Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 7
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~t~ «-*. PAGS SEVfilf. Waterproof Ptaer-ft Black Sh*!Ha trster. Ltl ft dry. and put it in your gun. It thumbers and ejects perfectly «Bd fires M though it had never been wet. ft BLACK SHEir this Is Just one of 3 tfest* you cfltl toafce wilh The Ulnck Shc^js. Ask m for t eony of ihc Three test Booklet We w 111 gi vc a copy free to oay shooter. Sterling Hardware •*rrr Company = Sterling .. . III. EAT LESS AND TAKE SALTS FOR KIDNEYS!; j ? *•-. I -. ; -j Take a Glass of Salts Before i.".'"• Breakfast If. Tour Back Hurts or Bladder Bothers You. LOCAL, RETAIL MARKET. T!-"- A irif rit :'n ni'-n I,!,., !,. r MI.«. iv.. »-nt f.." <>Vtt- f<«..l i- ii. h. OUT « Ifh us it :n hi wlii'-U Tli'- !<!< {!-•<[),.«; < 1,11; nnd ihc- result \ w»nvfi Ttir.-'t- Kidn«-y irn^i- "Htm h nni'l !i'! \,\>»,i\ J« nih-sl • •!-;*! di-i I in* in I tern!, your !«;n k hurts nr t!if- urinr <-)<->!idy, full of *H-iHrn<--ht or you obthjt-d to Tii't-k rr~!irf two or thrift during the itiKl'-t: If y.iu ?uTer with -sif-k !i<>':)<l.u-he nr (lirzy, nrrVOUK SpplH, arid stotnarlj. or you have- rh*>urnntl*rn K'M.JI tin' w»-athfi- is liiid. cr-t from your Suit*; take n t,il<l«"«ii<>nnf<il in a £hi«s i»f watt j liefore l>ttiftkfa*t for a f<>w days and your k!dn*»ys will th'--n art fine. This f stifinis wnlt«i I* tmidc- from iln> arid of |>rn|i(>^ and lemon juice, c'nnbimd with lithlri, nnd has l«een n-»rd fur i:< neratiohx to Hush and stimulate > <>>;!;( d kiiln«*yt; tu neutralixe the nt tds ;in the urine .*o it no loiignr N a source of irritation, thus ending hlndtlrr ifimiitli f s, N-nv • :i!-» < ^m T; '.;-'^, ?r i; v A FEW SMILES. Too Many Birthday*. "It cPrtnlrly.doe* c-heer a man tup to hnre fsonjp friend remark thftt he looks ten ypflrs yniinjjer." "True. But. somehow, f ho sntnc 1 sort of compliment paid to a WOISMUJ doesn't Who t>T-,Vft *nt* wJv rr- Iwti ' U'-'W it, 1 * Sub! If' Wllv !t tvi Cod*, tihit l-.svp thi- rwi* !h<-v frf»m<*. f«nnrit tpli ivhp;ii.' *fr;fti;« tl.» flam?, M-...) nmy n-n«'.h nr.a * - il Jiut fin rH'V»»r br«-nk t!.f Sr-'-if No mnn should rfttl , the remnrk that mrtrrl BIG GAMES TOMORROW Harvard Meets Princeton and Michigan Tackles Cornell In the East. TOMORROW'S FOOTBALL. Ea»t. yalf \s Hr<iwn at Nt-u ll.ivi-n, iliit-vanl VH. I'riun-tt n at <'iimt>riilKi«. Cornell VH. Mti:Iii^;tn at l!li,ii,t, Army VH. Maine a! Wi >;( I'nint. lillii.<t>wat«>r I" vcirt«<-, and every limne, ItwniiMr* noltrtdy a mUtn.U(> by havios i\ lunliitiir anv (lino Itj i-an lll:tk» STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Mnxwell . and GeorKt'lown \ yan nt \Yn.«hliut<'n iio vw. Uatiiu Navy %H. North l*;irulina I' AlUi,')|'"H-- v«. Um-lti'sti-r a! I l.inttHnii VM. lit. l'ltthl at S|irlnKll.>liI \:i. Tufts at W*»t, Ohio Sttttu vs.