Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 11, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 5
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MOV. 11, me. Virginia Cily Recalls Its Old Glories '•=>' Luxurious Bigness! A big roomy car is luxurious—no two ways about it. • But extra inches in nn automobile cost hundreds of dollars—aa a rule. It took nn investment of millions in facilities for tremendously increased production—To effect the economics necessary to produce luxurious size at this price. The wheelbase is 112 inches—• Both Phones f^OF Sterling, III. V^WI^ Tho Willyn-Ovc-lr The seats are comfortable and roomy and there's plenty of leg room front and back. And your further luxurious comfort is assured by cantilever springs, big four-inch tires and balanced weight—the gasoline tank is at the rear. Beautifully fmis*hedl —every convenience!! Price $795!!! Model 85-G, six cylinder. 35-40 horsepower, 116-inch wheelbase-- $9^5. CLASSIFIED RATES ONI CENT A WORD of Virdttla !- <>rjir!«!f«. n recnlls ii!t«-t! ! • - rnillnr r>n rnMt'^ tintny, hut for ri'; city of faln-.iOTis worked, thinu it '•e !l*s fn• -• !-:n In ; ' The HELP WANTE'b ar, tho i' Ml v thnt todny r|ty \vho-i; <:;i't) VleM.'ii Jli rncfnl as in tr-'j^-vr flnofls, (!>. liful n lift" «tnl n t^xury vJi ninlil Its sjiRfltnivli Pcf-rn rnythlcal. 'j« nnw n rollr-ctfon of sh^c-ii.ei, no longer fthli 1 <o support n nrVsjrttjifr, Only j-t-s- twlnj", It st-c-mi^'Tli-cinJa City wns tbf- most ]>op«lpus In N« vndfl, thotieli Cnf- jron citt, ns wp nil learncrl in otir £fogr:t|t!tU-<*, was fh<» rnpttrtl. Fpw thine* In Atiifrimn hlsteit-y ar^ more romnntjo tlinn the rife nnd fnll of Vlr- Rlnla City. The stnfp of Kptnrln survives — n sovprflRn state Is Indoiatructl- bl^. In firm It ^^pinls nil of NV\r York nnd Ni-w Encl.ind comhlnfd; Stntoti w \ M r.:> !,:; I'.iir pi", I'ur tr.M><. •••••; '•'••:' '.' tti i»",f!l St., MI i v.ti'-.pi-. Write f, r < :«!:i!-.£-. ;,' >! - III. TH-City mrS-.r 07"! ''' '' WANTED -TIM1I-: r.'iCU) MA''HIN f Just received signment of Js more i-npuJon«. Nrvndn Ims hnd Its Itcno ntul Its (Jnldftplds, for ono thing or nnothcr fnined, RS It hns the* husk of the onrp dnf.zllng tnlnlnjr ramp, now bereft of Its newspaper. Hut N'e- vndn, with nil Its vnsf : «f< i nt.Ttas s :!ot jj't learned to graft Cfirt^s with cSt>- Iwi'*. nnd tmtll. It ilof>« its llnlouln cltiM .will fold their tents like the Arabs. — Nt'W York Globe, - M»:N TO WonK IVtvinir J.ih <,ti Se«-»nd Ave. "»f |-.»-r b'wr, R<"j*t«t-f rM-ffy for Miim'.iy ttiotnint:, A. < '. Arnold. 1.5; U ANTK-t>-*T'» I'-CY WALM'VLor ;K, V\'ill iiis-jiff't nt l'>:utlnc poin? .i>i j»>v <---jb Writ'- u, \V. I>uth(i:n, •»::< H". |ji,;u born St.. f'hlenpo. 