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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1916
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th*y «f* and put*- them they ought te fee. -WKS^- ~JK,~- JK« Jfe" JLiadrf JML " ^^..JP -JL Jftb. a^Miia^ ^B^-^y »'•>» •*•>. .iM—uw SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 114. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 13, 1916. take* thJnj* from wfiif* tHey ar* ar*d put* wh«r* thty ought to PRICE TWO CENTS. DEFEND THE SOMME WITH DURIED ARTILLERY MAYOR PLATT PULLED GUN ON ANDREW GERDES Row Came Over Gerdes To Clean-Up Sidewalk. CAUSED A BIG SENSATION Gerdes. Threatenedj to Smash His Face and He I Would Have Shot Him. | The city was K really •diocked today when it lc;nne-" Unit A. .1. Plait, major of HterliiiK had pulled 'a nun on Andrew *Oerd« s, fjrecn grocer dealer oft VlrtO. (ivetiue about m: 3'l o'clock (Ids afternoon and threatened to nhoot him. Mr. denies backed away, and the mayor replaced his nun In his pocket, Mayor I'latt wn« seen at 1 o'clock .at hl« Htore bulldltiK on Kit "I avenue and aaked for a statement of the affair, and upon beinK asked If lie did pull a Klin on Mr. ('fides, replied that. he did, and mild he would have plunu-; wl him Jttnd he nltempted any violence to him or to dii him bodily httrm. Statement of Mayor. j Hald the mayor, "The city has been, troubled for a ureat many years with j —th«t~f«crdeH .family of grocers IdorUlnn j -"lip^the wide ivtdk* w Kb t h«>lr fruit ...ami. Other HlUff, K'Vdl lollK IIKO, when tbeyj Wcfe jtfn^ljoCURt™ Htreet, mid the. milt- : ter nan been bii^itUif t^> OiTr. 'attention']' of tho council a number of times, but , Komehow they have managed to «Hpi hy it, regardlesN of there heliiR an or- \ dlnance against it. Andrew has bei n doing the same thiiiK on First avenue,,; blocking the way HO that people have to dodffc hlH IwrrclM and boxes, ami 1 have done the "name thins myself in ;star a« mayor. "(*'>me on." Maid In Urral'binir me !>r the shoulder. 1 pulled brick flopping up iny arm. »i« I did so. thus lucakiiiK lon.uf from him. l-'car- lii.K that he inipht pull the trfBK«'r. I j stepped luirk hut kept on ralliliK him name«. tiniini.; the conversation there I told him he was jcnlotin because my f potato! •- w.ti- l-i-ttii than him." • Gerde* Paid a Finis. f Hhoitly after 2 o'clock this nftr-rnoon Mayor I'latt «uvon- out n warrant :u:a!n«t Mr. f'fides on a charge of disorderly conduct. Th" rase was heard by .ludtc I L. \Ven\ei, Mr. fjcrdes pleaded uuilty fuid li'- w n«t assoji.ucd a line of live dollar.* nnd cost*, amount- iiiK lo nr'.-irly ten dollars. Kaeh <,f th' litigant's irave his side of the story, COMPANfWlTS PAY OFFICIAL COUNT LABOR PR0TESTS|AGAIN AT WORK EASTERN FRONT&POSITIONS SAFE I ' '..'..;'.,;_'_ . . . i -,._ . j County Canvassing Board Com-Will Oppose Any Attempt By President Awaits Message Of Are Scenes Of "Very Heavy At- p renc h and British Attack Only pleted Its Big Task Satur day Afternoon. WOMEN 'VOTE WAS 5.964 Little Change Found In the Fig ures Compiled By the 'Gazette On Wednesday. City However Will Not Pay Lewis Co. -For Making Repairs On the Bridge. cen-.e e<l to -.1. that he muMt keep bin httiff off the wnlk to the three foot limit al- lnwed-tr>- the ordinanceu. As there have bedii comptalnis coming to m that It ha* been n nulwihre, H did n good and lhl» noon an 1 w«« «oin homo to dinner I MII^V him again jui a«raln notified him that h« muHt kee bin tttutt from the walk. He becam very anjrry at me ovur what I told hit of tho legal nuliflcaUtin and came u to me and wild he wouldv wniimh m G———— 'D — face for me. and I looked at! though he was going to do i I would let mo man do thai to tin and rather, than lo have list light the Mtreet, 1 drew my KJIII and ddd bin I .would plug him If he dld<and rwouii have done it had he lilt me." The mayor WHH asked If he had thi "right to cury u gun and use it tha way. He replied -that, "AH-mayor I air chief of the whole police depurtmen a« I understand il." , St*t*mant of Gordct. Relative to'the mayor piillliift n. jiui on