Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT STERLING DAILY GAZETTE FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 1916. AMUSEMENTS, AMUSttMfclft-lL Ho«*ft of Feature* GRAND-TODAY May Murray in "Sweet Kitty Also Bray Cartoons SATURDAY , / Lionel Barrymore in "The Quitted Afternoons 2:00.3:30-Nightt 7:00-8:30 A CADEMY OF MUSIi? Tuesday, November 14 A^ WM. H. KIBBLE'S original Uncle Tom's Cabin Co. ORCH68TRA OP FIFTEEN MUSICIANS 8o*nic Investiture A Positive Revelation >• . • ' 20 Spectacular and Specialty Sensations—20 Kaleldonropn vfsionn of Historical Interests! , . ;, , - Orand <'horns of !?u|)ftjr- Kxcf HPIIC*;! The Btereot'.tlcrtl Hensirtlon—The Man Who Freed th^' Hfrt^'ifs *- -A Tribute to Wiieoln. Omnt. Shcrldnn, Hhennhn and Ikiuftlhs 20 dOUOWED PEOPLE FROM THE COTTON SELT! Popular Prices - - - - 25c, 35d Bents now on sale at the Sterling Pharmacy "A Drama of Mooseheart" FREE at Vaudette Theatre Sunday, November 12th| Five rcols of 'thrilling, drama portraying life at Mooscheart ami cliiof i nridcnts of indn.Mtnrtl ftnd educational dovt'lopmoul of the child arid, the iiiHtUu- lion, , " MUSIC BY MOOSE ORCHESTRA 3 Shows: 2:30 (Ladies and Childreri); 7:00 and 9:00 P. M. Cliildroii Ito acconi|>aniod hy,|Ayi(y^., . r ,, EVERYBODY WELCOME AMUSEMENTS. VAIJD^TTE TONIGHT- VAUDEVILLE Craven Twins-- Singers, Jim Black — Dancer. Jack and Mabls Price—Comedy. Extra! See "The Yellow Menace" "The Torture Chamber." This * ««tl» * big thrifl«r; alto Weekly. Shew* 7 and 9. Usual prices. Tomorrow, m«tin*« 2 p. m., vaude ville and tpecial Jerry comedy. Bring or send th* children. Monday, "Tht B«»tt. rt Tuesday, Helen Holmes. ROCK FALLS TONIGHT "Peg Q' the King-" featuring Grace Cunard and Franei* Ford. And A good comedy, "ALMOST GUILTY" DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 .to 10 P. M. For private lessons call H. M, KELLEY. Ball phone 430R thing iiooiT. In fact every one of the nlks nt the -Korunr have been cx<-ep- foitnlly li>ter*««llng. Tim Forum corn- meticr-s at 7 o'clock, . OPENED BY THE CENSOR. The W-ync- Denver Ury (londs Company received a letter this morning from Helfust. Irt-lftiid, and it had evi donees of having been opened by th censor. The letter was one of bus! ness and contained nothing tlmt coult have been objectionable, hi'ijce It wa* Mpnt along «s written. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On' November 10. 1755. the Krencl comrhitndant nt Fort Duquesne ap ptaled lo the commandant «t lllinol to wend him provlsioiiH. Khortly after wunl Bradduc.k 1 *- vain.4tttempt ~lo- t«k' Fort t>uf(U»»sne marked the of the French ar/Vl Indian war, DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The (Chicago weather hurertu f-irn- cant for .today is UK follows: Unlit tonight except in the eJitreme south portion; colder In north and we»it |n>r- rnlir or r>:mrrt tf.rusrh? nt >-V rvjh!i. ; ir,v(t"<-! <-o.-hr;'ir: th>- nv!"!<•• * -\{-.-.n-.. M.- ; ; • •'« ,fl!lr) I, 'f'n'A n :il Illln MM ' ";i !i.) >. K TFf. Jl. - ..l-r;. r ,H!.| S':.;. K -.r [>- '-i nilx-r- fi.r. <•• .(:,-«.-( -. At;-. ,i iftif-^ ,\(! = tr'-w--. <"i;y, '.v!i(s is ' : ',« utUns, 1 «*• thiv fit) >!i(i»i Thsjr^t i:>'. St'IH-!l;t <'?,;••;•'•! ' (l!?<'.| fnrtitf. A! t? .! !