5! - .'"K(7 H'AN'TKO TIIHKK OH roru .ITU riMn-d rooms for light •hoii«' i;' •> ji;rti: Modi-rn rootnw denlrrd. H J. 1!. Mi.-i.'oinb, nl C, -ette offn WANTED-- 1 JOOMKHS AND UOAHI) etM in private fnmliy. Ontrnlly !o- AUCTIONEERS UAUUY 1*. Ol.OS. nnSKHAL At* Tu . k I'.ill- fl'i ]»i- ! i' ,rnW«s pho* r o nrMT,KY. Uvn nini«> » ilf « *'iin -mv .Sf. riinc am, ilwk l-'.ill^ ^incf hf l.jliiy lni«.iti! "<« Mv long- lilt «f Mftt th (I t'ltloiiM t\ir< >•• ii \ttln re. M,iK«« )n f H«sl«|rnn« IdOC West St.. j-tr-rllnir. The Dream Ship By H. STANLEY HA8KIN8. Blcfp Is fhfi gnngplnnk for me, It TAMPICO NEWS VILLAGE OARD MET "N ' tl.c i i»« mi nt i if Hi eh inch und'Jt w.i-s j \,i'll jltt i.iit-ii. I'tti'M-n vi.i.-. tic pun.) J.oiph IhhiK on tin Ml) of f,t,« t.ut it • V^Ktmwn by the C',o}<« of TiMnflt •> » STAR OF FILMDOM STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Rtports of . Various Officers , Received and QU»«r-pt>8inc*s Transneted. Tin'. vlHtik'i' bi»;ilil riu ! Jit i-.K'itl.u i ti i i^~t!7'.«s'\ doll.ii' U'-ii l t;iV'» tl in ti ';." ml" thf tteuMi'i "£ UK- club. CAMPAIGN LUNCH,, tin 1 I \ini|i.tli:li In Hi lnl*t tin- -*i Ti nil Kit. A iiti lih-. -t t ;«ini .' On '•' ! * m t |, jroi i • ! Hi. ai.- i ,.ii,i. ;i .( iv ;u..-l«i\.«d .»!>«( ;,.;,)., _ j,, 'hiiiutKKi llellltr "t i-<,|»,v < oinniiti'-' n poi i - ,.(,',, ,( tiltn- vi: n mi n- trr .II'H |{. h«-r II.'H h. 'J'iii >!«' fiom --\K 01 dtt«-i, TI.' ir nn m |ijel'|« i, i!ni> t>n<lt«, *>t*J' - i r HTiii ill- i \' tuni; U)«- lu.Lii"" and heat in;; tlu «l'"-tlnii ey wi-;«' l»«ui;nl ii. and Mt-mbor n<«»rd of Trade; Chl<:»Ko, HI.. Nov. H. . Open High Low C!o»e Wheat ' He.-. I.Muy_ 1.1C'!4 1*M 1.5'J I.50U 1 TAMPICO LOCALS. I'iilll r*|>"lhd Ih.'t the r*|>re~ lill COinilltltlt ,lp|,19(11(1 ti I"l til!' (IUJ-- |N>M' «>f iene\,:tin^c thi- «itv li.iil. mat.- iliK additional \nt4iiu huotliH siud nth- . , , , , , . , , .•••»vi*. nnpi,n; !: ;; the i,i..|,,.ci,\ in.i* 1 '- 1 ; !••»• »-ls a..J » lam. •* in UUH .a.npi.t.d tluir woijj ant! aUed t l "'"> l "" «'• «-k. Mr K-nu,-.,- ha.n diimlsw-0. c»nin.,n,, n ,.f Tiu.i... isumii." 1 " ,' |M , l !' 1 "'' " t-1 !" *'""»"»"•• ; 'H'' \- -, th»- eiuniniHit w., t h-inl."ul with .1 """^""t'''',' whi-re t<» IOV.MI- at j.r->.nl.j .vote of appnei.ition r..r tlu-ir «or^. ' , "'',, N> '.'!"* •""•>»'"'"• !< ' fl lhi . 1< ' TlHM|U«'.lii,nuriaiMMKin.'Hi..rMiuir». f V r ^?,' "^ l ^T\ t i ',' ,?'" salary w«« di«eut(,'ed at lei:kt:i, n^uli- - 0 »"(V, -MMe • M-< li'• i"v N .I-"'' 1 y.r. nnil Mi'!i, II. I,, Harrington, of pet Iliniilh, the Kenitnicat li»tnK lh< • H[ " !illi1 -'' •*•!•««' *» In ua uuanitiioiis vote to nn tln> f-iiinc to ilin. CMI lit of ten lii tn dlltie.H V, liirl. full to lit In the I Kiit tiffifer. UlllH aKaliiHt the vUla<;i- !