Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1895
Page 1
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ffihe Journal VOL- XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- THURSDAY MORNING, MAT 16. 1895. NO. 116. flSUI3STf\NT|«b SOUVENIR FOR OUR FRIE.ND6J Biz cases of Wash Goods Bargains which will pnt to ahame, ' re ^ importat^n of jast rooved In for the benefit of LOGANSPOKT'S LONG SUFFERING DRY 4 ITe will place on sale a few cases of Wash Goods which we sell for the prtoe ot oalloo-jast for an introduction-and just to start the ball a rolling and in order to keep at the head of the procession. A Wash Goods Bargain! The Siigycst Ever Offered, and We Ofcrad Some Big Ones Last Summer, A Substantial Souvenir For Our Friends. 2 Cases of Crepoline! To go daring our A printed fabric very handsome worth 20o a yard, •Opening Week for ENTIRELY NEW 2 Cases ot Satin Surahs! A handsome figured fabric, are fast colors, finer then Satines, well Trortb lS<s. During our opening week ENTIRELY NEW 2 Cases of Zephyr Lawns! A beautiful summer fabric in beautiful colors and all fast colors. Splendid goods for summer wear, well worth ENTIRELY NEW All the above are desirable goods for street end bouse wear and 6V* All New Designs! This is the greatest bargain we ever offered. Tell your neighbors. Everybody come. As much as you want for C l-2o per yard. Entirely new—this means much. Thia is our Substantial Souvenir. The Busy Bee Hive. 409-411 Broadway 306 Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 r We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival or' Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to >how yoi: this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive ftine of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor &|Draper. 311 Market St. DEAD BUSINESS my Competitors compels them to advertise great bargains, but they don't tell you that there are two kinds of (Great Bargains) Clothing. One kind Is cheap, trashy and made especially for fake •ales. Snob, goods I have none. The other and real bargain goods »re well made, clean and perfect fitting goods, and of the class my storeys crowded. Hence the crowds that throng my store from Monday morning until Saturday night. Inspect my line and I guarantee you will be ;an addition to the crowds of real bargain leekera that buyjtheir clothing, bats and sbirts at the JTew Broadway-store. WILL NOT WITHDRAW. Japan F«rnlntently Kef u«i-« to Fix Dote ot Evacuation of Main Lund. BEKI.IN, Way 15.—A dispatch .to the Frankfurter Zeitung from St. Petersburg says that, despite the pressure exerted by the powers, Japan persists in declining' to fix the ckite for the evacuation of the Liau-Tong peninsula und Corea. SHAXOIIA.I, May 15.—It is announced, at Pekin that the Japanese renounced their claim to the Lia.o Tung peninsula without demanding 1 the payment of an increased amount of indemnity for so doing-. It is added that the conduct of Japan in this matter is warmly praised. It is feared that 'he disbanding of the Chinese troops will cause disturbances. THURSTON UPHELD. He Will Not lie Returned to Washington lloweTer. SA^ FRANCISCO, May 15.—The steamer Australia, from Honolulu May 8, bring-s the following: Minister Hatch has handed Minister Willis his answer irf regard to the recall of Minister Thurston, which will go forward by this mail. It is a lengthy document and makes a general denial of the charges against the Hawaiian minister. The latter's course is upheld in every particular. Gresham is informed that Thurston will not be returned to Washington, but his successor is not named. Set Him ORLEANS, May 15.—Dr. Samuel P. Schwing, who killed Dr. Bmile Hiriat on Sunday, May 5, for intimacy with Mrs. Schwing, was brought before Judge Whitaker, the first recorder, Tuesday. Dr. Schwing was placed on the stand and .made a statement. After hearing it Judge Whitaker discharged the prisoner .from custody. Dr. Schwing was warmly congratulated by his friends. Much Trouble in llondura*. YORK, May 15.—A special from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, says:' Ei- Presidcnt Bogram has fled -to escape arrest. President Bonilla v . has appointed many new generals, among them Zelaya and Baca, the president and vice president of ^Nicaragua, Women'* Mlulonarj- Society. • JERSEY CITY, N, J., May 13.—The convention of the Women's General Missionary society of the United Presbyterian church commenced Wednesday n the Summit avenue PresbyteriA churcli here. About 100 delegates are present. Will Be lJKfr»H»pbam. DCBUQUE, la.. May 15.'—Miss :1}ig-ley, lately a hospital 'nurse in Dubu<jue,is soon to be married at Los Angefes, CaL, to Lord .Arthur Hepburn, the possessor of. large estates in England and New Zealand. MAY BE CALLED. National Silver League Convention Suggested for March 16,1896. Western Silverites Said to Desire It— Protest from California's Leagu* —Meeting at Salt Lake City. ST. Louis, May 15.