•*. |!,,i| ph,,n«-- 4'1'i-U " Mi.vvf-v- Ani!.-s !'..\vti« :m '•r nn'l ?>*f?sf?i. <itll« : -rt Knimilt ilfu« r<'-:ir«ori rnotor»-il to l>ixor \'-rk IMPORTANT MEETINGS Il<., with ptieumr.ii|i I Thursday. Ml u " A»!!'.'-* An.nins cfnfte h;>iu|tift in I>ix> thf. l>»» "r uiT.illfv puf.'ifo Vi'\nf. Wili have .w Hir- blahoj! another car c/in't soon To siive t?te rll<M. mint, pfliy j'ftir p-is electric bill? t<».i!iy our oflicf vi-lll bn open until f« >> m. Illln<iis Northern I'fllllies Co, 124 \V. ;ird srtiWl.* 'Valter Swlcrrt. of ("hicngo, tran«- . ,'ted himlne«««t In Sterling ye«tenlny nnd trvcih i)lnii*>r l,-«nt evening with hlK cousin. Mr.«. Chnrle* Hopkins, 't forRft Uvf Rre»t Majee*t!c snip rill next '\verk at HIP t'helpn Maniwnre Htore. An |,S .oo set of Krnrilte or alum- immi wnre «ith evrrv Mnjrstii w-M.* Misses Wnltln Hobner. Theima Porter nnd AKIICJI Llttlr and Htanley Ailalr.' llrynnt und Marker NEWS IN BRIEF ] IE8 FRENCH NOT MURDERED lie report that Janu-H French. » »<8r well known man of Orand J*t- r had bsen found murdered In He- uhtnie. In nn Interview with Mon of Orand Detour last if, a ulster of Mr. French, she that who hail talked with her «• In Hockford Wednesday night. )(» oonvcraution with her tie stated ; the way the atory gained clrculta- that a man In IJeloit, seeing body In the undertaking rooms "tlmt It looked like Jim French, jfitackford." Someone In the group, ledlately started the report- »that body hod been identllled as Mr, , A report from the-i-hief-of po- Beloit last evening states that body wan never identllled and oo- grave. LOCAL MOAT DIXON. frB wan. a largo numher of riler- MOOHO down to Dlxon to attend mooting Oaht evenliiK. umoiiK being the director who IM eon- ng the^ memhertihlp campaign U going on In BterUnH. Thetw Full size Work Shirts for 50c Fleece Lined Union Suits 75c „, $2.00 JBoyg* Union Suits SOc.Sl.OO" Sweater Coats §0c ty $9.00 -I- ! ' Duck Coatn. $7.50 Suits v Kentlemen by the excellent work of the Dlxon degree and drill tptim* 'Aftd *tb*y extended an invitntioti'f^UtitfM'taam'ih to como to Hterllng next Thursday night to ex^ empllfy the wtfrkV'HA«"lnvltM4on wax also extended t"._.jtU 1)1x011 Mopne to attend t-hln m eetj !iK' vitatioiiH REMEMBERED OFFICE. Mrs. Hwartley of Mwariley tJreen- house remembered The Uazettc office recently with a handsome bouquet of Chrysanthemums, which were greatly appreciated. o Inthe two teamn there were'al»out 50 mem- hern of the Di^Vf! lodge who utated that they would ha at the Sterling? meeting. CQLLTA METH^^ ( T : CHURCH. On next Sunday 'morning* Nov. i2th, World's Temperance Sumlay will be obwerved In a special prosram at 11 o'clock. e (pAW4ttirjyrhS*hed - Leo. legion will be by The The Lincoln . nnd opportunity will 1 be given for enrollment in t^f>jaM|kt* .of • the Legion. A cordial In vlfalton IM extended to all who can enjoy the hour with UH, The regular x 8i>M»l(»n 4 -^f jtAo Swn^WMi »chool will be held a« Ufiuiii at 10 ivclqck, and at the evenlnt'liMirl '«ib|, pk'iit'hl* will lirearh. The With |-(E<*1 It. .1, . »-. J. . I Jj*ft^\,l^ ,«»j **Tf*>* **'5fi •»»*.«» f!od—.Us ISqulpmont."—w: HutcliiiiHon, I'antor- . BOY Klj&EDfMTLipjfK. itay Clay, the. 13«|etti<Wi|rso| of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Clay who moved In from the cpintiryf WC8t»t"Jfc»*«»rk to LITTLE LOCALS HMK8, Btoves nnd rnnocs. ut Woods.