•' lh<- amount of oolite JiU') Were allow t-il ami «iii|e|- eil |iald uflcj- t'xainiaatinii anil itpptKV- u). und fnrmiT lt<'i«h- »|s, ' .Vr. «iul .Mis. WiiHucc Ttirni-r, Mr. THE DAY AFTER, The whole !H-ale <>f human t-iuotii di-«lday«-d on tlu- laces of the lol- jj ..... ..* .,., lwo ,,, vu j , )( ihi|,-al par-11 i Kippi-l. of I'lojdii'tKjowji, vitHi-d the i fott- p irl of the "wei'k at th" luirne' t>f M.iU carrier (lion Hu-.-uimin i?< t.'ik- | nn; ;ui »nforcid var-atli>n ihin w:*-«-k on in eoiuit <>f si wet ioiiM injury to hi« eje •• ivt'd while inaliim' nome repair» "ii « mai'hiiH'. A o uu AII tlu- >)yxi day; Karly in Ut«-j tV/'iiiwo.'TU^V.y^for^ M>«'inpd to imlicat.- Ol< . , njur , H | (11 ,tSc. an tt tH feaii-J that \ietory ami the Mory could - t h,- s.h,hi maybe ittu,iit-,,i . th<be ri-ud euslly hy coinpariiiK .the face of the |"illtiri;uiN ahout l'i>vii, whih* during the day We<Uie««Uiy the riwe nnd I*. «; r..-fhtol, uf _ ehnset) the barn heloliKillK" t>» tin KUfi 17.02 JU.4U CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Chicago, III., Nov. 11. «>[K'ii Hiciidy. 4.3'JS ...,<'. *»,4r,*»10.10 Cattle, ntcady. . MtctMiy. Mary "Fuller. From (In- evorydny world to njy of drentns, And fnith an I cross It I Irnve m.v mind Safe with its thotightH, on the wharf behind. PIxlc nnd ifohlln ond fnlry nnd elf, All are nbonrd for a voyage, Hko myself, Atid each hna for baggage, the jonrney to start, A happy go lucky, go plucky fjny heart. TlB often wo sail by the light of a moon That hongs In the sky Hko a paper balloon,, Yet sometimes the harbor Is dnpplwl and bright. And never wo leave It for nil of the night. Tho ship hn.o no crew and no helmsman to Bteer, No compnss to guide from the Where to the H«?ro, But nlwnys, nt morning, our Jonrney la o'er. And It'* over the gangplank of sloop to the shore. \VA\TKI> — At,!, KlNI>)s OK HfAV i r',«r-r work In Hof-k I'alls or Ht*-r!ins Call Bfll phone 325-2. F. II. Ih.lwon 9IV-123* \SANTHH-MAN OVHH 30 YEAHH •il'l to travel for unmaking Rt«<rlln(,', !>l\nn. l-'reeport. Clinton. Ho<'kfnr>l. r.-iSallo. Peru, HprhiR Valley, MoJlnc Davctiporl, N'er.y ple:«<tnnt ' s. T. t•*>!•:. Ai't. iKJNKHH. noc 1-':)IJ«. Hnve hrii, expfrlcnPP Irt hl:uf<! of sah-s. Hojd s?»lr.« ni nti'l everywhere. f)»inrnnt«>f saii«fiifl|r!n. Can rf'fer you te ,rt 1* for |)hone.«. .r <'. CHu.M ANI> i'f-r», Colt fa or MII|i;>dK''Vlllc. make a, yperlalty of nurtlon Hat '' »<A'-t many «,,»|ew t very y*»ar c-in rricr \ou to many loti,«t« We unatantei* Iwl iftem. Write or photiff U» I trow.. p-'iinnti'-nt'. nioiify. <!len (" WANTHI) -~ SKCONIMIANO Al'TO- iii<>l>ll«-«, will pav the hicheMt prlc-f Al."o »«'ll all kinds of repairs. Ukrh- <>«:t niiees palil for nil klruls of fur nn-,1 hltlr.