Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 11, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 6
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sot. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE SATURDAY, NOV. ti f 1916. AMUSEMENTS. GRAND-TODAY Lionel Barryrnore in "The Quitter" fctond&y, Mae Marsh in "The Marriage of Molly 0" Coinp«lv.-_.. AMUSEMENTS. J Tonight—Vaudeville Thre* Big Featur* Act*. K.xtrrt' Sp«>< !nl Jerry fr«"»m<f nii'xifwr frnmro. Three biff ••; i:, in i!:!'. hart *vf « rort*j*>!"it.fy »sf th A_ CORRECTION. A ' ? i'''K ! ;u:h:i -i '• <-rr'>f ••• ''<•'• r< <i ."in friend*! ",<, hT'-V'V r-h'"' !i*,i"'il K!;» tV;i« :t p'.mrt nt-tsrhhiir, n ktfi'1 vvif..-. and M :!S ! ^t:: h> 'H ? ^ ! ^%3"B^' AMUSEMENTS ) ' ' „ _' '"".'...•' _ " ' j_* •VrU^r-'^irrnEilMi.iiiriii inimi ' ~* PBPMPBIBIJIBIIWBIBPMBIBIBPiMIIBIlBPMWBBWPIWWMPBBBII^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^"'^^^^^™™^™^^^^^™^^™" A CADEMY OF MUSIp Tuesday, November 14 A^ WM. H. KIBBLE'S original Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. ORCHESTRA OP FIFTEEN MUSICIANS 80*nle Invettitur* * Potitive Revelation . t^ 20 Spectacular and Specialty 8«m«ation»—20 L Kaleidoscope Visions of Historical. In'ercpf**! g. Unmet t'honm of Kiipef'Kxc'elh'iH •<>! PltPrrqi;tlcnl Hr-nmttion - The Mini Who Freed the Slaves- A Tribute to TJncrtln, rlrnnt, Hhei-ldnn, Hberman and Ivjuglcia 20 COLORED PEOPLE FROM THE COTTON BELT! Popular Prices . . . 25c, 35c and 50c S*att now on tale at the Sterling Pharmacy DAILY WEATHER REPORT. flit f*MV ! ;!£>i w'-:ifh'v lKiri-;m ff~r< • •t f..r ti'dav i* .!>• f.,ll'-»ws. K.-MI- M..U-I.V. fvt. Anna I,«th«r fa «Th« <»«^>« ;" *""«• ' ! '"" t.m,*ht ..r Hun drsv, rf>J<!'~'r Snnu.'V, worn ( eml'T ,*UTI •net." .\ RT-M! |ii<-t)irr-. Mntuire aii'1 ,:,.,, niRhf. Tuf*'Iny, Helen in LYRIC JO9ir.ituuMJUL ^^ IN BRIEF j , lory method*," 'puwicd . by Ihr-tn with ;tho Heeutul' n venue pax'InK "yjitem. rtlid 'ficoreN them roundly. He nljto FALLS TONIGHT A strong feature, "THE MASK WOMAN," Bnd art L-Ko comedy, "SAFETY FIRST" SUNDAY "It Happened in Honolulu," featuring Myrtle and V«l P«ul in a strong 5-r««l feature, Matinw 2:30, Night 7:00. DANCING SCHOOL IN MY8TIC WORKER HALL Evary Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. M. For private legnonfl call H. H. KELLEY, Ball phone 430R y night, LITTLE LOCALS s nrir! rnncf*. «t Woods.' H. tj. stoddnnl wnt io Chicago fri- ilily »t!i . burtlnexs. Mr«. (ilen Hmith went -t*» I»eKnlli Friday for n vl«[t. • tTvtc^i^h «=i»i'!'' > !'. 1 I 1 "'. 0 * 'I'^Tt llnp i 'tub toni'Ktif.* . . ' H. M. H"!lf'f, of t'hfc;iRo. ypen day here on busitu-^s Walter HoKiin. of Dfxoti, Tlitirsdny rvenlnK !i<»r« ! . Thomas ronboy sperit Friday In (ilmlHtown on hitHinfSf. I)r, II. !,, I v r<ttltf, r»f Morrison, P*rlday here on busitjeH*. Pier- Kr'l /N BAY'S GREATEST EFFORT, her »ub»crllitl">n to The [leaving In trinity of the old water pipe.* I which brtve been in for yearn Is n bud ithlng, fttnl that twenty yeara uae of 'pipe* wiiuld ItiUlcatc they must be In Which la being v*nl to Detroit, i had condition. He nny« In all . well Mr*. Elizabeth K. U'llllnmM {regulated' dlle* th«" water pipes im> Alt account of the tlnul ntllv of'pm In new of lend and nre brought JT Sunday In bla lielroit yini'tlm 1 * io the edge of the curb In permanent than 60,000 people tried to get connections before IttylnK new imvlnK. to hear Sundfiy in ———• «t day in the city. The cimlrl-j A HOMESTEAD HOUSE HERE. i amonnlfd to more than $50,0011. • T ]\r> only regular Mxed homeateader'a day 8,10} i»erartns were crm- j hnitae In thin section i« .the one belonging to John IjOftUK.. Mr. LofttiH erected the hotixe to whip north to is piece of land'he Intended nnnteateadlng. but for *ome renmm he did not cr»m- eald to bi» more tluin on the Pentecost, th«» number in the hlatory of nilly work. AmottK the number ttrolt. policemen. ,trbrk !w I**trott In imiy 8un- hlH |I!K claim whack on hi* hiimls hcr<>. 