* II. L.-W«oox, of Udckfonl. nponl tho day In thui city. ' Oooruo MttliafTey Is »crli>.ui»Iy III. St. John's choir will nn>ct for ro- this evening. ibout 12:80 y to Hchool: ind upon ui oijo of partirih' ay while on his way a<irt IT ^ \haut. rn "h ^ l Htllll 'f ^ a de- mother dlrpe _. bearTjiK down upon him from 2t children saw himrand shouted to him, jut U wa.« too 1Ht(r"-fT«r Warwick by the engine, thrown under. It und hid Head cut off. Miss Hazel Harto. daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. I<. M, .t^rlo.-d'Jfj^terJInB, gnid- jated Thursday ,' ; mjjrht.'ftpioV.thtS'- Chll- Iren'a. Memorial' Hospital "in' "£ Hilcagu. M|MS Uarto httfi/bwu»^y^k4ns a, three years cuurse, specializing In surgical work, until lt,cl»YHilW,shi> has becomo very proflcieuLyhisjjbiyf secured an i-xcc'IkMit .i»>at|Lfoiag«ftina. In Chicago, lier niotiiftr, Wra. SrM, Uarto, wont to Chicago Tluuaflily 'on purpose to attend the- graduation «if her daughter and will ratdiii tifUft- or tojourruw. HERE FRO™ 1 Jack King and Hoy FltKslmmons. of Dlxon, spent last evening In this city. On« lot boys' shoes on salo for $1,48. Killen & Peters.* A, Parks, of Chicago, spent Thura day here on business. . • Mr. and Mrs. A, W. Love.-of Tampico, spent Wednesday here. Tho Designer and Standard for December have just arrived,* Dr; Kskey made a professional trip lo. 1'rophetslown Thursday. Wanted—Men to work In factory. Inquire oftleo National Mfg. tlo,* •VV'e'are Hhowlng th* newest-styles In women's boots, Killen & Peters.* Mrs. Alice llcndrlcku went to Rockford today for a visit with friends. Hot chocolate, hot drinks, and lunch- at all hours at NIH's,* Mr*. J5- N, flosenborg, of is hero-vh*Uing,her.t«oii} Dr. •Tho Uei'lgncr und HtancJard for r December have Just ajrrlved.* Wanted'—- Three good nvachlhfsts, Steady employment. . Ijitwrencn Ur»>s.* Mr. and Mrs, U'illlum Puugh and ' . .. • , **• . _" i. Ruf \iw l*cttrsim~ s peiVC "lire ledgevlllo. ' In M H - very larKO l'" ^ wonderful ,«urrett« of thl« ii very' larwe trad«. A few and waw Mb IN FRONT OF TRAIN. wife of a Memiotit fanner, committed KHiwj^'there Tluu«- 't.i\ nioininH ii> jumping in front of -ui Illinois «'*uli|if,fl4Mllli-tram. Mt». H^rKinan W.-IH rldmlr in an"uut<« with >ier fiimll.\ and wlK-ji ilus twiuUJiu> stop-- - rrorflug" "KUc"JiTrnpFiJ fr»>iiT iul KMH^ tWwit the tracks. ht'ifelfj|«luj£tlv in front of it* ^ii»r body \viiB Nu iJono corsetH. Imprrtvod vplral stays. Emma C. Snavely, 01? 6th Ava, phono 7t»0-2.» Hiith Over«trnet, of Plxon, Hpent lunt nlslil \witb Htetling frlondH. Van Hoiiten':* hot chocobitR anil hot drinki) at tho u'linola Candy Kitchen,* 3,000 biuiht IH choh-e northern jiota- toe» on track at 201 Flr«t avenue. It. B. Plait.,* " 7 room all modern holme Blxth avenue, .fall The Hoy Hi ore.* J3, WilllH, «f -Ithaitm. N. ll, and H. H. Kline, of Dlxon, viHit«d.w)th Mr. UanlelB at the Blimey Hack Tlrfi yesterday, ' .••-.''. tonight' at WoddmiMi hall. Public invltvci. I'ochrun will furnish tho mu«ic>* Win. KuniH aiid Walter .Sinilh, of Dlxi'ii. apeiit WitlneHilny cvei)jn« here with frU»nd«. Joe. the little son of Mr mid Mrs, Frank Apple, mihmitit<<l to a opeiuiioh Adah- moti.