- finlii.ii:i at Coluhi- ' bus. Notrt- l»anii" VH. s?i>uth Dakota n» Vrrinillion. VH. Wi^liJ^uru at I-iwri'in-i-. . \n. OIVK«'H AKK!C.I ot Seuillo, yiTuHli HoiitUc. Slutt- v,». < i at K l«iwa nt Kxitni'iiui VH. MittucUM at MJUI- huttan. ' CLASSIC OF EAST TOMORROW. Hy II. {*. Hamilton (I'llltc-d Prt'SH Sliiff ColTe«lH>ndeUt) New Vorlt. Nov. lu. \\ln-ii. Harvard and I'rinepton Imw tli«-ir lwn-k« und ",«Wrt for- each other <j>inorrow the • threO'eortirrcd whirl fiirVuiin-'iiwcy '" tho "1>IB thri't'" of the eaVtTwill he on It* Ull'ei'-kKKi'd way.. ( .It wilt IK; the fliHt Uis*»te of the w<i- Bon amount nny of tlx> throe tdexent- ' Which. alw«y« art' i«.»ii>U'd to lu arsu- HiPiilM re^urdliiK the rvi.cli\e ttU't-iiKth Of oantetn teailsH, ~ ~ ItoMi leaiiiH lutvo In-c-n rutlu-r wuiK '-on d«^<*iist' this year, hut lli»r\ard. I'urcy IJtuughittu'H \vui)\.. huK to th« frMtit In i,hin ile|«»rinu«ut. art' fairly xtroiiK on uttaek. yt'itr i'ciiii-'i'tun wns henteu,—Id to 6,- til tt leliiariuildy lutrd ...;..,. H,II III t-h'Me Moudy at yentrn!ay'« CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. rtdiuiuo, ill., Nov. iti, \Vln\-it— Xii, 3 'red, $,; NO. J biifil ulrit.-r. 4J.»'.' 3- 1 Hi l.!»3 1-4; .%'.». ;; bard winter, ,1--j''i I.:'"i :i-4; No. 4 bard >\Sn«er. $l.>ff 1.77; Nu. 3 M»K.. Jl.Xs; Humph) grade, bunl winti-r. $l><>3-4. New CDITI Xi>. i >*-lli»w, $I.ct5$i;l.<i?; No, a yellow. ns«i 1.00; No. 4 yellow, ill •iMTI-^; No. r, >,-ll,,w, !(;>; N.>. •• wbile, tt.l»4; Xif, 3 vvlilip, !»7 l-a*( 9'j; .Nu. 4 a:, i -:''.( :»7 i-i; Nu. r. whito, asw No, G wbUc, :»l'«j !tiM-L'; N". '.' 'd. fjil.".'»i 1 IN;. No. -3 mixed. UKSiy^; No. 4 'mixed. afil-^MsT; No'. T» mix<-d, '.»,"•; Samjib- Krade. Mil -2. Old foin — No. i y«'llow, Jl.*J.s*f Hi; No. i white, Sl.rni.'Xo. I' mixed, »!.'»(*;• No .1 ititvtl, Jl'is. Ni. J inixtsl, ll.i'l. "oh, tlini's M«iI.T understood. You to ndd fMi ycfirs *> your ng<! be* fore'yow can tnke ten j^nre off*" In Union There It Strength. Omnr — IIpllo, Hclnt-yl How did you grt your *>ye blacked so artistic* ally? IlHnry — Lnbor troulilps, Omar — On nr- count of the union? Iletney—Yes; my wlfo went on a strike. 1 A Good Quest. "Hot I ctm't live |>rojM>rly on nn nl- lownnce. of $10 a wook," ttmtrntod tho wnywnrd son of a wealthy father. "(th, yos, you cnn," re|>IU<d tin 1 wise parent. "Wlmt you tnenn 1» .that you can't llvo Ituproiwrly on thnt ninouut." TOO Much of a Good Thing. "That mini's laugh Is like n tonic," "I don't di'hy that It hits a rhwrful ring," said .the cynic, "but hi>nrltiK ihc loud Inugh alt dity long IH like a dose bf medicine every hour. It geta to be monotonous." Of More Importance. • Mrs. Blinks "rcndlnfj)—Hvrc Is Iio advertisement of a man who rliilms .to restore nilnk.i— In thorp any ndv»«rtlsem«'ntM of men who rv«toro umbrellas? I lost mine yoistcrday. A Prolific Writer. Whvt humorous writer world single kfiovvf -i.iJfflT Ht ..» Is *ht> in the fi..- tho ru novcr <ir what jilnr .i" t:mc ho will wft thf one womnn who will cause nil nls de- tcrmlnntlnn rind theories to uielt like fog rwforr 1 the sunshlnp. Even the I mon who nro the most .Ktrenuonsly to matrimony hn**o their secret Idmla— ono fyfie of wo** " i Interest .4 then* more than others do — . btit they are frank ctiotttfh with thenisclves to scout the Idr-a thnt their ideals cnn be met with on this intimltiiH* .fjihore. It Is equally useless for a man de- llbernlcly to refuse to go to a placo whjt'h wonK'ii frequent or refuse iminthlnnk to be Introduced to the sex for which ho hfi.s no use. Cupid does not take bitii ln/o cini<>uHittlon whan lie lays his s Jotting the name of this tnnn iind thnt woman whom he purposes to pair off down upon Ills rof- i-renro bonk. It's nil cut and drlod for him. A tnitn nuiy bulk uwny. but ho Is cniiKht and roundud up iinotlu-r day. No mnscnlliH' heart Is so stubborn 'mf or Into fit: Tbi» ft Ctipld put n man n hl< •• wr,l to he l n ,-fa •:«. , ^jc future . -/H* -n th. nn fhnt • Kht him thHr CLASSIFIED RATES cirftf A woko- I \V.