Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California on March 8, 1933 · 6
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Santa Maria Times from Santa Maria, California · 6

Santa Maria, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1933
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PACE SIX WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1933. THE DAILY ..4FS, SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA CAGERS BEST IN 32-24 FRAY Plunge Ripples I By 141 1. NH.NOV ' With Uu S P A A U. ten-toot . linnsi lion id diving event awaicted to 1 Santa Baibaia Bdtmoie hotel, Allen I ISievvait, our CIF, diving champ I lias signilied las intention ol com- A second Santa Mai in valley bas- j petint; in the coming classic sclicd-ketball team fell before Meiji uni-1 "ld 1 May 27. vei.-ity cageiv of Tokio last night in, Othei SPA. a wauls lor Santa the loeal high scJiool gymnasium , Baibaia include the ten-loot diving w hen the invading Nipponese tiounc- 01 men, 100-yaid liee style for ed the Guadalupe Slnppeis, 1973 city ' 11,011 and women and bade Mioke lor league champions, by a 32-24 store , ,llon a,id women A fun ly large trowd saw the Jap- Souihtin Cahloinia boasts the Iniest divers m the woild Listin'! anese flashes trail bv a slight nui-,lu. NUmil,) ,V(, hjvt. Km dm iiig a wuim lust hall then man, ti,e gn who Geoigiu Cole-i evolutlomzed women's diving and her teammate, Doioihy Boynton lloth are Ohm-ine t hainpa.ns. The tip-and-at- em include Mickey Hdey ai.d Haiold Simih. two mole Olympit kings their heels ale Fa. id Sanuika one ol Cleopal-la's distant lelatnes, John Ruey and Flank Kuit? tcp tad gi actually to oviuome th Shippers' Itsul and the tilt I wt 11 out in lionl. - Although their shooting was not so1 aeemate, extellelil passing and lloui 1 woik gave the visitors the uppei ' hand and enabled them to make, good sulheient scot mg illumes lot1 the victory. Goals by the Draper bi others and Silva had the Guadalupeans ahead 14 to 13 at the halftime Meiji had been making most ol its tallies on short shots, but Nislukuwa, who sub- j stituted lor Oshima at guaid just t bc-foie the hall ended, started diop-, pmg in .some long range attempts. Nishiwaki, a lorwaid, and M.tsuda center, each sank a biace ol buckets to keep the eol leg fails in the van A Shipjier rally led by Chai ley Dia-jx r brought the eount to 27-24 with n few minutes to play, but the losers were unable to ciawl any higher Masuda was high scorer for the eve-1 ie l'ooc flays when a lew ning with 14 chgit-s 1 f.nnple enves was all that weie re in a pielmnnary game, the Tex-j !Uutl fono loiever. . just read LAY PLANS FOR! JUNE BOUT Of: Lead Ohios Warring Farmers Ohio fanners me being enlisted in a Farm-Labor party by C. E. barton, below, Kenton merchant, president of the National Farm Council. Mrs. Morris lell', also pictured, is a leader in noithern Ohios "pennv bid" movement to pit vent foreclosure sales. She is said to have studied the movement in Iowa and other midwest states and to have been the Ohio organier of penny bidders." Dogs Need Permit To Visit Arizona Stewart is m for: NEW YORK. Mai c h 8. il v-With great minds working toward clanticatien. the heavyweight as well as the banking situation should be straightened out somewhat this week Two sets of intellectuals aie la-boimg tirelessly to furnish the public with plenty of scrap not scrip in June; Madison SquaiV Gault n and Jack Dempsey, Inc. The muiussa mauler armes n: New York tonight He must announce on ir beiuie Trulay where lie will stage his Max Schmeling-M.ixie Baer heavyweight battle m June Dempseys contract vitli Joe Jacobs and Amil Hollman, managers ol S. binding and Baer, cad' loi an announcement by Math 10. so that glit-y may have time to select paining camps and begin conditioning their lightens Tomoirow Dempsey and Jacobs go into a huddle with Tun M.uu, who has leases on both the Polo gi omuls and Yankee stadium it aiding prospects ol staging the bout m Nev. Yolk. Jack and lus udwsois ahead; have sounded out the situttion m Chicago It is not