him. Andrew Hcrdes was -neeiv thi» afternoon und gave his side of the row and Ita faunes. which in as follows • "Mayor Platt ban long wanted me it go Inlo partnership with him In thi patd. but 1 never cared to do HO, al• though 1 have given him tips on lar car lot dejtln, dnee I tipped him-oft • on flour und IIM he had the money and J had the-- expei'-lence, a few earn wen hought and we made from one -to Hire* dollam on each barrel. Wo have had ( »om« other dealings, but ho could n'-v W get mo to 8U Into partnership With him. It ban angered him because I would not, and lie bus given me con- nlderalile trouble, l refuHc'd . to» go In with him on I he peach business this • Hummer and handled them alone, ni he hat* been, very mad at me, and has often made Htieerlng remarks as he punned by. t have it> some very KOOI! -|M»tat«e», ami he IIHM one -or tw<» car- Idadn, and HSmine me HO much belle) than his he docs not like it. OwluA to bin remarks 1 came nearly, smashing him In lh»< fHce liml week, He ni\nt »» notification lust week for nw. to-^eet* ihy Utuff off the walks, but why\he Nhould f can't fathom, for tin. waikM are KO wide here that It does no harm. Arid 1C IH done .In Chicago nnd other larger cities than HicrlliiK I paid no attention to «ettlng of)' my apples and \ Blamed the Mayor. Thlw morning the chief of polli e no- tided me to .lake Hum oil .IH com-, phiintk had been inade, 1 hm-w at once that H was fnuu tlie ma\or, foi (UN polalocH are in bi« >,|o|_e loom wln'ie In- could' dit-phi) them lo ad\ nil u:c (ind \ hiiV(' no room ,and hme to them out In the Hlieit <jn the out «!f edge of lite" \\alk lit- \v,i* en\ion-i fur HIV potaiooN ai*> mm h licit,-t thui hln,'' I to|<l (hi chief of pii||< <• \ .would let ilivin lemuia thiie tiul i\ Ulld would nee about iiiuilnt, them I >i« i -in the «biy. Thin noon about i.' :so o'clock UH I W«H I'ullllll^: Up tj" ci!|.)i tileps of Mike Manliclct Plait came tij and !f» tone »ald. '"Ha\e MILS room enoiiKb'' it WUK who I Mild -intended until I found ' At the •nv^ttrm -if th«- Stej ln,g , Ity •niicll this morning all of the mem- •IM .were (ir/'xetit. The howling II- isfited to 1-jirl Janvnn wan iixk- bi; tniiififerred' to J. V*. Koss, be ivitig li<->iiKhT the i-liire, nnd t he - body tVimrntssiOTTT' Jr:!'?, Ifnrmon read-iv tter from the Jx-wfn Pooling com- of Mollne, in which they stated 'os on and makes atiy to the First avenue bridge.. ,tjje company will furnish the material, but want* the city to pay for the work. The matter wa» Ilioroiiuh- Tjfft^riJ ul_ i. h e . j 11 h A i ir _w±i n—11137 to reply to the letter, telling the company the. vtty extfe/^led the re- puns ii>~lic paid for by ih« Com(>afiy and not the city. • • ! fhe city entered. Into a contract with the l^ewis Itotlnir company Ifint giim- •mer to put a cerfain amount of gravel and pilch mi First avenue bridge at a certain cost'. Thirty-live dollarii was held back to nee'If the work wan ill! puny, that If Hit*-city fnrtlii>r r<'!'air« owini; lo Ihf larRTv number of •ast at the president!!! ejection Itl Vhiteside county las! Tuesday it rr- |iiir»'d a much longer tltii" for the unts ciinvasslng board to total up the voles..and although (hey.bcuan pioinpt-. Iv Thui silay mottling, they did not corn- iplcte the jyork until aft<-r -I <>'< -lock jsiiturtlay afternoon. The women's jvole of the cimnly made the vote ex- |tia heavy, the offclnl count showillff [."..f'i'.t women took advantage -of fran- ichise and cant that number of ballots | for presidential candidates. While the heavy vole of the' men and women made (t an easy mutter to make mistakes, yd the vote'an compiled by The yi'erllng Daily (lay.etle mid published the next day after the election, was within forty VO(CM on, the He- publican ticket, and only eight out of the way on the liMniu-rallc lleket;~ac« cording to the official Ilium-* of the cans'iissing board. The following are the- totals on all candidates on the Hepubllcati and Democratic ticket* and for the head of the Prohibition and Socialist tick- «,|j», <(« found by thtr county... ciuivaaBiu*; board: • - Knr Pifstdf'nt—Hughes,men, f>j»«(»; Congress To Pass Compulsory Arbitration Bill, FEDERATION IN SESSION During the Past Year There Were 160,000 People Involved In Strikes. Hughes Before Stating His Future Policies. tacks By Armies Of the Entente Powers. WILSON GAINS .IN MINN. STILL FIGHT FOR BRIDGE The Official Count Starts In Battle At Cernavoda Has Ap- California and Will Require , parently Reached Its Most a Week. Critical Stage. iM'.G:'; women. '-1,631. total 3,!