Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 12, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1964
Page 5
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Local Notes 'Priit* Galore' Saturday March li. Danger mend's Nursery, 27601 \V. Red lands Blvd. s Opening Soon Rusty's Patio Coffee Shop, 233 E. Slate, Redlands. x St. Patrick's Day Cirdt, Gifts Serr Stationery, 208 E. SUte St. Goodi* Shop Reopens Friday-March 13. Hours 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 24 E. State, 792-3811. X to put the master plan into use, everyone involved in the program is most hopeful that it will be done by private means rather than with the assistance of any federal program. Mr. Van Roekel and his committee made the foUowing statement today in the interest of clarifv-ing the 701 Study. It is printed, in full, without quotation marks: The article in last night's Facts created several wrong impressions regarding the 701 Study which should be corrected immediately before irreparable damage is done. A Study In the first place — the 701 Study is not. and I emphasize. Treasure Tones Paint, Park Free is not, a redevelopment pro- Shop at Larry's Pamt House, gram as stated several times Uinn Bldg., Colton at Orange. ,hc article. The 701 Program Controlled Burn Firemen answered a call at 8:38 a.m. today which was a controlled bum at the end of Fern avenue and Beaumont road behind Redlands Commu- nlty hospital. IW Chevrolet Corvan Exceptionally nice. Motor and clutch just overhaulded. A car of many uses. Total price. $1295. WiU consider color TV on trade. Garvey Motors, 415 Orange. x Open House Saturday JIarch Itlh 10-4 p.m. Dangermonds Nursery, 27601 W. Redlands Blvd. x 701 study a planning program for core area The 701 Study is a planning program only and is not an urban development program in any sense, it was emphasized today by Robert Van Roekel, chairman of the 701 Study committee. Further, he declared that if ation, and four (4) from the City to make recommendations about what to do in Redlands. After months of detailed study and investigation into many qualified planners, the committee recommended that Victor Grucn Associates and and when action can be taken]Real Estate Research Corp. be retained to study the economic We give S.i-H. Green stamps! xjjj 3 planning program only and is definitely not an 'urban re development program'. Every Workman Funeral Funeral services for Fred 11 Workman were held Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. from the First Congregational Church, Rev. Dr. Harry G. Suttncr, pastor officiated. Cremation followed in Montecito Memorial Park, Em merson Redlands Mortuary in charge. St. Patrick 's Day Cards— and party decorations at Winn's Drug Store, Cor Colton & Or ange. Free Gift Wrapping, Free Parking, S & H Green Stamps, Free Prescription Delivery (in Redlands area). Newl New at Winn'sl Shick Shaving Cream Special! Recommended especially for Stainless Steel Blades. Save 50 cents when buying combmation of Blades & Shave Cream. Winn's Dnig Store. Cor. Colton & Orange. Free Parking, S & H Green Stamps. x Exhibition Basket Ball! L. A. Rams vs. Redlands Best. Terrier Gym, tonight 8 p.m. $1. donation at the door for City of Hope. Come one! Come all! x Rummage Sale, Saturday JIarch 14, 23 Cajon St. Mothers Council First Jlethodist Church. X N.Y. Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stocks firmed slightly at the last minute today and closed at their best levels. The market, for the most part never really got off the ground. A large majority of issues succumbed to minor profit taking- normal, brokers said, after four days of sharply higher prices. Trading tended to dryup indicating, at least, that investors aren't ready yet to unload their holdings. Most people on "the street" feel the current advance has a long way to go. Dow Jones Stock Averages High Low Close Chgs. 30 ind 818.08 809.22 814.22 up 0.35 20 rrs 194.27 192.50 193.22 up 0.14 15 uU 140.40 138.82 139.73 off 0.02 65 stk 285.36 282.36 283.96 up 0.11 Sales today were about 5.29 million shares compared with 6.18 million shares Wednesday. IS Mo«l Adivt Slocki (Dow-Jonei S»n-ice, Courtesy Leitrr. Byoni & Co.) 209 E. State Velum* Close CbnC ];3,; M K.C.A. SI'i - lll,:e» All.j Chem. n>. -H'» in.Wt CbrykUt — — »• SLTOe Cont. D»»a "9 -fl'* .ll.SOO Craclble StI. 16 -i-» Xerox _ At^oa Amer. M«<or« 43.100 Helrne Cortii 44,500 Rheem 43,600 CS. Steel 43,400 Bepnb. SlI. — 43,30* Gen. Motors ... 41.000 Sperry lUnd . 39J>00 Ford _ 39,(00 Holldsr Inn ... . 3. 4«»i . »4': . IT'. . . 