-It is likely that a call for a national silver league convention will be issued to meet in this city in March, 1890. The matter is being agitated by the local silver men and they claim they are backed up by the silver men of the west, and particularly so by the white metal people of California, who claim to be disappointed at the methods adopted by Gen, A. J. Warner, of Ohio, on his recent visit to California. The California State Silver league finds fault with Gen. Warner for limiting his eiforts in an attempt to secure unlimited coinage of silver at a ratio of 10 to 1. The league contains a large number of populists, and they do not think any financial platform would be complete unless it included a provision for an issue of greenbacks and an explicit declaration against the national banking system and the issuance of any more government bonds. J. U. Follett, of St. Louis, is in communication with prominent silver men throughout the country, and if he receives assurance that such a convention is opportune he will issue a call for it to be held here on March 10, 1890. Cullforniii Silvnrlten ProteHt. SAN FRANCISCO, May IS.— Instead of the'great results for free coinage aimed at, thu visit to California of Gen. A. J. Warner, of Ohio, head of the American Jbimetallie party, and Congressman Hoseph C. Sibley. of Pennsylvania, has' apparently been productive of the opposite effect. The.result is the flat secession of the state silver league from Gen. Warner's national organization. The executive committee was called at Los Angeles Saturday afternoon. The entire matter was submitted to a sub-committee of five to report upon it. The following is an excerpt of the report: "Tuoy strnchlle the nationiil bnnk question by pretending to clve tliu. gcuoral government the exclusive control over the Issue and -tQlumo of pupor money, when in truth.,"Tn*eir plutfonn can bo fully complied Vitli by leaving tbe issue and vol- urno of puper money wholly in tlio hauds of the national banks. Taey attempt '.o le:id the people.into the boiler that they, who are urfrlng Mr. Sibley for the presidency, are opposed to government partnership with national bauliinc Institutions that control the circulating mediums at the pleasure of their foroigu stockholders," : • ' , The committee., therefore, recommended-the adoption'of some plainly worded resolutions condemning Gen. Warner and Mr. Sibley, appealing to sister',' .states to organize like tbe California league and to protect against the caucus method, and calling for a national convention of state leagues to meet at St. Louis, March 10, 1890, to nominate candidates for president and vice president. : JllE Silver -Conference. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 15.—The delegates to the silver conference here have arrived. California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and - L'tah have full delegations and there are large numbers of silver men from surrounding regions, Montana being especially strong in representation..-. Wednesday's meetings were held in the big Mormon tabernacle. The conference will close with a banquet Friday night, 1 The Ore At Keme.dy. Fulty.2,000people were pTesent when Gov. Rickards, of Montana, called the convention to order. Gov. Rickards made, an impassioned address of half an hour's length, detailing the motive of the convention, which he said was without party prejudice, and irresistible, because it was not partisan. "The common people of the.wbole country," he said, "were discontented with our 'financial conditions and were turning en masse to the free coinage of silver as the great remedy." MACCABEES^ ELECT OFFICERS. in the temple in this city Tuesday. Toe sessions were occupied with the reading of the reports of Supreme Commander L. P. Markey and Supreme Record-keeper N. S Boynton. Supreme Record-keeper Boynton reported that during the biennial term ending December 31, 1S94, 1,005 new tents were instituted with a charter membership of 20,271, a gain over the preceding term of 506 tents and 11,015 members. The annual mortality rate in the supreme jurisdiction was 5.74 per 1,000 of membership. 01 the seven largest state jurisdictions, since the organization of the supreme tent, Indiana shows tbe lowest death rate, 5.12; Ontario the highest, 0.15; Illinois comes next wi.th 6.92; Missouri, 5.81; Ohio and Pennsylvania respectively, 5.55 and 5.42; New York, 5.05. Supreme Commander Markey thought that the benefit rates were lower than the mortality statistics would warrant and recommended that they be raised 25 per cent. _^ FREE. TAKE THE TOWN. Eeported Victory of Cuban Rebels Confirmed by Later Advices. SETS THE United State* PRISONERS Court In New York for tuck of Fuudn. ROCHESTER, N, Y., May 15.