*i>0; Heii- Hon. Koctallst, men UK): women, 27. total 127: llnnly. I'roliildtloii, men. 16": women, 3M5, total 4K3. ' ' For (iovernor — Lowden. S,21ii; Dunne, ' t Hy I'nlted Press.) UnlllmiTe, Ind., Nov. 1.1. Warnlni; that union labor will oppose with nlj its power any ttttempt. to put .through 'Conjrr'esH compulsory atbltrallon hill, as proposed by President Wilson, was Klven today when the executive committee o{ thi' American Federal km of Ijtibor. H( the '"Federation'* 36th nnnunl convention, read it* report. "The wai;e earners of the United Whites," said the rejMirt, "Wilt oppose any proposition to impose upon them compulsory inxtKutldiiH which I||*KII|HC Involuntary servitude. They hold that the principle Involved In voluntary Institution* is the key to personal ijud Industrial freedom and that this principle IH of inure Importance to them than any other consideration. "The immediate problem Involved l« a class problem ftul the principle Involved in compulsory Institutions, even for a class In our Republic, IH of concern to the. whole Republic, for we know that the Republic cannot be tim4)itati«»44 jwrt free, and jwirt ,«lav<v "Jfis'oliinUtry and compulsory labor once enforced, even ~for a ~*lnel« |v hour My (Htiiff i meni but will jro on nnd becom« per- For Lieutenant <U>8; ^, For—ttw-i f iovernor Hubert .1. Header, tpondt nt of t'nited Prenii ) n,-l> f . X.n- 11. — (son was back In \ work today. He facf-ri a vast must !»' elf fined up rapidly. rr-eeipi of a me«sn(te from ha i lewi Ki ins Hiichcx cohcedltl-r Him- •r.Uie vl'-tiity in the election, tin- |uv«- lent '.vithhfld any autiouncenif hi ro- hlH policies for the npxt four He has intimated- to ! friends, however, that be will I some stati<ni"nt regarding his protram Upon receipt «i the nie*«HNr" of ron«- ' frrriMtlmfon* fioin Air. JtuKiicw. | Wilt Start Hit Mettagt. The president will start work soon on his. moswitfe to congress to he rend when that body lei-onvenes next month,! The continued doiilii, as to the cumpnul- ; t|on i.f the next and which pnr- I (y wlU have the balance of power and | Cotmciitienlly the ubllllv to elect the! HpenKer. is slavtiiK the hand oi* tho! president temporal ily In the format!i.-n I of the proposals he will make in his i first message, H«->jardle»R. however, of i eondislons' in th» house, the president.' London. F,HK, will IUKC Immedlnte acliofi in c)«in. } Hiiiimnnian» nnd 'UK-tip- l!ls« i.roKmmnt the time he MontinuliiK their lent \VI ^nid at | job that -Gen, ! i I Hy I'nltcd T're«»i BULLETIN. (By United Prett.) . London, Eng., Nov. 13. H nig's force* struck another terrific blow at the German line about the Ancre, when, after stubborn artillery preparation the infantry took German positions to a depth of nearly a mile, according to press dispatches from th* 'front this afternoon. Th* British troops, dash- .llia., forward irresistably ( captured the villages of Beaumont ami Ma* mel, just north of « deep bend in the Ancre, and about 7 miles due west of Bnpaume, the objective of the great English offensive. Dispatches from headquarters said 2.000 German prisoners already had been taken. The British also captured Important trenches north of Serre, where t*'e fighting continue*. Surface Of Great German Defenses. GERMANS SURPRISE FOES Thousands Of Holes Lead Into Endless Chain Of Under} ground Forts. ' Hy Carl W. Ackerman. jfHtaff Otrrpcpondent of I'nitcd IVfB^,) ' H'ornewlierr '»n the Komme, Via Ber- |lin and Then Hy Wlrelew to SayvlHi-, 1,. J. Nov. 13.--Uermany.