known if the death ol Mayor Anton Ceio'ui;. one of Jack's best il lends mteileicd with pi. ms .or a bou; a he woild fair. Meanwhile Madison Squaie Garden woiks on plans lor heavyweight title bout between Champion Jack Slut key and Pinno Cam. re at its Uni; Island bowl in June. The Gulden faced a crisis w'hen Mana gers Jacobs and Hollman vithiliew Compulsory dives for men, inter- schmehng and Baer irom the G.u-national legulattons for three-me- den vault. Camera was decided upon ter spiingboaid are' pike dive for- as a substitute medium for exciune-waid; somersault backward; Moll- j nt, pmnlUs with Sharkey berg dull gauieii; backwaid spring, one .omer.sault; one sciew haw a: cl Six dives are added to the compulsory dives. I doubt if there is a sport more spectacular than diving. Soaring fiom platforms 20 feet high, turning and twisting while plunging through the air requires perfection to the nth" degree. Springboard diving is really quite an old sport and dates back several centuries. It was first brought into prominence by pirates off the coast of Mexico. Unde; irables .captured by pirates walked the plank and executed what is now known as a compulsory" dive. Since then, approximately 34 dives have evolved from our ancestors first and final effort. Sixteen Teams in Running for Cage Title of Country WINS ON PONTES MIAMI, Fla.. March 8 'IT-i The biggest daily double wm of the season at Hialeah race track was registered yesteiday by an unidentified bettor who lan $2 into $1.15020 by ! r . choosing Aunt Marsa and Tiaffic. 1 O Continue otUCiy came to teims with Promoter Jack j Doyle yesterday for the outdoor ! contest. He was reported to have 1 cut his $50,000 demand to $35,000, or 35 per cent of the gate. Mc-Lar-i mils manager also agieed to terms. Doyle announced. Judge in the first and third races Of Fight Admission SAN FRANCISCO March 8 crii 1 The board ol supervisors rested to-; day before staging the second round i of Us investigation of the recent I Young Corbett -Jackie Fields fight at nited Press j which customers were unable to gain SEATTLE Henry Wood. Yakima., afjmlttance or WPrP forced to pur-Wash., lightweight, kayoed Baby Sal . P)lasP higher-priced seats. Sorio, Las Angeles. D; A1 Lewis, j Seattle lightweight, decisioned Bobby , bunc.h of 'sutk;r) .. cpmP, John c LaSalle, Las Angeles, G; Johnny i fccann. representing the Umud Martinez, Los Angelos writer, beat veterans of the Republic m chs-Jack Rosander, Portland, 'O. 'cussing his experience in tivmg to PORTLAND Abie Israel. 125 Se- pner gca).,' stadium Even the attle, beat Whitey Neal. 124, Poi 1-1 parking concession had uised its San Luis Democrats Make Endorsements land. 6i. AT ST. PAUL Charley Retzlaff, 196, Duluth, outpointed Tom Ihenev. 212. New Zealand, tlO.. AT PHILADELPHIA- Harrv Du-blinsky, 137, Chicago, defeated Young Firpo, 141, Penns Grow. N J GO'. Wrestling Results By United Press AT BOSTON "Memphisto," Germany, threw Paddy Mack, Pennsylvania. SAN LUIS OBISPO. March 8 Endorsements of the bar. Luis Obispo county Democratic cential committee have been announced by-members of the organization. The endorsements ate as follows: Thomas F. Lopez of Fresno for minister to the Republic of Poriu-T think they were looking for ajga Mr is a former Sun Luis ol31slK) ,.PSHi,.nt and brother of Mis. N J Bello of San Luis Obispo. W. P. Brady Of San Ians Obtsp for assistant U. S. district attorney for the southern district 1 California. E. P Rogers for selection us delegate fiom San Luis Obispo to convention to consider lepeal of 18' h amendment when held R. J Williams of Paso Robles loi ' member of the boa id of Fedeial' Faun Loan bank Clark For .Marshal j Piei.sun M. Hall of Los Angeles for U. S. district attorney. Robert E. j Clark, sheriff of Ventura county for U. S marshal and George Hay ol Bakersfield lor collectoi of internal price to 50 cents." The next heating will be held next niesduv Plan Formation of j Indoor Ball League; Plans for the formation of the! 1953 city indoor baseball league will i bo made tomorrow evening al 7 1 oclock at a meeting of team managers and players in the local Inch school gymnasium Fred Hamilton, st:xrvisor of the revenue all for the southern district AT BROCKTON. Mas. Jim , desiring entrance in the loop have Browning, Missouri, threw Bull Ko- a representative at the meeting mar. New Jersey. ! It S believed that a dozen teams AT NEW YORK Ed Stranelet w Hi compete this year Lewis, Kentucky decisioned Sam1 Stem. New York. . MAT TIFF POSTPONED AT DALLAS Frank Wolff. 