Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 17, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, July 17, 1944
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. S^9IB • ,^^^h • ' ' • ' ' '•'• - • ' »' * Join the Connecticut Scroll of Honor for WITH WAR BONDS •''"• ' • * f ' ' •' ' ~ • .!^ .-•• • ''i .•'.'.. • , f - •. f *^ • ' yd. LXVUI, No. 165 ESTABLiSHEDT885~ "A Progressive Newspaper For a .Progressive Community.'' ; .' WEATHER Fair Today Arid Tuesday • Full Report On Paire 3 . .., MONDAY, JULY 17, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents *»* i Veteran Of Two Drives Now Home pfe. Charles Staskicwicz Of Sheffield Lane Fought In Sicily And Italy pfc. Ch;irlcs Stfiskcwlcy. of the L'nliccl .Stall's Army, ,'i veto run of the Slcilv nnd Italian campaigns, Is .ipenclini,' n ''convalescent furlough with his wife. Marj;, at the dome of NH pavcnt.i, Mr. nnd Mrs. Adnrn Staskiowicv; of Sheffield lanf. Knockod down by illnoas in Itnly !Snt Included an uttack of malaria, pfc. SfrisklewIcK Is (i patient at the Ciis^lnj; Gcnct-nl hospital ut Ffaminclmm. Mass., having arrived from overseas last May, When In 1 comnletes his* convalescent fiu'louwh of 10 cliiys tho lociil jolcllcr i-i'porW back to the hospltnl, nr,(! expects to bo transferred to Omp L'pton. N. Y. The local soldier has been 32 months in the service, entering In Jnmiiiry of tfl-12 ancf has been over- sens more thtin ii year, followinc; mining fit Fort Dcvcns, I-'ort Putrick Henry nnd C:imp Croft, the in.'nntry trnining center In South Cnrolina. A.< Pfc. StnsklewicK puts U, his outfit h»tl a "dry run" or period in North Africa before shov- InK off on the Invasion of Sicily. His unit wont direct from the LT. S. t'o Africa. The NaUfTiituck .soldier's rej;l- m^nt went in the first day in Sicily nnd fought nil The w;iy through that campaign, which he clescrlhcs iu very ruKKcd due to the hilla held by tho German defenders. Ir. Sicily Pfc. Stnskicwlcj: met Ser- RcnnU Clani'nce Scheithc of Union City, n member of the sumn divj- Hion who Is still fl^htinp in the rTfllian campalfrn. nnd when last heard from, w?is clolnK very well. In. Atncn_Plc. Stnskiuwicz met his brother 'sttvff -Sergeant -Hc'ni-y SUjklowlc'/,, who has beon in the Army for throe years,' 14 months O'erscfiH. and who now also is !af(inK part In tho Italian campaign. Another bi'othor, Wnltoi 1 , is u torporfil In tho Army and is in tho Jout.h Taclflc whore he has br:cn .tlntlonnd for the pnst 22 months. Move Forward In Normandy 17th Local Killed He h/is boon In the service tor nearly two years. fri talking nf Saclly. Pfc, Sttisltic- wicn drrcl.'itetl that thn Americans liro.i.Mffl info service tiny Italian mill* 1 .", murh niiiri'iiar than the Ann-clean bfficl tr> c«"t ammunition imcl mipplle.i to tho front lines. Ilo -itHtorl that when the Invasion took [ilfioc the soldiers dropped (heir ban-auks bags on the beach >ind they were brought through Inter in [rucks. Meantime the soldiers got Minns' «>n their C (incl K ralion.H until tho supplies came through. rfn. Stasldcwinx stated that his outfit rested only a few weeks be- fon- moving in on the Italian maln- lund. landing 'he clay following l.he original Invasion, at Salerno. He stati-d that the story .In Italy wnst just the same aa In Sicily with Orman.i .solidly entrenched on hlirh ground, and making the Americans comn to them. Ho di'clnred I hat the American.*) ciimp alright, proving them.Hclves i-f|ii!i| of any soldier in the A coiiiiminlrim- from Supreme Headquarters'announce^ that the whole U. S. Army from St. IA> to the sen is on thr move. Our troops pushed .smith fcir gnlfi.x no to three mll<:.s und captured St. Gorinjiln-sur-A.v, l.uvsiiy's harbor. Uiuihle to advance frontjilly St. Lo (closouii, Itm'irr map), .American fornvs di.