-t. Mike, the $15 Tailor. Iiotl, WANTKH COHX 1'ICKKH. tot n Thf-o, A. Jan-.ti-ri, ll W-A.NTKIi PUKSIl COW. Herker. I .jx-rt road, H phone 20!, \. ;:, • • . i{oe>|> ll '>3^-'' 1 IS- III* J. C. 2. ISi'll liS-11-4 :i;»'ii<ji: n. rucix T.IVB HTC Mti tlorifr-t. f)lxi«n. 111. Have fold: i lul .«torlt In wovMsil ftatea the M.I ton. Hfitidlfd etfiomrr* my •efr«r»'ni"<«. All rallH promptly ntt« , luiTii' or write for dates, !. .V.-JH) It. MK.HT, AtTCTIONI *n<»dwi'k. III. Halfi ttiiide nrjywhl 'Hiitm ninl ciof-u (<a|eit my nprcfnlt Ivxpi-rii ;iei> hai hcr-n my. tcacli Speak Itoth Kii'cllMli nml Opir i loth phones. Call, write or wlr«- niv I'\III',:H»- M, i S\Vni-;i'lN<5 AM> I inn. Call Hell phone 60S1H. A Kanoas Alibi. A» AUlilscMi r«'portt-r WIIH hunllkHl 'wliotl In; thotlgkt lie KUle'lled \\hNky upon tin. 1 hrcntli uf a prumhi'-nt .".'ch- Iwiu banker who has llie reiiltsi.i.'in of IK U t»H?t«»luli'r. Ill\eh|ij;.'i|io;i re<*enl«Hl iiiKtem! -of whisky Hie liMiker had boon ontlng onions nnil won fhe\i--1 lug cluunpaKm-llitvorcd lutiacvo,—Atch- I son Gloht 1 . HISOELtANEOUIS^ NKW HrihlMNO lH*AI..L CO.MPLKTK and we lire In position to handle nil kind* nf hl'df'H and fur. Will pny the market price, Alw want nil kind* nf Junk. ' Hon't ttlvo o.wuy your junk for nothing <Wl>, Manflold «>n Locum "tf'Ht, sif-rliuK. hefore you well. You Ret full value for your phone.**. •Al'LKY'S UPIIOLHTKKINO JIO8- pnal, ba-'omoni corner Locust nnc! Fourth Six. S5-12!. .. Al'CTIONI 13!\.m HI \Vlth year* of experlc in th» «nelli«i huiineMs will punr people for whom I have held __Dixon Homo phono, residence, II office, 'in. . <!. I'. ''. VK.V. . Al'CTIONI 1'iophet-; % wn »'l. win cry aale where. t'« '"ft 1«0 to 110 Balm 7), Hrtoronefri—Bank of l»roph« to.mi. J'ttlrvr.*. hank, l-'arm' tlo«>al hank. Farmer's phone, .•tiro and office*. white face 1 Iletefoid cow. Markeil hy opening cut t>ut near the point of 'left ear. II. J. Fuifs,' K. K. 1 i HAHWNOTON. ArCTlOt Kifcht yeni- 'micreHNfnl selling. •tfrt-J.i ;. fii.arantred. Office Wi ,:. WIIK«T. Moth phonos. SU 111, ' ^ .,'. AliHOTT, AUCTIONEER, || Stti^'k und farm Allies O. .V IIS* pur-1 Younff actross who hits risen high in niiiU-r Luniher 1*0. and ha« en(,at;etl Hi ^ I the uiovlt* world. full of the tatronitlor of-|ioluieui .......... would lM«_reu«| wiihiAu asking a i-m*-j ( ' nll>r l'»Iar tr.ietor to haul it \,> lion. ^Ah (Vne mini pui il "we huvv till t'rm ii'"inh of town' whore i! will" he had <i tawto of defeut an well IIH a utlliv.ed in nt-huMcting tint house lh,U t«»itf of vietory, »<> wlmtevi r the tun- wa* destroyed hv lire |«>t year The iT'no we are over .Ha. lltM Mi,.rk." 1nm .|,i,,,. |r'«nin» it tire c ihll.lti'.i- •.? UnWever, like all u«w»d Anii' elti-.j Not the Same Thing. of it company of the M'l.uiiti nex-t fi'i-siUI'-nt-wJuii-vef lie may hi, and j tlu.' bout of fcdiliK jilevnUx. 