19>. member of the 701 Committee and Victor Gruen staff would much prefer to see the program implemented by private means instead of federally assisted redevelopment. With a substantial portion of city taxes coming from the downtown area, the City Council became concerned with the Redlands core area when they saw other cities losing tax money when their downtown areas were allowed to deteriate. To prevent this loss of revenue in Redlands the City Council created the 701 Committee — composed of four (4) representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, four (4) from the Downtown Redlands Associ- base of Redlands and prepare a master plan for Redlands core area revitalization, including the civic center area. Plan In addition to preparing a plan, Victor Gruen, as a part of their contract, are to prepare a step-by-step program of how their plan is going to be implemented. Based on Real' Estate Research Corp. projection of the market 10 to 20 years from now, Victor Gruen Assoc. arc attempting to visualize what our core area could be like at that time with proper direction and advance planning. Naturally this change is not going to happen overnight. You can't close streets and create beauti ful malls, etc. unless you have a place to park the cars that now use these streets. You can't expect people to want to shop in Redlands un less you make it easy for them to get downtown, park close to where they want to shop, and let them walk through attractive areas free of traffic congestion, obnoxious fumes, etc., as they can in Regional Shopping Centers outside Redlands. Experienced Firm The 701 Committee recommended that the City Council retain Victor Gruen Assoc. for this plan because they have had more experience at revitalizing downtown areas than any other planning firm. JIany of their early planning programs arc now being implemented. They have learned much from their past experiences and Red- lands should benefit from this experience. It is understandable that the Planning Commission would get concerned if they were not in eluded but it was unfortunate their representaUve on the 701 Committee was not m attend ance at their meeting Tuesday. However, Victor Gruen Assoc. have had numerous meetings with the 701 Committee and many of the downtown property owners. After the last meeting with the 701 Committee, they were requested to delay proceeding any further until everyone interested had an opportunity to review progress to date. The Redlands plan must re fleet Redlands, but by the same token if Victor Gruen Assoc. are merely to reflect the desires of the Planning Commission, the 701 Committee and the desires of the various individuals involved, it isn't going to be much of a plan. Oevelopr'ng New We retained them because of their vast experience in this field. They are now in the process of developing cost esti mates and various methods of implementing the program to ascertam if their approach is economically feasible. As soon as these figures arc available, meetings will be scheduled with all groups — in cludmg the Planning Commis sion — that express an interest in the revitalization of the Redlands core area. It must be emphasized this is a long range program and undoubtedly will be revised and modified many times in the fu ture. The highlights of the plan, as discussed in last night's Facts, can only come about in time, when, and if, it is reasonable and mutually beneficial for the various phases to be implemented. The plan must be flexible to adapt to chang ing times and conditions. Day Nursery memorial gifts listed by directors Memorial gifts to the Bed- lands Day Nursery were grate fully noted by the board of directors at their regular meeting this week. Mrs. Lj-nn Walker, president, announced that the late Mrs. If. L. Putnam, formerly a president of the Board and long ac five in promoting the welfare of the Nursery, was so honored by a group of friends. Sirs. Walker also reported that a bequest "to the children of Redlands through the Redlands Day Nursery" was left by Mrs. Bertha Thurston. This is to be used to provide a summer-house play structure for shade for the children, as well as large roller canvas awnings for shading blacfc-top play yards during the hot s u m m e r months. Mrs, Walker appointed Larry Hendon, of grounds com- Weather Feb. j; _ 69 Feb. 13 _ 6J Feb. 14 _ 64 Feb. 15 61 Feb. 16 _. 61 Feb. 17 69 Feb. 18 80 Feb. 19 82 Feb. 20 70 Feb. 21 71 Feb. 22 72 Feb. 23 69 Feb. 24 _. 09 Feb. 25 _ S3 RalnfaU Temp. 24 Hourj .02 SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Feb. 26 .. Feb. 27 .. Feb. 2S .. Feb. 29 .. March I March 2 March 3 March 4 March S March 6 March 7 March 8 .March 9 March 10 March 11 - 70 March 12 51 . 65 . 69 . 65 . 63 . 6S . 58 . 65 . 69 . 63 . 58 . 55 . 62 . 65 . 