Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 11, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 3
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rf _ — STERUBB, iiurois. SATURDAY. NOV. 11. PAQE PALLS DAILY GAZETTED HOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, SATTODAY, HOV. 11, 1916, M. E. SUNDAY SCHOOL Ob««<*v* T*mp»rjme« Sunday — Short Program Given. Th# flrft. frn- msnutr* aff-r tu.- isj.fti- In*? of. fhf «>.«!(«) Will _h« RiVrt] fn :; genera! prfn^ntafkin of tiir .vibjtrs of pfiftunlty >-ill Vif- stvfn f»r pk-dsr ., .. Th« following shift i ri*'1 nj>r?c>ri i.tto 0ra«ff*m will he rpmtf r^y"' Rongf— ftrhool. • >, — James w by Mrs, R«e,— -t'armnny !'hnrf.«. Ponar, "Th<* Ufd. Whit* ami School, i DEATH OF PROF. SCOTT •: Worrf Received Today Of Mi* D«ath ; At' Gallup, N. Mex. !>r f-'. J S-erift r^ <<>vr-r| a f.,-iprr fn>rn 1 \Vit hlt't. Kan . ."-tntinsr tlir* •"'"•a'b <>f ni.4 i !,*-r. I'rf.r. H H «•<«!!, :u C'.Allup. j N, .Mr-\ :• 'NV.v. «th. T'rftl". S,-<.tt \va« . !"itn .ui'l TriHffi to yiMtiiir rn^nboort In it Ills ciimwi:'nit v nnd th»-r» p will bf m»ny . fricri'l.* and rr-lntivftt tbnt -A!!! mourn ! his lo?« / i I NEW PICTURE SHOW TO OPEN. 1 -Another rtfW jil.tturp j»ho\\- I* plnn- i ninK ort or^tiltiR in th** ticnr f uttir*" *n i tb«* Hull tSrofif'id bntumic. Tilts wan nt onf timf» a f)|ft»in» stum- nnd .known a* th" Or.tnd. Th«» owner IntPtirts In -Anna Hinrlfb ftee.— Howard PnMIff. Ronjr, "SfK'cd the Day"— Mn)" Marl MrNV-ll, Taitt— Rev. A. R !?im!slf>r. ~ BOARD RENTS HALL Official Board Of M. E. Church Rente McNtll'a Hail For Winter. - Th« Offlc'lnl Rnard "f.thr MpthmlljU church eifrnefl <t conn-Alt last -evening; to rent McNeil's-hall from Nov. lt>th until. April....] fith. ! The hall w-lll be given to the young people of the rtiun-h nnd will be used for mot-lit! time*. ArrangirnpntH aro now bring made for th* opening night, which will bo Wwlnetiday evening. The hall will hf fixed itp BO btt*k»>t ball can be played nnd for other game*. Ruled and regulations will be adopted later. i. Th» young peoplo may mita-rent the hall for other occasions such as the Official Board would approve of. TWO UPPErf CLASSES maklnK It a flr«t (Inss plnro for nn ui>- to-dntf J'la' '<* for a plrlure show. HERE FROM THE SOUTH* Mrs ^Y(•«1f'ri(•k W. YrnRf-r, of Hoon- villr. Mr.. Is vlwHlng hfrf ftt the home of her nephew, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frnnk I. I turrit?. Mrs Veauer camf 1 itp frotn the south to atlenrt the golden wedding of her pnrcnts. Mr, nnd Mrs. Fran ft of Dlxon. CONQREOATfoNAL SERVICES. Sunday' School, ft: 45, Morning ner- vlre, IJ.on. h*v. \VHHrtm Pinkney. of Bterllntr. will ha_ve charse. Christian Endeavor, fi:30. , ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Mr. nnd Mm. Frank Hu«8ell are mov- IOK today to their farm In Hume. Of The High School Were Shown T,hrough The International. Th» Benlor and Junbtr rhiHWH of the HlKh'BChmtl had the pilensttre of going through She International Harvester Cottipaiiy's works yesterday afternoon after pchool. H. A, Wilson, miperln- deni of the fartory. t«K)k them through nnd explained the different machines. They uaw how corn alH'llern, h/ty loader*, and other farm Implements were, manufactured. They were,also taken through the power house and given an CTXplaJwtlon of "the— large dynamos. This .was very befpful to Uw law.-; They ntso-*mw--mH»»y chines that were very Interesting. The pupils greatly appreciate th,«»- kindness of Mr. Wilson In taking them through this wonderful factory, as they learned many things of interest. Howe arrived homo this m«rti- Ing «fter a Bhort business. trip In Kan- Ban City. <'!