Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1968
Page 11
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. 1968 ,P? »<&, ^ L ijTMsba AND HANDS dominate this picture. The human lories belong to Kerry Regan, an Inspector at Bulova's | Jackson Heights, N.Y., plant. Delicious Divinity Candy Tops Off New Cookie Treat t *^^^^^ ; i*?^jiyft' r cup sugar cup water '/ 4 cup light corn syrup Divinity Candy Cookies 1 A teaspoon vanilla Va cup coarsely chopped I egg white Pinch salt pecans or walnuts 20 to 24 Hydrox cookies MMiniit: . Hide oir^tir TOM A, CUlUN n Staff MAftlS - ' NBA* - Passengers aboard the French aero- train, the world's fastest. train, fasten their seat belts just as though they were about to take off in a plane. The train driver, who Is called the pilot, wears an astronaut's helmet instead of the regulation locomotive engineers peaked cap. And just to make matters more confusing. the train has no wheels, And yet, after riding in H, I am convinced that the aero* train, which holds the world's speed record at 212 miles per hour. Is the transportation of the future. This wheelless vehicle, which is still in the experimental stages, works on the hovercraft principle by gliding along on a cushion of air. Engineers have not yet been able to eliminate the aero- train's noise, which is equivalent to that of a jet plane at take-off, but it rides remark- ably smoothly, with very little jolting or vibration. the aertrtrain fides o« Its alf cushion one-tfcnth of an inch above a concrete tmck which. In cross-section, looks like an Inverted T. the full-scale model *fll cafrv 84 passengers at speeds up to 2sO m.p.h,, and the French hope to have It in operation between Paris and Orleans, a distance of 70 miles, by the early 197ns. Moreover, the French ap» pear to have at least a two- jear lead over the rest of the world In the development of such ti vehicle. The British, In particular, have been caught napping, as the hovercraft Is basically a British Invention. In their eagerness to exploit the hovercraft'* ma* Hue aspects, (he British sponsors evidently overlooked some of Its land applications* and It Is only now that they are beginning to work on a hovcrtraln, which wilt use a linear Induction engine. Meanwhile, the aerotrain has become very fmieh a prCs- HUP project, wHh Prtsident do Gaulle's government pour* Jnt; money Info it, fn their ef* forts to establish superiority In this field, fhe government has even discovered that a Frenchman, touls '-.01 r ft r d, was experimenting Wlh trains that rode'on a film of air or water as far back as 1880, The nerotrain Is the brain child of Jean Berlin, a brilliant engineer and designer, who did much of the preliminary work on the Concorde, the supersonic airliner which the French are developing In conjunction with the British. Merlin's first workshop was a dingy room in the Hue DCS Patures in Paris reached by climbing rickety wooden stairs. Today, he has his own laboratories outside Paris which employ 600 engineers and research scientists, The aerotrain is only a small part of their work, which Includes projects In the fields of space physics, electronics and Hero- the neroJralw's trial runs have Inker! place «« ft dtsnsetf riflhtiiv siding at Onmet?,, M miles 'sortlfr of Paris* where four mile* of concrete track have heett ewftsfrweterf, Ilefe the sleek flHirrtlnttffi vehicle attained » speed of MB m.p.n, a! Us first trial run In March, IWfi. By mining rockets Iw the 28(1 h.p. A it! e f I can engine which gave the a«ifotrt»tn Its P r o p «i $ f tt n, it* sputvl was boosted to tS!i m.pJh, In f)e« cemher, IflfiB, and IB the 118- m.p,h. record n year later. the French already hoi;l the world's spec J r e c o r d—195 m,p,h.