—Owing to lack of funds, Judge Coke adjourned the United States court Tuesday. Immediately after it was adjourned all prisoners, e.vcept one who was previously indicted, were discharged, the judg-e having 1 no authority to hold them for the September term in Jiuft'alo, Among' the prisoners discharged were four well-known counterfeiters, and, although they may be- reurrested any time on the same charge, they will not be found easily. In adjourning court Judge Cose denounced the action of congress in not providing- sufficient funds. "This is the second time," he said, ''in fifteen months that we have been obliged to adjourn court on this account, and it is time that an organized effort was made to prevent this ever-recurring interruption of tbti business of the courts." MICHIGAN A MARK. D. F. Marker I» Beelected Nuprama Com: mander—Repnrta Kemd. PORT HTIBOX, Mich., May 35.—The principal business of Wednesday morning's session of the biennial review of the Supreme Lodge Knights of the Maccabees was tbe election of officers as follows: Supreme commander, D. P. Marl;ey: supreme lieutenmnt conimanfler, James F, 'Dormer. Chicago: supreme record keeper. N. S. Boynton: supreme finance keeper. H. D. Thoirpsoa: supreme medical examiner, K. E. • Moss; supreme" cnaplala, W. R. Brown, Seymour, lud.; supreme sergeant, H. H. Trent,. Toronto, OnL; supreme master-at-arms, H. £. 'Ki«e, Friendship. N. Y.: supreme sentinel, Chester Campbell Jforwalk, Q SO The .Supreme Hive Ladies of the Maccabees also elected officers Wednesday morning as follows: Supreme commander, Mrs. Ii' Hollistcr: su- premo lieutenant commander, Emma E. Xeidw, Los Anceles, Cal-; supreme record . keeper, Blna M. West: supT-eme finance keeper. Klitj- Warner: supreme chaplain, Irene Hand. Bradford; Pa.: .-supreme medical ei«niner. Dr. il»ry toaafortS: supreme -sergeant, -Alice E. Bovd, Memphis. Tebn,; mistress at arms, Eva Doolittle, South Bend, In<i; sentinel Lj-dia Hi .Jfcsroat, Cleveland, O.; pletet, Ellen E Do-irafer, Chicago. POBT HCBOS, Mich., 3Jay 15.—Tbe, sixth biennial session of $he Supreme I Tent Knights of the Macekbees opened I •Jnclc Froat ami Vreezlns Vl'eiither Attack Her Fruits and Crop*. CARLETOX, Mich., May 15.—The third successive frost visited this section Tuesday night and the ground froze solid. Tho mercury stood at 27 Wednesday morning-. Everything susceptible is ruined, drapes are probably the most injured. Early wheat is much injured as the head was forming. GitAxn LEDGE, Mich., May 15,—A heavy frost in this section Tuesday night damaged vines and small fruits that had not suffered before. CENTRAL JJAKE, Mich., May 15.— Tuesday nig-ht the mercury dropped to 24 and fruit buds, crops and gardens are heavily damaged, and forest trees are badly nipped in places. FLINT, Mich., May 15.—Frost Tuesday night caused great damage to grapes. One grower estimates hus loss at 53,500. IONIA, Mich., SAiy 15,—The mercury dropped below the freezing point Tuesday night and it is thought that the grape crop may be a total loss. The damage to other fruits is slight. BISMARCK NOT SORRY. ETpr«»e» Satisfaction That Antl-KeToln- tl«narjr Kill Wai Defeated. LONDON, May 15.—A dispatch from Berlin says: "Prince Bismarck in receiTiajf a delegation of Sllesian •women on Monday said: -I believe that womanly sympotny is a stronger bulwark for our political institutions against social democracy than the anti-revolutionary bill would have been It It had accepted by tno rciohstng. 1 am not sorry that thomeaiure has fallen through.' " Another dispatch from Berlin says that Sunday, in the course of a conversation with his ministers, Emperor William expressed great satisfaction with the debates on the anti-revohitiou bill. . Secede from Knljjht* of Labor, PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 15.—The executive board of the Knights of Labor miners withdrew from the old Knights of Labor. An assembly of the Independent Knights of Labor was formed with all the officers of the old organization. The convention will indorse the withdrawal from the Knights of Labor. Schulze's Defa Icutlon Nearly S6OO.OOO. TACOJIA, Wash., May 15.—Pacts have come to light which indicate that the late Paul Schulze's defalcation amounts to nearly $500,000, making his total embezzlement the largest known on the Pacific coast... American Exhibition. CAPE Towx, May 15.—An American exhibition is to be held here in November, 1S90, to pive American manufacturers an opportunity of opening- a greater trade with South African towns. Killed by a BUIiurd «»U. ATLANTA, Ga., May 15.—!n a fight at Rome, Ga,, George Uan:Vls threw a- billiard ball at Frank Coi;):iy, struck him over the heart and killeu him in- Btantly. Both were negroes. Inttnx of Cheap Japaiiene Labor. SAX FRANCISCO, May 15.—Investigation has resulted in showing that California is being flooded with cheap Japanese labor, every steamer from the oriedt, Honolulu and Victoria bringing- them in large numbers in violation of the United States contract labor laws. Within ^PjDJSjj* past year about 10,000 Japanese .have found employment on farms and in vineyards, and white farjii;.iiandE are idle by tbe thousand. '"•«'• " s *' : Money to Be Collected to Aid Revolutionists—Americans Land on the Isle to Aid Rebellion. NEW YORK, May 15.