Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 11, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 2
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STERLING. ILLINOIS. SATURDAY. N0V. 11. rasss •»ssse MORRISON DAILY GAZETTE ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, NOV. 11, 1916. TEACHEBS^EXAMS. 1"Mrty-thr*6 For Candidates Tug er*! Certifient*. Tbp t*w tit'r'p PxamihnHcfi* h*!-! by Rttpt. II. Ft. TVl<'<- on'' .tfcl week. rt!!rn<-ff'I ;H\ nu- *»f flpHI'.'-'int!*, f>s thirty. < and mfr v.mnjj rnnn ' ttffeit for c^rUitefttf*. The «*x?nninaU«n« ; Iwlrt if) ffw* «UT><Tvi«or<5' iwtfh 'n? fli*-- ni.'inrtsrrr i-f that in ibfir «fUiiii^ nnd <'<! t>i f>fr«y fienifj tfit« the i.fiuhty huU'b'r.K. «<> !ars?«* that they M-atcd nnJ !f wa* nfrt» REPAIR CROSSINGS Section Men Are Relaying Brick On Railroad Crossing*. ^ff f. & X. \V. fcral to take 1hf f'vnrnirwtlon in th~f> office tim1«r the m>r>r-r- t not nH I T;!i!rt>;'>i5 mr bti*y at. .iif-writ l< for *ev- >trtr» !Tn.»«ine.« fv>r th« romrnsj vtntM* of .Mhw. . Those tfho took the PMmfwtlofis nt thin time* were: Morrison: Kxra T>pt- JflcHia Butlctf. France* berg, Mock Ftt)l!»: ' (.'hrifttophtr, ffelt-n New'tnn, Mabel Bwiin*on. Albany; «'«tt*rln«» Burns, ApfrtA Hoo- vttr. I^nfon; Mnrtha Burn*. Kflllf f?oo|)*r, V-Krlt»: tteatrlco Miller, Mlfdrrd ,JHlt«m, Pronhi»tMown: Maud ftofr, Hn- fcel Wnttc. Pliith Hlnfc. Tamplco. KH«n- n*th MeOrnth. Njnnr Frftlt. t'llnton. In.: Murk* J»Btir«*t*0n, KHen Thompson, N'l-, HA Stmycr. Lyons, In.: Margaret flts- Erma Ornhnm. Lyndon: Alffn. Snbnta, In.: tone lloopfiol*: Kmma fMt. t>«l- mar,- !«.: Anna Waters. Viola, III.: Xnbel Butters, KlnRotoii, 111.: Helm Coffey. .-Harmon: Vera !>onntun». lillzabelh ftarvln. IVIo: *!rner. The brick is being tnfcrn uj> and r<»- ','tul in tbf t'lnPcf* where dTTWotJrthfc fto that th*> writer will not s*tstt(} in th«>m.. MEET WEDNESDAY Members Of Caw Twting Aisocintion Will M«*t. .V tne4tlng'<i( the of th.e Morrison f*o-ojKTatlve Cow-twtlnjt ns- , i.-i'i " hituj Th" nt'lcr !>>•< j-«r>« (,!(,! ,1 )>r<"'£"r,"'m, tl;''-n Tff fni«-'!-'!> fflhixv'-it wh-'n j,ii,-.|iU- Si'-'fc -1 hnrrri fmi •-•: IMPROVING MIS FARM. T. ~i>.-. -utt't i.wri" \",h;ir I". ktin t~"' -'l'h.-tn;i« l.ll.iin f.n m *•"-'»!!'!( i!. t>" nutif f'x!- H 'ivi-iy smfirovl |)!:ti •• !>> the ri-piiirn 1 !-; "f '•"' tf"- c'A {iiiitiiiK a n"«/ '.'<>*\( rc'ip trio fKl;ith-!! 'iritlrr i(. by r«'iiiii^hir,it t fi'.»r I'Y tl>»» nj',il!t ! .ii« <vf t\v<> !rtrs HP Jin* r-iin«!rii''tf-il i-nfuny Smar hou<te SBx.irO f liiiifdine hr<« »»"'<! «>»fs tbe fovin.-bifioh, cmd fone vlrtcrt into fr-t r'tric! In thf rnnrrr-tf for '-te UfnrK's for ln.iti*(» S.« rli- for hit f»rp<-ft- From the President pf n thai it will !