•»«. McMnhon IB confined to hl« homo cm account of nieknejw. Mrs. M. U WaJihbnrn nnd Mrs. J. J, Whitney arrived home laat ovenfng after a visit In Centralla. - — Barl Mclx>nnan went to Morrison lam evening for a short .vl»il. Mr. and Mr«. Amo* Haverstlek arw upending the week end In Frcejwrt. • Enrl WllHam», of I.yonn. i« spend- ln« a few days nl the home of hi» parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tcb Williams. Ml«« Lucy Cogswell Is upending the week end at the home of Mr. and Mri». John McNeil. Coe= and. TMppert Bros, shipped R. carload of hoga to Chicago this mornlnfir. Mru. Roy WlUJama wenl to Chicago this morning for a short visit. . Miss Martha Blackburn, of Dlxonrr npent last evening here wilh friends, Krne«i.«'«x and !t«y J'ortner went to Harmon this morning. DETROIT WILL BE LARGEST DRY CITY W ENTIRE WORLD Af!( ! M.IV 1, lf'l\ IV-tr'.jli <>, if! <jf • h>~ Jiirirc^t, j.tT'!«tbi!i,!r: r;;v*in 1lu> !'»i">'! Sinif* • v.'h:. h nVMM.K !h.-. unr-M. )-:H«*!fi hM* h.nif a ric.v;> I.-iCKOr but < 'r>r!xt:tttt Ir n«.»t in thp- J'nftM.I Stiitfi, S»':>ftlt». TVirtbtntJ, **rr., jiml Dfjur-r im- i\<i\v the I:i»'gf^f «!rv cittf\«. S*vit- U" hn* :;:.•). 000 |>«>p>tIfiHi<.n, f!v i!if< t1nif» l»ftr<iit £'<fs <Jry. it probably' will tiavf thrift HB ninny. CITY; NF£WS IN BRIEF TRADE GOOD TODAV. A tuimlit'r «if the lally those ?U«illnK in iinitorwnr, irloves and nilttfns, have hern having n K"f»d trade* twlny. A rrtiinlter'of thfr dpn!f>t« wiy while there were only a ifew-|>«>pl<' In.Utwn In tho forenoon, yet nearly every one of them rtime to buy. nllsdnK tlMnt winter was olosr nt hand and It wa.s not advisable to wnlt longer. Mr. nnd IVtrw. Frnnk Thomas left thin mornlwR for Deep Hlvers Iowa, for n week's vinlt with MfJi. Thomas' brother, W. It. CJoshen. Mr«, Mac Harmon and daughter, Dorothy, 'went to Chicago today for a week's vi#lt, Claude Uantmn, «f- Belvlderr. will upend Sunday In this city with relatives and frlendn. v Mother's Cook Book. SURPRISED ARTY Given W. J. Mowrer Lait Evening By Hie Old Friend*. • A surprint jtarty wan given \V. J, Mowrer Nut evening. .ut his home on First avenue. Tiie ocea*lon won in honor of his ilftlelh birthday. The evening wan spent In a HOclaJrwayy pro- euchre being the game of the MJs« Sllvennan. ,<)f Llilrago, Is .spending the week «nd with her «i»- ler, Ml»s KOBO Sllverman. TRAIN BLOCKS AVENUt North W*ittrn Summoned to Appear Btfor* Juitic* Court, Nov. 18. ,1 .H B«fore the *v«nln« lamp* ar« Ut Whllp day and night coinmlturl* Thft alre and matron corns and lit , B««ide the co«y lnfct«; Anrt softly iMak of the dellf ht Within their boaonu swelling BecKUM b«n«»th their roof tonljrht Their dear ooea all ar» dwelling. . , -W, 0. evening. — J> ' A delicious oyster supper "wan served, . The guests were all old friends of Mr: Mowr*r, they being'Mr. and Mrs, Kobt. Belts, Air, and Mr. H. II. Itowman, Mr. and Mrs. William Pigg, Mr. nnd Mrs. Te<l M&nges, of- Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Durrani, Mr. and Mrs. (Scorge Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. Cha». Florida, ./Mr. and Mra. Harry Christenson and daughter, l^ucilc, anil Mian Madge Burling. SENIOR AND JUNIOR fc-,1 Pf- J Take Long Hay Raek Ride i.aet Eve- ing— Weenie' Roaet. The Senior and Junior clauses of the High school, accompanied by Misses and Rapiv two uf-Uio tcaeh»«>r A munitions W«H liwucd by Judge I. L, Weaver thla morning on the offlclnlH of the ChicHKo & North Wentcrn rall- ro«id comimny to nppear before hl» court H wc-ek from today. Nov. 18th, The complaint iiBalnut the company IM for blocking Fl«t-avenue for ii "longer period than given the right by thto city ordlnanccH. The complaint was made by Chief of Police John O, Haglock, he averlng that frslnght train No. lie did block the avenue mentioned for a period of eight minute* at S:3o o'clock ^riday afternoon. He wan there at the time and hold bin watch f on