—The recent attack and capture of the town of Kane* by the Cuban revolutionists was confirmed by one of the passengers of the little fruit steamer Brixham, which ax rived Wednesday from Gibara. The insurgents, numbering 300 men, mad$ K bold attack on the town May 7 und captured it with but little resistance. , To Collect Campaign Money. M. Gonzalo DeQuesada, secretary at the Cuban revolutionary party, aud Carlos M. Cespedos will sail at onoe from this city for Jacksonville, Fla., where they intend to address meeting* and collect money to help along t^»e cause of their compatriots. from Jacksonville they will go to Tampa, and possibly to Key West. "*V_ Cvufto of KeVQlutioulHt* Pi>n*iHM-lnf-. \i' r In the latest letters received by th* Cuban leaders in this city from Gomel and Marti they say they are in exc.el* lent spirits over progress which th« revolutionists are making. A council of the Cuban generals had been held, nt which Jose Marti wnsa'ckuowlcdj&d as a delegate of the revolutionary party and the title of major general was conferred upon him. American* Lund In Cuba. GUIAKA, Cuba, May 15.—It is said ^h« insurgents have complete control oter the eastern end of the island, that is, the provinces of Barucoaund Ssintiag*. Monday nigh t forty-fire Americans with 'MO Winchester riiles were lauded at JCip Buy from the yacht Corona. They are guaranteed all the plunder they can Hike. This is the sixth expedition that has landed from southern states during the past two weeks. Insurgent* DnfeutiMl. SANTIAGO UK CUBA, May 15.—A band of insurgents made an attack upon the town of Los Caminos, in this province, Wednesday,. but were repulsed a.nd routed by the government troops. 'O>* rebels lied, leaving a number of killed and wounded on tho field. The attacking band set fire to two houses, which were destroyed. G*n. 0'itmpon Well Received. A special to a local paper from Havana, Cuba, says: "Gen. Martinez Campos has arrived from Cicnfn- gos by railroad. lie was greet- • ed with the loyal acclamations of the people as ho passed through the cities along his route. It has bcem decided to begin important public works throughout Cuba and undertake reforms wherever, necessary. Tjw most optimistic opinions prevail as t* the prompt termination of the wjfr. The autonomist and reformist partfcs lend their general support to the plans of Martinez Campos." MORE PLANS TO BEAT DOLE. Hawaiian KoyalUt* Said to Be Op«r«t<n(t • t Lou An|fele». Los ANGELES, CaL, Mmy 15.—Chief of Police Glass has received a letflsr from • Honolulu which conveys the information that Los Ang-eles has be^a selected as the headquarters for tj»e operations of a section of the royaljrt faction which is seeking- to overthrow the Hawaiian republic. The letter arrived May C, and comes from the marshal's office of the republic, is marked "personal" and reads as follows: "Chief of Police, Los Angeles—Dear Sir: I have received Information tb»t» ftllbu»tcrfjir party Is being formed at or neir your city Qir the purpose of overthrowing ikl* republic, "I know that tlM.OOO has been uubscribcd hel» for tout purpose. Please inve*Uwita and Inform mo as soon as possible, ihatlmayjbe able to give tals government timely varnujc- Tnsrc are slRns of great activity here arogw tbo royalists and I think we shall soon hffve trouble. A. D. M'EVEtv. "Secret service, Hawaiian Islands," Chief Glass has investigated th* matter, and has replied that he fintf* there are no signs of the reported proposed filibustering expedition in th» vicinity. • gaved by an Ktraif, LEXTSGTOX, Ky., May 15.—By an , error in dates William M, Shipp, Jr., who was on trial here for the- murder of Sam Brown, at Midway, Ky., the jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and the prisoner was discharged. The . tragedy occurred April 17, but the commonwealth attorney ia filling pnt the blank charged that the murder w«» . committed on March 12. Vlol»t*d Interstate Commerce JLntt. PrrrsBCHGu, Pa., May 35.—In the United States district court Wednesday the jury in the cade of General Freight Agent C. S. Wright, of the Baltimore <fc Ohio railroad, charged with violation of the interstate commerce law returned a verdict of guilty. . Cmnmiuloo 9len'» Loue*. CHICAGO, May 15. — South Water street commission men admit that rumor kills all the fruit regularly every May. This year it is differexit, tbev say. They estimate th-eir losse» by frost at S500.000. Give* S1O.OOQ to "Gold Brick" Men. "WATEKvrixE. Me., May 15.—Bernuui Whipple, ct Solon; Me., a we31-kno%» lumber operator, was swindled oat.of . 810,000 last week by tbe "gold brick**"

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