«• convenient fnr farting. In a tl SHI OD to the btwst' hf* tins n fM-ii- inK floor extctiilinic tbe Irrieth of Oif- f-Mb foiir;*>*'n feet" wide whirh if f"t the fp«»(1f-r». Otlu-r InrtsiroVMtifnt* inmlr- on the fnrm mnke It very nppnrent that Mr, T*,«ke Is nnf of the live wlrrs •;»« a farmer in th«* rommtmlty, A RARE DINNER. thl* i.-mt wffk Mr. nnd Mrs. W.. S. Kldrod t^ntprtftinrrt n wilt be hPfd at the .\forrim»rt hall on next Wednesday Nov. 1?iib. nt 7:45. Pjnris will bf» made )<>r (ho br<Kinninir of the nrtnal worR of tbe n«-«r>tlatUm, OPBRATION, Roy Bmnlt« went to Prldny bp enfered the hn!«pftnl and nn- THAhHCJFFERING Missionary Socftty Held Annual Event t,ait Evtning. Tlw* \Votnn n> Mlwlonnry Horlr-ty of tht« I^rtihylprlftn rlmi-rli ln>lil ih»' nn- nun! Thank ofTfrlnsr "t HIP « -Mitch on A «nniptuon» »ffrvc-«l to ttw ImllfR nnd hustmndrt nt nix o'clock. Thin wa* follow«»»l hy th« following wilo — Mlm dprtrtitlf Hurtlelt. -Minn Voc«l HO|O—Mi*w MArRnrct r-Mlmt DorotfSy Htone. «MlM Marsnrpt Altken. Violin Bolo—Albert ^Angcll, > A frtP-wlH offering was taken «{>, tbo aniouiit thim obtained lo l><> ueed for Homo MiHxiona Th* remainder of th» ev«nlnu wn« »i>«nt In n *«clal way and all enjoyed a deJlBhtful evening. FORljEOROINSTITUtE Utioa Industrial School Solicit* Su'b . - - - — »cription*. .—- --.-.C*. IJ, Ho»rner, ! of tho nKHeuliitral de partnwul'of. the t'tlesi N'ornml mul in -dUStrlttl •lOMtltllH* ftt--rtk'Hi MlKH., Wit In Morrhwn Thurwdny »«o|ieltlnit iju'b nrriptlutiM to And In the w.ork of tin school. Ho stated tlmt bo met will goo<t giieeeHH nmonif the cltU'.ims of thl This In ono of Ibe well knowi flttihWll'liU IliKlltttUM'tiH oT rtn nn operation for.hernln. Ho If refltinir n.i well nrt p.oi»f>lb|o under Ui« clrodmstnntT* and It Is hoped that ft rapid rwovery'ln In Ktore for htm. MORRISOFBRIEFS StoKenmon, of Rock Palls, eame l-Yhhty for n week end vlalt with Mis? Kilnsi Sv.aniton. J. P. Kellln«, of Chlengo. wan n business visitor In thin elly Krbla.v. Mm. Jiilliid lOiftman upent Friday with frlpndu In Clinton. H. .T, Kimpi-on rcturnrtl to hi* home In Albany Friday after a (PW days vliult at the home of hi* son. Dr. P, It. f?lmp« son. . H. Bulkema returned to her home* In Fulton I-Vlday after a \vceks visit at tho home of her daughter, Mr*, H. Brands. Mm, H. S. Oreen returned Thursday from, a week* vlult with her won, Mherman, at tho Culver Military Academy. .\fr«. n,pd among them Wf>s . nnrt Mrs. of riiilld^lithlA. wh« tverr !>n way honif t*» thnt rtty fnnn a vi*II In t'Vtrtinnct Or^jj'"'' . For tlinrt'T (hf company waa wlih radlfftiMi, lottticf anrt rlpr« strnwhprMf'?!. Th«" rn<H«ho« fine! lh«' |f»ttuc«> wire fakfMi fftpsh from thf? rifn nnd 'Thr'Htrawborrlo* thf day \vpfp ftrrvwl from tho vinr*. This i.