>rei1 to Dlxon Wednesday PV- PllltlK. Klmball «'<i ,<u«« unlondlng a cnr livid of V'binoH «ntl titnver pinnox that wi,)l be sold ill f.' prices, IT.'i U'r'st Third street. Sterling. III. J. I-:. Moore, manager.* Ml?m fJriicf I'nrl nnd M|J«H f'ord N'r>w- II spent Wednesday evenliiR In Mor- Ison, wht-ru th''.v attended n party given.,at tlie liousemnn home by Mln.n ona Xcwcll. Klmball 1*0. are unltvtdlng n «'iir load of pianos ami player phtnos that will In* sold nt fiirtury prices. 1,'*^ \\Vst Thli-d street, .sterling. 111. J. K. MODM-, manager.* Itemcmber the Hell itanclng clnss to up held In Woodman hall every .Saturday nnd Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00. Special dancing y to 12. Cm-bran's orchestra.* Klmlmll l*o. are unloading "a cnr lonil of pianos and player piano* that will be sold at factory prices. IfiVi West Third strci-t. Sterling, 111. J. K. Moore, manager.* Herbert Smith, Walter Smlt.h and William ("ilfi-an. of Dlxon. attended SI. Mary's diinclng party last -evening. Held At Fourth Street Church . Last Evening-—Sjinday Canvass Planned, • Itf •( Hi Th- «U! !•"!i? n <Jf'!j>:h!ful !(•(• !i! • hat K«- «;i.o Mrs. fiff-to. :«n,l WM<> rviiiR l>y Mr* I'eh.tir Mr« l-'ltrlntb.'nn ami al hour. ILIUM hy iui'l .«ifi>'<) in fcr Mr.«. f.r«i«HK. MfiKt'-iu-r. At i^'< ( ' tiu«i!if'.«« rrcri'.o! frnm ,1. I. .M' Kinrii-y. (rt-.i«:- urer. Alt! 4 - \V(iK'i«T, < rmllf roll: Mr.«. MiKimu-y, »(ip«'rlnt«-mlfnt of prininry rlppartrnflit; Mn<, .Marsh, siiperitUrnd- * nt nf ltitrrmf!<llnt*» and .iutii"is; ;un1 <*. K. Hcnf-'hiKf-r, K»-ncnit siij'eitntend- ont. The. reports from all dfpnrim<-nt*i Hhowf-d n (IniirlnhlnK • "ti'liti'tn throiiKh- (uit the «i Imnl, tlirif fftnti the primary dfpartrm-irt h''ln»f jmrticulnrlv ( in tnir- . IC\'*-ry i-liair In the rnoni lie- K <»•< tiiiif-d on ah ordinary Sunday. other iri/ittJ-rc <>f ltus>ni'»« were f>m- eri-.l -and several items "f lame ini- XMAS GIFTS FOR EVERYONE "t W Illf flu;i\v;i U sin;*!! -^t $25.00 .. < ""!!|f ill <m<l -'fr- thf iM'\v It voll ]»riii!»- in voiu }>;)ir \v(irk nii'l fL-'Vr it iixt-d PAUL W. BUZZARD Mueller Clothing Store j>nrtiirif f'tc prettf-nted fintl )!"!;!- ptnif'd f«»r further dlnciiiisl'>n and Ilinsl .lettlement at a In'ler m'-i>tin(?. The focoiiil rn<TthiK of the i-venlntr W'ns Ih»> mid-week wervlte nf devotion which wa<< finely lit fended Jiiul proveii a thoroiiRhly live affair. Kvery riio- tnrtit Ihrllli'il with Interent. No dull momenta and no unrcrtt>ori}«lve altfiul- anls. The ehmlfiK meetniK "f the e\enii!g re.tolved its»-lf Into a (cit)ferr-nc>' "f tin.< aiiv;iK*eiH who are to conduct thw fellowship Hlirl siH-hil raiAiiMfS II|MII- IIIM! for next Sunday. The llr«t ' ol»- ji»<'t <>f the canvas** In tu convoy the tluuiU.i of the hoard of the rhuro'h to the people f'»r their re»p«»n«e and electric bill* on or before the 10th. our office will .be open until .11 p. in. on thf»!Alh. Illitioln Northern tMllltlen Co.. 124 W* 3rd Htr«M«t.