'teitnon to the'men in the foe- j However, Jie Is not at till nlarmcd.u.vtui Pit tnV noon hour, ntul through I the w»iHt« of money In it* erection for lr»in an<I lrr»t«ntly killed, HIM hc>H(l wn« severed from ItlH body and the mink of the body badly rnniis- H>«1 HH tln> result of th<- engine tttiiklnK the body and rolling it under the trwln. He tenven a wlfo and three children. hl« iiRod mother and one their and one HlMter. Mr. Nolnn In the third member of bin fnmlly to meet death by being ««rurk by n.trnln. The fither. W. Nolan, Hr., and his sister, hav-lnn been killed' by tratnn on jf within n few block* ot tire a tmalnew* visitor here today. •Inhti King, of Dlxon. spent Thurs- lay evening here with .friends. . u Wan te«1—Men to wr»ik In factory. In- offlcei National XMfj?. Co.* Arch Mnnnfttc, c><[ ColeJ^r7~*7«uU yesterday in thiK city wlrH-^flenda. Wanted — Three good machinists, Steady employment. Iwiwreticn Bros,* Mrs, Roy KlcKenzIe, of Tamplcn, spent thft In this city chopping. It iwltfftouii revival wMch atlrred Ifef «« It had never been atlrred fc-wan considered largely re*pon- the largo increane in the, Pro- vol« tn Detroit, He alao at- j j prohibition r«lly« nnd delivered ihti-aaloon sermon to the worh* different nocuous of the gy'.*Phn Detroit p-*encr»Hy iirohiliition IM lfvh>K in HH hiniHPlf. Is 1'nitpd' HtntoH.rpftttJntion by ten fpot find II hti« 'fhe Hhiu4( wi7.e of wlx plHOed on H<vjwit« drawn It near UH> end of th<» BitrllnRton brldice arid will leave It there for the winter. If to hln chiim ni'xt Ho may nhlp practically all Joined hand« upported the me«Hurc with ro«« ABANDONED AUTO. In the vicinity depot. .A DRUNKEN STRANGER. A mnn glvlliK tho name of Jame* ttiiil- llvun, and his home north of. Sycamore wiiM jiicked up lant nl^ht about ten o'ciiick by Officer Johti BiiXer very much .intoxicated. He_ wn« placed in o lockup for the" nlKht. Tiie in'ftri Hoy Hmalt?., of Mi>rrl«on, submitted to an operation Friday nt the hospital. Florence Drineoll, who is very sick <il the ho«}rftnt-rTmn1nH nbrtiil the name, Mrs. Frank Thomas left Friday for U two Weeks' visit m- I>eep Hlver, Ind.- 1 Mr. and Mr*. Wehl*«y liollii of near Morrison were HterllnK ahopjiera today. George Nichols, of MlnneapoIlH, was a business visitor* In thin city yesterday. , t Miss Overrtreet, uf Dlxon, IH here vlniUtiR at the home of Mrs. Paul Huz- za rd. Mrs. Mary Noble, of rtock Falls, submitted to an operation at the hospital Friday. /Upright used "Story Si Chirk" piano at- a "barftaln.' 1 Up-To-Date Music House.* Mr», Charles McUmoyle, -of Nelson, submitted to an operation at the hospital Friday. 'UNCLE TOM'S CABIN." !li,n !•* i-'.'!«>ji-fi ,'iy t Tif 'TiicK.t-~i *.-r-r (i) -I'liH •»!• :i i,f Ilii"" wt.-ll kii'i'.' n "1n I lie ,'v iiict i' rin f.-inc'"' l<;tfi <"-f-n ?- r ^»-'l:, if i'firit; it< > !''"»«,-«f v In !ifil)/e )«•.,( «|--e.'i»tl *i"vent\ f""l r.--r>' »<> '!Kfm-|!firt thr Hf- t\ - Ji'-oplf. *rf--Ti<--iy ,itnl e'l'tsi^rnr-n? - N*i sni-h- ,"tm<tunt of tji'ini'V n« \\"tn. H KUittJr- lta« .«ii*-t!t en t!li?