1 LADIES PLEASED WITH RECEIPTS.! • t»n olei-tUrn niKhl tin 1 iiuiniony «luliJ t»f tlie SI % K, chureh gave a tujijur in and Ihe iiuUilinj; l.t-ivy. tielil An ofllcfi' in «' lUfjintr.v ou Jlu* runs' 1 --* (it —•-, uii>liUij! .to time the."nni!d llrlnc." turned to i the I'timi'iiM.v and n^ked if iniyoiu- 'had _ ! it. wnlch \\illl ti heeiind linnd. Tliew " — " f \ was no iin^wt'r for n few moment, for-tnkrStains. ; ;ITwliFtiT«ili>~ »f ltft r """lii«t~1f«fclt" r«j-~ Ink 8tuin»-In n airpet, jf of IOHR lnurkl ^ : »Wva«»f 4 rtr, I liuvc » must \w treutt-d with osullc na ,,d oiu»," Special Demonstration and Sale Great Majeslic Ranges "The Bange With a Beputation" , FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, COMMENCING MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13 _ t This $8JO set o! Ware-or set ot Aluminum Ware-Free As u Knot-mi iudiU'iMiU'ut iluriujjf imr tlinnoiiMnjUuit wctj'l. only, \vo -\vill #ivc with <«ut« IIUIM|M»IIH* set -of K'itt'lu'H ware us illu,>iratt'cl. J0vt»ry pUu-o Cattle ., ---Sheep SH close dfi>'» Kstimtttvd, riS.ttOO; next woek, 240,- IHH). CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chicago. 111.. Nov. 11. Wheat — No. 2 red. $1.83 3-4SI 1,87 3 red, 7-8; Xo. 2 hard winter, |l,VO$r*l.til; No. 3 hard win:eiv*l.g«(»;i.sai-2; No/4'Tiurd wln- 'er^ll.OiV N"\v «*nn:-Xu. 3 yellow, JU'iiti 1.02t No, 4 jellow, »9; No. 5 whltn 94; No. 4 mixed, U9tf'i,mi; No. I mixed, 97 l»2 <iM Corn — No, .« yellow, Jl.fcC l-l*; No. >5 \vliitf, SJ.DO. tmt«-«-No. 2 white. 58 1-2 'f 57; No, S white. f.V'fSG; No. 4 whitf. W5( ,/, 1-,', 503-4 Il.-u'h y— i •ash' I {ye —No ,sale;». iiiUU.uit \*>H (It • (" ilttt'll'l till Everybody , welcome /u \vill ;n Ullili'," mi i, PHELPS HARDWARE CO, 309 First Aveuue STERLING CITY MARKETS • (Corrected Dftlly.1i (Monti Dillon .,$6o ..80*; LEGAL NOTICES •******'****i*'^***^i*i*^*'^''*i*\r%i*i**^i u s*&*ji^^ , ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. KiitjiitMif Jiiirbuni llt'ndrlekf, ilcceas- ed. • v . Tin 1 urtden>lv>u*fl havitiR heen ap- polntod administrator of the estate of iiarharu Hendri.'k*.'lute of the County of WhltexIUe nnd '•I tte of Illlnolw, tie- ceased, hereby «•*''•» notice tlin't'lu- will npppir before the County Court of Whlt*«.«-l«le County, ^t t'l" Court HouHe In Morrlxon, at •' » .lanunry ternj," on the flr»t Monday MI Jan»i! rj Ur^t. at which time all -H-minK '•••>'> •iiiicvclnlnw a«aln«t jmijd esUiio arc i.tltle<J nn«l r*«qut»«te\i to aupn ; for u« purpone o' have ihw T«uuc nriliutit'j AH peivsoiiit itul hteci , t«nid ei-tatc ar«' r<HiiH«Kted to make immediate p.iy- mt-nt to the undorhlffncd. . Dated th»« Kith day of Novenib r. A. i>. IS»;G. i William L yi.-nilri.-K-, -• • '• «\dminl»itr.itor. J. J. I.udcnx. Attorney. Xt,v. 10. •:. •> CHANCERY NOTICE. Xcw No. 3 yplluw rorit ...,.,, New No. 4 yellow rorn U'hltP tlKitH ,,.,,,...,.,-, No. 3 ntjxvd oat« ,,..,., UVE STOCK, (Pipjwt Bros. & C«ie.) .steers ,....,,..,. .,,,.J'«.tfj«j,|0.8C State o Whit :.'