\.\TKI) I ('..,- (>,..; . WAHTED ,NHI»i>KK- HELP WANTED^ < > MKX-- ' > int i-.-trti- . ^MALE i iK TK.V1J- . \ * t >>l FOR RENT WANTKf* lilt; |i;tfl! i.r:.M:-: I-if- ISth Ht>,' .M'-!ir Trt-»"Hv }'.;>tl«t-r I find th^ »• nl pressed with U.K.It et thnt. On* ,TC lip fnlrly contei. >,:i-' accompnnylr.e lit- wottifin so i why the tnan tli.i 'ire with h 1 to ep«r ...n for th next nn> -t »fti""s. l>urlnR t/h<» course of the <n ......•:. Uie roung mnn who had fought so html ntwtnst romlrig wns Introdwced hy f ',< -nd he hnd nc>* coinpnnled to « ry plnln young Womnn. Sho « tip with n •y mime »rt innfe i in who hnd to ?cd to n hnll, uaw thor« a fnrp thnt Jin* looking youh# should IIP png^r next Wait?., the Kl^'l'. riliST-'M-ASS < ' \ K..,:<•• ,M,|-!V U .ii i:. f! n|-.!i., it" "s:|3. . 1 II- ! U nml thnt prnl rndlntrd her fncc thnt hor ii«->v noqimlntnnc^ Inti'.fd .upon hrr In wonder. It rhnrntrd btin, Jilin, tntulo her nlinost UftJl. Hrr srrnrlotis porwinnllty, «" <* L- n'i(] v.-hotoftommrss Pni>tur«J the cltnd.l - nirut o' get hoi .'; •<> h»>nrt Pn thnt first nu> "ctlriK. H^ <*»»«! <J noffi^p- *h»« ftoiimt of hc-r voice or IT'.IMSJfl-: .M...I-;-i'ii ' L-f^-XV St. • !;i.'i,l\J ! ••It 1 .' t,:' • I: • ' • ->' M'>!>KKN I ln«|!;:!.:- A- I , , , _.._ ..... ..... ... ...... •:;.. '•« __ UB! _________ *.„-*.. ANTKqrf T11HKR Oil KiU'l! I'l II nl'ffiffl pinrn* fur light hi<o«t kf«'|.:i«i; Mndcrn* rm.(n< (!t^Tf7 : it. lucjuif 1,1 J. 11. Mjj»'it»nVi ut f / y , l , f FOIl r-rn !•'<)»{ HKNT ti'n*?!" .i Hoy' O.... HKN'T 7-l!ooM i M: l:I-:XT - Ue.l |i!]o|,f« ? AT. \VKST Nfilf AI.L .M»)l>. Av. <'nfl H'-rirv !!f i-i'lliit;. ( oriit-r <t!i ft nil ]<«•i u-t H(, Or«tf .Ml-: XT- IIHlcK >MI. MX llli.llls r i Av«-. Applv .1. llfil'.sl.. ALL ll! 1'Mtl). -Il'l', lli'ff FOR SALE-.MISOELLANlOirS ;>i: HALI: i" HKAt* ITIH; union 1V!:in>1 «"li(ii.'i lii.tifi. iiii'lii'llim tvvi-iilv ht-.iil fnU y»'r>iMiH:«. I'it IJiu'iiln \V";i>, rr« In Bc-ll lo'>:»! f \Vj\NTMIJb— ALL KINKS OF .Si'AV the touch of her linnd. llo who hnil liitighod nt imitrlmonr nml tho notion thnt It took n tvoiti" love to nmko a mnn ronlly linjtpy i. .Ifp worth living was ntntily rnouch to conYcts thnt he hnd prred In hl« Jui^nnpnt, when he thought the "iirvh-ss HfeSif a bm-helor fr<«e lr» «hp n't • hiuiplcr tlmi, thnt of 10 hni! plncoil In tho hands of n good womnn to he loved nnd cured for In the mnrrlrd Blnte. Ctipld very often nllows n mnn to go n great length ere. he hulls htm. • Ho rrrti only run the length of hl« ropt*—~ the matrimonial nooc? *,t tbe w^rk in or Cnll Hell I'lionc 32f»-2. R II. |v>j,«»m WANTHlf MAX oVKti ,.10 YKAHf-' olii In t l>fxv»n, vi>l fur »(x V;i!lcy. Mi. tin. Hue, p'-ttnnnrnt. IJI>r money, .llron.. IMJi-h«-stt>r, N. V. WAXTI-: triohiles.' wi 1 Al'tO- e«t |i| |i-«>j« m«l() (iy,<UI kind* of fin nnd hi.: v.j MI (-.4 tb| »5 'Riiloi. li.iili '*'"'" •» 1 » i'?V^ f i 3l ' lf IYI. .V h'/il. if .... ., • ,. * ni^, A.MrSlllHi; In 'AHM, I I;im|».)iif j- :ilid Itiiror \Vooi/t i\ n I "jir in, ' ! :'• 110-115 i <'it HAI.I; )••'it simnT TIMI-; ONLY, hull"*- nnd l«l. i-'-i ti'|l .1'i'iH th S 1 , and Sixth Av<- tiolM liw^ftloii, !