< |i?i>!l;tf -Mo trriK evi-'T brfnre bi.f.n <>s(""'ri'H"! i-a ..thlft nosslertrri nml mti< h abii«"(1 l»:t «t "THE LITTLE GIRL N£;XT DOOR.' Irnoraii*-" of the df-tnils r,f ilir. n;<- jiretiticosJitiji (uv<! euvlr<tnm»-nt of th^'al- lecf-d "oldest {iroOs.m'on"" is now iiicx- fti(tahli\ "The Liltlf 'iirl Nex; ,I)<n»r." If-ts all, except minors. In "ii tin- "per- n-fs." This Him Is advf'rtisrd .t "start - linj^ exfiosure nf vlee." You « ill flo hard thlnkinc nftr-t ftr-elfiK fli«-sf |>l< -tines. What you will think about and what decision* you wilt «'onT<- to Is a matter of your Individuality. 'The Mi tli- Gill" celluloid IB Imsed ori th' % .hyper-unusual details (sivi'-ri the thiiK on fart, II if< not In a class with" other underworld subject?. Producer, exhibitor )md co-operators should bci credited with a .desire to promulRate benelh ial Inforrhti^loir: - He- sides, they Rive Intimate vir>w« of dl,«' AmoitR m.tny other,'!, ij|><-nker I'lmmp Clark mul Dr. n. The chlrf tt'-I- are Hta!i> Senator I?eall lieutenant f!overn»r U'Hnrn. John ors ( nnd rii<» Dill nnd *'lo*t souls" nre »m- rent—t rtrtim" iui modern House at 1108 Sixth avenue^ O. "\V6odii Store.* of nirlit hiiL_IsJ«_J»liifL _ — of Grove school IIOUHP two of Falton. «n automo- Jfalf In tho road near the $ With every Indication that Abandoned. Kherlff Kerry, was notified nnd he went onem. When he saw the ,« rocogniifd It an the car Hlolen in Hock Inland Week. Evldeneo about the that it occupants, tho car, went to Fulton, that they then went to they boarded an Inter,and went to Hock Inland, Plw Sheriff Berry arrived io '""'"fpt In telephone commtinl* k Ahe Hock tMland officials If told . that the automobile been arrenlod nnd that of»W come to Kulton to drive automobile back. |Y AOoFrO WAREHOUSE, factory of HuKwell, Hurdwill be«n rewlvlng a great rod« thl* Mummer and fall sents continue to come in. in them from the «-!e|« building* were erected lam wring, but they are full Miy place* the rolls of rodH rr -TtiBft_£aet high. Tiio fac- want to run why <,f Tho bulldlnB «r- t»rot«-tion wa« ahnnt feet tKjuartt and an6tlu>r flfty f«et wjuaro - i« beitiB rods are drawn into wire .them are ma<l« the products it Which cmmittt to a litmn j! rivets, tttckH and bolts of thi> ' I»AVS__H 18 _RE8PECT8. who IIB« sonft on an- OB the road wondH Tho Daily I short articln in which he i ,r*«neot» to the commlanlon- of SterUnK for "dlla- will meet at tlm Mothodlxt church In Dlxon Monday, Nov. 13, at 10, a. m. Tho ptip<«r for the forenoon will be' by He v, Lcbbeus WoodH on "Untiplyed Ethlcnl Pmblema of Today." The afternoon nubject, "Thn Permanent Vhhw of the .Primitive Chriatian Kuchat«»h>Ky," will be treated by Ht'v, Frederick C, Grunt, If the beautiful autumn weather continues, tflnn'or will ho wrvcil «it Grand Detour. Free automobile tranwportatlon will be furniKhed ajj. From fifteen tp twenty mlnlHlern iiMiially attend thii* i nieetlitK. hold fiuarterly. and it day of .pleamint fellowship it* enjoyed, ACCEPTED BRIDGES IN GENESEE. V, N. TaKRett, nupti of highwayH, together with CommisMioner Hunhman, «»f CSenesee towimhlp, and the county Joint bridge committee, went out upon the roadM of Oeneseo durinit the rain Wednesday afternoon and In- xpeeled the (irubb 'concrete culvert and-the Slick bridge, which were rW ceuily compli-ted by contractor L. H. WalHnuford of Portland.' The work was found to bit satisfactory and the bridges were accepted. The mrue- tunw had ;*jH>on llnichr-d ttomc* time HKO. but.tjii'd WUH th« flrs.t tlmo that the members of the- committee- and the officials hud found it possible to get'-togetlior, INSTALLING "WATER SYSTEM. K. M. Wjldo ha.