Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 12, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
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Thursday, March 12, 1964
Page 7
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Right to criticize Supreme Court's decisiort seen as support of press By CHARLOTTE G. MOULTON WASHINGTON (UPl) — The Supreme Court's historic decision in the New York Times libel case was viewed today as massive support for the right of j the nation's press to criticize public officials. The court, in a decision which set sweeping new guidelines in the field of freedom of the press and of speech, Mon day threw out a $500,000 libel judgment against the Times. The judgment had been won in state courts by a Montgomery, Ala., police official. The deci sion also struck down the judg ment as it applied to four Negro clergymen who were codefendants in the Alabama case. The court's majority opinion in strong language laid down the rule that critical statements about th official conduct of government officers are pro-i tectcd by the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press. Must Provt Malict A government official can collect damages only if he can prove "actual malice," said Justice William J. Brennan Jr., who wrote the decision. Brennan defined "actual mal ice" as a statement made "with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.' The court stoped short of ruling that an official can never bring a libel suit based on criticism of his official conduct, thus there remained a bar on reckless Ijing, for instance, in 3 political campaign. The decision was seen as a roadblock in the way of retaliatory libel action against newspapers like the Times, or other news media, which, accordmg to Justice Hugo L. Black's concurring opinion, could conceiva­ bly be labeled "outside agita tors" in some sections of the nation. Apply To Suit The standards set by the court Monday must be applied also to lawsuits totaling SZ.S million brought by other Ala^ bama officials against the Times and the four clergymen. All the actions are based on an advertisement published in the Times March 29, 1960 and deal ing with the treatment of Ne gro student demonstrators in Montgomery and elsewhere. The damage award in Monday's case, brought by Mont gomery Police Commissioner L. B. Sullivan, was thrown out on the grounds that: —No malice was shown even though some of the statements were not completely accurate. —There was no evidence that the statements in the advertisement referred specifically to him. Body Shop In Vienna that would be a beauty parlor By GAY PAULEY NEW YORK (UP!) -Another voice is heard in the great debate—whether American males are dominated by American fe males. "I think tliey are not," said a Viennese woman who piO' neered a career in her homeland jn the man's world of film-making. "They're emancipated," she said. "The men have their own shoe stores:." The tonguc-in-chcck observa lion comes from Jfarfha Foitl, a tiny, blue-eyed blonde who has spent the last five months on a private U. S. tour to show college groups, women 's clubs and fil societies documentaries on Austria. Impressions of U, S. It is Mrs. Foitl's first visit to tlie United States and as she prepared to fly home to Vienna she spoke of some of her impressions and some of her mistakes in a foreign land. "Aren't there any American souveniers?", she said. Everything you pick up seems stamped 'Made In Japan' or "Made In Hong Kong,." "I did not know what a hamburger was at first," she said of this beefy bit of Americana. "Now I have counted up. There are at least 28 styles." Mrs. Foitl said that her college-learned English improved as she criss-crossed the country, but she had trouble understanding Southern accents and some U. S. idioms confused her. On a bus ride from New York to Ithaca for an appearance a t Cornell University she kept noticing signs saying, "body shop" and "body repair." "In Vienna, these would be beauty shops," she said. "It took a while for it to dawn on me that here they're for cars." Russia proposes Soviet style beauty JIOSCOW (UPI) — Russian women today faced a new demand from the state — be beautiful, Soviet style. Forget about Paris, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot, the government organ Izvestia said, and show off the attributes of the true Soviet woman. "Soviet girls, be beautiful," it exhorted, "but remember you are citizens of a great nation... rodu";:^? thVo'th;« w"e;e £o7. It ^-.r, it':^^:. Mrs. Foitl, a divorcee, believes she is the only woman in central Europe running a film company. Her "Foitl Filmpro- duktion," with a staff of seven men and one woman (her), produces advertising, educational, industrial and documentary films. It was with a group of 15 documentaries on Austria that she toured. Four her firm had rowed from competitors. Austriin Attractions It would not have been fair to my country just to use our films," she