* qtiltf n farply In fhl*< rllmtit/ this tlmt' of the yrar. . SHIPPINGMOQS, In. (own nrft hnmlHng nurnhfT of iiprlnic jils« wlHch urt> put on thf rnarkft wplfthlnK nil wfty tn>m 125 ti» inn pounds, the mnjority not hw»vl«>r than U.n. y nr<% putting th»-m on tlip '' ' fnf two whortn>T<> of corn nnd of of the United States down through every channel of commercial, industrial, and professional life, THE LITERARY DIGEST is read by two million men and women weekly. Not only in America is it acknowledged as Indispensable and best by people whose opinions count most, but all atound the world it has its admiring readers. Thomas A. EdJson Says that "it prints the most valuable and interesting matter of any publication," Lord NoHhcUlfe, famous English Publisher, claims that it. "is the most useful weekly newspaper publication in the world.*' Brand Whltlock, Ameticdn Minister to Belgium, admits that he has " taken Tf IK- LITERARY DIGEST for a /great many years and I should not like to be without it. 1 think it is invaluable." v A th<< nwny up In th««"'rilr, noli (It, giving wH-li tttmlcnt tralnin; Hiitno HtM?clal line together will a common fehool edne-ition, no th'i they may bfceomo w«lf ttupporUng. FOR M!S|TWANSON Luthar Ueague pives Mito«ll«noou« S^prtver In Her New Homt. ",„ ,The laithcr League of the Hwedlit l^utheran church^bt'id n 4n honor of IMitb Swnn- at the home of Mr«. .!<«> Johnson evening. There won- thirty and the evvnlns* wiw plea«- orwnt wltli gnmen. Liuinty re liwi Hwan- **jien wan 1110 r«elpu>nt of ninny benutl une/ul artlcloH. Mhe will he in irHirrlage to Mr. I'.oy Dlchl city «)U npxt R ? flul«r» Will Not Pby Mt. Morris On November 24th. Which the Morrison Ucgu played with Ihn Mt » Avadcmy on November iMth haa Sadden' Cold, •( JftfwF fVl 1^"«"» 11 Q feSCSfS^'^^^S^*^''^^*^™"^ T*™''-- w S* ^f dangerous. , BrlstleVvUlted friends In Sterling fViday, Mrs. 8. M, Bradley, of Sterling, was A giie«t Fildfty nt"lho 13. A. Smith hr>me. Slrn, KdRar Knox and ilaughter, T>nr- othy, jtpfut FrUluy with TrU-ndu in ('lin- tvn, ......... "•" ....... '~ ......... -------------------- ............ r ............. —.—.-. .Mr. nnd Mrs. H. ». l>onlchy, of Chi- <-ivKo, are vUititiK tit tbo homo ot lira, n; ir. Donkhy .Mlt*n(H Margaret and Uertnide Van- «K»nburK visited 'friends In I'iliuou t'rl- •lay. Mr«. Iwhviri Johnson, of Oak Park. IM tlint they would have Jo buy Is hard to. find nnd Ibe feeder Jlsrnre ther«» Is little. mwn«\v In It. PROPHET8TOWN LOCALS. W. 8. Hldred Iff in C'iimj» i'bllliis. Minn., where he Is enjoying a three weeks' bunt nnd (tailing bout. Mlc» Cslmntfad. of ('hlenso, who has of Jthp WfKlev^in in»s pitril In that city,' 1m vinitln«r rrlmlv«»« In 'I'rophptftowfi. JVIlH workrd hr«r wny up to th»» It Ion frutn the ntn'rl' 11* «n nurxe, Tin- work -of Inylne brlrk on thy If. f. AdnniM KMi'iiKt 1 lm« nlrcndy r\>m- and n« tho building Is a two ntnyy «trur'turt< and |« about flBty f«>t wide by ft hundrml