« on«' uf thc'.|;ood Hljowed would not wVfki ', He cin'lntfHl ; to have over to Harmon during the ftri*l part of the' nturht and secured WH liquor there, and had only been off the trtilrt a nhort lime wnen npprehendml. He wna given H fine of three ilollaiH tmd coxtH thlH morning, amountliiK ti» five He had only iwenty-wven_ Tiafrk^l (1'JincTihT'm el and hi wan put back in iail to board out his fine at'llfty centu per day. SMALL WRECK~THI8 MORNING. Home of the device'on the under part of a freiRht car fell whlta wWt-of the Htiitlpn a few block* this morning about 8 o'clock, and thlH canned th» track* to widen nnd tho car went rolling off the track. H ntopped the train. Thin canned A hjockatlo on that truck, »nd the Uurllngton track, on "which the Hock"Inland }iaHMens<»r comet*...In on., ConHld.erabln figurint; hud to he made, to K<H the patmenger back to a crow* over and then set on one of the tracks of the North Western and switch,back on itH own nilln. A wrecker wa<t called to pick up the car and net It to one ildt for repairing. RENEWING B>TWHOLESALE. Le«ter Hobinnon hnn boen calling on Daily Gazette subHCiibcru on both Mlilen of the rly«r. and out of 275 homctt vln- ited where »ubncrlptlona t*xplrn t4ii»i month, only five, personw have failed to renew for The Gazette and thin .Cnll...Tno-JKoy. •r-Robert; Ijersonnteil by professional .player?*. Acndemy. Frldny rind Haturdny, Nov. 17th and l^th. VAUDETTE THEATRE. The following feature proRTflm will be .ihowtt nl the Vaudette Tbeatn every day next week: Monday, William Fox preaenta Oco, Walsh and Anna .Luther in "The Henst." Meauty nieeln tln> beiiHt' and he takea her prisoner. Then he frees her and she returnn V 1 her home, Uut they meet again. For the whole story see It Monday. Matinee 2' nnd 3:45; night. 7 Knifl 8:45. This la one of the blK photoplaya of the ' year. Also ibs. of Heat to the Ton That's what you get in our LEADER LUMP Egg and Nut ^Na^P ^Brt^^ People's Ice & Coal Co. PHONES SECOND AVE. Mir Rnl >re«tde. Name." Mr. !fa*-r will j 10 n, in.., bible ai-hool. 11 i f hl|>, scrnion by our tnlnlntT ' i ),. II, . Pcople'n Fortlttl, atlbjet CHURCH OF CHg^ST, SCIENTIST. ! "Am.Tl.^u Kultin*. S«'iVi(-f-« ;uo held every Sundav foi«>- i U«H.<|, nnrakcr. '1'lu Mori." 1C van 1 ...... ublic IK at l't.4f, o'elock in ly Invited Io the above services, \\f 1. u. (f. F. ball on Fourth street, j The lesson for m-xt Sundny will !><»,! M •ry it 8 «t'clork, hew Kveryliody Is welcome ti» FIRST CONGREGATIONAL. tnlH and Immortal*." .Testimony! ,,,, v w M .,,„„.„_ ,,„,,,,,,., Sunday held in the Hume ball ev- |[„,,,,„„, „, , v . , r>i |.,.(. tt ,. hlnK B ,.rvlc»> at, fomrnenclnfr; ll)Hf ,_ Kvcniim service »\ 7:30. Her rnoiiM by thi? pastor. Prnyer service Thursday c.-venlnK 7~:.'i',». CHRJ8TTAN. Hev. ,T. W. HohhlitN, PrtNtor. Ktltulay •chool. 9:45 at the V. M. C, A. Church iervle«-<i, 10:4,1, Ctimmunton wrvk-e, 1:15. KvenitiK service, 7:30. IW)OOTT.-~A H»n wan brtrn da.v m.orning to Mr. and Mrw, Arthur. arrived hero Friday from Montana for an extended visit. .. « . Don't forget the Myatte dance In Montmorency Nov. tnth. Bralnard'w three-piece «>rchei«tr«.