it. There wa» no apparent reason for the -• Rlc« ait« V«tu*ble Pood. In the Ortccet rice is appreciated at Its proper worth. Rice baa a higher food value than potatoes, i« comparatively cheap and, with the ease In which It may, bo prepared. It taakea j *jod not to >>« i ''despised.'"" ^Dookji^aipfnl of rtco antU tender^ In two cupfuls of brownTifocSrfiliBIy seasoned wtlh salt, cayenne, chopped parsley and onion .juice. Stir In a tableBpoonful of butter jost before ' went laat evening for u long hay rack all met at Daggett'it corner and f pelt there .about aeven o'clock and '• f litfartea on their ride. They rode all if-fovw the;twin eltleB, tlrnn four mlte« • ; lout In the country to the. fVitjt farm. ^ I In tlie woods on"thd farm the,boy* >w j-bullt a- huge bonllre whero wecniea "'" iwere roasted. Thoy''returned to their -.homea at a late hour, all having liad it time. MITE SOCiETY MET La»t Evening At The Horn* Of Mrs. Brown On,Second Avenue. The .Mite Society of the Congregational church met lunt evening at the home of Mm, 8ueun< BrowrroTrBecond avenue. The attenda^n'-o wtgi Hmall, The regular monthly routine, of business wad tranuacted. * • The ladlea made arrangements to serve a, Dutch supper ut the chucph. In the near future. , train being BO long'at the crossing, an the train wan not doing any Mwltchlng, according to the complaint. About every afternoon at this hour the chief had,been at tlila'crosHlng a* there are hundreda of pcopie piumlng one way or the other, going from their at the tthopa ana there should be no blocking of the tracks at this .time for that reason. The fault of blocking tho croHsing or the past has been no fault of the local officials, but of the various train men passing back and forth with their trains east and we«t. Boltad Rice Pudding. . .Wash two .cupfols of rice, add * capful of stoned raisins, cut in halves, witifr a teaspoooful of. salt. Tie In a pud. ding cloth, leaving plenty of room f or, ttie rice to Bwoll. Drop into boiling water and boll until tender. Serve with fruit nance. MISSING Hero And Sole Survivor Of Lake DU- aeter Has Disappeared. Kdward (By United Calument, Mich., Nov. II. t>aundry, hero and sole survivor of the *'H8tulla or the Krontenac or Take Good Care of the Stomach When .Weakness Develops H OSTETTERS Stomach Bitters good something, \vtiich ha.'said went down in Hupprlor with u loss of '42 lives, rilsiippeariMl today and the harrowing details of tho tragedy may never bo known, The tragic talo ho told, of the low uf his mates could not bt» verified ami the captain of the count guards at En* glo Harbor caJled it a "pip» dream." Ti»e I'dslalla >vas reported in port today at Toledo while the Frontenao wits In the Detroit river down bound. No missing or overdne boats have bjx-n learned. Rice With Ch Pat • layer of cooked rice, ft layer of grated cheese and -tomato sauce or bard cooked eggs sliced 1n thin white sauce, then another layer of rice, cover with crumbs and brown In a hot oven. Compete of Rto» With Peaches. Wash two-thirds of a cupful of rice, add one cupful of boiling water, and steam until the rice has absorbed the water, then add one and one-third cop- fnls of hot milk, one teaspoonful of salt and a fourth of a cupful of sugar. Cook until the rice is soft. Turn Into a battered mold and, when shaped, remove and arrange sections of. canned peaches dipped In .chopped nuts or macaroon crumbs,.—8wv«-with—the KINGDOMjOF ARABIA Stato P«partm»nt Hear* Of The E»tab• li«hm*nt of Indepandence. , (Uy United Press.) Washington. D. ('„ Nov. 11.