66 Sea. son 8.13 .03 8.16 .04 8.201 .14 8.34 "•.47' SSI .05 .01 Tr. 8.86 8.87 mittee, and Sam Sewall from budget and finance, to coordi nate efforts with Mrs. George Dilthey, director of the Nursery, in getting this work started. A. report by Mrs. AUason Clark, chairman of the play equipment committee, brought out the need for better use of a side yard for the/ children, and the Board authorized a conversion of that area, re-arrangement of play spaces, and the purchase of needed equipment for the increasmg number of youngsters cared for by the Nursery. Sirs. Dilthey reported an all- time high average daily attendance of 94, for last month, with 78 families being represented. Several days in February saw more than 100 youngsters present, Mrs. Dilthey said. Mrs. Arthur Gregory Jr., chairman of hospitality, issued an invitation to the board and to the general public to Sponsors* Open House, scheduled for Tuesday morning, March 24, from 9:30 to 10:30 at the Nur sery. This is an annual affair, held to acquaint Redlands residents with the work of this Community Chest agency and to fur ther interest people in its task. Mrs. Walker welcomed Mrs. L. J. Silbergerger, newly elect ed to the board of directors, before opening the business meeting. Board members present were Mmes. Walker, Gregory, Boogher, Clark, Gordon Witter, William J. Klausner, Frank Bishop, Lloyd Watts, Elmer Parks, Chris Barnes, and Messrs. Hendon, Sewall, and Dave Murphy. Lodge's name won't be on Calif, ballot RedtefxJs. Cafifomia Pfcooe Z93-2441 — I Dear friends. It is generally believed that the art of embalming saw its highest perfection in ancient Egypt. We can assure you that there was nothing in their method which cannot now be duplicated. Equipment comparable to that in a modern hospital is used. Our state requirements on embalming are very exacting. Respectfully, SAN DIEGO (UPD—A movement was underway today to se cure write-in votes for Ambassador to South Viet Nam Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. as the Repub lican Presidential nominee. Attorney Jack Crumley, local chairman of the Draft Lodge movement, said Wednesday the activity was spurred by Lodge's triumph in T u e s d a y's New Hampshire primary. Crumley said Lodge's name won't appear on the June 2 California primary ballot because such an action would require Lodge's consent The petitions, which began circulating Wednesday, read: We the undersigned believe that Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. is ideally suited to be President of the United States and we, therefore, join in this petition that he run for the Republican nomination in 1964." Crumley said the purpose of the petitions is to show delegates for Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., and Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York that Lodge Malone speaks to board of realtors Eugene Malone was t h e speaker at yesterday morning's meeting of Redlands Board of Realtors at the YWCA, his subject being "Leadership". Mr. Malone outlined four necessary qualities for good leadership. "They are 1 — Moral responsibility; 2 — Personal example; 3 — Good management; 4 — Courage, both physical and mental. He stated that everyone has these qualities, but he encouraged all to develop them. Hank Emerich of Emerich and McDowell was winner of a large box of oranges donated by Ernest Larsen. Supervisors may consider ending sales tax The County Board of Super visors today issued a letter to all mayors and councilmen of the various cities suggesting that if the cities intend to low er their sharing of city sales tax with the county then the county might wish to consider abandoning the sales tax in unincorporated areas. The three-page letter, sent to newspapers as well, was signed by all five Supervisors and concludes that "It is the belief of this board that as the present 7Vi per cent sharing agreement is a minimum, but comparatively reasonable program that is of direct benefit to all city property owners and residents, that, therefore, it should be continued." Further, it is our belief that prior to formal action by the various City Councils that there should be continued consideration acd discussion by the City Council Coordinating Committee in order that full information is available and clearly understood by the entire membership." The letter also points out thai apparently administrators of some of the cities had met prior to regular meetings of the City County Coordinating committee and had recommended the lesser sharing formula to their Councils even before the committee bad discussed the problem. The Supervisors note that the present Vh per cent sharing formula was to continue until the present bond issue is paid and that any funds not used for the retirement of the bond issue would be placed in a special capital outlay fund and used for necessary county build-j ing. This motion was approved in November, 1957, by all cities but one, the letter declares. Supervisors assert that the county finds itself furnishing more and more buildings for cities, noting particularly the cost of $173,000 for a jail in the west end. 