-<-ppnr;d their lines on the south and overnin l,;i Uurrr dc- Scmily, two miles oust-of the city. Four of the Him:>, lending into St. .l.o are ninv controlled hy tho Yanks". Another thrust hy American units cjyrlcd to tho outskirts of Lc Mcftnll lluraml. three :ind one-half miles norlhwnst of the city. (International) Pvt. Edward Doyle Of Highland Avenue Dies , Of Wounds In France . Word was received yesterday by Mrs. Emmallnc. Doyle 1 , 150 Highland avenue that .her husbitnd Pvt. Edward Doyle, '29, died June 29, from wounds sustained in battle in France. Mrs. Doyle received the usual War department telegram, which Is extremely bare in detail. . Pvt. Doyle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Doyle of Webb street, Wa- torbury, was with a chemical warfare detachment. His wife received recently a letter from him 'dated June 28, stating that he was in France. Born \n Watorbury, and receiving his education in that city, Pvt. Dolke married the former, Miss Emmaline Sangstrom in January, 39-12, and took up residence in Naugatuck with'his bride. Prior to his 'entrance into the Army in April, 1943, he was employed at the Waterbury Tool Co. He went overseas In April of this year. He is the seventeenth local resident to bo listed'ns dead by the War dopartmen while in service in the present conflict. Democratic Committee At Pre-Convention Parley Members of tho sul^cominlttco of tho Committee on resolutions moct at convention headquarter*! In Chicago to nuikc plans for the forthcoming Democratic meeting. They arc (left to richt): Sen. Carl Hatch, Now Mexico; Son. Claude Pepper) Florida; Congressman. John McCormack, Massachusetts; Con- Mm. Miiry T. Norton, New Jersey; :ijid ConcrcKsniun Thomas D'AJcNSumlro, Maryland. • (International) Local Soldier Reported As Missing In Action German Front In Normandy In Danger Of By American Troops Wounded Sailor Has Returned To Active Service ! Machinist Mate, 3-C,- Louis Fazzino, .ot the United' vtn.tos .Navy, who was wounded in the invasion of France,, has;. recovered 'and has returned to,, active' duty,- hiu - Borough Engineer Making Sewer System Plans " Plans for ,a ^f^n'.il.nry sewer to be installed on Sheffield L;\no and •Locust -.street are bei:i^ completed by' ; Borough. Engineer Charles D urtiss, Wai-den Leo J. Brophy announced. t-h'is morning. Trie sewer will extend to Pro.specl strecl, allowing many property owners now using- septic lanks to connect with .the .new pipe IMTC. A storm sewer .to extend from Hillside avenue and from the nsw .doyelo'phicht ; ia the ; Field street- Ch3tnu.t stccct. area -to Hop Brook ' ou 1 - Ch'urch .atrijcl ,witT also built i:. ». Nazis May Be Forced To Fall Back Over 9 Miles To Southwest (Hy The O".irm:tn front in Normandy Is In. danger of boin^ sip-Ill in two. •American troops ;LI-O threaton- infr to spear across the highway thn.1 run ; from St. Lo west to Less/ty, Such a thrust would divide thr: German bn-ttlcfront and fc;'ce the N'tr/is to fall back toward n. town called 'Coutanccs, 9 1-2 miles to the southwest for another ."land alor.K u lateral hijrhway. J.iHtcst reports this morning' place Ihc Amcn'i.'anji less than one mile from the .highway lire the soctor between St. Lo and Periers. One column is n pproachlnp a town south of tho St. Lo to Periers link iiftor capturing two places on hlKh ground, overlooking the high- China Expects More Aid From United States Ami>ricnn wnapojnv (ire superior. Rftttli'fi that «tand but In tho !o«'il Holdior's mthd arc in Sicily f"r tho Pi'scrarl 'ijfclrstrlp, (incl un- otlicr thnt the Americans chris- tcncrt "Bloody KUIgc" n high point (Cnntinuc-d on Pag" 8) Undaunted Swett Battled Japs Alone Sofiar;itcd from his division IjMhr Tuliigi ni'Dji during the Solomnn. Jslnnds. campaign, •C'lpt. James Swctt .found hlm- S! 'l r . surrounded, by, enemy Pl-'ines. Undiumroci, "he boldly "ttucknd six Jap bombers at owe. He shot down tho first f °»r in flames, then found his "mmunition gnno n.s' rolont- '"»!>• h^ closed with tho fifth j! <P bomber. 