•>(•< ilciit e..»idllfoM. I'.ill 41!-I t'.;\»( I-'oilfth SI, llile|-..|.iir. |.|7. ' I I'l-lir.* KOI- S.M.I: Mi-:.MiviiT'iN' AI-TOMA- tie >-luit KMII lit II Jihoite ,'M'tltU. i 4 fi Kill; SAI.I.;--A SfuTTKH «-el«ht r.'i'i Ii" Mr.-fce Mint f.-rll.v i;i'nl1i- Will |«lie<- il M. I l',nii|.-li. Mulli-i'M ohoii I'ONKY. pi-r- Ilirht. w ' It. % . we live, we love." A FEW SMILES Going Too Far, There Are Trades That Cure As Wei! as Some That Kill . -.. , . great denl Is Britten nbout trades Vnl« will HUHJt liruwn ami t'itnu-11 ~wlU~incet"Anrl»lB»in In tin* <»tlu*r lin- of WINNER MAY MEET OARCY. <U>' I'nltwl I'rvsnt St. 1'uul, Minn.. ,N"\, 0.- Aftfr MlHt nnd J»«-U l>ltl«u »rt tbronsh i-in-h uthej- toniKlu uuii tht* new»jiu|)fra huvc dvclili-d iiuii of them bus triumphed ovt'f tbe otbur, It IN JUHI potmll>k» tbnt MUIH Itrllfbl younK man will i<am< xlung aiul offer OIMS of tbf |«ilr u i-lwnut- ««• K" to Australia and nioi-t tl»«- - Austiull.ui crack, J^ea Uan-y. lii thf! bout tunl^bt H ifi-iiKui^iMi wur|d« Hutu hrnryw-rlgtn — Tttrnninon a man wbo hu« »K intu'-b- riKht (u UK- intiliiifv.i-it;lil i l!.ii!!|>i"tiH!u|i why *>no. will lj»' KVIIUIK tum-iln-i. n" ban HUiv«>iMiftdl> Uum-Uinl lUI tho «ri(iiian>i|].-i nut of ltk<i.s( i lial- k'ng^ra of hl,-< itMUt). HII<< (MlilmtiM ha>> >|H>ilt intiuy }»-iir»i jJu.liiK I'ivt iHt'ly Uu- IN 'u- No. a '•i l-J* :^ t-4: No, 4 .. r»«l-4*jT.G 3-4; 1-2, — Hy* — Nt*r~Sr-fM I. II II. Mr. do you prefer, Miss Gret-n? Miss (Dreen — Ofc, I don't know. Mr. Exvlmn'ev seetns to lie-, turning out some pretty good stuff nowadays. On the Chlnfc. Ten ener — Tonuny. what's the tnriscu- line of laundress? • Totutny— Cliluamnn. - , .......... No Work There to Do. Hlx — For a long time he. worked nurd to pet a government job. .,Plx — He.'8 taking n r«>st now. lllx— (lave uj» Iu deKpnlr, fh? Dlx— No; he got the government job. Knew His Buslnew. Guest — This seltzer water seems dend. Why Isn't It cutirged? Wiilfwr— "JfotMlng's. churgrtl here, sir; this Jrf a strictly eush eafe. "You -pceui rft?ht now.". nil wld fright." "A tntin should try to have a good j tlmt kill—for liiHtnnci? ledd opinion of himself." ;— .- j in the potteries, "phos,«y juw" In thi' "I'erhnps." " -. jmn'ch factories, and so forth—but "1 tiM-nu a certain nmount of self- j few people ~nre nwnre thnt then; are respect." - ninny trades which are medically rec- "oh. Hint's nil rluht. hut nonu oinmemled by Uie profession on by- people don't Hcem nlile to distinguish tjieiiK: grounds, between self-respect und solf-udmlru- tloo." • A Close Shave. "Don't toll rm> you c u n "t find work," Kuld tho liurd-fnctfd housekeeper. "Well, mum," replied thi' trnnip nt tho door, "It's triu* a man offered me n joh only las* week, but I could not. talii- It." • "And Why not?" "1 wuz parti- lyju'd." Ye we, I wuz • Dearth \Vhen Aliiska wnsrpTfrrh'rised for only $7,000.0(10, no one thought of UK j»ro«- STERLING CITY MABKETS (rorrert«»d Dally.) Dillon Ccropany.) New No S yellow tiirn Now Nn. 4 U'hHe oat* No. 3 mixed oat* ,;,,.• -nl, No. I! ........ ..;.. .K3'..< vorn ......... ,si '^r _..,,,",,,. ,.r.0e 8Be And buHii't iiri-u fur :i. nutniu-t ^>( >«-.u.s tho liout ».m \n- iu no way uilti ii s*tTu!