The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1936 · Page 2
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 2
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AGE TWO THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA., TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1936 William Penn Makes pected to yield $12,000,000 while four other taxes are listed with Attend Meeting of Education Department of Civic Club oOMPLETE TAX Plans for Open House Bones of the average man weigh 25 pounds. sroT ranroF these estimates: Ten per cent, tax on wines and Fathers, mothers and friends of liquors, $7,600,000; a graduated tax on chain stores, $3,000,000: a PLAN OF EARLE tax of three-fourths mill per kilo William Penn High School students will be given an opportunity of seeing a modern high school in action Thursday night, when the school will observe open house. watt hour on all electricity sold at wholesale or retail, and an increase GIVEN ASSEMBLY in license lees for heavy trucks and trailers, $3,000,000. - , .. , . . . v. ..ui:- r. O.j. ou!icr no jonger tne constant iorrar,m All but $10,000,000 of this rev With tha Administration's rev i - rtrr in " r TV 71 1 n A : , ' Jk U - hi J -i-m H i II t f 'ri J It K, ni'' 4Fk A"' yuini; oycamus Fiv6io... cw..Bx.-t pjIe9l Walk, sit nd Hand in coraforh. Uo by F. William Froehlich, music to the stool in ease. Paw definitely alle- iparht-r and Tnsenh P Reuwer head Vlat" TOe '"""'is aue to 1 wnetner teacner, ana josepn r . neuwei, jieuu Pmtrt.rtin. itrh; - Mm Pi es. enue would be used for unemployment relief, for which the Governor estimated $70,991,000 will be required from , next weelc to tha of the public speaking department, effective be- ienua bills before them, a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives and a Republican-controlled Senate today studied Governor Earle's plan to raise and spend more than $80,000,000 for unemployment relief and other will be presented in the school audi-ue it is threeto di i,,i.,i ..Untinne will ho in effect. It sooth- I P presented by the orchestra, band and; "ft end of January, 1937. This is a reduction from the previous estimate of $70,500,000, which did not include next January. ft PirtoraitJ Vi. PiltPip, 1ft forspplyit mixed cnorus. ine pudiic speaKing,,. It is )ubricatin!fi department will present one-act play.:hich tends t0 so(ten hard lor increased btate payments bauce for the Goslings. ipartJ an(j maite passage Exhibitions Of gymnastic work Will easr. It is astringent. under legislation conforming to be given in both the boys' and girls'! which tends to reduce the Federal social security laws, the Governor recommended an ap gymnasiums under the direction oi ; swelling ana cnec oirca-Anthony K. Wilsbach, D. victories. Tlis threefold effect ii-m!.nl HTic iwtv, P Tumor nnH' assures you of quick and propriation of $2,634,666. He said '. t' .. -i, ir:i-u'u ucinil positive results. - iviiM vtiaiy m. wnsDacn, pnysicai ,,am mt u0 In c,. another $2,600,000 will be required for repairs and new construction education instructors. lapsible Tube with spe- The academic, commercial, homelcial Pile Pipe, which is at State institutions now over Among those who attended yesterday's meeting of the Education Department of the Civic Club were, left to right: Mrs. Charles J. Bushong, treasurer; Mrs. William S. Snyder, secretary; Mrs. Herbert L. Smith, chairman; Dr. Cecelia Sargent, professor of Spanish at Wilson College, Chambersburg, who was the speaker; Mrs. William B. Bennett, vice-president, and Miss Priscilla Harrington, a student at Wilson College, who accompanied Miss Sargent. . crowded or unsafe. emergency needs. Bills covering the program were Introduced in the House last night, shortly after the Chief Executive had outlined his plan before the joint Senate-House session. Estimated to yield $80,650,000 in one year, they represent the starting point from which the Governor asked the legislators to build the final program. "All taxes are objectionable," the Governor reminded the lawmakers. "1 have no pride of authorship in the tax program I have presented here. It is subject to change in any or all partJculars . . . I am rerfectly willing to ac After listing $1,123,82$ for de perforated. The perforated Pile Pipe permit application high up in rectum and thorough medication of affected parts. ft Paio todar and seo