-lii defendhifiT the Hmnme with burled artllle-ry. In their anxnult the French and HrttlHb are rtttncklnn only the «urfaco of the Rreateat fortlflcatloriH In tho •world. The (?ermn,nB built n minTlne for tho iililes here In a wonderful werlen of artillery proof fortification*). These defenses nre built HO clone, are duff *« deep, cover HUch ft wide area that what tb(< nlllen nre today attacking with'In- fantry, tanks nnd .artillery nrn only the outuklrt* of « powerful flyntem of Th» Att»ck it Ttrrifie. The bombardment l« terrific, tho wood* nnd town* ar« torn to pieces by constantly exploding 1 s hoi In but limb-wound nothing Is touched. And it l« from her milmurfncc fort* N'ov. 13. HIISSO- Ocrmany is repelllttB tho allied at- TVanco-Sei-rilana arefthcks. ' —- bammerinK aKainst j p n r n -week I lyive been over th« ON THE EASTERN FRONT. -& For Auditor of Public Accotinta — JiUMwll, fi,0f,6; UraiFy." L'.lfil. For HtMie Treantirer— Hmall, 5.904; Cbarlen, 2,201. . right. "It does* approbation of not the neem 1.0 'meet mamKem <if the tin- council, and that body hns voted to put more gravel and pitch on it, and to have It pJild for'by the l^nvlx Hoof- iiifj «'o. Thin hn« been delayed on account of the cl< win;? of the nverue O bridge, an it would be iniposHible to have both bridses closed at the't*nme time. At, the close of the session the mern-" bers made a trip to the hay loaf of (he vlty (ire department to- see If it wa« suitable to be used lf>- the new Philanthropic t'nion lately urbanised, and which wants a p'jncfr for the distribution of clothliiK. The council Will re-' port Jaier on th« propo.slttlon. PERKINS SELLS OUT' Sterling Vulcanizing Co. Now Owned by Merton' Whipple. The HlerlliiK VulcanlxInK Comp;i.HX. hlcli haw In un cHiiilillwIii'd for the print year or two on Went -i-'ourth street, wiijvl by W, IX 1'erklns, baa been sold to Merton \\'iiipple, of llock rSilln. Mr. \Vbipple ha* had conHiderable ex"-^ nve In thU work,- bavins been In eKK in Hock l-'allw for nomti dine: Mr, I'erkliiH ha« xecured an excellent iositioit" -with a' tir«3 mannlariiii Itm •oinpany, and uill travel on the road tireH. For Attorney Oenfral™ lirimdajti*. fi.t)34; Lucey. a,14H. For Trimteew of the- I'tiivcrnity of IIHnolH— -Mary Huewy, men, S.'.'Tti: women, 4.027; total, 10,003; Kdward C. Cral(j. men. 2,204; women, 1,500. total, 3,704; Wm. It, Abbott, nieii, 0,011 ; woinen. 4,041. total. 10.052:' (leorKO'T. Pane. men. 2.173: women, 1,4*1, total, 3.«54; (Ml* W, Holt, men, fi.stfili; women, 4.d07. total O.lttiS; Mr*, riannah Holomon, men, 3,204; mone. l, ! .^t»ital, 3.710. For HeprcHenlatlvc in C'cmKre>i» Slate at UitKe ~ Medlll , .McCormick. 6,023; Wm. Kxrn Wllllaimt. 2.142; William K. MIIHOH, • 5.5I96; Jotieph Ko«tner, 2,058, For Representative In (*oni4re««, 13th District- .John c. McKenrJe. -f-Ml: F, P. Dudley, 2,113. For Member Slate Hoard of K<|iml- Issntlon-^W, (!. Kent, men, fi.o.!?;" wpm- en, 4,015, total. lo,(»32; Hiith {lodfory, men, 2,1113; women. I.03J.. total, 3.731. For Ueprem'titniive In the (ieneral "In human Injitit'ullons when a! wrongful course han been pursued .it i inevitably Is held or driven on to Its logical conclusion of error. Then there j IH no retrieving except by a convulsion brought about by a revolution. —"T-hr—human l»l)or-pow»T \rhirli this avertlfiK the threatened s;:illr«:id strike. WILSON MAKES GAINS. (By I'nlte.l. I'le.MM ) SI Pjul, Minn,, Nov. l;> A bii; error In Faiib.'inlt dlfcoverei.1 In the oflic!;tl »—H««*»--«f— the-- -frntrrtl—pnw^rw on 7SnmTm t ~tiattlefl«»ld.— Krom 'every enst««rn and voiith-easlertt front'near IVronne and to the nouth of Ar, today. At some pofgl.n the Germans j ras our party twice pnnotrated the 'and AuNtriatiH are atta'ckiiiK fiercely, |lnit accordini: to advices from all enp- Italn. the larjfexl nuecejines are belllK won by the nrrtiK of the entente nUle«. Hhell area viewing Perofme and Bap- aurne. the two lmmedliit<^obj<>ct« of tho fire. It marked the find lime nine* the Homme.battle.bfjran that a ne»rtr«l count, together in other with Niiiiill'g,iin;i ,t'oi I French troops today are co-ordlnat-j wus permitted'tn Iniipwt thin part of oilldal lluure«. in.