* , Mra..A. F, (jTiffin ha« returned home from the, east where nhe has bce-n making an extended trip. Pigeon, ^ have been %1»ltinK In HterUnj; for a few daya thin w«n?k. . . . Mr. and MrH. liert • ' Hyutt, of St. fnrniH of thu county, which la uituated jttfvvti inlleH mirth uf HterllriB on the Freeport ruad. It IIHN been lacking one thins nnil that IB an up-to-date wutfr Mysteni for th»> farm building* and roHldence. Tho work of drilling a weir ban beop Htartod and when coni- pleted'water pipes will extend, all ovrr die pluco, ]UH HUH IM (tying on the farm aluo and H IH tlm expectation of Mr, Wade to retire from active farm \i and ho -may move .to SiertliiK, KILLED BY TRAIN AT MBNDOTA. Wm. Nolan, employed by tho C. B, & Q. in Mendota on lwKB«Keman during tho day watt struck by the eaaibound t doesn't* make any difference whether ' you are ' SATISFIED OR NOT on the outcome of t the- election YOU CANT CHANGEJT t does make a difference if you are not . satisfied with your, FUEL, YOU CAN CHANGE v T^jfF ^fl^ JBfllWI ^w ^W ^^^ ' ^^^- ^f(jr ^B^ - '^BI'^PIlP ^PKP^p ^ -j is a good fuel to change to -t <f Wesks Coal Co, ban been more than made u|r riy new ibMcriptloiiH ( thut havo voluntarily given their name* at the office. ThlH IB an Indication that the peopjo fully understand the condltioitM that am fiiclriK Tin* Cazette and appreciate HH efCorttt, CHURCH HAS A NEW WELL. ,. liatit ticleneft Mennonite rhOrch • IIHH a new well. It has been -depending on nurface wate.r to a great degree fur Its <lrlnl(lHK water.'- The of the church lately decided to -jiut, down a new well. A npot wa« lucaltjd jUMt In front of the church „ edifice, and the very- beat of water wan found at a depth of one hundred and nineteen feet, ( The water Is pure and very cold, W.' P. MANQAN BETTER. improvement IH noticeable in the, condition of W, \>\ Manga u in the pant few difyu. He IIUH rallied from hix firut operation, and another* ejyiected to bo pecfonn- ed In a nhort time, hut thin will be into of a minor nature, lie has started to oat and bin Mtrength <-lt* ret urn I UK and lil« friend* . hope that he will bo ubto tu bu out in u alinrt time. GRIEF LOSS OF REASON. Mr*. Albert BmHti. of iJixon, whoM» grief over tho death of her child, nmot lii-rcd to death while; jng with two older children, CuiiKed her t« lose her I'lMtwou, ham been taken to arrived yesterday for a vi«U at, the Joe Kldd home In thlw city, Your friends can buy anything you can give them except your photograph, CrtiNlUB Studio for C'hriHtmaa photos.* Mr. and Mrs. John_iJM[IUer. of Rock , bought a lino OW>. ftTJeTTt & Co., piano from the Up-To-Date Mtiidc HOUHO today,* , • Ml«rt Bernlce Urynan, who hau been quite III with chicken pox. its recovering nlcoly and expects to muime, her stud- lea at high nchool ttoon, Don't forget th«,,j:retot Majeeatle sale all next week at the- Phelpa Hardware Htore. An $8.00 net of granite or aluminum ware with every Mujentlc «ci«l.* MemberH of Household Kcfonco Club will have OenUemeiTii "nISTft at Y\ "'MT (*, • Ai, Wwlneeday evening, .Nov. 15. Picnic »u|)per, cafeteria style, ti p, ra. All members, attend.* Hemetwer the Veil dancing clu«« to bo held ui -Woodman hall every Saturday and Monday evrntng» from 7:3<i to 0;(W Hocliil dancing 9:^0 Io 12:00. Tueaday, Stnr Product'lona prMi_en|« Helen Jlolmca In "The Diiiniou<l_ftu^ - A ntroTijr"""Bfofy""of"adVent'un> and romance, and 'we, recommend this picture with confidence art ones of the be»t. Helen Holmes pliiyn an entirely new role In this production,, leading the life of an adventuress with a bun< of" society dlfinonri smugKlert*. Mail- nee, l2 and 3:46; jiight, 7 and 8:4G. Also travel serlen. Tho Helen Holmett ®^^ FOURTH STREET METHODIST. PiiBtor. W. L. Collln; choir leader, Klmer K. lUcc;-orpantsf, Mlna Vlrplo Henalnger.. Sunday school at 3:45. Rally Day will be oliMcrved tomorrtiw. A big time IK ' ex pec tcil and a record JOHN A. WAKD , Attorney at Law MONEY JO LOAN On Real Instate Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE 411 L*wr*ncii Btdy, Starling, 111. orchc«tr»:»" Rev, Ira P, Berry, -D. J).. wHL give an Illustrated lecture, "Under the Star*," Thursday evening, Nov. 16, in Leon MethndlHt church. Dr. Berry has traveled In 18 foreign countries, has toued In t'anada and Mexico, and from coast t«» coa«t In (he United dial invitation to all.