 7. Wheat waa mixed. Activity in corn and soybeans was brisk with speculators bidding strongly for long positions on a weather forecast which indicated little or no relief from the drought in major producing areas .within the next five days. Wheat was % cent a bushel lowar to 1% higher near the end of the first hour, July, 1963, 1.84%; corn. % to 2% higher, July 1.28; oats % to 1% higher, July 67%; rye % to 1 higher, July 1.27; soybeans 2% to 6% higher, July 2.67%. up 2% 1 Chkoao Oroln tango CHICAGO (UP!) -Grain ra ftge : High tow Close Chug. Wheat Jul 1*5% IMV4 186^-185% up % Sep 187% 186% 187%-187% up 1% Dec 193% 191% 193V4-193 up 1 Mr 198% 193% 196%-196% up 2% My 191% 188% 191% Wheat (net) Jul. Ill imtm Sop im 1*4 167 Caff' Jilt 129* 127% 129%'129% Up 2% Sep 127',, 124% 126%-127 up 3 Dec 123% 118 J23 -123% up 5% Mr 126 122% 126%-125% up 5% My 120% 126 128 428% up 5% Oate M W% #Y% $0%-69% UP 2% Sep 70% ;*7% m Dec t»% 70% ;W% Mr 96% 71 76% up 3% My 7S% 73 76% Up 3% Rye Jul 111 111% 131 410% up 4% Sep 133% '129% 133% Dec 1*6% 132 136%'16«% Mr 138% tm 138%.13*% My 13* 134% 136 Soybeans. Jul 278 903 275 Up 3% Up 3% up 4% up 3% Aug 276% 2*6% 476% Sep 274 267 274 Nov 272% 264% 272% Jan 276% 270% 276% Mr 279% 274 279% My 281% 274 281% up 9% up 9% up 10 Up 9% up 9% up 9% up 9% 1 Dow Jonos Avoragos NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 702.17 off 4.71 20 rails 173.36 off 0.30 15 Utils 138.58 off 0.50 65 stocks 253.87 off 1.24 915; slaughter steers mixed good 'and choice 850-1,200 lbs 21.75-22.75; standard 17.0020.25; calves 25; good 22.00-25.00; standard 17.00-22.00. Sheep 132; spring lambs 2 pack- 1 moderate ages of mixed good and choice Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)-Nearl all Soybean contracts were up the limit of 10 cents a bushel allowed for a single day in the early afternoon today on the Board of Trade and activity slackedned consider- Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP)-Wheat No. 1 red 1.87%; corn No. 2 yellow 1.33%-%. No. 3 1.32%; No. 5 1.27%29;sample grade 1.21%-23%; soybeans No 1. yellow 2.71-75; No. 2 2.74-75%; No. 3 2.74; oats No. 1 extra heavy white 71%-72%; No.2 2.72%; soybean oil 9b-9a. limited 83-100 lbs 20.00; good 90-100 lbs 18.50-19.00; shorn slaughter ewes with' No. 3 pelts utility to choice 2.00-5.50. At that time, the July delivery was only a fraction off the limit and corn almost 5 cents higher at the extreme. Wheat firmed and other grains' posted * substantial gains. . _ Carlot receipts today Eggs and Poultry maM Red fUme, aatcbery 250 oats 12 ^ none barley t55, Knoxvllle Road. Galesburg 5L Large clean Eggs 22c U Mvbean EEFaSST "' S 3 Sin g ,e da y' 8 ^n, July 2.75; ' /c corn 2%-5% higher, July 1.29%%; wheat %-2% higher, July Chicago Produce 1.85%-%; oats 2%-3% higher, July CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: 69%-%; rye 4%-5% higher, July Live poultry special fed White 1.31-30%. Rock fryers 19-20; roasters 25-26. Cheese processed loaf 39%-44; I HEAD FHE WAN'l .\OS> brick 39-43%;; Swiss Grade A 50-55. Butter steady, 93 score 67%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 55%; 89 score „ WM Charr 54%, ' Eggs steady; white large extras 11 lacl0fT • lf ^ ond 32; mixed.large extras 31; mediums 26; standards 29^;. Cats Get it All ABERDARON, Wales (UPI) Miss Ada Tilley, 81, left all but $140 of her $182,000 estate for the treatment of sick cats, her will revealed Sunday. "I feel very hurt," said Mrs. Tilley's niece, Mrs. Doris Wil- dams, who cared for her aunt for r the last eight years of her life, but was cut out of the will. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS I BIG BACKYARD SALE 959 N. Broad MOW.. JULY 1—1 to .t TUES., JULY 1— I to 5 Furniture, toys; m#n, womin, chlldrMt clothing, al! IIIM, baby " Igh chair and mUcallanaou*. FOR SALE 1960 Fleetwood Cadillac mllaaff. full eondlttonad. Can ba i—n CXTICl ICS VICE iTATIOJI fUndaraon ai Daytba Sta. READ THIS CLASSIFIEDSI SWIMMING POOLS SuUt any iUa # any ahana. Pool claanlng and chamlcala. For Information call coUaci. Swim Klaan Pool Sarvica Bock Uland, 111. Phona 781-0289 toto.