tind, twenty- flvc f«««»t IOMK there will be itutuc of Hudson Maxim* Inventor of Smokeless J^owder, believes it to be "the most indispensable periodical published to-day." ^ ' Nathan Straus, famous Merchant, says he ''regards it as the best magazine in its field." If YOU are not familiar with this foremost weekly news-magazine, why not buy it to-day and learn' in an hour or two how immensely entertaining, useful, and economical it is? A hint of the contents of the November llth number: ' To Make Peace Permanent After the War Ends Leading Men in Warring Countries Endorsing , the American Idea of a League to Enforce Peace Cost of the War in Money w The Blockade of America " Japan's Opportunity What Our SohJiers Eat in Mexico Melting Foreign Gold Bunching the Dish-Washing Loss to Literary Ireland em Divorce Can America Prosper After the War Ends? German Efforts to Win Poland Germany Blows Up TSIorway's Ships The "Great Protein Delusion" Eugenics and Birth Control Artist Chase's Americanism Objecting to the Negro Dialect The Minister's Undivided Heart city. Lrf-o \VhlHtler went ta-C5rtejvK*> 1-Vldny to ^otn lfi»~wiru~n»r~ft' few Huys" ~v}nlt with rebitives. Jacob Hrulnx and ClmricM HturinKfon were, in ChlenKo OB huniness ThUmdny. William rinffi<( iroturncd l<Yidny It to do, Mai'iy worknif-n art' bimy on the •Htruriiire In order to get H In out of the cold, Mrs, .1. \V. .Medley, wife of Dr. Med. ley, of this pliui«. 1« in the Sterling mu -4v» «ip«i-4». \V'c are pli-nH- lion for iu).«ul trouble. to fifty i but hlii> is \v<*ll ,•!,*« the last of the week. Alls* of South Ditkotti. vis- ltt,-d in town tbi'i w«i'U with lii-r brt»- ther, Ihiniel Oox, Mrs. Ililer, of Detroit. .WIIM a vlnllor ia_Uiitu_i4ti«-week from Detroit, b«'litfr of from Two Mlver«, Wl»., w bora ho wt«M cuUt'd the nm of the week by t ho death of bis father. .Mm. Wllilum Ilickn upont Friday with in Mr«. JIIIUOM lUtcbie went to Dixon Friday for it vtalt at the home of .her »l«tor, Mr«. \V, C. StlltJKin. . . • MrM. U. 1L Davlu Bpunt Friday with" friends lu Sterling. A, D. Stone returned l'>ldaytt>f«n Davenport where he ban been YJiItIn"B for.tho past f«w days at the-home of daughter, Mrn. Paul Johnson. f PROPHET8TOWN NEWS FINE NEW RESIDENCE John Blcokmor* la Computing Modern complotlntfr rvlutive of Mr. Cos. Klizabeth l \» hofirnionH^M In the suite of Ohio, a passenger to Cblrago Wod now day after a vlnlt in Pr»,»phet«to\VH. with Many instructive and Entertaining Illustration* and Cartoons The Essence of All Real News l& Reliability , Ncwn, lo be- really, vil«Hy significant, must be dependahlc, Jt intist be of the sort you can rely on-ab«>luk i ly as jiivinj*-the exact {acts tttt4nothin}i else. No.'"single.periodical, in the nature of things, can hope to give you such news as this. The utterances of each