.dn County, • n C.lty CinirL ^jvc-niher term, A. D 1916. JoMi'|i!;|in 1 lei ID inn. Compliiinunt. V.-s. Aisaiiah T, Halt, JOH.-I.II C, Dullock tnd v-'-n'|'ii' T, (Unit and Joseph (' Itiilloi-k at lixei-ifttuw aiid Ti'.i'-tivii ol he l.tHt \VI|l and T*«taM''!$t ««' NVI^oi- 'I'ifoii. '!eceiu*ed; .Mri''on |!n,s.s Nalii-i •«rl IV IJullftt-k. A!U-V> K. Hullock. »Vr- hit IJiillofk KnNom. William J{, Fol. o,m, Paul T, tuilC .Mary \. Unit. Thorn- is Mather (if liviuu). the widow, hpli> «rui-:.\uii) FAU.M Tld.H irood furin contains H)i> $»cre* ae.d Is located in LulSnuiKe Countv in om- -of Indiana'* moid' prof-peroilf farmiriK comm mil lien, only 3 or 4 inileti from Hcvorul K'>od market towitit, -*i of n mile from xclitKil: cliuri-lio.H of vnriuuK tl<'nomination* in netirhy tuwiiK. The H-'il is* what «e call stiKur hmm; liiyJnw prar- .ticiilly level, all in cttltivuiion aial fairly well tiled. The buildings ar»- m exc«-lleut efindltlon confixtlnK oi a 2-xtory ! -iuom frame hotiwe, modern In n Kreat • many way:-", wood house, tine lutrn 4(»xW*. poultry hoUhe, oi»rn rrili and wagon nhi-d c<unblned It IH w«'ll fenced with woven vvlr«s nit e youim orehaid of ahout 30 tre«^ and a wind puni|i. Tho roadH ui>- Well jjraveled, tu-iKhiioriiiK farms* an welt improved ,hnd It would l>e tH,t~ ftoult to find a hettr-rcommuuity in which to r«»hid»>, 1'rici" |13<i.<U) pel acre. Write for further p.irtiruhii> and n,vk for the HM6 H>>d Hook, tin moxt complete 'find most rellahh l-'arm Huyer'n Outdo. U will ulvf- you full information re^iti'dinK Htruiu .i.'u-iliiv Farms In tho heat wrtlonx of li.lri'i. Ohio, HIlnulK, Southern On- t.iiS-. MintiPMOtn and Nurth DnUotu TI'" Strain* Brotlu<r« Co., Homo Of. floe. LiKoiilor, Ind. ' US Mutt MKN <.»H WO.MKN. CAN MAKI m, dt^y. Sell Yunoco Comph-xioi ' i'-unlie.s. Mirrors nnd oilier l'"r«ncl U.'i-y Toilet AccoHwirloK Approprlnti T> i* flirt*-',mnn glflH. Write- for pur-" ;!^nl:»'->". Yuiiucu Ivory Ci>., Leomin- .! -r. Mn««. j is» i-'i'i; »t.K—FK\V CH01CK IHTItOC .)'•(«••> uule piKS. Cull »r«*ilHJiie ilil MitrlMd,.. Murrixnn. lloth phonc-H, Ah call* promptly yuur d«t<-H t-.'trly. Phono 2GOY tun!. " xTST fiKNTIty, AirOTlONI unhoy. III. l-'urm and live wlock Fannor'a I and 15 monthly; no Interest or hltthiy productive, land; clou* to J. markelM. Write for photograph*! full Informatton. Wunger A-173" Life nidjf., Kun»u» City, Mo, FOB BENT . . ,.~-*^wwv~~><».'»~ . _ _ KOU RKNT-KOOMS. FOR huusekeepliiK In modem house., hlockx from town. Call evening*it or 5:30. 8 W'ost KOH HKNT- OKFICR SU1TK. JC llarpluun Ulock. Bell phone KOONC FOR Modern convenlenejsn. Bell 20U-W. Kt)H UKNT— MOT5B11N Third St. -Inqulro A. I* H< b-OB MlttCr— 7-HQOM ALti i>ru hoiitie nt !10S Sixth Tho Hoy ti. \Voodw 8tor«. FOH RKNT ~ MO»Kir7 , room |IOUM». 