partmental deficiencies and $1,- economics and practical arts departments will present exhibits of work done by pupils in their classrooms. The library will be open for inspection with Miss Emily Sites, librarian, and a staff of assistants on hand to explain how that department 000,000 for emergency aid to finan Dauphin Co. Employment BILLS TO GARRY how wonderful it is. It fs sold by ill drugstores. (Pato Ointment also comet io tint and in suppository form.) cially . distressed school districts, he recommended these supplemental appropriations: And Relief Contrasted state .veterans Commission, OUT EARLE PLAN the county committee meets here next Saturday. Clark, whe declined to enter last week's primaries for renomination, explained ill health would keep him from ' attending the current special Legislature in Harrisburg. His election as county chairman was expected to be unopposed following the victory of Clark forces in last week's balloting. From Fa;e One $250,000; flood relief, Department of Welfare, $279,100; flood control, $500,000; refunding bond issues. 825,000; collection of new week record shows private employ From Page One cate that industry and relief are the transfer of special funds to taking care of several thousand more persons than they did in the so-called "normal times." With In taxes, $800,000; historical obseiv-ances, $50,000, and expenses uf the special session, $365,000. j meet unemployment relief. Representative Herman P. Eber cept any tax substitutes you may propose, on two conditions. One s that such substitutes do not fall upon necessities, the other is that they be based upon ability to pay." Except for the late addition of a 4 per cent, increase in the present 6 per cent, tax on net corporate incomes, the Administration program is the same as presented last week to a bi-partisan legislative dustry furnishing jobs at close to the 1927 rate, the further indica Sen. Harris Demands harter, Allegheny,' sponsored bills "borrowing" $11,000,000 from the Five Per Cent. Tax on to OF SATISFIED fire insurance tax, liquid fuels tax, Luxuries Is Proposed tion is that the additional thousands have found their way into relief. As Chairman Sees It Discussing the relationship be Representative John E. Brown, More Attention for Appropriation Plans A sore spot was opened up in the Senate last night, when Senator Frank J. Harris, Republican, Alle ment was responsible for closing! 324 and opening 346 direct relief ; cases. Throughout the State, pri- j vate employment was credited with closing 17,971 and opening 22,082; direct relief cases. (During the; week ending April 25 while opening! 4591 direct relief cases, private emplovment in the State closed! 4332 SERB and 1652 WPA cases.! During the week ending April 18.1 private employment closed 3952, SERB cases and 1444 WPA cases' while opening 4381 SERB(cases). j Cases Opened and Closed The following figures from SERB reports show the number of direct relief cases (only) opened and closed because of private employ This lew is estimated Washington County Democrat, has committee, to produce $10,150,000 in one year.his own ideas about "luxuries." In sponsoring legislation to levy and is the third-ranking revenue' tween THE EVENING NEWS survey and the present relief total, Frank A. Robbins. Jr., chairman a 5 per cent, tax on such articles, producer on the current program. gheny, offered a resolution calling motor license and State stores fund. The money must be repaid not later than May 31, 1937. Since the State Emergency Relief Board has only enough money to provide food and clothing for the 600,000 destitute Pennsyl-vanians until May 11 a resolution was prepared today to pledge the Assembly to pass necessary legislation for fund transfers and repayments. , J This procedure would permit the he emnloys about 300 words to ex- lopping the list is a proposed of the Dauphin County Emergency increase from one to three mills in 'plain the term for fellow legisla- upon the Committee on Appropriations to consider more carefully its action on bills sent to it mi the Mate tax on securities andaors and citizens. Relief Board calls attention to two factors. He points out that the -ft For taxing purposes, 'luxuries" Senator William C. Clark, Ches ter County, chairman of the com mittee, awaiting action on his ap is construed to include cameras and X-ray films, cigaret holders