> fin- u iiiiilill- 1 Wfltfllt '("Ulf, lliiV^wV!-!', I»,tl.-J l-t df- K bittlMclf u inia.lli-wn-Uibi. Init u M\ till' light liFlu U-s at» fast ag they comt". "lh« uniuuiiu't'^ »lih muili ihuw of br.4\vry (but ln« «,uii»' a at |>Uloit, «<• tt m.ikvf* HUU- dsf- who walks aw^ry \\Hli i\,\> lt>nn en<l of tin- tu»u*|>at>fr M< •««>" (uisUiu l))llun truitu-d down t»> -.!«•.'{ i-oundi. til ofdi-f to ji.t'i tiu< ebji-ht- i;t!)lx>i>» "iiii t.ilihtins IK i'\|m.ull Muddled Thinking. -It Would bo fbtilfsU to fay thai a dynamo nm'r au'Mwtvio n^ht an- tin- uH-!i tiH'hss N a UVE STOCK. (l*ir«iMTt lirt-s. & t'oct.) tteera ....*.,.,,, ...... Jl.i li TI« |0,2f. ..................... 17,00'* r>, fNDOOR UFEJUAKES FA1 TRY OIL OF KOREIN TO KEEP WEIGHT DOWN. QR TO RE> DUCE SUPERFUUOU$ FAT. •Hid wlso me eonCuicd wilhi'n ilvmt't ' iitf vlj-i»iu\ «.'4 of tretdi. in' air mid i'xerj'tafc must tal.i IH*.«. as iitt -u-qulrftl by indoor 'lir« U 5mlu>tilthy and a danger to tln> vlttv •>rKW< of the ln,tiy, l,.ick of esoivisi ui tlw lieisti nir ia said lu weaken tin «3».\«»-n i-urr.vintr powt*r of Hu> blood •o that it !•» uiuilile tn produce Ktrotii- Hitiscifsi und- vit-.Uitv and the fiirrhatloti .»f uiictuhtli and unhealthy feif in iht r.-<uit. ucts, a Providence Journfil mun stute,*. Alaska now Is ropirdiHl us the eomliiK center of the fish supply of thw world. A writer familiar with the great terrl- tory auysi "The sen bents upon 20,000 miles of -Aiasku -»h<»n» HIRN a dlstutu-e jgroaii thun .the elreuinferenee of the eu.-u All of tlmt vast stretch -of wutens l.v teemliij; with the most eillblu Jlsli on .«arth. Every, bay la a harbor whero _tht»se. fish eau he prepttrtnl for the markets of Ihe world, -nifid th« greatest alloat can anchor In sufcty while taking on their enrgoes^" • The food wealth legs important than the mineral wt'Mth of Alaska, .lor thi*- di-mnntV N Increusliig und prices «r* . Th« tapping of new sourcta of «upply Is most desirable, The 3rut«. '."My |.urs,> : itv jthvaj.s udl stated \ln<- cln'i'iil)' biH'helor, '-" tt never feds ttu» " He (;rintuMl with Ull the pe!>,«iinlMu <>f n cii^cd liyi'iuf,' v*{ « wuiUiiu's UinuY." mul \\ei«hi ,\tm mo daily druwlng-oi> \oui- ivm-rvc Ml! t ni;l)i mid tire iiut ^i.yill) lnui-itiiK >'»ur vitality hyi-;u'i>- v* In) ,ue «.ilth,tii-,| -in -tiit-ir luvii inluit ^'0 l«. . t Co • f o»i »j Ko HU 1 t-,f h M . watjiptt-twt iijij. t.\ b m aiiii! *.>*><- iii'ui;.' f»r "iilAHtiitjitif ctiiied tho family. lu the feuinc wu"\ it H tin cAi<h-htv juuildk-d th'tuUut'n ta M.nutniu ll.tit good f«» tin' c;i,t!:.> «^!iiK s»t i-eSujf -«. .Jn'UturU J. iivS* ju. A'Kailio, ,u«i atiiwca lu .iiiil iii-i' a l», t \ , iiua i.iS.e urn i.e us, si !.v!'i--u- SS • . I'l. ill!!''!' 1 ''! :ji!:. ;.t ml! •» Jl.l lr r !,'il :ihd the «.) m h.«is it.-Ui.Ji> 'It U. c • - >->lj^ I il'flilm .j; s f ih.-. ! I '•' if! r, ;< •• \\ t ••- ;'i <•-. u « * la »nt- OLD PRESCRIPTION: "" , . FOR WEAK KIDNEYS .HVe valju- ulMlofvt' sells it.M'If.,-. l.tke III VHdIess rh:>iil ^>j»St-tu tlie reuied^ i* rvt'oUHIU'liilt'd !'>-. ih">i" .who h.'t\ <- l."-i i (H-U'-!.UI d l" i!;i'Mi' \sisy ait> HI jiev.i o. H. ' • , ' : _'__„_: ~ 1 tr."'}\T!'iTf~-'p-".''"!=;\V7iTiit>--T»'"<ifT- ; ' : ~;< (ih"i"M/ i'lali'.-: |ite-.erjiil!it:i. H bus l^ei Ii fi-"'V'> 'fin- h.u>'t -<'.-> '•*..!' _!>;• l\iiuiir'>. !>v\an.j>.