*oon« POR OOID A- Sideyard Sale 1154 North Cedar TUESDAY, July 2—9 til ?? Infants, Toddlers and Adult Clothing. TRUCK POWER VACUUM CLEANING We clean all FURNACES ft BORERS and chack «var all controls, oil, gas or coal, Wo clean all CHIMNEYS, we clean all cold.air and v/*rm*»\r DUCTS. We can also clean up that, old coal-room or.any basamant. Call us for rates. All work guaranteed. Wilkinson & Heating Dial 342-1214 pSSfTSJB^- '.- I I II I.L' - i r' I _L _ _._ ROYAL TANKS REINFORCED CONCRETE SEWAGE DISPOSAL WITHOUT SEWERS Manufactured by Galesburg Vault Don't Dig Up Your Sower Call 343.6913 Phone 342-6430 TERMITES • ft— Inspection FMA Tlma Payment 342-5185 HANSEN LUMBER CO. WANTED: DRIVERS For regular bus routes in Alexis Community Unit District 400, Alexis, Illinois, Must be able to assume responsibility and like children. Only persons of highest character need apply. Please state age, experience, present employment and give references. Send letter of application to GEORGE ZARCOFF-Unit Superintendent MOVING TO FLORIDA FOR SALE OWNER Beautifully landscaped country ranch home on 231 by 247.5 ft. lot facing golf course. 5 miles from Galesburg. Carpeted and wood paneled living room, 2 bedrooms, oak paneled dining room, birch kitchen cabinets, large bath, cedar paneled breezewqy wifh beamed ceiling and jalousie windows. Attached double garage, dry basement, excellent water supply, Many fruit and shade trees. Near Lake Bracken. 240 West Main Phone 342*2412 SHOWN Price $22,500 APPOINTMINT ONLY CALL 343-7362 NEW Wall Ureal The stock market showed a fairly sharp loss lato this afternoon In slow trading. Volume lor the day was estimated at 3.5 million Shares compared with '3.<B million Friday. Losses of key stock went from fractions to 1 or 2 points. Most of the major sections of the list were on the downside. r IBM shaved a 10-point loss to 8 or so. Chrysler attracted a spate of selling as it broke below 62, showing a loss of nearly 2 for a while, then paring the deoHne to a shade Most other major issues were down fractional- The leading steels displayed a string of fractional losses. Polaroid trimmed a 5*polnt loss to 4 in late dealings, Down more than 2 w t er* Texas Instruments and Eastman Kodak. iUnion Carbide bucked the downtrend with a gain exceeding e point, American Telephone was soft despite record earnings. Several leading rails resisted decline. Canadian Pacific ( lllinols Central, Baltimore & Ohio, and Southern Railway gained slightly, Off a point or so were Pan American World Airways, Du Pont, Allied Chemical, Johns* Manville, and Montgomery Ward. Prices , were mixed on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds edged upward. U.S. government bonds were unchanged. Galesburg Regi$ter»Mqil, Galesbun Ken Rose wall Monda Scores Victory Over Laver FOREST HILLS, N.Y. (UPI) Ken Rosewall is making a career of beating fellow Australian Rod Laver. The tiny king of the courts needed only 68 minutes to conquer Laver, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2, Sunday in the final of the national pro tennis championships before an estimated 5,000 at historic Forest Hills Stadium. Rosewall has earned almost $50,000 In Whipping Laver 32 times In 41 matches since Rod turned pro last January. HJs latest victory netted him 1,400 while Layer took the runner-up purse of $1,100. In a pro-set match to determine third-place money of $800, Earl Buchholz outlasted Alex 01- medo, 1745. Reunion Held At Avon Home AVON—A reunion was held recently at the home' of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Carrico, and among those present were her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carrico of New Orleans, La. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carrico of Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Memos of Bettendorf, Mr. and Mrs. John Hunter of Avon, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nelson of Galesburg and Mrs. Gamer Nelson of Chicago. Steelers Grab Potential Star n Bill Nelson BUFFALO, N.Y. (UPI) - The Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League apparently grabbed a potential star when they drafted Southern California's Bill Nelsen. Nelsen, quarterback of the 1962 national champion Trojans coached by John McKay, played all but 35 seconds in directing the West to a 22-21 conquest over the East before 20,840 War Memorial Stadium spectators watching in 80-degree-plus weather Saturday night. The steady signal caller accounted for 162 yards in the air, fired two touchdown tosses to Washington State end Hugh Campbell and found time to reel off, several clutch runs when yardage was needed. READ HIE WANT ADS! Call Your HOME REPAIR MAN For Tuck Pointing, Sidewalks, driVawayi. Alto Painting at Eava Spouii Cleaned and Repaired. Phone 343.8343 alter 3:30. Maury Wills of the Dodgers stole his 104 bases in 68 games during 1962. STUMP CUTTING May coil leis than you think to get vtd ot that unsightly stump. Call DtWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phona 342-MU Backyard Sale 837 BROWN AVE. TUESDAY, JULY 2 — 8 to 6:30. Good clothes, all sizes and misc. Items. WANTED RENT For 1964 80 to 320-ocre FARM In Yates City, Elmw Wiiliamsfield vicinity, and grain rent. Write care Register-Mall. Backyard Rummcge Sales, etc. Must our office 12 noon day beforo ad runs. Call 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. Furniture & Appliance Auction CORBIN'S FURNITURE STORE-565 N. West St. TUESDAY, July 2 - 7:00 P.M., D.S.T. We will have a large sale of appliances, salvage merchandise, trade-Ins, and floor samples as follows: 4-apt. size gas stoves; 1-full size gas stove; l.comblnation gas and coal range; 1-apt. size electric range; 2 automatic, washers; 1 Dexter wringer type washer; ABC clothes dryer; 20" G.E. window fan; 20" G.E. portable floor fan; table modei radio; 2 comtynation radio and record players; Admiral TV set; 7 pc« Douglas banquet sise deluxe wood grained top dinette sat; electric refrigerator; Campbell soup kitchen; steam iron; 2 2-pc. livingroom suites; swivel platform rockers; Early American style platform rocker; i 3 po. bedroom suite; Gate-leg extention drop-leaf table; bookshelves; 1 lot of salvage and floor samples, including set of dishes; lamps; throw rugs; bedspreads; 2 matching 9x12 foam back rugs; thermos bottles; toys; garden hose; V.ewmaster aluminum yard furniture; maple floor lamps; hassocks; 2 pc. matching studio lounge and chair; several ladies new pocketbooks; new curtains; some clothing; 1 lot of dishes (some antique), and other items too numerous to mention. CORBIN, KENT AND COOK, Auctioneers. — Ph. 343-9033 FREDERICK ERICKSON, Clerk. We can use a little more good merchandise on this auction. If you have anything you wish to convert to cash .bring it to the auction house by Tuesday noon or calJ 343.9033. PLEASE NOTE:. This sale will be held Tuesday, July 2, instead of our usual Thursday sale, due to the 4th falling on Thursday. Always call Corbins for your auctions as we have' ample room to efficiently handle any auction regardless of size with Jots of off street parking in our adjoining parking lot. Par Annum Payabla Semi-Annually Investments by the 15th Earn from the First with Insured Safety AND [(JAN AbbQOAhON 250 EAST MAIN ST. f£f/ lout sa»ms ygy INSURED Record Sales Beatrice Foods Co. reported its highest first quarter sales and earnings on record today. The information was passed on to stockholders in conjunction with the 109th consecutive quarterly dividend paid on coftimon stock and the proceedings of the company's 66th annual meeting held in Lincoln, Neb., June 1. Dollar sales for the three-month period ending $152,421,972, May 31 totaled cent up, seven per from the .same period a year ago. New earnings were up 14 per cent to $2,667,186, or equal to 50 cents per share of common stock. Earnings a year ago were $2,345,582, or 45 cents per share. Sales and earnings of Cie Lac- soons, S.A., Rotselaar, Belgrum, are included in the totals for the fii'st quarter of both years. William Karnes, president, told stockholders this has proven one of the largest, most diversified and modern dairy operations in Western Europe. READ THE WANT ADS! COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL ullT Insured - rvm eitlm&tes POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSONS TREE SERVICE Sal) Colleci - Prolan s -2103 Osteon, lit Oalaaourg III — 342-4234 Effect!?