—The Btato tlepttrtment received a ctible from Mecca today pur{«rttng to ,be- »si otlt' clal aiinouiH'iuiH-iH of thu eHtabllttlt- ment «>f the independent kingdom-of Arabia, jolce from the peacben. Peara may be uced In place of peache*. C*Mn\* of Rk« With Meat Boll t cupful of rice until tender, chop naif « pound of any cold meat, season highly witiu salt and pepper, celery salt and a tablespoonful of chopped onion, a teaspoonful of chopped panley, a pinch .of marjoram and .thyme. Add one beaten egf, ; two tableapodnfnls of floe cracker crtunhf add moisten with hot water or stoclr. Batter a small mold, line the bottom and aidea with the rice a half Inch deep, pack In, the meat, then cover closely with rice and steam 45 tnlnutea, 6enre on a platter with,tomato eauce poured around It No Home is Comfy and Cosy Without a Proper Selection of Floor Coverings This is floor covering week at thjs store and we have been preparing for ipany months to make this an economy event of such importance that this community wilf recognize the unusual buying and selling power of this store. Here you will find the most luxurious rugs from the highest price to the cheapest and the newest and most durable linoletriki at prices that mean distinct saving advantages to you. We have just received a new consignment of rugs which were ordered months ago and contracted for before the raise in price but are just being delivered at this time so the prices will be the same as the rugs we have in stock. A notice has been sent out to rug dealers of an advance in theprice of rugs of from 50c to $5.00, wholesale, November 15th but ourjprices will remain the same as long as the present stock lasts. ^ _ _ * BODY BRUSSELS ,.-r- 8.3x10.6 $26.00 to $28.00 —: • — 0x12 .$28.50 toi£33.00 GENUINE WILTON VELVETS 9x12 ^ ...... .......... ....$40,00 WIMON VELVET 9x12 ..-,.. >. „..'... ,$21 jlo $27.75 TAPESTEY BRUSSELS 6x9 ...... i ...... $8.00 to $11.50 7.0x9 ...:./... .^$11.00 to $15.00 8.3x10.6 . .**.' . . . . t$13.50 to $17.25 9x9 ..... .................. $18.25 5x12 ...... ..... $12.00 to $21.50 11 .3x12 ......... $17.50 to $29 JJL 9x15 ... ........ ;...;. ...$23.00 HALL RUNNERS • • v ------ , .%^, ........ .... .$4.50 to $7.50 MATTING Color fast fibre matting in blue, green and tan, very durable, per yard, 45c, , ^QNGOLEUM '. AXMINSTER RUGS 4.(Jx0.6 $10.00 7 - fix ? •• ..$18.50 ~JT3xTU.G-... ~.. $10.00 to $27.50 •>xl2 $22.00 to $33.00 WOOLEN FIBRE RUGS 4.6xfi.Ci ;..;,. $3.GQ <».^^ , $4.50 to $7.25 7.0x9 $4.75 to $6.75 K.-"»xlO.G .$8.75 to $13.00 9x9 .. .$8.25 to $13,50 DUPLEX RUGS (i * J) •• ,$3.75 We have a very large and complete assortment of small rugs ^ i from 18x36 up to 36x72 iij all • fabrics from $1.00 to $10,00. LINOLEUM fi foot, per square yard ,. 7!/j fool; per -square yard .' .gs^ 9 foot- per square yard . J2 foot, per square yard Inlaid blue*and white checked linoleum, per sq. yd. .$1.10 Faihlon's Deorl cii Tba ribbed weaves are aa Foi* PfHtervlnfr Fish. A iuethud for^re«*U*g fish, patented iu Deuuntik by iininvrslng them In tt cold Hqvld." Is' clnlmed to pi-csoirve them iu more, perfect condition than air freeeiug, as the n>sh lit not dried uor broken by ico crystals. Coal ThatjBurns Clean given more heat than slate and roek. ELDORADO Lump, Egg and Nut aro tht* CLEAN burning coals Telephone "us your order, -Johnson Lumber^CoT TELEPHONE NO. 88. . , . , Oamisplea with ribbon' shoulders are preferred. <3reen is said U be one of the com* "uig'colord* Scarf* and stoles are of velvet aa well »a of for, Clinging effects are still seen in evening gowns. ' Gored capes are among- the latest Parisian* whims. The marquise Is a favorite shape for the IHJW hat«.» Satin HpQtg are seen on large black Where Opcn-Minded People and Tight-Minded People Differ BF EVERETT DEAN MARTIN * Maehinu plaiting*' continue to be ei» tenslvely worn. ,-. " - . White «Slk ehoea xare oaud-ena- broldered in stilts. 