- Utii.l. iti s!;!«- !». Hje I'at-l- (t-al il-f ultUK'.'tl • tlii'.-! o\ i-l y \vt-.ii l',t m • I i-u|ll'l!lC; Kidue\. .; A Matter of Pride. "MotorliiK is enjoynhiv-, hut "It Isn't the best form of exercise," said the heiilih expert. "Wlurt do you^conslder the bfcst crdse?" ' **T>u' 'cldof have U- pome- Is thftt they havo" way ofrlndirntljijjfh KtrHt)jjor»~nit-thoy Jilke along that .llwy cot- ! 'l ride If they wanted to." Feminine.Diploma •. "I spolicn few words wtt .V»,'s, wulte this mornlim." an Id u/a. der. "And what did you say? JL)£c' Ci% GtiddjT, "Oh, I raved nhotir her .-'own, '»nvl aid her how win" I shu wus looking," "MyJ" ---.-•. "If I tint hot invited to the Q\(i fruuip'sj ut-xt rt'Coptioa It- wba't be usy { fttult,", - ••+•.' Took It Coolly, -, "You proposed to Miss (ladder ia men who lay ii,spli;ilt in thu | struts rnrely suffer" ftrom n dny'n f jllf>e»"«. vhllc lho.s« employed In pliiee" !-where n largo amount of eleetrletty in geiicnittHl enjoy u surprising uhUQ- dunow of vitality, | Workers in wilt mines enjoy i.ltnost I cotiiplutc immunity from rhjuiaV^m. 1 The healthiest occupation tor nil N i said to be that in the Amer.'-'.nti i> ! troleuni works. Here the iwu i« suffer from w»r»? throats, diphta<u<a quinsy, or'kindred linmt'tils, Imi^.'l, jH'troleum fumes urc su good for 'he tlirout tlmt it Is qulto common for «nff«'ror» from thro,* uffeftlons -tu "tuke tlui fumes," Ju;»t *.« people "tuk« the waters" ut lltirrogute or Uath. A well-known tenur who w«s In dnn- >•«• of losing his voice once took-pn.h ;t»b lu ooo--of the petroleum rellhlng MJ' •:tTUL.AHBOUS 3.HOII IH'Slli.i. rilulCI-; NI IKTIICUN |MiliUo«<N u" lrai:k at i'fil Fir,-l Aviv II. H. I'latlf -j _-.. ., , M , ;i , 111* U,K FH\V ClK)K'i; ITIicir Jerfe\ nale JiljIH. CaJt.or phone JM Mltrlifi.. Mi.rrJ«on.- : ivn'h phom •» .'...' , UUlf ix»it HAI.K -I;AH HTUVK, ti" 1 ' in- Uulre .107 7th Av«. . ll'i-li;.' NR\V IH'H.UING !H rflMl'I.KTK and we' ar«' In i>o.«ilioii tt> hundle all kinds "f -hide* and fur. Will ji;iy llo> niikrket lu'lct... .\|«i» xvjint all lUnd-* of junk. l>oit't uiv«t ..'iwuy your junk foi iiiUblui{. C;ill p. Maiilfeld (yi l.oeust slreet, Sterling, lu-Ton- >(iu ,si-ll. You «et full Value for your Konds^ 'I'oth ~" ~~ ' ....... "" !'-, llf-.'ltii \\'«-«'f Se i i-.'-iva* II' TAKK.V AT mi in r. C.iil nt i IK'-111* UlXKY C<M! SAI.K l.A.ST CHAN'CK |i'ire e\f|-iic>|.-d MI eoinl.' \\'il! d>-|iv- el. C.'ill nii'i nliik-^. noon ;unl even- iuw*. I. l.|on«e. 1MI IC'TItl FOR SALE— FARM LANDS HMAI.I. .MIH.StU'ltl I-'AltM. JIO f'A.^Tt iiltd tfi niofttbl.v: nn ll(tele«t (if tiixex; highly IiT'idin tl\e liitiil; e!o«ie to 3 bl>f niidki'-fs, \Vtlli' for |iliiitiit;f:i|di" nnd fi.i!l iiifui -minion. Milliner A»l7ik N. Y. Lif.« M!il t ; . K.ui'uiM City, Mo. IAfl.KV'8 "cormir rettirti tM-. KlKhtb HI. LOST Hewatd. ItO.S- t fill.,I es -m KINHKH KOfi Went AUCTIONESRS nn nn ordlnury employee, wllh the result that he was stnm ublu to re- sutui* hts work on the concert -platform. J Which reminds us that Kinging in excellent for consumption, Homeilinea it assists us u cure, bu^ it is nearly always effective us u preventive.—Au- Mm . i llarvnril HtudrntH. no Io» | use 'nit hiu'kiu 1 ;" , phnih i beg mr •"<!