-hid- j in* law"" compels employers against their will IH /ir«b)e fr^'tm the .hoijy and the perxon- aljty of the wa^e-earners,. H IH part of the men and women, themselves. They cannot be forced to work for an employer n^ralnst their wills without reducing them to th «l«wal condition of Mluves and tnumformlnMr their minds and wplrltH into those of alaveti. N'o , .TrtrK—frnm—11*—-rrnriltlrsy- : lead In Mlnnewola today the trem lie« remte-l at Sailly from the Cl<»r-!he ' underground by Uie. fOrtlflcatlonn con- -rttt—H'ttxhn*'- to -2»i. Annembly— Brewer, U.4K3: Devine, 6,- IliGH; ('arpenter, 7,r»(iK; r/irler. L'.lli'. I-'or Clerk <>{ i)ie Circuit Court— c. \V. McCall.fl.150; J. I 1 . . Honk'. 2,ny3. For Mtnte'ri Attorney — l<udi>lin. li,OSO; l-:arl'j5cott, .J.ina. For Coroner- Krye - 6,!»3K. Form tor. -',.201, Kor County Surveyor -Ilillx, men, r».- !t!), r i; women, • I. nan. fotul, • 1 11.025;'- Hoyle, men, 2.2ri4;' women. 1,568, total 3.812. |''or Coimty Clerk--~Cbupln, (i.096; ' (Continued on Pane Three.) ABTIC[ESlRl"FILED Movement On Foot To Extend the Road From Hooppole West To Rock Island. . (By I'nlted Pre*8.) Hprlngtleid. III.. Nov. 13.—Artielen of corporation.-have been Illled by the Tampleo. l.oiuiiie & Western Uallwny Co., with a capitalisation of $L'*i,00(i. Trd- fUiEBALQEJMRSJBflWN H«ld Sunday Af^rnpon In Oongrogn- tional, Church. The fuuer.-il of the jute .Vlrn. K. li. tn i'i H" I*'' M'I >;nt>- \\.ilK " I told him ad made f h* 11 tint li',i\ IIIK HIV --tiil( ill! W lid II V.I'' I'S .i thcic j (hi Kw.-ilj I l« trown was iield Sunday afternoon In he ('ongregatloiml ehuri'h. . Tho «e.r- were conducted by Dr, Jpitev, ?i( the chuwh. During tlui «er- Ici'MMrs i»»i<«rhout «an« very tm- resKivcly "Lead KlniHy .Light." The all bciirers were -all druKKist o t i Hter-, UK, to,\siiikcis in the wiIiHi IniKlllCHS li» HioMir'uris engagi'd iu for a gieat inn) \eais in thin <ity. they beinn "led H KbeiU, A H Hoidlli'kH, U Pens. .1 M** Hichf.ud. W II Hal •tl, .ind II W .Uj»\er. iiiicimint wa." Klkilslde icmeli-rv. SVhlle Ihc In- it'nll \v,t», III h,IV< Ihc l"i(|\ lie in tie ditfj'ig' ibe ("ini- »| Kaluida.\ .illel noi'ii \c| .ill iluiln;; IIIMIII Hii< fli'M'l.s c.ilnt to v) i hi i The incml)''[s oi Hi" Lidn s" \u\lii (II* of the ^pdfllstl ,\lll< III >in \S.H_\'<|V the, \V 1C < ' \\eie pie^i'til it Mil III >1 lioilt ,111'! ,'UI l)ll ;•- .1 d iii lh( i huc-b, paUi- u i'l» bclVM'Jl Hie loin, i'lu • (Wo Moile(le> (o \\tli''h Un, de In J. *»i4e-l Ti-t | e u < l ( ^!- ;' l sel \ li i-,s i <j(ldii< l> d it t 1 c .If I- 'II i.'i ii" k lo '\ 111' h nill> I •. "1 lllr Mlhllv" an/! ,1 t> u O( il the d' I IMM> 1 uoi i W. P. UTLEY^MUCH BETTER Attending Phyiioian* Hold Out Hope For Complete Recovery. •* W. l j r l«H«r. who htm • bwen ' In -R- crillcul condHioii for (he paxt »cve.ral tlay«, l« much better today and ul- tcndliiK physlclnu« wave -out muchcii-- couragemeiit to bin family and friend** Today. ItirTsrpenfir Hood much better la . every lnhl a-n-d— irr road—h»—in run from—Tainpieo; \VblteHide ctninty. to a point near tho «e,m Jlne'of Henry county. . The ineorpcirutom are Robert J. Ken, SV. T. McCaskey. i>. .T. KvniiH, ,Tom A. Mnrnhull and !•:, U Tobio, The almve undoubte'dly refei'H to the proposed, extonnlon of the prawn t road extendhiit from Tumpif.'o to. Hooppole, l«Vir Homo tlmo there has been talk of extending the line west to Hock Inland, a distance of thirty mlies or a llttb* more, it wa«'the oriKlnal intention of ifniiiK by way of OeneHeo. hut miw - : |t in iinilerHtood the plan (H to go iibrth of 'thai c-Hy to KtrlKe l/ie iJuriim.'lon brunch between-t'olona and Hock In* land. Among tho 'inuorporatont IH noticed (henameH of Hobert J. Kerr und-~\vrT. .Mccahjipyr^rchicvigii; who have, been protnotlnK the roftil for «omo tllllM COUNT STARTS IN CALIFORNIA. (Hy t'nited I'IVMH..) H«n Kran^Kco. Calif., N»»v. n.^-AH California utood exf-ertant toilny when the oftlclal coiinl of the \\'lc.