are necessarily colored to some extent by the bias of the editor or of the reporter, approximation One can hope to get to an accurate statement t3 n digest of all reports, obtainable made without any partisan feeling and looking solely for the facts. Such a * presentation o? "the news of the world is yours each week in THE LITERARY DIGEST. You caa.rdy on its impartiality, and you \vill be delighted with its ac- —:t-:i: t ^ comprehentive scope.. It coniei^jp^ "iJeiwg-ThlTlHeTaTTruth as any i cessibili -near to report can come. __ any man-made r<-luttve« nnd frlertdH, Hhe will «d»p »«> the eity for noine lime when she w)l ! r« v «umt> her journey home. MfK. Hotnor Net), of Homco. Colorado, who wan called to I'rophetxtown several wwkH nco, by tbe serious wick- npsM ha* returned honii 1 lea vine h-r father, Mr, O. N. Kenn very much improved.- 1 "Mr**, J, E. Ix)oml«, whti ban been In tho South html for ticvernl wookH the Kuewt of her daughtor, S« onco tnore In rniphetMtown. 8he visited in Lexington', Kentucky, while absent. Uocently wa« given it barn rtnnc4» In the new barn that bus been the farm of 11. O. Hotchklss of~*t<SWn-«wnp five mlle». There In to be H second one tonight, the former one be!»K »o nucceHMful. there be- more than a hundred tux-Kent to make the must of It. Grant Wtldman shipped four 'cuf rket N»w Ham*. jnlm plnphmnrfl. ft new rcaidcnco In Jown which will contain all modern' Iniprovements <»nd »o ttnothor credit to tho flno residences tho pl«co. Th.e bulldlnK divided off into eight . rooms nut including a ulothcM premi for f th« roomy buth. Al»io & l»ftam»ent for fuel, vcKeiuble room, a furnuce room and laundry, Tho building lit.full two orles high and with « larKO nnd roomy ot IH one deslrublp jdacu to Uvu ua it located- loads of ctttih* to thd ChicaKo. marke this wi>ek. ,Mr, Wlldman i« n feeder and ITiuockbuyfj' n* well mid he inake» money at both tho Block buying and the farming. There has al«o been many cars of hoBa shipped from thu Proph- etetowii market thi« week and much of thw huu» KOtng'TnTS CHIcnKO aC thin tlmo are spring pl«a und not very "well fattened either, they being put on the market, to «ave buying ' ninety cent corn, which in many canes hn» to he bought H« thero. la not enough rulntMl by the ft»«Mlera to llnhOi the fattening, MoUt UT the farmer* are busy huVk- j,' their evru at this time- and do not let HP for anything' naye'to vote ut November llth Number on Sale To-Day—All News-dealers—10 Cents The - FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publisher* ot the Famous I^EW Standard DicUoaary), NEW YORK \ and i!r«., C!t»orgt< Druinent »tay. her ROUND GROVE NEWS J Important B)iiekle«, and In th« d Btrocta In the town, METHOPISTRECEPTION Church Popple Honored Rev. and Mr«. A. C. Ulrloh. The Methodists jjavo a reception tor ht> juiHtor «nd hl« e«tlm«blo wifo on ^- • *> w jV. >A ^fMgESlliiii^iMittiinjHfvm'fmwi jl_ ^i<p?