—for conventional loco« motives. The next step wilt be (o construct « 12-mile strelch of elevated concrete track at Orleans which, when completed in October. 1969, will enable the 84-passenger. full-scale model aerofraln to be tested. This Is In preparation for the Paris-Orleans service. The French government, however, envisages that the aero'rain's greatest moneymaking potential will bo on short intcrurban or suburban runs, such as connecting city Variety Meat Conies to Fame In Peppery Soup r If I IWiB L*t ft rlly ftt tfcfr ktUle If you wmiM property iwtcotti* f « mtft how* oft n blustery <toy! Pepper Pol i* * favorite the P*nn.«ytv«rtt* Dutch Iftt food they WpHflS. tf,'« by men tor its ef wRfeft from both tfc«* flr««ft p«f(p«t welt M tftff upte*. Mack and amvwthwM rmrf and centers with airport*. I ttiiKe I the flcroh-flln's pilot if he \vus not frtghtentfu ftt traveling 2li m.p.h, in an untried vehicle, but Iw merely laughed, .The «crotr»!n Is »s easy -to nainlle »$ «n,v other locomotive; he sal.l. H c»n he stopped by broke* gripping the concrete ntli. or in nn eniergpne,y the air cushion eon h« turned off The sent belts. the pilot explnln«tt, were not realty ntfeossarv fnt (he pnssengcrV snfoty.' but were there simply because the ifisurftncie company insisted, After driving tho aerolraln the pilot, who was an cxperl* onced locomotive engineer, said he would never again be satisfied driving n dlcscl or an electric trnin. »MtMM»M« Puff** Pot 4 slices twen«, dtetd i onion, diepd I tfe*ti fxsppw, (JtefciJ 3 quarts toup stock of t»e£ hmtitten t pmtnd honeycomb trip* 1 teaspoon *«tl $4 teftstNm pepper 3 potatoes, diced 3 tablespoon* flour 2 lAbtenpoon* drippings H cup mtlfc Brown b«con, Add onion flnrt grtcn p*pp«r. Cook slowly 8 minute*. Add stock «ml trip* which hiU b«en washed And shredded. S«(uion, Stmmef At leant one hour. Add potatoes and cook for 30 mtmitss. Mix tho flour and dripping* to n smooth paste and thicken soup, Add milk J«*l before *»rvinf. Yield: 3 -1* K." No one is more delighted than a child to find his food fixed in an imaginative new way. Next time you prepare a lunchbox or are plannjng a youngster's •party, why not whip; up some old-fashioned divinity candy to •glorify those ever-popular creme-filled chocolate wafers. You •simply beat a heated syrup mixture into an egg white, and top lyour cookies with the fluff mixed with chopped nuts. Be sure to put enough of these special cookies in the lunchbox r school friends, too. Half your child's fun will be in showing vhat a good cook you are. Follow these simple directions: Place sugar, water and syrup in saucepan over moderate boat; -stir until dissolved. Scrape any grains of sugar on sides of pan down Pinto mixture with rubber spatula. Cook mixture over moderate Iheat, without stirring, to 265°F. on candy thermometeror until the Imixture forms a ball in cold water (drop a bit orfyttip in cool (water; the syrup is ready when a soft ball forms); Meanwhile (beat egg white with salt until mixture hold stiff peaks. Pour syrup • little by little over the egg white, beating all the while with an •electric mixer or egg beater. (Keep syrup over very low heat until lit is used up.) When all syrup is beaten in, add vanilla. With large [spoon, beat in nuts and continue to beat until mixture stands up (well and loses its shiny appearance. Drop by heaping teaspoon- Ifuls onto Hydrox cookies. When completely cool store in airtight container. : 20 to 24 pieces. HOMES FOR AMERICANS SECOND FLOOR PLAN of a two^tory hous? is mpre square fe^t of habit' able area per dollar spent. In Plan HA536V, a center hall keeps trafiic between active areas to a minimum. The ^unken family room permits access