'If a shift in sales tax sharing is to be made, assessed valuation, services to city residents as compared to residents in the unncorporated area, the property tax contribution of those property owners in unincorporated areas and related factors will need to be analyzed to determine the equity of a county-wide sales tax and a consideration of possible abandonment of the sales tax in the unincorporat ed area studied from the stand point of providing a fair taxmg situation for county residents, Supervisors declared. So far, only the city of San Bernardino has taken official action to lower the share of sales tax distributed to the county. Redlands City Councilmen considered the matter at their last meeting but took no action. It is expected to be up for consideration again next week. Redlands Daily Facts Thuri, Mar. 12, 1964 - 5 PLEASE DONT RAIN! — Earl S. Reynolds, president of the 1964 Orange Show, casts « pleasing look lo the sky fo hold back rain clouds which threatened to pour down on tht opening day of iVie citrus classic today. Although rain had fallen in Redlands before noon, tlie Orange Shew grounds in Son Bernardino remained dry. (Daily Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) I would be a worthy candidate if their men falter at the July Republican national convention. In Los Angeles, Chief Deputy Registrar of Voters James AK son said it was unUkcIy that Lodge's name could be put be fore primary voters. He said the March 4 deadline for filing iorganiiational papers has passed and that there was no room on the California ballot for write- in votes. NOTICE I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by anyone other than myself. Mr. Gerald P. Reedy, P.O. Box 746, Mentone, CaUf. WILUAM G. MOORE. Publisher. FRANK E. liOOBE. Editor. Published every eveninf (except Sunda^i it Facti Iniilding, 700 Brookside at Cenur. Redlands. CalUomla. Foonded Ortober ». 1890, 74Ui year. Entered as second class matter October Z3, 1890. at the Post utUce at Redlands, CalUomla, tmder act of March 3, 1878. SUBSCRIPTTON RATE iln Advance! Rr Carrier DcllTtry One MoBtk -. f l.S« Three MenUa 4.i» Six Meatas tM OB* rtmt ItM) One M«B(h OD« Tear Br Man _J 1M Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Mar. 12 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction' markets: 56s 72s 88s 113s First grade....6.45 6.35 5.03 4.25 Second grade.. 4.63 4.26 3.86 138s li3t 180s First grade 3.95 3.92 3.60| Second grade 3.40 3.49 — Trend: Higher. NEW YORK (UPI)-Citnis report: California Navels: 9 cars, half boxes S4.43. NOTICE I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by anyone other than myself. Rudolph fi. Russo 35 Boma St., Redlands. X Vital Records BIRTHS KIBBY — Bom, a son, Brian Robert, to Mr. and Mrs. Ron aid 0. Kibby, 714 Coronado drive, JIarch 12, 1964, at Red lands Community hospital. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flynn of Coltoa. Paternal grandpar cuts are Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 0. Kibby of Stockton. Maternal great - grandmoth er is Mrs. Helen Enoch of Jlentone. Paternal great- grandparents are Mrs. Tom Pritchard of Modesto, Bill Bettencourt of San Francisco, Mrs. Doles Bates of Jlodesto and Ed Kibby of Johnstown, Colo. DOWNER — Bom, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Downer, 12749 Second street, Yu caipa, March 12, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. CONAWAY - Bom, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Conaway, 1420 Amethyst avenue, Mentone, March 11, 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. DEATHS ATILANO — Died in Jlentone, Calif.. March 11, 1964, Mrs. Carmel Atilano, 2166 Nice, Mentone, Calif., aged 77 years, native of Mexico and resident of Mentone for 52 years. j following his appeal for the Deceased >s survived by hcr^i„ority vote, RockefeUer went son and daughters: John SI. Ati-i^v bus to the University of Cal- Rockefeller in appeal to Calif. Negroes OAKLAND (UPD—New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller ap pealed for support from California's one million Negroes today in his campaign for California's key 86 Republican national convention votes. The GOP Presidential hopeful met with Negro leaders today as he shrugged off Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge's New Hampshire "favorite son" pri mary victory and set his sights on California's June 2 primary. Rockefeller charged that his opponent for the GOP nomma- tion, Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, voted fo sidetrack former President Dwight D. Eisenhower's civil rights bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee, "the traditional graveyard of civil rights legislation." Outlining his New York State civil rights record. Rockefeller said, "I think for the first time we are beginning to become aware that these (discrimina tion problems) are not the problems of a minor group alone. They are the problems of our society." The governor said both parties drew up strong civil rights plat forms in 1960, "yet it took the administration 2'.