-< In this itate hoijiin in each of the f.S ci unties, on the result of which will hitiK* the fiiutl deilsdon at to whether ",C'hnrle« Kvnim llMKlifK 1 prcKldeittliil hopoa may be revived or definitely hlafltcd, •With' the complete unolttclal returttM Hhowlnif Wllxoa with a lead of 3i(5"l, it In. pointed out by lt n pub|(can leaders thai a ehaiiKo of.oiu 1 yod. 1 iH-r precinct iii favor of UiiKbex would i?|vo him the Htale by i^MT. plurullty, pro-! v.hJed no votes were changed in HOII'M favor. , i)n account of the vital Importance of the ciwint to the whole nation, c» tmoriltniu-y care will be exercised, and it In cHllniati-d that II will be more than the western •• front -at this point where! Old.C«»tU J» 8h«k«n. the OermatiH «re attempting to r«-1 While waiting In the llharary of a capture the positions, Hie nghiln;.- J B |ca«tle now serving n* the hcadciuartew going on with IncreaHlnif intentdty. !"f one of the conWnandlnir Kt^neraUt, The«> IH a comparative lull "on the «he wlndowH rattled arid the. door* other section* In the west. „ shook from the concum-lon of buratln* Still Fight For Bridg*. l-'lghting about (Ti-rnavoda for pos- Hesslmi of the bridge acro«n the Danube, the greatest in Europe, where for days the HuHtdah right wing: has been reported from PelroRrnd a« being partly successful In turning Gen. Mackenwen'K left flank, him apparently reached ltn critical Htage. Klnce these dispatches which told of (*enia\'od« being in /lames and of Con- sUinr.a. where the Austro-Oermnn- ..,.. I Hnlgarlan extreme right -had Itx baHe joy the Hlack.. sea, was, fired, only meager detnlln have reached here regarding the Dobriidja clash. May Affect th« Result, Military expert* believe' the. remitt at a week before the work la completed. HUGHES STILL HOPEFUL, (fly United -Xov. Y,. 13. KvaiiH and National 'Rrpubll- NEWS OF STOLEN AUTO of U.l\ \\,IH ot the pi IV "I. hoU"i* tl to-find out. w ho w.i 1 Mill. Then i culled him J could think of and •-( u notion, to xitijiNli Tii • l him in the «ln 11 i )•)' il compl iiit the iKtmi"- .id I li,i,rt hull o t- ind llu MU Ihlii., in i.iti Itl iiii-nd l'rTitiend~the~TiTTn If 'I.I mint her and v. e ' iH'il 't 'l-'uT rtmpprd n pi'taloi'.- 1 .Mid I'l-i'iii mil ti' hlr«'i't, inuiii,: nn I ill H told him. f«ti' iw" i hN far>( .uid tl c>\ He ihcn w'oi'kMi llu hip piiekft and p ill' . "if jou lnr me J w iM j ( ef I b-i v»- '»ji !» i it \ liai-K bi- « •• -' i ii'f I !i • low ,l -t . MM V.,t • ,! | 11 U ' I . 1 i -' 111 ! ' (.-lit. I in hi- K .1,1 \ lit I i « « I Ml I I I < ifT'-r-t- Ati»« -> I , \h til I, I o 11 n v;il~* I'.lctWII 01 Mi \l>iii i\' l t itiU 'i T 'tin it ("V\n \>e|e 11 r -,~c i \ & tir Jll ,i»d A Ilif- '' Sflie till 'IX \ ll'i I'll j !' •! h v> «>. K tlh ! Ml I "A \t !l> I. til SI i l in it) , J |.i .' i h'b i V^ c in 1 OFFICIALjWj. THE JOB Olabaugh it investigating Report Food Being Held Up. (IU fllidd Pi eft ) nncago, III. Nov 13- Ilintoii «' ('bilixUKii, chief, ln\cs(iK ! Moi for the depai tment ,of juMite, (.cut is investigator* into the unions riiilio.idst lo- dav lo ili\c4ttK>ilc the lepol'l (ais are ludim held on the ttack-M <tlled with CiibbaKe rllld po|,i(oc%, II r-aid the ill- Vi'HtiiialoiH will ali-o hvvoop down upon Hie I,nil.i,id offices and sel/e flu boi'k« o| the'I'.illtoadb tn ettoil lo prove the tin-, ,ne beiiiK In Id up l>> Hi" pU'ducc-men to eRei 1 tile pi ic'i" ANOTHER SUIT STARTED < Hi iHjiti d I'le-tM I , I'hicieo III. N'o\ HI The <*hlr;tK" ,V KaMlcin Illiiii.i-. iMilioi.i p. iiiioni d Indue i <• oit,c H I'tipentci tod is foi <i IillillK on the Ail MUKOII S'hoiu j iw The h(^nl IhK* w.i?-* sit fm tut Uh » •JildKe I'Ul licllli I J^'iUi _V_ot'b_jed' .1 FjicklliHon Hitivil i)f I lie Itock l v l M lo REQUISTIONS LINERS Fred Siperly Receives Clue Of It From Chief Of Chicago Detectives. Ohlef t.f Police John (j. ifaKlock received a teleKram thiK monutiK from i 'harlcs )«. 1'^u'kin, chief of the <ietec« ttve liuri'iiu of t'hicaso, aidklim for Jh- (onn'it)oti teriutditiK the numb >i of th^< anto o( FreiJ W Hlperly Ilia would hidiiate tluit be ihtnkM he has moteied the «ar. or ,in<dher Fold car l|c/!.ivo liie niiiubel of liui Ineti'-e, Inn theie \van home llil^laKe in HeiulniK )i-',.\rr, (lie wllc.-i likhhood" loi the number w«- iniiiion.- '] tie lelcKiam .