> ""' ^ | Wen I» ' Hon...' '»«! i< i;u'n dreiu. y nusuvrwl, fei i nv; M' i !li? ill wyes."" - «'\Vhy «of" "VVell-^cr *- m. embrace or u Ulw 1 under, mieh <rli cuuisUfnees la «i_ to njMiet the him (7 »^here was no danger In tWb c«»tv She didu't wen do we the liouor. to stop bumming H little tuuo ''| AVife proposing to her." . "I have Sust lUsii'ovcred that our can- ditl«t<»^y-s tht? |ilpd orgnu during *'lt \votil«l &'. ver do' for tliy other sldu tQ get hold «>f that," -7 it- n '».« > on Ilia ' they UAimV K. <»U)S, «KN|.;UA1. Al'C- tloneer. Satififacti\Mi Hiniraiitefit. H.oek Fullx, 'Jtoiltl' J. ••'-.]-' u-r't* pholHV K,' O. llPMtiKV. JjlVltJ aiCK'K AXIi real vlalc iiirtioncer. ll.-ivf f.'-( IIH>r*» Wi»le-i ' ;ni All*' s .«Uc4lii(ieer h, - Hlej-jing Jim. iiur0 ^raitji tiltiee fiefjln- nililK liUNinesH. My lonjj IM «>f unlit*'fled t>ntr<«ts ai-o sufflCb'Hl n-ference «lnt«'.s eaily. |l«»li 1008 AV<\-«t 81xt I Sterling U'U,!, THADi: MV Ifi^-ACfii: .LKH ••iiiinty fiirin fisr a fni in of 1'iHi ai'rfu . or .40 ncn-M. MIIHI tie (i j;oi)d f.-irrn and inav i>ii! dHlesviii'c In ca.sli. Writn t^', --------- ^7*1 1 a» - ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. N'ntlee IM iieri'hy j;l\'en. tllJlt Oil Hilt- unlay, tbe 1 I'll* ^lay'iif No\ einlier. IU16, ill two o'cji.i |; H, in., HI thi! 1,'ite re«i- deni'i- *,( Albert 1-2. lii-ri-lier, dereawed, •it 'JOC, l-Jnit Sei-mul j<lri-et, iti th« City uf Sliillnt', the County A. L. COK, At'H Ku1l.s.' lluvjtt hui, vM'prft'Jtr 0 '" a '' klmlH of xiUes. IloUl KiUe,-i nnywher* mid everywhere, XJuarante/ 1 uh.soluti xutlstiieifoii, Cnn refer jitu 10 a lotU' Hut of Mntl«}ljyi'cifxtoniBn*. Hoe me for di»U'«.. Both phone*. J. «'. CUOM A.\JP Solv.'Al'CTlON refH, t'oli'Ul or 2VlllllXl<{eville. \\"i II'l',- *i t(|)i>C'||ilty .lit HUC'tlou Hitletv <• Clio i ninny wiles «>wry Near nnd 'ti'f ymj to mariy MatlKlled I-IIH- \V«> »iuirai!t<Ht nlfMihiu- wat \Vrllu—«*r— ph*Hi+ —ua fo ihtle.s. K« KfjK or viifjftsr. jt.r\M5 sn . ,i«»tioni"ir.IMxon.'UJ. Siovesoid • id Mm H In *&v«»ritl Mntfs the < nnri>. All ciillH priim]iil> attend . nom« or wrn« for Unit--*. » It.-MKST. 'k, 111, ' JIIN « lu-re ' 4' Kitriu ,uld utock Miles in,}' ^^^^•^•l^»lt)" J^peak both KiiK'HKh -iiixl Ccrnmn itoth jil'one.H. jt%ui, wrilti or wlte MI my i. M. . .....,,-..., l».x,ni Ml With ytiurit of i>x|>t;riem*i Ht th • .ua'tion bii«inesK will Kuarau- of Whlte-dde and Stale of lllinolti, Iho - er>sii|iul jiro|ierlv rif p;iid dfewletit, coiisiBtliiK of i-iieHinH «Iniirs. dining fur- nil lire. I Mini.: r*Hfe(i, MnVt-H, bed room, furniiure, I-UIJK, I'.irpr-t.s. frnrden' tooiv, find other »irtl^l«^, will he-nold jit pub- lie nale iii iieeorduncn with tin order •f the ('u.niiy I'ovut of WhiicHltiu ("ounty. - . •TeiniM of n;ib>:.. Ca.Mh iu hand on day uf naie, Dated October i;oth, HUfi. •Anna lt«-«.-rber. AdniiniHtrfttor, JjU'oli <'iinllin. Attorney, If. 1.. lliiri'iiiKton, Au«yioireer." » • KO.V. ft. 1ft. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. NUile of liiirhaia HeodrickK, TIM' uiiderHlr,n( ii 'haVIHK liwn np- ixi'lllted ailsiiii'.f'lra' r of Iht- e't||jte of Uiulmrn Jl'Tuli. -K : ,*.te uf ihe County of WhiffMtdf divl 'i .I.- of UlliMiiH. df- eeaned. Jiereliy »:ive,H iiolit'e thai he will •iplii'iir before i lie County Court of U'hltf«ld»- »"'oiiii« • M the Court Hinisn in .Murr'iHon. n\ ----- • Janiiniy term, on the flrfd MuiHl:. Mi .Jiui' which time nil • .