and oriental rugs, fox hounds and confectioneries, formal evening other personal property, combined with the elimination of the exemption of securities of corporations which now pay a capital stock or foreign franchise tax, to yield $40,-000,000. The addition of a fifth cent in the tax on gasoline is ex- peal to the Supreme Court from a bribery sentence imposed here, was "loans" to bo made immediately and prevent the House and Senate clothes and traveling bags, foun from remaining m session all week to enact the transfer bills. "Week Ending March 28 April 4 . . April 11 April 18 . April 25 . tain pens and gas refrigerators, cut flowers and watches, airplanes and potted plans, and "electrical household appliances, except wash Cases Cases Opened Closed 42 40 I 75 83 ; 61 61 j 78 73 I 90 67 ! 324 ! To start the legislative wheels in the House last night Representative Roy E. Furman, Greene ing machines and irons." County Democrat, was elected Cosmetics, as Representative Totals 346 346 Speaker to succeed the late Wilson Brown sees it, not only are "lux Our file of satisfied patients Is our best proof to yoo that we offer yon the services of an expert; that be will prescribe for you with scientific accuracy; that our prices are moderate on improved lenses, and better looking frames! Are you among our thousands of satisfied patients? G. Sarig, veteran Berks County uries but merit a separate bill by legislator. which the Washington legislator Furman, who is 35, is one of the would impose a tax of one cent on each fifteen cents, of sale price. youngest Speakers in the history Elected Superintendent Of Norristown Hospital International Vexci Service NORRISTOWN, May 5. Dr. Arthur P. Noyes, of Howard, R. I., described as one of the leading Among other bills already be of the Commonwealth.' He was the selection of the House Democratic caucus in the afternoon and fore the House are: COMPLETE GLASSES recovery level attained by the industries included in the survey may not extend through the other four-fifths of the county employment picture agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, etc. "We know that there are more unemployed today than there were five years ago," he said. "I know personally that there are mote here in Steelton. And, at the relief headquarters, we know what con ditions are because we check every case carefully when it comes on the relief rolls and we check it again when it goes off." The second factor suggested by Mr. Robbins is the present "higher standard of relief." "There's r.o question but that the standard of relief today is higher than it was five years ago," he explained. "If we had had the present standard five years ago, I haven't any doubt that there would have been more persons on relief." Dauphin Well in Front In the me'anwhile, however, there are increasing indications that industry and the whole field of private employment in Harrisburg and Dauphin County are gradually contributing toward a reduction in the county's relief population. In this respect, SERB reports reve.-il that Dauphin County is well in the front of tho State-wide movement. For the State as a whole, the Representative Samuel A. Wpi'ss. had the undivided support of the Allegheny, abating taxes for 1935 Democratic majority for election psychiatrists of the East, today. and prior years when current taxes are paid on time and arrangements on the floor. , Representative Eugene A. Ca- .95 are made to pay all over-due taxes within five years. Including . . . 19 Error-Proof Test Examination Lenses . Frames $4 not in his seat at the time. Clark's court troubles arose from his offering the Earle Administration support for its bills if he got State insurance in return. It has long been contended that the chairman of the committee was the only and final pudge on all measures reaching his committee. "I have for nine sessions objected to the Appropriations Committee reporting out bills on the recommendation of the chairman only, said Harris during a debate in which the resolution was opposed by Senator Buckman, Grundy Republican, who was once chairman of the committee himself. Senator Shapiro, Philadelphia Republican, who became the Democratic candidate in his district for re-election, offered the only bill on general legislation at the opening Senate session. It would set up an unemployment insurance system conforming to