^-« ,S^* --" hurmluy evunlnK, tho Jtnv. and Mrs, . E. Ulrleh and thero was a gootlly Ucodanc« of ,thp phurph people and thw frlt'iirtS of the c4iurch preaont to ?5i--*» :-f :•** , Mr«, »f,. J. O'Httrynl of Clinton. WJUL rhroHirtowit 1'tiday morning and durliiK bcr home of Mr. and Mr«, daughter. will be H gue«t in Curacy and Mrs. Fred Uoy,d, of Dana, III,, who ha» boon In town Movornl t day» with lu>r two- children was a pawm-iiK^r home morning tmlng prece4«fl'by her Hnveml dayw, Mr*. Uoyd wan Mr. ^u*ij Stop the Little Leaks r-r EVEN CROSS, SICK CHILDREN LOVE SYRUP OF FIGS If f«v«ri»h, bilious, ccnetlpattd, fruit l«x«tivf at DEATH OF C. C, HALL. C, Hall, who 1ms lived ut county hou«u< for several jeurn, About eight o'clock Tuemlay in«iriiliiK' from n complication of allini-ntH, ut the udvanced riK" of eighty-ouu yearn wHtrh ho rpaehed- Al""" s - hnvlnsr been born In 1835. Slipt. H, D, CollliiM. ne- companied by tho writer, took the remains to Portland •townHhip, wbero tlu dec-eased had resided *for ninny •years «nd U> iiceordnnce with bl'm reiiuent ui their nnal >'e»t in HID ^r, 1 : 11 ^^. 1 ,.,!^",?.^ Il(111 w ' uth ! DIED CLOSEJOGETHER Mro. Mary Wilkinson And Sitter Paisad Away In Eaat. • Mrs. .Mury Wilkinson und her winter Miss Llda Qulsley, of Houdersbunj sire' equally- Arthur Hawr-s IIHH returned to Oklahoma, after endeavoring to«dlnponi' of HO me ot bin iiroperty in Hound and vicinity, Mr. and Mr«, Walter Palrymplo are tlw arrivnl— of— tt ten Don't scold, your fretful, . peevUh child. Swu if U»njju« l» eouted: tbis is »«ure »<iK» H» little Mtomach, J|ver and bowels aie "clogged with t|our kH iuv Hourly always small, thoroforo' \yc pay littlu at tent ion tq them, Finally, (liey hucunu 1 hirgc, and \vu are au<l iujurt'ti hy our great loss. Our Wovkly Savings' (.Tub will tako. When Katie**, pa'le, foveriMb, full of cold, breuth bud. 'throat uoro. cUuisn'* sleep or act iittturuH), bas ttiurn- tioH. diuirhoea. -|jivtJ a of 'H'nlifiirni^ p> rui> ot and in a few^ bourn althe 'foul wu.-tte, the Mntr biU* and food pu»i,M'M imt of the havo a w« H and playful x'btld ;tK<t»n. town cenjeteri*. about »lx miles Kouth- we«t of 1'rpphetstown, Two «on».from DBVcnport, lawa, and ft daughter from ftoek Islunil, toKOther with tt number of ucquiiintanct*!*, wero preiient ut the interment whleh \viin made near noon. Wednesday, Nov. 8. Mr. Hull, u carpenter by trade- \vii» identilled with bridge bulUliiiK on viiriuus ronda for inauy yenrtu THE COUNTV HOME. The dwellers In the e«Un,ty buildings at the poor farm need not go,to Washington, D. C- to K«t the "SYhite HouBtV the Presidential' rtxldenee, for . their temporary quarter;* huve been treated |o' it eoftt of white reinent puiltt, eor- fier