174. f LOS ANGELES, Match 8 (UP) Cincinnati, defeated Hugh Nichols. The scheduled match between Joe 174. Mexia. Tex., in a match billed I S.tvoldi and Jim McMillen, lootball as for the light-heavyweight chain- i players tinned wiestlers, has been pionship of the world. postponed from tonight until next league, today urged that eyery team California and R H DeWltt of Yreka for director of the U S. mint at San Francisco. According to the commutee there AT SAN FRANCISCO-Dan Kol-off. Russia, threw Ad Santel Ran Francisco, Wednesday by Promoter Dou Daro because of lack of omh and snip amoi g the fans. will be no county iost oflire en-! dorsements until after March 4. i New members elected to the Dem- j ocratic central committee to fill vacancies are E. J Wickstrom of San Miguel, Frank Ernst of Paso Robles, j John B. Berkemeyer of San Luis Obispo, John Cogan of Santa Mai-garita, Chris Juhl of Templeton, 1 Harry Gray and Charles Olivet of Atascadero. I Owners of dogs, cats or other animal j lets desiring to take them along on tours into and through Arizona are required to write the State Veterinarian. Capitol Building, Phoenix, for a permit to bring them into the state, savs a communication received by the Automobile Club of Southern California. In return they will receive the permit, with the following stipulations: A statement will be required from a licensed veterinary that the dog is free from and that his neighborhood has been free from rabies for the past six months. If rabies has been present, a certificate showing the dog has been vaccin ited within the past eight or ten months will be required Owners of dogs will be requned to show such certificates upon passing any of the Arizona quarantine stations when entering the state, it is stated The BriUsh postofliee repotted a proiit ot S3G 300 0U0 last year, a new high teeoid. James A Fai ley, please note. Ban Filipino From County Boundaries Conception Talentina, 25-year-old Filipino, must remain outside the boundaiies of Santa Baibara county for six months because he mixed with the wrong type of countrymen, he said today after he had been given a six-month floater" sentence for vagrancy by Judge C. Douglas Smith in the city police court. Talentina was arrested by Officers J. F. McDermott and L. M. Mc-Candless Friday night as he sat in his parked car near the intersection of Cook and Oakley streets. Two companions who assertedly were stealing gasoline from a truck owned by J. W. Sanford, fled when the officers approached and left Talen-j tina to "take the rap "My fi lends promised to buy me gasoline it I'd take them to a Guadalupe dance in my car," Talentina told police. "When they said they could get some gas for nothing fiom a friend. I believed them." From the pictures we've seen of them, rubber bathing suits are going to have to take a lot of strain from rubber necks. The venerable William Muldoon. clean of the New Yoik State Athletic commission declared alter Etui Schnaf'b death that Carneia would net be permitted to meet Sharkey because the champion vva.s not ft' giant or Vclreadnaughf like th Italian. However. Chan man John J Phelan of the commission and D Walker Wear, its new member yestir-dny assured the Garden that u never had "turned thumbs do n" on such a match, despite Muldooi.'s pronouncement. , Use GlobeAI Fleur for Si cry Baking Purpose GlOfeE Wl? fAl ? FLOUR . . s I CUlBt Mills a iK' i See it Demonstrated at your Homecraft School inotmJG EASYi; This modern way to hot starch offers you advantages worth knowing. Your iron fairly glides Simply add boiling water to dissolved Quick Elastic-no mixing, no cooking, no bother as with lump starch. Ends sticking and scorching Restores elasticity and that soft charm of newness. Send Nowf Household Linens last twice as long washed the WHITE KING WAY INSURE the life of your household linens just as you do other fine fabrics by always washing them theWhite King Way. . . 