Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 12, 1964 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
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Thursday, March 12, 1964
Page 11
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Liston sued for breach of contract DENVER (UPI) — Former world heavyweight boxing champion and ex-convict Sonny Liston, caught speeding down a Denver boulevard with a pistol in his pocket, today faced the possibility of a 10-year nris on. term under a Colorado law. Liston, who lost his heavyweight crown to Cassius Clay two weeks ago, also received more bad news Wednesday when he was sued for $1,150,000 for breach of contract. Last week, Liston's formeri publicity manager, Ben Bently, sued him in Chicago for back pay. Liston ser\'ed two terms on felony charges in Missouri in the 1950s, totaling more than three years. Denver police said they had asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington to forward Liston's police record to Denver. Determining Law Detective Harry Wolfer said officers were trying to determine whether a concealed weapon charge filed against Liston Tuesday constitutes felony under a Colorado 1 a w passed by the Colorado Legisla ture in 1963. The law provides felony charges may be filed against a convicted felon found to be carrying a weapon. Conviction carries a 2-10 year sentence. Liston served a term in the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferjon City from May, 1950, to Oct., 1952, on first degree robbery charges, and a nine- month sentence in the Missouri County Workhouse after pleading guilty to assault to kill. Several hours after Liston freed himself from Denver- jail by posting $300 bond, he learned of the breach of con tract suit filed in New York Supreme Court by his former manager, George Katz. Attach Assets Katz alleged Liston owed him $150,000 as a share of Liston's earnings through October, 1963 The court allowed Katz to at tach up to $100,000 of any as sets LJston might have in New York. BenOey's suit alleged Lis ton owed him $116,000 in back pay. The Denver charges filed against Liston included careless and reckless driving, speedmg 76 miles an a 30-mile- pcr-hour 2one, driving without a valid operator's permit, and carrj'ing a loaded 22 - caUber pistol. By JULIUS BOROS DloPEN CHAMPION THE GRIP Most people don't realize it, but the primary difference be twcen a good golfer and a bad one lies in the grip — probably the most basic element of any player's game. Without a sound grip, your chances of ever becoming good golfer arc quite remote. There are several ways to hold a golf club. For instance, the 10-finger grip — also some times tagged the baseball grip —finds all fingers on the club with the thumb of the left hand snuggUng into the palm of the right. Until two weeks before the 1952 U.S. Open, I employed the overlapping grip. This grip finds the litUe finger of the right hand lapping over the forefinger of the left Then one day I hit a few shots using the interlocking grip which found the forefinger of my left hand lying over and locking with the little finger of my lower hand. This grip felt so good to me that I used it m the Open — which I won. I stayed with the interlocking grip until 1960. Then my THIS GRIP finds (he litUe finger of (he right hand lapping over the forefinger of the left. knuckles and fingers — especially those that interlocked — began to feel strained. I found also that this grip was causing me to fade the ball to the right. In 1960 I switched back to the overlapping grip which I now use and recommend. iFrom the book. "Par Golf or Belter" by Julius Boros. Copyright by Prentice-HaU, Inc., Englewood Cliffs. TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU BBOW Frank Howard announces retirement VERO BEACH, Fla. (UPD- Slugging outfielder Frank Howard of the Los Angeles Dodgers today announced his retirement from baseball in a letter to General Manager E. J. Buzzie Bavasi. "I have been quite serious about quitting smce last fall, Howard continued in his letter. "I'm sorry I waited so long but I wanted to be sure of my final decision. I know I won't make anywhere near as much money outside of baseball but money isn't the cure for all iUs." Howard and Bavasi had stated in negotiations in spring that the big outfielder's prolonged holdout was strictly a "personal matter." Club President Walter O'Malley said that he hoped Howard will change his mind. He conceded Howard's decision was a blow ta the team's hopes of winning the National League Pennant again but added, "Uiese things happen in base- baU." HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - A musical composition emphasizing the relationship of jazz to people provided a joyful exper ience Wednesday night on the season's final Leonard Bern stein television concert for youngsters. The series of four CBS-TV programs, which will return next season, had "Jazz in the Concert Hall" as the theme of its windup hour. And the program started right off with the composition that apoeared to