* A cor- FUNERAL jKELD TODAY Lait Ritoa Over Body of Mrs, Gallisath • Held at St. John's Church, The funeral uf tho late Mr«. William (iaillsath WJHH held thU afternoon at 8t, Jolvn'n l<uthcran church, Th« service was In chargn of the pastor, Hev. 1C, -£i,. Harris, At 1:30 .o'clock short services were held at the home of her mm Philip Hoffman, four and one-half miles west of Hock Falls, en tho Prophetstown road. The lutorement was in HIvcrHldu cemetery. Tho following worn pall bciirera: Andrew Appcn- neller, Alex Uraehllng, Hariy Hubbard, Charles Rosengren. H. Hefley and the liome «f her inuther in Mary la ml ln> tho hope, (halo-Ilia change'way bo beneficial. , Her bfothe'r u'nd nlnler from Murj'lmul to uccotnpany there. 'her CASE INVOLVED ROCK RIVER. A (\}wpatcli fro,m JittifBvllln, \Vla-, says that°Jii«fKe Fowlor of thu f'iiv.ult Court 'handed down u di-cl«luit UKiiluat tho Stata of \VlHcon.aln In. HH action brought to have Uu» U««'H Klvvr dw- plared nnvlgauttt uiu! dwlurt* » mtllluit worth of butkUngM now Blmul- over the river u mitaance and ob- to Uv«s river, . Frank Jacobu. -Through an oversight thiti notice WUH not printed In Tho Onset le Friday afternoon, Mta. William <}all|«atu Mas bora in ( Matron township. Ui8allt> county, Jan. 'JT, 1K58. Hhe spent her girlhood days there, aikd recelve<l her education there, PAPERS INCREASING RATES, , -It IH uiiilei'Miooil that ih'< l»lxon dul- coiifunntiy v\iih the - In sub- on lli«f-' tucrtUM-d t'.imt of iirodiictioiiM chk-lly white j}rlni The timlooh. L> From rcacon i An -f«n tin- ha,m> TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, ijui t Noy M. |T4t.* piaui well' pro» i'ti'-;1 \it' »,ond f-nt «-.\pciUtn<u fnun (Ilii'l-l t" IMHHr.rj M>ll|t< Illlll.lIiW, (I'll -ril u U I!.' \\ «|ii-lj rtini Iflituils, \\li«.i , left Clarlo.ii founoen years ago and went to Oklahoma wheru who aiul .her family lived live j-ears. J-Yom there Ute-y moved to t'oU'irnUo, where- they residi-iL-two yearh, jn^l. i hence back to Illiu^ifi, and resided A«l tho Harry Hub- baril iarm, ekst i»f thls.cliy u 'short dls- tut«-e, wlu'/o they lived .two years. Frcm therfi'. thoy came to KtcrlliiK and resided up to neatly two yema tigu, when ihey went to Propheistowu wad liavo bluce letijded with her daughter, Mrs Fred MUlhorn Mr, "mid Mrw. iiallisath hud In-ou I'lnuniug fur a Jong visit with u, ,bra- thtjr of her husband, vvhbn she was culled to this city by reason of a large bum burning .on her lot. Hhe >vus on her way to tlm fitirlltigton dcjiot when «l{e dropped tfrad, at this Oerdes stwro on Firtst uvettue, Sterling. • •• -When a young lady «slu» wa« married to Hfimon Uoffmau>- . Ta this union Parker, uf California; Mm Minnie of ProphtHstuvus; "u«d Phillip . west of Hock Falla Mr. Hoff- died t\\vuty-st»vt>n ye«r» »BU jrearw later sljc vyas united lit tn 5 reela, each ono a complete "ntorj and are lite apeclal productions. Wednesday, "entire new vaudevllU lilll: threu Rreat nets. 