0bu) (jranubfei) Soap in Cool QYaUr ...Cool water washing with Whits King Granulated SOAP gently penetrates the linen fibres... dissolves out ll dirt.. .yet rinses out completely, thereby intensifying the natural gloss when ironed. YJUnnraKj & EVERY C1ASS OFjEinrenjxj PEEWIT with - JPEMi Pen-Jcl is a pure fruit pectin never fails to make the jelly jclL With Pen-Jel-you can make the best jams and jellies you ever tasted easily with thecup-for cup method. Try it today. Guaranteed to make the jelly jell or your money back. ir DURKEEIS L m l GHHEBISe KANSAS CITY. Mo.. March 8 -.1 if p, Sixteen teams remained today Plan Bout Between lm the National A A U basketball Pr-haff MI tournament, with half that number UUrucil, mcuarnin lor elimination in thud round contests this atternoon and tonight. , With two exceptions. thP pre-tour- j nament favorites were still in the j running. Brown Paper Mills of j Monroe, La., and Dakota Wesleyan , of Mitchell. S D were ousted m me I second round. ' The field will be cut in hall duilv 1 through the rest of the week, with the championship game scheduled j , for Saturday. I two weeks ago. Except for the Witchita Henrv- Larry White, manager of Corbett, I cncjiey Motors of Wichita game this ! afternoon, the third round matchc-. i appear to be close affairs, with anv of the remaining 16 squads conceded 1 a chance to advance. The tlnee- time champion Henrys were doped to have little trouble with their home town rivals. At the COOKING SCHOOL Watch for the demonstration 1 OT Rumford ALL-PHOSPHATE Baking Powder IMS TWO-TO-ONC LEAVE NED It raises biscuits, rakes and pastry to perfection. Its action is absolutely umtorm. COMING Jane Barton Idol of Houtewivei Go OMAJaD !3Mb(asGi2l5 Ghirardellis J the original 'CHOCOLATE- $ FREE HOMECRAFT INSTITUTE Under the joint auspices of Daily. Times and Pacific Rural Press Jane Barton, brilliant home economist, to conduct classes. Dollar saving menus - - - time saving recipes. Every advance of modern cookery explained. Over thirty recipes made before your eyes. Helpful - -new - -interesting. Let Miss Barton show you how to make the kitchen the happiness center of your home. Save these three afternoons. MARCH 15 -16 -17 2-4 P. M. . GAIETY THEATRE ABSOLUTELY FREE HEALS Tsoretoes iPAEfEMTsj Removes Corns! V limits. For immediate relief from corn, and wire ton, um Dr. Scholl's Zino-pad. Them thin, soothing, healing, protective pad. remove the came, prevent corn, and blister.. Don't cut your corn, and riak infection. Urn Dr. ScbojF. Zino-pad with tiie separate Medicated Disks (included at no extra cost) to safely remove corns. Get a box today! At all drug and .hoe stores. FREE TRIAL PACKET t th Cooking School Aik for Fra Trial Prekrt of Dr. SeMTr Z mo-pod for Carso, 1 ood H T D( Scholl's Zmo-pads Put one on the" pain is gone! (Continued from Page One) lions as were authorized by Secretary Woodin. and as a result bnjgfs todey will finance movement sof food, cash pay checks, and conduct other lines of business permitted by the treasury. Some confusion was caused during the night by widely circulated reports that the federal government was considering abandoning the whole idea of scrip and resorting instead o a new federal reserve currency issue backed by liquid assets ot member banks! ' Many New Yoik bankers have been opposed to the scrip movement from the start, believing New York banks could take care of.themselves on a currency basis once drams from the New York currency reservoir to outside communities were stopped. Plain or ladltcd Two Full Poundi HuO .... in the COOKING SCHOOL of course it s LESLIE SALT . . . not merely salt , but the best salt your money can buy. At grocer everywhere. MS1AH1 RELIEF! t4 f j

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