* next, at nn daiins •. i.i.fled. anil H|«Ml I' Slave Hie name All j»rr>"'H«« Itidelitei' . lie iei|iie.m«d lo mal<e iiit.Ti rneut to the underM^ned. Dated tills lotb diiy ,of V. D IH.« Williuit I* lit I'l J .1 walil i-wtnto pay- NliV. 10, 17; t'l nt'dplo for whom 1 have held Hiile* Ul.xon Unrrifc phoiU', n'Hltlence, l.Mt offjt'*-, HO, .l"l<Uihe.- v>o , ,. Will cry sib->i miy I-. d ••! 1QU U» Hu H4b>H >e;ir- . 1 tov ii. c'itlwi:« bank, J-'ariuoi-'w N'a i !•.•••( bunk. Furhu'r'8 phom-, hot) .•Hi-*' and ofTU'i*. - -- . 1 , llAHU!N'!lTt>N'."Al'« 1 Ti<»XKKH l'-j«h» ^tJ^r >U(HV«Kful t*el|int;. Hat 'sfa '.i. M.aniHteM, OftVe with M .: WflKi't. Uoth pboiiM. Stt- CHANCERY NOTICE. Stale of lllim.l*. 1 \Vliltet.|d«« County, } «». - «'ity of Sti-illiiM J In tho Citv <'uuit, to tbfl November term. A. U, l!UH. Jobn l>. II-iiiiuiii), 1'iHiUne Hay, Km- «iu Tui-imr, Nuiiex Av 'f\H tier and Harriet Hnitum VH. Holfei'l (I'bimjpwm and KtbH '1'bi fi,j.-iui». Tu the ati'-vt' iiiimed ||ol»ert Thomp•ion und Ktbi»l 'riiompKon, you nro hereby nitiiiied that (ln> «ho>«« mimed' corn- iil,iinitnli lh»v» llb'd In my offire their iiill In ('ii;ti!i-i-i v ii(;aliiHl .Mia and each if you, tliat H*e willlililoilM IUIM bfeu ' thereon oud—di4iV«tWtd—t » — •'*.! und farm su Mi cullw ptomplly"il M ilf ^ ,ur dates curly. I'lume ","j (i V Mit 'K *a ~ •-••UK--- ''Well, jf-tlu' trnt.h b?»ks out, Wfi'fl «u.)iia'rri bii'i whh the viiterK by'tuiylug | lsu't it t'ipv" ufjjiin lie jihiys, bu| at uuni'h orV-'iii," -• • . M; ». ju«t Huh- _.--..-. vc tiiV- briuo M^ayV" iiKked - uf her. ^.uugbtvr, wj.»o bud ; 'i! iris!)! ibt\ wt-.(.ldlnjf. "JJwr ; tu tin- it'ii-ldlo of ibe .S . >i.-.Ui;d. - , '. 'l .»«,s^vA s , I ' -J¥ .IcJftALE. ATURD^Y, OQT, 11, 101& -n :' l> m 1 ii Uioad^tiiy, Hfertlnii 1 tia^e '.<iii ley die ,&• und i\"Jll bill itij |» i-"to i ,ifii,- aljtmblfe tiilt; tiniileia-'iiiv k iic.o' hugKy^. *-uric>, luiiiou. At on jniU( ii,.ii, i'o* it Jabi'lli,'*". I'SiiDS'-' it'iK 1 slumH auqf other .utu-ii---. Com li»l del. i tlli'U*t}if<". ••»,'" d I''i, I'u'ui fl'Ult. lloU8«'hold tiood- (Vooif ;i»Ve trnd r«ial li^-Hi' titmiti, )n il u-ol- ii lil-J lit ,1 WHii IM d'lltu- —'i.iU lit (I i rl|>- hi-rifi* of Mild I'ountv. comniiiMdlnK him' to MIIUIIIOII you iiiitl eiu'h of >ou to bit ind it|t]«e.-ir )i| tin wild t'Uy I'ourt on th*> Hint duy of 4bw tu-'At November teim Ilien-of, t- be hold.'li tn the I'uy Court toiuriM i., I'e City of Hlerlln*: ij ( said County a 1,1 ?->t,tie on ttie thud Monday of Nm< iii'H-r, liilii. v\liere ><>u lilti.V' ;)|i|if»n|-, dejioii-, |j|i.,i(( in- uiiswi-f tu n'abl Mill of I •i.i»"dainl a* von may "ee III. nnd that * tut 'i uit iu .Mill neud- li'i;. l.'ail I, HC.-M, <'lerK of Said Court. MeiM\ C W.ud. Atli'litev fof Cotn- t'lam.^iits • (let, ^U, !!(, Ts'wv. 3, ll>. Both Fronss 203 Lawronee Bldg. Dr. Willingion C, Fossler Sulphue Health Bath* Osteopatli and Chiropractor STERLING, I1.U. t.i.,11^ '<>« . Su. i i'lfit - I I i « i !.!> n- L. BRU8AKe*t\ !<••• ll?« Dr. if. B- YanEpp . PHYS.CIAN AND SURGEON Hi">i!i'- !" \ il. 'U>,i .ltuitln;;a w. K. PUNMORE -and Health Specialist Cbli«>t>l/«t If nnd r.-i» op uble tlt'at- GLASSES • f'i'"< > * COHRECTUY ST^RIINO. ItL. FITTED- 9 fc. Uuid St.

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