'Alap extrsi, "The Grip «if _Kvl|," featuring MIn« .fn.ckli Snuntlera ai«l Roland Holtomley Kvery mother and father rind all children should see thla picture, one of the gcentejit we have ever ahbwn. Each episode complete. '!» humanity In the grip of evil? . ' Thursday, vaudeville; threo great acts. Also aiiei'lnl feature nnd Keel Life Film MaKu/lne. Friday,' entire new vaudeville bill; three hlsh claaa acts, and. extVa, don't miss' "The Yellow Menacc,'; eplsodt- No. 7, "Drops tif Blood." Its. great. Also Mutual Weekly, latest ncw« and pictures. ~SiUUrd(iy7~matlnee and nlKlit, vaudc" viije; three V>ls acts, and special feature, "The JunKle FlnshllKht," featuring MiirsareJ Clibson, Also Jerry comedy, "Tho Rookie." THE GRAND THEATER. .Tito following excellent program hat! been arraiiKtHl "at. the Uranu Tlieulur for the week beginning-Monday. Nov. 13: Monday, Mae Marsh and Robert Ilarron are presented In "The Marriage of Molly-O", In this Triangle feature- there is u dclictuuH satire ou quarreling holrs ce.rtuin to be nppre- elated by everyone who has been present at tho shwrltiK of an estate. There la also a Keystone comedy. Tuesday. Peggy Highland, the noted British slur, appear* in "Kftlntg- mid Sinners,'* a jilcturlzatinn of Henry Arthur, .Jones' world-famous drama. Hcllg-Tribuno News la also Hlwwn. Wedneaday. "Honor Thy Name" is shown with onu of the thrilling scenes, a team of runaway horses drawing H carriage with two occupants dash madly over u precipice" and roll a 'hundred toot to the rocks heJow, Churleu Murray also.uppears in a Key- utoiio comedy. Thursday, Kasiinuy presents Henry U. Walthall in "Tho Sting of Victory," a five act lOaHan.ty showing the screen's most famous star-at his bent. A Burton Holmes travel "picture ia •' also shown. Friday, popular Blanche Bweet will 'appear In "The Thousand Dollar Husband." This is a dfllclouB comedy with enough of t|in ((ramatle t» nniku it Interesting. Saturday, Huro.ld f.ockwood and May are'featured in ."The Hivcr of a plct«r<?-T(HU6xiHl, CHURCH: NEWS TRINITY UNITED EVANGELICAL. ... F. W. Dcutwche. pastor. Sunday school' jit .Ui3U ,'u. m. * Preaching. wl 10:30 B. m.; tniiijeci, "The Conditiona «f |)iaclpk-»hlp." K. l f . C. y. at «:8tt Ii. in. Preaching at 7:30 p, tu., HM''- jwt, "Tl»» Mission of OUrlHt." A ve- 'ceptltm-of members and -baptismal scrvicti wilt be held iu connection with the muriiliig preaching service. The jTtVit'ir f/ir viiriouN jlpeeiiii features 'such n» recognition for the oldest tnarrled couple, . (lie youngeat boy or glii-on cruule roll, the youngest married couple, the clasfl with the largest number. uf new scholnra in proportion to enrollment, and other (wlnts of excellence. The lesson period will I close promptly at 10:Hi, HO na'to give ample. iirm Morning worahrp" «t" "lit: 4 5, sermon by the 'pastor-. Up worth,league tit 6:30, Class.' meeting at tho same hour, Kvfulng service at 7:30. A service for the people. Fine music. InHpirinjT wlrtiglng of 'KOapel' Hoh'gs. aer." mon subject,. In sympathy with the needa of every- day, Just Much a.' aer* vice as anyone ran thoroughly 'enjoy. HIK! see. The pastor will haw for hia aubjert at the morning service, "For the Good of the Fnmily Name." livening subject, "Do Creeds Count or] Does it Matter \Vhat We Believe," a sermon of apt><?la'i interest for young people.. Music for tho day. will Include the following selections, tnstru- mrntai""trnd"" vnralT IWwirtriK anthem, "Thou <>h God Art Praised' In Zion." Mttitland. sung by full chorus choir. Owan-offertory, "Hong of the Angela," Williams, Kvenlng "aitlhem, "Proise the Lonl," Wooler, chorus choir. Organ Reverie, by Abbott. A cordial iri 5 vttatlon Is.given to all theso^aervli'fia. Strnngera and visitors will llnd a