istoiHiH IH uray, which muke» u striking cuiuiviiit and improves tin 1 pwir'anee of ""the buildins« K«-I The arti*>t<* that have IHI-U npi the eolorx art- rhutley Try«-. Kil. «,'ur- untl NOII. Orville, of Alorri.Hon, The unnuiil full house eli<aiiiiiK frfUMnn. whirls Tuts- t»'t'ij ul'^trv*'!,! I'ur M-veral weeks, is» also diuwuit; U> ;i iHiueUj- uion. .WEDDING ANNIVERSARY:" In honor »if their forty-lhvt w«ldln*!J ainilvei>ai.v Mi. und Mrs. Henry Finnic eiUertH Jit tl i!i*'u fliUui'i ti. itl^»i .Mi. iu»*l MlS 11 >•!)!•> SlllUll illlll l-lliltirrtl. (if l*io|ii)«'ihtowp. Mr, ijii'I .Mr-. H> 11 Tliitiiil'M"'. ,\Irn. Ktt«i .iHinet, Mr, llubbart. of IJile. pound Iniy In their home soino duy« ago. . M|MH K. W. <!roH«, «»f f'hlcago. IIHH been visiting Iter parents*. Mr. und Ml'«. W, H. MiilhuWH and other frienils m>v- eral day». Albert Allen nud family Intuud to livf on a farm near llclvldere, mvxt your. They havo been liviiiK wuiUi- i'»Ht of thin villiiRt' fhiec their mar. Mrw. Allen will Gladys be a few yeurH remembered aw f UiU A mechunle by the njime of -Water while eiiniiK 1 ''! in iTfctliiK u are itn nKeil1:ouj»le., ilknl t hi week at their homo they HvltiK'toKethor loit n day or two apart. Mr*. Wllkln- Milt nu ni'«l a. borne in l'i(;iilirtntiuvn IIIK lived i hurt' u nMinbi.'r of yeum with her hitfbund, >*«d after his ilcalb which -WHH eoint^ time a«»>, llvod alone with an oeeawioned viultor from 1 1 he east who tilwnyu extended their vlHlis. Finally wlte t;loHed up tho hoitHo and wont to live with 'he tilatur above ntentluncd r til Mou lenveH idcees und*tle"pr bcutj \vlio Mill inherit the property. bourn', bad rhe inlttfortune to 1 fall and break his oollur hone, one duy la«t week.l Louis Ouffey, of I'hlraK", wnd Mr. and Mi'H. lieu Carner, of called At,.thi» la., Whistler hoiuu ru*- Her Good Reason. WUH fond of luUing oft am] htodtliigx iliul every shu hud »ho would do tio. On one uc hhe down this nhuut half u- block urn] look off her -shoes nnd sturkltitftf. Wfi^-u *he returned her mother a«l»etl lu>r why sho look thi'u oJT nnd, *-ho niisweivd; "u t I lo WVUP tuy bare, l"\t; h;,nnh'hfi "ffiut after K to make J»V,'4'ct, »!. byi r HttU- c;n» Ji ( full 1 * ana m .,._.., _- - nit»nirt will bv ouOugh to ex-jjJaiii thu mutli- <nl to you. lu.l,ty siivjs- ii alek ehibt tomoitow. !«it «• t tl,e ^ei.nti!". A--k ><>ur dritKiti^t fur ;i 'tU'Vvtii lH>ttle nf "I'dllfitinut Syrup of l-'i«s ''•'•'v. iiu h h.<> ,l!r«H tii>Hf fur • Oiltlren cf ,UI !u;v» "nul for KHI !«' ilnlV ••» I!!.- l-nltie Hi l)!< tnln r COLD IN NORTH. l'l»m their return n>'ii> where tii*-y pajiht-d ;i" week, tin 'Muthi'Wj-i i'rothi»r«, J.-itin-.t und 1 rei»oit (lit- t<'HH'»'i\ituvi- MI > ii-\ aw III-JUK U-li (U'.ie/ *ic|i»v\ \\ll\l It'll? IHeln •> «>f !«l!»