801 Third Ava, Henry IJrcldlng, corner <th «nil; FOU lONT-BUtCK HOU8H' modern,'nix mornx and liuth. CJ l-'iftlL Ave. Apply .1. li. PhUlp<.I J10t ' and oi Mather (If hi l4»nihs ............. , ....... JC-OOTi ,;,. Iwmy ...... ,.,....., ....... f 8,Su LOCAL RETAIL MARKET, (Sterling lH«j't Htore, . Patry— Retail. . cifumur> butter .,'..,.., D*ury butter ., ( KK» Nev. pttui'f, j-,er . * *«'!»-] > , en, n ..... , em h . IM: h-tiuif, bum H Tl ftp, illllu'll . . , . ;»« ui kvi'i'fif, e,n |i N U (.ublMrii. Hi, .,. do«di, Uri Manlv, .loh-n t'alhoun H.. KidK-lv. .1. Culhoun, X. H A', 11. K"<i4'!ey. l?r( Mnnlo) tt« TriHiees* oKt»»» State Uttiik of 1)11- nolfi, nitil ax as:'U:nre,« < f the tHrei'toi-ii and Ci in • .- »f UajiU of Jlliuuis, A, ' !:•'«, •lo, ,loj>n 1*, iJinu* ! "K Itlith \\'lttcnheu{. .In- unknown own< •.outhi-rly half of 1<< .f Hiuadwny In Ui \Vhttl-: id Law- thf Wittenhcij '•nets i\f t'ln LEGAL NOTIOB •w*Mr ^w^^rv'^rvrv^f^Ow^s^v*, LEOAU iNOTICE. State of iliiiuiis, \VI«li>jilo Cuuuty, C'ity of StecllUK. In flio City Court of SterllnK. White- dde County, Illinois, to the N«voml»c«i term. A. 1>. 1916, JSthol Archer vs. Fred J* Arohor. lill KOK KKNT—W-IUKJM „„ ^ lUth Avt>. Imjujro M. U, Itutt,: 19th Avij, " -"' for IJivorcn. Due. ntfid.ivit ., tlmt the uhovo nnmrc " !il!.c.k :;,•(, West fit- of h:i -line and .State oi illi- To the nbitvf nuuud AiTiit.'ivitf. h.uiiit; lit-t n liji-ci In th< thov»» entitled eauw HM h'y- law mtuir- wl. «it the office of tlic'elerk of '•.<< f,, .o^r - n\ i: iiwti uu.i.s Fi^ *' '''Ml tU \V II . J"lin->'U., SiMi \Vt'M ' f'«'i!tt for the purj)4>w of procuriiifj jurisdiction by publication, notice in hereby Kiven to TliomtiH Mather, tif livins 1 of Thomas Muthw Uf he he dead), I'r' Manly, John Calhouii, NichohiM H Itiiltfoloy. J. Calhoun N. H; KidKoU-y, X ||. HidKi'iey. rrl Jhinh-y, as Tui.stef-»- of'tho Ftwlo Bank of llllnolx. and :ls an. signt'CK of tlie ("resident, Ull'cctcrw jun 1 Company of (he ^tato {Sank of llllnolt. tin-1 unknown •ivMie'r or owner-* of tin -tuth.-i Iv half of Lot Thn e. HUM k Tldr t.s-i-!i;ltt. \\'i->t of UtuadwHV, in the iMtj of Kuniln«, Count.v of %Vhlli,»hliU' anil Slate of. lllitiot* tn.-tt t 1 .'- lihuve nanuul i.l In tin'-. »)'uit l« i hill ef i-ontplatnt in the-iiluive itit!tt<i! t >UM-. nuiKini: the .n'.j the > tt'tin -.--IMI it^ uttst \oit .uid f.tfh of .jl'l . tl* f» »u!,tn! < ii-liu n idle t" >t -. ud I'oui t i.» lie U.-li i > »/-• r 'ri.uuti.i:-' \\ . : J .- i. f *i 'J Ml- I'll in!i. i. A Whit. -1,1, , d st i'i \t'-l' I !\ I! . 'Il ,1 ,\ I i' ''.I'' '* '" ', t '.C-. .^1. «t H < I, ! Hill- .(.<i Kt-'l, »..» ")f,n"; r?