'Although his Pl-'nc was partially dlxablcd. "" mjinngod :o land safely. S'.ich diiperh airmanship and ^nncious fighting spirit, so '1 kooplng with the Navy's "iRhpst traditions, won Swctt thl ' Congre-ijiioniil Medal of Honor. A ct in kopplng with the "•trhcx: traditions of Amcr(onn Wlwn«hip; Back our heroes °y buying more WAI- Bonds! U! "3 a .N'ews Want Ad to sell s«m c nrtielc you no longer y<& and raise extra War -'•nj flollfirs. Phone 2228. way on Ihe north. Alo'fig the -10 mile American front between St. Lo and Lcssay the world, pfc. Ktn.Mkl"ewicy; stated that i Yanks won four more villages. «i" Germans arc real veterans, ( And n late dispatch this morning, wll <v|iilpp f .r| with weapons that! s f "'• 'by the British radio, says know fiow'To tisr.'iibtit that tllQ Americans resumed their at- iacks against St. Lo early today from the north and cast. There w.-i.s a .heavy ground misl which prevented artillery units from sup- porllng the renewed thrusts. The Americans ilmvc gained an additional -100 yards from the east and pushed Ihrougli a town only tu-o and one half miles to Ihe r '" •^^••^.•.••^^•^^•^•^ northwest. . IT . _. At last reports, however, they worn loss l.han a mil-j from St. Lo from the oast, m'ortheosl Al the western end of the Amor! c n n front. Lieutenant Ga-noral Firatlley's mon also moved aliciul. But like the advances toward SI. Lo, t.heir gains are being measured in yards; The objective Is Lcssny, the western a.r.-c-hor ot the German line in Normandy, . but the arc putting up bitter re?isiance. .Every house in every village -has been lurnccl into a Nazi pillbox, mar.netl by fanatical paralroopers •juncl picked units of Germany's crack S, S. troops. On the British and Canadian sector of tiie Normandy front, United Press War Correspondent Norman Cleric says bitter fighting is taking pincc around Noyers. Thin is ten miles southwest of, In the area where the British .Second Army began n local offensive over the week-end. Other front dispatches say gains o flip to two .and one half miles have been made. But at Allied headquarters spokesmen say they have had no Information on the Warning-ton, July 17—(UP)—Chl- noso Finance Kung sayy he expects increased United Slates aid to his country in the very non-r future. Kung warns thai Japan will be harrier to beat if she -succeeds in linking her northern, a/id aotithei-n forces ir. China. The Chinese official maintains- t/hat more aid ' to China now ' would strengthen her to fight tne Japanese—as well ns •shorlen' the Pacific war for the United Slates. Kung believes that conditions in Normandy will make H easier for the Unitad States to step up supplies to China.. And he-''says that with new supplies, the Chinese of South' Main; 'street have bceni informed. .''.."' .'. '. ' " .' The local. sailor wms-'in an' invasion craft that was 'hit . by German shells off Ihc const of 'France June 6. and aflcr b.oinp injured in the back ot the head, k-irew nothing more until he came to in an American hospital in England. Machinist Mate Fazzino writes home -Jhal. ,h'o is now wearing army cJolhcs and until his new uniform is Issued will 1 '.have to get about in those garments.' ' • He writes that on entering- the Navy that, live newer figured that durinf^part of his military' career tall,! he would wear l.he khiUti of Uncle Sa-m but that this war brings about many changes. T'hV"Naug-atuck"Developmcnt Co. •will, build' its own sewer 'system oh strec-U' in this, area.' which will connect with .tilie borough lino. Plans and profiles tor a drain- ago system on Cherry street extension .will be made soon, • Warden Brophy said. JAPANESE MINISTER DEAD Now York, . July 17—(UP)—A Japanese dispatch, broadcast by (he Gc'-man Trnnsoceun agency, reports tho death of tho minister of justice in the Japanese puppet government of China. The minister— Chang Yi-Peng—Is reported to have died of pneumonia. Ne>y Gun Revealed In Italian Campaign Private, First Class, W. J. Cowan Of Linden Street Took Part In Invasion Rome, July 17 — CUP) — It has just. been r.evcaled that the Americans' have been usinp 90 millimeter antiaircraft g-uns as artillery pieces against German land' target throughout the Italian