provisions of the Federal Social Security Act. Senator Woodward, Philadelphia, offered half a dozen resolutions paving the way, if adopted by two sessions, for a vote on proposed constitutional amendments permitting a graduated income tax, submission of amendments oftener than once in five years, restoring the tax qualification for voters and making changes of interest to Philadelphia. Senators Reed, Dauphin, and Law, . Mercer, introduced income tax resolutions also. had been elected new superintendent of the Norristown State Hospital for the Insane. He will succeed Dr. Annie R. Eiilott, superintendent since the death of Dr. S. Metz Miller five years ago. Representative Arnold Blum- Case Reg. $7.50 berg, Republican, Philadelphia, puto, Beaver, who as chairman of the Judiciary General Committer performed the duties of the Speaker after Sarig's death, had aspired to the position. At the caucus Furman received sixty-six votes; Caputo, thirty-seven, and compelling all counties to partici pate in mothers assistance fund Small Weekly Payments payments and making State regulations conform to Federal laws governing mothers assistance and missed itusseii iampman, Dusmess manager since 1924, because of "lack of harmony with Doctor Representative Jacob m. Flmcn-baugh, York, five. 1 I "I old age pensions. Caputo nominated Furman, and London is not an exeessivelv Flinchbaugh made a seconding speech last night. ' The vote was 115 for Furman. His. Republican foggy city. British novelists have created this illusion. r"-i ' K" 1 ' I onponent, Representative Morton Witkm, Philadelphia, received Plan Enola Festival Plans for a festival to raise money for the twenty-fifth senior-alumni banquet will be outlined at a special meeting of the Enola High School alumni tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in the high school. George Fordney, president of the alumni, will preside. SLKB weekly reports show a eighty-six votes. The latter will act a3 minority floor leader during the session. Office Hour: Daily ' 8 o 4.30. Evemnrs: Tuex.-rhurs. Sat.. 1 t The- Beaver County representa tive after presiding at the opening of the session for the swearing in of eight new members, named at special elections last week to fill vacancies, relinquished the gavel to William P. Gallagher, chief clerk, for the election of the new Speaker. Witkm and Caputo es corted Furman to the rostrum. The Democratic majority selected VACATION Representative Herbert B. Cohen, York, as floor leader, and Representative Joseph D. Burke. Phila delphia, as whip. Cohen succeeded Summary of Paymentsl And Taxes Proposed : The schedule of expenditures, totaling $30,618,592. submitted by Governor Earle at the opening of the special legislative session as necessary to carry out provisions of the call, follows: Unemployment relief to January 31, $70,991,000. State veterans' commission, for needy former soldiers, $250,000. Welfare Department, for flood relief, $279,100. Flood control, $500,000. Welfare and Labor-Industry Departments for social security. VAIU the Rev. Frank w. Kuth, Herns, who resigned from the House to take a seat in the Senate. A chairman of the important Ways and Means Committee, held jointly last session by Ruth and Furman, has steady increase in the number of direct relief cases being closed because of regular employment or increased earnings in private employment. Through January and February, the number of casas closed for these reasons varied from 2088 to 2901 a week. During March the range was between 2543 and 3288. Last month the number increased steadily from 3412, during the first week, to 4332 during the week ending April 25. During the latter week, private employment in Pennsylvania removed from the SERB rolls as many cases as it put back and, in addition, enabled 1652 persons to leave WPA work for steady jobs. The net result has been that, during the last few weeks, increased private employment has been reducing the combined SERA-WPA relief rolls al the rate of from 500 to, 1000 cases a week. An Impressive Record In view of this State-wide trend, Dauphin County's record is particularly impressive. The record is furnished by the SERB figures which, it is important to remember, do not include those cases taken from WPA rolls by private employment and, in turn, opening WPA vacancies to be filled' from the SERB rolls. These figures show