delight musicians and audience as well, undoubtedly, as view ers: "Journey into Jazz," an introduction to the subject for youngsters, with a charming narrative accompanying the passages. The narrative was wTitten by jazz critic Nat Hentoff, and de livered by Bernstein, who turned the conducting over to the young American composer of the piece, Gunther Schuller. Bernstein, who has an enviable way of humanizing his programs, added a warm touch before the selection began. by introducing SchuUer's father, a member of the New York Philharmonic which then played the composition. It would have taken a hard man to resist the contagious fun of the occasion as expressed by the violinist who sat behind Bernstein and couldn't stop smiling as t h e piece and the story progressed. The second selection was yet another treat. Aaron Copland, the composer - conductor - pianist, was on hand to play his Concerto for Piano and Orch- estira," which he wrote in the 1920s and which reflected the theme of Wednesday night's program in its pioneering spirit of an earlier era. Bernstein finished off the evening by presenting work by another young man Larry Austin, an assistant pro fessor of music at the Univer sity of California. The composi don was called "Improvisations for Orchestra and Jazz Solo ists," and it culminated in furious, hair - raising finish that is best left to the music critics to describe. Some viewers and members of the young audience may have been be wildered and devastated by this piece, but never let it be said that Bernstein is afraid to expose listeners to the excitement of experiment and daring. He is a good m a n to trust Uie kids with. The Channel Swim: Carolyn Jones is reported signed for ABC-TV's upcoming situation comedy series based on the Charles Addams cartoon characters. . .Don Ameche and Betty Hutton appear on the same network's "Greatest Show on EarUi" March 31 as a promoter and a musical comedy star. Carl Reiner will be the host of CBS-TV's new half-hour quiz show, "The Celebrity Game," which bows in the night of April 5. ..NBC-TV's "Today" program offers a two-hour salute to songwriters Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen March 20. . .Rita Hayworth is scheduled for the cast of ABC- TV's Oscar awards show April 13. Griffith, Duran escape barrage of l)ottles ROME (UPI) - Welterweight champion Eraile Griffith and Argentina's Juan Carlos Duran, lucky escapees from the barrage of botUes and other objects during their riotous "no-contest" fight, today awaited possible action by Italy's boxing federation. Whether their purses would be held up pending an investigation was not immediately known, following the "suspension" of their scheduled 10- round bout at 2:47 of the seventh round Wednesday night in Rome's Palace of Sport. Referee Fernando Pica suspended the bout when the barrages of bottles, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes and other mis siles from the booing 12,000 spectators threatened injury to the Ixixers and himself. He did not name a winner. Griffith of New York was not risking his 147-pound crown, for he and Duran scaled above that weight limit. Emile weighed l54Vi pounds; Duran, 154 =4. Griffith angrily blamed the referee for his many warnings against "butting and fighting witii my head low." The champion claimed the referee apparently forgot Uiat "I am a good sLx inches shorter than Duran." IN HOLLYWOOD Eddie's fracMed friend has a'p! By Ersklne Johnson Blades keep pace, defeat Vancouver 8-2 Brodie man to beat at golf . PALO ALTO, Calif. (UPI) Punts and passes gave way to •pitches and putts today as the first annual Pro Football Golf Tournament got underway here. San Francisco Forty Niner .quarterback John Brodie, who had a fling on the pro golf circuit, was considered the man to beat and a host of pro football stars of past and present were on hand to try to do just that. The two-day event takes place over Uie Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club, culminating in a big awards banquet Friday night. Signs with Eskimos EDMONTON, B.C. (UPI)— Bob Hucklebridge, a former guard at Louisiana State University, has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. He will join Ljim Amedee as the second LSU graduate with the Eskimos. WHL standings W LTPtsGFGA Denver 43 22 2 88 258 191 Portland 30 29 6 66 215 217 Los Angeles 29 29 8 66 204 231 San Fran. 29 34 3 61 209 246 Seattie 27 31 6 60 228 206 Vancouver 24 37 3 51 210 233 'Wednesday's Results Portland 4 San Francisco 0 Los Angeles 8 Vancouver 2 Thursdey's Schedule No games scheduled. CUTTING NEW TOOTH ALCOY, Spain (UPI) - Mrs. Pilar Carbonell was very surprised when she opened her mouth, looked in the mirror and saw she was cutting a new tooUi. She is 92 years old. By United Press International Rookie goaltender Dave Kelly of the Portland Buckaroos had gone more than 120 minutes without giving up a score today. He turned in his second con secutive shutout Wednesday night to the delight of 5,687 Buckaroo fans as Portland shut out San Francisco, 4-0 in a Western