campaign The 90's have been so effective they .have been named "Baby Toms." They arc considered the Yank's crack gun. The shells explode at the roof top heights and spray shrapnel on cnctTiy soldiers who find foxholes little protection. progress of the offensive since Sun- dnv noon. (Continued on Page 8) Street Oiling Work Progresses Well About £0,000 gallons/of oil''have been used, in the oiling of borough streets, Harold Murtha, supcrln lendent of streets, announced this morning. Almost three-fourths o the work has now been completcc he added. Streets in the inside district o Naugatuck have been oiled and work on tho outlying .roads wil start soon. Last year oil • shipments WCI-L less, but the amount this year allows tho borough workmen to-put the streets into an' excellent condition. Oiling on private roads, how over, will not be done. Prior to the war, owners of drivcwnys paid the town for oiling> their drives.. Ticket Committee Named For St. Francis' Club Outing St. Francis' Church 'Mass Calendar A memorial Mass for the' .late Private M. R. Stauffer, "son ot Mr. 1 and Mrs. Harry J, Stauffer 'of Allerton- Farms, Mlllvllle, will bo celebrated on Tuesday morning at 7:30 o'clock at St. Francis' church, -. x ... On Friday morning at 7:30 o'clock at Str.Frnncis' church there will be a Mass, requested by Naugatuck mothers of Italian descent, who have sons in the armed'forces of the nation. ' Family Picnic, At Linden Park Aug. 27, May Draw 500 People The ticket committee for the family picnic and outing of the St. Francis Club, which will be held at Linden Park August 27 was announced this morning by Ernest Allen, chairman of the committee in charge of arrangements for the event. . • • The affair is expected to attract azout 500 people. ... . Those serving on the committee of which John F. Deegan Is chairman, are: ' • Mrs. Dccgan, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Triano, Mr. and 'Mrs. Jeremiah Cal- Inhan, Mr, and Mrs. B. L. Su'llj- va-rr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Phal-. on, Mr. and Mrs. R. Saunders, MJ-. and Mrs. William Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Smith, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCarthy. Also Mr. -and Mrs. M, J. Honan, Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Callahan. Mr. and Mrs. ,GooTge Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs, Paul Buckmiller, Mr. and Leo Happy, Mr., and Mrs. Jc-hn Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Daly, Mr. .and : .Mre. : Joseph; Hearns, Mr. arid Mrs. James Kissane, Mr. and Mrs. B. Gat-rick,,' Mr. and Mrs. T. Carmody, Mr. and' Mrs. LV Callahan, Mr. and . , . . J. Zohndor, and. MK. 'arid. Mrs, Leo Brophy.. '-.... • .'.'-.•• '•.•. ,'.• • And Mr. and Mrs. J. Wrinn, Mr.; (Continued orTPage.8) Historic Buildings Saved In Normandy British Second Army headquarters, France—fewer historic buildings have boon .destroyed during the. Normany invasion than the Allies had expected. And many of the ancient structures which were damaged will be "rebuilt. Captain Bancel La Farge, an advisor to the senior civil affairs officers of the' Second Army, des- cribes'the plans,. La Fargc, a former architect of New York city, tells how'-the crumbled remains will be protected until reconstruction can be carried- out. He says thousands of printed : signs will be posted on the ruins. And that the Allies have olllcial lists of mounments and other..famous landmarks to which they-refer when mapping out their campaigns. . • - . ' i Most of., the Another war casualty hit Naugatuck this morning with the news that Private, First Class, W. J. Cowan, infantryman in the United States Arrily, and son"' of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Cow^in of Linden sTreet, is missing in action in France. The family of tho local soldier received a' telegram this morning from' the War Department stating that Pfc. Cowan • w;is missing in j action in France since June C, the day of the invasion of the Normandy