|!MI that ,( dui-ntcli lo the 1' u Km K I '.i II." .'-•.i l oil! I I'niiiU Jl1i\ rr'j h (Jut ltt> uil)lliU v tctlMt ».u, a> In fotjioiten th Tin ntutiht t ot the Sl li,,ssi lU'tiiHiwr IlUe -the by v\ iu- < 'hief H.tKlixK is -lit* ItlxMS lllil It IN lllveU tllit .N'l'. Hipiilv \\i!l «ct biif\ whi'ii )w i. mil M home ind ^tut iiuUier \\oik' on the ni.'litr \|[ Nipeilv, vvb > H it mail i (ir li F I* Xo s on! ol Slci had 1,1-. i.ii >•! «len two M*<kn ago H,uui<!,v> e\i niOK while It \vusj can Chairman VVIIcoi tuduy Htill clung to the view that perhapa the ottlciul count. In Callfiirnia would tnrii slate in .HitKlie«' favor, ^teantiHie tdayed at bin Astor hotel H and planned to remain ,there until the California result is known. Then h« will rest, prnbnbly in some n.cai'by resort, DRY PLANK WOULD HAVE WON, (By I'tilled Press.) ChlniKo, II!., N'ov. 13, -Had the Republican platform coinmitlt'e yielded lo the pieudfiiKs of (he ProhibiUoniiitH and pul u dry plank In Itw platform, ("luii'Ics lOVaiis IliiKlii'M mlKlit now be (he preMldent-elect, In the opinion of dry"~r«viiteirST at'"~ iiatioftiil " I'rohibHioiv headipviarterH. H 1« believed'the dry 5 vote tnlKht^hiive been abl« to I he election ,to Hughes, The popular voto "rece'lved - hy -fHlttl k—H H tjTM 4l«— P»=**Hl I >Krl*Hl-^HHH for president, wan mm'e than <(l or more (ban -iSvlce Hie,vote of Cernavodn will depend partly on the 00 mile forward danh of the Jtoumnnlanx a«alnwt Oen, ralken- hayn'-H arnden In TranHylvanlH, far below the Mukowlnliin border, where the defeiuflve movement has been HUC. With then*-constant explosion* ringing In our eara w« were escorted by an intelligence officer and motored to the helRhtn of IJapaume. t There wft watctud the Rritlnh fire on the town. Only one church uplre and one chim« ney IH Hllll standing. Althoiiiih In approachlnK the front we encountered 17 linen of trenchea and wire *>ntanBlement« the Somme battle Is no longer beini? defended from the trenchc* but by burled arltllery. K«r inileH an we walked We panned " hole* in the ground .large' enough for a man lo crawl Into. These w,ere the cntrtinceM to thousands of underground forts which the OorrnnnH built In an endlen chain. The fortltlcatlcmM are. burled from a few; feef to as much an 60 feet and no cannon yet'lnvented 1« able to penetrate then* cav'efortftV That In the reason. it IH explained, why the Knglltdi ntmlil not .1n.ill-.iy Hi« nortT"f t t «]*ft'nH»t. ccc-ded by a hammer offenHlvo. Any mcasureable nueeen8 .In thin re- tnu«t weaken the Oernavoda-Con- iii'/.a front of Uen. Mackensen. -The reinforced after . - -!•' Serbo-French on the Corna front, lip'jmrently havo failed to . the hdvaiice, o,\ittrterM hint material pro vanced allied for KliiR Peter*** head- nlKht reported further ntati, IncludlriK th» nd'- line and the takhiK of, cotisidern-blei booty, FEELING THEIR WAY. .Merlin, «)er., Hy XVlrelcwu To Hayville, U I., Nov. 13, -Only groupM of hontilc detaclituents. 'TeelliiK their way along ''''""""~" to all m .the >tatctt ent ot but K the ber l,s MIII lll\< num- etlj car numhi r yeitfM aKo, There !ir* % now :!H dry stutea and t\vo rnor<* will liniiii«h I bo Million a* MODII UK the leKl^lalurcH convene . Florida elected Hldllej J C.iUs as* the Hi HI Prohibition i,'o\ciimr in the I'nUed Hiute* f II Handiill, of t'a'i- fornlH, nan iei'|ect»d .ix .t Prohibition H'«H'« extreme, left wln»? In |>odbrudja n HU were lolled hack, declared the Cerm'iiii ollicfal Htatement in ii« find detailed lu'counl of the recent lighting MAVAL BASE i ,n i llntr. I.I.HI Ii ~~ n nevei "T(7.fin~iiTiKcnl Iie;ud of H t-irn W. F. MANGAN DEAD Mi" : t\u * ,' ! f Hi' u I i 1 I'll Submarines Aro in South -American ^^ Waters, Galveston Hear*. UU '" ' ,^tn\ I rtlted Pl««t»l tiiilvmfoji.^^l'i 1 * . Nov 13 Hej'oilt. are tiltulated Ui ijilpplln: (Idle* that the German nulHiuu iue.i that \MH HUppohed lo be jopeialiliK In the ihilf oj MCN|I»I ,iud I he Atlaniii luive e..t,ib- lixhcit tlU-ll b.iwe in I hi- «'illbbiMi\ hc.t and In the v.nll «i M n i. .uli.i \ en- e/ui l,i The t-'ull of Malai ,ill»i IH ».ud to lie well Milted for MII h a pill poj»i< statement reKardlitK the Hiruggle... for the ehnen mile double Hpwn aero«» the diinube and wld«« inarnheti In between, »(H.te; . • - ' • ' - . .;... .