said. The documentaries included a look at Vienna today, casUcs and citadels, modem art, famous sculptures and buildings, and what she said was probably the most popular of all with American audiences—the famed Spanish Riding School. And, there was the one on (be Vienna Garden for the Blind which inspired the city of Miami to write Viennese officials for the modcL She said Miami wants to copy the garden. Mrs. Foitl began her career as a journalist but moved into the film industry when she went to work with Willie Forst, the Austrian movie director-actor. After World War n, Forst moved to West Germany and 12 years ago Mrs. FoiU got government permission to start her own firm. It has been difijcult for a woman," he said, "the men arc the one who place orders. .And in Austria, men still hold to the "church, kitchen, children' role for women." and your manners be worthy of the grandeur of our society." ^Vhat a pity, Izvestia com plained, that the Russian boots which are so necessary and practical for the cold Soviet winters had to go to Paris be fore they became high style in Moscow. "We should fight for fashion instead of against it," Izvestia said. "We are neglecting a gold mine of national ornaments and designs." As though making a leap year gift, Izvestia said it is all right for Soviet girls to wear spiked heels, eye shadow and black stockings, but they shouldn't imitate Western models. 'The psychology of fashion in the West is based on the imita tion of so called fashion makers ... thus appear styles of Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor..." Izvestia said. It9dlands Daily facts Thors., Mar. 12, 1964 - 7 MEDAL — Rediands Colonel Bronow W. Feiling (left) receives the Air Force Commendation Medal from Maj. Gen. Clyde H. Mitchell, SBAMA 'commander. Colonel Feiling, the SBAMA director of Maintenance, wos cited for cuffing monpower costs during an Atlos missile modification program. U.R. invites attorneys to liear Dutton Col. Feiling awarded USAF commendation Rediands Colonel Brunow W. Feiling, 12879 Bums Lane, was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal at Norton AFG, last week. The Air Force Commendation Medal was presented to Colonel Feiling, at San Bernardino Air Materiel Area director of Maintenance, by Maj. Gen. Clyde H. Mitchell, SBAMA commander, during a brief ceremony honoring the Rediands Air Force colonel. Colonel Feiling was cited for 'foresight and leadership" in the use of manpower at Atlas misrile sites during the maintenance modification program. A savings of more than S300 thousand is anticipated from the manpower improvement plan developed by Colonel Feiling. The savings is achieved by scheduling personnel who are paid a daily subsistance pay while away from Norton AFB, to work a 54-hour week instead of the normal 40-hour week. Through this process the work is completed approximately 22 per cent ahead of schedule and the subsistance pay, which would have otherwise been incurred, is avoided. Overtime pay at the rate of time and a half is paid for all time over the 40-hour week. However, the cost difference of the actual dollar outlay represents a considerable cost avoid ance to the Air Force — an estimated $308 thousand for fis cal year 1964. By doing this, the job is done quicker, at less expense and the highly technical workers are then available for jobs elsewhere. Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything CaU 793-3221 LASSO HUNTING VIAN DO CASTELO, Portugal (UPI) — Antonio Castro, whose unorthodox hunting system requires only the skill to use a lasso, has made a career out of catching foxes. Alfbough he has been bitten several times, his lasso technique works well. He has bagged 15 foxes in recent weeks. THE ALMANAC Today is Thursday, March 12, the 72nd day of 1964 with 294 to follow. The moon is approaching its new phase. The evening stars are Venus and Jupiter. On this day in history: In 1912, Mrs. Juliette Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scouts of America troop at Savannah, Ga. In 1933, President Roosevelt made the first of his many pop ular "fireside chats." In 1938, Germany invaded Austria. In 1963, the House voted to grant former British prime minister. Sir Winston Churchill, honorary citizenship in the United States. A thought for the day—Prcsi dent Franklin O. Roosevelt once said: "It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach." Duel fought over book criticism PARIS (UPI) — A writer and a publisher's agent dueled with sabers Wdenesday in front of Victor Hugo's home to settle a dispute over a new book. Hungarian author Eskanasy pinked Jean Mordacq to honorably win the conflict. Mordacq, who received a superficial flesh wound in his side, had challenged Eskanasy after the latter criticized a biography of French author Leon Dauded, which Mordacq's firm pub- Ushed. Thirsty Cailfornions SACRAMENTO (UPI) —CaU forniaos were a thirsty lot last year, and not just for water. The