The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1928 · Page 23
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 23

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1928
Page 23
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JUST HUMANS By GENE CARR 1 T 1 W"M ' it ! ' . 1 Hi jew (aixii. , 'mon. Do Ya Want 'Em to Think We're Stealin th' Idea?" A BEDTIME STORY By HOWARD R. GARIS CoDvrirht 1928. bv The McClur NewsDater Syndicate NCLE WIGGILY'S SURPRISE ncle Wiggily sguippled his toes :r the warm bed clothes. ' Then twiddled his ears. Next he kled his pink nose and called to se Jane Fuzzy Wuzzyi Vill you please pull down the ain, Janie, dear!" ull down the, curtain?" squeaked muskrat lady housekeeper. "What le world for? It isn't dark yet." know it isn't." said Uncle Wig-, who had to stay in bed because lad a cold and coughed "Hochl ! Hick!" 'hen why do you want the cur-3 down?" asked Nurse Jane. 0 it will seem to be night more kly," answered Uncle Wigpily he sneezed: "Ker choo! Ker ! Ker chce!'.' h, now I know!" and Nurse Jane hed a little. "You want to have little elf come and play white lies with you again and he only :s when it is night and you nr. Isn't that it?" es," answered the rabbit gentle-, "but it was no dream. There y was a little elf and he had e marbles. I put them under the here but in the morning " 'es, in the morning there was a puddle of water where some 1 blew in your window in the t and melted" said the musk-ady housekeeper. "Fie upon your e marbles!" tell you the little elf gave mu j white marbles and I played a 5 with him and he left me a lot und white rmlls" said the bunny, s coming again tonight. Pull I the curtains please, and make irk." Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy pulled down curtains and" made it dark, ter a while, when it was really t. Uncle Wiggily went to sleep perhaps it was the mystie hour elve when he awoke'and sat up ed for he heard a noise at the ow. h, I think the little elf is coming play more white marbles witn thought Mr. LongearS. And, y enough, jn through the open ow leaped the queer tittle sprite. :a!" cried the rabbit. "I knew would come! Now I will show ;e Jane you are not a dream. II give me some more white les; won't you, little elf?" : you beat me playinij the game 11," said the queer little chap he jumped up and sat crossed like a tailor on the foot of e Wiggily's bed. Reaching into pocket, the elf took out some d, white balls and he and Uncle ;ily began to play a game using of the red rings embroidered on bedquilt in silk. icle Wiggily was a good marble ;r and he had no trouble, in ng the little elf at the game so . iLU i j - i. soon mi raooic . naa quite a. ( of the white martlet all his Then the elf said: ; is time for me to go now I'll you again' before winter 1s over, I night!" ut may I keep these white iles to show Nurse Jane?" asked e Wiggily, taking them up in paws. f course!" said the elf and ho 'led. . Longears put the marbles under Sit "Just at! I tkrcsfhib! his pillow instead of under the bed for he thought that perhaps the night before some of his little rabbit boys might have come in early in the morning and taken the first ones. Then es the little elf waved farewell. Uncle Wi&gily went to sleep. Pretty soon it was morning. Eagerly Uncle Wiggily sat