to the rear play area prbugh large glass doors. A lavatory and laundry equipment are located nearby. The kitchen has spaoe for a incite set for less formal meals. The second floor contains pour large bedrooms. A five-foot-wide linen closet is pf 0r in addition to abundant bedroom closets. Qytside, looks like part of the house. Architect Herrnan .i 161 S:,7lm»i«. N.Y., 1143?, desjgned %8 (square feet on the first floor and 1,024 feet on the second floor. PLAY KROGER'S New Game... PUV 6 FASCINATING CASH WINNING GAMES AT ONCE Plus a sura BONUS WINNER... up to 500 FREE TOP VALUE STAMPS 3* U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef Shoul KOQSt Lb. U.S. Choice Tenderay Boneless Boston / Roll Roast u 79( Fresh, Lean Ground Beef 5 & $2" U.S. Choice Tenderay Cubed Beef Bucket Steaks IP 99* Center Cut buck Roast Fresh Picnic AJ%A Pork Roast 39$ U.S.D.A. Grade 'A' 10 to 14 Ib. I VI Mw W * ttiM»»*itn+tiM*»ii**LD»%iT v V Fres-Shore Fish Sticks " Sea Measure Breaded Pieces Shrimp 2 BO* Whiting 5e L , b ,95( Sliced Canadian Bacon Lb $1 W Real Smoked Flavor Bacon ^; c T d 4 BO, 99< Tender and Tasty 8? Pork Chops u 49( nk Half Ham u59* Morrell E-2 Cut Butt Half Ham U 69* Country Club Canned Horn 10 & $7" Armour Star or Kwick Kook All Meat Franks 100 Jump i with purcho* el (your eh»lc«) l-H. Q«t»jn CKocPltt* 01 MMJU-oi. OH Fnhlont* EM Milp ...-CAKE ...... ". 100 Slwpi wlUi my l«i« pack w cn ... BATTERY.... 100 Sitmpi oiui Mil ,.„ RAZOR BLAPES ......... 100 Simp i with 4-ot. beltU KttJM PURE VANILLA _- EXTRACT .................. SO SIMP i w(th I p*cki|ii Kraftr CHUNK CHEEtE 50 Slwpt with 0-ct. PM-„ Kiepr TEA BAQS ........ 50 SlM«p» «ltk 2pKki|«l -, Kr»|« NUTI. ............. SO SIMP i wltk 7 pKkiitt C«vnlqr Ov«« COOKIE! (•utpl 1-ti, .. 25 „ a a a a a a a .. „ CM AEftOBAX ............ LJ 25 StMPI wlU l-l(. pk|. laptrld STICK HABOARINE..., miuiiiiiniiio with tftii co^wn «nd }5 91 jcdi ti on j I pucdjjt totucco. Good Uvough IHI. ce Cream Woi'on Weat Loat Roast Beet Salisbury Steak Chicken hihn Chip Spaghetti and Mt'Jt Turkey Frozen Dinners Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits Hunt Fruit Cocktail Hawaiian Punch Kroier Pineapple-Grapefruit 1-qt, Fruit Drink ..................... "c'i;29( Alma Green and White Lima Beans .............. 2 1 '-25t Alma Grt. Northerns "" 10< Alma Early June Peas 1-qt. 3%£$1 Avondale Frozen Crinkle Cut Cut Potatoes SB?; 69* White or Golden Bush Hominy "&]()< Van Camp Mb. Pork n' Beans 13 &29* Pride of Illinois Cream Style Com ?&" 4'&$1 Pillsbury Plain or Self-Risini Flour 5 Hi 55< Pillsbury Hungry Jack Buttermilk Pancake Mil Del Monte Catsup 4 '&!: $1 PfiCfi ilfictivt Thwufcy, Friday »t Fttwtri ft, n, and 24, I'M. (jywlily ri|Mi rit«nrt4. C«pyrltht 1)64. Tk* Km|« Co. SUNRISE FRESH PRODUCE GUARANTEE: Cm; ;Klii|f ol Jiffy Frosting and Cake Mixes °p?i:10* Uel-0-^n White or Byttermilk Mb. 4U&S1 -Bread Saran Wrap .............. 3K$1 White or Ai?9rte4 Aurora Tissue Regular or Drip Kroger Coffee 2 & $1" Evaporated Carnation Milk 6^88< Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Upton Teo 2'%if 35* Maryland Club sunrise FRESH DISCOUNT PRICES ON HEALIH & BLAUIY AIDS Uiprin(Sive40?) Mouthwosh Bin S[ijv ISj<8 SSf) Deodorant of Eitri Hold gel (Save 46f) Breeze gg^ 4-lb. 1-oz. Boj A/kanjiJ Grown Collards Purple Top Variety Turnips U-5. NQ. I Yello* Onions Qolijen grown instant Potatoes Potatoes FREW *M itn toil \\ of fill r*ol(ci ilM M /ou( Tins Grapefruit 5 if, 59* 3 u, 29t All DippityDo Kroger Mayonnaise «n?Jf Red Radishes 2 New Crop Yjlenci^j Oranges 5 29t 49t Peat 50 Ui 99t 5twm, 4-5 ft. ;i;i Pecan Trees Ffgit, Sfe$d«, Flote(in| Trees Fresh Gr Fresh Green ft. Head 15

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