Hockey League battle. Los Angeles meanwhile kept pace with Portland by handing Vancouver an 8-2 thumping. Both Portland and Los -Angeles seem likely to wind up in the playoffs now along with Denver. The Bucks and Blades are tied for second with 66 points apiece. San Francisco has 61 points and Seattie 60, but the Totems have played two fewer games than the Seals and would seem to have the upper hand in the struggle for the fourth playoff slot. The Seals are at Seattie Friday in a big batUe. In Wednesday's whitewash at Portland, Kelly had to block but 22 shots as the Seals had a hard time getting their offense going. Dick Van Impe and Dallas Smith scored first period Portland tallies and Doug Jlessier and -Archie Schmautz added two clinchers in the final stanza. Los Angeles built up a 4-1 lead over Vancouver after (he first period and coasted home. The Blades offense was a real juggernaut as Jtarcel Paille of tiie Canucks blocked 45 shots as well as letting eight get by. Norm Johnson and Stan Maxwell led the Los Angeles stam pede with a pair of goals each. Motiier nice crowd of 7,102 turned out at Los Angeles for that one. Howie Young, former "bad boy" of the National Hockey League, gave the crowd a laugb by turning up before the game wearing a Beatle \vig. Just before face off, he jerked the wig off and threw it into the stands, revealing a new Mohawk haircut. ACAPULCO, Mexico — (NEA) — Stefanic Powers' freckles are breaking out all over. " So are news items about the zippy miss who appears to be Eddie Fisher's new all-American girL But it. isn't the freckles on her face—and some of her freckles even have freckles — that remind you of Eddie's first love, Debbie Reynolds. What reminds you is Stefanie's chatter. It is sharp, fast and long playing, just like Debbie's. It is also witty, just like Debbie's. Like Stefanie is saying as she sits in a modest-miss-type sun dress (just like Debbie of yore) at a luncheon table overlooking Acapulco Bay: "You know what I told Ed die the oUier day? I said, 'It's funny, dad. When you first made a hit singing "Oh, My Pappa" I was riding a tricycle.' Imagine that?" "Eddie likes Uiem," Holly wood-bom and raised Miss Powers said about the freckles her make-up man is learning to hate. He has been ordered to keep most of them covered for her role in the locationing "Love Has Many Faces." But under the tropical sun of this resort the freckles pop out even while she's in a scene. The make-up lad may run out of make-up before Stefanie runs out of new freckles, it appears. But on her face they seem appropriate, matching her peppery Ulfc. It ranges from Eddie to what a girl should wear while fighting a bull. ... , She plays it a little coy about Eddie but she is high-spirited enough to quip: "Wouldn't it be funny if we rented THAT same villa in Puerto Vallarta?" A bullfight in the film had brought several Mexican matadors to Acapulco as technical experts. She had accompanied them to a nearby ranch- erio to wintess a "tienta," the testing of the young bulls. In her enthusiasm she had jomed in. To producer Jerry Bresler's horror, she had even faced a 600-ppund charger for a couple of passes. "It was exciting." she said. "The same bull once broke a girl's nose." Hugh O'Brian is slated for a "tienta" scene and "he's asked me to teach him a few passes," she laughs. A gal teaching Hugh passes will be quite a novelty. This Stefanie doll, it appears, is as good a press agent as she is an.actress. She's adaptable, at least. ^Vhen touch football came to the American scene she became addicited. Now it is bullfighting, not to mention Ed- Redlands Daily facts TJiurs., Har. M 1964 -11 QUE ANCESTORS T3yQimic3r 'Why would you want to go out to a stag dinner? Wa still hav» half a stag in the freezerl" die. So what DOES a girl wear facing a bull at a tienta? "Nothing fancy," she says, "Just a bolero and blue jeans.' Somehow we had expected se quins on her blue jeans. Happily, Miss Powers' career is zooming right along \rith her making of news. Her click in E.xperiment in Terror" had led to "McLintock," "The "New' Interns," and "Love Has Many Faces." She appears to have many 'faces, too — all freckled. Dry place to sleep PUEBLO, Colo. (UPI) -David M. Martinez ' told officers he had fought with his father Tuesday and had to leave home. Officials weren't swayed by the argument. The 21-year-old Martinez was fined $25 for .sleeping inside a dryer at an 'all-night laundromat. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads I «I1 This Car Now In Our Showroom PONTIAC TEMPEST 4 Door Sedan UCLA combo for NCAA LOS ^\GELES (UPI) UCLA's effective guard combi nation of Walt Hazzard and Gail Goodrich, who helped guide their team through a perfect season, will represent Uie NCAA in the U.S. 01.\-mpic basketball trials next month, it was announced today. NOW YOU KNOW By>Uniled Press International . The legendary Trojan War ended .in U84 B.C. when Troy fell to the Greeks after a 10- year-siege, according to the World-Almanac. 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