hearty" welcome. Tomorrow"* will be, of special Int-ereHl at Fourth Ktreet. t-only ln-cnuMc. of Ttally Day, hut on DR. F, W, BRODRICK Practice T4ntite4 ,to EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Hours: 8 to 12 a. m.; 8 to 4:10 p. m. Fifth Floor lawr«nc« Bide, fiUrling, III. Both Phone* S. W. Lehman, M. D. DIXON, Spncial offic* consultant, and diaeaaea of women nnd children. account of tho fellowahlp eanva«« in the afternoon. The cu-nva««eri« wfll tak« lunch tosether at thu of the morniiiK Hervice, - after which a brief conference will be held and they will then proceed to vlHlC- every home connected with the church, 'Monday evening, at 7,;.30, the first <tuurt«rly eonferencw*l5i'iil ho .held in charge of the dletrict euperiiUendent. All uf- flclaf members are expected to bo in attendance. FIRST BAPTIST, Halph V. llinldc, pantor. • Stmduy school at !):30. Morning' worship at 10:45. Children's junior, "Indian Hummer." Regular wubject, "The Shadow o fa Hock," U. V. P, U. at 6:30. Kven- UK worship ut 7:30; «ubJe*;t r - J1 Whnt It Costa." Mld'Wi't»H devotional »er* , % ico Thursday evening lit 7:30, We will bo Kind tu liuve you wornhip with UH. * — CHURCH OF BRETHREN. W, M. I'lrlch, Pastor, In tho rtu>rn^ ug (he. Volunteer MlHMiun lUirul of Alt. MwrriH t'olkujs- will r«uder program. In he evening rejrular sicrvlwH, • PRESBYTERIAN. Ht-v. Cheater "Irwlii, Poslor* >y qiiai'tettt*. Kiinday sciioui, Church MTvlcen, 10:45. Hi'rmoii »ub-| eet, -"Whorl of <Jod'« KxperUttionH." evening >er\ ice. 7:3i». Subject,' "Uecp ^cu Fis-btiTK." Subject , fo»- Thursday "Power or "How Htnuig. Ar« ' CALVARY BAPTIST. of Fifth Htret-t ami Fifth avenut>. J. Alfred tiarrcit, minister. A, G. HUBBARD SURVEYOR Have purchased tH« Jno. O, Arey fttld notes of the Original Survey of Sterling and Rock Falls. Bell Phone • , —603 E. 2nd St.. . Sterling, llf. E. U, TAYLOR v FIRE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE and RENTING , Notary Public -Rock Falls, ill, ROBERT W. BESSB Attorney-at-Law Sta^e Bank Bldg, Storlino, III. B, T, MOREHOUSE Optometrist Ovtr*Corn*r Drue Star* FITTING OP GLASSES Academy Bowling Alleys Open to Ladies ' i Every Wednes4 ft y and Friday afternoon, J. VI Rose, Proprietor evening servicu will be A w<-rn born to this unutn Slu to mourn her lu-r husband. thi' three children named and,*ont» i*'f, Mrs ' Many yearn ag?i shf j<-tne<l the tior- UDI Luih« church in Mendota pur- IK !n-r avHldciiCf in 8> hearty welcjprno to all'. 1 """ -Prayer and l>rulso service Thursday, cvt»ni,ng »t TiSu'p.'m. irhe .pwstoi' 1ms 4>*'en glv- g' 'u' series, of ox |>oslt lotus «>n_ _|'Thi» 'Mettfri ng"«»T 7Pi r ,Ty t T f ;" TFiienitiib jcct" f tiii- Ithia w»ek Is "Prayer iiu«l the Goodness uf Ut«|," 8T, JOHN'S LUTHERAN. ' ' Bible schoul aft!: 30 o'clock. -iUivicli- '•Wig ifT-t&'Sy •u*fH«»vK'-AaiJ« f -^» -— -VArf4<eVj- as tin- r_briMS,ni." i'hri.sll^R Kndeavbv ill li.3i.i o'-'loi-h, stibjet ( . "How to Ut; Strong" l-'ilft dlvihiou \\lll b»f li-ul by .lilhu H"tr<muu tiv'-i'iiif, dut>>iola It'.ui by Albt'M Bri>i>tini{. KwiilitK *• r- \ U'c wi-H bi« lu iluii^i* «»t Uu- i,uthi>r ftriittu'ch'""! iff wtinh .li'ii ,K'-1:,u'i ii iu-;:i. i "lit 1865 1916 $8.00 will buy One Ton VULCAN COKE "The Perfect Fuel" .i-i—r iThree cars on4rack4oday Coal at less cost. Gar on track today$ gee us for SOFT 00AI*. ML jgadfig. i»"itofiiEi frsm fakes tHe place of Hard ,$4.50 per ton and up,. Moses A good place to buy Lumber, and'Cement The oii£ fuel for all jwr- poseafand for each pur- ' pose the

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