1 , Mheernesa continues to be the doml- naot feature. Pile fabrioH arejfbost In favor for the coming aeasou. Chang* Wrought by American*. coast liusi & greater l[>t>t'u wrought lu receut 'tluut ut Where « few yi-ltrs ago poly it -HhitHow ruuUbtt'ticl is now one ot the BMft'st ports ou thu_guLf, _ of rock from poiuU TU uillc.s iuluiui piled t beiu In Tuun»i<*o tmrliur iu long brcokwuttTM behind wiiiVL whole fl.'ct!' of tut n Ituu! vt'^»t'l> I'uu rlilo tit There are" j*i«t"two kinds of jKsoplo in the world, open-minded people and tight-minded people, Open-raiuded people are naturally horn gen* eroiis. Thay are tolerant. They are not easily scandalized. They do their own thinking, and they let others do the wine. They are not afraid of names or party labels, aj}| when it-conieg to A fiqal U'8t, they think more of a living human being than they do of air abstract idea. Their ideas are not like little hard wads of jjuth, tut are_,eiream8 of'Jifr, free and flowing. Somehow, open-minded people have a way" of feeling that life ie bigger and more reliable than our little human notions, and so they are not worried for fear the world i» going to the dogtf every time the spir* itual atmosphere changes, . ' , • „_. t ... .But tight-minded people do not feel quite at home in this unjierse.. They go through life all cramped up and ahivering, BO to spenlc. Tliey ara | afraid of everything strange, 'New Jdeas ihock them. Naked truths CUK barrasa them. They are euch etrangera to the great ivalitie* of life that | they nerer recognjze iiieu) walking around iu n«w millini'ry. Tight- | -^L'^!^ J*?°Pk* HlL* Mi^? _ S H*E|!L'?. U .? °l r.t^M™ 8 5 ^ n *'y alwaja_take Uieir i intellectual silverware to bnl with thfttt. They are afraid to trust reality : in the dark. They abo want to kwp everything iu .thirf uuivfrw tied up iu nejit little bund tea and store^ Bway in imudboxi's. Tlu\v aiv wry "old* t ihaidish" in tht'ir methods uf iwntal hbuHfk«'*-j»in^, iu>frer having given aw."row Jrteam; ^.a^^-aj^rf»?t ! iK^P : -prrf^-TjnteriTnr^ir ihs^tT" Ti^hl-mludid jujoptt! are }itt» TnnKy viirtcrs; *i'hi>j tfir'inv awn Alt yf'ljfo Ihut dot-* not..fomo willun tht'ir'own little rir.'le, yiul \vt they ^ . p* t su -» M ..a 49 ^i Children's Souvenir Day Tuesday.of Demonstration Week 3 to 5 p. m. 125 Ma|estlc Aeroplanes FREE FUN FUN* FUN ' "itoyti Hitd Kills, iild and young, you ran hnv«- a world of futi wilh the Al«1orttlc Aen'pltHie, It IH *'«8lly um<U- to fly frotn ,10 Jo fit) fwt In the ulr. You will, ail want lino. Dun'I fail in Kft ynurH,- 'I'lio ttmt J25 • hoys and K'U"!* wlm |iro«t^nt to tho Mitjotitic Hkngw Hal« % «mun. ut our. _'Storv. bet ween* 3 and & \T,"'»t. on Tnekduy, written un»W<*i'«t to the "folf lowing qui^nouH will ivt-eivo out' »if. iht'su iu'i'uplBUi'a fr*«. 1. What i» the name of your mother's range and how long hat ii been in UM? 2. Give names of any person* you know needing a new range. 3. Why it the Majestic known at THE RANGE WITH A REPIN TAT! ON? . •' 4. What ie your age'i . / , f r " "f 6.. When it your birthday? $1,00 Article FBIH . Tim lioy or K:I"| K)\in« Jliu ne.iti«*.t ami bt<»t unswt-r H» <he third *iuea- tiun may «t>ltHt' any II.UU mtirlu fnnn uty BUM k in addition to th« iouvenir. • w - , >j. \ . - A prize for everybody '-•-•• • I •*p-Hff*Ht lv>n't In' ilitivouriiKe't if you aiV nm »>ne uf tht- 1K5 lo Bt'l nn ttOfO« 1'lriiH-." will iiVt>u<> a Majestic IHizjtU Card Umi will afford you many hnitrtt'~uf uimipfiiitMit. 1U- >uio to l»iiv«'y«>ur uaswtu'B rtsady to Itiind »n -a i»ut siiurs' Tuesday /(fii-nu.on, bciwi'cn S uiiU 0. They tniwt lie written i£ ><HJ v\i-'^i tit ivtvhv .iM>mc«itr ot J'l'izC'. Phclp's Hardware Co. 309 FIRST AVE. READ ALL THE ADVERTISEMENTS JN THE GA2ETO Sue to 65e per sqtuire vnrd. 5% DISCOUNT FOR CASH, Funeral Directors and Undertakers Service Counts RQCkFeJs.Illirvois. \ _.-'.

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