coast. Pfc. Cowan, 29' years of age, is well -known in Naugatuck where te was born and resided., all his ifc. Horis-.;a graduate of_-Naugatuck. schools ; and • worked in Nau-] gatu'clt" imTUSti'TiMr" lief ore "enVeTir.g the. Army in February'of 1942. After •'« long-.period"-'of training n this country at camps in Massachusetts. Maryland; West Virginia ind North Carolina, the local "soldier shipped out about 22 months go for England where he had ccn stationed until the invasion. Tho last letter received by his amily was dated'May 2-1 and was eceivod here about June 1-1 and in it PCc. Cowan stated that everything was 1 going along fine and that he WHS in good "tcaith. No details arc given in the War Department telegram but there" is hope that the soldier was taken prisoner by the Germans and that the ' International Red Cross Tatcr "may check into the matter. This procedure takes many months in some cases. The Cowan family is hopeful that the situation will end as well as it has for the families of Lieutenants John Linskcy, Jr., Joseph Burke and Sergeant Lawrence Dunn, local youths, all of whom were reported missing and later turned up as German prison-j crs. Lieutenant Burke was missing: almost 11 months. Pfc. Cownn besides his parents has one brother Donald J.. and two sisters, Mrs. Charles Wood, and Mrs. James Evon, all residents of Naugatuck. LATE RAF OVEIt GERMANY London, July 17—CUP)—RAF Mosquito bombers attacked synthetic oil plants in western Germany last night. Mines were laid in enemy waters. oOo LONDON HIT AGAIN London, ,Iuly 17— (CJ>)—Nazi flying homhs hit the British capi- Lul la,-t night aliil in daylight today, causing sonic damage and casualties, other points in southern Britain also u-erc attacked. .oOo OIL REFINERY HIT Rom.c, July IT— (UP)—British bombers from Italy hit • a Nazi oil' refinery near Belgrade in Yugoslavia last night. -•-.—; - •'•___ < , O i,^i_r-- • --•-.---• YANKS NEAR LIVORNO Rome, July 17—(UP)—An Allied communique this morning says American troops on the Italian west coast arc only two miles- from the outer limits of the port of I-ivomo. Ami they're placed only four miles from the heart of the city. ST. LO REPORTED ENTERED London, July 17—(UP)—An unconfirmed British dispatch says American troops in Normandy have entered St. Lo and Lcssay after cracking German defenses. Both cities guard the way to the heart of Normandy. Rep, Painter Working For Nomination Local Man Said TV Have Been "Encouraged" For The State Senatorship^ Well authenticated reports in political circles were about. today to the effect that in his. aspirations for the nomination of state senator from the- 14th senatorial district. State Representative William A. Painter had been "encouraged" as ."i most acceptable candidate by high-ranking state Republicans. Just what effect this tentativu backing will have'on the nomination remains to be seen in view of the fact that Judge Thomas Ncary also is reported to be in the field for the office. The report may involve several high ranking Republicans for it is assumed that if Judge Ncary is s-crious in his efforts to g-ain the nomination that he will have vhe backing of Congressman Joseph E. Talbot, who wields a tremendous nfluencc in state G. O. P. circles. It is reported that many Xauga- - j luck Republicans arc not backing the nomination of Representative Painter feeling that he has not been an active figure Jong: enough in the party, to warrant the "award, but the local man is rumored to ha've a great deal, of support with party leaders outside of- Kauga- tuck. . ' However it was also stated today that Representative Painter has been conducting. a very .active campaign locally, and that the results to date have been most encouraging. Committee To Change Ordinance To Be Named Demonstration Of Canning Will Be Held Wednesday Warden Leo J. Brophy cxpocts to -••uune a committee to plan changes in .