- ^— — -- ••• "lir ((in K.ilkaii war theatre Uen seji'h forces were atlai ked by of hohtlie deiaclmienld ftielitiK their way iilniiK*the Danube They al- taiked the Jell wiiiB bill were checked l'crtui\odti was Hhelled withnilt HUc- ce»-H front the left bank of the iJunuhe," No nuntuin w,i?» made of the- icpurl flout PetloKl.ul thai i'(inu\oda wa» in tloiueh ,ind I'oiutinni,!. M.uKen- Hen « e\tiem» tiKht. v*-t* tiled h\ n sea I MARCH ON PERSHING Gen. Quevedeo Who Eecently Killed Railroad Guards Heads 300. Bandits. (Hy United Premi) Kl I'ano.-.Tflx.,. Nov. 13.—Al»out 300 mounted Vlilawtaw under tha bandit Icvider Quevedeo today are proceodlnsr from the vicinity 4 of Callego toward the. outpOMt of Qen. Perahlng'B ex- pedltloimry force at Kl Valle. about BO_ miles -j| iHta ut t ~ac<tordiitK^,.tQ—Uio^^anj nouncemont made by the Mexican de facto authorlt^ea at Juarez. Thin IH the same band which raided theMexIcan^Cuntral train In nean-.h of AmerlcanH nnd hilled 2t> tfuards at I<arnuna recently. C«rran»l»taH do not , believe the Immllts will hazarrt an attack uiilcMH they encounter a ;«m»ll yi"-T?ii]c«'ijre~ jfierT'IiSiu who ~ «frJv r ed '" overland from Parrijil to Chihuahua ind then croiuiud thO"~border declared to-federal aKents today that the VII- ilntuM never entered* tho town. He said that on the day ha left Parral, Not ember 8th, he miw two Americana, ill's ti, and betle\e,d all of tht-rothera svere * 4 Ol Well ,i.s the liili.oiii! I i| III', I .Hid t '111,11 .1.1, ROUMANIANS YIELD GROUND. TfTv TTulcd Pi7'ss, > Hiuh.tto"! iiounuilii't. K'm 1,1 un iho MKlit ol ihc AH valle\ the Honmaii- iins h.n e IM oi tun cd in > leld ^louiid tu tltn M'giiii'i ot Miiiiibiiie, the war of hie ,inii'n(i:' i d l'ii'"ui\ ,itt,i<'K» on the J( !t sscie lepulsed "III the Vcihiital salb'S tsvo enem< ,«H.i> Us-. t\ i i e iepol"i d In the .Hill v.ll- le\ Hie I l\- IflS oltellsive 'lintlllUCH Pi UU I'llittl .iii, lUiatii.t, I |t XJH \\ I • .' ..i ! » k iioIIH^ i*"' 1 ..< V ' I tl W i t i ^ J. I jll 1 ^,1 in li .d It!• A •! i\ - Lit l tl * \» Afternoon. rt 111 llllHit d l fojc.'f, t l'iid.i> "-Ui- LwUv mi i t f<i mb ndi' ld' I' im <-M 13 tl' ol nunibt Utimm I'll •.[.«)! ,( to>; it b*_ '1U» of v, s,.u i s l\ i--t * Thinl -<tlet i ««flei j ill m -<s ill' dt.ith w.)« l J Uijl 1 ) (l li Hd»\ 4< )IUplO>ill|t fill till p,l> tl »'! \liti ,t|lil ,1 .li'il'-fnH ill,!' 1 •NOTICE TO DEMOCRATS All IH tu.n i.i(-4 - t liiij- ^jiniu .: .! I < '( '» Ml f to IIU ' ! Ill l! e i |l\ loom at the i'lu II ill i 1 -.-,'\( it BULGAR6 RETREAT. - __4~Uv -i 4Ut4^4—4U^-!U4U ^ London I LIU Nuv \\ 4'oitHnuuiK 'II'. ptli lilt i-I Hie .M'tie,iHnK HulK»H»> W<'< ill HI II "It of I'ol'.g 111 llu i H,ml I'xhtiUt; Un !-I||-A ' i|i l Hi t * il I ni' o! I \ ( ii s i i j <t ut e H i Hi u s t mil i in! ik- un ^i<i M he-1 o i ,i s(.i! t" \ u i fi 'i nil <-i d i \ ad It' \vl i n I to lniint,iHi th is r uh i e i -M I |.,i in i J.iis* i b-i )t ! jit I ! MOBE THAMEMBR OF CABINETJrViLL RESIGN ( My Fulled Pi (KB) \V,iahlnKton. |) <'. Nov 13.— President ll»n> A OarlUdd. of Williams •-oll'cfce, hon of Prcfalilent Ciai field, ^eniitoi V*t>ilt<b, of Montana, and heinoti.iiii National Chuirmun Vance Met 'oimii K, uete the ihii'c nuinea cvn- leied In the ititicuHHiou of piobahlo 4icW mcmbcrM of tho |i|iMldent'w cuh- me( afier M.iirh 4th. That there Mill he, iiioie than one fehlgnatlon by prc*- 1'iH inenibeiii •MKDIIIU certain. GOOD DAY FOR WILSON v. w *i (Hj I*lilted Prcs* \ n!< N V . .Nov. I'A Tins ia uf NoytsmUiT 'Hid ttiu. (\.&y <in \\liirh i'nlil'ni ulft itudioi |HcH «t,itt> • •d the "flii hit count of hidlutfl which ssiil (lii'tltv who J,»H t ('.tlifornia's !3 electoial \"|i -, Tin- f ict l hiit I'u-sul'iit \S i! on baa, i"pvii£hlid UH i (aim to t.i »?• »i huKy iiumbei add that <jov Hiihh<>< ^ottnt . Itillnt N'" t,'! T'li"*ili\ Oi o!,( Pii'idti.t J U il-< i, ,i vlu lit f >vo)H, . •'

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