up in bed and called: "Nurse Jane! The little elf came! I played a game with him. I have more white marbles! Come and see it was no dream!". As Nurse Jane came in Uncle Wiggily put his paw. under his pillow, but all he found was a puddle of water. "Oh, "my goodness!" he cried. in surprise. "What happened?" "Just as I thought!" laughed Nurse Jane. "It wasn't exactly a dream, but Jack Frost has been coming into your room these last two nights. He made some round, white marbles out of ice and you played with them. When you put them under the bed and under your pillow the warm room melted them so that, by morning, there was only water. The little elf was Jack Frost and his white marbles were chunks of ice." "Ha! Ha!" laughed Uncle Wiggily. "I guess yoi're right, Nurse Jane. Anyhow my cold is all better!" And so it was, in .spite of the puddle of water under his pillow. For the bunny no longer coughed: "Hoch! Heck! Hick!" Nor did he sneeze: "Ker choo! Ker chow! Ke chee!" But ff the pussycats doesn't scratch the new automobile for running over its tail I'll tell you next about Uncle Wiggily and the bad rabbit. STEP-WORD Br ARTHUR WYNNE .Plf He Ik to LEVE Otto Watt iDV't 1928. Associated Editors' I no. PLUMB E W4T MISS UTTtNING -4 ON THE. RADIO TQN1GHT VlLL. Wt I MA tzzzv IfPlpf Of COURSE,-) p10T OTTO SUCE NOT BECAUSE aE CAN'T CUMB ACROSS i ut. air 5HSFT TO I 1 1 UFH J FORMS Solution to yesterday's step-word; NIGHT to RIDER Jn seven steps: NIGHT, sight, Sighs, Sikhs, Sikes, Sides, Rides, RIDER. Copy't 1928, Klnir Features Syndicate. Inc. Great Britain Rleht Reserved Oldest Living Couple Married for 89 Years BELGRADE, Dec. 1. Demetrius Filienovio and his wife, Zlvana, have more than two centuries between them. They are believeTto be the oldest living married couple in the world. They were already married and living: in the Ifttle Serbian village, near Scmlin as far back as 1839.' Demetrius was then over 21 and hii wife a few years youngr. They have lived together for eighty-nine year and have a large dumber of graiidnhildren and great grand ones, Both are in fine health and can use all of their faculties. Demetrius owes much of it to his temperance. He has never smoked nor taken spirits. From time to time ha drinks a good glass of wine, but the last one was over thirty years ago. NEW VOKK rXCCKKlO! Nov. 11. Dec. 9 via the Reartlnf Line. Fsst Special Trnn leaves Har-lisburK 4.00 A. M. Arrive New York 9 80 A. M. Returnfn leaves tinm Xorlt 7.17 f. M. Far. 14.00. Adv. IIP pH I ;A.h .'. VXJJ: I fi Y W I I" j fin w v$mw. i1 j i w i i t& hi b i Jmii-'m h i it i THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISURG, PENNA., SATURDAY, THE BUNGLE FAMILY ' , DECEMBER 1, 1928 PAGE TWENTY-THREE A Midnight Conference By D. J. TUTHILL my two front teeth )hev 1-10'-; ARE HOLLOW AMD ACT tff euM oaI A-WA Vjl Aft MArHiMF-. m rM -'I A ' ivj , i. .r-n . . THROWINGi)UM DUM S 1 DON T. .BULLET3. 1 . WILL PENDING . - THE , ' , MECHANICAL "' . MAN DEMONSTRATED . MORE OF HIS REMARKABLE , ABILITY IN THE 1 COl-ONEL'S DREAMS AND GAVE JOSEPHINE SOME DETAILS CONCERNING .. HER , . . HUSBAND'3 BEFORE- DIWNER EXCITEMENT, WfWmgM 9yndlfta, tnfc. M. V. rrtD-c rcnof-cl "ThlE mechanical man i iM tOKGE.. , WtUKUC. W SAW TODAY.' HE'S ALMOST. MrruAMirAI yfyf ni isi'i rr I . in i imam mv wnDn arrfTYA. - . . . , 3 J WMWA ",l r" 4 what a scare well WMTT. m J 3torWWMMx AKY"y .Bt,rLvvJINlJ I there's no use. in yA ZTrX . W (7j -awiu. r k?F VMMWMMMMff3 V UH M 'hp me trying to rrmWA are you tUJlSSA M WPWMfc SLEEP? THE f GET ANY. MORE CMmWA AWAKE' 1 I .1 .J..