* WRITES"FROM AUSTRIA Amos Eberaolo Writes from His Y. M. A. E.' Thuiium-l received thin morn- Ing- a pout card from Amos Khorsole. formerly of Sterling and related to the Kbprsote family of this city. "Mr. KH- h«s been doing church work in but was selected to po to th*« war jioite of Kurope to do Y. M, J A, work. He, Is'a very zealous .young man and the message on the ijjysl card IH very characteristic of him, "The post card' 18 called a universal post card, recognized by all of the countries. The following is the message writ- en by Mr. Khersole: "Crodlg, near «fUal«irg. West Aus- trla, Humlny evening, (,)ct. 8.— Yester- lay I came to my camp, located here at tho foot of the .beautiful Tyrol mountain*, after having been on .the go n or the pa«t two rnonthH, and traveled en thn««and mile*. H in good to fet-l have found n, place to stay" for awhile at leant. Thy opportunity which we Y. j'.'C. A, secretaries are facing In these campn IB wonderful, ff God gives me lealth and strength 1 expect to do the biggest winter's work of my'life.- I iey«r-felt better and tho work Is in- ensely interesting. Tray for me. Homc'day 1 will iiuyea~wonderful story 0 tell. Lovingly, Amos KberBole." In the recent financial canvass. That response has made it possible to pay all of last year's obligation* with a balance In ,the treasury. bosldeH providing pledgee for this year's expenses. Never wn« the church In a more healthy condition <i"'l the canvassers are going out to call on their con- stltulenc.v with tlmt no|r> «( RJadnexK anil victory which COIIH-H to those who belmig to n winning 'cause. Another object of the camass will .be-_lu_ cullaC -ike _JojuiLjLu.-_ui>t!£Ui _ u L the members in all of tin- church services and activities. The following letter, nlgtied hy the pastor nnd members nf the finance committee, in beinK sent .to all members apprising them of the plans for next .Sunday. This will furnish a full explanation of Hie nature nnd objcrtx ,7f—fluT"iMlTeTpTtSe'7~ -It haw been planned by our church lenders to baye nn'every, lifeinber canvass of all thefaTnitirir ami htjrpes.-of- the Methodist church In 'America on SuiK.lay, Nov. 12. "This canvass- in a fellowship con- and In not for the purpose of Four Years of Watchfuf Waiting UV 4- up THINK OF IT! il for any pvciilualif with « i ;tsy Chairs, $4.0.00. *f liiH' pl'iri'ij of rockers i'rnm $4.00 yours no\v; to tin- (,'oinfnrl (In 1 the npccially if in and sch-ci pi< r kihir was IHJVCI* licttcr tV and Quality. Thi'ii for Ilic )i«'dronMi w«> r Xit< i " spring with " White the lincst. ronihinntioii-"4it n mo,<] -rate 'price. x On Saturday, the llth, starts out semi-annual ru? gale— Look us over —Our middle name is "Best Service." B. A. FORSTER & SONS Masonic Building Sterling 4- C.C.& J.W.Johnson ATTORNEcS AT LAW Practice in all conrit —•——utwms—— AMUSEMENTS J The Academy of Mimic will have on Tuesday. Nov. 14th, Wm. H, Kibble's nmmmoth production of tho immortal dramu, "Uncle' Toni'8 Cab- n," tho most correct and Impressive cenlc production of tho late Harriet Jeecher Stowe'u everlasting legacy to KMterlty ever aetm In—America.