\V wti.l- they we»i- thei»'. Mil- * II, y.t n> I'llilti BUB RHEUMATIC PAIN FROM Rub Pain Right Out With Small Trial Bottle Of Old — *%t Jacob's'Oil." Stup "duj»intt" lUieuniiitiBin. +• U'.- i'Usi oifly, mil out* ta.M' in -( -, iniiTiivtl ti V'ltni* nt. IJub ),, m U.Uill,; ' "Hi. J.M.'U-. I'll' VOTING FOR RUM I looked un tho man who hud voted for nun, Jiitt countenance, betiming with joy, Hi» iMU'ty iiad gained the vlcetlou thut .<luy And ht» told tliu glad news to Ida boy. 1 t>.-uv him nuuin \\hen the yiurs had jjonu hv, • • Thw i alliance brtd gonti fro|ti hi« iirew. liibUMtd of the joy that oiiee beamed on hl.s f.-u-tt I>eojh_sorrtiw ji'^s l»l''lnreJ there now. AH Jie lookti un the fne« tj[ Ui'it iniio- ffiit boy A \ietim of ilrink and the-lii viised ra- 1<',)1 «liii'li hia oun lather bad voted, -Dint • J.ither is bovveil dii\\'u with ^o|-I inw ami erii-l • - • j A:- In- Iliinkn on tl'*> fille of MM boy. i And fi'ijl't K the t>ui| dtiy that lie \<m-(l Tor nun With HIM li inhibitions* uf jfj'. t''h i'lilicif. be\\afi.' Illg I \i>U- l-'tir u i:iitj JIIM •>(,•!» ;uii! lellee icetiht'X ilrinU, l.ul 1 H riijiiiri'ii! I', Illinois took •»( si _?-« •• ti. it \n'if- i- *JIU"»" 111 t 1 ,, S.Vl C|l ( d H i. • H tl!> i vl,U hljil ,i: I .-jrup. ii; 1 t 1,-u tile "U iiticl t'piil," Hiui b,'' the I!'.', v,itl .),<« K Unl'UIM'll ' UUI ifol.i' f tlM' lliCUIII.lHi 1 piiltk a.' i ' .•',. ,1.1*. 4.~ iMi' i,. H It.iuult-t— - u -in l,i,:iiu nt wh|i h ncvi'f ilt ins si"* 1 *!!*! liiu II Jti>- .ski(l7 • i. ;itiu)< 1'iijv.Hhi 1 ;itnt Yes, »uij< tiir a IHHIIU til jiml Uiuit. \\ ,^. i! M,iM>n, MM.fiut, Mil h (.'ll '\(.i-ili !!H» .iiitb<i|- nt Un, above J|'V |-'i. Ml Is '• i \t'.l!.-( «.nl, I, ill. hi U!> it 'I \ 1,,'ifi'ji,, Tl>" (Mum •) All Agreed. ' "I'id juu hjk'ak to lather uhout me, ArthurV" a>!n-<i UH- j;irl. "Yes, I iliil, dtiir. jiiul lu> ii o Kt'i't'ii \\i4h mo hesii'tily," I'lj.'hi't Jjj.'! 1 MJH>--I-J\ , "'I'lli-i^ ll*< jc,il«| 4- iiiii'Jit .Ju.iro .M'u'f" "\\ij_v er- in>. 1 iliilu't l|H I,' ..'1 >.., i ,! -l H I JS1-.1 Mlill J*-U \4i !•• ,! 1|.., ^l!l" l,i»ll'!iit( .\U-. Beautiful Nlflhte, Nothlug la mwc (>eiuul(ul than moon und the «tarn these- flejir jiij,'hU, f They WH.«IU to ,brlng nourer tlmn ot uny other best of nil, uoboily peta a bill subllmo sorvlcu Uioy Best Service jiaC Equipment Call Forster & Sonsr Funeral Directors D.y 6«lli Niahf C lnter,t.t.9 The Leader of ihe Class i.-^ ilic cliiUI with the least handicaps. Votir Vhild's ryt's a r« i tho .jfjvutoKt Jiainlii-ap in .s« ( |u»ol w<»rk if jhoy tiro nut perfect. (Mir ,s|X'i-ialiMs bav I'no'iliiio.s you it'^-hiNsi's will >uur child 's oyo- Thoft* ih mi oxtni fcif t'u- iH'Yvift?. o.s a,-> low u.s $~. I i £ ur si ht. 1st Moulding Oplk'Iaii ._'_ nJ 3«J St., Stalling, Hi. i i i ill ••; iniKi i'^ S'«t <• 8ELIU PHONE 101-w'

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