that, during the last five weeks, private employment was taking from the SERB rolls in Dauphin County 94 per cent, of the number of cases accepted by the SERB because of loss of private employment During the same period, the State-wide average was 81 per cent. For Dauphin County, the five- not been designated. It was re ported Representative Eberharter 'ARK tv YEUOW5TONI might be named. In addition to the Administra $2,634,666. tion tax and transfer bills en route To State institutions for eliminating fire hazards and over through the House was an appro crowding and repairing flood dam priation measure, sponsored by Representative Eberharter. setting Visit all three of America's great, est summer playgrounds oh one grand circle trip aside $60,241,000 from the general fund for unemployment relief from for these 2 GENERHL ELECTRIC CLEANERS EASY TERMS now until January 31, 1937. lhe bill also allocates $195,000 to the State Veterans' Commission for the relief of Pennsylvania war veter Two weeks is time enough. All summer is not too long ans, their widows or children. COLORADO age, $2,600,000. For refunding bonds at lower interest rates, $25,000. Departmental defidences due to floods, $1,123,826. For distressed school districts, $1,000,000. For collection of new taxes, $800,000. For historical observances. $50,000. Expenses of special session, $356,000. To raise the appropriation sum of $80,650,000, the Chief Executive recommended the following revenue program to be effective Re-election Is Sought I u y,I By Clark as Chairman Jura&arasasmaEsa International yews Service WEST CHESTER. May 5. - GLACIER NATIONAL PARKgol of world trawlers with its 60 living glaciers, countlesj alpine lakes, rushing rivers of snow water; and the wildest confusion of mountain peaks many of them unnamed and untrod. The YELLOWSTONE geyserland, unique in all the world for its roaring geysers and other "unbelievable" hot water phenomena; its colossal colorful canyon and marvelous waterfaH; its abundance of wild life; its far-famed Cody Road. COLORADO where the Rockies reach tbeir scenic climax. A glorious mountain , world . . . pleasant, happy summerland of timbered slopes and green valleys; of upland meadows ablaze with wild flowers; of crags and canyons and twisting trails. , I C redit J 1 State Senator William H. Clark, convicted of attempted bribery to obtain State liauor store insurance contracts, today announced he would seek re-election as Chester County Republican chairman when for one year: i M Added one-cent tax on gasoline,' $12,000,000. Three added mills to personal; property levy, removing certain exemptions, $40,000,000. I Graduated license tax on chain STRENGTHEN THE BLADDER scores, ?d,uuu,uuu. MAKE THIS J5c TEST junnK iota or nonea or omimeu raii Take advantage of this sensational General Electric offer. A powerful light weight suction cleaner and a convenient Handy Cleaner that is ideal for cleaning drapes, upholstery, etc. You need both and the price is a trifle more than the price of the floor cleaner alone. quent desire, scanty flow, burn inn, or Start with the low round trip summer vacation fare to Glacier. t For two or three dollars more your tickets can include transportation to the gateways of Magic Yellowstone. Routing via Colorado costs not a cent of extra rail fare. 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'Increased license fees for motor, trucks and trailers, $3,000,000. j Four per cent, increase in net corporate income tax, $10,150,000 .: Tho seven levies were estimated to yield $80,650,000 by the end of the biennium, May 31, 1937. j bladder similar to castor oil on the noweiB, in Tour aaym ir n)i jneantw. nuy druggist will refund your 25c Clark's TjUi jiuie oiores, Tora umn c.itth Kuir. jiummeimown. ana nrau uruif SEE T0WS0H AZALEAS NOW BLOOMING JOIN the thousands who each year see the exquisite European end Oriental Azaleas in all the splendor of their magnificent colorings. Japanese Cherries and many other flowering trees and shrubs now in full bloom. One of the outstanding flower shows of the Country. Special showings each week. Added features each weekend. Visitors welcome. Ample parking. No admission charge. TCWSON NURSERIES, Inc. TOWSON, MARYLAND Vnrk Road opposite Maryland Ml Tearhrrn Oillr. Vt mile from T"eni 7 miles from ' Store DillHburr Pa. 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