—ttre~ nly version that vha* been accepted by lie pulpit, UH a moral Instructor. No neb amount of money a« s Mr, Wm, II, Cibble ban spent on thin play ItaM .ev- r before been expended on thin nog» ected and much alhined American ramu. They have taken great pains n the selection of the ,c.a»t and have ngaged actors.for their special fUnest* or th£lr various, parts, rather than for heir ability to play some inHtrument i tho band", which hua been the rule t-ith ntanagers of like attractions The ompany which Mr. KU.ilile will bring u-uur-rity-4 'f'opk>. Including negroea to add lo the ilcturt-M and «in« and dance in C »vee and other scenes. A «., n ml rain of Pullman palace car» aro re- uirwl to tr*UHi>ort this fampu« mon- rt'h of "them ail( makitwf.-iny kinu-«f-a-tt«*nclal appeal; that mutter HO far as we are concerned ban hcon done already, and done ef- flclchilynnd successfully, but Its purpose is tlmt a larger spirit of fellowship and- unity in the Master's love and Hervico:"might*IMS maile to obtain among us. .our c.hurch life In harmonious now but' th« purpose is to make It Ktlll more KO and to nrouHe UH. all to more faithful and united effort In one work for Ood. . "The cam-Ami' will be conducted slmultanoou«ly throughout our great Methodist church on the day appointed. H IH truly InHplrlng t« think of the dimeuHlonH of the enterprise. Thousands will engage in It and it i« Khfe to.Htiy millions of Methodists will- be-visited-that day and will be-drawn Into a new »>plril of devotion and fellowship. Fourth Street would not want to lie outside such an undertaking. Nor will we. It la planned to have a team of two people call on you on the appointed day, Bunday afternoon, Nov. 12, between •'} and 6 o'clock.' Will you plan to may at home anil receive,them7 We are., sure you will give to tliem u MARTHA PRY, The Sterling Chiropodist. • MRS. EMMA GBAY, —fr*irst riaiiH Chlr»podlst~wtttr'— 110 W. 4th St. "flell Phone 837-R LOANS AT 5% 5, 7 or- 10 year*, up to $100 per acre if, security, warrants MORTGAGES FOR SALE ' JOHNM, STAGER Law office Stager &. Stager - i! N. O, VANS ANT Attorney at Law State Bank Building hourly w(«lconio, and look fdr Btp««InK wftlch they hope thc»r hring to y»m Hiul ynurs." tho FIRST BRICK IS LAID The Work On Second Avenue Was Started By the Contractors Yesterday, Urli'k Is being laid .on tho Second avenue etyutein and thp work is progressing a« fast aa/it can with the limited number of men, Th« rain of 'Wednesday night mado ttie sand too wet to ln< HHcd as a cuNbton on the south end of the avenue ami Uu* roeii xturtwl In the center of the live blocks NOT GRANDEES, JUST GRAND. Minneapolis, .Minn.. Nov. .'lo.--- YOUIIK, handsome, viva'ciou!i. tlellKhtfltljy unmarried and owners of one cute littje inuHtaclii' each. Seiiorn Kiirlfiue;'. Jim- Inez und Marine (Jusniann were today. romance in the Itomnne lan- of the University of came nil the "'way from chili-ridden Mexico to Join the Gopher faculty. YOIIIIK coeds promptly flocked to their cluf.seH. H, T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 to 6 per o*nt Exempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrenc* Bld0.' SUrllno, III. guage department Minnesota. They ; Nov. 1.0.-- i.'rofi-H.iorK of economy from many of the l'nlver«i- tlen of tho Middle Went met at the 1,'nlverwfty .of Chicago today to t?-.-ule lill'llS. They lintened to addrcmteti itl> the relation »f enuine.erlnf:, and law to economic*,, . JACOB CANTON LAWYER- r -.•••' 6% farm loant. Prepayment privilege BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. .The m«n who rlalms ho aerer » mistake IK elihoi- blind with. nK or a Hnr. K^^ / Philip H. Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411-414 Lawrence Bldg. Van .00, $35,00 GET JNTO PRINT No buhinest) m.vii in i"U (OVMI nUi>ui,(\ allow tt newBpaj|ier pub- Hubert in hla town to be prlnlc>d without hlw name and business mentioned'tfuiuewhere In itt< col- Tbis upplidb to all Uiiiils gent'iul Ht'iren, ilr> gooilK, groceries, furniture tjeul- fin, |ii'ufi-.-mloiial men .iri'I in *tui t all cla»wt'« of_ biiMlne_t>n nu^i_. ThUj duct* not iiu-an (hut you should ha\t» a wholi- or halt or wen a ilMuru-r of a p<tge ad in wvi> i»- «ue of tin- |'.tp«>r, tint jour name u?vi- WHAT FAT FOIKS SHOULD DO TCfREOUCE WEIGHT Thousand* of people suffer from ex. eentilve fatnetiK. weak nervea and feeble «tonuich», who. having tiled advertised tlcsh-ivducerh, food-fadM. pbyMi- cut culture Muni* and tiub-on crcunih. rf-^njn thcmticlveti to a life«lorig f«t- nc«M ami tlihiH nt'tbing will ni<iUc them thin. Yet their cn.>e is not hopeb-ha A recently dtacovcrcd combination of fat I'i'iluciiiK uKeniw IIUH mutle fat di.s- apptmr after years of obcwiiy, and it iw ulho um>rp.Mlied. judging>,from ie- poftH, for rc<liicuiK HeMb without M'o;ik- ••nln« the ilJKoytiw hyuteni' of iinpov- the nerwi, This rem<irkaUU< j>re|)urution IH culled Oil of Koietn an«l in cnpwite- form. - rivt -redurmjj und s»y*tt'in-builitiiiK "vlonients of ur- iiu'til hdve been i'<»nit/i!ietl in Uiifti pi f vjmruHi"ii, wbtcb in ciidnrot'U by jieoflv cVci > whfie. It lh abholute- -rirrnpf-aTirf About on rt of yoaiiM'day. About one hundred feet wan completed by night. The brick layers employed on the VoretH Park Job .completed their work there la«t 'Saturday night and rw'iurn- \-r| |o t'hlcilKO llttll! exin-ctliiK t" bo 'called out- for this Job, and they JH-- cureil'* other jobs, but aie' expected In SterlniK loduj. Mr CiniKj 1 , one of the 4onir;ntoiH. ftaid an extra day for the hardenhiK of the (oncictit fouiuljti»n W:IM belt eh ;t» it t.ilu-ti, lonjicr to harden and mat life. In th>- full than It dui-n tit the Htimincj'. It 'i» Impc'l thctc Hiil'bc no f ui I her intcrtuplion In the laying of (lit; brick MONEY TO LOAN On Farm Land*. I have arrangement* for unlimited amounts! of Monev. for .- Farm Loan*. Low«»t rate* of fnter« e»t, prepayment •privilegec, and quick • • •• confidential action, W. A, BLODGETT, Morrison, III, BIRTHS <l.uu'htci this n Deckel WIIJ;. Ml:. boi n ,lolut past be hud The If the jK>«.sliulst*j of the been rl^ht, int'it \soiihi In oaves tun! trying i<> jcrt with clubs uiui lllut «noA«, An-} cii (Iciiily thc\ died w ti bout publicly con lTJV;»*4iig--tirt'TF t their ttrt r*-.M'iFt 1 n-u "a v\- <tj- ih>p<<n)>itiK Oil of Kelt in hit iti in the (iii^ <»<•! nvme J.>i||(. 'If, hii\i l(l.l« l,l\ .lll.l UiMuajl> iliut c ly JidlUjJ to be lit pUSX. 'J"li( ,\ the habit ditil " l>elltil! J fie I' caluiot J»>.s«.!bly M'ClU to In- lio'll It doesn r t make any difference whether '." you arie -~ '.. > BATISFIED OR NOT •*. • . - ' .'",,..--.• ' on the outcome of the election YOU CANT CHANGE IT It does make- a differerice if you are hot satisfied with your FUEL, ' 'YOU • CAN CHANGE ' is a good^fuei to change to Tfie 4

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