* Apt ALL SCtUgUULl&i _ OAvtmm SAVING TIMI 8 fast MeU 1 $1 m SO AkSftfBeft ««*••«•*«•:>• a flfc 10 Denver vtphft -1 * :5ft i 2 Local . -.-.^,^.^.8:60 a. Id California Zephyr *•« 12 :11 i 12 Nebraska Zephyr ^7*6 0 W Burlington Waalnaana 3 to Umflha U*ICO 1 D J 48 i Mb 55 to Kansas C1t* 1:85 a tft* 7 to Den vet ^ -._~*^3-6o a fttt 85 to Kanaoji 6\ty .„**^_3:00 p rtfl* 11 to Omaha Lincoln — -3:10 p m. 17 to California 632 p m, t to Denver 8:2ffl t> m. Santa ra, Gtatbemnd 20 Chlei r ,.„•„, 4;40 * m. 16 Texoa Chief 6:40 a m, 18 Super Chief- El CapHan* ^.-.11:10 a nt* 2 S.F. ChJaF* . —^—11:45 a. m. 124 Grand Canyon — rr p. rm 13 Chica*. nn 8:80 o m, Santa fa, Wa at bound t> K. c Chief 2:35 a m, 19 Chief . 12 55 p m. 123 Grand Canyon 3:20 P m. 1 S.F Chief 7*05 p m. r Tcxaf Chief 9:55 o m. 17 Super Chief- El Capitan* *___10:25 p m. Flagstop Ozark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* „ 8:53 a. nt 64 to Chicago* .4:45 p. m. Ozark, Southbound 141 to St. Loula 12*6 p, m. •—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES „ , Weetbcmnd To West Coast 6:58 a m. To West Coast i p. n, 1o West Coast ^—.-8:48 0. RL Eaatbound To East Coast _12:01 p. m. To East Coast ^ 8 DO p. m. Southbound To St Louis 10O0 a. m. Northbound To Davenport . p. rn. To Peo ;a 1:15 p. m. To Peoria .835 o. m. Backyard Sale 246 FULTON WED., JULY 3 — 8 to 8 Infant wear, TV, Al! alaet cloth ing. Backyard Sale 411 ARNOLD ST. TUES., JULY 2 — 8 to 4 Lots of dlshei, clothing, misc. Items. AUo antiques. BACKYARD SALE 82 SUMNER ST. TUES. & WED., July 2,3 8 to T Women's clothing, a lie a 10 to 28. Children! and mens clothing ai misc. items. ATTENTION FARMERS The Hall Truck Line is making available to you each Thursday, a pick-up load of cattle, hogs and 'sheep for the Chicago Market. Anyone having livestock to ship, please phone your order aa early aa poaslble. You? buslnesa will be appreciated. We have four seml-trallers and two straight trucks at your service. HALL TRUCK LINE Ph. 734-7411 Monmouth, 111. FOR SALE 1861 WHITE VOLKSWAGEN With sun roof, radio, heater, white walls. Reason for selling, school. Phone 342-6121 Belweea 8 and 5 P.M. Weekdays. FEED ABINGDON 34% BABY BEEF All natural Protein, O ld P r o c e a s Oil Meals. 20,000 units Vitamin A per lb. Available bagged or bulk. ABINGDON MILLING Phone 89 Collect GOING YOUR WAY! We will have space In Fund- ture Van for part loads to and from Peoria, Champaign, Danville, UK, July 1 ft 2 Chicago, Aurora, Joliet, July 2 & 3 Denver, Colorado July 8 Chicago, III. July €, 7 ft 8 BE SURE AND CALL THE MAN WITH THE BIG VAN The Only Owner Operator on the Job in Galesburg With Over 35 Years of Experience Nuway Movers Phone 343-1159 10317 MCC RUG AND CLEANING WALL WASHING by Machine or Hand Also PAPERHANGING, PAINTING and DECORATING. Free Estimates Phone 342-1653 Cleon Johnson INVESTMENT DEALER 1130 N. Broad St., Galesburg, III MONEY INVEST? Learn about these Mutual Funds FIDELITY FUND Xnvssling sa sommon •locks selectsd lor posal* bllUls* ol growth la income and capital ever the yaars, PURITAN FUND A Fund with emphaiU on current Incoma and moderate long Uxm growth. KEYSTONE FUND High grade common atock, with long term capital geln and teftsoa- abla Income. far free Proa pectus on Any of th» Afcav* Maniiooaa Funds Flats* Call , f . II. Cleon Johnson George Donaldson Marguerite Smailey R. G. Thompson Galesburg 343-. r >3I4 Galesburg 343-66ai Monmouth 734-2063

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