--T,.i, fc..--... J f rim j I I Sf-rti hi 1 ilftiis t - s null in ml A MFrWAWirAL MAN r GEORGE BUNGLE WHO IN THE WORLD EVER talkeo YOU INTO IMAGINING THAT...? K J y i ) r rHATr sa U r spill LISTEN. I saw IT with mv own eyes SHOOK HANDS. SAW HIM JUMP, RUN, DANCE , W" ' 11.1. u VLr T iniiNU, ANJO.. ...... LISTEN, WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME THAT WAY? OH, I KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. I HAD THE SAME IDEA ABOUT MYSELF" WHEN' I FIRST tiAW THIS IRON RARV WMnc,E ANCESTORS WERE. AN OLD SEWING MACHINE AND PARTS OP" A 1918 AUTQ. m i K Pi 1 mm 1 5 ' . 1 n ma i- r7. tin -Uit I I 1 TO" BARNEY GOOGLE AND SPARK PLUG Results of Neglect ,By BILLY DeBECK whose mental powers go far be"nd thosb of the. oroinary human being, felt That somsons. Was tr-ving- To GET IN TouCM wlTH BARNEY AND AFTfeR SEVERAL HOURS OF COMGENTraTTONi WAS ABLE, To QWS BARNEY TOE ADDRESS OF A CeRTAiN HOU6B - AN& . COMMAMoeo him To Go There AT OMCE , AS US PELT THAT NEEDED HIM , ' SO FAMILIAR OH lljM SX If J. LOUCD ONLV ViV'ZS X i ,it ' wfeMtntjtK. yjhai Jk&53 SUN- BROVIGHTME cuWA OW . MVSTAH GOOGLE . AH JES" KMEVJ VO'D CUM AH PELT IT IN MAW BONES AM SEEN WISHIIS- POT YQ ALL DESS . LAST FO MONTHS -OH.MISTAH C30O&L& . SIMC& Nfc AW fvie AIN'T SEEN ToGEDDAH AH'S HAD AVJFUV. II M. - AHf BEEM SICK. VJIO DE CVJOCP AN' SPAHKY'S BEEN CAt CP WlO tUMSAGo - WAH QOC'AIESS. GOSS.AH'SGLAO Nt ALL COME ftYAH A U(4SWN&.X FEf7:L LIKE. A TeM-fvuMUTe EQQ - X SHOULD NE.JER HAMS MEGLECIED VOU LIKE "THS DVD NQU SAY SPARKY HAS BEEN " .Too ? WHATS The tA.TT WITH W(M VmEKS HAV6 NQu 50Th . SEEN ? SNlF-Sr4lF VME'S DONE TWAVELEO ALL 0fcR WYAH UNITED STATES, eoss., LOOKIN- FO- SQ- VVE VmuI IN CUBA HAlNTDCkY AM' ALASKA AN." QEO'GIA AN EQERYWWA . AHS DONE. ALL AH COULD FO- SPAHkY. MSTAH Q0O6te;i3Ur AHS ArwAID UB'S ONAH 1 Crwr Briuisj ri(hts nvnt O 1928. by Kini Fssturas Syndietu, fn T2.-I DOINGS OF THE DUFFS' Leave It to Danny By BUFORD TUNE MKS.CAPP A CAM OVER Tt SEE M5 J, TOPAV SI MKS.CAPP " -k-T" I - . r ' AllX) I MAYBE PANNY " " xffj smf SURE, JUST LEAVE h rlvvM VroBSM,TSTARTc0M,KJ6 I ( WONDERN HOW I f nwlffirtAfiE?) A ?4 -I'LL FIMP OUT HOW ifeg Lrl "Sate to tE lV U SH 'S ZjM f( I "sOLP SKE S- SALESMAN $AM Sam Picks a Name By SMALL fKiTTY" Tells me We. 60T A LOT MORE LETTERS SOGSESTlrJ MAMES FOR OUR - fM' t LOOKUP 'M ftCLOVER-WANWC HEAR. SOME OF i I A i '-. Mope.' i HweMTTiMel VOU STAPsTEP TWS COM-TEVT AM' ITS OP TftOU Ta bs. TU' joo5 aw' re cipe WHO VJIMS TH 25 FORTH' BEST N(Me- WHAT? METH' 5oce 30P&e Well that ' Me.Kes t eASV. 7IT r ,r-Lr-C I do your npi KNOW WHAT TW WIMNINO NAne. KIOH1 NOW, ftLL I 60TTA OO I S GRAB A CAM O PAlMT AM A BRUSH I I I A VJHATTH'V : drr. Ji I'W 60IM' OOT AM' POT ) TH' NAM OM TH' - - - - V TZ- -1 JJTTf.V. MAPV M - By K. JL BRINKERHOFF Youfa.sEi.F- jrTssrij I .-7 y . 1 1 ip sw-sra. -ffm TV.W: smaller , hrL . 1 1 1 7 IV ' 'p Ilctreat Loves Company By HERSHFIELD l-i la -. SI i V Jl yJr rvL- 1 ?--'a- U ntej wnfxY??Wf fte B0RBER A robber Y J . - 5

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