-the borough building linance shortly. TJic" building ordinance which governs Ihc boroujjh is 20ye;trso)d ind membej-s of .llic borough board, of warden ar-tf burgrcsscs .fcol that the law should be ibi-oufrht up to d?.lc since there is a larpe buildiin;;:, jrojrram beinpr carried on at the presenl and others planned. Just who will serve on the committee is undclermincd, but it is expected that the borouprh building inspector and engineer will be named to serve. Plasma Unit Here Today For 250 Pints Of Blood A mobile blood plasma unit arrived a.l. the Naugatuck Y. M. C, A. this morning to collect 250 pinli of blood from IbcaJ rcside^Tts, Mrs, Edith Stecver,. executive secretary of the local Red Cross.chapter, has announced.' . . .. Three hundred volunteers re- isponded, .although t.he la-si, person did not sign until shortly before noon Saturday. . At 10:30 a. m., • the first vohm- .ccrs began their donations. The unit remained here until 3:30 p. m. •Another trip 'by the mobile unit rom Hartford -will. be made in wo months to Naugatuck. >". L, R. B. ORDERS destruction has taken. p,lace -,-at-. Caen. There, the museum* and- .its valuable collecy tibns were .burned. The university Boston, July 17—(UP)—-Workers t a Waterbury, Conn., plant have jcen ordered to conduct a secret election to .select a collective bargaining agent. Employes of the Waterbury. Farrcl Foundry and Machine Company must determine whether they wish to be I'eprc- —including its'.priceless library—i sentcd by the United Steelwprkers also'•;burned. Churches and hotels d'ating; back to the 16th century and-earlier were destroyed or damaged.'- —War workers find that Jeff* liealaurant offers delicious, healthful foods to keep one In tip top of America, a, CIO affiliate. The National Labor Relations Board ordered that the within 30 days. election be held .these hot, sticky days,—Adv. Te). 3287.—Adv.;. —Cash paid' for. musical instruments, pianoi, radio*, phonographs. Metro Music Mart, 88 Church St. A public canning demons!ratio will be huld on Wednesday aftci noon: at 2 p. m. in Grange hal Strait-sviUo, by Miss E. Dudley o the New Haven County Farm Bu rcau. There will be demonstrations o all modern canning methods, in eluding Uie pressure pack, tha now 'is one of Ihe leading prin ciplcs in. canning: Another <uigle to i.hc dcmonstra tion is the fact that pressure cook crs also may bo checked at. th event. Ma.ny pressure cookers arc not, too accurate, har.ce cannin may be spoiled. Miss Dudley h a s gauges b^ which all 1 types of. pressure cook crs may be chocked for accuracy. Local Youth At Great Lakes Edwin Guise Baldwin, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Page Baldwin., 62 Hoadley street, Naugatuck, Connecticut, is receiving his initial naval indoctrination at the U. S: Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, III. .. His "boot" training consists <-f instruction in*•'seamanship, military drill ,and general naval i procedure. During this period a scries of aptitude tests will be taken by the recruit to determine whether he will be assigned to a Naval Service School or to immediate active duty at sea. His recruit training completed, the seaman will spend a period of leave at home. —When you think of Vacation nnd Holiday Clolhcs, It's Raphael'* Nauiratuck'H Fashion Center, where Stylo and I,o\v Price go hand In hand.—Adv. Gasoline Rationing Has New Regulation Washington, July 17—(UP)—In a blow at tho gasoline black market, rationing officials have tightened procedures for returning unused gasoline coupons to a local board when an owner sells his car. Both parties . will bo required to sign a joint certification of the amount and kind of rationing coupons turned over to the dealer. The new method will go into effect Friday. V. S. His GI slices way get this cor- )oKil miles around the world, and ..i>00,000 new pairs of shoes a iionth keep him company. 'That's 1,800,000 times $4.17 K ir each month for replacements or the Army alone." Keep on buy. nff \V« r Bonds and hold 'cm! ' 1 ,• f.'ff. Treeutiru Dco

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