state Board of Equaliza tion said Wednesday Califor nians drank an average of 1.3 gallons of hard liquor per per son, 175 cans of beer and 2.1 gallons of wine in 1963. Armstrong hospitalized NEW YORK (UPI) — Jazz musician Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong, undergoing treatment here for a heart ailment, was reported in satisfactory condition today at Beth-Israel Hospital. The 63-year-old trumpeter entered the hospital last week. A hospital spokesman said it was not yet determined when the globe-trotting jazz player and singer could be expected to leave. Lockheed wins contract for research item Lockheed Propulsion com pany of Rediands has been awarded a ^4 ,500 contract to furnish solid propellant for research, supply and servicing needs at the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, it was announced today by Brig. Gen. Irving L. Branch, commander. The Lockheed award was listed among 17 California firms which shared in $2,228, 152 worth of contracts awarded by the .AF Flight Test Center in recent weeks. Lockheed's Missiles and Space company in Sunnyvale drew a S191,186 contract for a rocket systems ground equip ment study. Bill infrodHcetf SACRAMENTO (UPI)-A biU which would prohibit the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority from entering into any major contract or incurring liability if and when a Southern California rapid transit district is created was introduced into the Legislature Wednesday by Sen. Thomas Rees, D-Los Angeles. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Frederick G. Dutton. Assistant' Secretary of State for Congressional Relations, will be special speaker for a dinner meeting of nearly 50 attorneys and trust officers invited by the University of Rediands, Wednesday, March 18, 7 p.m. In the California Club, Los Angeles. Presiding at the dinner will be Dr. George H. Armacost, president of the university, and the Honorable Jesse W. Curtis, Jr. (San Bernardino) and Warren M. Christopher (Los .Angeles). Dealing with the topic "The Domestic Side of Foreign Policy," Mr. Dutton will address the assembly in the Sunset Room. Guests who are residents of the Riverside-Redlands - San Bernardino area are invited to contact Dr. Gilbert L. Brown or Jack B. Cummings at the University of Rediands for transportation to the dinner. In his present position, Dutton is the principal representative in Congress for the President and the Secretary of State in matters dealing with legislation affecting foreign policy. He served as Executive Secretary to Governor Pat Brown in 1959-60 and was Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy in 1960-61. A graduate of the University of California and the Stanford Law School, Dutton practiced law in the San Francisco Bay Area and also in Los Angeles. Police hold youth for crime spree SAN DIEGO (UPI)-PoUce today held Howard E. Bevery, 19, a Camp Pendleton Marine, on 14 counts of kidnaping, rape, robbery, sex perversion and auto theft. Bevery was booked' Wednesday after he reported a theft of his own money to military police. Discrepancies in his story were pointed out and Bevery admitted a four - month crime spree, authorities said. HAVE YOU SEEN? CYPRESS TERRACE Apartment Homes One Bedroom with Patio from $m.N 325 E. CYPRESS AVE. Call 793-5376 News At Sages .tell (OS DiCHONDM ONLY —-I FOR DICHONDRA ONLY new bandini weedilizer It's Weedilizer — a double-action weapon! It's 0 potent ftrtilizer and weed control! Kills crobgrass, bermuda and other weeds while it total))'nourishes dichondro. Covers 2500 square feet. mm '-y END-of-WEEK SPECIALS Low-Prices in Effect FRIDAY and SATURDAY 68 Piece Stainless Steel Tableware Spring Leaf Pattern. $ 1 0 88 Service for 8. Plus Extras . . . .REG. 16.95. $9.95* BANDINI PLUSH LAWN FOOD SO-LB. $5.80 CONTROLS INSECTS & CONDITIONS THE SOIL 8IJ-LB. BAG WITH INSECTIOOE. BANDINI SPREADER SPECIAL •WITH PURCHASE OFWEEDIUZEROR BANDINI PIUSH. NG -Gn« Feed snails now with Ortho's Bug-Geta pellets! K.- Kills 'em dead! 2^ (,8$ ORTHO-GRO SPECIAL. QT.$1.39 A COMP. LIQUID PLANT FOOD FOR EVERYTHING THAT CROvVS ORTHO ROSE DUST & FOOD KIT MB VALUE SI.88 Time to Feed 4 Dujt for ImeclJ. IO.01. Roic Ouit. Pint Roie Food. ORTHO ISOTOX „ 8-oz.$i;98 FIGHT.APHIDS WITH ISOTOX GARDEN 5PRAYI ORTHO AZALEA 8 CAMELLIA FOOD-.QT..2.S9 VALUE $1.69 Complil* Food for Acid Loving Plants. Includes FREE BOOK! SAGE'S BASE LINE K SAGE'S DEL ROSA SAGE'S MAGNOLIA X JAGE'S REDLANDS It will soon be Picnic Time Buy This Vagabond Gallon Size . M Vacuum Jug • • • • . 2 «4y Vanity Shelf by Ideal . $^88 7 Handy Crisper "See Thru" TQ' Container . . # # Handy Crisper 79* Lunch Kit with Pint Vecuum Battle $239 West Bend 7-9 Cup Aufemaftc Percolater $6.88 30 Cal. Calv. Garbage Can $5.88 Spedof Prices in tffect Fri.. Mar. 13tli & Sat., Mar. 14rh. PARK n- SHOP VALIDATION 19 East C'ltrue Rediands PY 3-3379 Puraitura Drap«^iet # Hardware Hauaewaret

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