-: years of massive demonstrations before it acted on this pledge." Rockefeller urged the Johnson Administration to try to prevent a Senate fihbuster from "sidetracking" the civil rights bill. Orange Show opens as usual, rain predicted lano, Mentone; Mrs. JIanuel Macias, Orange. Calif.; Mrs. Frank Hernandez, Mrs. Jose Aguirre, both of Redlands; Mrs. Jess Castro and Miss Camilla Atilano, both of Mentone; also 31 Grandchildren and 57 Great Grandchildren and the following brother and sister: Ray Mata, Redlands; Frances Mejia, Mentone. Recitation of the Rosary 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Emmerson Redlands Mortuary Chapel, Brookside avenue at Center street. STONE — Died in Mentone, CaUf., March 11, 1964, Mrs. Edith Stone, 32277 Kentucky St., Yucaipa, aged 73 years, native of New York and resident of Yucaipa for 12 years. Deceased is survived by one daughter, Miss Bemice Stone, Yucaipa. Mrs. Stone was a member of ifomia at nearby Berkeley to campaign among students of the nation's largest university. The gates swung open offici aiiy at 10 a.m. today to mark the beginning of the 11-day run of the 49th National Orange Show in San Bernardino. As us ual the grand opening brings rain and predictions of rain. And tonight is the time of decision for the 45 queen hope fuls who are entered in the Na tional Orange Show queen con test as representatives of south­ land-communities. The Redlands queen this year is lovely Cynthia Sprague, 17- year-old Redlands high school senior. Also competing from this end of the valley are Nancy LowTy, from Yucaipa and Thea Owens from Mentone. The queen selection will get under way tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Swing Auditorium. The girls will appear in bath ing suits, then in formals. Contestants will parade on three 70-foot ramps which will extend from the stage into the audi ence. Professional entertainment will be presented during the intermission of the queen ceremony. In addition to the selection and crowning of the queen, 1964 National Orange Show Presi­ dent Earl S. Reynolds will present the president's trophy to the contestant the girls themselves select as "Miss Congeniality." Trophies will also be presented to "Miss Personality," to be selected by the queen committee, and to "Jliss Photogenic," selected by the photographers on the judges committee. The crowning of Dorothy Castillo of Redlands as queen of the Mexican Hacienda, will also be included on tonight 's schedule of events. Tonight will also be the finale for Cathy Hales of Redlands who has reigned as National Orange Show queen for the past year. the Duniap Community Church, and a member of the Eastern Star. Mrs. Stone did private duty nursing in the Redlands area. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. Rev. David Ivins, pas tor of the Duniap Community church, officiating. Interment in Hillside Memorial Park. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the kindness and sympathy extended us during our bereavement. ' Sirs. Fred Workman and family. x STUART E. POWER EASTMAN DILLON, UNION SECURITIES & Co. UEMBEBS NEW TOBK STOCK EXCHANGB 6290 Magnolia Ava., Rivarsidc (Plaza) Dial Operator (Toll-Frec) for Zenith 7-8500 Resldetice: 793-1430 Announeemenf of Funeral Services MRS. MARY BARTON HARGRAVES Services 11:00 a;m., Thursday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. MRS. EDITH STONE Services 2:00 p.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. f.MTHUB CORTNER 2Z1 BROOKSIDE AVE.'FY Mill Announcemenf of Services BLANCK, Mrs. Helen M. 10:00 a.m. Today VaUey Chapel ROLLER. Mrs. Mary J. 2:00 p.m. Today Redlands Chapel BASSETT, Mrs. Leelah'Emily 3:30 p.m. Today Redlands Chapel ATILANO, Mrs. Carmel . Rosary: 7:30 p.m. Tonight Redlands Chapel Requiem Mass: 8:00 a.m. Friday St. Mary's Church WEAVER. Burris 11:00 a.m. Friday Graveside: Montecito Memorial Park BROWN, Harry A. Rosary: 8:00 p.m. Friday Yucaipa Chapel Requiem Mass: 9:00 a.m. Saturday St, Frances X. Cabrini Church Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 703 BUOOKSiOE AVE. 7f»-H*f

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