-' "tlfrj*- -,-i laii! (,, - i|,t ^ J. ill i. II- s- « ii tK l'.u;.i' n U i!.' Ac !!.• . l. i t- UviK'j,, U'U, *j| H $ 'Y. 4. »., .«> j i'i d< dofeiidmu, Kud t*. Ari-hei 1 , Is u non- rexident .of the County of Whilcxidi and j^tato «>f Illinois, having lit'on lljf'i in lh«- ofTlce of fho. Clerk of the C|t> ''ci.n "f Kterlint. notlcw is Uo/rrUy «lv •i .it iho'Miiti Kred I«. Ar<-her that HaU 'tUpSnitiiiut l»f'|-ftlifol"t> Hied liU' hill fo- \'Tee In faid t'uurt on the cltuiti i «<r> »i ie thereof; that a fauinmoiih in «uli cn»4M> lia*« IMVU IMSIUH! out of niid Coin' iji.iiuht .Haidjjdefendaut, ivturtmhle ti tlu> wild Cutirt on the flrM duy of tlu ac.\t Xovoniljor leim thereof to"he heli it '..i. Court Hound In tin? City t»f Hter- .' j. in mud County on Duo third Jdun I,IA in Novemher. A. i>, IHid. an i-t tij MV. miuirod, which otitino !-•< >till p'-nd- inn aiul undetermined in tut Id Court, * Karl 1.. Jies8. Clork «f M-iiii I'ourt. I' \V. K, Mite-hell, Hidicitoi- for {',,m i»' ,in;uit,- tict, il. "S. .Nov. 4, II PUBLICATION NOTICE. State of lllitiolH, 1 I'ovnty of \vtdit'xldo, J-M4. < it> Court .of' She City of .StviHn-- \'c\««inln-r 'l^-iin, A. U. I'.Mt.. , l'4oreiice >,ul|,ud \H Chat it* SailKi|«! AtTit.-'.il of the uou-ii >.id--n(' , i>i d f the tU'li ,I!MI\I FOB KKNT—U-liOO&l IKH'SH! modern Imprtivementa, West 6th»J H, LeBoy Oalt. KOU UKNT IMirtly modern, on \Vo«t IJell f»a?-lll. KOU UKNT—0-HOOM IIOU8B. Whlto, 1103 2nd St. «|. FOE •'OH HAhW~"IO 1 1 ISA U PJJUEI I'olund China hoar«, Including ; head fall yeujdlngM. On 14ncoln 3 ( » tnileM en»t.of Morrison, ftriio phomv ,SJmon /OH altiu choice lot iliunpMl'iiru and Jeis<vy Hho«ta. \Vooluwu .a' ivtiid Court, notiic I.- luii-liv i;H4ii t.i tlie >-aid iion-U'HiH uf iLtt t 1 ,. eouiplayvun h,>t, tHed hei lull "f cmii- l»l-Mltl JJi !-J!d t'uuit, «tid a ,»iiln- nii>n>> tl*i*i<*upon i>.9>Ufd out ot w.iiil «'oitlt a.' .said d»fend,uil . 11 t in n- jl'lt on ih>> HIM d iv t.f lit, 1,1 M t^rin }H , - i> it.j- »'jt\ i,f .<-,ti 11" • >,i 1 :• I M • ,1 w <>! \o\, rnf" i \ 1 • -. (-. >., ! .w i.'.jn!', ,!. \Uin h -i,'! | , n 'niiii',' u,il iin 1. , h i uiri. i .1 ,u '••in t I. >it Ij. 'tii •>• Cl. i K». lu U>r • «>(,-! Hi. .'A. Xm. -J,. U FOB-WAUO-FOU HUUH'r TIMES •iioti^e and lot. corm-r Fourth tiixlll A^e. <}ood local loir, e contlitton. CalJ -101 Kas '«>n -SAI.I; ,v Hi'oTT w-eivlu r>no HIM ..Broke f.'Clls Kenlle. Will price" 14 .M, 1. I'addt'ii} AlorrlMHi phone) 951 •OU SAM-; CHHAI* IF l once heaid roal hitrnev, JiH"> \V*eHl Seventh St. lu.NCV KoU HAI.H I.A.ST ptite fXtiaeteil or vniiih.. Will dfi JIHJM. L Uou-.c.' licli l Kl\i l7* POTATOlg tin "•!», MY C VK O!' KAHi.V- li"'.-- VI. ill In- In i«- iin or * 1">. M U W, Eye and i If uiiU _ CORRECTLY FITTED ' c tre ^ 8TERI.IHG, 8 E. Third

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